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luna19.04 release in 2 days :)10:02
lotuspsychjeand trusty eol soon too10:02
lunawill be at https://www.gathering.org/tg19 LAN in Norway however will update once i get home to my office in Sweden10:02
lotuspsychjelooks good luna 10:04
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sambagirlare there any plans for touchscreen enhancements?19:18
lotuspsychjesambagirl: best way to test touch support, is actually running the ubuntu version on it19:18
sambagirli know19:19
lotuspsychjesambagirl: another idea for touch, is installing unity to compare with gnome19:19
sambagirlwell to be frank, i use mate cause i still like the old feel from the early ubuntu releases. to be even more frank, i use fusion too.19:19
lotuspsychjesambagirl: unity has a pretty good touch support, but didnt test 19.04 touch support yet myself19:20
sambagirli know that is a lot of collision of coding19:20
lotuspsychjesambagirl: maybe you could be the first to test? help yourself, help the community?19:20
sambagirli just dont like the unity environment. when they went with the new style desktops after i think 14.xx i lost it19:21
lotuspsychjesambagirl: well your endgoal is getting your touch device work best right?19:21
sambagirli prefer the applications places system style19:21
sambagirlhaha yep lotuspycheje19:21
lotuspsychjesambagirl: test out a few things, gnome,wayland and unity on 19.04? see for yourself if its as you need it?19:22
sambagirli was just using an external monitor with touch and it has the displaylink drivers and it just isnt working properly with the latest updates.19:22
sambagirlok i will get it now19:23
sambagirlthanks lotuspsycheje19:23
sambagirlbtw that was compiz fusion i was referring to19:24
lotuspsychjesambagirl: compiz is 16.04 and lower19:24
sambagirlwell i am running 18.xx and it works fabulously19:25
sambagirlin my opinion the biggest thing that linux had other than wine is compiz fusion.19:26
lotuspsychjesambagirl: show me screenshot of wobbly windows on 18.0419:30
sambagirlok i tell you what i will put some stuff up on what is it pastebin later today. i have to run out at the moment. but i don't use the wobbly windows, i use the transparant cube mostly. i never cared for the wobbly windows except in like the early versions19:35
lotuspsychjesambagirl: you can make a 18.04 cube screenshot too :p19:35
sambagirlhow do i make the shot?19:36
lotuspsychjeprt sc button19:36
sambagirli have a wireless logitech with built in mouse pad and i have to figure out where the prt sc is i dont see it listed.19:38
sambagirlfound it19:38
sambagirlok i hold external mouse down to hold the cube scenewith the ubuntu splash screen showing the version but i am not sure if i am print screening19:40
sambagirli hold down ctrl-alt and the mouse button to get in position, then i  hold the mouse button to hold the position19:41
sambagirlbut then i am not sure about the print screen or even where it is going if it is capturing19:41
lotuspsychjepictures or /home 19:42
sambagirlhahaha i got it19:44
sambagirli dont believe you can put a pic up on pastebin 19:45
sambagirlcan you?19:45
sambagirlhaha i got it19:46
lotuspsychjesambagirl: so your one mate 18.04 with compiz19:48
lotuspsychjeand thats the same touch devide youre on?19:48
sambagirlwell no not at the moment.  i will try it on a laptop later tonight and see the results but it was working with the external touchscreen earlier i just disconnected it19:49
sambagirltell you what i will hook it back up now and see what happens19:50
lotuspsychjecool sambagirl 19:50
sambagirlumm its not recognizing it at the moment. i will try it later. the drivers must have to load during initialiation.19:52
sambagirli will try it on one of my touchscren laptops and see what happens.19:52
sambagirlbut you see it does work on 18.04 without any flaws19:53
lotuspsychjesambagirl: on mate yeah, but probably wont work on gnome3 and wayland19:53
sambagirlwell again i dont really care for gnome3. i remember when they came out with gnome where u had to apply widgets to the panels from some site. it was an interesting concept but not practical for on the go people.. in my opinion. and i just cant stand unity or the others they have. just me.19:55
lotuspsychjesambagirl: did you test touch support on mate?19:56
sambagirlSeveas would konw what i meant 19:56
sambagirland it's not so good.19:56
sambagirlit works but it's not so good19:56
lotuspsychjesambagirl: wich flavor worked best?19:56
sambagirlwhatever the default desktop from ubuntu is.19:57
sambagirli am not sure if its unity or gnome319:57
sambagirlbut i admit they work best but they are not what work for me. see?19:57
lotuspsychjeon 18.04 gnome3 is default now for ubuntu-desktop19:57
sambagirlis that the one with the side icons and the search field at the top?19:58
lotuspsychjeunity can still be installed19:58
lotuspsychjesambagirl: ubuntu desktop 16.04 has default unity19:58
sambagirlthen it was when they introduced unity that i lost favor with ubuntu but then i realized i could still use gnome and then mate showed up19:59
lotuspsychjesambagirl: we can use more touch testers on recent ubuntu releases19:59
sambagirli will give it a testing this evening. 19:59
lotuspsychjegreat tnx19:59
sambagirlbut you can see that it works in 18.0420:00
sambagirli admit it is mate not unity or gnomeX but it's still ubuntu20:00
lotuspsychjesambagirl: mate is based on gnome220:00
lotuspsychjeand unity is also a gnome fork so20:01
sambagirli'll make a dualboot with 1904 on a dell and give it a shot and see what happens.20:01
lotuspsychjeyeah test a few things out, interesting20:01
sambagirli will try different desktops environments and i will see if i can get compiz fusion to work, cause that is mandatory :D20:02
sambagirlcya later lotuspsycheje20:02
analogical19.04 drops tomorrow right?22:48
Eickmeyeranalogical: Not unless a respin is warranted for whatever reason.22:53
EickmeyerEr... let me rephrase that.22:53
EickmeyerUnless a respin is warranted for whatever reason, the target release date is Thursday April 18th. (for me, that would be in two days).22:54

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