OvenWerksEickmeyer: https://discourse.ardour.org/t/ubuntu-studio-and-zynaddsubfx/10087216:21
OvenWerksNothing to do with Ardour in this case... but (as of 18.04) ZynAddSubfx does not have the new gui. Another good thing for backports?16:26
OvenWerksdoes our 19.04 version have the new GUI?16:27
M_aDOvenWerks: no16:29
* M_aD just checked16:29
* OvenWerks wonders if Debian does.16:30
M_aDdebian? not sure. AVLinux does though and iirc Fedora JAM too16:31
OvenWerksdebian is slow...16:32
OvenWerksI think ubuntu is ahead with Carla for example.16:33
M_aDdebian prefers stability over newest stuff16:34
OvenWerksA good policy for sure... for some things16:36
EickmeyerOvenWerks: Investigating.16:49
EickmeyerOvenWerks, M_aD: I confirmed that the version in Debian is 3.0.3, and Ubuntu's is trickle-down.16:55
* Eickmeyer can't find the upstream repo16:55
EickmeyerInteresting. That's what I was looking at, but there's no actual release tagged. It's shows 3.0.5 has been released in the commits, but the last tag was
Eickmeyerd'oh! There it is.17:01
* Eickmeyer must be blind17:01
EickmeyerOvenWerks, M_aD: I can throw this in the backports, for sure.17:02
EickmeyerSo long as it builds.17:02
* OvenWerks wonders should it be named zyn-fusion17:03
OvenWerksbut it has to replace ZynAddSubfx17:03
EickmeyerWell, the steps I have to take here are: 1) clone the Debian git repo. 2) Replace the upstream branch with the tar. 3) Put the pristine-tar data into the pristine-tar branch. 4) Merge the upstream branch into the main branch17:07
Eickmeyer5) Update the changelog17:07
Eickmeyer6) Change the git remote to our own repo17:07
EickmeyerSo, it's not an entirely new package.17:07
EickmeyerIt's just updating the old one.17:07
OvenWerksDoes that give you the new GUI? or do you need https://github.com/zynaddsubfx/zyn-fusion-build17:08
EickmeyerWe'll see. I'll be investigating, but I need one step at a time.17:08
EickmeyerFalktx has a package, so I'll look at that as well.17:10
EickmeyerHere goes nothing... *clicks build*17:25
* Eickmeyer sad trombone17:30
OvenWerksBuild deps?17:32
EickmeyerNah. Quilt failure. I failed to look for patches and refresh them before upload. :P17:34
M_aDOops moment.... :D17:44
EickmeyerYeah. Also, I failed to see that the patches addressed issues fixed upstream, so ... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯17:45
EickmeyerOops happens. :P17:47
EickmeyerIn the meantime, 6 fail mails. Sorry. :/17:48
EickmeyerNow 9. But this time, it's not my fault.17:50
* M_aD needs to remind himself to subscribe to the mailing list and sort out other ubuntu studio related things17:52
EickmeyerMoving it to my own PPA for now until I can get it to build cleanly (thereby, not spamming everyone).17:57
* OvenWerks is trying out the D17:58
OvenWerkschanging themes helps ;)17:59
OvenWerksno workspaces by default.17:59
EickmeyerThat wasn't changed from prior release(s).18:05
OvenWerksProbably the choice18:06
OvenWerksMost people are introduced to full screen computing first18:06
* OvenWerks likes xfce terminal for not saving a layout for all subsequent terminal instances18:07
* OvenWerks therefore dislikes the way the KDE Konsole works18:08
OvenWerksour current version of ZynAddSubfx does not include the LV218:10
OvenWerksnor dssi18:13
OvenWerksit does not show as a plugin at all  :P18:13
EickmeyerAppears to be a sepearate package altogether: zynadd for the LV2 plugin.18:14
OvenWerksAlmost all modern synth use (even on stage) is via plugins18:14
EickmeyerThis isn't our fault by a longshot.18:17
OvenWerksMaybe not, but these are things we need to look for to be relvant18:20
OvenWerksAnother thing that may make sense to add for next cycle is a menu item called "Get Drum Gizimo drume sets"18:23
OvenWerks(opens browser to drum gizmo drum sets page)18:24
OvenWerksOr add them to Installer18:26
M_aDmaybe add a instrument tuner too18:29
OvenWerksThere is one in gutarix, but ya, I thought we had.18:34
M_aDoh, didn't know that, thanks18:37
EickmeyerHmmm... Falktx's package isn't any different from the one in Debian for the most part.18:37
Eickmeyerre: zynaddsubfx18:37
Eickmeyerbuildpkg isn't liking the binary instruments.18:38
OvenWerksThe eq10q package has a bug in it...may be (or Carla does)18:39
EickmeyerWhat's wrong with it?18:40
OvenWerksLook at the maker field in Carla for any of the eq10q plugins18:41
OvenWerksthey are ok in Ardour18:41
OvenWerks-controls works ok.18:42
EickmeyerOvenWerks: That's a pretty silly bug. Not exactly blocking.18:46
EickmeyerNOt that it's silly to mention it, but that it's silly that it's like that.18:49
EickmeyerProbably a Carla bug.18:49
OvenWerksConcidering Carla gets all the other plugins right... It does make me wonder.18:51
OvenWerksQtracktor does not give that field so I can't compare18:52
OvenWerksSpeaking of qtracktor and eq10q.... qtracktor does not seem to allow the mouse events to all go to the right place18:53
EickmeyerThat's odd.18:54
OvenWerksIn Ardour, I can grab any of the EQ points and just drag it to where I want, but in Qtractor it puts the coloured ring around the control point but doesn't allow it to move18:55
OvenWerksWorks fine in Carla too.18:55
OvenWerksbut... x42-eq is fine in qtractor :P18:56
OvenWerks(different GUI tool kit of course)18:57
OvenWerksAnd qtractor won't let me save :P I am guessing I need the right file extension? or something.19:05
* Eickmeyer knows nothing about qtractor19:05
OvenWerksIt didn't like that I was in my home directory... made a sub directory then ok...19:07
M_aDyep, just tested that too19:09
OvenWerksIt actually looks like it just wants you to have done something with the directory, I could still save in my home if I wanted to it seems.19:10
EickmeyerSerious question: What does qtractor do that Ardour doesn't?19:11
OvenWerksanything you want a tractor (tracker) for19:12
EickmeyerI see, it's a MIDI sequencer.19:12
OvenWerksthe two programs go at things from different ends, qtractor is a sequencer first with audio added and ardour is an audio recorder first19:13
OvenWerksardour's midi tracking and editing is hard for people who are used to sequencer programing19:14
EickmeyerI see.19:14
EickmeyerLooks like it's pretty buggy from your reports.19:14
OvenWerksjust with one plugin. The others work. The save thing was odd, but really one's home directory is not the best place to store porjects that may contain a number of sub files19:16
EickmeyerSo, here's the thing: A lot of what MiraMikes packaged in Debian upstream isn't getting packaged anymore because he's busy/MIA. So, there is a big, gigantic, gaping hole with the Debian Multimedia Team right now, and nobody has stepped-in to fill it.19:17
EickmeyerSo, packages are getting forgotten.19:17
OvenWerksI suspect the problem with eq10q is a gui lib clash... but I don't know. I wouldn't know which of the packages to put a bug against.19:18
OvenWerkspackaging is not fun, well at least for me.19:19
EickmeyerI'm way too green at packaging19:19
EickmeyerAt least, too green to be taking on a ton.19:19
OvenWerksqstuff gets new releases 4 times a year (if it needs it or not)19:21
OvenWerksqjackctl is not the latest (which has a patchage type pachbay/connections window as an option19:23
* OvenWerks wonders what else is out of date...19:25
OvenWerksStudio finally gets moving again and debian drops out :P19:25
EickmeyerOvenWerks: That's odd. I just checked the changelog on qtractor and it says it was updated to 0.9.5 in February?19:26
OvenWerksthe one in 19.04 says 0.5.019:26
EickmeyerOvenWerks: That cannot be accurate.https://qtractor.sourceforge.io/qtractor-downloads.html#Downloads19:28
OvenWerksI'm looking at the about19:29
OvenWerksmaybe it's wrong.19:29
EickmeyerMy about says
OvenWerksqtractor is 0.9.5 here yes19:31
EickmeyerOh, I read you wrong.19:31
OvenWerksqjackctl is 05019:31
OvenWerksit says 201719:31
EickmeyerLooks like Ross did that one. Merged with Debian Unstable back in November.19:32
EickmeyerAnd upstream Debian is MiraMikes.19:32
EickmeyerFrom the changelog: " -- Jaromír Mikeš <mira.mikes@seznam.cz>  Sun, 17 Dec 2017 15:42:35 +0100"19:33
EickmeyerSo, yeah, gaping hole in Debian right now.19:33
EickmeyerThis is quite sad.19:34
OvenWerksSeeing as we are no longer relying on qjackctl, I would not worry about it too much. (no backport)19:35
OvenWerksbut it does look like we need to look through the apps for other things.19:36
EickmeyerThere's always this:19:39
ubottuPackages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.19:39
OvenWerksFor audio, it seems a stable OS with the latest apps on top is best.19:41
OvenWerksSo LTS with backported applications19:41
* OvenWerks tries an install (for completeness)19:45
* OvenWerks assumes the install part is well tested by Xubuntu ;)19:46
EickmeyerI tested the install part myself My results are already logged, I had zero issues.19:47
OvenWerksYa, I was pretty sure that was so.19:47
OvenWerksMy main concern was apps.19:47
OvenWerksThey seem to work OK19:48
OvenWerksI have to do an install if I am going to check out some of these packages too. I need to install synaptic19:48
* OvenWerks gets tired trying to test with CL stuff19:49
* Eickmeyer hates it when LP's build farm gets stuck19:59
* OvenWerks finds it wierd looking at the released -controls20:12
OvenWerksThe zynadd package may not work too.20:26
OvenWerks(Carla doesn't load the LV2)20:26
OvenWerksQtractor does20:29
* Eickmeyer sighs20:31
OvenWerksardour doesn't either20:34
OvenWerksIn qtractor I can't _do_ anything with it that I can tell. Maybe It says somewhere what the port is I should connect to.20:35
OvenWerksI suspect getting the new version going will just fix all of this though20:35
EickmeyerWell, right now I'm waiting on someone to go take a large hammer to LP's build farm to get it running again.20:36
OvenWerkszynadd is meant to be performance only I think. Use standalone to create the sound patch then use the LV2 to play it.20:36
OvenWerksbut I will note that zynadd is a git pull not a release20:37
EickmeyerAh, I see.20:37
OvenWerksIt is not the new GUI either20:37
OvenWerks(actually it seems to have no GUI20:37
EickmeyerNo. According to Robin the new GUI used to be nonfree.20:37
OvenWerksI know, but it has been free for over a year20:38
EickmeyerNot according to Robin. That was changed only this past January.20:38
EickmeyerAh, fundamental said Dec 31, 2017.20:39
OvenWerksDec 31st, 2017 20:39
EickmeyerSo, yes, just over a year.20:39
EickmeyerFrom the changelog for our version: -- Jaromír Mikeš <mira.mikes@seznam.cz>  Sat, 09 Dec 2017 21:55:18 +010020:40
Eickmeyer3.0.3 didn't have it.20:40
EickmeyerKXStudio has 3.0.4, so I'm looking at the rules file for that to see if there's any changes that need to be made.20:41
OvenWerkszynadd is not really official20:41
EickmeyerUnfortunately, with the build farm stuck, I can't do much but speculate.20:41
EickmeyerNobody in #launchpad has responded.20:44
OvenWerksAnyway, I don't see anything to stop 19.0420:54
OvenWerksThe black box in Grub is still anoying. If that can be fixed by 20.04 That would be nice.20:57
EickmeyerCool. I'll go ahead and mark the build as ready (so I don't hae to on Wednesday).20:57
EickmeyerUnfortunately, that black box is hardcoded in grub. :(20:57
EickmeyerI might be able to change its color.20:57
OvenWerksThe old Studio Grub didn't seem to do that20:58
EickmeyerThat's because it was text-only.20:58
OvenWerksOr maybe the whole screen went black so it couldn't be seen20:58
EickmeyerProbably it.20:58
EickmeyerUbuntu MATE (from whom it was forked) does the same thing.20:59
EickmeyerBuild farm unstuck, build still has issues. Working....21:11
EickmeyerOvenWerks: As far as zynaddsubfx goes, I'm going to have to punt this to Ross. I can't get it to build. :(23:18
EickmeyerWay over my head.23:18
EickmeyerBuild as a debian package, that is.23:18

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