sbeattietdaitx, doko, vorlon: are there any remaining blockers to publishing openjdk today?17:10
vorlonsbeattie: I'm not aware of anything new since Friday.  I am gathering the long way around that the recommendation is to ignore the autopkgtest regressions for dogtag-pki in cosmic, is that correct?17:17
vorlon(which should be done as a proper hint)17:18
sbeattieyes, that is my understanding17:19
vorlonsbeattie: and are we ignoring this on the basis that it's a bad test or on the basis that we believe no one cares about the regression?17:21
vorlonfrom the tjaalton quote in the notes, it sounds like we believe no one cares about the regression17:22
vorlon"while setting up pki-tps which likely no-one uses"17:23
vorlonsbeattie: and in that case, do you care about notating this somehow as part of the USN?17:26
sbeattieI'm not sure the USN notice is the right place for that, but we should probably have a bug report for it.17:29
vorlonsbeattie: well, apparently there's LP: #168214917:31
vorlonbut that same test didn't fail in bionic... so...17:32
sbeattievorlon: yeah, I think I looked at that, and I'm pretty sure it's that the test isn't detecting the failure, not that bionic magically works.17:33
vorlonoh, dogtag-pki is the only reason we have a resteasy3.0 package, and dogtag-pki has been removed from disco? :P17:34
vorlonwell, it's a sync from unstable anyway, so I'll let the lazy gc do its thing17:34
vorlonsbeattie: also filed LP: #1824861 in case it's not the same bug17:40
vorlonand hint added17:40
tdaitxsbeattie: none that I know of and there has been no new bug reports comming in for a while17:50
sbeattieokay, I'm going to work on publishing then. thanks!18:23
sbeattietdaitx: umm, there's some packages that we updated in bionic that didn't get respun (didn't need the fix) for cosmic, but not changing them results in them having a lower version in cosmic than bionic.18:26
sbeattietomcat9 being the first one I noticed.18:26
tdaitxhmm, do you have a list there? I thought I updated all the ones I had to change18:27
tdaitxalright, let me check that18:28
sbeattieI have not made a list yet18:33
tdaitxsbeattie: I compared the versions in the ppas + latest versions in bionic|cosmic and only tomcat9 showed up as being an earlier version in cosmic than bionic18:51
sbeattietdaitx: okay, cool. Can you get an upload ready?18:53
tdaitxrbalint: LP: #1823125 shows as fixed on Cosmic, but there is no upload for Cosmic with the same changelog entry as Bionic, do you remember why it was marked as released?18:56
tdaitxor doko: ^18:58
tdaitxI am under the impression that this only affected bionic - ie. systemd had a fix in for cosmic so tomcat9 in Cosmic was unaffected, but then I would expect that the Cosmic task to be set as invalid for tomcat9, not "Fix released"19:00
tdaitxsbeattie: ^ do you recall if that was the case?19:03
sbeattietdaitx: yes, it only affected bionic, because systemd-sysusers in that version did not allow specifying a home directory when adding a system user.19:17
tdaitxsbeattie: it has been uploaded, about 1h to finish the build, then we can copy it to cosmic-proposed19:49
tdaitxI will be away for the next 2h, so somebody else has to copy it19:50
tdaitxvorlon: could you binary copy tomcat9 from the tomcat3 ppa to cosmic-proposed after the build is done (in about 1h from now)?19:50
vorlontdaitx: yes19:56
rbalinttdaitx, i can confirm that cosmic and up were not affected and i just marked to bug invalid for them20:13
tdaitxtks =)20:36
vorlontdaitx: fwiw the amd64 build hasn't started yet and I don't know why, raising it w/ launchpad team20:55
vorlontomcat9 building now22:28
tdaitxwow, that started pretty late22:50
vorlonyeah, I never saw a reply from lp folks, but the outage seems to finally be resolved22:51
tdaitxbinary copied tomcat9 to cosmic-proposed, notified some fine folks on ubuntu-release, waiting for approval now23:44

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