isomarigreetings, will all spins be released the same day (kubuntu,lubuntu,etc..)?07:43
guivercisomari, that is the norm (& plan)08:12
analogicalwill 19.04 be released at midnight or what?09:36
lunaanalogical: tommorow evening09:37
lunaand spins some Thursday evening some Friday afternoon09:37
luna@ isomari 09:37
tenplus1hi folks13:34
tenplus1does anyone know why "kubuntu-settings-desktop" depends on python2 libs when nothing else in the distro does ??13:34
tenplus1570kb settings package that somehow requires 8mb py2libs13:42
lordcirth__tenplus1, because it uses python2? Not everyone has moved to python3.13:45
tenplus1was curious as it was said that 19.04 would migrate to python3... thought they missed a few things :PP13:45
tenplus1just seems a waste of space on install cd13:46
BluesKajtenplus1,  python, python2 etc , what does it matter ?13:46
tenplus1am trying to make a mini-kde-distro and removing the fluff13:47
tenplus1this is definitely fluff for the sake of a settings package13:47
BluesKajtenplus1, complain to the devs in #kubuntu-devel13:48
tenplus1heh, so many channels13:48
lordcirth__more helpfully, ask how you can help port it.13:49
tenplus1:P hopefully...13:49
OerHekscurrent beta iso exceeds 2 gb, so after 10 years, my 2 gb red stick is useless :-(16:49
lotuspsychjeyeah its gotten big iso16:50
lordcirth__Good to know16:50
ZeZustrange behavior on disco w. random https connection refused in multiple browsers,  i'm fairly sure it's not the server or my connection,  only happens on sites i'm authenticated on ...18:51
lotuspsychjeZeZu: on firefox?18:52
ZeZufirefox and chrome18:52
ZeZuone site goes out it affects both 18:52
ZeZuvery weird18:52
lotuspsychjeZeZu: can you pass an url for test?18:52
ZeZuboth xfinitycom and paypal.com are good examples18:53
ZeZuand though it seems to only happen on sites after authentication,  it affects the whole domain after 18:53
ZeZuie:  it's not just a subpage18:53
ZeZuhttps://www.xfinity.com/ is out for me rn18:54
lotuspsychjeworks both on bionic for me ZeZu 18:54
lotuspsychjemaybe someone with disco can test this?18:54
ZeZuyes that's my point, the domains are not down actually18:55
lotuspsychjeZeZu: other https work fine?18:55
OerHeksyou have some plugins in chrome...18:55
OerHeksdisable it, and try again? maybe you need to whitelist something18:55
ZeZuthey are pretty standard though and to hit both browsers?18:56
ZeZuin firefox i only have ublock and disabled it still wont load18:56
ZeZuit's prob the best to use as a reference for ubuntu i'd imagine18:56
lotuspsychjeZeZu: what about your isp or router, could they block things?18:56
ZeZuno i own the router and modem 18:57
ZeZuand i can reach the sites from other devices18:57
ZeZuit's deff. ubuntu18:57
lordcirth__ZeZu, please pastebin the results of 'systemd-resolve wwww.xfinity.com', and also 'systemd-resolve --status'19:05
ZeZuthe first is only one line19:08
ZeZuwwww.xfinity.com: resolve call failed: 'wwww.xfinity.com' not found19:08
ZeZuthink i fixed it ,  idk how but it's working again 19:10
ZeZuI set my ns list to default, rebooted router, refreshed dns cache and flushed out both browser caches and a few other things19:11
lordcirth__It seems you are using comcast DNS? If it happens again, try changing to, eg,
ZeZunow i'm not sure what fixed it but appears to be working 19:11
ZeZuyeah in that i am,  it had been set to
hggdh8.8.8.8/ are the Google DNS servers. Good enough as well19:36
=== ledeni_ is now known as ledeni
lunahttps://www.nuug.no/ will setup an Ubuntu Mirror for 19.04 at https://www.gathering.org/tg19 LAN party tommorow in Norway20:59
lunaso you fast can download and put the iso on USB or DVD at the LAN party20:59
OerHeksnice, luna21:05
OerHeksi usual seed torrents for a few weeks, with a fast upload 21:05
ChunkzZanyone else excited?21:08
ChunkzZjust ordering a new pc.. just in time for 19 xD21:08
OerHeksmake sure your usb device is larger than 2 gb :-)21:11
OerHekscurrent beta iso exceeds 2 gb, so after 10 years, my 2 gb red stick is useless :-(21:11
tomreynmaybe you can sneak in a compressed file system layer ;-)21:12
OerHeksi think i keep it around with 18.0421:14
ubottuno, not yet out. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DiscoDingo/ReleaseSchedule21:16
valorieoh good, it's working21:16
lunavalorie: :)21:16
lunatommorow evening21:16
EickmeyerI have one of these for my iso files: https://www.amazon.com/iodd-External-Encrypted-Enclosure-Virtual/dp/B00S3G12E6/21:16
lunabut i guess you know that valorie as you are a Kubuntu dev21:16
Eickmeyer¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Only works with NTFS, but oh well.21:16
valorieI know what the sched is21:16
lunathen i assumed correct21:17
lunaand same21:17
valoriebut wanted to be sure the factoid was working here21:17

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