LINKSWORD2Hey everybody.01:07
LINKSWORD2A while back, I used to have a customized display for the digital clock widget on my taskbar. (Admittedly, it was Kubuntu 10.04. but still.) I wanted to change the font color for just the clock widget, if possible.01:09
LINKSWORD2Any suggestions?01:22
LINKSWORD2Anybody active?01:28
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IrcsomeBot4<Valoriez> 10.04 was still Plasma 4 I think02:58
IrcsomeBot4<Valoriez> you can look on say, KDE store and see what's available *now*02:58
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IrcsomeBot4<Legendx7> Hello, i am new linux user and i would like to use ubuntu on my laptop but each flavour i try of ubuntu ( kubuntu, ubuntu budgie) i have problem with screen tearing when i use nvidia drivers but when i don t instal nvidia drivers i use only integrated gpu on intel i5 5200u. I would really appriciate asvice from you. Thank you.06:17
IrcsomeBot4<Legendx7> @Legendx7, I have nvidia 920m grapgic card06:18
dsbyewhen I attempt to connect to a 5 GHz network, connection manager keeps spinning at configuring interface. after sometime, the wifi password diaolog pops up. if I enter my password it goes back to configuring interface and after someimte the password dialog opens again07:30
dsbyethis is only a problem with the 5 GHz SSID07:30
dsbyeit connnects to the 2.4 just fine07:31
dsbyeother devices have no problems connecting to the 5 GHz ssid07:31
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w0lfhello all08:17
w0lfI have Kubuntu installed08:17
w0lfsudo chattr +i /etc/resolv.conf08:17
w0lf[sudo] password for w0lf:08:17
w0lfchattr: Operation not supported while reading flags on /etc/resolv.conf08:17
w0lfwhy its saying not supported ?08:17
w0lfI have done it in past on another machine and it worked08:18
w0lfhello ?08:24
acheronukw0lf: symlink?08:26
acheronukyep. that is a symlink08:27
w0lfah its symlinked to resolv.conf -> ../run/systemd/resolve/stub-resolv.conf08:27
w0lfso should I remove the symlink ?08:27
w0lfas I want to use the nameserver from cloudflare08:28
acheronukI wouldn't. If you HAVE to make it immutable for some reason, then sounds like you want to chattr the link target08:28
acheronukoh. in /run08:29
w0lfacheronuk, sudo chattr +i stub-resolv.conf08:57
w0lfchattr: Inappropriate ioctl for device while reading flags on stub-resolv.conf08:57
BluesKajHiyas all10:11
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IrcsomeBot4<Information Bot> (Photo, 1280x615) https://irc-attachments.kde.org/KJhGCL0W/file_14764.jpg ✅ Good news guys! … ✅ We have announced the launch-testnet! … ✅ Our team announces AIRDROP 5,000 BTС and 20000 ETH … ✅ All info is here https://dex-testnet.net … ✅ Official group t.me/joinchat/LD1AOlMv6gI7ArluU7XXnA10:57
Korrorahello everyone,may i ask a question if possible?(it can be a stupid one im sorry if it is )12:31
Korrorahelp help help :D please12:33
BluesKaj!ask | Korrora12:36
ubottuKorrora: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience12:36
Korroraim a new ssd user(it is adata su650 model one),i have a 4gb ram on my laptop;shall i create a swap or i shall not?on web some says create some says it will kill lifespan of ssd and dont create you dont need.Anyone have any information about that?And thank you already :)12:38
BluesKajKorrora, this is a swap file, not a partition, but it will work for you, https://linuxize.com/post/create-a-linux-swap-file/12:42
Korroraso i will create first an fat32 for grub efi and ext4 for root partition,after installation completes i will login and create that file on terminal,am i right BluesKaj?12:45
BluesKajKorrora, best to just set the whole drive to gpt partition table then install kubuntu using the guided method at partitioning, the installer will take care of formatting and installing the efi boot partition and the / partition for kubuntu...there's no need to preformat the ssd to ext412:49
BluesKajthen after installation  create the swap file, if you think you need it12:50
Korrorai dont know if i need it with 4gb ram :D and i dont want to kill ssd lifespan with swap partition,but if you say swap file doesnt effect lifespan and can be useful i can create idk :D i hate to being newbie to something12:52
BluesKajKorrora, well, you could always buy some more RAM , it's not expaensive anymore especially if buy another 4GB12:55
BluesKajif you have room for it12:56
Korrorait is actually damn expensive in the place where  i live BlusKaj :) i just want to use best with what i have, i wouldnt switch to ssd if my hdd wouldnt fail,desperate stupid situation12:57
Korrorai have an empty slot but possibly will stay empty for years or untill laptop dies i guess unfortunately :/  :D12:57
BluesKajssds are more efficient than hdds so 4GB Ram might be enough12:58
BluesKajas long as you keep your desktop activity fairly lean12:58
Korroraso i dont have to create a swap partition,but in th future i can create a swap file if i need it really,without reinstalling system etc. right? :)13:02
Korroraim sorry BlusKaj if im giving you a headache with my questions :/ :D13:02
BluesKajno problem Korrora , we're here to help :-)13:03
Korrorathank you so much BluesKaj, i will do what you said,i hope manjaro budgie doesnt give me a headache also :D13:03
Korrorai wish you have a nice day,and thank you soooooo much :)13:03
Korroraif it gives i will go for kubuntu,im just scared if kde eats lots of ram :/ its a gorgeous De :/13:04
BluesKajif you already have a linux install on that machine , my suggestion will wipe it of the the drive13:05
Korroraits a fresh ssd inside unopened package :) one last question may i ask please?13:06
BluesKajKorrora, where do yo have manjaro installed ?13:06
Korrorai dont have i just have kubuntu 18.04 image and manjaro budgie image :)13:06
Korrorai will install one of them but i dont know if my laptop can handle it,13:07
BluesKajdunno much about budgie, but KDE/Plasma is probly a bit more memory hungry13:08
Korrorai want kde but dont know if it uses lots of ram,someone told me i can try manjaro budgie so i downloaded it, i was using ubuntu with love for years but after they switched gnome from unity,i felt like strange and kept hopping distros :/13:08
Korroracan you tell me how many ram your system uses with only one firefox tab open with no other programs?13:09
BluesKajI ran kde/plasma with 4GB Ram with a swap file for years ,,, it was fine13:09
Korrorayou ran it without problem? i will definitely go for kde then :D kde has that global menu thing from ubuntu unity and i love that thing :) im coming kubuntu!13:10
BluesKajKorrora, it's using 1GB with Konversation and FF open with one tab13:10
Korrorafair enough i guess, i will still have 2.74 gb free ram13:12
BluesKajKorrora, there are many ways to trim kubuntu daemons from running at the same time as well13:13
BluesKajKorrora, come back here after installing and I'll give a soeme easy suggestions13:14
Korrorakilling services? i dont know how to choose them because kde apps are named so closely :D i am scared to hurt system by killing something,but i would be happy to try it if you have a webpage shows that :)13:14
Korroraohh okay it would be great :D13:14
BluesKajI'll be around for another 4hrs or so13:15
Korroraim switching to windows 10+ kubuntu installations,see you after that then BluesKaj :) THANK YOU sooooooo much :)13:15
BluesKajw10 as well?13:16
BluesKajKorrora, hope w10 is ona diffeent drive13:17
Korrorai thought i can use it for light gaming13:18
BluesKajon a different drive13:18
soonAm I the only one, who can not connect to an external bluettooth device as regular user? ...must be root13:18
soon...and my regular user is part of the dialout and tty groups13:18
Korrorai just have one 240gb ssd and do other slots :/ is it bad to install them side by side ?13:18
BluesKajthat complicates things, dual booting off the same drive with windows is not as simple13:20
BluesKajw10 should ber installed first13:21
Korroraohhh okay,windows stupidity first then,then kubuntu i see13:22
BluesKajthast's if they're installing on the same drive13:26
Korroraunfortunately they are :D but i hope i will see Evil one only for gaming i hope :) i hope kubuntu goes as good as ald ubuntu13:30
Korrorabefore my hdd died i tried manjaro deepin and gnome for a little time,bad thing is system was going to unstable quickly after some updates,and in ubuntu it was never a thing for me,so im kinda scared rolling stuff :D13:31
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ubottu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!15:17
ubottu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!15:18
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user|87606use install for update15:29
Greenfrogi'm having a reboot problem, if i reboot the external usb drive is not recognized, but if i disconnect the usb then reconnect it's there and usable, any ideas?15:31
Greenfrogit isnt a mount issue15:32
Greenfrogits just mostly off then on again15:32
Greenfrogodd behavior15:33
Greenfrogmostly off after reboot15:33
Greenfrogthe drive has been formated ext4 and files loaded in fact i have variety using the background pics there15:35
Greenfrogdo you think this might be a bug?15:37
tomreynGreenfrog: hmm, could be many things. this might happen due to power saving issues, or due to firmware bugs, or due to insufficient power supply by the usb controller16:06
tomreynGreenfrog: check your system journal (or post it), it may have further hints on it.16:07
Greenfrogok thanks i'll try16:07
Greenfroghow do i check my system journal?16:08
tomreynGreenfrog: i'll tell you if you tell me which kubuntu version you're running16:09
tomreynGreenfrog: i keep switching between different applications and irc channels. if you'd like more timely responses please prefix what you'll say by my nickname (tomreyn).16:11
tomreynGreenfrog: you can run this to post your journal online: journalctl -b | nc termbin.com 999916:11
tomreynor just the first part to inspect it on your computer16:11
Greenfrogok done that before16:12
Greenfrogwow thats all gobled gook to me16:13
Greenfrogit seems odd that i cant reboot and have the exernal dirve recognized but can disconnect the drive then reconnect and everything is fine16:15
Greenfrogbut ok look it over16:16
Greenfrogi'd appreciate any help :)16:16
Greenfrogi'm new to kubuntu so the repair aspects is dizzying16:19
tomreynGreenfrog: there's an issue with USB device 2-2 during USB port scan / device enumeration:    Apr 15 07:10:23 greenfrog-1 kernel: usb 2-2: device descriptor read/64, error 1816:21
tomreynif you'll look at this and following lines this shows the issue.16:21
Greenfrogso is there a fix?16:22
tomreyntry a different usb port and reboot, i guess16:22
Greenfrogok i can look at the log but then what?16:22
Greenfrogi have and no change16:22
tomreyn6-2 also experiences problems16:23
Greenfrogso i'm not sure what you mean. what do i do next?16:24
Greenfrogthis is way beyond my tech knowledge16:24
tomreynif swapping the usb ports does not help, also trying to swap to the other side of the computer, then there is probably not much you can do16:25
tomreynalso, this hardware is way beyond its planned lifetime.16:26
tomreynand suffers from unfixable hardware security issues16:26
Greenfrogok the other side is taken by triplehead2go so  i can try that16:27
Greenfrogso if not would you consider that a bug report?16:28
Alexfrenchsorry you have hardware problems ?16:28
tomreynGreenfrog: probably not.16:28
Greenfrogwhat is it then?16:28
tomreynmy guess is on hardware issues16:29
Greenfrogya maybe16:29
tomreynpower supplies age, capacitors age16:29
tomreynthis is a 12yo platform16:29
Greenfrogok thanks for the reply16:29
Greenfrogyes it is16:29
tomreynlaptops are designed for ~ 5 years16:30
Alexfrenchmy 10 hp laptop died few weeks agos16:30
Greenfrogi was just trying to breath new life into it without paying 3oo bucks to use win 1016:30
Alexfrenchone day is working, another day it die16:31
Greenfrogok maybe i'll just have to live with it16:31
tomreynyou're welcome.16:32
Greenfrogtoo bad its a nice laptop16:32
Greenfrogyes thanks16:32
Alexfrenchhave you tried bios update or drivers before ?16:32
Greenfrogdont member but i think so16:32
Alexfrenchmine was too but it is dead, a nice dead laptop16:32
Greenfrogbut i'll ck again16:33
Greenfrogyes todays technology tomorrows doorstop16:33
tomreynBIOS R0200Y2 08/12/200816:33
tomreynbut there is no vendor support anymore16:34
Greenfrogthanks i'll try that16:34
Greenfrogyes i understand16:34
tomreynwhat i posted is what you have16:34
Greenfrogyes i see16:34
Greenfrogtoo bad so sad :P16:35
Greenfrogits a nice laptop16:35
Greenfrogok thanks again :)16:35
Greenfrogi like coming into these channels lots of support16:36
tomreynyou'll change your opinion when you compare it to a curren tone16:36
Greenfrogeveryone has been nice and helpful16:37
proctrapGreenfrog: you could get a non-os laptop16:54
proctrapand just go with what ever you want on top16:54
Greenfrognot an option, i'm on limited income17:08
Greenfrogthanks just the same :)17:08
Greenfrogusing old technology is all i have atm17:09
Greenfrogi appreciate all your help thank you :)17:11
tomreynyou could probably get a desktop with more current and better performing hardware for free, though. maybe a laptop, too.17:20
oysteinsHow can I debug a non-responding Kickoff→ Turn off→ Turn off?18:50
oysteinsBasically that Kickoff's shutdown feature sometimes does nothing.18:50
oysteinsnvm, it happened because okular was requesting permission to close tabs. Closing okular fixes issue.18:59
hugowfwhen 19.04 will be launch ?19:45
jackysoon hugowf19:46
jackycan't rush awesomeness :)19:46
bprompthugowf:    it'll be released on April 30th 15 11:59:999 PM, as it's for most release dates19:48
bprompthugowf:    it'll be released on April 30th at 11:59:999 PM, as it's for most release dates, that is19:49
bprompthugowf:   hmm what's so awesome about it anyway?19:49
bpromptbesides, the Release Candidate must already be out, and that's just as good, so use that =P19:49
bpromptso they say the release date is April, they really mean the beginning of May, or say October, they really  mean the beginning of November hehe19:51
bprompthugowf:  so just use the Release Candidate and don't be so Pavlovian hehe19:51
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IrcsomeBot4<Announcements235> (Photo, 1280x615) https://irc-attachments.kde.org/VeQqJ8q0/file_14764.jpg ✅ Good news guys! … ✅ We have released Exchange Platform … ✅ 5000 Bitcoin and 20 000 Ethereum … ✅ All info is here https://bit.ly/Promo_Campaign … ✅ Official group t.me/joinchat/LgeZz1Mv6gKPyDOfFJOY1g20:41
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Guest52013hello... i recently made a clean installation of kubuntu.. but i have one issue... the applications section of the app launcher is constantly updating.. i cant open any category...22:55
valoriewhich version of Kubuntu, Guest52013?22:57
Guest5201318.04.2 LTS22:57
Guest52013oh, and plasmashell uses in averge 60% of CPU22:59
faLUCEhello. Is there a free public mail server associated to ubuntu, to which is possible to register?23:24
valoriefaLUCE: for instance, @ubuntu.com email addresses?23:31
valorieor @kubuntu.org which is what I use23:31
valoriethat is a perk of membership23:31
ubottuUbuntu Membership means recognition of a significant and sustained contribution to Ubuntu and the Ubuntu community.  For more info see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership/NewMember23:31
Guest52013hum, is there a solution to my problem?23:45

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