lubot<The_LoudSpeaker> I just ran 'stress --cpu 4 --io 4 --vm 2 --vm-bytes 2G --timeout 16s' the screen flickered once or twice during the run.00:08
lubot<The_LoudSpeaker> Not in every run tho. Once in a 4-5 runs. You need to stress it on some specific parameters?00:09
xpkill23failed run completed in 2087s00:13
gmichel3Hello, fresh install of Lubuntu 18.10, I installed Netbeans and when I run it after the loading screen it just quits, I get no error code on the terminal.05:22
gmichel3Any ideas?05:22
wxlyou run it in the terminal and nothing is output?05:23
gmichel3That's right wxl05:23
gmichel3Googling around all I found was something related to Netbeans (on Ubuntu 18.04) trying to use jdk11 when it should use jdk8. My installation seems to use jdk8 (it was one of the dependencies).05:25
wxlyeah i don't know but it's likely not a *l*ubuntu issue. you might want to ask over at #ubuntu and see if they have ideas05:26
gmichel3Alright, I will do that. Thanks!05:26
wxlgood luck05:26
wxloops wrong channel XD05:38
lubot<The_LoudSpeaker> @wxl [<wxl> oops wrong channel XD], Ack08:25
lubot<The_LoudSpeaker> It's okay. We won't hate you for that. XD08:25
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cheburnethi, I'm going to try 19.04, where can I look up known issues?13:25
cheburnetwhat's the purpose of verifying md5sum if you get it over plain http which may be tempered13:41
tewardcheburnet: you have to verify the ISO is downloaded fully, the hash sums will identify that, and if you get the ISOs from an official mirror you can be fairly certain those aren't 'tampered with'13:45
tewardcheburnet: there's a slew of known issues fir 19.04 though, but I don't know if there's one all inclusive list of known issues13:45
cheburnetteward: but if my router is hacked because the firmware is old and my provider uses simple standard passwords13:45
cheburnetand dns is hijacked...13:45
tewardthen get a new router.13:46
cheburnetI'm a bum :-)13:46
tewardif you think *that* paranoid then you either need to13:46
teward(a) fix the problem13:46
teward(b) not download anything13:46
tewardand if B is your choice, then I can't help you nor can anyone else13:46
cheburnetI may download via torrent or https, should help13:47
tewardHTTPS won't help you :P13:47
tewardtorrent might13:47
tewardbut last I heard there was no 19.04 torrents yet13:47
cheburnetteward: but certificate is hard to hijack even if you control dns I think13:47
tewardcheburnet: keep telling yourself that.13:47
* teward is an IT Security guy and knows a few mechanisms that could be used to 'hijack' a site with DNS MITM and expoliting a vuln to drop a new trusted root CA into your browser and then 'appear' as a valid site13:48
cheburnetteward: thank you, will dnssec help if it is provided by ubuntu dns servers?13:48
tewardand if your router is seriously that old that you're afraid of hijacking and such like this you're SOL13:48
tewardbecause there's a billion ways to circumvent the 'protections' that exist13:48
tewardDNSSEC only helps if it's enabled13:49
tewardand it's not for ubuntu.com13:49
tewardor its subdomains13:49
teward*most* domains in the world don't have DNSSEC enabled13:50
teward(L)Ubuntu's included it seems13:50
cheburnetI tried to enable it for the domain I own, but subtomains that don't have it enabled got broken if using, works fine with unprotected subdomains13:51
tewardand now we're drifting into the world of offtopic chatter13:51
cheburnetteward: thank you for your help13:51
tewardcheburnet: the only OTHER thing you could do possibly14:04
tewardis to check the cryptosigs on the ISOs against the known good keys14:04
tewardbut again you'd have to trust you're getting the proper keys from Ubuntu to test against for verification14:04
teward(I say Ubuntu, i just use that as an umbrella term in this case for all the variants014:04
tewardbut if you don't trust *that* either then you're out of luck.14:05
player1hi guys, yesterday I installed lubuntu 18.10 and I boot with nomodeset, it boots ok but my screen resolution is stuck in 1024x768, I have WXGA screen with resolution 1280x800 but I cannot find this in monitor settings14:06
lubot<aptghetto> nomodeset is more or less a "solution of last resort"14:07
player1whenever I click monitor settings has 1024x768, how to change this in 1280x800?14:07
tewardby getting proper drivers rather than using nomodeset.  nomodeset is a "solution of last resort" when all other solutions ahve failed.14:08
player1whenever I login with live dvd my resolution seems to be ok14:09
lubot<aptghetto> what shows `lspci -nnk | grep -A3 "\[03..\]:"`?14:09
player1wait to check this14:09
player1I must go to other room14:09
player1it says ATI MOBILITY RADEON RS300M14:18
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player1aptghetto it says AMD/ATI RS300M [Mobility Radeon 9100 IGP[103c:006b]14:23
player1aptghetto it says kernel modules;radeonfb,radeon14:23
player1aptghetto did you see my message?14:24
lubot<teward001> probably has, but you need patience14:25
lubot<aptghetto> I see *the* message14:26
lubot<teward001> :P14:26
player1so is any way to set screen resolution in 1280x80014:28
lubot<aptghetto> Your graphic card should run with the normal radeon driver14:30
player1it runs ok with live dvd14:31
lubot<aptghetto> Make first `sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade`, check also, that radeon is installed with `dpkg -l xserver-xorg-video-ati`14:32
player1I go to check this and I come back later14:36
player1aptghetto it says xserver-xorg-v 1:18.1.0-1 i38614:43
lubot<aptghetto> beginning with `ii`?14:43
lubot<aptghetto> reboot your system, edit your grub entry, pressing key "E" and delete the word "nomodeset", then boot the system14:44
player1if I do this it shows white screen14:45
lubot<aptghetto> That may be, but then we can check the logs14:45
player1ok wait to do this14:46
player1aptghetto I did it and booted in white screen14:51
lubot<aptghetto> Press CTRL+ALT+F5 and login14:52
player1aptghetto I pressed control alt f2 and I am logged in in terminal14:52
player1what should I type14:52
lubot<aptghetto> then execute `grep EE /var/log/Xorg.0.log`14:53
lubot<aptghetto> Maybe there is some error in your display server14:53
cheburnetI had lubuntu 18.10 and after I installed nvidia drivers and did an apt upgrade it won't boot. I flashed 19.04 on a pendrive but it doesn't boot in safe graphics mode too. It prints "Booting in blind mode" as usual but nothing else is printed.14:54
lubot<aptghetto> Otherwise `sudo apt install mesa-utils && glxinfo | grep "OpenGL version"`14:54
cheburnetit seems to not be hanging but blind typing commands like systemctl start display-manager doesn't help14:55
player1aptghetto wait to do this14:56
cheburnetif I edit grub loader it says "file=/cdrom/preseed/lubuntu.seed" <- shouldn't cdrom be something else on my pendrive?14:58
cheburnetI tried burning with both dd and etcher14:59
cheburnetpressting ctrl + alt + del flashes the light on the pendrive but doesn't reboot the system15:02
player1aptghetto first command with Xorg.0.log shows error15:02
lubot<aptghetto> I hope, you will tell us more details about the xorg errors15:03
cheburnetalso I get "file "/boot/" not found" before grub menu appears, I use rEFInd on the HDD and boot from it into pendrive grub15:04
cheburnetI doubt I have any physicall tty, but how else can I troubleshoot the boot process? I have anothe machine and a phone -- may I use them to debug the booting process?15:08
player1aptghetto wait to do this15:10
player1aptghetto WW warning EE error NI not implemented (??) unknown[62.128](II) Initializing extension MIT-SCREEN-SAVER15:16
lubot<aptghetto> This are normal messages15:16
player1aptghetto now I must reboot with nomodeset to connect to internet and install mesa-utils?15:17
lubot<aptghetto> Not yet15:18
player1if I boot without nomodeset I cannot connect to internet15:18
player1I am offline15:18
lubot<aptghetto> Yes, I understand15:18
lubot<aptghetto> But first I like to see your log files of sddm15:18
player1ok how to create this log15:19
lubot<aptghetto> Go back, and type `cd` to be sure, that you are in your home directory, then type `journalctl -b -u sddm > sddm.log`15:20
lubot<aptghetto> This should create a file in your home directory and then you can reboot your system15:21
player1wait I go to do this15:22
lubot<aptghetto> Then please upload the file to pastebin and share the link, so we can have a look at it … And post also your OpenGL version15:23
player1aptghetto it says -bash: sddm.log Permission Denied15:26
lubot<aptghetto> Then you are not in your home directory or you have your home directory messed up15:27
player1in prompt it says blahblah.../home$15:28
lubot<aptghetto> `cd ~`15:28
player1wait I will do this15:28
player1aptghetto ok I did it I opened this file with nano15:32
player1what line should I post from this log15:32
lubot<aptghetto> Post the whole log file to a pastebin site and share the link, check also that there are no sensitive data before posting15:33
lubot<aptghetto> I will be offline soon15:34
player1aptghetto I need sometime to do this15:35
player1how to paste bin this15:35
lubot<aptghetto> Like this morning: `pastebinit -i ~/sddm.log`15:37
lubot<aptghetto> No, I go now15:39
lubot<aptghetto> But I will see it later15:39
player1aptghetto my url is /p/X4vbzsQYvG15:54
cheburnetHow to apport to submit booting information about a hanging boot of 19.04?16:15
cheburnet*use apport16:15
cheburnetI see "Started Set console scheme." on tty1 and no serious errors in the logs16:16
player1why lubuntu 19.04 does not have 32bit version?16:56
lubot<teward001> you mean why does it not have a 32-bit *installer* ISO.16:57
lubot<teward001> there is still a 32-bit version but you have to install from the last release that had a 32bit ISO which IIRC was 18.04 and then incrementally upgrade to still get 32-bit packages16:58
lubot<teward001> the reason there's no 32-bit installer ISO is that there was more or less a global decision to discontinue 32bit ISOs amongst all the variants.16:58
lubot<teward001> but 32bit packages still exist.16:58
lubot<teward001> if you still want a reason why though I'm sure that @tsimonq2, the Lubuntu Release Manager and a member of the Lubuntu Council, can give you a more specific answer.17:01
lubot<teward001> *hides*17:01
tewardplayer1: see those ^ messages to answer your question17:02
tewardor wait17:02
player1can I type after  nomodeset  video=radeonfb:1280x800  ? will this fix my resolution?19:15
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lubot<aptghetto> @player1 I had a look at the sddm logs, but unfortunately I didn't found anything useful20:08
lubot<aptghetto> Then I had a look on the full log files from http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/rBJwhqHHXG/ and there it seems to be a problem of sddm20:10
lubot<aptghetto> It might be this known bug => http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/rBJwhqHHXG/20:11
player1aptghetto if I put after nomodeset20:33
player1aptghetto video=radeonfb:1280x80020:34
player1will it work?20:34
player1aptghetto did you find any bug?20:36
player1how can i add to nomodeset the  video command?20:38
player1I want to edit grub from command line in terminal20:39
player1I added this line but nothing happened21:31
player1is there a way to add voice commands in lubuntu?21:31
heysoundudetomorrow's the big day, right?  Or can I start looking for the upgrade around 00:00Z?22:00
ubottuno, not yet out. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DiscoDingo/ReleaseSchedule22:01
heysoundude18.04.19...midnight Zulu tomorrow, I guess22:02
wxlto be clear the INTENTION is to release it on the 19th22:05
wxlbut sometimes things get messed up22:05
wxlthat's rare22:05
wxlthe time is never specified, either, so assume EoD22:05
heysoundudealrighty...sometime thursday, then.22:23

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