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jani_Is this a chat, can i send hi to everyone i know ?07:57
ubottuPlease read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic07:58
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jubo2and thanks for the awesomely versatile and of usually pretty good quality Kubuntu Linux10:53
jubo2Would it be too much to ask for a 'Open in which browser' dialogue to Kubuntu?10:54
jubo2Like instead of always getting the default browser and whichever window had focus10:55
jubo2*Click* -> "Open in which browser? -> "In which window?" -> link opens10:56
jubo2Browsers should have për window graphics. Now it just shows me redundant replication of the FireFox logo10:57
jubo2.. but that one is an issue for the browser developers iianm10:57
jubo2It would totally kick ass if You could choose in all browsers: #1 *right-click* hyperlink in browser #2 "Open in a ...?"-menu pops up: #3 Select "'Open in "another broser"' and #4 Select the browser => Awsomeness11:01
jubo2Ability to select the window of the browser is a much less priority thing, but would work into this11:01
BluesKajHowdy folks11:03
jubo2I'll give you a actual use case of mine: I have 4 browsers with 4 twitter accounts open. I would like to send link to the browser with the right twitter account logged in11:03
jubo2I would actually need a 5 th browser or a good browser container system11:03
jubo2Howdy BluesKaj11:03
BluesKajhey jubo211:04
jubo2BluesKaj: what do you think of my UI innovation pitches up there. #1 "Open in which browser?" for Kubuntu and browsers and #1 a more minor improvement "Open hyperlink in which window of the browser?"11:06
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BluesKaj!spam | Umesh Gamod11:07
ubottuUmesh Gamod: Please don't spam11:07
IrcsomeBot4<acheronuk> He won't any more ;)11:07
* jubo2 fries some "15 000 only" spam with a acetylene blow torch until fully cooked and serves with greens11:07
jubo2Dänks acheronuk11:08
jubo2BluesKaj: Also I have previously noticed that seeing e.g. 3 pcs Firefox logos, 2 Opera logos, 4 Chromium logos or 3 Chrome does not really help you in "Which is the window I want?"11:10
jubo2BluesKaj: That is definitely an OS thing11:10
jubo2So there should be graphics to be set per window instance11:11
jubo2"Home, falititating websites and leisure"-window11:12
jubo2"Hosting stuff"-window11:12
jubo2"Word stuff"-window11:12
jubo2then give the user the possibility to easily and effortlesly assign a graphic for the window11:13
jubo2Another freebie innovation pitch: "Raise all konsole windows to the top, please."-command11:19
jubo2Some would like to do be able to do the same thing for other programs too, I would assume11:21
jubo2"Bring all windows of program X to the top, maintaining their internal Z-order" is how I'd shape it so it is a design goal11:22
jubo2I can write tickets on #1 Ability to select in OS "Open in which browser?"-dialogue and/or menu and #2 Bring all windows of program X to front ... the thing is just I keep on forgetting where everyone's bugzilla is11:25
jubo2oh and the #3 'rightclick -> open in? -> another browser'11:28
BluesKajjubo2, I have no idea about containers11:28
jubo2and the #4 Graphics instead on N instances of Browser logo (... and same goes for other programs11:29
jubo2BluesKaj: What kind of browser container solution you might be interested in?11:29
jubo2Got a generic and an "attempt to isolate Facebook owned sites" add-ons for firefox11:30
BluesKajlike I said i don't use containers11:30
BluesKajI don't have facebook acct anymore\\11:31
BluesKajjubo2, you might want to express your ideas in the #kubuntu-devel chat rather tha here11:32
jubo2BluesKaj: not need to wait very long till SAFE Network goes up and some people write replacements for most of the things on the current internet incl. Facebook obviously11:32
jubo2BluesKaj: Tackar11:32
jubo2BluesKaj: I did not know about #kubuntu-devel 5 minutes ago11:32
jubo2.. till you mentioned it11:33
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kingsleyIs the PPC64LE/POWER9 architecture supported?21:59
kingsleyIf so, how well?21:59
mparillokingsley: The only Kubuntu Architecture currently supported is x86_64 (also known as amd64)23:08
mparillokingsley: But in #kubuntu-offtopic if you try (best would be daytime in the USA), there is somebody who makes a hobby of rescuing old PPC computers.23:19

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