pikapikaWhat's the caching behaviour for the panel with regard to widgets?00:53
pikapika"Status indicator" type stuff like battery level, hacker-mon, volume changer etc will of course always have their processes alive00:54
pikapikaHowever, what is the policy regarding something like the whisker menu?00:55
pikapikaIt seems to get cached after you open it once00:55
pikapikaBut it also seems00:55
pikapikaIt gets killed automatically00:55
pikapikaPerhaps it happens when theres heavy memory load (lots of swapping) idk00:55
pikapikaEither way00:57
pikapikaIt seems to take an amount of time similar to starting process straight from disk often times when I open it again after a long while00:57
pikapikaand naturally thats very annoying00:57
pikapikaWhat is the caching policy?00:58
pikapikaAnd can I somehow force it to always stay in memory?00:58
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brainwashpikapika: you did not monitor memory/swap usage?08:05
pikapikaMemoey/swap often gets into thhe 80%/50% range brainwash08:06
brainwashthe obvious solution would be to increase the amount of RAM or relocate the swap area to a SSD08:09
pikapikaBut what to do meanwhile?08:09
brainwashreducing the amount of background process may help08:10
pikapikaNot by much08:12
pikapikaOS bg processes rarely seem to take more than ~500MB08:12
pikapikaThe browser and ide are the real culprits08:13
brainwashnot sure if anything can be done about this then08:15
SoidI have samba installed and by terminal to recognize the network equipment but I try to tune and I see nothing, also I have the Public folder shared with the 0777 permissions and from another machine I can neither copy nor perfer12:53
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Soid I have samba installed and by terminal to recognize the network equipment but I try to tune and I see nothing, also I have the Public folder shared with the 0777 permissions and from another machine I can neither copy nor perfer15:29
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pikapikaDoes thunar not support highlighting the particular folder when you click Open in directory from a browser or is it something only I am experiencing?16:49
pikapikas/folder/file within folder16:49
Spasshello pikapika, this forum thread may interest you - https://forum.xfce.org/viewtopic.php?id=1265017:03
Spassyou're not the only one17:04
pikapikaI was reading FF's source code https://hg.mozilla.org/mozilla-central/file/tip/xpcom/io/nsLocalFileUnix.cpp17:04
pikapikachecking whether if its an FF issue17:04
pikapikaso its really a thunar issue17:04
SoidI have samba installed and by terminal to recognize the network equipment but I try to tune and I see nothing, also I have the Public folder shared with the 0777 permissions and from another machine I can neither copy nor perferI have samba installed and by terminal to recognize the network equipment but I try to tune and I see nothing, also I have the Public folder shared with the 0777 permissions and from another machine I can neither17:04
Soidcopy nor perfer17:04
pikapikaThank you Spass17:04
* pikapika hugs Spass 17:04
Spassno problem pika17:05
pikapikaso how does dbus work and can I use it so that this universally works for whichever app uses thunar?17:08
pikapikaLet me research17:08
pikapikaSpass, I should put in a bug report I guess for thunar to support this action in future17:14
pikapikaIt basically seems its a matter of implementing this: https://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Specifications/file-manager-interface/17:15
SpassI think this bug report is related - https://bugzilla.xfce.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1227317:17
ubottubugzilla.xfce.org bug 12273 in General "Add --select argument for opening path, which selects/highlights the last item in path instead of open in default app" [Enhancement,New]17:17
Spassit was linked in that forum thread17:17
pikapikaHoly shit17:18
ubottubugzilla.xfce.org bug 12273 in General "Add --select argument for opening path, which selects/highlights the last item in path instead of open in default app" [Enhancement,New]17:18
pikapikaIts been there for 3 years17:18
pikapikaMy C is okay I guess but I know nothing of linux desktop architecture17:19
pikapikaShould I try my hand at fixing it?17:19
Spassyou're the boss, so you have to decide :) but yeah, help is always welcomed when it comes to patching bugs17:24
pikapikashit looks like oop in C17:25
pikapikaNo experience with their conventions17:25
pikapikaNeed to read their code for a while before I can do anything17:25
pikapikaAnd yeah I am always down to helping if I can :)17:30
Spasscool, people at #xfce-dev can help you with understanding the "xfce way of coding", if needed17:32
pikapikaI will ask their help if needed17:33
wb9688Why does LightDM not turn off my laptop's screen when locking? It happens on both Xubuntu 18.20 and Debian Unstable. GDM (and Windows for that matter) does, so it isn't like it's a hardware issue. Also, when I lock my screen and disconnect my screen, LightDM crashes when logging in. And when I lock my screen, disconnect my screen and reconnect my screen, new LightDM releases don't want to show up at all, so17:43
wb9688I've downgraded it to an older version. I've had this happen on both my desktop with DP and my laptop with VGA. Newer releases of LightDM also have the problem that it doesn't want to redirect to the greeter or only after a long time. I'm of course using LightDM's GTK+ greeter and light-locker, with default config on Xubuntu 18.10 and pretty much the same config on Debian Unstable but with Openbox instead of17:43
wb9688Xfce. Has anyone else experienced those problems as well? Does anyone know how to fix this? Or if this is a bug in LightDM, is there already a bug report? If not, what is the correct way to file an issue?17:43
wb9688Oh, and I'm also just using xfce4-power-manager on both Xubuntu 18.10 and Debian Unstable on my laptop but not on Debian Unstable on my desktop, if that matters.17:45
brainwashwb9688: intel gpu?17:46
wb9688Yes, Intel iGPU on both.17:47
wb9688"Intel® HD Graphics for Intel Atom® Processor Z3700 Series" in my laptop and " Intel® HD Graphics 520" in my desktop, to be specific.17:48
brainwashthe screen won't power off at all, not even after some time (default timeout should be 1min)?17:50
brainwashin 19.04 there will the new xfce4-screensaver available which does not rely on VT switching for screen locking17:53
wb9688It keeps 'reinitializing'. Where could I find the relevant timeout setting? I find xfce4-power-manager's settings really confusing.17:54
brainwashxfce4-power-manager does not affect settings outside of your Xfce session17:55
brainwashand lightdm runs outside17:55
brainwashdid you check lightdm-gtk-greeter-settings?17:55
wb9688Ah, I didn't even know that existed.17:56
wb9688Is it the 'Timeout until the screens blanks'? It's set in the middle, but I don't know how many minutes that are, but I guess 30 min, since the slider goes up to 60 min.17:58
brainwashpikapika: https://bugzilla.xfce.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1241417:58
ubottubugzilla.xfce.org bug 12414 in Core "org.freedesktop.FileManager1 service should be supported by Thunar" [Enhancement,Resolved: fixed]17:58
pikapikaAh okay thanks17:59
pikapikaThen I should read about the dbus approach to solving this problem as well17:59
pikapikaoh wait18:00
pikapikaapparently they already solved it18:00
pikapikaLet me check the version18:00
brainwashthunar 1.8.318:00
pikapikaOkay 1.8.418:00
pikapikaor 318:01
brainwashxubuntu 19.04 will have it18:01
pikapikaI see yes18:01
pikapikaIn the meanwhile will it work if I somehow manually build and install it?18:01
pikapikaHow'd you suppress the apt one in that case?18:01
brainwashyou can use the official xubuntu PPA18:02
wb9688Oh, and to even view light-locker, I have to press Ctrl-Alt-F7 on my laptop, just space (or whatever) doesn't work.18:02
pikapikaOkay but18:02
pikapikaGiven the same package existing in two diff ppas18:02
pikapikaHow do I enforce the use of a particular version?18:02
brainwashwith apt pinning I guess18:03
brainwashwb9688: so, it start with a blank screen?18:04
pikapikaOkay so it apparently reccommends to use backports18:05
wb9688No, when I press space, it does exactly nothing. It just keeps 'reinitializing' the screen on and on, like it was already doing. Just when I press Ctrl-Alt-F7, something will happen.18:05
brainwashthat's quite confusing18:07
wb9688Yeah, I'm just having a lot of issues with LightDM, but can't really find much about it on the internet, even though I could reproduce it myself with different distros and some issues even with different machines. GDM works well though, but it depends on all that GNOME crap.18:10
brainwashGDM screen locking?18:10
wb9688Yes, running in Ubuntu 18.10 (so full GNOME).18:11
wb9688If you were asking about GDM working well (and not about depending on GNOME crap).18:12
wb9688And 5 min later, my laptop still keeps reinitializing the screen, so I don't think it's related to that lightdm-gtk-greeter-settings setting.18:13
brainwashwith 19.04 getting released soon I would give that a try18:13
wb9688Xubuntu 19.04? OK, I'll give that a try when released.18:14
brainwashbooting the live ISO should do for a quick test18:14
brainwashother than that, switch to xscreensaver, xfce4-screensaver (from the previous linked PPA), or any other screen locker18:15
wb9688Will that also fix the LightDM crashing when disconnecting a monitor?18:15
wb9688Never mind, with that it won't even go to LightDM, right?18:16
wb9688Btw are there like beta live ISOs of 19.04?18:17
brainwashlightdm will only be used as login screen after booting the system or after terminating a user session18:17
ubottuUbuntu 19.04 (Disco Dingo) will be the 30th release of Ubuntu, scheduled for April 2019 (<https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DiscoDingo/ReleaseSchedule#>). It will be supported for nine months.18:18
wb9688Thanks! I'll try that tomorrow.18:18
brainwashfinal release is in two days18:18
wb9688Oh, then I'll wait another day I guess.18:20
wb9688And I don't really like that with another screen locker I won't have the same login and unlock screen, but that's more acceptable than just light-locker not really working.18:21
pikapikawb9688, use the jwz one18:21
pikapikaThats what I am doing18:22
brainwashwb9688: I have good news then18:22
pikapikaThe ligh locker one was giving me trouble so I replaced it with xscreensaver which was what used to be in older xubuntu versions18:23
brainwashxfce4-screensaver resembles the lightdm-gtk-greeter login screen18:23
wb9688Really? That's kinda nice!18:23
wb9688Does it use GTK+ 2 or 3?18:24
brainwashno point in using 2 anymore18:24
wb9688Yeah, but maybe it hasn't been ported yet or something. Though I don't like that GTK+ 3's file picker uses type-to-search (which is also slow) instead of type-to-jump.18:27
brainwashxfce4-screensaver is new18:28
brainwash19.04 is the first release to have it packaged18:29
wb9688Oh, I thought I had seen that package a long time ago in aptitude or something.18:29
brainwashscreenshot https://i.imgur.com/PqUvs02.png18:30
wb9688But apparantly long couldn't be longer than 18 October 2018, lol.18:30
wb9688Does that switch user button go to LightDM in another VT? And does it look at LightDM GTK+ greeter's config for the theme, items in the top bar, etc? Or does it have its own config? Or no config for that at all?18:32
brainwashnot sure how the theming works18:33
brainwashuser switching does involve lightdm and the gtk greeter18:33
wb9688Yeah, OK, not that that matters for me, since I only have 1 non-service user other than root (which of course doesn't have a password, since that'd be stupid).18:34
wb9688I was just curious about that.18:35

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