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amazoniantoadI just installed ubuntu server and why is virb0 my network interface? How can I replace this?04:04
lotuspsychjeamazoniantoad: ususually -server gets more active on USA wakeup04:11
amazoniantoadlotuspsychje, i see04:11
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cpaelzergood morning (where it applies)05:07
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yossarianukhi - I am trying to setup xseveral bridges (over a bind) in netplan - some of the bridges should be setup with no IP - i.e if I were using rhel/centos I would use 'BOOTPROTO=none' -09:53
yossarianukwhat is the equivalent of BOOTPROTO=none in netplan config ?09:53
yossarianukis there a better IRC room to ask for netplan questions ?09:57
blackflowyossarianuk: iirc just don't set the "address" property (and disable dhcp)09:57
blackflowsorry, "addresses"09:57
yossarianukblackflow: thank you - should I do -  addresses:10:23
yossarianukthen leave the next line clabk10:23
yossarianukor just miss off the 'addresses:' part completely ?10:23
yossarianukSorry that should have read ' then leave the next line blank'10:24
blackflowI think you can omit them completely, by default they're empty. also, dhcp is by default off, so I guess you just have to not set them10:24
blackflowyossarianuk: no. if you set "addresses" entry, it's a list, so you must set an empty list:    adresses: []10:24
blackflowor just omit it completely10:24
yossarianukthank you10:30
yossarianuki am liking netplan - just seems bit alien to me right now.10:30
blackflowyossarianuk: I think it's an unnecessary add-on complexity that doesn't solve any problems, and does create new ones (as it is not a complete, does not fully encapsulate what teh backends can do).10:36
blackflowbut totally cool if you like it and it works for you :)10:37
frickleryossarianuk: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/176360811:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1763608 in netplan "Netplan ignores Interfaces without IP Addresses" [Undecided,New]11:06
blackflowah there we go. "new problems created". yeah.11:10
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ahasenackgood morning12:02
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yossarianukok - I have another netplan issue - I have one bridge  - using a bond - already with attached VLAN and its working .12:22
yossarianukhowever if I want to add another bridge to add a different vlan I can't as both bridges are using the same bond12:22
yossarianuki.e -> Error in network definition /etc/netplan/50-cloud-init.yaml line 20 column 16: test-databases: interface bond0 is already assigned to bridge br012:24
yossarianukany way around this ?12:24
rbasakahasenack: any comment on bug 1824638?12:32
ubottubug 1824638 in samba (Ubuntu) "[SRU] samba 4.10 for bionic" [Undecided,Won't fix] https://launchpad.net/bugs/182463812:32
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yossarianukah I think I have it...  can someone sanity check this  please ? -> https://pastebin.com/KTTTGpDu12:42
ahasenackrbasak: it's a lot of work, in this case we would have to build both py2 and py3 packages12:43
ahasenackrbasak: it's doable, but not something I should start without approval probably12:43
ahasenackrbasak: that being said, py2.7 being EOL is a larger issue, not just about samba, and I don't think ubuntu 18.04 will switch to py3 as a whole because of that12:43
ahasenackso while py2.7 might be eol, ubuntu 18.04 isn't12:44
rbasakahasenack: that matches my opinion then, thanks.12:45
ahasenackrbasak: oh, I hadn't read your comment in the bug at all before I wrote the above :)12:46
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cyphermoxyossarianuk: yes, vlans first on the bond before you add each vlan to the right bridge13:12
EncryptHello everyone14:22
EncryptI'm coming here on the advice of people from #ubuntu14:22
tewardEncrypt: regarding...?14:24
teward(It'd help to know the problem you're facing)14:24
yossarianukcyphermox: thanks for confirming !14:25
UssatI would be very scared taking advice there but ok14:25
EncryptI wanted to do a minimal install of Ubuntu so that I could only have i3wm and xorg as desktop environment. So I had downloaded the "minimal" image. However, since I'm in a corporate environment, we have a DEB repository which requires credentials.14:25
yossarianukand yes its working..14:25
EncryptI haven't found a way to give the credentials in the installer, not a workaround. Do you know if that's possible?14:26
EncryptI tried adding the credentials when it is asked to input the repo url, but since it gives that input to wget to get the Release file, it fails... :S14:29
EncryptAs wget uses the --user and --password options14:30
EncryptI finally had a look at the "choose-miror" binary which corresponds to that screen but it's indeed a binary and not a BASH script as I was hoping14:32
tomreynEncrypt: wget actually does support passing username and password on the url (at least for http servers, have not checked other) according to its man page, see the --http-password description.14:37
vahnxHi all. I'm attempting to install osticket on Ubuntu 18.04 but I've been struggling quite a bit. I'm at a point where all the tutorials seem pretty outdated. Can anyone here assist me in getting this up and running?14:57
rbasakvahnx: you're welcome to ask here, but I think you'll probably be able to get more help for osticket community support channels14:58
vahnxok thanks. i'll check there first.14:58
Encrypttomreyn: Indeed15:17
EncryptThe issue I'm actually pointing out is that it's impossible to set a private mirror that requires authentication at install time15:18
EncryptOnly setting a proxy is available, not setting the credentials for an APT repository15:18
rbasakEncrypt: is that with the new installer? Feel free to file a Wishlist bug.15:24
Encryptrbasak, Hum... possible15:26
EncryptI'll file a wishlist bug, sure :)15:26
tomreynEncrypt: for now, run the advanced installer from your mini.iso and add these credentials into the server name field, before the hostname15:36
tomreynso if the hostname was archive.ubuntu.com, make it user:password@archive.ubuntu.com instead15:36
Encrypttomreyn, I tried, that didn't work :S15:37
tomreyni see15:37
tomreynit did the accept the input when i tried.15:37
EncryptSince that is given to wget to download the Release file15:38
EncryptAnd wget doesn't interpret it correctly15:38
tomreynwhy so? since we seem to have worked out that wget does accept specifying username and password on the url?15:39
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jdstrandthe problem is the parser is not loading anything19:26
AvidWolf43hi guys20:56
AvidWolf43Can anyone assist me with troubleshooting a landscape installation on azure vm that is not cooperating20:56
AvidWolf43I beleive it is a cert error20:58
AvidWolf43after running "apt install landscape-server-quickstart" it goes through everything but errors out in the post install saying "problems making certificate request"20:59
sarnoldAvidWolf43: are there any more details in any logs?22:04
MeadI made a post about configuring ubuntu server are part of my own personal learning process.  Can anyone find any wrong information?  https://stubbedhomelab.blogspot.com/2019/04/the-headless-server.html23:59

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