ricotztseliot, hi, I guess the linux-module-nvidia-xxx-5.0.0-11-generic should have stricter dependency on nvidia-kernel-common-xxx ?15:08
ricotzapw, hi ^15:09
tseliotricotz: the thing is the kernel module doesn't really depend on user space. nvidia-kernel-common includes udev rules and other stuff15:10
tseliotwe should make sure that user space doesn't use the wrong kernel module though15:10
ricotzhmm, but I assume problems with the userspace binaries if they don't match the version of the kernel source15:11
ricotzof course it works if there were no changes to the kernel source15:12
ricotzor does nvidia really have a stable module ABI?15:13
tseliotit will all be updated at the same time in the archive though15:13
ricotzthis is no guaranty for a consistent update15:14

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