Unit193I can give it a shot.00:01
bluesabreDouble thanks!00:01
Unit193Note: I can only reproduce it half the time I try.00:02
Unit193...Not to be a nitpicking jerk, but..Can you use a pastebin I can wget from? :300:06
Unit193bluesabre: ...I can still get the scroll window?00:10
bluesabreUnit193: still 2 pixels tall, or can you read the items?00:11
Unit193I can read the items, as before it's only trimming ~3 items or so.00:12
bluesabreUnit193: for me, the submenu was drawing so short I couldn't read anything... the patch makes it workable00:13
Unit193Ouch.  Sorry then, I thought this was the other problem where the menu was scrollable even though there's plenty of screen. :300:14
bluesabreIt's actually drawing at normal height for me, so a variety of weirdness(es?)00:15
Unit193The problem you describe is even worse.00:16
bluesabreSo, sounds like it's ok to go ahead and upload in this state00:17
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bluesabreinfinity mentioned yesterday that there'd be some respins today, so keep an eye out for those :)10:41
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knomeSpass, do you have stylus (or a similar add-on that can apply custom css in your browser) installed?15:14
Spassknome, nope, but I can do this if some testing is needed15:15
knomeSpass, yes, i have a treat for you :)15:15
knomeSpass, put this in for cdimage.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/*: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/pMCSMJKJC9/15:16
Spassah, nice, blue header and single "Desktop image" section now :)15:23
knome yep15:23
knomealso, table styling15:23
knomesee how .iso and .torrent are highlighted vs. the ubuntu page...15:23
SpassI can't see the icons near files, maybe something on my side?15:23
knomethey're hidden.15:23
knomewhat do you need the question marks for?15:24
Spassdon't need them15:25
knomei'm pretty sure they just increase confusion15:25
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SpassI like it, two small changes I would propose are: make the row higher - tbody tr { height: 2.3em;}, and personally I'm not a fan of the "padding-left" on the non-ISOs tbh15:36
Spassso, to conclude my propositions, this - https://screenshots.firefox.com/hmnsDtC7undORo7P/cdimage.ubuntu.com15:39
Spassah, and maybe there's a way to hide that first empty row?15:45
Spassso my proposition is bad, need to find something else15:46
Spassyup, changing "tbody tr td { padding: 0.2em 0; }" to "tbody tr td { padding: 0.5em 0; }" works much better15:49
Spassknome, and what do you think about this https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/VtVfpKCxpv/15:59
Spassoriginal: https://screenshots.firefox.com/ehM4ciiycJoQAmAO/cdimage.ubuntu.com16:07
Spassmy seggestions: https://screenshots.firefox.com/cJEhUUrohXVqN6G0/cdimage.ubuntu.com16:07
Spassanyway, both are fine16:07
knomeSpass, first what empty row? "parent dir"?16:14
Spassnah, my first change in css was faulty, there's no empty row now :)16:15
Spassall good16:15
knomeSpass, not opposed to your changes16:16
knomeSpass, now let's start working on getting this to a git repository etc.16:16
knomei think we need to include the main css file as well16:16
knomehere's the process explained16:17
knomewe should dump this under xubuntu-website16:17
Spassyeah looks like the CSS need to be complete16:18
Spassand if you think that rows are slightly to high in my mod, we could change "0.5em" to "0.4em"16:19
* knome shrugs16:19
knomei'm fine either way ;)16:19
SpassI might be wrong, but I think that "existing CSS" from that Wiki page is deprecated16:31
Spasstried to use that in Stylus and it looks bad16:31
Spassthey probably changed that since then16:32
Spassthis is how it look with only that "original" CSS from the wiki - https://screenshots.firefox.com/SGAAhPiB5Oju6ds6/cdimage.ubuntu.com16:33
Spassand yeah... looks like Lubuntu team missed that change in CSS - http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/lubuntu/releases/18.04.2/release/16:36
Spassand probably kubuntu team also - http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/18.04.2/release/16:37
Spassso yeah, is it really worth it to maintain that custom css?16:38
knomei'd at least go ahead and change the header bg color16:46
knomeif nothing else16:46
knomeand link colors16:46
knomethose are pretty generic changes that work with all kinds of "base" css16:46
knome(maybe we should see if we could just load the base css with an @import?)16:46
flocculantUnit193: just so you know - got new kernel, reverted the grub change, rebooted and all is fine here again17:00
flocculanthi knome Spass 17:00
Spasshello flocculant 17:00
knomehey flocculant 17:01
flocculanthow's things - the iso page changes you're looking to do look good :)17:01
knomeslow... :P17:01
knomeit's not often i have these quiet moments alone on the computer17:02
flocculantit's not often I have a quiet moment the last 6 months lol17:02
knomeand even now i'm kind of thinking if i should use the quiet time for something else :P17:02
knomeflocculant, i understand ;P17:03
flocculantI'm just about to away again now lol17:03
knomehave fun17:03
knomeand - me too17:03
flocculantyep - see you 17:04
flocculantbluesabre: I will try to do a test again this week - if it happens Wednesday - if it's Thursday I'll have no time17:05
Spassknome, this mess is what cdimages.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/* imports :) https://assets.ubuntu.com/v1/vanilla-framework-version-1.8.0.min.css17:44
Spassso yeah, not too clean17:44
knomeSpass, indeed.18:39
Unit193flocculant: Ah, that's good news.  1998's resolution is gone. \o/19:19
flocculantUnit193: yup it was - and it wasn't till I started typing I realised 1998's resolution wasn't something you did on New Years Day ...20:02
Spass_refreshed disco ISO landed20:24
Spass_(but I'll test them tomorrow, it's getting late here)20:39
Unit193So I should refresh mine.20:52

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