\dev\cacherypervenche: its ubuntu os!00:12
\dev\cachethe only other thing non ubuntu would be digital ocean lmao00:12
leftyfb\dev\cache: what version of ubuntu?00:13
\dev\cacheleftyfb: 18.0400:14
leftyfb\dev\cache: https://www.techrepublic.com/article/how-to-set-dns-nameservers-in-ubuntu-server-18-04/ # first result on google for "ubuntu 18.04 nameserver"00:14
\dev\cacheleftyfb: thats what ive tried, something about digital ocean causing presistance00:17
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Guest64677on the 19.04 beta... everything smooth, whatever updated last just flashing cursor unless I boot in safe mode (where I am now) what I can I try?00:17
leftyfb\dev\cache: then it's not an ubuntu issue as you were originally told00:17
leftyfbGuest64677: 19.04 is not yet released or supported. Try #ubuntu+100:17
Guest64677any way to generally check what just updated? That might help me figure out why.00:20
leftyfbGuest64677: 19.04 is not yet released or supported. Try #ubuntu+100:20
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eden_Hey was just posting on flashing cursor, apparently kernal is stable for me and not... interesting.00:23
leftyfbeden_: 19.04 is not yet released or supported. Try #ubuntu+100:23
donofriois there a version of Ubuntu for amazon firesticks?00:37
leftyfbdonofrio: no00:38
leftyfbdonofrio: nothing that is supported here anyway00:38
\dev\cachequestion about ubuntu does the ufw block everything?? unless a rule allows it?00:45
\dev\cacheor do i need to add specific rules blocking all other ports etc?00:46
leftyfb\dev\cache: ufw is a front-end to manage iptables rules. By default, there are none running00:47
\dev\cacheso its not a default deny everything from outside?00:47
\dev\cachewhen installed?00:47
\dev\cacheand enabled?00:47
leftyfb\dev\cache: no, it's not enabled by default00:47
\dev\cacheleftyfb: say i enable ufw post installation, and i forget to allow openssh/22 would it then be locked out?00:48
hggdh\dev\cache: but, when enabled, the default is allow all outbound, block all inbound00:48
\dev\cacheookay that clarifies things.00:48
\dev\cachehggdh: is it wise to use the firewall to limit outbound connections too?00:49
hggdh\dev\cache: it varies. most casual users do not need outbound blocking; on some (few) cases, I had to implement outbound blocking as well00:50
\dev\cachehggdh: thank you.00:50
\dev\cachehggdh: okay so i did sudo ufw default deny incoming and did rules enable00:51
\dev\cachedespite that i pinged my machine and my machine responded!00:52
\dev\cacheOkay ive learned my lesson best choice learn iptables directly00:55
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rypervenche\dev\cache: Oh! I'm sorry. I misread "nameservers" somehow for something else.01:22
chrstphrchvzI'm encountering "500 Internal Server Error" rather often on packages.ubuntu.com at the moment01:24
leftyfbchrstphrchvz: why do you need to access packages.ubuntu.com?01:25
chrstphrchvz…why not? Currently browsing package versions and dependencies without an Ubuntu machine in front of me.01:26
cfhowlettchrstphrchvz, could be undergoing maintenance.  wait and try later.  usually this error self-corrects01:26
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popgreenyCan I ask why the following command when now entered into a terminal yields nothing in return? "dmesg | grep -i pae"01:42
Bashing-ompopgreeny: The term 'pae" is not in dmesg - probably.01:47
popgreenyBashing-om: In the history on my pc I just used the command a couple days ago. Tried same command on a separate pc. No luck. either as of now.01:48
leftyfbpopgreeny: what exactly are you trying to accomplish?01:49
Bashing-ompopgreeny: What is it that you are trying to find out ? I also get no return from ^^ .01:49
seednodeI'm of the understanding pae should only be mentioned in dmesg if you're forcing the use of PAE on a 32-bit CPU01:50
leftyfbpopgreeny: grep pae /proc/cpuinfo01:50
leftyfbdmesg is a dynamic log that rotates01:50
popgreenyBashing-om: I am trying to find out if pae is enabled. I was looking at this link ----> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PAE01:51
leftyfbpopgreeny: grep pae /proc/cpuinfo01:51
popgreenyleftyfb: Thanks that did in fact report pae in 2 places .01:51
leftyfbpopgreeny: 1 place, 2 cores/threads01:52
popgreenyleftyfb: Why previously did the command "dmesg | grep -i pae" work and report back output ?01:52
cfhowlett-i pae would ignore pae output01:53
leftyfbpopgreeny: see my previous message. dmesg is a dynamic log that rotates01:53
pragmaticenigmapopgreeny: dmesg doesn't work to pipe things from01:53
leftyfbcfhowlett: incorrect01:53
leftyfbpragmaticenigma: yes, it does01:53
cfhowlett:?  did I misread grep?01:53
pragmaticenigmacfhowlet the -i option for grep is case insensitive01:53
cfhowlettdoh!  thanks guys.  I'll go back to lurking.01:54
leftyfbpragmaticenigma: output from dmesg can be piped to things like grep just fine01:54
popgreenyI think because during the boot where the command "dmesg | grep -i pae" did report output was because I booted with the "forcepae" flag. Would that make sense ?01:57
leftyfbpopgreeny: Are you running a 32bit OS with more than 4G of memory?01:58
popgreenySince then I have powercycled/rebooted and command "dmesg | grep -i pae" no longer yields any output. Either way thank you for your help01:58
popgreenyleftyfb: No 4 gib ddr2 my issue is "inxi -m" only reports 3.32 GiB in terminal .01:59
leftyfbpopgreeny: 4G is the limit of 32bit, not 3.3201:59
popgreenythat is how I started checking into this I have also completed a memory test with live usb and received no errors.01:59
leftyfbpopgreeny: free -h # that will list your physical memory available beyond the kernel02:00
popgreenyleftyfb: In terminal or system monitor the pc reports 3.32 available memory. Yes I have 2 2GiB 667mhz sticks installed .02:00
popgreenyleftyfb: ok02:00
pragmaticenigmapopgreeny: Do you have integrated graphics?02:00
leftyfbpopgreeny: if you're running a 64bit OS on 64bit hardware, PAE has no business being enabled.02:00
popgreenyleftyfb: I am typing on a 64 bit pc now.02:01
popgreenyleftyfb: let me go back to the 32 bit laptop.02:01
leftyfbpopgreeny: PAE is only necessary on 32bit systems to enable more than 4G of memory02:02
panorainleftyfb: hi it's popgreeny02:02
pragmaticenigmapopgreeny: Since you mentioned you are running on a laptop, it is likely that the laptop shares system RAM with the graphics chip. Integrated graphics chips reserve a portion of RAM for their own use instead of having it's own dedicated ram02:02
pragmaticenigmapanorain: ^ ^02:03
panorainpragmaticenigma: Yes there is an intel video on this laptop02:03
panorainok reading02:03
panorainis it ok to paste memory output here or better to create a Debian pastebin ?02:04
pragmaticenigmapanorain: multiline output should be pastebin'd02:04
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panorainHere is a Debian pastebin of the listed memory ----> https://paste.debian.net/1077518/02:06
leftyfb panorain look in your BIOS. There's usually info there on video memory allocation02:06
panorainleftyfb: Ok, also in my BIOS the BIOS is in fact showing 4 GiB's of installed memory .02:07
leftyfbpanorain: right, check for info on video memory allocation02:08
panorainleftyfb: When I reboot again at some point I will have a fresh look at that .02:08
panorainleftyfb: Jotting that down and thank you02:08
panorainleftyfb: Someone has stated on the forums the following. ----> (The specs for that machine clearly indicate a large amount of RAM is reserved by the system)02:10
panorainWould that perhaps be referring to the video memory allocation?02:11
pragmaticenigmapanorain: it is very likely02:11
panorainWould it be beneficial at all right now to create another Debian pastezone entry with the output of "free -m". I'm feeling like a reboot is in order soon.02:12
panorainhmm well let me just post it then i'll reboot and check for video memory allocation. The laptop in a Compaq nc-6400 model similar in ways to a Thinkpad I believe.02:14
panorainI hope I am not asking to many questions this has been bothering me for a while I guess you could say.02:15
pragmaticenigmapanorain: What you're descibing is not abnormal. Laptops have shared their RAM with the graphics chipsets for a very long time. If the laptop wasn't sold with a "discrete graphics chipset" it is sharing system RAM02:18
pragmaticenigmathe fact that your tools are seeing 4GB of ram means the system is recognizing 4GB of RAM.02:19
pragmaticenigmajust as you have been reading, a portion of it is reserved for other functions02:19
panorainpragmaticenigma: When I purchased the laptop it initially had 2 Gib of memory and a while back I installed an additional 2 Gib DDR 2 667 mhz dimm. The laptop specs state that the 4 GiB is the maximum capacity.02:19
pragmaticenigmapanorain: That is because 32bit computers can only address 4GB worth of RAM. But that has nothing to do with system reservation of RAM for graphics02:21
panorainpragmaticenigma: Well thank you for the info I have been curious about this. What I am noticing is when flag "forcepae -- forcepae" was used I believe that the command "dmesg | grep -i pae" is in fact able to report pae forced but only for that cycle.02:22
panorainpragmaticenigma: So there is really no way for me to get around this with this particular laptop pc I suspect correct?02:22
panorainI also before looking into this more deeply did not know that 32bit computers are not able to accept more than 4 GiB of memory.02:24
pragmaticenigmapanorain: as mentioned earlier by leftyfb ... there is no reason to enable pae unless you're trying to operate a 32bit computer with more than 4GB of RAM. PAE enables the ability for the CPU to address more than the 4GB.02:24
panorainpragmaticenigma: I have an older Lenovo 64bit desktop and pae appears to be enabled so what in long story short is this bad?02:25
pragmaticenigmapanorain: Did you install 32 bit version of an OS on that machine?02:25
panorainpragmaticenigma: No a 64 bit OS is installed on the Lenovo 64bit Desktop.02:26
KernelP8901Hello, I am trying to make a live bootable USB for intel stick, however the Bios is Secureboot only. Every attempt I make to make the USB just fails and I am thrown to the Bios's EFI shell. I have tried Linus Live USB Creator, Rufus (both in Hybrid and DD mode), via my current linux laptop using DD and Unetbootin, Any ideas?02:26
pragmaticenigmaI'm not sure why PAE would be enabled there02:26
pragmaticenigma!efi | KernelP890102:27
ubottuKernelP8901: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI02:27
panorainhmm nice to know about "pae" allowing ability for cpu to address more than 4GiB of memory.02:27
KernelP8901pragmaticenigma I have already follwed the guide. Secureboot and EFI boot are not available to be disabled02:28
tatertotspanorain: were you having a real issue or problem or just picking up some tips?02:28
KernelP8901and when I try to boot via UEFI it throws me back to either the bios boot selection or EFI shell02:28
panorainpragmaticenigma: Are you saying that i386 based computers cannot accept more than 4 GiB of memory? What would happen say if I installed 2 , 4 GiB DDR2 667mhz Dimms in this i386 Compaq NC-6400 that does in fact state in user specs 4 Gib is max? refuse to boot?02:28
panoraintatertots: Tips I guess02:29
tatertotspanorain: oh okay...carry on02:29
pragmaticenigmapanorain: The machine would only see 4GB of ram... the rest would be unused02:29
panoraintatertots: I am now thinking that with my Lenovo 64 bit with 64 bit os and 5 GiB of onboard memory and pae showing as enabled is a performance issue or not really?02:29
pragmaticenigmapanorain: PAE enabled in a 64bit platform might be for backward compatibility with 32 bit applications. I'd have to read up to be certain02:30
panorainpragmaticenigma: Ahh I did not know that. What if I installed only 1 4gib ddr2 dimm in 1 of the 2 slots would the i386 show 4 GiB's or just 2 Gib's ?02:30
panorainpragmaticenigma: Cool ok.02:31
panorainWell you have been more than helpful.02:31
panorainI will not keep anyone else from there questions.02:31
panorainThank You02:31
Bashing-omKernelP8901: An Acer machine ?02:31
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tatertotsKernelP8901: have you EVER successfully boots Linux LiveUSB's on this computer at all?02:34
KernelP8901tatertots yes I did, I managed to MX installed using Hybrid mode on Rufus but MX is not my tea so I wanted to go to Ubuntu.02:35
KernelP8901Bashing-omNahh it's an intel stick that uses AMI bios from 2015 and can't be updated (stupid hardware vendor locked it down)02:35
KernelP8901Bashing-om Closest match to it is this https://ark.intel.com/content/www/us/en/ark/products/86612/intel-compute-stick-stck1a32wfc.html02:38
cryptodan_mobileLikely uses 32bit efi on a 64bit cpu02:40
KernelP8901The MX install I ran was 64bit so unless the distro did some magic for EFI boot then I am stumped xD02:40
pragmaticenigmaKernelP8901: What is MX?02:41
Bashing-omKernelP8901: Atom processor - have you tried booting 19.04 beta ?02:41
KernelP8901pragmaticenigma MX Linux (another distro), it's debian based and was the one I tried to use first and managed to install, however I am not a fan of it and trying to go to Ubuntu02:42
KernelP8901Bashing-om not yet, any particular reason to try it? I have tried 18.04 and 18.1002:42
pragmaticenigmaKernelP8901: perhaps try making your USB drive using Rufus in hybrid mode again but targetting an Ubuntu ISO?02:43
KernelP8901I have, both 18.04 and 18.1002:43
Bashing-omKernelP8901: My menory is hazy .. but seems I recall that kernel 5.0 has full support for the Atom processor. and 19.04 has the 5.0 kernel.02:43
KernelP8901Hrm I'm happy to grab it is there a torrent or build mirror list I can find the ISO Bashing-om02:45
Bashing-omKernelP8901: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/ .02:45
KernelP8901Thanks Bashing-om I'll give it a shot and come back if it's still being screwy on the installer. Thanks again :)02:47
Bashing-omKernelP8901: All I can think of to try .. but as I say .. my memory is hazy about the Atom processor. Not a subject of my focus.02:48
nullbyte_Bashing-om: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/disco-desktop-amd64.iso what's this02:49
nullbyte_pre-releases, lives?02:49
Bashing-omnullbyte_: The daily build for the forthcoming 19.04 release.02:49
nullbyte_a ok02:49
nullbyte_Bashing-om they are only 5 days02:49
Bashing-omnullbyte_: The target is the 18th.02:50
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dima_есть русские03:05
dima_всем привет нужна помощь03:31
Bashing-om!ru | dima_03:32
ubottudima_: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.03:32
leonardusdoes ubuntu support 144hz displays?04:03
revolve_having trouble with tablet rotation on 18.04.2. it works once after first logging in but wont display in portrait mode afterwards.04:36
revolve_it can be reset by logging out and logging in again but that's broken UX04:36
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Kyrosleonardus: yes04:40
kadirohello, any one have lirc working ( serial port ) ?04:41
revolve_fixed it. portrait mode works in X but not Wayland.05:13
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LoebI'm trying to unbind a device by echoing the device id to /sys/bus/pci/devices/<ID>/driver/unbind, but when I do this the process hangs hard and I see a message in dmesg about "Tainted"05:53
LoebIt looks like the driver (nvidia) is hanging, it hangs so hard that the system can't fully shut down without power cycling.05:54
engloshHow do I install stb_truetype package?08:01
dex1983what is the best method to split a big apache log file about 2gb I cannot open it with editors because it is too big08:01
engloshyou need to write a program08:01
engloshto split it08:01
dex1983ok englosh do you have an idea?08:01
engloshdex1983: split into two halves?08:02
dex1983100MB files would be great :-)08:02
engloshI can try making a little program08:02
dex1983yes please englosh08:02
raverthere should be a shell one liner08:02
raverlooking here...: https://linoxide.com/linux-how-to/split-large-text-file-smaller-files-linux/08:03
raversplit -b 200M httpd.log httpd-split.log08:04
Loebholy heck where is the nvidia driver installed08:04
Loebapt purge didn't remove it, it's still loading somewhere08:05
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dex1983oh great thanks I will try that08:08
Cryptolockguys a questions, everytime i reboot the box i have to add the GW route manually otherwise it won't comes online08:09
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dex1983great works thanks for help :-)08:18
blb4393how do i find deb file location on the server having this sources.list description 'deb https://download.sublimetext.com/ apt/stable/'08:34
blb4393obviously its not https://download.sublimetext.com/apt/stable/08:34
dima_русские есть08:40
Eickmeyer!ru | dima_08:42
ubottudima_: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.08:42
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LoebOk so I've:08:46
LoebInstalled/uninstalled 340 (desired) and 390 (old) drivers with apt08:47
LoebI've installed and uninstalled both drivers with the nvidia .run scripts08:47
Loeband made sure nouveau wasn't blacklisted (even though I'd be fine with it not loading any driver at this point)08:48
Loebeven after all of that, it seems to be loading some bits of the 390 driver on boot08:48
blackflowLoeb: see this is exactly why we say installing stuff outside the package manager (or snaps) is not supported.09:10
blackflowLoeb: no idea what files the nvidia .run installs and where, but do note there are two components of the driver. the kernel module and the xorg module, so perhaps you'll just have to reinstall both via apt, or at least the xorg module if you want to use nvidia.09:14
OnlyLove_Hi! I'm a beautiful and naughty girl who wanna be your lover and friend! ❤ http://v.ht/mircchat09:45
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weedmiccheers - what is the ubuntu equivalent of "mintinstall"?  I need to run the software manager in gui form from a remote server.  I do not want the package manager.10:22
blackflowweedmic: no idea what mintinstall is, but are you asking about a GUI package manager?10:34
weedmicno, the gui software manager - blackflow10:40
SimonNLblackflow   software manager10:47
blackflowwhat's a "software manager"?10:48
SimonNLweedmic: if it's in launcher menu do you have the option to copy it to desktop ?10:48
blackflow(that isn't installing and removing sofware like a........ package manager)10:48
SimonNLhttps://imgur.com/a/QQwXyoc   mintinstall , software manager10:49
blackflowwell that's a GUI package manager alright.... Ubuntu has "Software Center", which works with both apt packages and snaps.10:52
weedmicit's headless - so I do not think there is a desktop10:52
blackflowSimonNL: ^^^  weedmic: ^^^10:52
blackflowweedmic: if that's headless, the only two ways to install software is using `apt` or `snap` commands. that's essentially what the Software Center does, but with shiny pictures.10:53
weedmici do not want to install software - but what you posted is what I want to launch locally, yet run on the remote server.  what do you type in ubuntu to do that?10:54
blackflowweedmic: then the remote server needs to run a desktop and you can access it remotely over VNC or ssh with x11 forwarding10:56
blackflowweedmic: btw "launch locally, yet run on the remote server" -- you'll have to explain this, as it doesn't make much sense.10:56
weedmicfrom a terminal I would type "ssh -X -y me@server mintinsall" - would launch the software manager on my machine, yet being run on the server using it's cpu/ram.  Then I can run the gui - i need to search with general terms looking for something bad/wrong.  Then when I know the name I can address it with apt-get commands.  However, two machines are ubunto and no one seems to know what the software manager is called (from a konsole).11:01
weedmicperhaps omeone with ubuntu and a desktop environment can right click on the properties of the icon and paste in the line it uses to start the app?11:03
weedmiclike this to find it is called "mintinstall" in mint - https://paste.pics/e50a6fb341480dadd1c8bea171b2fd8c11:04
bryanroderyckhello im having an error message when doing update , and i cant install git11:06
SimonNLweedmic: haven't you thought of searching it ?      https://askubuntu.com/questions/231695/how-do-i-open-ubuntu-software-center-via-terminal11:09
guivercbryanroderyck, you'll have to pastebinit the error  (possibly with a `sudo apt update`) for people to see your issue I suspect11:09
acresearchpeople, i am facing a bug in ubuntu (it has persisted since 17.10) regarding the wifi, but i am not sure how to explain it.   I have wifi + a wifi extender all under the same name, for this reason it seems ubuntu confuses the two and ends up stopping the network (ethernet works fine always) but even when the network crashes the CPU usage skyrockets and the mouse stops moving smoothly. this happens randomly11:14
blackflowweedmic: I think you're confusing some things here. you can't "launch on your machine" but "run remotely". you need to connect to teh server _first_. it might look like you're running stuff "locally" because you're forwarding x11 or using VNC, but it's all being launched and run remotely.11:14
acresearchafter each boot so i am not sure how to replicate it and now sure how to diagnose it11:14
EriC^^bryanroderyck: try 'sudo apt-get update'11:14
acresearchi know this is an ubuntu issue because with arch-based linux distros this issue does not exist (i tried ubuntu, antergos and manjaro)11:15
bryanroderycki have paste the error message when i did sudo apt-get update11:15
EriC^^bryanroderyck: no, you ran it without sudo11:15
bryanroderyckok waity11:15
blackflowweedmic: that said, it perhaps could be possible that some VNC client allows you to build .desktop shortcuts that allow local SHORTCUTS be used to launch remote programs.11:16
bryanroderyckthanks it worked11:20
alisterhi anyone tried ms office in mint linux 19 cinnamon11:20
guiverc!mint | alister11:20
ubottualister: The Ubuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu and its official flavors, since other distributions and derivatives have repository and software changes. So please use their dedicated support venues, for example: Linux Mint (#linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org), Kali Linux (#kali-linux), and LXLE (#lxle)11:20
dffgreetings, im looking for a way to suspend the system after x minutes and to flush the keys from ram and/or mount points11:24
dffwhat is the best way to accomplish this11:24
dffor any way for that matter11:24
dff4.18.0-16-generic #17~18.04.1-Ubuntu11:24
dffwith KDE plasma11:25
blackflowdff: what keys?11:27
dffblackflow: i assumed linux handles suspensions the same way as macOS and pmset11:28
dffperhaps that was a stupid assumption11:28
blackflowwhat keys?11:28
dffthe encrytion keys to mount the volume11:28
blackflowand macos does that?11:29
dffi didnt say it's a full encrypted lvm volume11:29
dffthey are stored in the ram yes11:29
blackflowI mean, suspension is literally only putting the cpu in a power state. if you remove the keys, you can't resume11:29
dffunless you actively set pmset to destroy the keys on sleep11:29
blackflowyeah but how do you resume then, if the kernel has no keys to use the disks11:29
dffthe password to mount the volume?11:30
dffthe same way as when you boot the system11:31
blackflowI suppose that's doable with non-root fs and some power management hooks/scripts, but I don't think linux has any support to do that for the rootfs.11:31
dffso you'd need the power management system to shutdown instead of suspend/sleep then?11:31
blackflowsuspend = CPU power state. are you thinking about hibernation, which is going through bios boot and thus might have ability to unlock rootfs?11:32
dffyes i confused the two11:32
blackflowdff: I suppose this might help: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnableHibernateWithEncryptedSwap11:33
dffexactly what i was looking for11:33
dffmy thanks to you, blackflow11:34
blackflownot sure about wiping the keys from RAM on going into hibernation, I suppose it's doable, I just don't know if the kernel does it.11:34
blackflowbut you really don't need that11:34
dffsomeone could pluck my RAM and copy it11:34
blackflowthat someone would need to have access to some very expensive hardware AND your computer. but once they have your computer, all bets are off anyway.11:35
dffhow would they crack the encryption of my drive tho11:35
dffif they are given the disk powered off11:35
blackflowI seriously doubt you have that threat in your life, because if you did, you'd have special tamper-proof hardware to begin with, and would probably call your (clandestine) government agency for support, not #ubuntu :)11:35
dffi work for a government agency in a third world country, this is the best we can do11:36
blackflowdff: the same way they'd extract keys from your RAM11:36
blackflowdff: do yourself a favor, there's tamper proof hardware, buy that11:36
blackflowcomputer/laptop cases that fry their electronics when attempted to be open11:36
dffwell for now actually, what will do is a script that turns the computer off if it hasnt be used for x minutes11:37
blackflowdff: but eh, you have a much bigger problem than this, though11:37
blackflowdff: there's this extremely powerful hacking tool you're very, very vulnerable to.11:38
dffso instead of the power management system putting the computer to sleep, i want it shutdown11:38
blackflowit's called a $5 wrench.    https://xkcd.com/538/11:38
dffyeah well im not so sure anyone could access my data given11:39
dffif they were given my HD11:39
blackflowjust forget this :) if anyone can extract your keys from RAM, they'd need very specialized hardware and would need to do it within seconds of hibernation. it's much cheaper for them to kidnap you and beat you to death or until you give them the password.11:39
dffin that case there would be no use for lvm encryption11:39
dffthat i agree with11:40
blackflowwrong. there's plenty of use for encryption, and it's only... ONLY ... for data at rest11:40
dffthat's why i want the system shut down11:40
dffinstead of sleep/hibernation11:40
blackflowFDE protects data against stolen hardware, or when the said hardware goes to recycling. if anyone wants to extract it, really bad, they'll just get the wrench and pay you a visit anyway.11:40
dffbut i cant find any settings for that in KDE11:40
blackflowdff: there should be an option to poweroff on inactivity?11:41
weedmicbacklfow - i've been doing this since 1995 - perhaps my english is bad - my question is very simple, what do i type in at terminal to start software manager in ubuntu (it is mintinstall in mint, software-manager in suse).11:41
dffthere it was!11:41
dffthanks i found it11:41
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blackflowweedmic: `gnome-software`11:43
weedmicQ - will try shortly11:45
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BluesKajHowdy folks12:21
weedmicwhat is the recommended mail programme to install just for sending mail from the konsole with attachments?12:33
blackflowweedmic: boils down to preference. Mutt is rather popular. mailx is a simple command line tool you can use as well   https://www.thegeekdiary.com/linux-unix-how-to-send-mails-with-attachments-using-mailx-command/12:39
weedmicyes, i found it was mutt I wanted to use12:40
blackflownote that attachments is just regular mail text content, encoded, that represents a file12:40
blackflowmutt is a full fledged MUA with textual user interface. mailx is a simple command line utility, if that's all you need to do12:41
weedmicdo I need to install something before mutt and configure it?  if so, is it sendmail, mailutil, postfix, something else, a combo?12:42
blackflowno, mutt can use remote MTAs. if you don't have any, or a gmail account even, then yes, you'd need to install an MTA like postfix12:43
weedmicok, setting up postfix.cf12:45
weedmicty ever sm12:45
blackflowpostfix.cf ?12:45
ioriaweedmic, maybe you just need a simple smtp  (postfix might be a bit overwhelming)12:45
acresearchpeople, i am facing a bug in ubuntu (it has persisted since 17.10) regarding the wifi, but i am not sure how to explain it.   I have wifi + a wifi extender all under the same name, for this reason it seems ubuntu confuses the two and ends up stopping the network (ethernet works fine always) but even when the network crashes the CPU usage skyrockets and the mouse stops moving smoothly. this happens randomly12:47
acresearchafter each boot so i am not sure how to replicate it and now sure how to diagnose it12:47
acresearchi know this is an ubuntu issue because with arch-based linux distros this issue does not exist (i tried ubuntu, antergos and manjaro)12:47
weedmicAll I want to do is send e-mails from the konsole.  The minimal way possible.  I don't want to ever receive e-mails and don't relaly need any non-sudo users12:47
blackflowioria: weedmic: no. mutt can use an external MTA, ssmtp or similar is not needed. if there's no external MTA, then you DO need postfix (or another)12:47
weedmicand I just looked at/upto page 4 of postfix. a bit much.12:48
ioria!info ssmtp12:48
ubottussmtp (source: ssmtp): extremely simple MTA to get mail off the system to a mail hub. In component universe, is extra. Version 2.64-8ubuntu2 (bionic), package size 41 kB, installed size 2 kB12:48
blackflowweedmic: you need an MTA to send out mail. your own or an external one. if you have GMail, you can use that with mutt12:48
blackflowioria: ssmtp requires an MTA12:48
weedmicdefine mta12:48
ioriasendmail comes with it12:48
blackflowMail Transport Agent, like Postfix12:48
blackflowioria: no12:49
blackflow"Sendmail" the MTA or /bin/sendmail the sendmail-compatible utility that comes with other tools, which requires a local MTA12:49
leftyfbblackflow: ssmtp IS an MTA12:49
blackflowit is not12:49
leftyfbit is12:49
weedmicso sendmail needs to be installed12:49
leftyfbI've used it for years12:49
blackflowleftyfb: it requries a server12:49
ioriablackflow, yes : /usr/lib/sendmail12:50
weedmicright now I have only mutt, sendmail, postfix, and mailutils are removed12:50
ioriablackflow,  installing ssmtp ....12:50
weedmicok, i shall reput sendmail12:50
lotuspsychjeacresearch: a wifi extender; extends your existing wifi, it cant normally interfere with your original wifi signal12:50
blackflowleftyfb: you are using ssmtp WITHOUT an external (aka smarthost) server?12:51
leftyfbblackflow: yes, it does need a mailhub. Who's sending email just directly from their machine? That's .... unsmart12:51
acresearchlotuspsychje: i know, which is why i don't have problems with any of my devices, not with any other distro except for ubuntu,   i know this because when i remove it the wifi issue goes away12:51
lotuspsychjeacresearch: what kind of wifi chipset are you on, and wich ubuntu version currently?12:51
weedmicon suse machines - i have never setup mail (as we used external providers), yet could use mutt and it worked / no setup from me at all12:51
blackflowleftyfb: right so don't confuse weedmic please, that's exactly what I said. to send mail you  *NEED* an MTA, be it local (postifx) or a remote one (GMail is fine too)12:52
acresearchlotuspsychje: i am on macbookpro 2011  8,1  running ubuntu 18.10  (but i had the same issue in ubuntu 17.04 17.10 18.04)12:52
blackflowioria: ssmtp is not an MTA you need one. mutt can use that one directly, no need to install it for mutt12:52
weedmicso, sendmail w mutt should be all I need?12:52
lotuspsychjeacresearch: ok great, and the wifi chipset please?12:52
weedmicif yes, does sendmail require any configuration?12:52
acresearchlotuspsychje: let me search for it 1 moment12:53
lotuspsychjeacresearch: sudo lshw -C network12:53
leftyfbweedmic: https://www.nixtutor.com/linux/send-mail-with-gmail-and-ssmtp/12:53
blackflowweedmic: do you have a GMail account?12:53
weedmici didn't open it yet, but I have no intention of connecting this machine to gmail12:53
acresearchleftyfb: BCM4331 802.11a/b/g/n     Broadcom Inc.12:54
leftyfbacresearch: I didn't ask for that info12:54
lotuspsychjeacresearch: and the driver= version at bottom please?12:54
solsTiCe_hi. Can I do a do-release-upgrade with apt-offline ?12:54
blackflowweedmic: you *NEED* an MTA that needs to queue up and talk SMTP with remotes. ssmtp does NOT do that. Sendmail (the compatible interface) does NOT do that. Sendmail the MTA _does_ do that but it is NOT recommended to use Sendmail the MTA. Postfix is much easier, recommended, and default on Ubuntu.12:54
leftyfbweedmic: I would suggest, unless you're going to setup your own full blown MTA with a public static IP, you're going to need to use some email service to authenticate with to send email12:55
weedmici need a definition of mta - and I don't believe it - since I never ever did that before on any of the 300 or so suse servers12:55
blackflowweedmic: so either you use GMail, or you install Postfix. I dont' know if other "freemail" services offer external SMTP12:55
weedmicif mta means something like gmail12:55
weedmicit should just do it itself12:55
acresearchleftyfb: oh sorry,,     is it this?             configuration: broadcast=yes driver=wl0 driverversion= (r587334) ip= latency=0 multicast=yes wireless=IEEE 802.1112:55
blackflowweedmic: suse installs postfix iirc12:55
weedmicwhat does mta mean12:55
leftyfbacresearch: sorry, but I am not involved in helping you. I think you're referring to lotuspsychje12:55
blackflowweedmic: Mail Transport Agent12:55
blackflowweedmic: postfix is one12:56
acresearchleftyfb: oh sorry,   tab mistake   :-)12:56
weedmichmm - I think I'll open a suse server and see what they did12:56
weedmicso sendmail has finished - just remove it?  y/n12:56
weedmicI shall use postfix and mutt - that is enough?  y/n12:57
blackflow!info sendmail bionic12:57
ubottusendmail (source: sendmail): powerful, efficient, and scalable Mail Transport Agent (metapackage). In component universe, is extra. Version 8.15.2-10 (bionic), package size 6 kB, installed size 231 kB12:57
blackflowthis sendmail?12:57
blackflowor /usr/sbin/sendmail which is just a shim that requires something like postfix present?12:57
lotuspsychjeacresearch: ok tnx, try to do this please: from a terminal: tail -f /var/log/syslog and disable and enable wifi again, then pastebin the whole output to us please12:57
weedmicapt-get install sendmail - sendmail, but I shall remove it if it is unneeded12:58
blackflowweedmic: I'm sorry if this is confusing but that's exactly what it is about "sendmail" name. it can mean the whole MTA server, or just the shim binary12:58
acresearchlotuspsychje: ok 1 moment12:58
blackflowweedmic: yeah you do NOT want to install "Sendmail the MTA package". Install the (Ubuntu default) Postfix instead.12:58
acresearchlotuspsychje: wait,    i have lots of webpages open,    like 30  i don't want to lose them,   let me finish what i am writing then i will play with the wifi   :-(    sorry12:58
weedmicok, if postfix and mutt were enough, it did not work and requires a configuration of postfix.  do you have a working example?12:59
lotuspsychjeacresearch: np12:59
weedmichmm - seem to be stuck in echo - how does one execute/leave?13:02
moarbytesctrl-d, i believe.13:03
blackflowweedmic: if you need help with using and configuring Postfix,  #postfix here on freenode is a better place. make sure you read the /topic when you enter the channel, it's very important.13:03
leftyfbweedmic: regardless, this discussion should really belong in #ubuntu-server13:04
weedmici think something was lost in translation,this should have been a 2 minute issue13:04
leftyfbweedmic: use ssmtp and an external mailhub and be done with it13:07
blackflowweedmic: leftyfb: in which case I recommed dma over ssmtp. ssmtp is abandonware. dma is actively developed13:08
blackflow!info dma bionic13:08
ubottudma (source: dma): lightweight mail transport agent. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.11-1build1 (bionic), package size 48 kB, installed size 148 kB13:08
leftyfbblackflow: ah, didn't know about dma. And haven't followed ssmtp's development. I only require 587 outbound so not much of a security issue13:09
blackflowleftyfb: bugs keep piling up and there's really no central upstream site you can work with, it's a debian something-something project.  it has some problems with revaliases iirc, reported long time ago but nobody cares about fixing it.13:09
blackflowthere's another alternative, I forgot the name... similar to "ssmtp"13:10
blackflow!info msmtp bionic13:11
ubottumsmtp (source: msmtp): light SMTP client with support for server profiles. In component universe, is extra. Version 1.6.6-1 (bionic), package size 112 kB, installed size 269 kB13:11
blackflowthat :)13:11
leftyfbTIL :)13:13
blackflowweedmic: it's even less than two minutes.   Install postfix, choose "Internet site" profile, modify main.cf to not listen on public ports. restart postfix. use any MUA capable of using local sendmail shim, like mutt or mailx. done.13:13
leftyfbThough any new machines that I need to send email from these days I just use postfix13:13
weedmicin suse, fyi, there is sendmail where you need do nothing for outgoing mail - and mutt to make it easy to send attachments - no configuration required, no setup.13:14
weedmicthat is such a security risk - fyi13:14
leftyfbit is13:14
blackflowweedmic: "Sendmail" the whole server package?13:14
=== Sven_vB_ is now known as Sven_vB
weedmicwith an almost enriely remmed out configuration file.13:15
blackflowand don't confuse "no configuration requires, no setup" with "My distro has pre-configured everything for me".13:15
weedmicanyway - i need to figure out how to do this on ubuntu for the 2 / 300 servers that hve ubuntu - hopefully it will be the same for mint at least there are about 50 of those.13:16
Sven_vBsomehow when programs accidentially print greyscale documents in color mode, my HP Color LaserJet CP1515n gives all the midgrey areas a purple-ish tint. any way to fix this in software?13:16
blackflowweedmic: if you hve that many servers you're doing this totally wrong. In this case you need one central Postfix, and use dma/msmtp on the other 299 servers13:16
=== SimonNL is now known as SimonNL_Afk
Sven_vBis there a way to check whether it's a problem with the printer drivers, the firmware, actual hardware?13:19
Sven_vBor maybe a color profile or sth.?13:19
leftyfbSven_vB: try it on a different computer?13:21
Sven_vBleftyfb, good idea. :)13:22
Sven_vBargh. someone should reeeally rename the "Output mode: Grayscale" to "Output mode: black/white, gray = small dot patterns"13:29
Sven_vBin the config dialog made from /usr/share/system-config-printer/system-config-printer.py13:29
Sven_vBit's horrendous how CUPS can screw such things up for a printer that seems to understand PDF natively. (at least the windows driver offered that as alternative to PCL)13:30
Sven_vBand in "Job options" the "print-color-mode" always resets to color when I click apply. :(13:33
lotuspsychjeSven_vB: are you using hplip control centre?13:33
weedmicblackflow: it is an industry wide practise to be able to send e-mail from a konsole from servers that are hidden and cannot receive.  I do not require nor desire a unified e-mail server.  I only wanted to translate it to ubuntu what we've done since 1995.  I'm close, and this helppage has been th e most helpful...  http://www.postfix.org/STANDARD_CONFIGURATION_README.html - I removed sendmail13:34
Sven_vBlotuspsychje, nope. maybe I should try that. for now I'll just use eog, that works. just a hassle I need a GUI program to print my PDF.13:34
lotuspsychjeSven_vB: hp printers, i always install hplip-gui and hplip-data13:35
Sven_vBoh maybe I should try postscript first13:35
weedmicpostfix on null client13:35
Sven_vBweedmic, I use nullmailer for that13:38
blackflowweedmic: yes, and nothing I've said so far denies that practice. I'm afraid you don't know what it means to "send an email" and think having a central postfix with submission agents only on all other machines, is somehow not it.13:41
blackflowif you wish to install 300 postfix services, go ahea, but it's pointless.13:42
blackflowin fact, "hidden servers that cannot receive" are _precisely_ the use case for a central transport with submission only on all those "hidden" machines.13:42
blackflowSven_vB: nullmailer requies an upstream server in order to deliver to final receipient, correct?13:43
Sven_vBblackflow, afaik no. afair it can attempt direct delivery, but that mode is very basic and doesn't handle edge cases very well.13:44
Sven_vBblackflow, it probably won't do stuff like DKIM either.13:45
blackflowSven_vB: from what I read in the docs, it requires an external transport.13:46
Sven_vBblackflow, then I guess my config is a lucky accident to work.13:47
weedmicI'll post back when it is working - i've got the errors out, but have yet to receive messages.  the conf file is 5 lines long.13:48
Sven_vBblackflow, even then, you could reduce the maintenance effort for real SMTP servers to 1 server.13:49
weedmicI have an ubuntu machine I'm trying to setup as a nullserver so I can send files and message from root to me on my phone.  I have only postfix and mutt installed.  So if something else is required, like sendmail, let me know and I'll install it right away and restart postfix.  I'll post my config file shortly.13:50
blackflowweedmic: sendmail and postfix are conflicting each other. postfix has sendmail-compatible shim binary your mutt can use locally to send via postfix.13:51
blackflowlemme rephrase.... "Sendmail the server package" and "Postfix" are conflicting.13:51
weedmicsomething seems missing/incomplete13:52
weedmicsendmail is not on this machine13:53
blackflowweedmic: lines 2 and 3 look like syntax errors with that $13:53
blackflowweedmic: please do yourself a favor and don't do this by trial and error. http://www.postfix.org/BASIC_CONFIGURATION_README.html    and there's #postfix here on freenode for additional help.13:53
weedmicI'm following the readme file I posted earlier13:54
Sven_vBweedmic, if all your phone accounts are on domains who share an MX, you could set that MX as your upstream SMTP server.13:54
blackflowweedmic: as I see you're in #postfix, this better be continued there.13:54
weedmicyes, the posting here was on error - the recen tone13:55
blackflowSven_vB: been suggested before13:55
Sven_vBoh ok13:55
weedmicI believe you should simply have said you don't know and are unfamliar with what I was trying to do.  but I am doing the tests inside a container before I try it on a real server.  blackflow13:56
blackflowpretty sure I'm familiar with what you're trying to do, as I've been  maintaining our company mail infra for the past 10 years :)13:57
blackflowweedmic: but you aren't listening for advice and want to do it your way without fully understanding how these things work.13:57
weedmicas you wish13:58
blackflowit's not about what _I_ wish but what you should do if you want to get this working. you need a mail server. be it GMail, some other SMTP service, or your own Postfix installation. which needs proper configuration. I already told you the bare minimum you need with "Internet site" postfix config profile on Ubuntu.13:59
weedmicblackflow:  - bless your heart - i don't want internet site - i want null server14:02
blackflowweedmic: you need "Internet site" because that is the only default profile that allows you to send mail out. and like I said before, that's just PRE-config. you can take any profile and change it to do anything you need.14:03
blackflowweedmic: I'll again point at your problem: you're not LISTENING to advice but are doing your own thing and I'm about to be done with you and wishy ou good luck if you continue doing so.14:03
Sven_vBhow do I get detail info on a CUPS print job? especially color mode options, which I can't find in http://localhost:631/jobs/25 .14:05
Sven_vBneither in lpq or lpstat14:05
Sven_vBic, eog doesn't print grey either, just a more hi-res dotpattern using quality "best"14:20
Sven_vBwell. gotta be good enough for today14:20
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InteloCompatible with ubuntu, looking for slimmest cheapest longest battery life laptop14:29
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pragmaticenigmaIntelo: This channel specializes in supporting the Ubuntu Desktop OS and it's various flavors. For recommendations and polls, please join us in #ubuntu-offtopic14:30
Intelopragmaticenigma, thx14:33
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tomreynhi wanna_bee15:14
LoebDang I got pinged while I was asleep15:16
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tony_84ciao a tutti15:34
tony_84ragazzi sentite ho un problema che è pratico co node.js ??15:34
BluesKaj!it | tony_8415:34
ubottutony_84: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)15:34
shangulAny one knows a multiplayer over network chess game?15:51
shangulI want to host it myself15:55
ducasseshangul: maybe xboard will do it, i haven't tried15:55
shanguljust installing it15:56
ducasseshangul: see the description from 'apt show xboard'15:59
amineanyone experienced fan working non stop after latest update?15:59
shangulducasse, thanks, I did it15:59
tomreyn!details | amine16:01
ubottuamine: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.16:01
Paavi2_0i have recently made a mistake of doing "sudo apt autoremove" when suggested and cryptsetup-initramfs was removed. i have got encrypted root (or: /) directory and unencrypted /boot, can't now boot into my system and i can't figure out how to fix this. booting attempt drops to busybox (initramfs) prompt16:03
Paavi2_0how would i fix this?16:04
CookieMmy 18.04-desktop is up-to-date, and a fan on ASUS-motherboard desktop computer is oscillating as always did16:06
CookieMI mean, revving and stopping16:07
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barishey there, a system upgrade and reboot stcuk me in a purple screen both on my laptop and my desktop. both running 18.04.2 any suggestions?16:12
LoebHow should I go about removing all traces of the nvidia driver by hand?16:13
LoebI've tried doing apt install/remove/purges and using the nvidia installer's --uninstall option to no avail16:13
barislaptop's is black actually16:14
bariscannot seem to switch to a console, either16:14
Loebbaris, have you tried booting with nomodeset?16:15
tomreynPaavi2_0: one approach is to reinstall, the other (quite fiddly) is to chroot into this installation from a same-versioned ubuntu live/installer usb / dvd16:15
barisNo, I did not. First time seeing something like this. Can you please tell me a bit more?16:16
tomreynCookieM: is this a support question? if so, what's not working?16:16
CookieMtomreyn, I was referrring to amine ’s posting16:18
tomreynoh i see, CookieM16:18
Loebbaris, https://askubuntu.com/questions/38780/how-do-i-set-nomodeset-after-ive-already-installed-ubuntu should cover it. You could remove the "quiet nosplash" part as well to see console output while it boots.16:18
LoebAfter you get to a console you can look through dmesg for errors and what not.16:19
Paavi2_0tomreyn: i would really like to avoid reinstalling. how crucial is the same-versioness? how would i tell which version i have got if i can't boot into the system and am not quite sure if it was 18.04 or 18.10?16:20
barisLoeb: I'll try thank you16:21
tomreynPaavi2_0: you can tell by the grub menu, it lists the available ubuntu installations and kernel verisons16:22
tomreynPaavi2_0: well actually it only lists the kernel versions, in the "advanced" menu16:23
tomreynbut this may be enough to identify the ubuntu version16:23
goddardIs it possible to use a proxy for a specific application?16:24
Paavi2_0tomreyn: 4.18.0-17-lowlatency any idea which one would it be? any pointers on how i should proceed chrooting?16:24
tomreynbaris: what did you upgrade yours from + to? you mention 18.04.2, but not whether you upgraded to or from this, and what the other version is / was16:24
tomreynPaavi2_0: hmm this could be either 18.04.2 or 18.10. chances are it will work if you have a live cd which matches either of these, though16:26
blackflowgoddard: http proxy?16:26
goddardblackflow: socks516:26
blackflowgoddard: well, the application needs to support it16:27
tomreynPaavi2_0: i'm saying same-version really just to make sure people won't use an ubuntu 16.04 or 14.04 dvd to try to recover a 18.04 installation.16:27
blackflowgoddard: unless you containerize and do some NAT magick16:27
goddardblackflow: i see thanks16:27
filifunkyHi guys I'm in the mysql chat and they said I have to ask how to start mysqld.  I did the service mysqld start and got:Failed to start mysqld.service: Unit mysqld.service not found.  Is there another way to start this?16:28
tomreynfilifunky: try this: systemctl start mysql-server16:28
filifunkytomreyn: Failed to start mysql-server.service: Unit mysql-server.service not found.16:29
blackflowit's mysql.service (no d)16:29
tomreynsystemctl start mysql16:29
filifunkyok tomreyn that didn't give me an error16:30
tomreynthanks blackflow16:30
blackflowfilifunky: you can also try with tab completion next time you're unsure, or you can run systemctl list-units and grep16:31
Loeblooks like I needed to do a "dkms remove" on the driver to clean things up16:31
Loebnow I've gotta find out why it's not installing correctly when I try to put it back on16:32
tomreynPaavi2_0: is this an uefi system?16:32
blackflowLoeb: it = package?16:32
filifunkyahh thanks blackflow16:33
Paavi2_0tomreyn: i don't think so16:33
Loebblackflow, yeah nvidia-34016:33
LoebJust installing via apt right now16:33
blackflowLoeb: and what was the problem eagain? I don't recall you mentioned it, other than asking how to purge nvidia .run installed files16:34
Paavi2_0tomreyn: it gives me an option at powerup to enter bios settings, so fairly sure it is not uefi system16:34
Loebblackflow, well to back up a bit, I had the 390 drivers installed (via ubuntu-drivers autoinstall if memory serves) and working, but I am trying to use a second nvidia card with hardware passthrough for a VM. The driver was hanging hard whenever I tried to unbind it from the secondary card so I wanted to try using the 340 driver instead.16:35
blackflowLoeb: why down instead up into 418 from the graphics PPA?16:36
LoebAll I'm trying to do is get the 340 drivers working, but it's been a mess of drivers half uninstalling and nothing installing correctly now.16:36
blackflowI mean if there's bugs, chances are they're solved in newer versions?16:36
blackflowLoeb: which ubuntu?16:36
tomreynPaavi2_0: ok, that's not the best proof, but we can assume so for now.16:36
Loebblackflow, I may as well try that, I had these exact cards working fine on an older driver in debian before. I figured it was a bug introduced in a newer version16:36
Loebxubuntu 18.something, one moment16:37
Loebkernel is 5.0.3-asco if it matters16:37
LoebI've jumped between that and the original 4.18_17 generic during this process because I believe the nvidia .run installer could't find the headers even though the package was installed in apt16:38
cryptodan_mobileLoeb: what cards16:38
blackflowLoeb: it matters. not sure nvidia 340 supports that new a kernel16:39
Loeb750ti for the host, 950 for guest16:39
cryptodan_mobileThose are supported in newer drivers16:39
LoebThe 340 drivers conveniently don't support the 950 so vfio-pci grabs it on boot instead of the nvidia driver, which is what I want16:39
Paavi2_0tomreyn: my assumption was that latest update and/or "apt autoremove" which removed cryptsetup-initramfs might have broken the system.16:40
cryptodan_mobileThen use nvidia 41816:40
syncertonHi.  I need help with rsync.  I have 2 dirs: src and dest that are nearly identical except the timestamps (mtime) of subdirectories differ.  How can I use rsync (or something else) to copy src into dest such that the timestamps of subdirectories in dest will be equal to the latest of the two possible timestamps?  I think I can do this for files using "--update", but I can't figure out how to do this for subdirectories.16:40
blackflowLoeb: just keep in mind that you'll need to regularly check and upgrade drivers from the graphics PPA, they don't switch automatically, nor is there security fixes.16:41
ChunkzZhow can I get my external hdd to auto mount after it's turned off/on? I got it in fstab...16:41
ChunkzZI gotta keep running the sudo mount command?16:41
LoebI'll try 418. While I'm doing that, how should I go about preventing the nvidia driver from loading on the 950 during boot?16:41
tomreynPaavi2_0: sounds like a reasionable assumption. i'd say boot into the live / installer you have and open a temrinal16:41
cryptodan_mobileDont think you can16:42
blackflowLoeb: the driver doesn't "load on a card". it loads as module in the kernel, then xorg (and via xorg.conf) takes over with specific device confiugrations16:42
blackflowLoeb: in other words, it should be possible to specify two Devices in xorg.conf, differentiated by pci slots16:42
Paavi2_0tomreyn: roger that.16:42
LoebSo for my case I should be able to remove the unwanted device in xorg.conf and it should leave said device alone?16:43
blackflowLoeb: or infact, since that's kvm passthrough, you force just _one_ device for xorg on the host side, and pass through the other to the VM, having your host xorg ignore it16:43
blackflowLoeb: more like force-confiugre the _wanted_ host side device16:43
blackflowLoeb: this is just theory, I never tried that with same drivers, I used in-cpu intel for host and dgpu nvidia for the VMs16:44
Paavi2_0tomreyn: this is what i get as an error at boottime if i try to boot from the internal ssd http://unikko.org/~paavi/boot.jpg16:45
LoebMirror is awfully slow today, must be under load from the new release or something16:47
Loeb"Awfully slow" being 500KB/s16:48
tatertotsyou got nothing better to do anyway...it's just time16:48
LoebI've got places to be today, as much as I'd like to get this sorted out :p16:49
blackflowLoeb: the dancing disco dingo doggo is not yet out tho'16:49
LoebI know I've had the mirrors come in at 10MB/s before and stuff like that, not sure why they're slower now.16:49
tomreynPaavi2_0: yes, so missing decryption utilities can be why this would happen. missing lvm2 could also be.16:50
cryptodan_mobileDancing dingo tripped on a network cable16:50
LoebWelp 418 didn't install correctly either16:50
blackflowcryptodan_mobile: the dog's on acid. it was just the question of when it'd trip up.   https://www.deviantart.com/sylviaritter/art/Disco-Dingo-78632701716:51
Loebnvidia-smi fails and I've only got one monitor16:51
=== SimonNL_Afk is now known as SimonNL
Loebblackflow, anything else I can try in the next 5 min or so?16:54
blackflowLoeb: you could pastebin the exact errors you're getting, someone might spot something specific about it16:55
SimonNLtimes up17:00
LoebI think the apt installer wasn't editing the xorg.conf17:00
LoebI ran the official installer and let it make changes and that seems to have worked17:00
Loebjust enough time to try unbinding the driver again :)17:00
blackflowLoeb: xorg.conf is not used these days, or needed, except when you need to specifically change/force configs.17:01
Paavi2_0tomreyn: i have tried using this https://howtoubuntu.org/how-to-repair-restore-reinstall-grub-2-with-a-ubuntu-live-cd but obviously for only the chroot part and it did possibly did not work because the DE automounts the encrypted partition to which i should chroot under /media/username/uuid17:02
Loebwell I think the nvidia driver made SOME changes in the xorg/x config, I don't know where. I'll have to investigate later17:02
Paavi2_0tomreyn: so i am trying to figure out how exactly i should execute this17:02
LoebAlso whatever changes I made last night trying to get vfio-pci to grab the 950 on boot have worked and I didn't need to detach the nvidia driver! Huzzah!17:02
blackflowLoeb: in the only place possible, /etc/X11/xorg.conf or xorg.conf.d/...17:03
LoebI think the xorg.conf didn't exist before, only files in xorg.conf.d/17:03
Loebit might have gotten nuked at some point during all of the uninstalls and reinstalls?17:03
blackflowLoeb: there's nvidia-xconfig you can always run manually if you need a default to tweak. I don't know if the .run installer calls it17:04
tomreynPaavi2_0: i'm just trying to write somewhat generic instructions, give me another <= 5 minutes17:04
blackflowLoeb: also, apt won't touch files it doesn't care about or that have changed from default17:04
blackflow(when removing packages)17:05
LoebI bet it (nvidia .run) does, but that's good to know, thank you.17:05
LoebI imagine it was the nvidia uninstaller nuking it if anything17:05
blackflowLoeb: I'd really recommend you didn't use the .run installer. there's no advantage over packaged nvidia drivers, and there IS advantage with using regular packages.17:06
Paavi2_0tomreyn: thanks :) i'll get a snack and pastebin my lsblk on the liveusb17:06
LoebNormally that's what I do, but in this case I managed to mangle everything 8 ways from Sunday17:06
LoebIn any case, I think that's sorted now so I can focus on getting the VM side sorted out when I get back later.17:07
tomreynPaavi: sorry, my network connection is shaky today. here you go: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/CXxjvmtxBg/17:19
Paavi2_0tomreyn: if cp says "x and y are the same file" is that an error? :O17:27
Paavi2_0tomreyn: i probably did not get the "make resolver work in chroot" part right, since apt-get update gives a bunch of warnings with not being able to resolve this and that url17:37
tomreynPaavi2_0: i probably missed much of what you said, only received two lines from you since i posted to pastebin17:38
tomreynPaavi2_0: the easy but destructive approach is to rm /etc/resolv.conf (a symlink) and create a file there instead17:38
tomreyn^ sufficient content, the quad9.com resolver.17:39
tomreynyou'd need to delete this file in the end to make the system use your local system-resolved cache again17:40
tomreyn...replacing it by a symlink to /run/systemd/resolve/stub-resolv.conf17:41
Paavi2_0got that. also, i only wrote two lines after your pastebin17:41
Paavi2_0replacing that file worked. now i just am puzzled what is missing since it claims that cryptsetup and cryptsetup-initramfs are there.17:42
Paavi2_0probably lvm2, since that installed when i commanded: apt install lvm217:43
tomreynPaavi2_0: yes, you'd need lvm217:44
tomreynPaavi2_0: you'll also need to    update-initramfs -k $(uname -r) -c17:44
Paavi2_0tomreyn: when i installed lvm2 the tail after setting up bunch of packages apt said https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/nfV3hKFWZQ/ do you think this would boot?17:45
filifunkyHi I'm trying to do a pip install mysql-python and I get an error:  Command "python setup.py egg_info" failed with error code 1 in /tmp/pip-build-o222zR/mysql-python/17:46
filifunkyIs this the right place for this question?17:46
tomreynPaavi2_0: "cannot open /proc/mounts: No such file" is bad, suggests bind-mounting /proc failed before you entered the chroot17:47
tomreynline 22 of my 'script'17:47
Paavi2_0tomreyn: also, oops https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/x4rS5K36v3/17:48
tomreynPaavi2_0: my finnish isnt so good. make sure that no file system has run full17:48
filifunkyI have mysql running but can't get a python script to import MySQLdb17:49
tomreynPaavi2_0: you may actually need to     update-initramfs -k all -c    instead of what i wrote earlier.17:49
tomreynPaavi2_0: but fix the loop mounts first17:50
Paavi2_0tomreyn: only /rofs is 100% according to df17:50
tomreynok this part is fine.17:50
filifunkynvm I think I'm figuring it out17:52
Paavi2_0tomreyn: stupid question: should i exit chroot before bind mounting?17:54
tomreynPaavi2_0: yes, you need to17:54
tomreynPaavi2_0: personally i'd probably reboot into the live / installer again to start from a clean slate17:54
tomreynand take note of the steps i am doing while going forward.17:55
Paavi2_0tomreyn: now i got to state where i see bootsplash of ubuntustudio but it still drops me to initramfs prompt. however now i can use cryptsetup.18:12
Paavi2_0tomreyn: not sure how to proceed from here though.18:13
tomreynPaavi2_0: echo $REASON18:14
tomreynshould tell you why it dropped to initramfs this time18:14
daddy0how can i move the 'min, max, close' buttons in ubuntu 16.04 (unity) to the right side?18:18
Paavi2_0tomreyn: it was about /dev/mapper/ubuntu--studio--vg-root not existing. i now have opened the encrypted partition and there is /dev/mapper/*18:18
kadirohello, how to install an old kernel?18:20
mra90kadiro: sudo dpkg -i your_kernel.deb18:21
kadiromra90, from the depo if possible18:21
daddy0is it even possible?18:21
tomreynPaavi2_0: so you can just mount it now?18:23
tomreynyou will need to lvmdiskscan18:23
tomreynor pvscan18:23
Paavi2_0tomreyn: mounting fails, i probably use wrong options, or missing something18:25
tomreynPaavi2_0: mounting what where?18:25
mra90in the netplan under ethernets: there is sth looking like ethernet name i.e etp0s3 - is it indeed ethernet device name?18:26
tomreynPaavi2_0: the crypto disk you luksOpen'd will likely ocntain an LVM PV18:26
kadiromra90, I can't find an old version only from 4.15 ( apt-cache search linux-tools-4.15 )18:27
tomreynPaavi2_0: pvscan should detect it as such, vgscan and lvscan should detect vomume group and logical volumes. lvchange -a y /dev/ubuntu-studio-vg/root    will be needed before oyu can mount it.18:27
Paavi2_0tomreyn: i seem to not have those at initramfs stage18:27
Paavi2_0i think i need a walk18:28
tomreynPaavi2_0: you're right, what you have is "lvm" or "lvm2". just run it without further arguments, this provides an interactive lvm> shell where oyu can then run the other commands i listed18:29
tomreynPaavi2_0: feel free to ping me later.18:29
mra90what is a gateway in netpan case18:32
mra90looks like ip of a target LAN pc18:33
tomreynmra90: gateway is the usptream router that connects you to the internet, or to the next larger network18:35
tomreynusually your internet access device18:35
Paavi2_0tomreyn: the lvchange said that the device is busy :o18:35
tomreynPaavi2_0: so something already activated it, i guess18:36
tomreyn"lvs" should show it with status 'a' then18:37
jmwWhere can I find collections of color schemes to install for gnome terminal? There's a few built-in, but it's not much18:41
tomreynkadiro: why do you need toinstall an old kernel version?18:41
kadirotomreyn, to use my remote control ( it was working in the past with the old module )18:42
tomreynkadiro: you should try building this module on the current kernel18:43
kadirotomreyn, I don't think so, that module was replaced18:44
tomreynwhich module is it?18:44
kadirotomreyn, It was calles lirc_serial and replaced with serial_ir18:44
tomreynkadiro: which ubuntu version are you running?18:45
kadirotomreyn, xubuntu, i think the latest18:45
tomreynthere are several 'the latest', depending on context. run:  lsb_release -ds18:46
kadirotomreyn, Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS18:46
kadiroIt is a fresh install18:46
tomreyn18.04.2 provides both the 4.4 general availability (GA) and 4.18 hardware enablement (HWE) kernel. you can have both installed side by side.18:47
tomreynis there documentation which states that serial_ir does not support your remote control?18:48
kadirotomreyn, dunno but ir-keytable without loading serial_ir module gives no output18:49
kadiroand when loaded gives no output when manipulating with my remote18:49
tomreyn4.4 provides lirc_serial, i think, so you should be able to make it work there18:50
Paavi2_0tomreyn: would you think that reinstalling grub would work magic if the $REASON i am getting seems to be "/dev/mapper/[...] does not exist"?18:50
tomreynPaavi2_0: no18:50
ioriaare you on Cosmic 18.10 , Paavi2_0 ?18:50
tomreynPaavi2_0: update-grub might18:50
Paavi2_0tomreyn: that is what i meant, sorry18:51
Paavi2_0ioria: ubuntu studio18:51
ioriaPaavi2_0, ok, but the version ?18:51
Paavi2_0ioria: possibly 18.1018:51
tomreynif you run    lsb_release -ds    in the chroot, it will tell18:51
kadirotomreyn, how to boot in 4.418:51
ioriaPaavi2_0, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xubuntu-meta/+bug/180162918:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1801629 in OEM Priority Project "direct dependencies of ubiquity should not be autoremovable" [High,Fix released]18:52
Paavi2_0ioria: ha, i suspected that but it did not show up when i was searching the web18:52
tomreynkadiro: you install linux-image-generic, then reboot and repeatedly press escape to bring up the grub menu during boot. there you select advanced, then the 4.4 kernel18:53
ioriaPaavi2_0,  for some reason 'apt autoremove' removes cryptsetup cryptsetup-bin cryptsetup-initramfs cryptsetup-run dmeventd libdevmapper-event1.02.1 liblvm2app2.2 liblvm2cmd2.02 libreadline5 lvm218:53
kadirotomreyn, thank you i will give it a shot18:53
Paavi2_0ioria: so, would installing them all fix my problem maybe?18:53
ioriaPaavi2_0,  in theory, you boot the livecd; chroot; reinstall lvm2, cryptsetup and &  and update-initramfs -c -k all18:54
Paavi2_0i will look into it18:55
tomreynsudo apt install cryptsetup lvm218:55
tomreynwhat ioria said ;)18:56
Paavi2_0those are sorted but i suspect there was some package i was missing18:56
tomreynthose two should provide all dependencies18:56
ioriaPaavi2_0,  boot the livecd; install pastebinit; paste sudo parted -l (btw, we might have a problem with opening the disk, because it looks like we can't use a random  name, but exactly what /etc/crypttab says)18:57
xednivis there anything i should know about bond interfaces with vlans/tagged? because i cant seem to get *any* routed traffic outside of the L2 subnet of the tagged vlan19:02
xednivconfirmed it's local too19:02
Paavi2_0ioria: i don't think that paste command works19:04
kadirotomreyn, I'm in 18.04 but modprobe gives me this modprobe: FATAL: Module lirc_serial not found in directory /lib/modules/4.15.0-47-generic19:04
ioriaPaavi2_0,  why ?19:04
ioriaPaavi2_0,  did you boot the livecd ?19:05
Paavi2_0ioria: yes, or liveusb19:05
ioriaPaavi2_0,  do you have connectivity ?19:05
tomreynkadiro: oh sorry, i forgot that the GA kernel is actually 4.1519:06
tomreynnot 4.419:06
tomreynkadiro: 4.15 already comes with serial_ir, so you'll need to make your remote work with this either way.19:06
Paavi2_0ioria: i figured out it should be "sudo parted -l | pastebinit", see the output above19:06
kadirotomreyn, 3 day with few sleep but no success19:06
kadirotried every docs, site web manpage nothing19:07
BigBrothyrdoes lubuntu not support themes?19:07
ioriaPaavi2_0,  mount | pastebinit19:07
tomreynkadiro: which remote is it?19:08
kadirotomreyn, it is a 100TS035 from skystar2 dvbs19:08
tatertotsxedniv: are you sure you're doing it right?19:09
tatertotsxedniv: it's highly likely you are not19:10
kadirotomreyn, It is a serial transmitter if that can help19:10
tatertotsxedniv: you will be told to go to #networking and or #ubuntu-server...(or if i'm psychic you've already heard that line before)...but you can always chat with me my friend19:11
tomreynkadiro: hmm, i have very little understanding of IR remotes, maybe try asking in ##linux as well19:11
tatertotsxedniv: good luck in your endeavors19:11
kadirotomreyn, thanks for your time and help19:12
tomreynkadiro: does the DVB-S card itself still work though?19:12
kadirotomreyn, yes tried with vdr it work19:12
tomreynkadiro: i see. hmm, you could always install ubuntu 16.04.6 instead19:13
kadirowith lirc installed the mode2 command gives output but no irw or irexec19:13
tomreynmaybe in a VM with PCI passthrough would also work.19:13
tomreynthat's over my head already, i'm afraid.19:14
kadirotomreyn, yeah i thinked about that but my pc is old19:14
kadirothanks no worry19:14
tomreyndon't try to use ubuntu 18.04 with an older kernel, though,this will just get you into more trouble.19:14
kadirotomreyn, I will dig again on the web may be there is something i didn't test yet19:15
tomreyngood luck!19:16
kadirothank you tomreyn19:16
Paavi2_0now i have totally forgotten how should i mount the lvm on liveusb19:16
ioriaPaavi2_0,  mount | pastebinit19:17
Paavi2_0ioria: http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/J5YdG7f5BK/19:17
ioriaPaavi2_0,   sudo apt install cryptsetup lvm219:18
Paavi2_0says that both are installed19:18
ioriaPaavi2_0,   sudo vgscan  | pastebinit19:19
Paavi2_0ioria: http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/4JgddKrrnN/19:21
ioriaPaavi2_0,   sudo mount /dev/ubuntu-studio-vg   /mnt19:22
tomreynioria: i think this is an LVM2 volume group, wont (immediately) contain a mountable file system19:23
tomreynpvs + vgs +lvs19:24
ioriaPaavi2_0,  mm,what the cmd returns ?19:24
deancI have a binary I have compiled, I placed it in ~/bin, I gave it executable flags chmod +x binname - how can i make sure when i type "binname" it runs it?19:28
deanci see the $HOME/bin is in ~/.profile19:29
Paavi2_0ioria: is not a block device19:29
ioriaPaavi2_0,  yeo19:29
xamithanis ~/bin in your $PATH ?19:29
xamithanIf not,  it won't run when you do "binname"19:30
slacker_nldeanc: it should be in your PATH19:30
deancslacker_nl: xamithan: i can see it's added in my ~/.profile19:30
deancdeafult ubuntu 18.0419:30
ioriaPaavi2_0,  sudo cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/sda5 sda5_crypt19:30
slacker_nldeanc: that says nothing19:30
slacker_nlenv | grep PATH19:30
slacker_nlor echo $PATH19:30
Paavi2_0ioria: that is actually what i already have done19:31
xamithando echo $PATH.  if it says /home/user/bin it'll work19:31
deanchere: /usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/games:/usr/local/games:/snap/bin19:31
ioriaPaavi2_0,  and you vcannot  mount /dev/ubuntu-studio-vg  ?19:31
Paavi2_0ioria: http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/cTHHjwPwjn/19:31
slacker_nldeanc: it's not in your PATH19:31
slacker_nldeanc: what does your .profile say? grep HOME .profile is enough19:32
ioriaPaavi2_0,   sudo mount /dev/ubuntu--studio--vg-root  /mnt19:32
deancslacker_nl: https://pastebin.com/fnwDYYs7 here is an extract19:32
xamithanEither throw it somewhere like /usr/local/bin/ or edit the path19:32
slacker_nlwhich shell are you using?19:32
slacker_nlI guess $HOME/bin isn't a dir19:33
deancI bet this is because i only just created this directory in this session19:33
Paavi2_0ioria: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/5B79sWCvNz/19:33
slacker_nldo source .profile19:33
slacker_nlor just . .profile19:33
xednivtatertots, i verified... L2 subnet traffic works no prob. external doesnt. it seems different gateways for the vlan interfaces fucks it up.19:33
xednivfirewall also isnt blocking anything (local is flushed/blank tables, WAN/main physical fw is not blocking that traffic either)19:34
xednivverified also the states/tables on memory19:34
deancthanks slacker_nl:)19:34
ioriaPaavi2_0,   vgchange -ay19:34
xednivill check ubuntu-server though :)19:34
xednivjoin #ubuntu-server19:34
tomreynPaavi2_0: the system which reported "unknown filesystem type 'LVM2_member'" must not have lvm2 installed19:36
tomreyni mean it apparently isnt installed, but should be19:36
ioriaPaavi2_0, after that, again     sudo mount /dev/ubuntu--studio--vg-root  /mnt19:38
Paavi2_0tomreyn: but it is https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/DHgrBxq6S4/19:38
tomreynPaavi2_0: so are the "lvmdiskscan", "pvs", "vgs", "lvs" commands available?19:40
Paavi2_0tomreyn: yes, they are19:41
tomreynPaavi2_0: run them and share their outputs19:41
mra90I made a netplan like this https://pastebin.com/nnYxbQh6 in order to create local lan betwen ubuntu 18.04 and win719:41
mra90however windows doesn19:41
mra90dosn't see ethernet cable being connected19:42
mra90what may be wrong?19:42
mra90I am also not sure about "enp0s3" in my netplan script - should it be my ethernet device name?19:43
xamithanSounds like a windows problem to me19:43
mra90xamithan: well no, connection with other windows laptop works19:44
Paavi2_0tomreyn: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/QQ6JTrwchp/19:44
mra90btw, after applying this netplan, when I do 'ifconfig' I don't see a record for my static ip19:44
Paavi2_0tomreyn: sorry for the formatting :D i think you'll figure out which is which19:45
ioriaPaavi2_0,  again     sudo mount /dev/ubuntu--studio--vg-root  /mnt19:45
tomreynPaavi2_0: yes that's fine. so /dev/mapper/ubuntu--studio--vg-root is actually a physical volume according to this, that's a bit wrid.19:47
Paavi2_0ioria: special device [...] does not exist19:47
xamithanWell the syntax looks good mra90.  if it doesn't show up in "ip a" you might need to restart networking or reboot19:47
ioriaPaavi2_0,  sudo apt install --reinstall cryptsetup cryptsetup-bin cryptsetup-initramfs cryptsetup-run dmeventd libdevmapper-event1.02.1 liblvm2app2.2 liblvm2cmd2.02 libreadline5 lvm219:48
mra90xamithan: but in that script, I don't know if you noticed or now but I missed the renderer!19:49
mra90also which one to choose19:49
tomreynPaavi2_0: i think the problem there right now is that you have a physical volume at the very same location / device node where a logical volume contained in it would be mounted from19:49
mra90how to know which one19:50
tomreynPaavi2_0: i suspect you may have renamed the physical colume or something?19:50
xamithannetworkd or networkmanager19:50
Paavi2_0tomreyn: accidentally maybe19:50
Paavi2_0i have lost track here19:50
mra90xamithan: can I freely choose either one?19:51
tomreynPaavi2_0: i guess you should now     swapoff /dev/ubuntu-studio-vg/swap_119:51
tomreynPaavi2_0: lvchange -an /dev/ubuntu-studio-vg/swap_119:51
xamithanIf you got them both installed sure.  I think networkmanager is installed on most DEs19:51
tomreynPaavi2_0: vgchange -a n /dev/ubuntu-studio-vg19:52
mra90xamithan: I am reboting now, but I doubt it will help19:52
mra90xamithan: also, this "enp0s3" from my script is just some arbitrary name for ethernet I could come up with?19:53
mra90or should perfectly mach my eth device name19:53
Paavi2_0tomreyn: swapoff returns "invalid argument"19:54
tomreynPaavi2_0: so skip this line and continue19:54
xamithanIt should be your ethernet name,  the one that shows up in "ip a"19:54
Paavi2_0tomreyn: 0 logical volume(s) in volume group "ubuntu-studio-vg" now active19:55
tomreynPaavi2_0: good, can you show "pvs" and "pvdisplay" and "dmsetup ls" now19:56
mra90xamithan: it shows two records 1: lo <loopback>...19:56
mra90and 2: wlp0s1f019:56
xamithanwlp0s1f0 is your ethernet then i'm assuming,  use that in the config19:56
xamithanUnless that's a wifi19:57
cryptodan_mobileThat should be wifi19:57
Paavi2_0tomreyn: http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/F4qYR8XK3h/19:57
BiessieWhats up ganga@19:58
BiessieHope everyone is having a great sunday!19:58
mra90xamithan: I did change the name in the script from enp0s3 to wlp0s1f0 but still nothing in ifconfig other than localhost19:58
mra90I also have to add that I do use external(usb) network card19:59
tomreynPaavi2_0: on the second paste, "PV Name"should really be something like /dev/mapper/sda3_crypt rather. don't try to change it now, though19:59
tomreynPaavi2_0: dmsetup remove ubuntu--studio--vg-root19:59
tomreynthis *may* fail20:00
Paavi2_0tomreyn: blame the installer20:00
Paavi2_0tomreyn: as superuser?20:00
tomreynPaavi2_0: i think i need to blame whoever did the cryptsetup luksOpen20:00
tomreynPaavi2_0: yes, sudo, sorry20:01
mra90also, I don't see that usb externa; network card under lsusb20:01
mra90what is wrong?20:01
tomreyn!chat | Biessie20:01
ubottuBiessie: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!20:01
Paavi2_0tomreyn: it returned with nothing, so i assume a great success20:01
tomreynPaavi2_0: then "dmsetup ls" should list no devices now20:02
Paavi2_0tomreyn: correct20:02
tomreynPaavi2_0: does /dev/mapper/ubuntu--studio--vg-root still exist?20:02
tomreynPaavi2_0: what does    sudo ls /dev/mapper/     show now20:03
Biessietomreyn : My bad20:04
tomreynBiessie: no worries ;)20:04
xamithanmra90 either the adapter is bad or maybe it has no driver.  if you replug it does it show up in dmesg ?20:04
Paavi2_0tomreyn: /dev/mapper seems to be otherwise empty but there is control20:06
mra90xamithan: no, nothing new in dmesg20:06
texlaUbuntu 18.04/gnome xorg How to activate numlockx at login20:06
tomreynPaavi2_0: hmm okay then let's do cryptsetup again: sudo cryptseup luksOpen /dev/sda5 sda5_crypt20:07
xamithanI'd try that adapter on another computer,  maybe it's broken.  I don't know much about those things though20:07
sere_whats a good sync program20:08
mra90xamithan: it work OK on other computers20:09
tomreynPaavi2_0: any luck with decrypting it?20:09
tomreyn(are you sure it actually is encrypted?)20:10
mra90xamithan: however when the network is well configured it work - I know because @ work it is working OK20:12
xamithanDoesn't matter how it's configured if that ethernet won't show up20:13
mra90hmm so how to add that USB device maualy?20:13
SimonNLmra90: take the apator out of the port, put it back in and  copy/paste   tail -40|dmesg|nc termbin.com 9999    show appearing link20:13
xamithanHe said it doesn't show up in dmesg already SimonNL20:14
mra90SimonNL: dmesg is empty after unplug follwed by plug20:14
xamithanI'd probably try to find out the chipset of the device and see if you can install some drivers for it20:14
tapfloghi@ll, how can i search for an open port (e.g. 59999), if this port is not open do: "tmux new -d -s [01]SessionNAME /home/user/folder/script.sh"??20:14
SimonNLseen that but my name is tomas20:14
xamithanSome chipsets just don't work on linux20:15
mra90xamithan: but as I already said it works when I am at work o.O20:15
SimonNLsorry to hear that mra90 good luck20:15
xamithanOn the same laptop and adapter?  You did something to it then between work and where you at now20:15
mra90xamithan: same laptop different adapter20:16
SimonNLnever heard of an empty dmesg before20:16
mra90however I am sure it works ok since it does with windows20:16
xamithandifferent adapter ok,  it's probably a different chipset and you need the driver20:16
mra90its exactly the same producer20:17
mra90same modle20:17
tomreynxamithan: i think the issue is just that one of the two nic's he's connecting directly with an ethernet cable doesn't support auto switching (crossover)20:17
mra90only mac is different I guess20:17
Paavi2_0tomreyn: decrypted20:17
tomreynPaavi2_0: using which command? the one i provided?20:17
SimonNLmra90: run the 2 commands at https://gist.github.com/jeremyb31/a2bee9856d8c13f42f1835bc31bf9480 in terminal and post the URL after the second command is run20:17
xamithantomreyn: Maybe but I don't think so.  They claim they connected it to a windows machine and it works20:17
tomreynxamithan: oh ok, sorry then, i didn't follow the whole thing20:18
Paavi2_0tomreyn: with your command. shows immediately in filemanager as well under /media/ubuntu-studio/92ef6cb0-f51c-448b-928d-11d090552ef4/20:18
mra90exactly works with windows20:18
tomreynPaavi2_0: okay, you will need to unmount he one mounted at /media/ubuntu-studio/92ef6cb0-f51c-448b-928d-11d090552ef4/20:18
tomreynsudo umount /media/ubuntu-studio/92ef6cb0-f51c-448b-928d-11d090552ef4/20:18
mra90SimonNL: these coands make no sense?20:19
mra90its not wireless20:19
Paavi2_0tomreyn: check20:19
tomreynPaavi2_0: is there anything else mounted in /media ?20:20
tomreynsudo ls -laR /media/20:20
tomreynshould only show empty directories and '.' and '..'20:20
Paavi2_0tomreyn: about yes https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/R9TgFFY9pF/20:21
SimonNLmra90: ok had a read back and now see your problem is not what I thought it was20:22
tomreynPaavi2_0: okay, now you should be able to    sudo mount /dev/ubuntu-studio-vg/root /target20:22
mra90first of all I need to find out whay ubuntu doesn't recognize pluged device?20:23
Paavi2_0tomreyn: yes i was20:23
tomreynPaavi2_0: and if this worked, you can continue from where you had left off20:23
texlaUbuntu 18.04/gnome xorg How to activate numlockx at login20:23
Paavi2_0tomreyn: thanks mate. i feel like i owe you a three course dinner.20:24
tomreynPaavi2_0: not needed, i had a 2 course dinner just before we started20:24
tomreynthats also why i couldnt help right away20:24
tomreynplus you seemed not to want to share so many system details20:24
Paavi2_0well, thanks anyways. also did not know right away what was crucial.20:25
timbozemanI'm loving 18.04. I sure miss snapping windows to corners though. I loved how if you had a vertical monitor you could snap it to the corner and it would take up half the screen. I can't seem to find a way to do it in 18.04. The gTile extension is okay, but a ton more clicks than snapping to a corner.20:28
Nico1990Hey guys20:28
=== unknown is now known as Ty_LL
Nico1990Anyone in here?20:31
tomreynPaavi2_0: yes, i should have asked.20:31
=== littlebit1 is now known as littlebit
tomreynNico1990: a bunch, do you have an ubuntu support question?20:31
M_aDNico1990: if you have a support question just ask20:31
Nico1990Yes, it's about a synaptic touchpad driver20:31
texlaUbuntu 18.04/gnome xorg How to activate numlockx at login20:32
tomreyntimbozeman: use the ShellTile extension instead20:32
tomreynPaavi2_0: we can continue together if you'd like to20:33
tapfloghi@ll, how can i search for an open port (e.g. 59999), if this port is not open do: "tmux new -d -s [01]SessionNAME /home/user/folder/script.sh"??20:34
Nico1990I found that this synaptic touchpad bug wont let you activate a touchpad mouse on a laptop. I already tried editing the grub file and I installed the synaptic input package. Still not working20:34
tomreynNico1990: running this in a terminal window will tell us whch ubuntu version you run there:   nc termbin.com 9999 < <(lsb_release -ds;cat /proc/{version,cmdline};)20:35
tomreynthat is, it will print a web address you can post here20:36
tomreyntexla: i don't remember, but am pretty sure you can find this on askubuntu, have you searched, yetß20:36
tomreyn"gnome-shell" may be a better search term than "gnome"20:37
Nico1990tomreyn: This is my output from that command: https://termbin.com/srpz20:38
tomreynNico1990: okay, you run ubuntu 18.04.2 with the default (general availability / GA) kernel image. and the non default "i8042.reset" linux kernel parameter.20:39
tomreynNico1990: so you're saying something is not working with your touchpad. what exactly, and which hardware is this? this command will tell about the hardware (only):   journalctl -b | grep 'DMI:'20:40
tomreyntexla: did oyu find it, yet?20:41
Paavi2_0do you think this is fatal? 'update-initramfs -u -k all' outputs http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/VCtm9K93P2/20:42
Nico1990tomreyn: The problem is that it wont work at all, no move input, primary click and secondary click wont respond. I will give you the output of that comand in a second20:42
tomreynPaavi2_0: no, why would it be?20:42
Nico1990tomreyn: nico-CX-Nice-Evo-II kernel: DMI: ADVANTEC SA CX Nice Evo II/C15B, BIOS C15B.608 11/13/201320:43
tomreynNico1990: interesting, i never heard of this company. mayb you can post the full kernel log after a reboot? after rebooting, run: journalctl -b | nc termbin.com 999920:45
texlatomreyn, Thanks the gnome-shell to gdm worked just fine !!20:47
Nico1990tomreyn: Yes, it's a 'interesting' machine this one. I'll right back with that output20:47
tomreyntexla: nice20:47
tomreynNico1990: can you also check the bottom of the computer fo a label which says the exact model? it should say CXnnnn... where nnnn are numbers20:48
Nico1990tomreyn: Yes sure, it's CX227xx20:49
tomreynso it's one of these models:  CX22701 CX22701W CX22702 CX22702W CX22703 CX22703W CX22704 CX22704W CX22704WP CX22705 CX22705W CX22706 CX22706W CX22706WP CX22707 CX22707W CX22752 CX22753 CX22754 CX22754W720:50
tomreynit doesn't say exactly?20:50
Nico1990tomreyn: Let me see, just a sec20:51
Nico1990tomreyn: Not a single clue about what model it's in the entire computer20:53
tomreynok, that's fine20:53
jeremy31Nico1990: could check in terminal> sudo dmidecode | grep -i cx22720:53
Nico1990jeremy31: I get no output from that command20:54
tomreynNico1990: so, after rebooting, run: journalctl -b | nc termbin.com 999920:55
Nico1990tomreyn: Sure, let me reboot for a sec20:56
Paavi2_0tomreyn: it now boots.20:58
tomreynPaavi2_0: yeay! good job!20:58
Paavi2_0ioria seems to be gone, but was helpful too. i also did upgrade-grub but do not know if that was neccessary.20:59
tomreynPaavi2_0: be sure to keep those notes on how to setup the chroot, you might need them again. and be sure to always have a current bootable ubuntu usb stick around.20:59
Paavi2_0 /target and /target/dev would not unmount, but a clean reboot sorted that out.21:00
tomreynPaavi2_0: it was probably just the initramfs due to lvm2 removal.21:00
tomreynhmm yes, that can happen21:00
Paavi2_0tomreyn: roger on both. i have the stick. i also think it was initramfs and lvm2 but also missing cryptsetup.21:01
tomreyni see. so lvm2 and cryptsetup are now marked as manually installed, should not get removed automatically when you run apt-get autoremove21:03
tomreynbut generally it always prompts, right? ;-)21:03
Nico1990tomreyn: Well, this is my output after reboot: https://termbin.com/g37d21:03
tomreynNico1990: and this happens when you try to access the download directory of your laptop vendors' support werbsite: http://www.redcx.com/download_files/C15B/21:05
Paavi2_0tomreyn: i tend to trust system to tell the truth about "no longer needed". i'd better be slightly more paranoid.21:05
tomreynPaavi2_0: it's a bug, which is being worked on21:05
tomreyni think ioria pointed you to it earlier. you could subscribe to it.21:06
tomreyn<ioria> Paavi2_0, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xubuntu-meta/+bug/180162921:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1801629 in OEM Priority Project "direct dependencies of ubiquity should not be autoremovable" [High,Fix released]21:06
Paavi2_0tomreyn: i saw that. and yes, ioria pointed it out to me.21:06
tomreynNico1990: i'll have a look at your log now, this will take a few minutes, please stand by.21:06
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Nico1990tomreyn: Yes, that error it's there for while now. I guess i'll keep going with wired mouse for now21:12
Nico1990tomreyn: Thanks for the help21:13
tomreynNico1990: so the "KYE SYSTEMS CORP. Wired Mouse" is a mouse you attached separately, right?21:14
tomreynapparently your touchpad is not detected at all by linux.21:14
Nico1990tomreyn: Yes, it's a usb mouse21:15
tomreynthere are several acpi issues on your system. i assume this is not related, but it could cause issues with power saving, noisy fans, suspend + resume21:15
Nico1990tomreyn: Well, about power I think that wont be a problem mainly because this computer's integrated battery is almost death so is running with a wired charger all the time21:17
ubuntu123hello all new linux user here21:17
tomreynNico1990: ok. you could try to get support here, at least have them tell you which touchpad model you have exactly. http://redcx.com/servicio-tecnico/21:18
tomreynhello ubuntu123, welcome to the support channel21:19
jhutchinsNico1990: You might look for relevant settings in the BIOS.  Legacy keyboard/mouse is sometimes available/useful.21:19
Nico1990tomreyn: Allright, I'll try that for sure21:19
Nico1990jhutchins: Yes, I came across on BIOS settings on ubuntu's forums today. I still couldn't try that but I'll take a look21:21
jeremy31Nico1990: Might also want to see if there is a BIOS update available as ACPI issues could cause the touchpad to not be detected21:22
tomreynnot from their download page, no, they only offer windows drivers21:23
tomreynbut it may be through a support request21:23
Nico1990The strange part is that this touchpad is well recognized by Windows, but no support in linux21:24
tomreynthe driver they offer for windows is a standard synaptics touchpad driver21:24
jeremy31No sign of a synaptics touchpad detected in the paste21:25
tomreynmaybe !HWE sourld be worth a try, Nico199021:27
tomreyn!hwe | Nico199021:27
ubottuNico1990: The Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack21:27
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tomreyni.e.:  sudo apt-get install --install-recommends linux-generic-hwe-18.04 xserver-xorg-hwe-18.0421:28
tomreynthen reboot21:28
Nico1990tomreyn: I'll try it21:28
tomreynNico1990: after rebooting, run: journalctl -b | nc termbin.com 999921:30
Nico1990tomreyn: Yes, I'll run it21:31
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Nico1990tomreyn: This is my output after rebooting: https://termbin.com/y82h21:53
tomreynNico1990: so this looks very similar to before really. but while reading it again, i noticed that the usb device at  "usb 3-10" (search this on the logs you posted for more context) failed to be detected.22:02
tomreyni suspect this may be the synaptics touchpad. i also saw this message now  "usb: port power management may be unreliable"22:03
Nico1990tomreyn: Gets a lot of error and basically it wont respond for what I see on the logs22:04
tomreynso it's possible that insufficient power supply on the usb (which may be a result of those acpi issues) causes this issue.22:04
Nico1990tomreyn: right22:04
tomreynyou could try this: http://iam.tj/prototype/enhancements/Windows-acpi_osi.html (read very carefully, it's a bit complicated)22:05
Nico1990tomreyn: Allright, let me see22:06
tomreynyour hardware is ADVANTEC SA CX Nice Evo II/C15B  Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4200M CPU @ 2.50GHz. windows dirvers are at http://redcx.com/drivers/#driver_list_876 - but no bios updates22:06
tomreynyou could also try unplugging all your usb devices which you don't strictly need, including the mouse, ad see if this helps detecting the touchpad22:07
jeremy31Nico1990: ^ +122:07
tomreyn(you can still navigate and ctrl-alt-f3 by keyboard, login there, run commands there)22:08
Nico1990tomreyn: I already tried unplugging all my usb devices but no luck on the touchpad22:09
jeremy31Nico1990: You may have to reboot with USB devices unplugged22:10
tomreynsee also if you have usb related options on the bios configuration which might help with it22:11
Nico1990tomreyn: Allright, I saw that in your link gives great solutions about acpi_osi which it's most possible the problem but I'll try rebooting with no usb mouse and the BIOS first and see what happens22:15
tomreynhi nightrocker22:17
XeMy ubuntu 18.04 machine isn't creating core dumps anywhere I can find. I have killed apport (systemctl stop apport). Where is the default core location?22:17
EriC^^xe: i think it's /var/crash22:18
tomreynXe: it pipes into apport by default:  sysctl kernel.core_pattern22:18
Xetomreyn: stopping apport via systemctl stop apport is supposed to return core dumps to the normal proess though22:20
mra90does scp work only between two linu machines?22:20
tomreynapport then parses the core file, adds additional information and places this in /var/crash, then, if it is a 'reportable bug', it is uploaded it to errors.ubuntu.com or launchpad.net22:20
mra90or I can use it to copy from ubuntu to windows10?22:20
Xei actually want the core file so i can load it into my debugger22:20
tomreynXe: i'm not aware that 'stopping apport via systemctl stop apport is supposed to return core dumps to the normal proess though' - could well be, but it's new to me.22:21
Xetomreyn: is there a way to tell apport to actually give me the real core file though?22:22
tomreyni dont know.. but you can always change the setting i pointed you to to no longer pipe into apport22:23
tomreynit's also easily tested. just run "cat &" so it backgrounds and prints the pid, then kill -11 the PID22:25
tomreynmight need to fg the process, too.22:25
Xetomreyn: changing that setting, even after following the pattern in man 5 core_dump has no effect22:27
tomreynXe: can you point me to where you read that "stopping apport via systemctl stop apport is supposed to return core dumps to the normal proess"?22:27
tomreynyou mean core(5), right?22:28
Xeeh, i'm going to just replicate this on a non-ubuntu server so i don't have to fight apport22:28
dsianyone good with launchpad? I got  this error: "Rejected: ...dsc: Unknown section '-'"22:34
tomreyn/join #launchpad22:36
tomreynlooks like more a packaging issue, though22:36
tomreyn/join #ubuntu-app-devel then22:37
konradosHello, I have a second machine (desktop pc) and it is completely different from what I have now, but, I'm gonna just attach my current system disk to it (with ubuntu) and boot from it, should I be prepared for any surprises with my plan? It's not something egotistic or anything, just a typical cheap motherboard.22:38
voii installed ubunto on a vm in virtualbox. when i scan with nmap it works, but when i scan with sudo nmap, i get "failed ot open device". why is that?22:38
tomreynkonrados: if the old system was bios booting and the new sytem is uefi booting, it won't boot like this.22:39
tomreynkonrados: also the other way around, but that's much less likely, uefi being the newer standard.22:39
konradosoh, new terms for me, let me google "uefi booting" :)22:40
tomreynor "standard" rather22:40
tomreynvoi: maybe the virtualization doesn't provide you with raw socket access22:41
tomreynwell sockets probably, but not direct access to the NIC.22:42
voitomreyn, thanks22:44
Nico1990Allright, acpi_osi  seems to ignore me completly or my touchpad doesn't like at all linux, at least I tried22:46
Nico1990tomreyn: Thank you for your help btw.22:47
konradostomreyn, ok, I did some reading, this is a quite old motherboard - https://www.asrock.com/mb/Intel/B85M/index.asp and they say in the 'bios' section: "64Mb AMI UEFI Legal BIOS with Multilingual GUI support" so, it seems it will boot?22:48
tomreynNico1990: so what did you have as the kernel parameter in grub in the end?22:49
tomreynkonrados: i'm not sure what this means, i suspect it is an UEFI firmware with compatibility support module (optional, non default BIOS backward compatibility mode)22:51
unlimiterHello, I'm on Xubuntu 18.04, and I don't know how to disable mouse movement as page scrolling with keypad...22:52
tomreynkonrados: so i'm guessing that it will be uefi booting when you reset it to vendor / manufacturer defaults. this is really a ##hardware topic, entirely unrelated to #ubuntu22:53
unlimiteri remembered setting that with 'setxkbmap -option keypad:pointerkeys'22:53
Nico1990tomreyn: This is my grub kernel output: https://termbin.com/54qi22:53
unlimiterand page scrolling*22:54
konradostomreyn, ok, thanks! But... can I prepare for the surprises by just having a bootable pendrive with ubuntu, and then eventually reinstall it?22:54
tomreynNico1990: yes this looks like it could have worked. if the other command provided on this page returned "Windows 2013" as the best choice. you can always try some other values, too.22:55
tomreynkonrados: this, and backups, sure.22:55
konradostomreyn, yes, backups are made, so now heading to creating the pendrive, thank you!22:56
konradosactually... I now have a reason to go from 16 to 18 :)22:57
martinda14Hi. I saved data to an external ext4fs usb drive in yakkety but when I try to read it with in bionic beaver it complains that the ext4 format is old... how do I fix this?23:07
EriC^^martinda14: can you paste any errors?23:09
martinda14fdisk says "The old ext4 signature will be removed bya write command"23:10
RAW_do any real time chat rooms still exist23:10
martinda14and mount says "unable to read super block at address /dev/sdb1"23:11
martinda14has ext4 changed between two ubuntu versions?23:11
Nico1990tomreyn: I tried all the options with the kernel grub file and no luck. I'm gonna have to leave it there before I end up switching to Windows from the headache23:12
unlimiterHow do I disable arrow keys simulation through keypad?23:27
tomreynmartinda14: what does   sudo file -s /dev/sdb1   say?23:27
unlimiterwhen i disable keypad, and then press for example '4', it simulates the left arrow key23:28
tomreynunlimiter: this sounds like yuo didn't disable the keypad entirely, just switched numlock.23:29
unlimiterjust pressing the numlock23:29
martinda14tomreyn: /dev/sdb1: Linux rev 1.0 ext4 filesystem data, UUID=9dcc735f-33e4-4855-8b78-39af4b542032 (needs journal recovery) (extents) (64bit) (large files) (huge files)23:29
tomreynmartinda14: needs journal recovery, run fsck23:30
martinda14do I need to mount?23:31
martinda14probly not...23:31
tomreynno, you must not23:31
martinda14sudo fsck /dev/sdb123:31
tomreynif this was a question, this is not wrong.23:34
martinda14yep, that's what happened... forgot to eject before unplugging.23:36
martinda14can I Ctrl-C out and use fsck -y, this is getting a bit long...23:37
tomreynfsck is just a wrapper, you can run e2fsck directly, after inspecting its options23:38
martinda14thank you tomreyn , it worked.23:40

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