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ndayalanhow to install libpam-usb in Ubuntu 16.0400:18
Bashing-om!info libpam-usb bionic00:21
ubottuPackage libpam-usb does not exist in bionic00:21
Bashing-omndayalan: ^^ what is the context for "libpam-usb" ?00:22
tomreynexisted in precise and trusty, i guess it was removed00:22
ndayalanBashing-om: i run the system and security audit lynis and it listed "libpam-usb" as "Not Installed"00:24
Bashing-omndayalan: Humm .. can not say - no idea of what relevence "lynis" results are to system performance.00:33
ndayalanBashing-om: its a security auditing tool and checks the system and software configurations, to determine any improvements00:37
Bashing-omndayalan: Then, might see what packaging "libpam-usb" belongs too .. maybe remove as it is no longer supported? Anything from  ' dpkg -L libpam-usb ' ?00:40
ndayalanBashing-om: it shows package 'libpam-usb' is not installed00:43
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hggdhndayalan: libpam-usb has been removed from the repositories due to lack of maintainers. Since... 15.10 or so00:52
Bashing-omndayalan: Purge the package ? See: https://wiki.debian.org/pamusb Maybe you no longer have a use case for it ?00:52
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filifunkyhey guys I just installed darktable from ubuntu software, i can't get it to even see my hard drive.  Any idea why this is?  I can access it in my files, just not in darktable01:01
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duoiso im trying to set up dnscrypt01:31
duoibut after installing and everything i cant resolve any domains01:31
duoiusing ubuntu 18.0401:31
duoiis there anything blindingly obvious that is missed? i set as my dns from within network manager01:32
lordcirthfilifunky, did you install it via snap? Snap software is sandboxed.01:36
hggdhbut, for the record, I just installed the snap (snap install darktable), and I can click on import and see my FS01:38
duoifwiw, my issue was that i used instead of
duoiseems to be working now01:41
* duoi waves01:41
brenster21Hey I have a quick question, I want to create a user on my server that can only use it for tunneling.01:42
brenster21how would I go about doing that?01:42
GerowenHow would one allow a snap to access an external storage drive?  sudo snap connect something?01:47
Huliohi, I have installed realvnc server enterprise 4.6.3 and I want to always run it as service, how do i do that?01:53
Huliocurrently, I have to run it manually  in order for me to get connect01:53
GerowenNvm, I just "mounted" the folder I wanted the snap to access into the folder it was looking at, and added the mount command to fstab.01:54
Hulioany help is appreciated01:54
GerowenHulio: There's probably a better way to do it, but for my personal uses I've always just added startup scripts to /etc/rc.local01:54
GerowenYou might have to enable the rc.local service or whatever it's been renamed to since the move to systemd01:55
oceanquakeHulio: do you know if it installs a systemd unit?01:55
Hulionot a clue man01:55
Hulioi run install from realvnc.com provided01:55
Huliothe .deb one i think01:56
lordcirthHulio, we can't support that particular product, but there's good docs on systemd service files in general: https://www.freedesktop.org/software/systemd/man/systemd.service.html01:56
Hulioi'm so noob01:57
Huliosending a link to me is useless anyway01:57
oceanquakeHulio: try:    systemctl list-units --all | grep -v loaded     and see if anything there looks like it's for vnc01:58
filifunkylordcirth, ahh you're right!  There is a ver 2.4.2-1 that doesn't use snap.  but on the darktable webpage they say they are on 2.6.  Are we basically supposed to go with what is in Ubuntu Software to get the most secure version of it for Ubuntu?  What are the advantages of downloading from Ubuntu Software other than some repository you find online?01:58
Huliooceanquake, did run, but not seeing anything has vnc part of it01:59
lordcirthfilifunky, trust and support, mainly. If you can get a .deb straight from the darktable website, that might work better. Or you could look into how snap allows accesses02:00
filifunkylordcirth does "support" mean that if I download it from Ubuntu Software I can come here and people are more likely to help out?02:03
oceanquakeHulio: Try the checked answer at the following link, and add an invocation of the vnc server in rc.local: https://askubuntu.com/questions/886620/how-can-i-execute-command-on-startup-rc-local-alternative-on-ubuntu-16-1002:04
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oceanquakeHulio: how noob are you?  are you familiar with shell scripts?02:05
Hulioanyway thanks02:06
Hulioi'll just install teamviewer02:06
oceanquakeif the package you're installing doesn't plug into systemd by default, you'll be in the same boat.02:06
oceanquakeTLDR: I am experiencing hard lockups and have confidence the HW is not to blame.  I suspect (on hunch, no smoking gun) the AMD graphics driver stack.  How do I go about troubleshooting/getting actionable information to file a bugreport or the like?02:09
oceanquakeLongform: I have a ThinkPad A485 (AMD Ryzen Pro), new in January.  Running 18.04, with hwe kernel.  Dedicated to Linux.  I have gotten hard lockups at the wake screen after being away, and sometimes just using Firefox.  The system can go days without a hard lock, and then sometimes more than once a day.  When lockup occurs, screen stays up and frozen but system just does not respond, VT switching does nothing, Magic SysReq does nothing.02:10
oceanquakeSometimes the cooling fan speeds up upon lockup, but not always.  I have run all the onboard diags, including a multi-hour memtest that Lenovo has built into to the EFI.  No faults found.  I also have a beefy laptop cooling setup, and no unusual hardware modifications.  This is killing my ability to get things done, would really appreciate some help.02:10
amosbirdfrom which version does ubuntu's kernel 3.2  ?02:25
amosbird> 3.202:25
lordcirth_amosbird, I think you accidentally a word.02:28
lordcirth_Do you mean what was the first Ubuntu version with kernel 3.2 or greater?02:28
lordcirth_amosbird, 12.04 had 3.13. Why do you need to know?02:31
Bashing-omamosbird: Per: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ubuntu_version_history#Table_of_versions 3.2 was precise.02:32
amosbirdhmm, that table doesn't contain ubuntu's distro version?02:38
Bashing-omamosbird: ?? "12.04 LTS Precise Pangolin 2012-04-26 2017-04-28 3.2 ".02:40
amosbirdhmm, ok02:41
amosbirdso in 2012 most distros got kernel >= 3.202:42
Bashing-omamosbird: Yes and no .. 12.04 and 12.04.1 would have had the 3.2 kernel -- then HWE enters the equation where the 12.10 kernel and upward is introduced.02:45
amosbirdok, so ubuntu 2012.10, debian 2013.5, open suse 2012.9, centos 2014.602:46
amosbird3.2 is the last supported version of current glibc02:46
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d0tsun7question -- how do i stop/restart networking via netplan when networkd is the renderer03:47
d0tsun7i finally just switched from NetworkManager because all of my settings were all over the place and buggy as i began configuring my br0 interface for a kvm guest03:48
d0tsun7was testing ifdown -a03:51
d0tsun7seems like a lot of stuff doesn't work without NetworkManager, so i'm trying to find my way via networkd03:51
kadiroI'm not good for networking stuff03:51
d0tsun7it's super interesting to me, but i'm not liking netplan so far but i'll get used to it.03:52
Bashing-omd0tsun7: Try ' systemctl enable NetworkManager.service ; systemctl start NetworkManager.service ' .03:52
d0tsun7my netplan YAML file has the backend set to networkd, not NetworkManager, though Bashing-om03:53
Bashing-omd0tsun7: Looking ; Maybe with systemd-networkd.service .03:55
d0tsun7i'm not quite sure what's up but i sudo service systemd-networkd stop'd and i could still browse and ping just fine03:55
d0tsun7i'll give another go--if i disc (which i hope i do for the love of god lol) i'll be right back03:55
d0tsun7i guess i'd have to shutdown this TTY for the connection to be lost03:57
d0tsun7forgot about that aspect of linux for a sec. idiot. ok, yeah systemd-networkd stop works.03:58
amazoniantoadI just installed ubuntu server and why is virb0 my network interface? How can I replace this?04:02
Bashing-omd0tsun7: Also when you make changes one has to "apply" : https://www.linux.com/learn/intro-to-linux/2018/9/how-use-netplan-network-configuration-tool-linux .04:04
lotuspsychjeamazoniantoad: come join to #ubuntu-server for likeminded volunteers04:04
amazoniantoadlotuspsychje, thanks04:04
d0tsun7definitely Bashing-om04:04
amazoniantoadlotuspsychje, ubuntu-server is dead ;_;04:08
d0tsun7with netplan, how should i allow my kvm guest to maintain a connection, but shutdown my host connection04:09
d0tsun7unsure how to do this with networkd as the backend. the networkmanager gui was nice but i'm glad to move on and learn more04:09
lotuspsychjeamazoniantoad: patience my friend04:10
SysGhostamazoniantoad: the U.S. in the late evening/night, and most of Europe in the early morning, I'd say a majority of the users in most channels around are either going to bet, sleeping, or just about to wake up. On top of that monday morning. Have patiece indeed.04:20
amazoniantoadSysGhost, thanks04:21
flingWhat are dxvk deps on ubuntu?04:36
flingI can't find the list.04:36
Bashing-om!details | fling04:40
ubottufling: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.04:40
poutine!pastebin # Configuration file for /sbin/dhclient.04:46
poutine# This is a sample configuration file for dhclient. See dhclient.conf's04:46
poutine#       man page for more information about the syntax of this file04:46
poutine#       and a more comprehensive list of the parameters understood by04:46
ubottupoutine: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:46
poutine#       dhclient.04:46
flingapt --fix-broken install -> dpkg: error processing archive /var/cache/apt/archives/policykit-1_0.105-20ubuntu0.18.04.5_amd64.deb (--unpack): new policykit-1 package pre-installation script subprocess returned error exit status 104:50
flingHow to make it more verbose? ^04:50
flingCan I also prevent policykit from being installed? :>04:50
flingBashing-om: about dxvk: I installed dxvk via winetricks to a wineprefix and not via apt. But dlls depend on something related to vulkan so I need to install all the deps by hand as there is no (meta?) deb for dxvk.04:51
Bashing-omfling: Sorry, I know nothing of wine. #winehq might be a better palce to ask.04:53
Bashing-om!wine | fling04:53
ubottufling: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu04:53
flingDo you know about tricking dpkg? ^04:54
Bashing-omfling: Perhaps I xan help with the apt sutuation, pastebin ' sudo apt update ; sudo apt full-upgrade ' see where we go then.04:55
* fling doing04:56
ubottuThere are several solutions for running other operating systems (or their programs) inside Ubuntu, while using the native CPU as much as possible: !QEmu (with !KQemu), !VirtualBox, !VMWare, as well as !WINE and !Cedega for Windows applications04:57
flingBashing-om: https://bpaste.net/show/b79a54a2f5ae04:58
Bashing-omfling: Looking ^ .04:59
flingI want to upgrade it to 18.10 but it wants me to fix-broken first05:00
lotuspsychjefling: do you have external ppa's installed?05:02
flinglotuspsychje: I had but I dropped them.05:02
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lotuspsychjefling did you remove them with !ppapurge?05:03
flinglotuspsychje: gallium nine ones for mesa and wine05:03
flinglotuspsychje: no ppapurge does not work for 17.1005:03
lotuspsychje!sources | fling doublecheck here please05:03
ubottufling doublecheck here please: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories.05:03
flingI just removed them and upgraded to 18.0405:03
flinglotuspsychje: also the current problem is probably systemd related as the preinstallation script wants to connect to some bus which is not running because of systemd05:04
Bashing-omfling: Package manager is unhappy with the installed version. Pastebin ' apt policy policykit-1 ' . See where it came from.05:04
flingBashing-om: https://bpaste.net/show/5e81a24001e505:05
flinglotuspsychje: I don't want to mess with systemd until I switch to 18.10 :>05:05
Bashing-omfling: " *** 0.105-18ubuntu0.1 100" Let's try 'sudo apt clean ; sudo apt update ; sudo apt full-upgrade ; sudo apt install --reinstall policykit-1 '.05:11
flingBashing-om: the same error -> new policykit-1 package pre-installation script subprocess returned error exit status 105:12
flingsystemctl is not working, need to restart systemd somehow05:13
fling/sbin/init is there but no systemd in 'ps ax'05:14
flinginit 3 -> Failed to connect to bus: No such file or directory Failed to talk to init daemon.05:17
flinglooks like I need newer packages to fix systemd issue -> https://github.com/lxc/lxc/issues/216805:21
flingBut to get newer packages I need to upgrade to 18.1005:21
flingBut to upgrade to 18.10 I need to fix apt not upgrading05:21
flingBut to fix apt I need to workaround systemd issue haha05:21
* fling got stuck05:21
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flingnot funny at all!!06:11
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lotuspsychjefling: did you fix it?06:17
flinglotuspsychje: no06:18
flingI'm not sure what to do next.06:18
lotuspsychjeflying_sausages: could you pastebin again: sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade ?06:18
flingI could probably try telling dpkg to skip pre-install thing somehow.06:18
flinglotuspsychje: https://bpaste.net/show/b79a54a2f5ae06:19
lotuspsychjefling: we strongly reccomend, before upgrading your apt spits out no issues anymore06:19
lotuspsychjefling: pastebin your sources.list please?06:19
flinglotuspsychje: https://bpaste.net/show/1fa03bd63fe706:20
lotuspsychjefling: ok, lets try a dpkg force purge on your policykit06:22
flingHow to do so?06:22
lotuspsychjefling: try sudo dpkg -P policykit-106:24
lotuspsychjefling: or dpkg --purge --force-all policykit-106:25
flinglotuspsychje: got it removed Removing policykit-1 (0.105-18ubuntu0.1) ...06:26
flingbut the error is still there06:26
lotuspsychjefling: sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade again06:27
flinglotuspsychje: the same error06:27
lotuspsychjefling: can you pasetbin again?06:28
flinglotuspsychje: https://bpaste.net/show/03770468d4a006:29
lotuspsychjeok thats pretty weird06:31
lotuspsychjefling: did dpkg purge work?06:31
flinglotuspsychje: why weird? systemctl is not working because some bus is not running06:32
flinglotuspsychje: which is causing 'new policykit-1 package pre-installation script subprocess returned error exit status 1'06:32
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lotuspsychjefling: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/policykit-1/+bug/178295106:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1782951 in policykit-1 (Ubuntu) "package policykit-1 0.105-20 failed to install/upgrade: new policykit-1 package pre-installation script subprocess returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,Confirmed]06:34
lotuspsychjefling: can you affect yourself on this bug please06:34
lotuspsychjefling: and here's another https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/policykit-1/+bug/182338006:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1823380 in policykit-1 (Ubuntu) "package policykit-1 0.105-14.1ubuntu0.4 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess new pre-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New]06:36
lotuspsychjefling: im going to ask around on it, idle a bit okay06:38
lotuspsychjefling: did you try the uninstall command on: https://github.com/doitsujin/dxvk06:44
flinglotuspsychje: thanks.07:24
flinglotuspsychje: I don't have setup_dxvk.sh07:25
flinglotuspsychje: good news is policykit removal allowed me to do-release-upgrade07:32
lotuspsychjefling: how did you remove please?07:33
flingdpkg --purge --force-all policykit-107:33
fling(the way you told me)07:33
flingubuntu is full of tinkering!! :D07:34
lotuspsychjefling: dependecy hell is mostly caused by the user itself :p07:35
flingnothing systemd related in the ppas I used.07:35
flingOnly gallium nine stuff.07:35
flinglike wine and libgl replacements07:36
flingwith broken deps to ncurses and mesa but this is another story! :D07:36
flinglotuspsychje: the main problem is Failed to connect to bus: No such file or directory Failed to talk to init daemon.07:39
nikitau /msg NickServ VERIFY REGISTER nikitau ufsnkpmqqonc07:40
flinglotuspsychje: issue gone in one container after the upgrade, systemd works now.07:41
flinglotuspsychje: but it is still present in another container hmm hmmm need to investigate, compare /etc/inittab and other things…07:41
flinglotuspsychje: missing deps in ppa are libd3dadapter9-mesa:i386 libncurses6:i38607:43
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flingI don't have /etc/inittab07:54
tatertotsfling: are you chatting from the computer right now?07:58
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pragomerhow can I mount a win10 share (everyone has all permissions there) from ubuntu when my windows-user has no password?07:59
pragomerI tried07:59
pragomersudo mount -t cifs /192.168.0.XXX/drive_e/ /media/mnt/driver_e/ -o user=user08:00
pragomerand I get mount error (13) Permission denied08:00
pragomerany help08:00
flingtatertots: yes08:04
flingpragomer: should probably enter the workgroup or use smbfs instead08:04
flingpragomer: or smbnetfs08:05
tatertotsfling: sudo apt install inxi sosreport08:05
tatertotsfling: let me know when done08:05
flingwhy? :P08:05
tatertotsfling: oh excuse me, i'm sure you can address the matter yourself personally08:06
tatertotsfling: carry on08:06
monojamoon|I am consistantly getting this error message upon booting ...08:12
monojamoon|Taking a look at the icon being presented on the system tray, it seems to be the update-notifier ... https://i.imgur.com/bMpwpp0.png08:13
monojamoon|is there a way to check what the error is?08:14
flingtatertots: dxvk zombified battle.net in another container which caused this on the host -> INFO: task journal-offline:7725 blocked for more than 120 seconds.08:29
flingwhich prevented init from proceeding in one of containers I upgraded to 18.10.08:30
flingtatertots: everything works just fine after sysrq reboot08:30
flinglotuspsychje: upgrading to 18.10 fixed the systemd not starting btw08:30
tatertots01:11:57 <fling> not funny at all!!08:33
tatertotsit's 3:30...that was funny08:33
Anthaas_Gnome keeps crashing when changing between workspaces. Any ideas on how to debug/resolve this?09:11
Anthaas_Get one of those internal error pop-ups. ExecutablePath => /usr/bin/gnome-shell. Cause seems to be in meta_window_actor_is_destroyed()09:15
n8w___hey, my syslog+kern is being filled up with audit messages even though auditd id not running09:17
blackflown8w___: for AppArmor? yeah, that's normal. auditd is just to listen for and separate them out in logging.09:22
n8w___blackflow: aight, but i cant find a way to turn it off...09:23
n8w___blackflow: so the question is how do i completely turn it off?09:25
blackflown8w___: I don't think you can09:27
n8w___blackflow: now it logs a lot of stuff that it didnt before, like chrome etc...so smth must b wrong09:30
blackflown8w___: pastebin what you think is wrong, and note that AppArmor profiles are constantly evolving.09:30
blackflown8w___: btw, iirc if you install auditd then audit trails are being logged only by that, though I'm not sure if that's the case now with systemd. you can also filter them out at the syslog level (which doesn't affect the journal though).09:32
n8w___blackflow: ok, thx i will look into it09:34
XsiSechi people as soon I remove a drive my setup my ubuntu doesn't start normal I have checked the disk is not even in fstab or no installed grub on. what shall do next to solve this? :S09:58
XsiSecvery annoying :(09:58
blackflowXsiSec: define "normal"09:59
XsiSecI have lvm encryption on my OS it load some text stuff and then its a time loader and tr to  slice xxx10:00
blackflowXsiSec: I don't understand what you mean. Can you pastebin an example from logs or something?10:00
XsiSecI could but how can I  post to logs when I am not able to start normal if it goes almost into rescue mode?10:01
blackflowXsiSec: well "goes into rescue mode" is the vital clue here you only just mentioned now.  Was that disk a PV in the LVM?10:03
blackflowXsiSec: yes, the drive you're removing, was it a PV in that setup?10:03
blackflowphysical volume10:04
blackflowwas it part / a member of, the volumes10:04
XsiSecI could give u some output hold on10:04
blackflowwell yeah, you can't do that without removing it as a PV10:04
XsiSecthe disk is fully encryped with veracrypt and not automounted10:06
blackflowXsiSec: if the disk was a PV element in the LVM setup, you need to remove it as a PV element from the LVM setup. look into `pvmove` and `vgreduce` commands.10:09
blackflowXsiSec: https://access.redhat.com/documentation/en-us/red_hat_enterprise_linux/5/html/logical_volume_manager_administration/disk_remove_ex10:09
XsiSecblackflow, I have looked into those commands but I couldn't find any command that fit my needs.10:09
XsiSecalso it says the disk doesn't exists10:09
blackflowXsiSec: and what are your needs?10:09
XsiSecI want to remove the PV but keep data10:09
XsiSecyou might could give me some support10:10
blackflowXsiSec: you can't just yank out the disk without first demoting it from the PV status10:10
blackflowif you do, you create an error state and data corruption10:10
blackflowI _am_ giving you support. This is all I have based on info you're providing.10:10
XsiSecso to be able to remove the harddrive what is the first command I need to run within 'vg*'?10:11
blackflowXsiSec: read the document I linked above, it's a step by step explanation.10:11
BluesKajHiyas all10:12
blackflowXsiSec: in short, you must first `pvmove` the extents, before you can `vgreduce` the VGs and remove the disk/PV as their provider.10:12
geekosaurusHi - I have install ubuntu server on a machine on my local network at home. I changed it over to a static IP (since it seems my router can't do port forwards based on host name), but since that I cannot ssh to it.10:13
XsiSecsomething quite interesting though when i run ' pvs -o+pv_used' I only see one drive that means I guess its not even in the vg-group?10:13
blackflowXsiSec: but that assumes the disk is online and any encryption first unlocked, if the LVM is atop of encryption10:13
geekosaurusI have purged an reinstalled openssh-server a few times10:13
blackflowXsiSec: is the disk online and attached?10:13
geekosaurusIf I try to ssh from the server to localhost it is fine10:13
geekosaurusSame if I ssh to the ip address10:14
geekosaurusHowever, from any other machine in the house it fails10:14
XsiSecblackflow, I dont get exactly what online means but if I run fdisk -l I can see 'dev/sda'. but I havent mounted it within veracrypt10:14
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geekosaurusThey are all behind the same router, and all machines have internet access (including the server)10:15
blackflowgeekosaurus: what's the exact error message you get when you try to connect?10:15
blackflowXsiSec: attached and a working part of the groups10:15
geekosaurusJust a sec:10:15
blackflowXsiSec: well yes, if LVM is atop of encryption, you _first_ have to unlock encryption10:16
XsiSecblackflow, I could send you some output to answer your question tell me what to run i terminal.10:16
blackflowXsiSec: I have no idea how to use veracrypt10:16
geekosaurusoh - a new one now since I rebooted:10:16
geekosaurusdebug3: load_hostkeys: loaded 1 keys from
blackflow!paste | geekosaurus10:16
ubottugeekosaurus: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.10:16
XsiSecbut since its unmounted just recognized in as 'dev/dev/sda1' why do I need to use pvmove?10:17
XsiSecif its not even in the vg group10:17
XsiSecI guess10:17
blackflowgeekosaurus: this is on your client side. well yes, if you reinstalled openssh (and it re-created host keys), then you must remove the previous keys from ~/.ssh/known_hosts  (just delete the line)10:17
geekosaurusok. i will follow the instructions in the error msg.10:18
blackflowXsiSec: 1) unlock the encryption,   2) do the steps as described in that document, primarily `pvmove` to move the extents first. if there's no room for them, you'll have to add a new PV (new disk) to take over the extents.10:18
geekosaurusso now I get the same message I have been fighting since yesterday10:20
XsiSecblackflow, https://pastebin.com/hfmKb3k910:20
geekosaurusI pasted it at past.ubuntu.com10:20
blackflowXsiSec:  you have to UNLOCK it first. then it becomes probably something under /dev/mapper/  I don't know what veracrypt does10:22
XsiSecyou mean decrypt? :/10:22
blackflowXsiSec: yes10:22
blackflowgeekosaurus: did you change the server-side openssh config? sshd_config?10:22
geekosaurusyes, I have set AllowPasswordAuthentication to yes10:23
blackflowgeekosaurus: that's not a valid directive. do you mean   PasswordAuthentication   ?10:24
geekosaurusYes, sorry, typing from memory - the server is downstairs in the basement10:24
blackflowgeekosaurus: you'll have to pastebin the server side logs10:25
geekosaurusok. give me a few minutes pls.10:25
XsiSecblackflow, did you mean temporary?10:29
blackflowXsiSec: temporary what? look. I think we're going in circles here. you have to unlock the drives IF the encryption is UNDER the LVM. can you confirm that? That it is, and that you have unlocked the drive?10:30
XsiSecwe talking to different languages here I think I think I might been unclear unfortunately sorry10:31
lotuspsychjeXsiSec: please if volunteers ask you things, be specific10:31
lotuspsychjeXsiSec: the more info we get from you, the better we can help10:32
XsiSeclotuspsychje, really?10:32
XsiSecno shit sherlok10:32
XsiSecI put the discussion on ice thanks ^10:32
XsiSecthanks for help blackflow10:32
blackflowXsiSec: you're welcome10:35
n8w___blackflow: i think ive moved on a bit...so, i think my first problem is that auditd.conf file is missing, but auditctl -s is returning config parameters...10:38
geekosaurusI restarted the ssh service (with debug3) and tried to log in again. The log is here: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/R83MVMNGzn/10:38
geekosaurusNote: I can ssh from the server to other machines if that helps10:38
n8w___blackflow: ive tried reinstalling auditd, but it didnt help...auditd.conf is still missing...10:39
blackflown8w___: does it not start and work automatically upon installation?10:39
blackflowgeekosaurus: there's no log in attempt logged there. are you sure you're trying the _correct_ machine and/or port? you mentioned ip addresses changed...10:41
n8w___blackflow: when i installed auditd for the first time, it was there, but then i made a purge and tried to compile the newest version of auditd and since then all problems started...10:41
blackflown8w___: compile? yeah well, now you broke something because you polluted your system with files that might be clashing with teh packaged software. I'm sorry, but that's not supported here in #ubuntu10:42
geekosaurusblackflow: this is what confuses me beyond belief. the ip of the server as of now is I have verified this via ifconfig on the server, and it shows up just fine in the router.10:42
n8w___blackflow: ye ok...fair enough10:43
blackflown8w___: all I can tell you is try to `apt purge auditd`, then try to identify any files your local make install (did you use that?) overwrote. maybe there's an alternate location for the conf file that the daemon is trying first? I don't recall, haven't used it in ages10:43
n8w___blackflow: yep...will do so...10:44
geekosaurusblackflow:if i try to ssh to the old address i get no route to host, which is some comfort at least10:44
blackflown8w___: also try forcing new config for apt/dpkg.     apt install -o Dpkg::Options="--force-confask" auditd10:45
n8w___blackflow: ok10:47
geekosaurusblackflow:if I run ssh with extra verbosity, then the logs indicate that I do connect to the server: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/rstZSw72yx/10:47
blackflowgeekosaurus: not sure how to help you there. if you're trying to log-in to the correct machine, that machine will be logging the attempts, so please confirm that first, that the machine is correct and the attempts are logged.10:47
blackflowgeekosaurus: and are there corresponding entries on the server side?10:48
geekosaurusblackflow: no. the log is as I pasted. really frustrating, usually these things work and I can figure it out (slowly) with some help from google.10:49
blackflowgeekosaurus: then that's not the machine :)  you can confirm connection attempts with tcpdump. run (As root)    tcpdump 'port 22'   on the server, try connecting again, and tcpdump should produce output. if it odesn't, then you're 100% on the wrong machine.10:50
blackflowgeekosaurus: earlier you mentioned port forwarding. you sure that's not still in effect and you _think_ you're connectign to one IP while it's being forwarded to another?10:50
electrofelixHave an internal repository added to my machine, apt keeps reporting that it's signature is invalid, however I can use gpg directly against /etc/apt/trusted.gpg to verify the Release using the Release.gpg file, how do I debug what apt is doing differently?10:52
geekosaurusblackflow:The port forwarding is set up on the router from the WAN ip only, pointing to this machine, and port 22 is not one of the ports I am forwarding. Good point though: I will bring the router back to the config from before the troubles and see what happens.10:53
geekosaurusblackflow: thank you10:53
blackflowgeekosaurus: you're welcome10:53
tempyhi@ll, fail@SRCIPT: searching for port....if found:ITsRUNNING else:startMyScript     lsof -P | if grep -q 58999; then echo ITsRUNNING /home/user/folder/script.sh fi     something is going wrong. :/10:53
blackflowgeekosaurus: one other point, are you consulting correct logs on the server?    journalctl -fu ssh.service    will tail the service logs directly from the journal. otherwise I think syslog is logging those to /var/log/auth.log10:55
tempyhi@ll, fail@SRCIPT: searching for port....if found:ITsRUNNING else:startMyScript     lsof -P | if grep -q 58999; then echo ITsRUNNING else /home/user/folder/script.sh fi     something is going wrong. :/10:55
electrofelix'gpg --no-default-keyring --keyring /etc/apt/trusted.gpg --verify /var/lib/apt/lists/partial/<release-gpg-file> /var/lib/apt/lists/partial/<release-file>.FAILED' works with an exit code of 0 and reports "Good signature from ...." so why doesn't apt accept this?10:56
EriC^^tempy: can you upload the line in a pastebin exactly as what you're using?10:57
electrofelixThere is a warning about the key is not certified with a trusted signature, is that warning sufficient to cause an issue?10:57
=== BurekzFinezt is now known as Burek
n8w___blackflow: ok, so ive got all the configs etc....now it behaves as expected, but i keep gettin thse anoyin seccomp msgs11:08
n8w___blackflow: type=SECCOMP msg=audit ... syscall=27311:08
n8w___blackflow: the initiator is chrome....11:09
blackflown8w___: why are you so concerned that those are logged, unless you want to amend the profile?11:09
blackflowif it's even possible, some software is ..... designed to do insecure or impossible to confine tasks .....11:10
n8w___blackflow: bcause everytime i open a tab or a new window a bunch of those pops up11:10
n8w___blackflow: in the audit.log11:10
blackflown8w___: so?11:10
blackflown8w___: also, can you pastebin exactly the audit entries?11:11
n8w___blackflow: yep hang on11:12
DiscoDynamiteneed help in formatting the "date format", displayed by an application (deluge torrent client). i have modified regional format , that doesn't seems to effect it. any suggestion  ?11:14
=== gislaved64 is now known as gislaved
DiscoDynamitei have configures date format in locales as , < d_t_fmt     "%d.%m.%Y %I:%M %p" >11:18
DiscoDynamitebut application is still displaying in format :  <DD><full_month><YYYY> <time in 12format but without am/pm> <timezone>11:19
tempyEriC^^: fail@SRCIPT: i like to search for the port 55444 and if its found then "echo found" else kill the tmuxSession "[01]SessionNAME" and start the script again. Script:program@55444[PORT]. https://pastebin.com/sYsgr7PT11:19
SpomenkoDje ste11:20
n8w___blackflow: hmm ive found exactly same issue on github https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1079469 ..the message in the last post is the one i keep gettin...perhaps smth to do with the chrome sandboxin function11:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1079469 in linux (Ubuntu Raring) "Chrome spews seccomp audit messages" [Medium,Fix released]11:22
=== Wryhder is now known as Lucas_Gray
blackflown8w___: possibly. what syscall is it complaing about to you? the bug entry you mentioned i 7 years old....11:25
n8w___blackflow: syscall=27311:25
kernal_DiscoDynamite, I don't think you can change the date format if its inside the application?11:26
kernal_that would be up to the developers of the application how they format the date11:26
blackflown8w___: sounds like something to be reported to chromium11:36
n8w___blackflow: hmmm...11:37
EriC^^tempy: checking..11:37
EriC^^tempy: currently what's happening? what's the output of lsof -P ? and can't you use lsof -i:55444 ?11:39
EriC^^tempy: i mean, what's the output of "lsof -P | grep -q 55444; echo $?"11:40
EriC^^or just grep without the -q11:40
EriC^^lsof -P | grep 5544411:40
n8w___blackflow: ok, thx for you help...11:42
tempyEriC^^: i just want a case:false/positive.....if its not found restart it.11:44
=== zerocore_eg is now known as Guest62844
EriC^^tempy: yeah i know11:59
EriC^^tempy: what does lsof -P | grep 55444 give when you run it in the terminal, as the user that's running the script?12:01
EriC^^tempy: also you havent stated what happens currently when you run the script12:02
EriC^^!details | tempy12:02
ubottutempy: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.12:02
EriC^^tempy: usually when something isn't working, you have to follow the steps and see what's happening, where it's hanging, the script logic is fine, so something else is going on12:03
EriC^^tempy: running the script with debug mode on is useful as well, "bash -x"12:04
tempyEriC^^: , sry....i dont want to make it too complex. i like to take the steps by my own and just ask if i dont come any further.12:07
EriC^^tempy: i'm confused as to how you're seeing this as complex? you said "if <something>; then echo ;fi" isnt working, im asking you to run <something> alone in a terminal to see what it outputs12:08
EriC^^tempy: anyways, if you formulate a proper question you'll get answers, i'd guess, open-ended 'help me, it doesnt work' will usually get you a hand-holding troubleshooting help, either way it's fine12:10
geekosaurusblackflow: the network problem is sorted. showing my age i was completely unaware of netplan. set the network card up to use a static ip there and all was good. i wouldn't have gone down that route without your feedback - where do i send coffee?12:12
blackflowgeekosaurus: ah netplan. figures.12:16
tempyEriC^^: when the server is booting....a cronjob starts a script (which starts a service@55444port)....the service crashed from time to time(its a bug)....a cronjob should look if the service is still running....if not it should start it again. this cronjob is going to start frequently: e.g:1min. (INFO: the service doesnt crashed often, but if it cashs....it should come up in a short time.)12:17
EriC^^tempy: maybe it's better if you use systemd for this job, it can manage services and have respawn if they crash12:19
EriC^^tempy: if you dont want to go the systemd route, then i'd recommend to redirect the scripts output to a log file so you can see what's actually happening behind the scenes, use "#!/bin/bash -x" as the shebang, and in the cronjob use /path/to/script.sh >/path/to/log 2>&112:21
EriC^^tempy: in which user's cron are you doing this?12:22
tempyEriC^^: just as a normal user. (not root, nor sudo.)12:23
EriC^^tempy: as the normal user, what happens if you type "lsof -P | grep 55444" with the service running?12:23
EriC^^tempy: i think lsof -i:55444 would be better, as it's more specific, using grep on the whole line could potentially give false positives12:24
tempyEriC^^: , it give the output of 2 lines....should i pastbin it?12:25
EriC^^tempy: no, that's ok12:26
EriC^^tempy: i'd add the ">/tmp/cronlog 2>&1" at this point and see what you get in /tmp/cronlog once it's had a run12:26
EriC^^it should show more why it's not working as wanted12:27
EriC^^tempy: oh sorry i just reread the script again12:28
leftyfbtempy: make a systemd unit. You'll have the ability for it to run on boot and restart if it dies unexpectedly. It's the proper way to run it12:28
EriC^^tempy: modify it to"if lsof -P | grep -q 55444; then12:28
EriC^^tempy: modify it to "if lsof -P | grep -q 55444; then..." sorry didnt see that at first12:28
leftyfbI would think this would be cleaner:  if lsof -p 55444 ; then12:29
EriC^^anyways always good to learn how to hone down on issues ;)12:29
EriC^^yeah that's probably better, dont use the grep in it12:29
eaglgenes101It's a minor annoyance, but how do I have windows get focus as soon as they come to the front of the desktop view?12:29
eaglgenes101Currently I figured out how to have them start at front, but without focus12:30
eaglgenes101And it clashes with old habits of putting in keystrokes as soon as a window pops up12:30
EriC^^leftyfb: i think that has some meaning error, -p states something different in the manpage12:30
EriC^^ah dang he quit12:30
EriC^^"if lsof -i:55444; then" should be good12:31
tempiiEriC^^: wait.12:36
leftyfbOh yeah, sorry, forgot the :12:36
leftyfbDrive-by troubleshooting isn't always good :)12:37
leftyfbinvnsrvtlnx: do you have a support question?12:37
EriC^^tempii: sorry i noticed there's a fault in the syntax in the script12:41
tempiiEriC^^: , i was already checking for it. :)12:42
EriC^^tempii: it should be "if <command> | grep;" not command | if grep, try using in the terminal "lsof -i:55444" to see if it will pick it up, if it does then use "if lsof -i:55444; then echo ..." in the script12:42
spinningCatthis instruction is old https://www.vultr.com/docs/how-to-install-apache-maven-on-ubuntu-16-0412:42
pragmaticenigmaspinningCat: To chat or discuss non-support related issues, please join us in #ubuntu-offtopic12:43
eaglgenes101*raises hand*12:43
spinningCatbut this is ubuntu's component right12:43
spinningCati mean it is about ubuntu i presume12:44
pragmaticenigmaspinningCat: That site is not operated by Canonical, so no, disucssion about a non Ubuntu/Canonical website is not on topic here12:44
eaglgenes101I'm having a slight issue with the gnome desktop12:44
spinningCatI see12:44
pragmaticenigma!ask | eaglgenes10112:44
ubottueaglgenes101: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience12:44
eaglgenes101> It's a minor annoyance, but how do I have windows get focus as soon as they come to the front of the desktop view?12:45
eaglgenes101> Currently I figured out how to have them start at front, but without focus12:45
eaglgenes101> And it clashes with old habits of putting in keystrokes as soon as a window pops up12:45
eaglgenes101Asked fifteen minutes ago, didn't get anyone paying attention12:45
pragmaticenigmaeaglgenes101: please do not use the enter key for punctuation. Type everything you can on one line12:46
pragmaticenigma!patience | also eaglgenes10112:46
ubottualso eaglgenes101: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or https://ubuntuforums.org or https://askubuntu.com/12:46
spinningCateaglgenes101 is a bot?12:46
eaglgenes101I'm simply a human that has yet to learn IRC conventions around here12:46
pragmaticenigmaeaglgenes101: There is no setting or option to prevent windows from stealing focus. The best suggestion is to slow down and wait for an application to load before starting/moving to a different task12:48
eaglgenes101I get that much12:49
=== nat is now known as Natkeeran
eaglgenes101What I do want is for the window to take focus as soon as it shows up at the front12:49
eaglgenes101Setting focus to strict lets the window pop up in front, but doesn't put focus to it12:49
pragmaticenigmaeaglgenes101: Please do not use the enter key for punctuation. Keep your thoughts on a single line please. It makes it easier for others to follow.12:50
eaglgenes101So I end up accidentally sending keystrokes to an application at the back because my habits were developed on desktops which give focus to newly spawned windows12:50
tempiiEriC^^:  wait. i have to check -- btw THX for ur help. :)12:50
EriC^^tempii: alright, no problem12:51
pragmaticenigmaeaglgenes101: A solution to your problem doesn't exist12:51
eaglgenes101...you serious? I'm pretty sure that was default behavior in gnome for a long while12:51
eaglgenes101To give focus to new windows as soon as they actually showed up. It's only fairly recently that this new behavior happened.12:52
pragmaticenigmaeaglgenes101: If you want a particular behavior to be addressed, you can try submitting a bug report12:53
eaglgenes101So as a single long line: Steps to reproduce: set window focus to strict using dconf editor, open a new window. Expected result: When application shows a window in the front, the window has focus. Actual result: When the application shows a window, the window does not have focus.12:54
eaglgenes101Typing giant textlines feels horribly unnatural12:56
pragmaticenigmaeaglgenes101: There is no solution to your question. You can attempt to submit a bug report, however, what you are experiencing sounds more like the application itself is at fault and not the desktop. There is nothing further the volunteers here can provide you.12:56
cryptodanmaybe try it without using strict mode eaglgenes10112:57
ndayalanCould someone suggest a CLI based system hardening tool for Ubuntu 16.04 for auditing.12:57
pragmaticenigmandayalan: For recommendations and suggestions, please join #ubuntu-offtopic and ask there. Thanks12:58
gladtobebackDear GOD/GODS and/or anyone else who can HELP ME (e.g. MEMBERS OF SUPER-INTELLIGENT ALIEN CIVILIZATIONS): The next time I wake up, please change my physical form to that of FINN MCMILLAN of SOUTH NEW BRIGHTON at 8 YEARS OLD and keep it that way FOREVER. I am so sick of this chubby Asian man body! Thank you! - CHAUL JHIN KIM (a.k.a. A DESPERATE SOUL)12:58
=== gislaved54 is now known as gislaved
eaglgenes101gladtobeback Get used to your body, or invest tens of thousands of dollars in plastic surgery. The choice is yours. We are only mortal beings and executable programs at the other end, we can't help you with what you want.13:00
spinningCathe is gone13:01
leftyfbeaglgenes101: it was spam. Please don't contribute13:01
* eaglgenes101 facepalms13:01
DbuggerDoes anybody have an idea why it could be that 18.04 is not recognizing a monitor connected to display port?13:01
eaglgenes101Looks like I'm in the lucky ten thousand for several different IRC customs at the same time13:02
pragmaticenigma!ot | eaglgenes10113:02
ubottueaglgenes101: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!13:02
spinningCatsome channel has channel-overflow13:03
spinningCatif someone didnt  register nick13:03
pragmaticenigmaDbugger: Typical troubleshooting comes to mind... Make sure power is firmly plugged in. The display port cable might need to be unplugged and replugged in13:03
EncryptHello everyone13:04
pragmaticenigmaspinningCat: Do you have an Ubuntu related support issue? If not, please chat in the #ubuntu-offtopic channel. Also, please keep commentary to yourself, it isn't helpful to those trying to receive support.13:04
Dbuggerpragmaticenigma, yeah, you were right... it was not properly plugged in.... -_- sorry13:04
EncryptI am currently trying to install Ubuntu with the minimal CD in a corporate environment13:04
ndayalanpragmaticenigma: it seems #ubuntu-offtopic is interested in GNOME alone13:04
spinningCatpragmaticenigma,  i am sorry13:05
EncryptWe have an APT repository which requires credentials13:05
EncryptThe issue is there is no way to enter APT credentials in the wizard13:05
EncryptI can only add proxy parameters13:05
EncryptIs there any possibility to do so?13:06
pragmaticenigmaEncrypt: Please try to keep your question to a single line, it will be easier for others to follow13:06
Encryptpragmaticenigma: Alright13:06
tomreynEncrypt: "minimal CD" as in mini.iso, right? which ubuntu release?13:06
EncryptYes, bionic13:07
EncryptIt seems I have no other choice than installing with the full CD and configure the APT credentials after installation13:09
tomreynEncrypt: did oyu try entering user:password as part of the mirror server URI?13:10
pragmaticenigmaEncrypt: does the format username:password@apt_server work?13:10
EncryptI tried but it doesn't work since that input is given to wget to get the release file13:11
EncryptI could see that in the logs13:11
EncryptUnfortunately :(13:11
pragmaticenigmaEncrypt: Is this server within the local network? Is there a specific reason that it is locked down via password protection?13:11
EncryptIt is in the local network indeed13:12
EncryptI have no idea why it requires credentials though...13:13
EncryptI'm in a very big company, there must be reasons...13:13
tomreynmaybe you can reconfigure it not to requre credentials from local systems, or just this specific local system.13:13
tomreynyou could also setup a http proxy which does so.13:14
EncryptLike setting the local repository as proxy as well?13:14
tomreynEncrypt: no, i'm thinking of setting up another VM or small system next to the system(s) you want to install ubuntu on. and have this other system run a http proxy server which connects to your loacal apt archive as a backend, providing credentials, but enables your to-be-installed system to download from / through it without specifying credentials.13:16
Encrypttomreyn, I see13:18
tomreynEncrypt: the other approach, installing the base system from the ISO, then configuring apt credetials on the installed system, chroot or boot into it and have it install updates, seems like another option, though.13:19
tomreynEncrypt: there'S also #ubuntu-server here - folks there may have other / better suggestions13:20
tomreynOpenVms: please do your tests elsewehere, thank you.13:21
jfcaronI am trying to do a remote desktop connection *to* an ubuntu machine, but it's not working.  How can I check that it's configured to accept such connections before I bug the sysadmin?  I can ssh to the machine just fine, and I don't have sudo.  It's running Ubuntu 14.04.7 LTS (yikes)13:40
tomreynjfcaron: which network protocol are you trying to use to connect to it?13:42
jfcaronThis is on a Macbook Pro, I'm using the Finder->Go->Connect to Server, and I typed in vnc:://ipaddress13:43
tomreynso VNC seems to be the protocol you're trying to use, apparently. the ubuntu desktop will need to have a vnc server installed and configured for this to work.13:44
jfcaronOk, so my question should have been "how do I check that a vnc server is installed via ssh", I guess.13:45
tomreynvino is commonly used for this.13:45
jfcaronI'm not dedicated to vnc though, if there are other protocols I can try them.13:45
tomreynVNC is most commonly used for a graphical remote access, so that's ok.13:46
tomreynare you aware that 14.04 has almost reached end of life?13:47
tomreynwe wont support it here once it has. caonnoical offers an extended support contract for companies, though13:47
ubottuCanonical offers paid extended security support for end-of-life LTS releases through the Ubuntu Advantage program. For more information, see https://ubuntu.com/esm . ESM is not an Ubuntu community offering; please direct questions about it to Canonical directly.13:48
ubottuUbuntu 14.04 LTS (Trusty Tahr) was the 20th release of Ubuntu. Support ends April 25th, 2019. Paid support (ESM) is available. See also !esm, !eol, !eolupgrade13:48
tomreynjfcaron: see what i wrote above, also https://help.ubuntu.com/14.04/ubuntu-help/sharing-desktop.html.en13:50
tomreynyanzhipeng: please contact your preferred deities elsewhere. this channel is just for ubuntu support.13:51
jfcaronLooks like nothing is installed for remote desktops.13:54
jfcaronThanks.  I'm not the admin for this machine.13:54
jfcaronAll the instructions for enabling remote desktop assume I already have access to a desktop.  I can only ssh.  Anyways I gave up, it's probably not enabled.13:55
tomreynif you have ssh access and run a compatible X server on the system you're accessing with, and the openssh server on your ubuntu system doesn't prohibit it (it doesn't by default), you can use X forwarding to run graphical applications already through ssh, and have them drawn on your client.13:56
pragmaticenigmajfcaron: If it is a shared resource, it is highly unlikely that it is setup with a continuously running session. With regard to support, if you are connecting to someone elses machine, I would encourage you to reach to them first. As they're going to be the most familiar with the system setup.13:57
tomreynjfcaron: does the ubuntu system you have there run a graphical desktop, yet, though?13:58
jfcaronI don't know, but it does have gnome installed, so I assume yes.14:06
tomreynjfcaron: if that actually runs, yes. but i also assume you're actually supposed to primarily use ssh on this system.14:19
=== jetgirl is now known as tuxi
ChunkzZwhat's the channel for new ubuntu releases?14:38
EriC^^ChunkzZ: #ubuntu+114:38
lordcirth__ChunkzZ, upcoming ones? #ubuntu+114:39
ChunkzZthank you.14:39
tempiiEriC^^: it works, but it shows the output....if its running. i dont mean "echo found", it puts it (COMMAND....NAME) in and then "echo found". how can i put it away? (lsof -P | if lsof -i:55444; then echo found; else echo NNNfound; fi)14:53
leftyfbtempii: you REALLY should be using pastebin14:56
=== vahnx3 is now known as vahnx
leftyfbtempii: [ if sudo lsof -i :55444 >/dev/null 2>&1 ] ; then14:56
leftyfbor don't use sudo if it's running as root14:56
=== hibbie1 is now known as hibbie
leftyfbtempii: it takes forever and is silly to run lsof to output everything and then grep for the port number you're looking for. lsof -i :<port> is what you want15:00
tempiileftyfb: thx.15:00
leftyfbtempii: also, your issue really isn't ubuntu-related. You might be better served in #bash. Though be warned, they're not very nice.15:00
BluesKajscript kiddies?15:02
EriC^^i've never had a bad experience in #bash, fwiw15:10
Captain_HaddockWhat is the best way to vnc into a Kubuntu box? I've set up KRfb and I'm using TightVNC to vnc into it from windows, but the clarity is really wonky.15:32
Captain_HaddockThis Konversation window, for example, is supposed to have a white background, but I'm seeing a mixture of cyan and teal.15:32
leftyfbCaptain_Haddock: try x11vnc15:32
leftyfbCaptain_Haddock: for ubuntu15:32
Captain_HaddockThis is also happening if I vnc in from my mobile.15:33
Captain_Haddockleftyfb: Will that open a new session or will I be able to view the current session?15:33
leftyfbCaptain_Haddock: current session15:34
Captain_Haddockleftyfb: Thanks!15:34
dcGreetings. I have an nfs share working just fine (configured it via /etc/exports and gave the dir 777). I made a symlink in that directory to somewhere else on my OS, b ut when i try to view that directory on osx mounted nfs, it just appears as an alias, and i cant navigate it15:35
dcany suggestion?15:35
tempiileftyfb: , thx for ur warning, too.15:36
leftyfbdc: bind mount it, don't symlink it15:37
dcleftyfb: so i have to directly add another line in /etc/exports?15:37
leftyfbdc: no, bind mount your other location to the location you want within the nfs share15:38
dcYou have lost me15:38
leftyfbdc: sudo mount -o bind /path/to/original/location /path/to/nfs/new/location15:38
dcanything can go wrong doing that?15:39
dchaha great.. help me understand what can go wrong then :)15:39
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pragmaticenigmadc: That's a topic for a different channel. This is support, not discussion15:40
leftyfbdc: anything can go wrong with anything. But that is probably your best option. Try it and see for yourself15:40
dcIf i am going to execute a sudo command on a particularly important directory, i want to know what it's doing in a bit more detail. I would argue that is support15:40
leftyfbdc: it mounts a directory on top of another directory. That's what it does15:40
dcI presume I need to create that directory first to mount to it then?15:41
leftyfbdc: the target should be whatever your symlinked target was. Removing the symlink first of course15:41
dcyes i have removed the symlink, then created the directory i want to "bind" to15:42
dcso im now ready to run the mount command - yes?15:42
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=== Jeepbeats is now known as interwebd
dcleftyfb: this command ran without any errors, i can see the directory on the filesystem, but whilst i can see the directory on the nfs client, i cant see it's files and directories within it15:43
leftyfbdc: permission error?15:43
dcwhere would I look for such errors?15:43
leftyfbdc: you'll need to check permissions on the original directory15:43
=== interwebd is now known as jeepbeats
dcdrwxrwxrwx 1 root root15:44
dcI wonder why the files are owned as root, this volume is in fact a truecrypt volume, mounted with veracrypt, that used to be connected to a windows machine15:45
leftyfbdc: neither truecrypt(BAD) or veracrypt are supported here. I would first test you can bind mount and access some other directory on your system to see if it's not related to either truecrypt or veracrypt15:46
jack-dc so what....just sudo chown them :)15:47
dcok leftyfb let's see15:47
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dcleftyfb: mkdir /mnt/media/hometest;  mkdir ~/test; touch ~/test/hello; sudo mount --bind /home/dc/test/ /mnt/media/hometest15:49
dccant see the contents when browsing via nfs again15:49
blackflowdc: https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/42131/how-to-properly-export-and-import-nfs-shares-that-have-subdirectories-as-mount-p/15379715:49
leftyfbhm, I thought crossmnt was only for nfs shares within nfs shares15:50
dcthat worked blackflow15:52
blackflowyou're welcome.15:52
dcme too :)15:53
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dStructis there an easy way to enable shell color output such as for ls and the bash prompt itself, when ssh'ing into another machine?16:04
pragmaticenigmadStruct: colors are automatically detected and enabled if the client supports it. what ssh client are you using?16:06
legreffierdStruct: depends on what OS your remote machine is using16:06
Captain_Haddockleftyfb: Thank you. That looks far better!16:07
dStructit's really weird, most machines it just works and I've never had to mess with it.  However I have a box running 18.04.1 LTS and this laptop running 18.04.2 LTS and whenever I ssh into anything from this laptop I get colors stripped, it's just the standard OpenSSH16:07
dStructit's almost like I need to force/send a $TERM=xterm-color but I don't think that should be required16:08
pragmaticenigmadStruct: in ~/.bashrc you will see a commented line for "force_color_prompt=yes" ... try uncommenting that, log out and back in16:09
dStructpragmaticenigma: I'll check that out16:09
pragmaticenigmadStruct: It should be about line 46 in that fie16:09
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leftyfbcometzone: can we help you with an issue with ubuntu?16:09
dStructpragmaticenigma: interesting, sure enough that did the trick, thanks!16:10
dStructpragmaticenigma: I'd still like to know why it thinks it wasn't a color supporting term heh16:10
pragmaticenigmadStruct: I think you were on the right path with the XTERM variable ... but I haven't played with that before.16:11
pragmaticenigmadStruct: I just uncomment that line in my machines. The only issue I've encountered is with a few ssh clients that print out the control characters used for setting the color space16:11
dStructpragmaticenigma: yeah it's really weird, and I've never messed with any . files or forced any weird environment stuff, just by default it never worked when it should have16:12
dStructI've just lived with it for years and never really thought about doing anything about it, hoping an update might fix it one day16:12
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mustmodifyIf I have a script in /etc/logrotate.d/myapp and I add a 'lastaction' section... can I execute a script as user 'production' instead of whatever user it's using --- presumably root?16:21
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dStructI guess he didn't really want help16:27
ndayalanhow to change umask value in /etc/login.defs from 022 to 027?16:38
hggdhndayalan: sudo vi /etc/login.defs, change the umask value, and save. Note that if users have an 'umask xxx' in their shell init script, it will be used16:42
ndayalanhggdh: thank you16:44
tomreynthere's also   sudo dpkg-reconfigure adduser16:45
Tin_manndayalan, if you need an example, and explanation >>>>https://askubuntu.com/questions/420320/what-permissions-would-change-if-i-change-umask-to-027-from-02216:45
dStructtomreyn: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-firmware/+bug/182485216:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1824852 in linux-firmware (Ubuntu) "linux-firmware package not available in server installer" [Undecided,New]16:56
qwebirc56111I changed from unstable to stable by just deleting the PPA file from the directory (I know now that thats wrong and you are supposed to use ppa-purge) and now Im having video issues but only on my current distro. How do I fix this?  Would chrooting into my distro from a live usb stick, deleting all packages contained in either of the PPAs and reinstalling one of the PPAs work?  The two PPAs I have in mind are https://launchpad16:58
qwebirc56111Any help would be appreciated16:59
leftyfbqwebirc56111: what version of ubuntu are you running? nc termbin.com 9999 < <(lsb_release -ds;cat /proc/{version,cmdline};)16:59
qwebirc56111Im running up to date KDE Neon.17:00
qwebirc56111So 18.02 I think?17:00
tomreyndStruct: what about it?17:00
dStructtomreyn: I finally posted it17:00
leftyfbqwebirc56111: you are not running a supported version of ubuntu17:01
tomreyndStruct: oh we talked about this the other day. thanks for filing it.17:01
leftyfbqwebirc56111: you'll need to seek support from kde.17:01
qwebirc56111Oh come on its basically Ubuntu. The PPA system is the same17:01
leftyfbqwebirc56111: it's not ubuntu. You'll need to seek support from KDE17:02
qwebirc56111My bad. Im also running a PC with Kubuntu on it and Im having the same issues with it.17:02
qwebirc56111I basically fondeled around with the drivers on both systems.17:02
leftyfbqwebirc56111: ok, then please run the same command on that machine as well17:03
qwebirc56111I have strict firewall rules on that machine. I would like to avoid doing so.17:04
qwebirc56111Im running the same kernel version (5.0.7) on it and its also up to date17:04
qwebirc56111Im running Kubuntu 18.04.217:04
leftyfbqwebirc56111: Then that is also not a supported version of ubuntu. No supported version of ubuntu is running the 5.x kernel.17:04
qwebirc56111I manually updated the kernel.17:05
qwebirc56111with ukuu. Should I revert it?17:05
qwebirc56111Thank you for your help so far! I will uninstall the 5.0.7 kernel to get back to the kernel that came with kubuntu.17:05
leftyfbqwebirc56111: ok, then manually revert your kernel back to a supported kernel and give us the output of the above command by temporarily disabling your outbound firewall and we'll continue to help you troubleshoot your driver issues17:05
qwebirc56111I will manually revert the kernel but I would like to avoid going through the hassle of disabling the firewall if possible.17:06
leftyfbqwebirc56111: sorry. We need to verify exactly what OS you're running.17:06
qwebirc56111Ok. Give me a second.17:07
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mirazi_hekethey, my android 8 phone is not visible in caja, what steps you recommend to do troubleshooting?17:13
jack-mirazi_heket: i'd disconnect+reconnect it17:14
mirazi_heketjack-: did17:14
lotuspsychjemirazi_heket: enabled developer mode in phone?17:14
noalternativeI have a couple of problems.  I tried to install jitsi and just couldn't resolve the dependencies even after enabling universe in my sources.  Now I can't remove one of the componants, and I think it is creating problems installing other packages like the synaptic drivers I need to get my mouse working right.17:15
mirazi_heketlotuspsychje: tried with disabled aswell but no difference17:16
lotuspsychjemirazi_heket: no, you need to enable it17:16
mirazi_heketenabled, along with usb debugging, it shouldnt affect usb connection though (not in such manner)17:17
lordcirth__noalternative, What Ubuntu version? Also, I don't see Jitsi in the official repos, where did you install it from and what version?17:17
noalternativeIt is not in the official repos.  I installed the deb from their website.17:17
noalternativeI am using 18.0417:18
noalternativehere is the error17:18
lordcirth__noalternative, well that's not much to go on. You should probably ask on the Jitsi support channel.17:19
noalternativealso I removed the jitsi repos from sources.list.d as was suggested in something I found doing a google search17:19
lotuspsychjemirazi_heket: could you try this: tail -f /var/log/syslog and plug out/back in your phone and pastebin us the errors?17:20
pragmaticenigmanoalternative: Unfortunately, when you install a .deb file, it makes it really hard for the volunteers to help. Those are packages which have no official Ubuntu support and no documentation for the volunteers here to reference. You could try asking in #jitsi for help manually removing their software.17:22
pragmaticenigmathanks tomreyn17:22
tomreyna pity :-/17:22
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mirazi_heketbasically plugging phone and changing to usb data transfer mode (not mtp) does this https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/BjJMwxJcxX/17:23
lotuspsychjemirazi_heket: but it doesnt popup on your desktop or file manager?17:24
mirazi_heketit does  not17:24
mirazi_heketand udev took hella lot ram17:24
qwebirc56111Ok I reverted the kernel change. What was the command you need me to run again?17:24
mirazi_heketmore than firefox17:25
lotuspsychjemirazi_heket: what about if you run your filemanager from terminal, maybe clues there17:25
mirazi_heketsigh, it exits the prompt as soon as it launch, i mean it goes back to %17:26
pragmaticenigmaqwebirc3229: leftyfb asked you to run: nc termbin.com 9999 < <(lsb_release -ds;cat /proc/{version,cmdline};)17:26
qwebirc75614I changed from unstable to stable by just deleting the PPA file from the directory (I know now that thats wrong and you are supposed to use ppa-purge) and now Im having video issues but only on my current distro. How do I fix this?  Would chrooting into my distro from a live usb stick, deleting all packages contained in either of the PPAs and reinstalling one of the PPAs work?  The two PPAs I have in mind are https://launchpad17:27
lotuspsychjemirazi_heket: maybe you should try another filemanager as a test?17:28
qwebirc75614Is anyone here who can help me out?17:28
mirazi_heketi will check after reboot, brb17:28
pragmaticenigma!patience | qwebirc7561417:28
ubottuqwebirc75614: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or https://ubuntuforums.org or https://askubuntu.com/17:28
qwebirc75614I already did. Thats why I am hear. Non the less sorry about repeating my question.17:28
qwebirc75614Maybe I should try rewording it.17:28
pragmaticenigmaqwebirc75614: No, you should wait until someone responds to your question ... please have patience17:29
qwebirc75614Thanks for the advice. I will wait!17:31
mirazi_heketafter reboot its working, although i have installed thunar and tried to open it there, so maybe this helped17:31
mirazi_heketthanks anyway17:31
pragmaticenigmaqwebirc75614: Before you previously left, you were asked to run: nc termbin.com 9999 < <(lsb_release -ds;cat /proc/{version,cmdline};)17:35
pragmaticenigmaplease post to result here when that is complete17:35
woenxHey, one question. How do you run a program as another user, from the gui? In the past there was the command gksu, but I can't find it anymore in Ubuntu 18.0417:37
lordcirth__woenx, what program do you need to launch, and why as another user? root or someone else?17:38
woenxlordcirth__: I want to run a wine program as another user17:39
woenxno, not root17:39
woenxI want a user to be able to run a wine program as another user, so that program has write access to a specific folder that only that user can write17:40
woenx(yes, it's a bit convoluted)17:40
lotuspsychjewoenx: programs like sux are not supported anymore17:40
lotuspsychje!info sux precise17:40
ubottusux (source: sux): wrapper around su which will transfer your X credentials. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.1-6 (precise), package size 9 kB, installed size 64 kB17:40
lordcirth__woenx, you could grant passwordless sudo to only that user for only that program, then just put sudo in your .desktop file or whatever.17:41
woenxlordcirth__: yes, I intended to do that, by editing the sudoers file. But wouldn't sudo run that program as root or something?17:41
pragmaticenigmawoenx: sudo => substitute user do17:41
lordcirth__woenx, no, you can specify "sudo -u username program"17:42
woenxah, ok ok17:42
lordcirth__And in sudoers you can permit the user to only sudo to that user and run that one program17:42
woenxok, let's see what I can do17:42
woenxMmm, how could I run a program that has a graphical interface as another user?17:52
woenxI found this, but I am not sure what that command does:17:53
j03Hi All. I have a Z390 Motherboard with Intel HD Audio. Audio works via the rear panel, but when I connect my headphones to the front panel audio, no device appears in the Sound Settings manager. I can see the device under alsa-mixer but cannot get any audio output. Any ideas? I'm running 19.04 Beta with latest updates.17:59
j03I know that the front panel audio works in general, as output under windows is issue-free.18:00
jack-j03: tried pulseaudio?18:00
pragmaticenigmawoenx: The only way that I can think of is to launch wine with the substituted user, what ever program wine launches should inherit the same permissions/user rights18:00
j03jack-: pulseaudio is runnning, what should I try specifically?18:00
jack-hrm, dunno18:01
woenxpragmaticenigma: yes, but for some reason I can't run X11 programs, it says "nodrv_CreateWindow Application tried to create a window, but no driver could be loaded."18:01
woenxfollowed by: nodrv_CreateWindow Make sure that your X server is running and that $DISPLAY is set correctly.18:01
woenxI tried adding DISPLAY=:0 to the command, but didn't work18:02
pragmaticenigmawoenx: It might help to understand why the currently logged in user cannot write to the directory, yet the substitute user can. Maybe even what application that you are running that requires an alternative user18:02
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wanna_beei have a problem can someone help?18:08
lotuspsychje!details | wanna_bee18:10
ubottuwanna_bee: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.18:10
wanna_beehttps://imguploads.net/image/problem.arXuD i cant paste files or create folders to my other hard disk partitions18:17
=== [1]MrMobius is now known as MrMobius
lordcirth__wanna_bee, ok, do 'ls -ld /yourmountpoint' and paste the permissions18:21
j03You can ignore me actually, I turns out I'm an absolute idiot.... I was plugging my headphones into my microphone jack. Apologies!!!!18:21
lordcirth__wanna_bee, 'df' will show the mountpoint, if you don't know it18:21
lordcirth__j03, lol18:22
Guest84Hi, thought you guys would know this one. I used to run `ufw default reject; ufw reject ssh; ufw --force enable` on 14.04 and I stayed active in the ssh session until I exit. Now I perform the same commands on 18.04 and immediately get disconnected (Broken pipe). Do you have any ideas as to what might be the cause of the different behavior? I'm using clean images from DigitalOcean each time.18:22
Guest84The difference I can already see is that lots of sshd_config options are commented out on 18.04 distro, but the only thing I notice which could be relevant is TCPKeepAlive on, and uncommenting it doesn't help on 18.0418:23
j03(for future reference: `hdajacksensetest` is a really useful tool for detecting such errors)18:23
lordcirth__Guest84, https://askubuntu.com/a/89308018:23
wanna_beeoutput : brw-rw---- 1 root disk 8, 5 Apr 15 09:05 /dev/sda518:24
wanna_beelordcirth__ output : brw-rw---- 1 root disk 8, 5 Apr 15 09:05 /dev/sda518:24
Guest84lordcirth__, thanks, will try. still curious why I could do it on 14.04 without any custom iptables rules18:25
Guest84lordcirth__, nope, didn't help. I added it at the end before COMMIT and then entered the commands. got disconnected18:28
pragmaticenigmaGuest84: You're talking about versions released 4 years apart. I'm certain there have been enhancements in ufw and iptables since then18:28
pragmaticenigmaGuest84: You would need to read the release notes between the version released with Ubuntu for version 14.04 and compare it against all the release notes up until Ubuntu 18.0418:29
MadLambI'm trying to deserialize a string to object with jackson, and my object has a fromString method, but jackson says "(although at least one Creator exists): no String-argument constructor/factory method to deserialize from String value". Am I missing something obvious?18:29
MadLambwrong channel xD18:30
tatertotsGuest84: it'd help most if you were more intimately familiar with your configuration requirements18:37
tatertotsGuest84: what tcp/udp ports and or services are you attempting or desire to allow/block, and are you familiar enough with  networking to know the current state/status of the applicable ports to even be able to verify any firewall changes at all18:39
tatertotsGuest84: good luck in your endeavors18:39
Guest84tatertots: I'm changing the sshd port but I don't want the current session to end abruptly. worked in 14.04, stopped working in 18.0418:42
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Guest84the commands are a part of a configuration script I run to prepare fresh servers for production18:43
tatertotsah i see18:43
tatertotschanging port is fairly standard practice so if you don't mind me asking..is this only the first or second time you're doing this?18:45
kadirohello, how to know which bug is sent, because each time I login I see a small window tell me to sent or not but no information about what problem is it18:46
leftyfbGuest84: I would suggest changing the port in sshd_config and using iptables to modify your saved rules. Then when the entire deployment is done, either reboot or reload your iptables rules. If your rules are written correctly, you should not get booted18:46
Guest84tatertots: man, I've been doing this a lot. I'm a fairly experienced server admin (sans understanding all the nitty-gritty of iptables, thus ufw)18:46
hggdhGuest84: usually there is a rule to allow sessions already established to go thru. I wonder if, on stop/restart the session table is being lost, or it this rule is not present18:49
Guest84leftyfb: right, the only problem is, I need the output of the deployment script at the end (the generated passwords and stuff). I could save them into a file and read after re-connecting on the new port, but that's very inconvenient18:49
leftyfbGuest84: again, if you write the iptables rules correctly, you should not get disconnected18:51
Guest84hggdh: there's actually a rule in /etc/ufw/before.rules to accept all RELATED,ESTABLISHED. weird that they're not working18:51
leftyfbqwebirc12112: can we help you with something?18:51
Bashing-om!pastebin | qwebirc1211218:52
ubottuqwebirc12112: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.18:52
qwebirc12112So, I was trying to install mono and was running into a few errors.18:52
qwebirc75614I switched between two ppas with different versions of the same packages without using ppa purge. Now I have an unstable combination of both PPAs versions. The PPAs in question are the mesa amd gpu drivers.18:52
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tatertotsGuest84: and worse case scenario if you get kicked/locked out ssh, a seasoned admin still has emergency access...right?18:53
leftyfbqwebirc12112: try ppa-purge for both ppa's. Try forcing the removal of all packages you installed from the ppa's18:53
Bashing-om!info mono-roslyn bionic | qwebirc1211218:54
qwebirc75614I now only have one of the PPAs installed. Should I also install the other one?18:54
ubottuqwebirc12112: Package mono-roslyn does not exist in bionic18:54
tatertotsah i see18:55
qwebirc12112When I try to apt install ppa-purge it gives me the same error.18:55
qwebirc12112Hm, okay, that worked.18:55
Guest84tatertots: of course, but that would be one bad deployment experience if I did that every time wouldn't it18:55
qwebirc12112What would be the command with ppa-purge to remove mono?18:55
leftyfbqwebirc75614: you use ppa-purge against the ppa's you added, not the individual packages18:56
qwebirc12112Hm, how would I know what the name of the ppa I added is - the one that would be causing this conundrum.18:56
qwebirc12112Sorry, i'm a bit new to the OS.18:57
leftyfb"how would I know what the name of the ppa I added is"18:57
qwebirc75614@leftyfb My question is whatever I have to run the ppa-purge command for both packages even if I dont have one of them installed anymore. Should I add the unstable PPA back onto my system before ppa-purging it?18:57
leftyfbyou added it. We have no idea what you added18:57
qwebirc12112Or, shall I try -  sudo apt remove --purge --auto-remove mono-runtime18:57
leftyfbqwebirc75614: sure, add it back in, them use ppa-purg18:57
qwebirc75614You have to remove the PPA containing mono18:57
leftyfbqwebirc12112: this is why you don't go adding ppa's left and right when you are just starting out. Things get real ugly real fast18:58
qwebirc12112Yeah, thanks.18:58
=== hibbie1 is now known as hibbie
qwebirc12112I will be more careful in the future.18:58
Guest84tatertots, leftyfb, hggdh, lordcirth__, pragmaticenigma: so here's the iptables -L after I got disconnected and reconnected on another port: https://paste.ofcode.org/33MKNuSpt383nDCbpDxb9cr The rules have "accept RELATED,ESTABLISHED" in them, why didn't they work?19:00
leftyfbGuest84: those are part of the ufw chains. I don't deal with ufw at all since it's not granular enough and I've seen it cause problems with other people. My suggestion was to use iptables directly and not ufw19:02
kadirohello, how to know which bug is sent, because each time I login I see a small window tell me to sent or not but no information about what problem is it19:02
kadiroor to disable that message if possible19:02
leftyfbkadiro: those do not generate bugs. They just provide feedback to the developers. The details of which I'm not aware of. But they certainly do not create individual bugs.19:02
leftyfbkadiro: yes, find and fix the issues causing the errors19:03
kadiroleftyfb, but that happen on every login which is annoying19:03
leftyfbkadiro: right, find and fix the issue they're complaining about and the messages go away19:03
leftyfbkadiro: you don't fix problems by disabling the error messages telling you there's a problem19:04
kadiroleftyfb, there is no message just a small window tell there is something to be sent19:04
leftyfbkadiro: sudo rm /var/crash/*19:04
Guest84leftyfb: I don't get how it can be an issue to analyze the rules if they're part of iptables, even if they're generated by ufw, but ok19:05
kadiroleftyfb, thanks i think there is one about lirc, i deleted it with that command19:06
kadirooh the message comme again right now19:06
leftyfbkadiro: what version of ubuntu is this?19:07
kadiroleftyfb, xubuntu 18.04.219:07
kadiroI let that message but i don't know how to send it hear19:09
tatertotsGuest84: sweet..you guy reconnected on the port you preferred. :)19:12
tatertotspat yourself on the back19:13
tatertotsnow go have some tea and a cigarette19:13
Guest84tatertots: but I lost the session. you don't seem to get it19:13
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.19:15
tatertotsGuest84: if that's your production environment and you didn't have the wherewithal to pilot test outside of production so you'd know the task at hand...it's more important that YOU get it19:15
qwebirc12112Hello, for some reason when I run this command it tells me that it's deprecated. https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/MqSnmDgx5d/19:16
leftyfbqwebirc12112: apt-cache policy mono-devel19:17
tatertotsGuest84: rome wasn't built in a day...system engineers aren't either19:17
leftyfbqwebirc12112: can you pastebin the output please?19:17
Guest84tatertots: it was a useless server I don't care to trash. I've deleted and created dozens of them in the past hour I've been experimenting with this. you seem to make absolutely bizarre conclusions who knows based on what, certainly not on what I wrote19:17
leftyfbtatertots: Please keep the discussion to helpful troubleshooting19:18
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.19:18
ChunkzZIs it safe to install the release candidate?19:19
naccChunkzZ: your results may vary, and it depends on what you mean by "safe"? For support currently you want #ubuntu+119:19
leftyfbqwebirc12112: I would seek support from #mono19:20
ChunkzZnacc: no major bugs = safe.19:20
qwebirc12112Is there a mono IRC?19:20
Bashing-omChunkzZ: ubuntu+1 remains in "testiong" = your mileage may vary.19:20
naccChunkzZ: all software has bugs19:20
leftyfbqwebirc12112: I just gave you the channel name19:20
naccChunkzZ: 'major' also depends on what you use / do19:20
naccChunkzZ: further, if you really don't want "major bugs" just stick with LTS19:21
ChunkzZLatest is better, though.19:21
naccChunkzZ: "better"? you keep using very subjective terms19:21
naccChunkzZ: it's almost never "better" from a stability perspective immediately after release (lots of bugfixes, i.e.). Also, if you don't wnat to reboot, it's not "better"19:22
ChunkzZLike the bug in lubuntu where you can't set a default browser would be classed as a major bug.19:22
naccChunkzZ: I don't know what bug you are referring to, sorry19:22
leftyfbChunkzZ: feel free to discuss Ubuntu+1 in #ubuntu+119:22
naccChunkzZ: you can go look at the release tracker, too, i think19:22
pragmaticenigmaGuest84: Think of it this way, ufw generates rules based on a smaller instruction set than iptables. ufw makes a best effort to generate an iptable rule based on what it is provided. that generated rule may or may not work as expected when compare to entering the rule directly to iptable. Anytime there is an interpretation, you are at the mercy of the person that wrote the program to interpret the command and generate the output19:23
ChunkzZI'll give it a go. :)19:23
tatertotsleftyfb: the software based firewall, iptables,ufw portion I personally know is separate from his sshd configuration preferences, I'm not beating the dead iptables/ufw networking horse (post his reconnection on alternate port)....carry on19:24
ChunkzZDamn.. I apologize, I thought this was the channel for #ubuntu+1... Sorry.19:25
leftyfbtatertots: I have no idea what you just went on about. But congrats?19:25
Guest84pragmaticenigma: so you're saying it could be a difference in ufw versions which compile my ufw input into different iptables rules, which have different side effects such as possibly the one mentioned?19:28
pragmaticenigmaGuest84: That is part of what I am saying, yes. In your original inquery, you stated that you were comparing ufw from Ubuntu 14.04 to Ubuntu 18.04. Which are running different version of ufw. In those different versions, the rules are possibly interpreted better or differently than in the past (without reading the release notes or look at the change logs of the program code, I have no way to be certain)19:31
Guest84pragmaticenigma: interesting. I'll try comparing the compiled rules then19:32
SomeDamnBodyHey, does anybody know why the line call void @llvm.trap() doesn't work with undefined value llvm.trap?19:34
naccSomeDamnBody: ... programming question for llvm?19:41
woenxHey. I have a question regarding visudo19:42
woenxI want a user to be able to use the sudo command with a specific program without a password19:42
woenxso If it runs sudo /usr/bin/program, it works, no password19:43
woenxhowever, if I run sudo -u user2 /usr/bin/program, it asks for a password19:43
SomeDamnBodynacc,  my bad, thought I had just joined that channel19:43
naccSomeDamnBody: np19:43
naccwoenx: what is in your sudoers file?19:44
woenxoh, dammit, I just found out19:44
woenxuser1 ALL= NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/env, /usr/bin/wine-stable, /usr/bin/wine19:44
woenxbut changing it to: user1 ALL=(user2) NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/env, /usr/bin/wine-stable, /usr/bin/wine19:45
woenxseems to work19:45
woenxI have to try it now19:45
Guest84pragmaticenigma: *sigh* it was a good theory, but the diff showed nothing except some unrelated udp line https://paste.ofcode.org/CGVetCzFGJdpSXmczszWg3 other than that, ufw amazingly produces the same rules on both versions19:47
tonahello everyone, how could I get the category from one package in ubuntu apt-cahe show19:49
lordcirth__tona, you mean Section?19:49
Guest84pragmaticenigma: actually, sorry, i spoke too soon. it's not unrelated, it has dpt:ssh in it. seems I have found my issue, will investigate a bit more, thanks for pointing me in the right direction19:50
zEneeergydebian is better19:51
nacc!ot | zEneeergy19:51
ubottuzEneeergy: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!19:51
leftyfbzEneeergy: trolling is offtopic here19:51
leftyfbtona: can we help you with something?19:51
nacctona: yes to you are looking for Section?19:51
leftyfboh right, nm19:51
nacctona: if so, then just search for it? not sure what the question actually is19:52
analogicalwhat does it mean when a Linux Kernel is "Real-time" ?19:52
leftyfbtona: apt-cache show <package> | grep Section19:52
pragmaticenigmaGuest84: I feel you're waisting time in this analysis. Does iptables block traffic that you desire, or not. That would be where I recommend you focus your attention. Not worry about the difference between versions developed 4 years apart19:52
leftyfbanalogical: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Realtime_kernel_patchset19:52
Guest84pragmaticenigma: I don't see how I can check if iptables blocks the traffic, cause I'm trying to analyze how it reacts to the "established" connection which is not established anymore since it was dropped immediately19:55
Guest84oh, the logs, of course, stupid me19:55
tatertots"established" suggest it was NOT blocked19:55
* tatertots gets popcorn 19:56
Guest84tatertots: it was established at the moment it was dropped, and then it stopped being established19:57
pragmaticenigmaGuest84: Again, to me this isn't an issue with ufw. And again, you're missing my point. There was probably an enhancement to iptables that when new rules are applied, they are applied retroactively to all connections. Meaning that even established connections will be severed if the new rule enforces a blocked connection.19:59
tatertotsGuest84: and you can reconnect successfully after being dropped yes?19:59
pragmaticenigmatatertots: No, they cannot19:59
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pragmaticenigmaGuest84: The firewall is working as I would expect a firewall to work. When I block traffic on a port, I expect all traffic on that port to stop.20:00
pixelssapparently you can change workspace by scrolling near the edge of the app bar20:00
Guest84pragmaticenigma: so you think there's a high probability that there is no way to achieve the same behavior?20:00
tatertotsGuest84: it sure ain't a firewall prob dude20:01
Guest84pragmaticenigma: except that there's iptables rules that allow established connections through20:01
pixelssyou have to be pixel perfect tho20:01
leftyfbtatertots: please stop20:01
tatertotsGuest84: use netstat bro20:01
leftyfbtatertots: please stop20:01
tatertotsleftyfb: i'll stop suggesting use of netstat20:02
pixelsspretty sure this is a bug20:02
tatertots....i know how yalll are about stuff like netstat20:02
pixelsson ubuntu 18.04 btw20:02
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pragmaticenigma!ops | tatertots is trolling and offtopic, warned multiple times to stop20:02
ubottutatertots is trolling and offtopic, warned multiple times to stop: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, phunyguy, bazhang, chu, dax20:02
leftyfbtatertots: please stop with the pointless banter and inadequate suggestions20:02
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pixelsscan anyone try this?20:03
Guest84pragmaticenigma: oh could it be that iptables didn't have *any* rules at all before ufw added its own?20:04
Guest84it was completely empty20:04
pragmaticenigmaGuest84: ufw by default has no default rules and is disabled20:04
pragmaticenigmaGuest84: and that is in the documentation.... something I would highly recommend you go and read20:05
Guest84pragmaticenigma: sure, I mean iptables -L itself was empty before I enabled ufw20:06
Guest84oh well... thanks anyway for trying your best to help pragmaticenigma20:06
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Guest84and all you folks20:06
lordcirth__yo_, hi20:10
yo_que hacesn20:10
yo_eres mujer20:10
nacc!es | yo_20:10
ubottuyo_: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.20:10
Sven_vBI've got VLC with niceness -10 reading from a partition and curl with niceness 15 downloading onto that partition, but still VLC's audio reliably stutters when curl is downloading, and reliably plays perfectly when curl is paused. any ideas? is there a way to prioritize disk access?20:15
Sven_vBusing xenial20:15
lordcirth__Sven_vB, nice is for CPU usage, you need ionice20:16
Sven_vBlordcirth__, thanks!20:16
lordcirth__ionice -c 3 wget ...20:17
lordcirth__rakib, hello20:22
rakiblordcirth__, hello20:23
Sven_vBlordcirth__, so I adjusted VLC to prio 2 and curl to 7 but still same problem. http://paste.debian.net/plainh/c18fc968 what's wrong?20:29
cuddylierIs there anyway to launch basic games via VNC if I'm using a Xeon CPU with no external graphics card? I'm trying to launch supertux2 for example, the window starts to pop up but only the top bar of the window shows, nothing else.20:31
lordcirth__Sven_vB, don't tinker with priority, set curl to be 'idle' with -c 320:31
Vizinixsweet baby ray, i finally got linux mint to install on my pc20:32
lordcirth__Vizinix, that is offtopic here20:32
Sven_vBlordcirth__, ok, thanks again20:33
lordcirth__kryptomuecke, hi20:36
kryptomueckeI have problem20:36
tomreyn!details | kryptomuecke20:37
ubottukryptomuecke: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.20:37
kryptomueckeThe hard Disk has Not supperblock20:38
kryptomueckeYou can Help ne ?20:38
kryptomueckeIts a ext4 hard disk20:38
lauri_Sdoes anybody know how to configure hdmi to detect my external monitor (the cable is fine, and display works in windows10 just fine) The problem must be in ubuntu software/Drivers or something20:39
tomreynwe can try, with more details. you could also ask on your native languiage channel.20:39
tomreynkryptomuecke: ^20:39
lauri_Si am dualbooting also ubuntu and win1020:39
lordcirth__lauri_S, run 'dmesg -w', then plug in the HDMI. Anything happen?20:39
lauri_Sdoes it matter if the hdmi is already plugged in20:40
lordcirth__lauri_S, re-plug it, see if the kernel says anything20:40
Beankylla@lauri_S: it should not matter20:40
Beankylla@lauri_S: what is your graphic card?20:40
lauri_Sgtx 1050 ntoebook20:40
lauri_Sand some intel thingy20:40
lauri_Slaptop is acer nitro 5 or something like thta20:40
kryptomueckeYou can speak German ?20:41
tomreyn!de | kryptomuecke20:41
ubottukryptomuecke: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!20:41
Beankylla@lauri_S: did you install the drivers for dual gpu?20:42
Sven_vBlordcirth__, still same stuttering :(20:43
Sven_vBnow with curl on idle20:43
lordcirth__Sven_vB, how's your RAM usage?20:44
lauri_Sbeankylla, do you want me to post the dmesg output20:44
lauri_Sits a lot...20:44
noregretis there a repo I can use to update samba to 4.8+? without compiling ie20:44
lordcirth__!paste | lauri_S20:44
ubottulauri_S: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.20:44
Beankylla@lauri_S: try this: sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall20:44
donofrioIs there a MDM Agent avilable for ubuntu?  I try to do this search in google and it doesn't show me where the client is +"ubuntu" -"android" -"windows" +"vmware intelligent hub" ;(20:44
lordcirth__donofrio, what do you mean? What do you want to do?20:45
lauri_Si put the dmesg into the paste link20:45
lauri_Sshould i try now the sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall20:46
tomreynlauri_S: after posting there, you need to post the urlhere20:46
lauri_Sthx guys, i tried ubuntu stack exchange and my post there went unanswered pretty much...20:47
Sven_vBlordcirth__, free -m: total = 989, used = 501, free = 116, shared = 66, buff/cache = 371, available = 258; no swap20:47
lordcirth__lauri_S, so nothing else showed after you re-plugged the cable?20:47
lauri_Sive been pulling my hair out because of this thing20:47
lordcirth__Sven_vB, with both running? 1GB isn't very much20:47
Beankylla@lauri_S: yes try sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall20:48
lauri_Swell, in ubuntu devices->displays it just says unknown display in the gui and it shows my regular laptop screen resolution 1920x108020:48
=== Sokol is now known as BOSNA
lauri_Sdidnt try the autoinstall yet20:48
Sven_vBlordcirth__, yeah with both running. indeed, I wish I had more RAM. can it really be a bottle neck although there's still RAM available?20:48
fliegemy hard drive is no longer the partition table is damaged what can you do there?20:48
bpromptnoregret:    you can try maybe at -> rpmseek.com   <--- not is not just rpms, is rpm/deb archives, or check maybe at --> pkgs.org  <--- those sites have some .deb versions for download of packages, just bear in mind dependencies and architecture20:48
Sven_vBfree even20:48
Beankylla@lauri_S: it should at least install nvidia drivers20:48
lordcirth__Sven_vB, ok, then I guess that's not it. But with 1GB RAM I'm guessing your CPU is also very slow? There's only so much 'nice' can do with latency-sensitive stuff.20:49
Sven_vBlordcirth__, the partition is an encrypted truecrypt volume. might truecrypt have priorities independent from ionice?20:49
Beankyllai'm guessing they are your issue20:49
lordcirth__Sven_vB, oh, that's actually quite possible20:49
lordcirth__Not to mention the extra CPU load20:50
lauri_Si got some error with sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall, it was a new error message from my point of view, posting it into the paste-link prepare for link...20:50
Sven_vBlordcirth__, you're right, I checked in htop. both CPU cores have a peak with full usage when audio stutters.20:50
Sven_vBso that would explain it20:51
lauri_Sit was error about packages corrupted or something20:51
lordcirth__Sven_vB, you may want to schedule the wget for later using atd20:51
Sven_vBso is there a way to make curl even less important?20:51
noregretbprompt: yeah, it's gonna be a mess20:52
lordcirth__Sven_vB, not really, and if you starve it too much, the other end will timeout20:52
noregretbprompt: only reason i want to update is for macos time machine20:52
lordcirth__I would just schedule downloads to run later20:52
Sven_vBI control the other end and it is very forgiving :)20:52
bpromptnoregret:   well, you install with "dpkg -i" and if it hassles too much, you can always "dpkg -r"20:53
Sven_vBalso it works on another machine which is almost the same make/model, just a month or so older20:53
noregretbprompt: I hoped for a ppa somewhere20:53
noregretbprompt: will give ig a shot20:53
Sven_vBmy netbooks are basically clones so I can swap them when one needs recharging20:53
AvidWolf43hi guys20:53
Beankylla@lauri_S: have you done any thing that you haven't totally understood?20:53
AvidWolf43Can anyone help me with deploying landscape quickstart. I'm getting an error and not sure where to start troubleshooting20:54
Beankylla@lauri_S: how does a fresh isntall sound?20:54
lauri_SI think i reverted the driver to older one20:54
lordcirth__Sven_vB, how is the idle CPU usage? perhaps there20:54
lordcirth__*'s something else running20:54
Beankylla@lauri_S: hmmm probably not supported with the old version20:54
tomreynAvidWolf43: please /join #ubuntu-server20:55
AvidWolf43thanks tomreyn20:55
catbadgerI am havin/j #ubuntu-server20:56
lauri_SI would prefer not complete uninstall, because this dual boot setup was a B***H to insttall20:56
Sven_vBlordcirth__, that's probably right. still, when I pause curl, both CPU core bars move between 40% and 46% so there should be enough room for adding say 20% curl, right?20:56
catbadgeri have a weird issue20:56
catbadgeranyone good with partitions?20:56
lordcirth__!ask | catbadger20:56
ubottucatbadger: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience20:56
lordcirth__Sven_vB, what about when you stop vlc too?20:57
lauri_Sok I reverted to the newwer driver 418 something, and the sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall20:57
lauri_S ran correctly20:57
catbadgerdf reports disk (20G) is 91% full. it's on a partition that's 60gb. can't resize it as resize2fs thinks all the available space is filled. what gives?20:58
lauri_Sim not able to configure any monitors in the display manager in the ubuntu gui, though20:58
lauri_Sthat is to say... the actual external monitor20:58
Bashing-omcatbadger: What shows ' df -h ; df -i ' ?20:59
lauri_Subuntu version should be Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS21:00
lauri_Sscreen is samsung syncmaster226bw21:00
Sven_vBlordcirth__, video playback paused: 14..18% on both CPU cores, with short peaks up to 22%. when pausing the entire VLC process with SIGSTOP, same but the peaks seem to be a bit rarer.21:01
tomreynlauri_S: the dmesg you posted earlier shows nothing about nvidia hardware, just intel graphics. it also doesn't seem to be complete, though. you can do this instead:  journalctl -b | nc termbin.com 999921:01
lordcirth__Sven_vB, I'd look and find out what's using the rest.21:01
catbadgerBashing-om brb booting gparted21:01
lauri_Stomreyn i just ran that command21:02
tomreynlauri_S: it should have returned another web address, which you could post here21:03
lauri_Swow,  im such fool lol xD21:04
Sven_vBlordcirth__, with VLC and curl paused, the most CPU intensive tasks in htop are, most of the time, xorg, bluetooth, pulseaudio, pavucontrol, htop, screen.21:04
Bashing-omlauri_S: All a process in learning :)21:04
Sven_vBoh and xfwm4 of course21:05
tomreynlauri_S: please also post the url returned by this command   lspci -knn | grep -A3 VGA | nc termbin.com 999921:05
lauri_Sgetting this external monitor working would greatly improve my comfort at C programming on ubuntu :D21:09
tomreynlauri_S: sorry, i can't continue, need to recover some server right now. please repeat the problem description, show the output of the "ubuntu-drivers" terminal commands again and repeat your question21:09
lauri_Swhat was the ubuntu drivers command again?21:11
lordcirth__lauri_S, sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall ?21:12
lauri_Shere is the problem description, and output from ubuntu drivers autoinstall21:17
qwebirc89899Hello, how can I ssh into a server connected to a VPN?21:18
EriC^^qwebirc89899: install ssh, make sure the port is open, ssh in21:18
qwebirc89899Right, so I can ssh in and turn on the VPN; however, as soon as the VPN is on I get a broken pipe.21:19
EriC^^qwebirc89899: if you can't even get a shell on your vpn then i recommend seeing the providers docs/instructions/faq21:19
EriC^^qwebirc89899: that doesnt make sense21:19
EriC^^how can you ssh in with the vpn off?...21:19
=== achen_ is now known as thefatma
DigitalisAkujinHow can I remove a no longer active PPA?21:25
DigitalisAkujinKeep getting "E: The repository 'https://matrix.org/packages/debian bionic Release' no longer has a Release file."21:25
EriC^^!ppa-purge | DigitalisAkujin21:27
ubottuDigitalisAkujin: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html21:27
DigitalisAkujinI ran ppa-purge ppa:matrix.org/debian earlier and got "E: The repository 'https://matrix.org/packages/debian bionic Release' no longer has a Release file."21:28
EriC^^DigitalisAkujin: try this https://github.com/ericj112/ppa-tool21:28
=== cyphase- is now known as cyphase
EriC^^DigitalisAkujin: ah actually i think it won't work as well21:29
EriC^^DigitalisAkujin: use sudo add-apt-repository -r21:29
EriC^^DigitalisAkujin: or just manually remove the file from /etc/apt/sources.list.d21:30
DigitalisAkujinthere we go, had to remove it from /etc/apt/sources.list21:33
lauri_Swhat is the name of this channel21:50
lauri_Sand how do i save it into xchat so i can come here again21:51
lauri_Sok bye guys and good night, im off to bed!21:52
dyc3Hi, so I'm on 16.04 and im trying to upgrade to 18.04, and I'm getting some errors having to do with calculating changes. (see: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-release-upgrader/+bug/1824748 ) But, what if I just replaced my apt sources with the 18.04 sources and do apt upgrade?22:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1824748 in ubuntu-release-upgrader (Ubuntu) "Failure to upgrade from 16.04.6 LTS to 18.04, due to failing to calculate changes" [Undecided,New]22:05
pragmaticenigmadyc3: That is not recommended... there is more to the upgrade than just changing the software repositories22:21
guivercdyc3, i'd say 40-60% chance of a successful upgrade using that debian method.. if you have troubles it'll be with python in my experience & apt may not be available to fix.. you could try & and always fix with install via 18.04.x thumb-drive (something else, no format).  Restoring your system to only use Ubuntu packages then do-release-upgrade is likely best22:21
pragmaticenigmadyc3: Could you pastebin the message you are receiving from the failed upgrade?22:23
dyc3pragmaticenigma: https://pastebin.com/wMPF9QkK22:25
pragmaticenigmadyc3: what is in your apt sources?22:25
binbininterestingly the 19.04 beta installs just fine but when I update it, on reboot gdm never finishes and hangs starting22:29
binbinthe daily images do the same on first boot22:29
pragmaticenigma!ubunti+1 | binbin22:30
pragmaticenigma!ubuntu+1 | binbin22:30
ubottubinbin: Disco Dingo is the codename for Ubuntu 19.04 - Support only in #ubuntu+122:30
Vic3Hello, I want to tar.gz my home directory but NOT include any subdirectories .... How can I do this?  Would it be tar -cvzf homefiles.tag.gz *   ??  or will that include the subdirectories?22:31
dyc3pragmaticenigma: all my apt sources https://pastebin.com/AviuWnjC22:32
EriC^^Vic3: tar --no-recursion maybe22:32
pragmaticenigmadyc3: Remove the ppa for http://ppa.launchpad.net/webupd8team/java/ubuntu ... that's what is preventing you from upgrading22:33
pragmaticenigmadyc3: use ppa-purge (I think is the command)22:34
Vic3eric^^ sadly, I need better than 'maybe'.22:36
pragmaticenigmadyc3: use "sudo add-apt-repository --remove ppa:PPA_Name/ppa" placing the repo in the PPA_Name/ppa22:36
dyc3pragmaticenigma: done, and do-release-upgrade gives the same output as before22:37
pragmaticenigmaVic3: It's up to you to verify, try looking at "man tar" if it's possible, it will be in the documentation there22:37
pragmaticenigmadyc3: when you remove, you need to refresh, and run a regular update22:37
FreeBDSMubuntu 18.04 (xfce flavor), how to restart samba?22:38
dyc3pragmaticenigma: I did run apt update22:38
FreeBDSM`systemctl status smdb` tells me no such unit. And there's not one in /etc/init.d/22:38
dyc3pragmaticenigma: I also found this when googling: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1045340/unable-to-upgrade-to-18-04-from-17-10-an-unresolvable-problem-occurred-while-ca22:38
bilb_onohow do I use the output of a command in a variable for a bash script? like myip = hostname -i; echo $myip22:40
kadirodyc3, try to disable any ppa server first22:40
bilb_onois that possibel?22:40
bilb_onooh with $()22:40
dyc3kadiro: already did that, the only apt sources are the official ones22:40
kadirodyc3, may be you did disable it but the apps was already installed with ppa22:41
pragmaticenigmaFreeBDSM: smbd is what you are seeking, smdb... and the smdb service doesn't implement a "status" flag, you can only stop and start the service22:42
FreeBDSMpragmaticenigma: oops, a typo, meant smbd. there's no smbd.22:43
pragmaticenigmaFreeBDSM: right, but did you see the rest of my message?22:43
dyc3kadiro: that's probably the case. any idea how i would go about fixing it?22:43
FreeBDSMpragmaticenigma: yeah22:44
kadirodyc3, try reinstalling anything you did with ppa but with apt only22:44
FreeBDSMpragmaticenigma: unit not found when doing start/stop instead of status22:44
kadirothat will show you hints about the cause22:44
pragmaticenigmaFreeBDSM: Is samba even installed?22:46
dyc3kadiro: I know that, but I don't remember what I installed with a ppa22:46
FreeBDSMpragmaticenigma: hell, it even works22:46
pragmaticenigmaFreeBDSM: sudo systemctl stop smbd.service && sudo systemctl start smbd.service22:48
VitoGany issues with ryzen and linux22:48
VitoGlooking at the zen+ architecture22:48
pragmaticenigmaVitoG: Do you have a specific issue running Ubuntu on a rysen processor?22:48
VitoGno, im wondering if there are any22:48
FreeBDSMpragmaticenigma: Failed to stop smbd.service: Unit smbd.service not loaded.22:48
FreeBDSMpragmaticenigma: Failed to start smbd.service: Unit smbd.service not found.22:49
Vic3eric^^ and pragmaticenigma thank you22:49
pragmaticenigmaVitoG: This channel focuses on support existing installations the Ubuntu Desktop. For questions such as those, you might want to try asking in ##linux22:49
gislavedanyone a guilty pleasure ?22:49
FreeBDSMbut nvm, I just figured I needed to quote user name in smb access, cups now works fine22:49
VitoGoh ok22:50
pragmaticenigmagislaved: Please check the room topic and make sure you are in the right channel22:50
gislavedpragmaticenigma no-one can refuse beans in tomato sauce :)22:50
gislavedor are you pragmatic and no joy in life ?22:51
kadirodyc3, any package that you see said depend on .. try to reinstall it, it is a pain to do so, but may be a fresh install ( backup your important files first) and go ahead22:51
pragmaticenigmaFreeBDSM: Then I would have to assume the Samba wasn't isntalled via apt22:51
pragmaticenigma!chat | gislaved22:51
ubottugislaved: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!22:51
gislavedpragmaticenigma relax you are not smarter then someone else22:51
hggdhgislaved: please keep on-topic22:52
FreeBDSMpragmaticenigma: `apt list installed samba`: samba/bionic-updates,bionic-security 2:4.7.6+dfsg~ubuntu-0ubuntu2.9 amd6422:52
gislavedhggdh I was pretty sure the next Ubuntu release was going to be called BeansInTomatoSauce :)22:53
dyc3kadiro: yeah, I already have backups so I might as well just reinstall22:53
hggdhgislaved: again. Please keep on-topic22:53
kadirodyc3, thats a good idea22:53
gislavedhggdh distro names are ontopic :)22:53
dyc3pragmaticenigma, kadiro thanks for the help22:53
kadirodyc3, it will save your day22:53
gislavedanyways, gottay go, I finshed them :)22:53
kadirodyc3, no problem22:53
FreeBDSMI'd still ban him22:54
FreeBDSMhere he is again22:55
gislavedFreeBDSM relax ;)22:55
RadarGI'm copying files for some reason the directory names are weird example:    'movefile.mkv'22:55
hggdhgislaved: consider yourself warned22:55
pragmaticenigmaFreeBDSM: I don't know why it wouldn't work, if samba is running, I don't know how it is getting started22:55
gislavedhggdh wow, I'm amazed... the bashers that try to get pandapoints with you by telling someone should be banned should be warned :)  I didn't harm a thing so far22:56
gislavedanyways, later :)22:56
FreeBDSMpragmaticenigma: me neither. On centos system I'd run `rpm -Va` to verify package integrity, I dunno how to do the same with apt/dpkg22:56
FreeBDSMpragmaticenigma: `debsums samba`: `debsums: package samba is not installed`22:58
pragmaticenigmaFreeBDSM: So how did you get samba installed if not through apt?22:58
eaglgenes101I believe the flags you're looking for are `dpkg -VC`. That's the two flags for verifying and auditing all the packages on the system22:59
FreeBDSMpragmaticenigma: I've recently did `apt update && apt -y upgrade` and it updated: samba-common, samba-dsdb-modules, samba-libs, samba-vfs-modules and smbclient22:59
FreeBDSMeaglgenes101: you are correct about V (rather than v), but wrong about C23:00
FreeBDSMpragmaticenigma: might that be because I haven't rebooted since apt upgrade?23:01
eaglgenes101Unless your system is so horribly broken that persisting known-good state is the only thing that keeps it from not working at all, restarting usually works at least temporarily. Probably a good idea.23:02
pragmaticenigmaFreeBDSM: No, a reboot is only required when upgrading a kernel. An upgrade to the samba service would only require a restart of the service23:03
FreeBDSMlooks like I executed the wrong command23:04
FreeBDSM`apt list installed samba` is wrong23:04
FreeBDSM`apt list installed | grep samba` returns 0 results23:04
kadirogrep installed too23:05
FreeBDSMwhat the23:05
FreeBDSMlooks like I borked my system23:05
FreeBDSMmessed up apt vs yum syntax23:05
FreeBDSMapt list --installed23:05
FreeBDSMyeah, so I don't have samba package, I only have the ones I've mentioned above23:06
eaglgenes101So try the operation again I would guess.23:06
FreeBDSMnot sure if I even need samba if cups works with a remote printer attached to windows via smb protocol just fine23:06
eaglgenes101If apt doesn't actually manage to get a package on the system, it almost always has output explaining why23:07
pragmaticenigmaFreeBDSM: You only need samba if you are planning on sharing from that machine. It provides no benefit to access other machines23:08
FreeBDSMeaglgenes101: I mean I probably have never installed samba itself, only it's -common, -libs and and 2 -modules + client23:08
FreeBDSMpragmaticenigma: well, today I learned.23:08
eaglgenes101Try typing `sudo apt install samba`, then hitting the tab key twice. It should list the packages starting with "samba".23:09
texlaUbuntu 18.04/grub2.0.2 Grub menu fonts set at 480x440 in /etc/default/grub ..this is to small for my eyeglasses what numbers do I change to enlarge23:09
pragmaticenigmaFreeBDSM: It is confusing as there is ther service (which creates a samba server) and the client apps (which provide conduits to remotely access other samba services)23:09
FreeBDSMpragmaticenigma: it is also my 1st experience with samba from linux, I think23:10
FreeBDSMso far it worked just fine, I only needed manual to tell me that printer's name should be urlencoded, which made me think that user should be urlencoded too and bam! it worked!23:11
FreeBDSMweird that xfce has no program to configure printers :/23:11
FreeBDSMhad to configure cups using it's web interface23:12
Bashing-omtexla: In/etc/default/grub file is the directive to know what modes are availabale ( grub command).23:13
FreeBDSMwhich has restricted access by default (why?) and I got no keyring (still don't know what's that and how to use it properly) password requests23:13
pragmaticenigmaFreeBDSM: You can install a printer manager GUI ... I don't recall the name of it off hand23:13
pragmaticenigmaFreeBDSM: The user:pass that CUPS wants is the local admin username and password (someone setup in sudo)23:14
FreeBDSMpragmaticenigma: there was no input field or login/pass prompt23:14
pragmaticenigmaFreeBDSM: It usually appears as a service side username/password request dialog in the web browser23:15
pragmaticenigmaFreeBDSM: I think that's the package23:15
texlaBashing-om, When I open your suggested file I am back to /etc/default/grub23:18
Bashing-omtexla: In my file is " # note that you can use only modes which your graphic card supports via VBE23:22
Bashing-om# you can see them in real GRUB with the command `vbeinfo'23:22
faLUCEhello. Is there a free public mail server associated to ubuntu, to which is possible to register?23:24
hggdhfaLUCE: not to my knowledge23:25
faLUCEI see23:25
Platonidesuh? "free public mail server associated to ubuntu"23:25
bortoelninoHello, does anyone know if there are any benefits to using 1804 docker images over 1604 docker images  ? I was looking at upgrading ours that currently use 1604, but it seems like security patches will still be provided for 1604 for until 2020.23:43

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