wxloookie dokie02:19
lubot<kc2bez> ?02:20
wxli've exhausted myself with cleaning the house; time to work on lubuntu02:20
lubot<kc2bez> Gotcha.02:21
lubot<tsimonq2> @wxl [<wxl> i've exhausted myself with cleaning the house; time to work on lubuntu], Procrastinator XD02:25
wxlpffht no activity at all today from any of ya'll it seems XD02:28
wxlexcept of course lynorian :)02:28
lubot<tsimonq2> I've been sleeping all day02:29
wxlwow now that's a partition scheme https://launchpadlibrarian.net/400881386/InstallOverviewWindow.jpg02:30
lubot<tsimonq2> holy02:31
lubot<tsimonq2> Which bug is that from?02:31
ubot93Ubuntu bug 1801441 in calamares (Ubuntu) "Overview summary window is so tall, almost cannot see buttons" [Undecided, New]02:32
wxlit's actually about the size of the calamares window02:32
wxli went down this rabbit hole at one point and lost it somewhere along the line02:33
lubot<kc2bez> If you have fewer partitions it fits on the screen better. XD02:35
lubot<kc2bez> Seriously, I think we should force cala full screen.02:35
wxli agree02:35
wxldoes cala ever NOT work if it's full screen?02:36
lubot<tsimonq2> @wxl [<wxl> does cala ever NOT work if it's full screen?], Not on agaida's 4x2 screen XD02:36
lubot<kc2bez> Needs more testing but the tests I have done in a VM all seem to work.02:37
wxli thought that was an 8x4 array of 4x2 screens02:37
lubot<kc2bez> XD02:37
lubot<tsimonq2> XD02:37
wxllook forcing full-screen is going to be a huge improvement and cover most problems except for some potential edge cases which we can deal with when we get there02:38
wxlcould we do this for disco tsimonq2 ?02:38
lubot<tsimonq2> @wxl [<wxl> could we do this for disco tsimonq2 ?], It's a bit late I think.02:38
lubot<kc2bez> It would be cool if we could test it on real hardware.02:40
wxlmanjaro patched cala to fix it https://github.com/manjaro/calamares/commit/b140080eff1d0e8eee3730f0dc160b6fd134b6a902:40
wxlit seems the issue is actually more pronounced on virtual machines02:40
wxlsince they seem to default to smaller screen sizes02:41
-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [rMANUALc116bcd5cee1: do not install that bad sphinx extension] lynorian (Lyn Perrine) committed: https://phab.lubuntu.me/rMANUALc116bcd5cee102:41
wxloh nevermind cala accepted that patch https://github.com/calamares/calamares/commit/b7a0b3930f18250085e65fc550943a71dd9f0ee402:42
lubot<kc2bez> Full screen forces everything to resize.02:43
wxlyeah i see that as the easy solution02:44
wxlso how do we make it full size?02:44
lubot<kc2bez> In the branding configuration if I remember correctly.02:45
lubot<tsimonq2> Ouuu look at guiverc go :)02:46
lubot<kc2bez> @kc2bez [In the branding configuration if I remember correctly.], Sad, all my comments on the original task never made it to cache. I had it documented once. I'll find it again.02:47
wxl@kc2bez: yeah i lost a good task too :(02:48
wxlwindowExpanding: fullscreen02:49
wxlin branding/default/branding.desc02:49
lubot<kc2bez> Yup, that is it.02:49
wxlinteresingly we do not set that at all which means we're using normal, i.e. expand as needed to windowSize which we also do not set and defaults to 800x52002:52
wxlsorry 800px,520px02:54
wxlthat's their nomenclature.. it will also accept font-units (s/px/em/)02:54
wxlyou want to make a task for that @kc2bez ?02:54
lubot<kc2bez> You mean like https://phab.lubuntu.me/T2502:55
-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [Medium, Open] Make Calamares work well with smaller screens: https://phab.lubuntu.me/T2502:55
lubot<kc2bez> .02:56
lubot<kc2bez> XD02:56
wxlevery time philmmanjaro refers to calamares as "CAL" it makes me giggle02:58
lubot<tsimonq2> It's Cala03:00
guivercfyi: "Full disk install with encryption on a BIOS system"  calamares crashed first try,  I `sudo ubuntu-bug /var/crash/...` & it didn't want me to go firefox.. on retry it has appeared to work (gotta reboot now to confirm - want me to do anything before re: crash)03:00
lubot<tsimonq2> Or as a certain Lubuntu mailing list frequenter would phrase it, "Lu Insta"03:00
wxlguiverc: what do you mean "it didn't want me to go to firefox?" was there a particular error?03:01
guiverclots of dots I assume as it uploaded; then it returned to $ prompt; no question or anything more.03:01
guiverci see the .uploaded file there03:01
wxldid it have you log into launchpad?03:02
=== lubuntu is now known as Guest26302
Guest26302e23cb27a-5f28-11e9-922b-fa163e6cac46  wxl is in the "_usr_bin_calamares.0.uploaded" file if you can do anything with that (guiverc)03:03
guivercnope - it didn't open firefox; just returned to prompt.  (this term is in another room) - see Guest26302 line which maybe you can use03:04
wxlGuest26302: pastebinit somewhere maybe?03:04
wxlthta could be an apport bug which would suck03:05
Guest26302`sudo pastebinit _usr_bin_calamares.0.uploaded` gives http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/Yy6QZvCWNy/03:06
wxloh yeah er duh03:06
wxlis the crash file still there?03:07
Guest26302or did you mean pastebin the .crash report?03:07
Guest26302:)  will do03:07
-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [T25: Make Calamares work well with smaller screens] kc2bez (Dan Simmons) commented on the task: https://phab.lubuntu.me/T25#84503:08
Guest26302wxl: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1w4Zqg-NHnIkvwTD-k_Vy6Fvoy_W1UqwP03:13
lubot<The_LoudSpeaker> Morning bros!03:16
wxlhey now we're not al bros03:18
lubot<The_LoudSpeaker> For me everyone's a bro03:18
wxlGuest26302: carry on. i'll analyze further. if you could test that hard, i'd appreciate it.03:18
wxl@The_LoudSpeaker in that case, for me, you are a lady XD03:19
lubot<The_LoudSpeaker> Lol. Noice!03:20
guiverc:)  ack wxl03:25
lubot<The_LoudSpeaker> What's 'ack'?03:27
lubot<The_LoudSpeaker> Gg!03:27
wxldude there are pixies in cala https://github.com/calamares/calamares/blob/05bf1e5226dc92357fdf4b39e5e89c81a59234a0/src/libcalamaresui/Branding.cpp#L34503:29
guivercwxl: just FYI:  after the crash I re-tried & I've now tested that '2nd' & it looks great..  login & all good, reboot to live & encrypted partition that rejected on wrong passwd, but accepted on my 'secret' passwd.. I'm passing that test!03:33
-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [rMANUAL76c2c8c847d6: Fix capitlization] lynorian (Lyn Perrine) committed: https://phab.lubuntu.me/rMANUAL76c2c8c847d603:33
wxlguiverc: great testing!03:34
-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [rMANUAL624dc7346d60: Start sourcing Updates tab] lynorian (Lyn Perrine) committed: https://phab.lubuntu.me/rMANUAL624dc7346d6003:41
-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [rMANUALc76479131fad: Add new system tray screenshot] lynorian (Lyn Perrine) committed: https://phab.lubuntu.me/rMANUALc76479131fad04:59
-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [T25: Make Calamares work well with smaller screens] wxl (Walter Lapchynski) commented on the task: https://phab.lubuntu.me/T25#84706:35
-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [T49: 19.04 Release Notes] apt-ghetto (apt-ghetto) commented on the task: https://phab.lubuntu.me/T49#84908:09
-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [T32: Make checksum verification automatic] apt-ghetto (apt-ghetto) commented on the task: https://phab.lubuntu.me/T32#85109:34
lubot<docEbrown> Hey guys, its been a while since I logged into Phabricator.  I know there were some issues for a while.  Do I need to start my account new again?10:11
lubot<kc2bez> @docEbrown [Hey guys, its been a while since I logged into Phabricator.  I know there were s …], Hey Doc, good to hear from you. Yes, you will need to setup new account.10:30
lubot<docEbrown> cool, thanks fo rthe heads up.  Sorry for the absence!10:30
lubot<kc2bez> No worries, we do what we can when we can.10:31
lubot<docEbrown> @kc2bez [No worries, we do what we can when we can.], 👍10:31
lubot<docEbrown> is this the correct address for phab git?  []:222210:32
lubot<docEbrown> Just want to check as ssh is giving me a DNS spoofing warning10:32
lubot<kc2bez> It is a whole new machine so the ssh keys have changed. I have the same IP here.10:35
lubot<docEbrown> yeah ok cool.  So you have the 68. blah ip?10:35
lubot<kc2bez> I do.10:36
lubot<docEbrown> awesome thx!10:36
lubot<kc2bez> Anytime.10:36
-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [T32: Make checksum verification automatic] tsimonq2 (Simon Quigley) commented on the task: https://phab.lubuntu.me/T32#85212:34
-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [T32: Make checksum verification automatic] tsimonq2 (Simon Quigley) commented on the task: https://phab.lubuntu.me/T32#85412:35
-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [T58: consider minimal install] tsimonq2 (Simon Quigley) commented on the task: https://phab.lubuntu.me/T58#85612:43
-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [T58: consider minimal install] tsimonq2 (Simon Quigley) commented on the task: https://phab.lubuntu.me/T58#85612:43
-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [T50: figure out why we have golang in our packageset] tsimonq2 (Simon Quigley) commented on the task: https://phab.lubuntu.me/T50#85912:54
-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [T25: Make Calamares work well with smaller screens] tsimonq2 (Simon Quigley) commented on the task: https://phab.lubuntu.me/T25#86113:08
-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [T60: Add support for bug tracking in Lugito] tsimonq2 (Simon Quigley) just created this task: https://phab.lubuntu.me/T6013:10
-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [T32: Make checksum verification automatic] teward (Thomas Ward) commented on the task: https://phab.lubuntu.me/T32#87113:56
lubot<teward001> @lynorian @tsimonq2 @wxl Docker didn't want to install for some reason, and ElasticSearch tried to kill me.  The ES instance for this will ULTIMATELY probably end up dockerized, but I have to figure out why Docker didn't want to work.  once I get that and ES installed, I'mma have to do some NAT trickery but then I can start making s13:58
luboture RTD actually properly installed.13:58
lubot<tsimonq2> Thanks14:00
lubot<teward001> in the mean time I need coffee.  ANd cake.  And also coke - no I don't mean the drugs I mean a cocacola.14:01
-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [T32: Make checksum verification automatic] teward (Thomas Ward) commented on the task: https://phab.lubuntu.me/T32#87214:03
* teward spites T3214:03
-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [T61: Add Jenkins support to Lugito ] tsimonq2 (Simon Quigley) just created this task: https://phab.lubuntu.me/T6114:03
lubot<tsimonq2> @teward001 [in the mean time I need coffee.  ANd cake.  And also coke - no I don't mean the …], lol14:04
* genii slides a platter over to teward of coffee-cake, actual coffee, and an ice-bucket full of Cokes14:04
* teward consumes all14:04
* teward then proceeds to spite tsimonq2 for reasons14:04
-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [T32: Make checksum verification automatic] tsimonq2 (Simon Quigley) commented on the task: https://phab.lubuntu.me/T32#88214:04
lubot<tsimonq2> @lubuntu_bot [*teward: spites T32*], Learn to read :P14:05
lubot<tsimonq2> *shot*14:05
teward@tsimonq2 I'm still going to spite you14:05
teward*accidentally locks out Simon's phab acount* ... oops :P14:05
tewardtsimonq2: No, that doesn't help, because what you want to happen is part of the preinstallation steps even BEFORE the filesystem has been unzipped/loaded14:06
tewardthere's no way to SystemD that14:06
tewardthat'd have to be written into the ISO loader14:06
tewardbecause AIUI it checks the expected hashsum of certain files on-ISO in its manifest against the actuals then reports14:07
lubot<tsimonq2> @teward [<teward> tsimonq2: No, that doesn't help, because what you want to happen is par …], Yes you can, the squashfs is mounted and you can do Stuff to it. So even if it's booted, if it's Bad, just Err out of there14:07
tewardyou still haven't identified what exactly needs checked14:07
lubot<tsimonq2> Booting the ISO doesn't modify the squashfs14:07
lubot<teward001> didn't say it *did*14:08
lubot<tsimonq2> I'm seriously saying "literally do exactly what the boot entry does"14:08
lubot<tsimonq2> Nothing more14:08
lubot<tsimonq2> Nothing less14:08
lubot<tsimonq2> Just that14:08
lubot<tsimonq2> It's a script14:08
lubot<tsimonq2> It runs through14:08
lubot<tsimonq2> I've read the code14:08
lubot<tsimonq2> Do THAT :P14:08
lubot<teward001> you need to stop using the enter key14:08
lubot<teward001> @tsimonq2 [I've read the code], Yeah?  Link to it then14:08
lubot<tsimonq2> @teward001 [Yeah?  Link to it then], I will in a bit14:08
lubot<teward001> because not telling someone like me who doesn't usually go into that code the link is a folly on your part14:08
lubot<teward001> @tsimonq2 [I will in a bit], then you haven't completely finished writing the task.  *spites the task as before because SImon failed to completely create a proper dev task*14:09
lubot<teward001> :P14:09
lubot<tsimonq2> *hands teward another coffee*14:09
lubot<teward001> *hands @tsimonq2 irradiated food stuffs for reasons*14:10
-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [T62: "Lubuntu" instead of "ubuntu" in grub menu and nvram entries.] The_LoudSpeaker (Raman Sarda) just created this task: https://phab.lubuntu.me/T6215:11
lubot<The_LoudSpeaker> ^^ wxl here you go. The task about grub and nvram entries.15:12
-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [T62: "Lubuntu" instead of "ubuntu" in grub menu and nvram entries.] tsimonq2 (Simon Quigley) commented on the task: https://phab.lubuntu.me/T62#89315:14
lubot<The_LoudSpeaker> *sigh*15:16
lubot<tsimonq2> Sorry15:16
lubot<tsimonq2> As an Ubuntu flavor, we have platform expectations15:16
lubot<tsimonq2> I tried though15:16
-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [T32: Make checksum verification automatic] wxl (Walter Lapchynski) commented on the task: https://phab.lubuntu.me/T32#89515:18
lubot<The_LoudSpeaker> @tsimonq2 [Sorry], Lite.15:19
-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [T58: consider minimal install] wxl (Walter Lapchynski) commented on the task: https://phab.lubuntu.me/T58#89615:20
-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [T25: Make Calamares work well with smaller screens] wxl (Walter Lapchynski) commented on the task: https://phab.lubuntu.me/T25#89715:22
-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [T25: Make Calamares work well with smaller screens] wxl (Walter Lapchynski) commented on the task: https://phab.lubuntu.me/T25#89815:22
-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [T60: Add support for bug tracking in Lugito] wxl (Walter Lapchynski) commented on the task: https://phab.lubuntu.me/T60#90015:23
-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [T32: Make checksum verification automatic] tsimonq2 (Simon Quigley) commented on the task: https://phab.lubuntu.me/T32#90115:27
-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [T25: Make Calamares work well with smaller screens] wxl (Walter Lapchynski) commented on the task: https://phab.lubuntu.me/T25#90215:28
-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [T60: Add support for bug tracking in Lugito] tsimonq2 (Simon Quigley) commented on the task: https://phab.lubuntu.me/T60#90315:28
wxlcala 3.2.5 is out https://calamares.io/calamares-3.2.5-is-out/15:30
wxl@tsimonq2: did we get that bootloader/efi fix?15:30
lubot<tsimonq2> @wxl [<wxl> cala 3.2.5 is out https://calamares.io/calamares-3.2.5-is-out/], I had a convo with [ade] on freeze day and slid some cherry picks in which is all of the bugfix stuff from this release15:31
wxlk cool15:31
lubot<tsimonq2> I want to give @HMollerCl a shot to package this new release when he's ready, since Dan did it last time :)15:31
lubot<tsimonq2> @wxl [<wxl> @tsimonq2: did we get that bootloader/efi fix?], Yeah, that's been fixed since like last week XD15:32
lubot<tsimonq2> We should credit mitya57 for driving that15:32
wxli thought so15:32
lubot<tsimonq2> He fixed up qtbase and worked with upstream to drive a fix15:32
wxl@HMollerCl since @tsimonq2 is recommending you for packaging the new release of calamares here's all the fixes for 3.2.5… make sure to get rid of the patches that give these fixes! https://github.com/calamares/calamares/issues?q=milestone%3Av3.2.515:33
lubot<tsimonq2> Whenever you're ready Hans, try it out in the ci/stable branch, which we can merge into ubuntu/electric when it opens15:34
lubot<tsimonq2> YES WALTER, ELECTRIC. EAGLE. XD15:34
wxli'm going to write mark and tell him to write a post on the name wherein he spends 99% discussing what a bad name electric eagle is and then in the last 1% announces the real name15:35
lubot<tsimonq2> HAHAHAHAHA15:35
lubot<tsimonq2> DO IT, I DARE YOU15:35
wxldoes everything have a ci branch? cuz we could keep development going.....15:36
lubot<kc2bez> @wxl [<wxl> i'm going to write mark and tell him to write a post on the name wherein h …], THIS15:36
lubot<tsimonq2> @wxl [<wxl> does everything have a ci branch? cuz we could keep development going.....], All non-native packages we host, yeah15:36
lubot<tsimonq2> At least they should15:36
-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [T63: Add support for Differential Revisions in Lugito] wxl (Walter Lapchynski) just created this task: https://phab.lubuntu.me/T6315:38
-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [T60: Add support for bug tracking in Lugito] wxl (Walter Lapchynski) commented on the task: https://phab.lubuntu.me/T60#91315:38
wxl@tsimonq2: can you think of a way to to get a list of all contributors to any of our repos for a particular branch?15:43
tsimonq2Yeah, with some git-fu.15:43
tsimonq2I can probably list our contributors off the top of my head, though.15:44
tsimonq2What do you have in mind? Stats?15:44
wxli know there's at least a couple missing from here including @The_LoudSpeaker and the author of the commit themselves XD15:44
ubot93Pull 1 in lubuntu-team/blog "Fill 19.04 release notes" [Open]15:44
wxland @guiverc !!!!15:45
wxl(who while not a code contributor is a huge freaking help)15:45
tsimonq2wxl: And lynorian!!!15:46
lubot<The_LoudSpeaker> 😶15:46
wxllynorian is already there and got a big shoutout15:47
* wxl installs kwin in live and hopes he doesn't run out of space15:53
* teward watches as wxl's computer explodes16:02
wxlwell, it worked16:03
wxland 800x600 works fine in cala with it16:03
wxltl;dr openbox sucks XD16:03
lubot<The_LoudSpeaker> I am getting an error while running sudo apt update.  … E: Release file for http://in.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/disco-proposed/InRelease is not valid yet (invalid for another 4h 54min 23s). Updates for this repository will not be applied. … E: Release file for http://in.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/disco/InRelease is 16:10
lubotnot valid yet (invalid for another 5h 7min 31s). Updates for this repository will not be applied. … Can anyone explain?16:10
lubot<tsimonq2> Uhh, war?16:10
lubot<tsimonq2> *wat16:10
lubot<The_LoudSpeaker> You can read the message I guess.16:11
lubot<tsimonq2> Try `sudo apt update` again16:12
lubot<tsimonq2> If it's a consistent problem, please go to #ubuntu-release on freenode16:12
lubot<kc2bez> Maybe check to see if your time is synced?16:12
lubot<tsimonq2> Er, #ubuntu-mirrors is probably better16:12
lubot<tsimonq2> @kc2bez [Maybe check to see if your time is synced?], ^16:12
lubot<The_LoudSpeaker> @tsimonq2 [Try sudo apt update again], Worked.16:13
lubot<tsimonq2> Ahh :)16:13
lubot<The_LoudSpeaker> @kc2bez [Maybe check to see if your time is synced?], Yeah it's also wrong Idk how. It was correct last time I booted.16:13
lubot<The_LoudSpeaker> @tsimonq2 [Ahh :)], Oops wait. Didn't work.16:14
lubot<The_LoudSpeaker> I will sybc time and check.16:14
lubot<The_LoudSpeaker> *sync16:16
lubot<The_LoudSpeaker> This time it's fine.16:18
lubot<EgenhoferJ> Is there a magnet/torrent for the disco dingo daily builds?18:11
lubot<lynorian> @EgenhoferJ I don't think so it changes every day so who would seed it?18:12
lubot<EgenhoferJ> Oh, duh, sorry before coffee.18:12
lubot<EgenhoferJ> https://pcpartpicker.com/list/4vw2dX18:40
lubot<EgenhoferJ> Whoops wrong TG chat, man I am not on it today.18:42
lubot<lynorian> well I have that motherboard18:43
lubot<EgenhoferJ> How is it?18:43
lubot<EgenhoferJ> I18:43
lubot<EgenhoferJ> That's my upgrade I am working on.18:44
lubot<EgenhoferJ> Keeping my PSU, graphics and storage.18:44
lynorianlooks good and compatible with anything 18.10 or newer19:00
lubot<EgenhoferJ> Ah good, if I decide to install Ubuntu on actual hardware.19:01
lubot<EgenhoferJ> Been using manjaro for a few months now.19:01
lubot<HMollerCl> @wxl [<wxl> @HMollerCl since @tsimonq2 is recommending you for packaging the new relea …], For 19.10?19:11
lubot<tsimonq2> @HMollerCl [For 19.10?], Yes19:12
lubot<tsimonq2> You can do it in the ci/stable branch of the packaging19:13
wxlhere's a bug to look out for in cala 3.2.4 https://github.com/calamares/calamares/issues/106120:12
ubot93Issue 1061 in calamares/calamares "Calamares crashes when cycling through partition modes" [Open]20:12
therryHello, I tried the latest daily build on an old computed (core2duo) the live ends to a black screen with a yellow blinking underscore.20:17
therryI read the informations here http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/403/builds/191339/buginstructions (and the pages linked) but I don't understant how to report my crash.20:18
therryLubuntu 18.04 is working and the latest Ubuntu daily build too.20:19
wxltherry: did you check the hashes of the iso as well as checking the install media at boot for defects?20:19
wxlthat is a 64 bit chip right?20:21
therryyes E7300 core2duo20:21
wxlok try this: we do store a few days of dailies.. try going back and seeing if you can find anything there.. http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/lubuntu/daily-live/20:22
wxlbisect it by starting with the oldest then the one in the middle, etc20:22
wxlone more thing.. what is your install media?20:23
wxlhm i'm confuzzled. 20:25
therryI have loggin/password on others tty, but account20:31
therryI am downloading the '2019-04-12 14:48' version.20:32
therry(sorry: but I have no acount)20:33
guiverctherry, fyi: i've run daily 19.04 on c2d-e6850 & c2d-e8300 without issue, I'd suggest 'check install media' option to ensure your download/write were good..20:47
therry"Check disc for defects => check finished: no errors found"21:05
therryBut the title is "Lubuntu 18.10" (I burned the version '2019-04-13 22:30')21:06
therryMy hardware:21:06
therryCPU: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E7300 @ 2.66GHz21:06
therryMotherboard: ASUSTeK Computer INC. P5N7A-VM21:07
therryGPU: NVIDIA Corporation G94 [GeForce 9600 GT] (reva1)21:08
wxl@tsimonq2: ^^ do you have any idea what's going on here? there's also someone on support that's having problems with 18.10.. some weird edge case?21:18
tsimonq2I have no clue.21:20
tsimonq2therry: What exactly are you doing to get to that point?21:20
wxltherry: did you try to do the bisect i suggested?21:21
tsimonq2Waaaaait a minute.21:22
tsimonq2NVIDIA graphics...21:22
tsimonq2Oh noes.21:22
lubot<UniversalSuperBox> Super janky nvidia graphics no less21:22
tsimonq2+1 on bisecting it.21:22
tsimonq2Some graphics Fun landed recently, iirc.21:23
wxlhow far should they start with the bisect? i suggested recent dailies but perhaps beta would be better?21:23
tsimonq2Yeah, Beta.21:23
wxlgot that therry ?21:24
therryThe '2019-04-12 14:48' fails immediatly with "ISOLINUX 6.04 20181203 ETCD Copyright...." (before the boot menu)21:26
therryBut it's an old DVD RW. I no longer have a blank DVD. Tomorow I will try with an USB key (if my motherboard support that, not sure...)21:27
wxlcore2duos aren't THAT old21:28
lubot<UniversalSuperBox> 12 years max21:29
lubot<UniversalSuperBox> Merom debuted in July 2006. wow.21:30
therryWith the  '2019-04-13 22:30', I can choose my langage, I have the boot menu, I can click to install, I have the blue waiting menu (titled Lubuntu 18.10), then it ends to a black screen with a blinking underscore. On F2, F3, F4, ... I can log in, but I have no account. 21:31
lubot<UniversalSuperBox> Can you boot that guy with `nomodeset` in the commandline?21:32
wxl@lynorian: maybe a suggestion for the manual in the advanced or tips and tricks section would be dealing with kernel parameters21:38
therryNVidia 9600GT is OK with Ubuntu 19.04 daily build.21:38
therrySame behavior with nomodeset21:38
therryI'm going to sleep. This is my email, if I can help or install others versions: vtitux@gmail.com. Tomorow, I will try to install beta version, if I can use an USB storage.21:42
wxltherry: pop by tomorrow and let's see what we can figure out together21:43
therryOk. bye21:44
lubot<The_LoudSpeaker> Try acpi=off once21:44
lubot<The_LoudSpeaker> Therry ^21:45
tsimonq2Does anyone have a machine with an NVIDIA graphics card handy that they can test something with on the latest daily?21:45
lubot<kc2bez> I have a Dell Inspiron 7720 laptop that has a Nvidia gt650m.21:48
tsimonq2Could you boot the latest daily on it?21:49
lubot<kc2bez> Yup. Let me zsync it. Just got home so you'll have to give me a few.21:50
tsimonq2ok :)21:50
wxl@tsimonq2: does this suggest we don't ship support for korean? https://phab.lubuntu.me/source/seed/browse/disco/langpacksize$8 see bug 181063421:56
ubot93Bug 1810634 in fcitx (Ubuntu) "[Lubuntu-19.04] It is missing Input-Method like fcitx-hangul while installing Input Method Framework." [Undecided, Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/181063421:56
=== N0um3n0 is now known as Noumeno
tsimonq2wxl: https://phab.lubuntu.me/source/calamares-settings-ubuntu/browse/master/lubuntu/modules/packages.conf$1221:58
wxl@tsimonq2: tl;dr we intend to support all languages.21:59
tsimonq2wxl: Yeah.21:59
wxl@tsimonq2: so how do we deal with the fact that there are different packages for fcitx?21:59
wxlbecause we do NOT and HAVE NOT had fcitx-hangul22:00
tsimonq2I don't know.22:00
wxlwe've seeded fcitx since 16.04 and none of them have hangul22:01
lubot<kc2bez> @tsimonq2 what am I supposed to be doing with this daily?22:03
tsimonq2@kc2bez: `sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall`22:03
tsimonq2What's the output?22:03
wxlew we're seeding the gtk fcitx stuff22:08
wxlhere's all the input methods.. we should probably make sure that we deal with the ones (like anthy and hangul) that are language specific22:10
wxllooks like we need a task to fix fcitx ugh22:10
lubot<kc2bez> @tsimonq2 http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/9sFZ5QCGB3/22:10
wxlalso i seem to remember ui-qimpanel is messed up22:10
lubot<tsimonq2> @kc2bez [@tsimonq2 http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/9sFZ5QCGB3/], THAT'S AWESOME22:11
lubot<UniversalSuperBox> @tsimonq2 [THAT'S AWESOME], no you're awesome22:11
wxlyup i remembered right https://github.com/hmollercl/lubuntuPhab/blob/master/Tasks/%E2%9A%93%20T162%20remove%20fcitx-ui-qimpanel.html22:12
tsimonq2@kc2bez: Could you try rebooting that (thus, wiping everything) and running this instead? `sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall --package-list /run/ubuntu-drivers.autoinstall`22:12
lubot<kc2bez> Yup. Standby22:13
wxli hate to say i agree with mint buttttttttttttttttttttt https://github.com/linuxmint/mintlocale/issues/6122:14
ubot93Issue 61 in linuxmint/mintlocale "LMDE 3 only: Fcitx does not work (Qimpanel not visible)" [Closed]22:14
lubot<kc2bez> Another paste @tsimonq2 http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/2T5KZ7Tff6/22:22
lubot<tsimonq2> @kc2bez [Another paste @tsimonq2 http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/2T5KZ7Tff6/], What about `cat /run/ubuntudrivers.autoinstall` in that same system?22:24
lubot<kc2bez> nvidia-driver-41822:26
lubot<tsimonq2> AHA22:26
lubot<tsimonq2> ok22:26
lubot<tsimonq2> thanks!22:26
-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [rMANUALb2aab93235d2: Start Adding boot options for tips and tricks] lynorian (Lyn Perrine) committed: https://phab.lubuntu.me/rMANUALb2aab93235d222:33
lubot<kc2bez> No problem. Anything else?22:34
lubot<tsimonq2> Not right now22:34
lubot<tsimonq2> In a few though22:34
lubot<kc2bez> Let me know, I'll be here.22:35
lubot<tsimonq2> Thanks :)22:36
-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [rMANUAL10787f3c31fa: Add enter key or right to boot menu and escape to go out submenu of grub] lynorian (Lyn Perrine) committed: https://phab.lubuntu.me/rMANUAL10787f3c31fa22:38
-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [T64: fix fcitx packages] wxl (Walter Lapchynski) just created this task: https://phab.lubuntu.me/T6422:49
wxl@tsimonq2: so what was the deal with all that nvidia business? like what's the conclusion?22:51
tsimonq2wxl: https://imgur.com/a/Ko9IdhH22:52
tsimonq2;) ;)22:53
lubot<kc2bez> YASSSS22:55
wxlare we going to seed nvidia-driver-*?22:55
tsimonq2nuh uh22:55
wxli mean22:55
wxlwe'll have to22:55
wxlespecially *US* :)22:56
lubot<kc2bez> Apparently maté shipped a thing.22:56
wxli'm sure ubuntu can justify canning old ones22:56
wxlwell it's only 390, 410, and 41822:56
wxlso that's not terrible22:56
tsimonq2Let's see if OTHERS do it22:56
wxlif they don't make sure to check the logic22:57
wxlif they're thinking that no one in their right mind would use a computer that old.... that might not apply to us22:57
tsimonq2None of nvidia-graphics-drivers-* are seeded22:57
tsimonq2sooo wtf XD22:58
wxlis that thing already in ubuntu?22:58
wxlif so we could have kc2bez test ubuntu with no network connection and see if it's fuxxored22:58
tsimonq2^ please do22:58
lubot<kc2bez> Sure22:59
lubot<kc2bez> No go.23:01
wxli'd call that Not Good™23:05
wxllike they need to fix that23:05
wxland we need to make sure to seed the stuff23:05
wxlof course we have to figure out what all the stuff is... cuz it's mroe than just nvidia23:05
wxlunless we put in that it's a requirement23:06
wxlcan you do an update-drivers check without the internet?23:06
wxllike maybe it compares to some static database23:06
wxlif so perhaps we could do a check before.. if they don't need any, who cares.. if they do, check for internet and issue a warning if it's not available23:07
tsimonq2This isn't a new problem, I think23:07
lubot<kc2bez> List reveals the available drivers23:07
lubot<kc2bez> `ubuntu-drivers list`23:08
-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [rMANUAL3eeb9f0474ba: Add actually adding a boot parmater] lynorian (Lyn Perrine) committed: https://phab.lubuntu.me/rMANUAL3eeb9f0474ba23:12
tsimonq2Anyone want an easy C++ task?23:32
ubot93Issue 1125 in calamares/calamares "License module doesn't understand not being required" [Open]23:33
tsimonq2Yeah, with this bug being here, it's all a little too last minute, I think.23:34
tsimonq2Let's release note how to install the drivers using ubuntu-drivers or software-properties.23:35
tsimonq2I did find a few bugs with the license module too.23:35
wxlor maybe just push that through23:35
wxlas is23:35
wxlwith that additional note23:35
wxlit's probably unlikely people are going to be toggling like mad23:36
tsimonq2The more complicated, blocking bug: https://github.com/calamares/calamares/issues/112423:36
ubot93Issue 1124 in calamares/calamares "License module and contextualprocess together don't work correctly with global variables" [Open]23:36
tsimonq2If that was working, I'd just ship it23:36
tsimonq2But unless upstream or one of us can fix in the next 16 hours, I'm NACKing it.23:36
wxlhm those seem related23:37
tsimonq2That's because they are.23:37
wxl@kc2bez: could you do a 19.04 install with no internet and file a bug? this will give us a good point of reference for which to add a note in the release notes23:38
tsimonq2The latter issue means some Hackery, so unless someone's up for the job of writing another 150 line Python module to work around a one liner bug, nope.23:38
-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [rBLOG Blog] tsimonq2 (Simon Quigley) : 23:41
-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [rBLOG2e805471058a: Fill 19.04 release notes] apt-ghetto (apt-ghetto) committed: https://phab.lubuntu.me/rBLOG2e805471058a23:41
tsimonq2I had to set up the Herald rule for it.23:41
lubot<kc2bez> @wxl [<wxl> @kc2bez: could you do a 19.04 install with no internet and file a bug? thi …], Should I do it from live?23:41
tsimonq2DO IT LIVE23:41
tsimonq2I mean23:41
wxlwill that work?23:41
wxli thought live works23:42
lubot<kc2bez> Well I need some network at some point to file the bug.23:42
wxldo it like this:23:43
wxl 1. ubuntu-bug23:43
wxl 2. it will ask you what to do with the bug-- save it23:43
wxlhold on23:44
wxlstart over23:44
wxl 0. install with no internet23:44
wxl 1. boot installed23:44
wxl 2. ubuntu-bug23:44
wxl 3. save bug23:44
wxl 4. plug in internet23:44
wxl 5. ubuntu-bug /path/to/file23:44
lubot<kc2bez> K. I was just trying not to wreck my current install.23:45
wxluhhhhhhhhhhhhhh partition off some free space? XD23:45
lubot<kc2bez> I could maybe swap a different drive in there.23:46
lubot<kc2bez> Yeah, I got one, nevermind me.23:46
tsimonq2Nobody push to the blog repo for a bit, please.23:47
teward*pushes a noop to the repo which does absolutely nothing*23:47
tsimonq2You were waiting for an opportunity to jump in, weren't you? :P23:47
tewardno i just happened to connect just now :P23:48
tewardperfect coincidence :P23:48
lubot<kc2bez> It'll take a bit. I have to do some disassembly and reassembly wxl.23:48
wxlno worries23:49

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