IrcsomeBot4<Anarchotaoist> Will we see Falkon 3.1.0 in the repo any time soon?00:42
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lordievaderGood morning06:02
BluesKaj'Morning folks09:55
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IrcsomeBot4<EEElton> <Elton> Afternoon everyone. I was wondering Valerie, when would Kubuntu 19.04 be released? The stable version. Should I install the beta version and later update to the stable version? I have a desktop with a discrete AMD R9 GPU. I'm wondering if it would be stable enough for me to use. @Valoriez13:04
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BluesKajEEElton 19.04 release date is tomorrow13:05
IrcsomeBot4<EEElton> <Elton> I have 18.10 currently installed, but it's a bit unstable with high Ram and CPU usage. I have upgraded and downgraded the Plasma editions several times so I think perhaps that's what causes it.13:06
mparilloPer https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DiscoDingo/ReleaseSchedule April 18th13:07
IrcsomeBot4<EEElton> @BluesKaj, Oh great. I should wait to download the stable version tomorrow then. Thanks.13:07
IrcsomeBot4<EEElton> Is there much difference between the beta today, and the stable version tomorrow?13:08
BluesKajnot much , everything is on freeze atm13:08
IrcsomeBot4<EEElton> Mm I see.13:09
IrcsomeBot4<EEElton> I imagine 19.10 would incorporate Plasma 5.1613:09
BluesKajnope, it's 5.15.413:10
BluesKajI'm on 19.0413:11
IrcsomeBot4<acheronuk> @EEElton, Correct13:11
IrcsomeBot4<acheronuk> 19.03 has 5.1513:11
IrcsomeBot4<acheronuk> *19.0413:12
IrcsomeBot4<EEElton> I'm really impressed with Kubuntu. Been using it for a year now. While I think the UI widgets can look a bit clunky, that's plasma fault. I think overall Kubuntu OS really provides a polished Linux OS. Quite stable too with incremental and necessary updates.13:13
IrcsomeBot4<EEElton> @BluesKaj, How is the experience of 19.04 so far?13:13
BluesKajEEElton very stable so far for me, but my HW is mostly intel, no nvidia etc so your experience may differ13:15
IrcsomeBot4<EEElton> @BluesKaj, 19.10 would have Plasma 5.16 then? I should check the wiki. Though it makes sense to incorporate 5.16 in 19.10 and fix the bugs for LTS 20.0413:22
IrcsomeBot4<EEElton> @BluesKaj, Ah.... Right....I have an AMD GPU. My motherboard has a realtek sound driver as well. The sound isn't very high on Linux, but quite decent on Windows.13:22
BluesKajEEElton, open alsamixer in the terminal and set the vol ctrls you use to at least 80%13:25
IrcsomeBot4<EEElton> @BluesKaj, Oh I have tried that. That controls the master volume as well right?13:26
BluesKajsame goes for pavucontrol if you use it13:26
IrcsomeBot4<EEElton> Yeah I figured.13:27
IrcsomeBot4<EEElton> You'll update to the stable release once it's out tomorrow right?13:27
BluesKajthink the release I'm using is mostly up to date already, but i I update/upgrade every day anyway13:30
IrcsomeBot4<EEElton> @BluesKaj, You upgrade to a new version everytime?13:30
IrcsomeBot4<EEElton> How stable is the experience so far?13:30
IrcsomeBot4<EEElton> What tips can you give?13:31
BluesKajnot a new version everytime , the packages are updated or upgraded, kernel updates are less frequent13:32
IrcsomeBot4<EEElton> @BluesKaj, But you do base updates when it's out right?13:33
BluesKajEEElton, they point release updates are always availble in the repos if that's what you mean13:34
ubottuThe packages in Kubuntu are divided into various sections. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Kubuntu - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories13:35
BluesKajEEElton ^13:36
IrcsomeBot4<EEElton> Ah I see.13:38
IrcsomeBot4<EEElton> Clarify for me, if you will - the base releases contain only the package updates and the kernel updated. Anything else I'm missing?13:39
IrcsomeBot4<EEElton> Thanks for this.13:44
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IrcsomeBot4<Aleksa Braun> Naked foto @privatphotobot15:05
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