didrocksgood morning06:08
Trevinhohi, morning seb128 and didrocks06:09
didrockshey Trevinho06:09
seb128hey Trevinho, didrocks, duflu, & other desktopers06:12
seb128Trevinho, what are you hacking on this week? ;)06:12
didrocksre seb128, hey Laney06:13
didrocksLaney: on the road? :)06:13
seb128hey Laney, that's early for you!06:13
seb128on your way to London?06:14
Laneynot happy with this time of day06:14
Trevinhoseb128: I pushed the summary just now06:15
seb128yeah, it's on the early side06:15
seb128Trevinho, thx06:15
Trevinhoseb128: I also forgot to mention yesterday (well your yestarday) if you could publish https://bileto.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/370206:16
seb128Trevinho, sure06:17
dufluMorning didrocks, Trevinho, seb128, Laney06:30
didrockshey duflu06:44
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didrocksWe should change the gnome-shell-extension-ubuntu-dock maintainer, too many emails ;)07:55
willcookemorning all08:32
willcookehi marcustomlinson08:33
seb128hey willcooke, still in London?08:35
seb128hey marcustomlinson08:35
marcustomlinsonhi! \o08:35
willcookehi seb128, on the train still.  Delays at St Pancras because of damage to the overhead cables08:36
willcookenew day, different reason08:36
willcookewhat's the release-notes package called in launchpad? The one which we are suppose to "also affects"?08:37
willcookemorning jibel, looks like OEM did some good testing :)08:37
willcookerelease notes; looks like ubuntu-release-notes08:39
* willcooke . . o O ( Google first, ask later )08:39
dufluMorning willcooke08:40
xnoxproject, not package =)08:40
dufluAnd morning marcustomlinson08:40
didrockshey willcooke, marcustomlinson!08:41
marcustomlinsonmorning duflu and didrocks08:42
willcookehi didrocks, afternoon duflu08:46
jibelwillcooke, yes, they did, some issues with nvidia but nothing new08:50
willcookejibel, gotya, thx08:50
dufluOh, morning jibel08:52
dufluseb128, btw I created a bugzilla tracker that works instead of landing on Gitlab. For example: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/173409508:52
ubot5`Ubuntu bug 1734095 in GNOME Shell "Software & Updates not showing authorization popup [gnome-shell[N]: pushModal: invocation of begin_modal failed]" [High,Confirmed]08:52
dufluSame display name "GNOME Shell" but different project name "gnome-shell-legacy-bugs"08:53
seb128duflu, well done!08:53
seb128duflu, btw good job getting another performance fix merged upstream :)09:02
seb128one at the time we are getting there09:02
dufluseb128, yeah it's kind of good, but as usual least important first. That's a bug no one was provably hitting09:03
dufluWhich is why no bug is declared fixed09:03
seb128well, still it's less things pending, and eventually the more useful ones end up landing09:03
dufluBut if you want to add triple/quad buffering later then it's absolutely required09:04
seb128well in any case one less that you need to keep rebasing, so it's a win :-)09:07
willcooke_desktoppers:  do you want to do a team meeting today?09:11
willcooke_seb128, ^ wdyt?09:11
willcooke_There is one bug in D incoming that we should look at09:11
willcooke_other than that, I think we're ok09:11
seb128willcooke_, I'm around and fine having one, it gives a sync point, if there isn't much to discuss than it takes 10 min max and we wrap?09:11
willcooke_sounds good.  I will most likely chair, but in case something happens, I'll ping you09:12
seb128k, no need to ping09:13
seb128if you are not around at the time of the meeting I handle it09:13
willcooke_thanks seb12809:14
willcooke_In the meantime, we should probably find an assignee for this:09:14
ubot5`Ubuntu bug 1824874 in gnome-shell (Ubuntu) "undismissable, unclickable authentication dialog left on screen after policykit authentication [pushModal: invocation of begin_modal failed]" [High,New]09:14
willcooke_well, decide if we want to accept it first09:14
willcooke_duflu you looked at that quickly, is it a widespread problem?  I dont think I've seen it09:15
* willcooke_ -> going underground 09:19
seb128willcooke_, the upstream report is years old, we have one report on launchpad and no steps to trigger, no debug log ... doesn't seem like one we can do much about or that is really worrying09:19
willcooke_seb128, wfm09:19
willcooke_I will try and reproduce it quickly this morning09:19
dufluYeah it's presently only v_orlon, but there are hints of similar errors in the past09:20
dufluI wonder if this is a factor: InstallationMedia: Ubuntu 10.04.1 LTS "Lucid Lynx" - Release amd64 (20100816.1)09:20
dufluSomething upgradey?09:20
duflu(that's a word now)09:21
seb128not likely09:22
dufluWell if it's only affecting one person, that's a mathematical fact already :)09:23
seb128it was a one time thing for him09:24
seb128he also said that his gnome-shell unlock prompt took a while to display09:25
seb128but he has like 300 notifications, I couldn't reproduce with a notify-send loop though (but my testcase had no icons or anything fancy for those, maybe that's a difference)09:25
dufluA more common bug report is that unlocking takes a lot more time for one of {Wayland,Xorg}. Can't remember which or where the bug was09:26
tseliotLaney, seb128: my fix solves LP: #1824177 . How can I proceed? Shall I upload a new casper myself, or shall I just attach a debdiff?11:14
ubot5`Launchpad bug 1824177 in casper (Ubuntu) "dmesg spammed with nvidia-nvlink messages during install" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/182417711:14
LaneyUpload it (and reply to cyphermox?)11:16
tseliotoh, I hadn't seen his reply11:28
willcookeseb128, all of a sudden the gsettings key for fractional scaling isnt working.11:36
dupondjeSomebody around here with Gnome on Wayland and Telegram on 19.04 ? :)11:36
seb128willcooke, how so?11:37
seb128willcooke, or is your screen resolution too low to use it?11:37
seb128dupondje, Laney perhaps11:37
seb128dupondje, but best to ask directly your question...11:37
dupondjeWell got a reproducable crasher here of gnome-shell :(11:37
seb128dupondje, 'good', bug number?11:38
willcookeseb128, $ gsettings set org.gnome.mutter experimental-features "['x11-randr-fraction-scaling']"11:38
dupondjeTake a screenshot of a part of the screen, right click inside telegram -> boom11:38
willcookeseb128, expected value:11:38
dupondjeseb128: guess gnome-shell bug?11:38
seb128dupondje, likely, do you have an apport file in /var/crash? did you submit it?11:38
willcookeseb128, ignore, finger trouble.11:39
seb128willcooke, :)11:39
seb128no worry, better this way :)11:40
willcookeI tested it like 5 times before I pinged11:40
seb128than having a real regression11:40
willcookeI know11:40
willcookeI copied from the web page, and the quotes are not real quotes :)11:40
seb128we should fix that :)11:41
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willcookeI changed the text to a block and added a note about the quotes11:42
willcookeI've pinned that post as well11:42
dupondjehttps://errors.ubuntu.com/oops/340cdc5e-603e-11e9-a481-fa163e102db1 there :)11:54
willcookeseb128,  infinity is syncing Pulse Audio from Debian to fix https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pulseaudio/+bug/182410313:25
ubot5`Ubuntu bug 1824103 in pulseaudio (Ubuntu) "aplay record file failed always." [Critical,Incomplete]13:25
seb128willcooke, +1, makes sense13:27
willcookeslight change of plan, it's proving very hard to sync, so he's going to take the fixes13:27
willcookewe can look at updating properly next cycle13:28
willcookeI wonder if there are still a load of old phone patches in there13:28
willcookeno, doesnt look likeit13:28
Laneythat is a proper update13:29
Laneyjust to be clear13:29
seb128willcooke, Laney, if we are still fixing packages, should we get that gedit segfault fix from andyrock in? that's in the top 3 reports for e.u.c on weekly view for some time13:29
willcooke#startmeeting Desktop Team Weekly Meeting 2019-04-1613:30
meetingologyMeeting started Tue Apr 16 13:30:21 2019 UTC.  The chair is willcooke. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology.13:30
meetingologyAvailable commands: action commands idea info link nick13:30
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-desktop to: Home of the Desktop Team, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam | For help or questions, try #ubuntu | Work (read-only for non-developers): https://trello.com/b/RHiGQXZJ/ubuntu-desktop-1904-cycle | Amaterasu watches over you benevolently | Desktop Team Weekly Meeting 2019-04-16 | Current topic:
willcookeRoll call: andyrock, dgadomski, didrocks, duflu (out), jamesh (out), jibel, kenvandine, laney, oSoMoN, seb128, tkamppeter (out), trevinho, robert_ancell (out)13:30
willcookeLet's make this quick if we can...13:31
kenvandineoSoMoN is out too13:31
willcookeBB incoming, clear13:31
willcookeBB tracking:13:32
ubot5`Ubuntu bug 1814169 in mutter (Ubuntu Cosmic) "Mutter upsteam bug: cannot overwrite workspaces layout" [Undecided,New]13:32
willcookeassign Trevinho?13:33
seb128(unsure it's rls material, but ok if Trevinho takes it, easier than arguing ;)13:34
willcookeIt got assigned somehow13:34
Laneyduflu did it13:34
Laneywe should probably gently suggest not to do that13:34
Trevinhoanyway looks more like something I can propose upstream and see... More than rls for bionic13:35
seb128I will remind him13:35
willcookeDo we really want to rls target it?13:35
seb128just delete the cosmic/bionic lines13:36
seb128I will remind Daniel about the process13:36
willcookemoving on13:36
willcookeCC incoming has quite a few new ones13:36
willcookewell, not new, the ftbfs ones13:36
seb128didn't we say we would notfixing them?13:37
seb128I'm doing that, feel free to skip those13:37
willcookethanks seb12813:37
ubot5`Ubuntu bug 1777062 in gnome-bluetooth (Ubuntu Bionic) "Logitech M535 mouse only pairs successfully after 4-5 tries" [Undecided,In progress]13:38
willcookeseb128, you ok to take that one for C?13:38
willcookeor remove C13:38
seb128I guess I can do a C upload13:39
seb128can still be useful to some13:39
willcookeMoving on to DD incoming I think13:40
ubot5`Ubuntu bug 1824874 in gnome-shell (Ubuntu) "undismissable, unclickable authentication dialog left on screen after policykit authentication [pushModal: invocation of begin_modal failed]" [High,New]13:40
willcookefrom this morning13:40
willcookeprobably too late now13:41
seb128I vote -1, it's a one time report from 1 user (even if it's Steve) without debug info13:41
TrevinhoI noticed it, done some debugging... but... not sure. maybe for later13:41
seb128I doubt it's a new issue, Daniel found warnings similar to the ones from the journal from 201513:41
seb128dear launchpad, please stop being a piece of c*13:42
willcookek, I think thats all the rls bugs we need to talk about this time13:43
seb128ah, better :p13:43
willcooke#topic AOB13:43
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-desktop to: Home of the Desktop Team, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam | For help or questions, try #ubuntu | Work (read-only for non-developers): https://trello.com/b/RHiGQXZJ/ubuntu-desktop-1904-cycle | Amaterasu watches over you benevolently | Desktop Team Weekly Meeting 2019-04-16 | Current topic: AOB
willcookeAnyone got anything?13:43
didrocksnothing for me13:44
willcooke1 min timeout13:44
seb128one comment, please review the trello board and clean your card out from the 19.04 list as appropriate13:45
seb128at this point they are either done, not going to happen or for next cycle13:45
seb128the SRUs can go on the next cycle board13:45
seb128so the board should be clean by eow13:45
seb128I'm going to chasse down and nag people who don't clean it, but you get negative karma point if I need to do that :p13:46
willcookethanks seb12813:46
seb128(I already did a good round of update on friday)13:46
seb128that's it from me :)13:46
willcookeanyone else.... 30 seconds13:46
kenvandinethat is all :)13:47
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-desktop to: Home of the Desktop Team, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam | For help or questions, try #ubuntu | Work (read-only for non-developers): https://trello.com/b/RHiGQXZJ/ubuntu-desktop-1904-cycle | Amaterasu watches over you benevolently
meetingologyMeeting ended Tue Apr 16 13:47:24 2019 UTC.13:47
meetingologyMinutes:        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-desktop/2019/ubuntu-desktop.2019-04-16-13.30.moin.txt13:47
willcookethanks all13:47
* Trevinho hides in his timezone again 13:47
seb128Trevinho, how is it going? what time is it for you, too early to wake up? ;)13:48
Trevinhoseb128: good... It's 8.4813:48
seb128k, a bit early for you13:48
Trevinhobut... yeah doable for the meeting. I can just go for another quick nap 😅13:49
Trevinhoseb128: ah thanks for publishing the silo I see it's released already now...13:53
seb128Trevinho, np!13:53
seb128Laney, unping about gedit, willcook_e was nice enough to give me a status update saying it was discussed in London :-)14:09
Laneydidn't see a ping, sorry14:10
Laneythought he just asked me irl14:10
Laneyoh right, it got merged in my eyes with the meeting roll call14:11
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* seb128 goes for some sport, bbiab14:40
andyrockLaney: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gedit/+bug/182275315:11
ubot5`Ubuntu bug 1822753 in gedit (Ubuntu) "/usr/bin/gedit:11:gedit_metadata_manager_set:gedit_document_set_metadata:save_metadata:gedit_document_dispose:g_object_unref" [Undecided,In progress]15:11
didrockszfsHEADExploding :p15:26
didrocksso many cases for grub + our advanced zfs usage (/boot in separate partition, zfs, non zfs, persistent, …), crazy…15:27
didrocksand ofc, /etc/fstab which can be in other partitions, and… and… and snapshot which aren't actually mountpoints :p15:28
Laneygoing to upload https://code.launchpad.net/~azzar1/ubuntu/+source/gnome-initial-setup/+git/gnome-initial-setup/+merge/366123 unless any objections16:18
Laneythe huge spinner looks really stupid16:18
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WimpressAfternoon desktoppers16:38
WimpressI've been running some ISO tests.16:39
WimpressLooking good. One questions.16:39
WimpressI've installed on a VirtualBox guest and selected "install third-party drivers"16:39
WimpressThe Vbox guest additions/drivers were not installed.16:39
WimpressIs that a bug I should file?16:40
willcookejibel, still around? ^16:40
sil2100cyphermox: ^16:54
willcookeWimpress, can you get us some logs?  I dont have vmware here16:56
willcookeWimpress, a log with the box checked and one without would be good16:57
cyphermoxbut it doesn't matter ;P16:57
* willcooke gets his bigger glasses16:57
willcookeWimpress, do you mean vmware or virtualbox?16:57
popeyi have just done that install in virtualbox, which log file?16:58
willcookehold on, that's not a thing16:58
willcookewe did vmware16:58
infinityWas there reason to believe vbox guest stuff was meant to be auto-installed?16:58
Wimpressinfinity: Only because the nvidia driver install uses `ubuntu-drivers`.16:59
WimpressAnd ubuntu-drivers services VirtualBox guest driver installation.16:59
cyphermoxvirtualbox-guest-dkms does have modaliases, if the hardware shows up I'd guess it should be picked up17:01
WimpressI just assumed that because `ubuntu-drivers` is the means to install nvidia and vbox drivers, it would have worked for vbox via Ubiquity.17:01
cyphermoxdepends what ubuntu-drivers really does, but I don't think jibel's changes would really break that17:01
cyphermoxvirtualbox-guest-dkms is in multiverse though17:02
cyphermoxpopey: thanks17:03
willcookewe're installing vms here17:08
willcookenot VMS17:08
popeyis there a log I can provide from my existing virtual machine?17:08
popeyor should I just, you know, file a bug in full 800x60017:08
cyphermoxwillcooke: VMS, new architecture coming up circa 199017:08
cyphermoxpopey: I'd like to see /run/ubuntu-drivers.autoinstall tbh :)17:09
popeythat file doesn't exist (on an installed system)17:10
cyphermoxah, indeed it would not17:10
cyphermoxthat would only exist somewhere during the install17:10
cyphermoxI'll install virtualbox here17:10
jibelas cyphermox said, vbox driver would install automatically wuth ubuntu-drivers if they were not in multiverse17:11
willcookeI installed without the 3rd party and ubuntu-drivers shows the vbox stuff as available but not installed.  It also shows as proprietary - so that's fine.  vmware tools is not shown on my list.17:11
cyphermoxjibel: well, non-free is enabled by default though, isn't it?17:11
jibelmultiverse is not in /etc/apt/sources.list in the live sessiobn17:11
jibelat least not on ubuntu17:12
cyphermoxwell, yeah, that changes everything17:12
popeycan we just move it to main17:12
popey(I kid, I kid) ;)17:12
cyphermoxhow could non-free ever have worked then?17:12
jibelcan you use another VM tech ;)17:12
popeyVirtualBox is stupidly popular.17:12
cyphermoxno kidding17:12
infinityIf people expect this to work form the installer, they need to file an MIR and get it in restricted.17:12
infinityThis is kinda the definition of restricted.17:13
willcookeok, so not a bug then.  Thanks everyone17:13
infinityRight, ENOBUG.  Carrying on.17:13
Laneykenvandine: can you teach me how to do that snap change when you get back please?17:26
Laneywould be interested in de-bus-factoring a bit17:27
LaneyI assume it's revert 5bc6ae4f5e6fd88053584e9f6bdca3d34a36e937, but then ... ?17:27
kenvandinei could do that17:28
kenvandinesnapcraft release gtk-common-themes 1198 stable17:28
Laneyyou need the repo to match, no?17:28
kenvandinei'm also going to revert it in git and let it rebuild :)17:28
Laneywould seem s-m-r-t17:28
kenvandinebut this is more friendly to store as well17:28
kenvandineso it doesn't have to update devices  in the field to a new revision17:29
Laneywho can do that snapcraft stuff?17:29
kenvandineLaney: any collaborator on the snap or someone with the canonical credential17:31
kenvandinefor themes it's oSoMoN, didrocks and myself17:31
kenvandinejames too17:31
Laneywe should talk about this I think17:32
kenvandineLaney: sadly we can't have a team17:32
Laneyyeah, I remember that17:33
Laneybut maybe we should ensure every ~ubuntu-desktop is in there or something17:33
Laneyfor all the seeded snaps, dunno17:33
kenvandinei had added laney and seb128  to all at one point17:34
kenvandinebut gtk-common-themes came much later17:34
kenvandineand i added those involved in theme stuff17:35
kenvandineLaney: i just sent you an invitation17:35
Laneylet's come back to this at next sprint or something17:35
Laneyseb128 would probably appreciate that too17:35
kenvandineLaney: looking at some of the others you never accepted them :)17:35
Laneynod, I remember getting the emails17:36
willcookekenvandine, is there a way from the snapd cli that I can get snapd to tell me what base the gtk-common-themes snap is using?17:36
LaneyI think I was put off by the amount of clicking :P17:36
Laneyif those links will work forever then I'll click them if/when I need it ;-)17:37
willcookekenvandine, we're good17:37
* Laney tries one of them17:37
Laneyyeah seems to17:37
kenvandineless /snap/gtk-common-themes/current/meta/snap.yaml17:37
kenvandinewillcooke: ^^17:37
kenvandineand look for base:17:37
Laneypub time17:37
kenvandineif that isn't there at all, it's core17:37
willcookekenvandine, going afk.  Will be on telegram if you need anything17:38
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