tdaitxsbeattie: oh, I just realized you might not have seen steve's note in ubuntu-release stating that tomcat9 has been uploaded01:23
dokosbeattie, tdaitx: I'm on vacation, and only seldom online. so not sure if it makes sense when I join this during this week10:29
tdaitxsbeattie: gradle: CVE-2019-1106515:22
tdaitxI don't think we need to delay anything due to this, but let me know if you would rather have this in now instead of later: http://bugs.debian.org/92692315:22
tdaitxgradle builds pretty fast and it is a very small change: https://github.com/gradle/gradle/pull/8927/commits/7ee79e7e41ec0d4cdb206dc849b2c5b7be7b185415:24
sbeattietdaitx: I wouldn't block on that; however, I'm currently trying to ensure publishing isn't going to interfere (bandwidth-wise) with the release.15:30
tdaitxsbeattie: ack, let me know if you need any help15:31
sbeattietdaitx: I'm going to go ahead and publish.15:32
tdaitxsbeattie: +1 \o/15:32
huehnerdoes that 'going ahead' what i think it means? :))15:39
huehner-proposed -> -security copy ?15:40
huehnerNice... thank you all to get that done :)16:10
sbeattiepublishing is under way16:20
vorlonsbeattie, tdaitx, doko: congrats16:21
tdaitxtks =)16:31
tdaitxsbeattie: thank you for all the work!16:33
tdaitxand an even grater and special thanks since most of it was unplanned16:33
sbeattiebionic done, publishing cosmic16:40
vorlonwheeee bugmail16:47
sbeattieokay, cosmic should all be published as well16:54
sbeattieyay, first bug report https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1825037 (which looks to be https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=907607 )20:28
vorlontdaitx: was LP: #1821842 fixed?20:35
vorlonyou filed that against scilab also, but it's a different symptom than the one being reported now20:36
tdaitxyeah, it is different... in my case it loaded fine and I had to go into preferences to get the error, but users were reporting that it actually worked20:40
tdaitxthe same user that is now reported 1825037 said the proposed version was working, weird20:40
tdaitxoh well, let me update my chroot and see if I can reproduce this20:40
vorlonwell, at the moment I find scilab uninstallable in -updates20:44
tdaitxoh, scilab-cli, not scilab20:48
vorlonand I don't know why scilab-minimal-bin 6.0.1-7ubuntu1~18.04 doesn't show as published in bionic-updates.  It's in the right Packages file on ftp-master.20:55
vorlonit *does* show up in bionic-security; so seems to be just a publishing delay, I hope20:56
vorlonthere seem to be an awful lot of bug reports all from the same user about scilab being broken in bionic20:59
* sbeattie discovers some of the cosmic packages didn't get published, and rectifies.20:59
vorlontdaitx: so prior to this sru, scilab-bin didn't depend on a JRE at all‽21:32
tdaitxvorlon: yes, but scilab-cli has the -nogui option to disable the java dependency21:35
tdaitxand it still won't load21:35
tdaitxso it does not seem to be java related, gdb seems to indicate some thread locking/mutex related issue21:37
tdaitxnot sure what is causing it yet21:37
vorlonLP: #1825054 just in22:18
tdaitxok, it is missing critical information but the user probably used openjfx 8 so that could be it22:20
tdaitxwill go afk for a while22:20
tdaitxopenjdk 8 is no longer supported upstream22:20

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