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kadiroI want help about lirc01:41
djtravzHello, I am doing a new installation of xubuntu and installing windows alongside. I can't resize the partition more than 32 mb. Why is this?14:02
diogenes_djtravz, first install win then xubuntu14:04
djtravzI will need to resize the partitions after I install windows14:05
djtravzSo I want to make sure that I can before I go through with too much effort in installation14:05
diogenes_install win the from win with the help of easeus partition manager create free space.14:07
djtravzOnce I have them both installed, if I need more space in either one of them I want to make sure that I can still resize both of their partitions14:09
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hans_got an old computer from 2005 running 17.10, a couple of months ago an update made the start menu and desktop icons disappear16:18
hans_i tested 18.04 in live, and 18.04 is also affected16:19
hans_it's running an ancient nvidia GPU, i tested both the nvidia legacy gpu driver and the X-org driver, didn't make a difference16:19
diogenes_hans_, and the question is?16:21
hans_any idea how to make the start-menu visible again?16:21
hans_(and the desktop icons)16:22
diogenes_by start menu you mean whisker menu?16:22
hans_sure, the 1 that opens when you press the windows button16:22
diogenes_right click on the panel > panel > add new item and look for whisker menu there16:23
hans_its configured, it's there according to the panel configuration thing16:24
hans_... but it's not visible16:24
hans_i guess it crash while attempting to start or something16:24
diogenes_in terminal run: sudo apt intstall -f16:24
hans_0 everything, 0 to update 0 errors ~16:25
diogenes_then you got no broken packages, i's assume it's some misconfigs and a good start would be if you create a new user and login as the new use and see if everything works there.16:26
hans_i don't think that will make a difference as the xubuntu live system was also affected, but ok i will check16:27
diogenes_i've never had a problem with the live system.16:28
hans_ok i made a new user and logged in, same issue.16:28
hans_(did n't16:28
hans_(didn't make a difference)16:28
brainwashshare your ~/.xsession-errors log file via a pastebin service16:29
hans_(that's from the brand new user, first time login)16:31
brainwashis xfce4-panel running as process? or xfdesktop16:34
hans_yes both of them, according to ps -A | grep -i xfce416:35
hans_both of them are running16:35
brainwashohh. the panel should be running, you only miss the menu.16:38
brainwashthose wrapper-2.0 entries in the log file are related to whiskermenu16:38
hans_(i miss the desktop icons as well)16:38
brainwashdesktop icons are handled by xfdesktop16:39
brainwashopen a terminal window and run "killall xfdesktop; xfdesktop"16:39
brainwashsee if that gives any output16:39
hans_as root or as logged in user?16:40
brainwashas user16:40
brainwashyou can try with xfdesktop --enable-debug  too16:41
brainwashthat will print additional debug output16:41
hans_error: no protocol specified16:41
hans_(without --enable-debug)16:41
hans_it said more than that but the rest is localized to norwegian16:41
hans_.. should i try to translate that back to english?16:41
hans_roughly translated: could not understand the arguments: could not open the screen16:42
brainwashfor that you can use LC_ALL=C16:43
brainwashlike this: LC_ALL=C xfdesktop16:44
hans_set that as an enviorment variable before starting xfdesktop?16:44
brainwashor export it beforehand16:44
hans_now it said (xfdesktop:2679): Gtk-WARNING **: Locale not supported by C library. \n Using the fallback 'C' locale. \n Failed to parse arguments: Cannot open display: (blank, but i get the feeling that it would put a display name/identifier here if it had 1)16:47
hans_oh sorry16:47
hans_i forgot a line16:47
hans_it also said: No protocol Specified16:48
hans_on the line before it said "Failed to parse arguments"16:48
brainwashcan you make it work by specifying the display?16:48
brainwashDISPLAY=:0 xfdesktop16:48
hans_now it started but gave a lot of errors (but still running)16:49
brainwasherrors or just warning?16:50
brainwashI think xfdesktop tends to print quite some theming related warnings16:51
hans_that's what i got (but it's still running)16:52
brainwashI guess the next step would be to see what the xfce settings daemon does16:53
brainwashXFSETTINGSD_DEBUG=1 xfsettingsd --replace --no-daemon16:53
brainwashit's responsible for setting up the environment16:54
hans_sorry busy a bit, checking if Lubuntu 18.10 is affected16:55
hans_yes, much like Xubuntu it's an ubuntu-based distro based on... LXDE, iirc16:55
brainwashI know that16:56
brainwashbut why not check with xubuntu 18.10 or 19.04 (dev)?16:56
hans_because now i know that it's not XFCE-specific and not Xubuntu-specific: original Xubuntu 17.10 is not affected, fully up-to-date 17.10 is affected, Xubuntu 18.04 is affected, and Lubuntu 18.10 is affected17:00
brainwashprobably not that easy to go back and try to reproduce the bug again17:03
brainwashas 17.10 is not supported anymore17:03
hans_right, but 18.04 is also affeccted17:03
hans_is Xubuntu 16.04 supported?17:03
brainwashthe update history of the 17.10 installation could be useful17:04
brainwashXubuntu 16.04 is supported for 3 years17:05
hans_meaning support ended like a couple of days ago?17:06
brainwashpretty much I would guess17:06
brainwashthe Ubuntu core (main repository) has support for 5 years17:06
brainwashso, you need to somehow pinpoint the update which breaks the desktop17:08
brainwashalso, the output of this command may give a hint:17:09
brainwashXFSETTINGSD_DEBUG=1 xfsettingsd --replace --no-daemon17:09
brainwashupdate history is located in /var/log/apt/17:11
brainwashif still present17:11
hans_is it normal that it use a long time to execute? xfsettingsd17:12
hans_it has printed a lot of info but then just kinda froze17:12
hans_still running but not outputting anything17:12
hans_here is what it has printed so far, but it's still running: http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/rHM2xX5n2B/17:15
brainwashit should keep running17:16
brainwashcan you start xfdesktop now from another terminal window?17:17
brainwashwithout DISPLAY17:17
brainwashkillall xfdesktop; xfdesktop17:18
hans_in the middle of a reboot but once it starts, sure17:19
brainwashI mean after starting xfsettingsd manually17:20
brainwashit seemed to launch fine according to the output17:20
hans_yup will do17:20
brainwashwith that I assume that xfdesktop should launch without issues also17:21
hans_got no output when running xfdesktop17:23
hans_i assume it daemonized17:23
hans_yup its running in the background17:23
brainwashwith icons visible?17:24
hans_icons are still invisible17:25
hans_ / not present17:25
brainwashmaybe another17:25
brainwashkillall xfdesktop; xfdesktop17:25
hans_i added -w to that command, but nothing17:27
hans_no output and no icons17:27
hans_(i have confirmed with thunar that there is a text file on the desktop that should be a dedicated icon, if nothing else)17:27
hans_(thunar can see the files there as it should, when running thunar from the terminal)17:28
hans_btw a long time ago i learned that as a general rule of thumb, it's a good habit to add -w to your killall command, because by default killall does not wait until it's actually dead, that's what the -w flag does, and commands like `killall xfdesktop; xfdesktop` may try to start a new instance of xfdesktop before the previous has exited17:30
hans_(reminds me of "avoiding race conditions" in multithreaded programs :p)17:32
brainwashnot really sure what to suggest at this point17:32
brainwashany luck with checking the update history?17:33
brainwash17.10 is dead, so it's not easy to check for changes online17:33
brainwashas info about that release has been removed mostly17:33
brainwashother than that, you could do some testing with a different distribution17:36
brainwashyou mentioned that the computer is from 200517:37
hans_|-/var/log/apt/term.log: text/plain: https://paste.fedoraproject.org/paste/TIMQhYSyRG7lQ8j2ATvXhA/raw?password=FmzCPPTd1FESETA82_zv17:40
hans_|-/var/log/apt/history.log: text/plain: https://paste.fedoraproject.org/paste/2YBhC~dq7OqCy3ba2NKy2A/raw?password=iFdnhC6RkoKWRO05GiIz17:40
hans_here is a list of everything in the folder but with a lot of noise.. i can decompress everything if there's interest: https://paste.fedoraproject.org/paste/owozYhTHLDyctYJtEaMKoA/raw?password=-mW7Op8iqY4JKY37x2Ck&fbclid=IwAR3-KlfQOLk-pL_ZjtTM-dJMQIOOAjEoMUjlqx7dMX8yHMz-u5gyfUxxeCM17:41
hans_both of those logs on show stuff after the problem occured, i have to decompress the other stuff and maybe it's in there17:42
hans_(logs from when the problem ocurred)17:42
brainwashthat's not relevant17:42
hans_.. is there a command to just decompress every .gz file in a folder?17:43
gnrphans_: `for file in *.gz; do gunzip "${file}"; done`17:43
gnrpur `gunzip *.gz` should also work, I see...17:43
brainwash17.10 was supported until july 201817:44
brainwashthat should be the last date for updates17:45
brainwashyou installed a bunch of remaining updates today17:46
brainwashso, when was the last time you applied updates?17:46
brainwashI would assume before july 201817:47
hans_yeah i installed all remaining updates today, hoping that would fix everything; it didn't17:56
hans_here is links to most of the logs if anyone is curious, but i cba atm, testing if debian is affected. https://paste.fedoraproject.org/paste/IGOUTuG37a3enuS8t2-~xw/raw?password=sXcjp3c7aefDTRx476H4&fbclid=IwAR2oe2ZH9Cdvv2oJalQZ-cMYxJUwbBAwfaQCVJF8Dd2l6NuE9DEccyKEABs17:57
brainwashhistory.log.1 2018-11-1718:03
brainwashthe first thing I would try it to boot with an older kernel version18:04
brainwashfrom the grub boot menu18:04
hans_i will try that, it has a lot of older kernels unpurged18:05
hans_but right now it's busy resizing the ext4 partition18:05
hans_(.. to be fair, it said "this operation may take a long time, are you sure?")18:07
brainwashbut why do that while still debugging the problem?18:08
hans_because i'm making a dedicated partition for a debian installation to see if debian is also affected. i was probably stupid to not just try the debian-live system, but i couldn't find a live-version of the "non-free/cd-including-firmware/"-builds of debian and.. stuff18:11
hans_ok the resize is finished and i aborted the installation and booted back to xubuntu, but it's either set to hide the ask-for-kernel-menu (yes, it's an option to hide the menu while still having a countdown, and on some ubuntu distros that's even the default behaviour, which i find.. stupid), or it's set to 0-second-timeout (instant boot without asking), i'm not sure which yet18:13
brainwashyou have to press Shift after the BIOS phase18:14
hans_Shift, gotcha18:14
brainwashwell, hold it18:14
hans_great now it asked me18:15
hans_got -16 -17 -19 -21 -25 -32 -39 -4618:16
hans_before that they are all 4.13.0-18:16
hans_and after that they are all -generic then 50% of them are (recovery mode)18:16
hans_guess i should just try -16 then?18:16
brainwash-46 was installed on 2018-11-1718:16
brainwashshould be the one that potentially broke the desktop18:17
brainwashfurthermore, intel-microcode was pulled in on that day too18:18
hans_that could be related, it has an intel cpu iirc (don't remember which)18:18
hans_Intel Core 2 6300 @ 1.86GHz according to /proc/cpuinfo18:19
brainwashremoving intel-microcode may be something worth testing also18:21
hans_oddly the reboot sequence got noticably slower after the partition resize18:21
hans_(i didn't remove space from the start, i removed space from the end of the partition)18:22
brainwashI think it was added automatically in 2018 due to the recent intel vulnerabilities18:22
brainwashbut that CPU is way too old for any new patches anyway18:22
brainwashdoes the older kernel make the desktop work?18:23
hans_is this a bad time to add that i added "nokaslr nopti" to GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT in /etc/default/grub a long time ago? (long before the desktop broke)18:25
brainwashnot quite sure what those two change18:26
hans_take away some of the overhead of the KAISER/SPECTRE mitigations, iirc18:26
hans_.. but is unsafe18:26
hans_(as in, makes it easier for a hacker trying to exploit those vulnerabilities)18:27
brainwashbut for that mitigation to have any effect you would need the proper cpu firmware, no?18:27
hans_i think they're software solutions to hardware problems, unrelated to firmware18:28
hans_anyway, both the -16 kernel and the -39 kernel are affected still, they make no difference :(18:28
kadirohello, I need to install an old kernel ( ex 4.8 ) but apt-cache gives me only 4.15 and so18:28
hans_brainwash, should i try `apt remove intel-microcode` ?18:28
hans_(and reboot?)18:28
brainwashhans_: sure. it's possible that the initramfs for -16 was updated to include the new microcode.18:29
brainwashbut it would be pretty odd if that's the reason for the breakage18:29
hans_running that it wants to also remove linux-generic and linux-image-generic18:30
hans_"the following additional blah blah"18:30
hans_should i continue?18:30
brainwashit's a new dependency18:30
brainwashyou can reinstall linux-generic and linux-image-generic later18:30
brainwashthose are meta packages18:30
hans_ok i removed them, should i reboot now or18:30
brainwashkadiro: why do you need 4.8?18:31
hans_i also removed the custom kernel boot options (on the basis that, as non-default configurations they're probably less tested)18:31
kadirobrainwash, for a specific module that was working but the new kernel replaced it18:31
hans_kadiro, named?18:32
kadirohans_, lirc_serial was replaced with serial_ir18:32
brainwashI don't think that using an unsupported kernel version is the way to go18:33
hans_brainwash, come to think of it, the nopti option is automatically applied if the kernel bugs flags say they don't need it, iirc18:34
kadirobrainwash, the problem that i fellow all the guides, docs, helps without success18:34
hans_.. removing intel-microcode and the custom boot options did nothing, problem is still present :(18:34
kadiroi tried ir-keytable to replace lirc but nothing happen18:34
hans_brainwash, kernel cpu bugs flags*18:34
hans_ok, i guess i should go back to the debian test?18:35
kadiroI was thinking that my remote control is no longer work but the command mode2 still gives result also cat /dev/lirc0 and using my remote gives output and tested on windows just work out of a box18:36
kadiroI lost my mind18:37
brainwashyou probably need to contact the module devs18:37
brainwashinstalling 4.8 in ubuntu 18.04 may be possible, but it may be a bad idea18:38
brainwashespecially when you have that system connected to the internet18:39
kadiroyeah i know that but i have no choice18:39
kadiro3 days without sleep trying to solve that problem and still no success18:40
kadirothank you brainwash for your help18:40
kadiroIn the docs they say that the new kernels can talk directly with any devices using ir-keytable but i can't make it happen18:42
brainwashkadiro: did you find this? https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=240333718:44
kadirobrainwash, yes i did18:46
hans_brainwash, in case you're curious, Debian 9.8 with xfce desktop was also affected19:26
brainwashkernel version?19:27
hans_is there some easy-ish way to check from the kernel?19:28
hans_err, check from the iso*19:28
brainwashinternet says 4.919:28
hans_probably correct19:30
hans_found references to Package: btrfs-modules-4.9.0-8-686-di19:30
hans_in the iso19:30
hans_so 4.9 yeah19:30
hans_ok found this in the iso: Depends: kernel-image-4.9.0-8-686-di, crc-modules-4.9.0-8-686-di, md-modules-4.9.0-8-686-di19:31
brainwashnot sure how much more time you want to invest into this19:33
brainwashyou could test with a non debian based distro19:33
brainwashor with something from before 201819:33
brainwashand then apply updates step by step19:34
KernelP8901Morning/Evening All. I have a Atom Intel stick. It's a 32 bit UEFI and a 64bit CPU. I managed to get the OS to live boot by adding the 32bit EFI files to the USB however it's failing to install grub during the install process. I have manually added pool\main\g\grub2\grub-efi-ia32_2.02+dfsg1-5ubuntu8_i386 to try and resolve the issue but installer fails. Any ideas/advice on how to get this installed? Thanks :)20:51
hans_you're installing ubuntu to a usb stick?21:02
hans_(well, xubuntu)21:02
hans_KernelP8901, ^21:02
KernelP8901@hans_ from21:02
KernelP8901Install media is USB and storage is EMMC21:03
hans_have you tried 32bit xubuntu btw? does that install cleanly? (xubuntu still has 32bit systems)21:04
hans_(probabky not what you want but it'd still be interesting)21:05
KernelP8901That's the ISO I was using. I am now trying the AMD64 Xubuntu Beta (19.04) and this time I was lucky enough to find my USB3 to HDMI, VGA, Ethernet, USB 2.0 adapter so it can get online and download packages not included in the ISO21:06

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