studiobot<Eickmeyer> If anybody wants to help test the release candidate, please do! http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/403/builds00:45
studio-user881aboutt new ubuntustudio disco RC......it works :)05:54
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Paavi2_0my install of ubuntustudio will not boot (properly). i have an encrypted / and i suspect that me issuing the command "sudo apt autoremove" would have something to do with this, since proposed for removal was cryptsetup-initramfs. does anyone know how to fix this?16:12
M_aD"my install of ubuntustudio " --> which version?16:14
Paavi2_0i can't confirm but i think it is 18.0416:15
EickmeyerPaavi2_0: Since this isn't specific to the Ubuntu Studio tools, feel free to ask in #ubuntu. You might get a quicker response there.16:22
EickmeyerPaavi2_0: Oh, you already have. :)16:23
Paavi2_0another question: how would i tell which version i have got if i can't get past this http://unikko.org/~paavi/boot.jpg ?16:30
Paavi2_0kernel is 4.18.0-17-lowlatency, any guesses?16:31
M_aD4.18 sounds more like 18.10, unless 18.04 got that kernel too16:41
* M_aD just returned to buntu after several years of not using it16:42
Paavi2_0me too16:46
Paavi2_0for most multimedia stuff incl. using mixxx ubuntustudio seem just better and less painful than debian, which i otherwise gladly use.16:47
EickmeyerPaavi2_0: open a terminal, type "lsb_release -a". That will show you what version you are on.18:25
Paavi2_0Eickmeyer: does not work if i do not have fully running system, now does it? :( i am stuck at initramfs prompt18:27
EickmeyerPaavi2_0: Yeah, your installation is completely messed-up.Keep working with tomreyn, but at this point, I'd just reinstall.18:28
Paavi2_0i think this is fixable18:28
Paavi2_0just not without help.18:29
Paavi2_0Eickmeyer: it is this https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xubuntu-meta/+bug/180162918:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1801629 in OEM Priority Project "direct dependencies of ubiquity should not be autoremovable" [High,Fix released]18:54
Paavi2_0now i remember what it was i hated about ubuntu back in 2012 :D18:55
EickmeyerPaavi2_0: If you read that thread, the bug no longer exists in 19.04, which releases within the week.20:04
Paavi2_0Eickmeyer: nice but i would like the computer with my previous tweaks ready on friday20:07
EickmeyerPaavi2_0: I understand. Keep working with tomreyn if that's your goal. He's amazing at support, and a really great guy.20:08
Paavi2_0Eickmeyer: i already want to buy him a beverage of choice and give him a lunch20:19

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