cyphermoxdidrocks: cpaelzer: doko: jamespage: jdstrand: MIR team meeting?13:05
cyphermoxok; well, it's release week, how about we expedite the meeting and cut to the important parts13:12
cyphermoxare there any pressing matters that need to be addressed now?13:13
cyphermoxas in, things that need to be done prior to release13:13
didrocksnot that I know of13:14
cpaelzerno pressing pre-disco things from sevrer team13:21
cyphermoxcool; so let's focus on the release.13:23
cyphermoxcpaelzer: I'm finishing the review of uwsgi todat13:24
cpaelzerthank you13:28
cpaelzercyphermox: I ahve engaged with upstream on the twitter-bootrsap 3->4 move13:28
cpaelzerbut that will take a while13:28
cpaelzerit seems upstream mailman have looked at the transition already, but it is far from trivial13:28
cpaelzertherefore I gave it over to security for their review13:29
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