lapidarytomreyn, thanks I was using screen to connect to it; I just wanted the desktop to ignore it as a "modem"00:07
tomreynlapidary: oh the desktop shows it as such, i see. hmm i'm not sure how to do this. maybe you could train network-manager to ignore the device, or udev to not treat it as a modem.00:08
tomreynhi stevendale00:08
stevendaleModem? What is this? 2004?00:08
tomreynstevendale: a lot of things still support AT commands. but that's not the topic of this channel - got an ubuntu support question?00:09
stevendaletomreyn: Just here to help00:10
lapidarytomreyn, thanks I'll do some looking :-)00:10
tomreynstevendale: good, then i'll head to bed. ;-)00:11
tomreyngood luck lapidary00:11
stevendaleHave a good night tomreyn00:11
cryptorfrankensthalp plz. I'm boot looping. It also looks like that user has been ecryptfs-ed which  I don't recall doing00:11
stevendalecryptorfrankenst: GRUB Menu and go into recovery mode, IIRC it's against channel guidelines to help people get into recovery00:12
cryptorfrankenstI've got root account access, but if it's against the rules ok00:13
cryptorfrankensthas ecryptfs ever been used as ransomware?00:15
tomreyni don't think there's such a policy.00:16
tomreynand i've only read about truecrypt / veracrypt being used for ransomware on linux00:17
tomreyn+ custom aes encryption00:18
cryptorfrankenstmachine was mostly airgapped except for adding packages and updates00:18
cryptorfrankensttried all sorts of passwords. one blackscreens as if logging in then dumpsd me at the login screen again00:19
kolamanI'm moving from mac to Ubuntu and started to like this (being a linux system admin)00:20
kolamanWant to migrate  my skype history to Ubuntu but not sure where is that on ubuntu 18.04 ?00:20
cryptorfrankenstCtrl Alt F1 login says last login was ddmmyy etc. further down mentions keyring error00:20
tomreyncryptorfrankenst: and this keyring error makes you think the system was ransomware encrypted?00:23
cryptorfrankenstnot recalling enabling encryption is concerning me00:24
tomreynkolaman: probably somewhere in ~/.skype* or ~/.config/skype*00:24
cryptorfrankenstnot sure if the bootloop is related00:24
tomreyncryptorfrankenst: boot it from a live usb and inspect the file system.00:26
tomreynbut i would guess it's probably just PPA getting in the way or similar.00:26
tomreyn* a00:26
kolamantomreyn: actually can't find that on these locations :(00:27
pragmaticenigmakolaman: how did you install skype? can you point us to any documentation/instructions that you used?00:28
kolamanused ubuntu software manager00:29
cryptorfrankenstI can get to the looping account home via root account login. It shows Access-Your-Private-Data.desktop in it's home folder00:29
cryptorfrankenstwhich seems to be related to ecryptfs00:29
pragmaticenigmakolaman: have you launched skype yet?00:30
tomreyncryptorfrankenst: yes that's what it sounds like00:31
kolamanyes, I've launched and using that on ubuntu but want to transfer main.db from my mac machine00:31
tomreynthere's the ecryptfs-recover-private command00:31
cryptorfrankenstyeah I've tried some stackexchange / askubuntu / manual stuff00:32
cryptorfrankensterror on passphrase attempts00:33
pragmaticenigmakolaman: try this: find ./ -type d -iname '*skype*'00:36
kolamanpragmaticenigma: got this00:38
kolaman./snap/skype                 ./snap/skype/common/.config/skypeforlinux                              ./snap/skype/common/.config/skypeforlinux/SkypeRT00:38
pragmaticenigmakolaman: that was run within your home directory?00:39
rypervenchecryptorfrankenst: I've done this before for someone. There's a manual way to do it, although I'd have to google again how to do it. You have to kind of decrypt the key first and then use it to unlock and mount the file system to /tmp00:40
pragmaticenigmakolaman: from what tomreyn had previously stated, look in those folders for your main.db file ... do take care to back up any file before you replace them with the copies from your Mac.00:40
kolamanpragmaticenigma: actually under /home/n00b/snap/skype/common/.config/skypeforlinux            I can see there is databases.db and databases.db-journal00:41
kolamanbut under this folder can find any main.db00:41
cryptorfrankenstrypervenche I saw something like this but it was beyond me00:41
cryptorfrankenstwill check my tabs / history00:42
tomreynit's also entirely possible that these softwares aren't actually compatible, completely separate softwares.00:42
pragmaticenigmakolaman: like tomreyn mentions, it's possible that the Linux version of skype isn't compatible with the files from the other versions (Mac/Windows)00:44
tomreynthis is an old post, but may cmpletement the man page http://blog.dustinkirkland.com/2011/04/introducing-ecryptfs-recover-private.html00:44
tomreyn^ cryptorfrankenst00:44
cryptorfrankenstthanks tomreyn00:45
kolamanpragmaticenigma: tomreyn thanks, but I'd like 6+ years of skype history and don't want to loose that :(00:45
tomreyncryptorfrankenst: maybe this helps, too https://askubuntu.com/questions/1035424/ubuntu-18-04-mount-encrypted-disk?noredirect=1&lq=100:46
tomreynkolaman: understandable, good luck then!00:46
pragmaticenigmakolaman: Unfortunately that isn't something that there is a solution for. You won't lose it since you backed it up. Some careful research online will probably yield a solution00:46
newberHello everyone. I'm new to Gnome desktop and would like to know how I can have different settings for the primary buttons on my input devices; I want my notebook's trackpad to be set up for right hand use and my trackball mouse for left hand use. I only see a single option in Settings/Devices/Mouse & Touchpad and it affects both devices.01:18
newberI come from XFCE where every pointing devices has it's own settings and it was very easy to do this there but I have not found much online about this for Gnome.01:19
newberAny help would be greatly appreciated.01:19
Kyrosyou can attempt to use xinput but its pretty much the most worthless thing ever invented01:27
pragmaticenigmanewber: If you remember the application that you used in XFCE, you can probably install it under Gnome-Desktop to achieve the same effect.01:34
newberpragmaticenigma, it was part of the XFCE settings.01:44
newberKyros, Haha. Worthless in what way? Would it get the job done? I'm quite shocked that Gnome doesn't do this out of the box. Seems rather basic. And people tend to make fun of XFCE for being lightweight...01:46
pragmaticenigmanewber: It's been awhile since I've used Xubuntu/XFCE, however, if I remember correctly XFCE settings where just a collection of tools inside a wrapper. (That's most of how settings works in Gnome-Desktop)... I'd recommend tracking it down.01:46
pragmaticenigmaxinput is part of the x11 server, it's not worthless per-se as anything that sets those settings is leveraging the same backends. It's more that it is very complicated to work with, which is why GUI's make the interfacing easier01:47
newberpragmaticenigma, you could be right, even though since 4.12, they seemed to integrate together so nicely.01:47
newberpragmaticenigma, Ah, I see. Thanks.01:48
pragmaticenigmanewber: This might be worth a read: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Multi-pointer_X01:50
pragmaticenigmanewber: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MouseCustomizations01:50
pragmaticenigmanewber: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/MPX01:50
Kyrosits not even complicated to use it just doesnt support anything useful01:51
newberBtw, this is how the XFCE one looks. Easily to enable or disable any device from drop down menu and have separate settings for each. In my case, my screen has a wacom tablet feature built in which gets whacky sometimes and likes to move the mouse around, so it was nice to just kill it from there as needed.01:52
k_sze[work]While running `apt full-upgrade`, I get a TUI telling me "you will need a way to toggle the keyboard between the national layout and the standard Latin layout."01:54
k_sze[work]What's that about?01:54
k_sze[work]I think it's part of the "keyboard-configuration" package.01:55
k_sze[work]But I don't understand what that is for, really. I don't remember ever getting asked that question before, not even during the initial installation of the Ubuntu OS (18.04).01:57
scabai hope ubuntu 19.04 has the peepers xscreensaver02:37
drewbertscaba: at least it has the best name of any distro yet02:38
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scabadisco dingo02:38
phionatoday libre office has an update. i want to replace it with another office suite.  should i install the updates first and then remove?02:41
pi0is there a ubuntu app to convert png to ansi art02:44
scabai think there is02:45
scabai forget what its called install synaptic and search for it02:45
phionatoday libre office has an update. i want to replace it with another office suite.  should i install the updates first and then remove?02:52
krytarikphiona: No, that's not necessary.02:53
phionakrytarik: ok. tnx.02:57
kadiropi0, there is caca and jp2a03:02
kadiropi0, http://mewbies.com/acute_terminal_fun_03_create_ascii_art_and_ansi_on_the_terminal.htm03:07
scabayou can do the matrix and an ascii aquarium in terminal too03:08
scabai like ascii aquarium03:08
pi0thank you03:15
pi0tooo cool03:16
pi0what about for ansi prompts03:16
qwebirc60046Hi team03:21
qwebirc60046i have 1 support question on ubuntu mate...  What format do i use for microsdcx?03:22
qwebirc60046advance HUMBLE APPRECIATION03:23
atheodohi, dell lattitude e7450 should be ok for linux right?03:26
atheodofound a good price on amazon and about to get it03:26
kadiroatheodo, https://certification.ubuntu.com/hardware/201408-15385/03:30
atheodothank you kadiro, it is certified03:31
atheodoI snatched :-)03:32
atheodois there a hexchat channel?03:32
kadiroatheodo, no problem but read that link carefully03:32
atheodoor do we get support for hexchat here?03:32
atheodoit was for 14.x03:32
atheodoi found another article from a person who they just installed 18.x lts03:33
kadiroatheodo, I don't know if there is a channel for hexchat but you can ask03:33
atheodoand it went through without a hitch03:33
atheodothank you, how do I open a private chat window?03:33
atheodoi know to do '/msg xxxxx'03:33
atheodobut on the mac side that opened a new window03:33
atheodohere it stays on the channel window03:34
kadiroI think by right clicking on the name you choose03:34
kadiroyou will get a context menu03:34
atheodoi ditched the mac03:35
atheodoi cannot fathom paying crazy prices anymore,03:35
atheodoplayed around with a raspberrypi last week03:35
atheodovery impressive, so got my desktop going03:35
atheodoi got a couple of optiplex 990s for almost nothing03:36
atheodoso i will do a file server (samba) on one03:37
atheodoand a mysql on the other, which runs from raspberrypi right now lol03:37
atheodoand ordered parts to built an amd ryzen based ubuntu desktop this weekend03:37
atheodoand got the dell03:37
atheodoall and all $120003:37
kadirosound nice price03:37
atheodocompared to close to $5K that apple wanted for similar set up03:37
swift110sup folks03:38
atheodoI just could not do it03:38
kadirohi swift11003:38
atheodotalking from the optiplex 990 right now03:38
swift110how are you kadiro03:38
swift110cool atheodo03:38
kadiroswift110, I'm good thanks how about you03:38
swift110im good kadiro what are you up to03:38
krytarikLet's not get too much off topice please.03:39
kadiroswift110, i was trying to fix lirc remote and finally it worked03:39
swift110oh of course my apologies03:39
qwebirc60046(athedo) you mentioned working with raspberry pi. was that with UBUNTU MATE?  IF SO, what format is for microsdxc/ubuntu mate? fat32?03:41
kadiroqwebirc60046, ubuntu on a fat system sound like a bad idea03:46
kungrInstead of using cloning software. Can I use a bootable ubnutu install, and DD a HDD (win10) to a new SSD?03:47
atheodoi used etcher03:48
atheodoit was fat 3203:48
qwebirc60046THX ATHEODO03:49
atheodoubuntu is too much for the raspeberrypi03:49
atheodoso went back to raspian03:49
atheodothat it can handle03:49
atheodoused it to install a test mysql server03:49
qwebirc600463B+EVEN RASP B+  MATE?03:49
scabakungr i think i did that before and it worked i dd an image file of a hard drive to a hard drive03:49
atheodoyes it was the latest03:49
atheodoto get mysql on this machine now with ubuntu 18 lts03:50
atheododo i do apt-get install mysql server03:50
atheodoand then run mysql secure administration to finish the set up?03:50
qwebirc60046WITH raspbian you only have 1 browser.  i want firefox03:50
qwebirc60046hence ubuntu mate03:50
scabakungr took like 2 days though03:50
atheodoi want also install appache03:51
atheodoso i can run phpmyadmin03:51
atheodowhich i really love for interacting with mysql03:51
atheodoit's just the best03:51
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kristonAre WebUpd8 PPAs still alive? Who can I contact to get the Oracle Java8 PPA updated (because Oracle changed the download location with the new version of Java today)?03:53
guiverckriston, the first P in ppa = personal, if you look up the front page it'll have details for the person (or team) - they are not supported by Ubuntu/Canonical - they are 3rd party (hence personal package archive)03:56
kristonguiverc: Of course I know that. I'm looking for any news anyone may have heard.03:56
kungrthanks scaba03:57
guiverchttps://launchpad.net/~webupd8team/+archive/ubuntu/java is front page & has detail of contact (last update 2019-01-17 with name clearly visible)03:57
kristonThat wasn't my question.  Thanks anyway,.03:58
guivercadmin@webupd8.org is email from that page03:58
scabayw kungr03:59
kristonDon't know why I bother with IRC anymore.03:59
crankenstienhi im a newbie to ubuntu and need to know how to install apps from tz files04:13
crankenstienneed was tar.xz files04:15
mousescrankenstien: Need more information - what's the program name you are trying to install?04:15
guiverccrankenstien, 'tz' files are tarballs usually; a compressed file that usally contains source that you ./configure, make, make install but you should follow the README or instructions created by the author04:16
crankenstientar.xz was needed i made a typo04:18
guiverctar is short for tarball; the code after it tells you how it was compressed (eg. gz = gzip, bz=bzip ..)04:18
jcb2016hi all. if i download ubuntu to a usb/live will it have the drivers for whatevver laptop i want to try it on ie wifi04:21
guivercjcb2016, for better makes of components providing the Ubuntu release is newer than the components (+ time to design & manufacture) pretty good, for cheaper gear the lag is longer.. so depends (enterprise grade usually is better, and later releases...)04:23
crankenstienguiverc how do you open compressed files04:23
guiverccrankenstien, if using a gui; your should be able to click on it & tell it to expand using your default file manager (thunar, pcmanfm-qt etc) - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression04:24
scabajcb2016 you can go into the live usb environment and if everything works then youre good but it usually works04:25
jcb2016ok thansk saba and guiverc04:25
scabanot always though04:25
jcb2016saba, or guiverc whats a good live/usb image i can download and try ubuntu? is 18.0.4 fine or is there another one04:29
gimmelAnyone able to tell me how to script an ssh key passphrase? I have a script that connects to an SSH server, and it works just fine provided the passphrase for the key has been entered recently. But when I run it through cron, it needs the passphrase entered.04:29
guivercjcb2016, Ubuntu releases are yy.mm so 18.04 is 2018.April release, and being a LTS it comes with 5 years so yes.  18.04.2 is the latest and has HWE kernel so is better for newer hardware04:30
guiverc5 years of support  ^04:30
jcb2016thanks all04:31
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Guest48I'm having an issue where /var/lib/php5 has a ton of files I can't delete even though I have sudo05:09
Guest48I've tried changing permissions, renaming, moving ect but still getting access denied when using sudo05:10
guivercGuest48, is it a local file-system, or hosted elsewhere (the host may have restricted permissions beyond what your see; esp. if simfs etc)05:28
Guest48local filesystem it's a AWS ubuntu image /dev/xvda1 is showing 100% inode usage which I've narrowed down to the php5 folder05:29
ghostnik11hi I have a huge problem I was trying to edit my router by logging into it and change some settings and I accidentally kicked out my ethernet cord and now I can't get connected, icon showing the wired connection, it just keeps saying connecting. how can I fix it to show laptop that my cord is plugged in05:35
lotuspsychjeghostnik11: cant you access your router admin page?05:37
ghostnik11lotuspsychje, it won't let me. because the symbol keeps saying connecting05:37
lotuspsychjeghostnik11: is your network card driver installed correctly?05:38
ghostnik11lotuspsychje: yes it was just working my foot just touched the ethernet cord and all of a sudden it was yanked out of my laptop05:38
ghostnik11lotuspsychje I set it to automatic but if I set a static iP it shows connected05:39
lotuspsychjeghostnik11: did you try a reboot yet?05:39
ghostnik11lotuspsychje but when I sent manual static iP then put in it doesn't give me the router log in page05:40
ghostnik11lotuspsychje tried to reboot 3 times now05:40
lotuspsychjeghostnik11: do you have wifi too?05:40
ghostnik11lotuspsychje that's what I was trying to fix and I broke the WiFi by accident!! so while I was trying to fix the WiFi part of router is when I the cord got yanked out by accident05:41
ghostnik11lotuspsychje becuase wifi is broke, I don't see the ap05:41
lotuspsychjeghostnik11: pastebin: sudo lshw -C network && uname -a && lsb_release -a please05:42
ghostnik11lotuspsychje I am talking to you through my cell phone05:42
ghostnik11so I will try to copy it's read out then Bluetooth to phone and then try to send it lotuspsychje05:43
lotuspsychjeghostnik11: you can also just write it, what i need is the driver= & chipset names from both your wifi and network card05:44
lotuspsychjeghostnik11: and your ubuntu version & kernel version05:44
jcb2016hello im running ubuntu from a alive/usb and it didn't detect my wifi driver any ideas?05:47
lotuspsychjejcb2016: wich chipset and wich ubuntu version please?05:48
jcb2016lotuspsychje, 14.02 and bcm4314205:49
ghostnik11lotuspsychje, okay so I am using Linux mint 18 which is based off of Ubuntu, with kernel 4.4.0-89-generic. driver = e1000e driverversion=3.2.6-k, wireless driver = iwlwifi driverversion=4.4.0-89-generic05:49
ghostnik11lotuspsychje please don't kill me05:49
lotuspsychjeghostnik11: sorry we dont support mint here05:49
lotuspsychjejcb2016: 14.04 will soon be end of life, try installing a version from the topic 16.04 or 18.0405:50
jcb2016sorry lotuspsychje im running 18.0405:50
lotuspsychjejcb2016: install ubuntu without internet & updates during setup, then after your installation, you can install the broadcom drivers from your usb install medium in /pool05:52
lotuspsychje!broadcom | jcb2016 see the 'no internet STA'05:53
ubottujcb2016 see the 'no internet STA': Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx05:53
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frisc0senhello, i am looking for some advice/help06:13
frisc0sencurrently i am wondering why my ubuntu installation on my laptop is that slow. especially on startup.06:13
frisc0seni red into some forum posts and checked several things like RAM recognition06:13
frisc0sennow that i used fdisk -l , i see that there are many drives like /dev/loop2 counting up to 33. what is this?06:14
frisc0seni am on 18.1006:14
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Guest69284Ylmf_os_3.0 如何安装微信06:23
janusssYou better speak English here06:42
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest14354
snadgei have the unfortunate need to run 16.04 .. and it doesn't support Unicode 11.0 or Emoji 11.0 .. which is a massive crisis for me07:01
snadgei've tried installing fonts-emojione-svginot from eosrei/fonts ppa .. but this doesn't help :(07:01
janusssYou can't upgrade it to 1804?07:02
snadgei cant see 🥰 ..07:02
snadgeand no i cannot.. business requirement :(  (not certified yet)07:02
janusssThat sucks...07:02
snadgeisn't it simply just a font ? or is it an actual system library and im boned?07:02
snadgethis is an absolute world ending crisis .. :P07:05
snadgeupon further investigation.. its both the font and pango that needs to be updated?07:10
snadge18.04 comes with the noto font from google.. but 16.04 does not07:10
snadgeim surprised and disappointed that pango isn't part of the hwe enablement stack07:12
ducassesnadge: simply because pango is not needed for newer hardware support07:15
ducasseit's not very surprising07:15
snadgeits needed for new emojis though07:16
snadgewhich is absolutely critical.. fatal even.. imagine not being able to communicate because you cant see a symbol.. this is a very grave situation07:16
snadgeeven windows 7 supports it07:16
snadgeand its so far past end of life, you should be executed for even thinking about using it07:17
ducasseuse words.07:20
snadgefedora 29 is a supported business environment.. which makes me sad07:21
snadgenumerous folks have complained on the available forums about the lack of 18.04 support within the company.. and we're still waiting07:21
jojeroAnyone can help me install powerline-status?07:26
janusssTerminal/Konsole "sudo apt-get install poewrline-status"07:31
jojeroI use that how to make it work? I restart pc and its still the same :907:33
jojero:( *07:33
janussssorry,  I miss spelled it07:35
janussspip install powerline-status07:36
janusss"is useful, but note that in this case pip will not install powerline executable and something like07:36
janusssln -s {path_to_powerline}/scripts/powerline ~/.local/bin"07:36
stagmahey guys07:53
EriC^^!de | knoppix07:58
ubottuknoppix: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!07:58
knoppixalles klar07:58
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qwebirc28720Yo, quick question08:18
qwebirc28720So I have a network drived mounted via samba. I can view it with nautilus and whatnot08:19
qwebirc28720However, I cannot save/open files from the network drive as the system's open file dialog that various apps use do not show mounted drives08:19
qwebirc28720I noticed that the mounted folder is in /run/user/1000/gkfs/08:20
qwebirc28720Is there any way I can open/save files to the network drive via the file dialog?08:20
qwebirc28720For context, I'm trying to open a git repository on my network drive with gitkraken.08:20
roryAssuming there's no way to add custom locations to the file open dialogue, you could create a symbolic link to the /run/user/1000/gkfs directory somewhere easily accessible like your home directory08:21
roryrun this from your home dir: "ln -s /run/user/1000/gkfs"08:21
qwebirc28720here's the issue though, gitkraken doesn't have permission to access that directory08:21
roryThat would create a directory called gkfs in your home dir which points to that location08:21
qwebirc28720so it would error if I clicked the symbolic link?08:21
roryoh ok well that's a separate issue, there should be an option to mount read-write with Samba08:22
qwebirc28720I'm not running gitkraken as root08:22
qwebirc28720aka the app has no access to /run/08:22
rorycan you, as your user, create and delete files in there? or is it just gitkraken?08:22
qwebirc28720Lemme check08:22
qwebirc28720just a sec08:22
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qwebirc28720Yes, I can.08:23
qwebirc28720However gitkraken (the app) does not have access08:23
qwebirc28720it just says permission denied08:23
qwebirc28720oh heck08:25
qwebirc28720it worked08:25
qwebirc28720@rory Ty08:26
roryhaha I'm not sure what I did, but I'll take it :) You're welcome.08:26
qwebirc28720Never thought to just use a symbolic link08:27
qwebirc28720It lets me access the files via the symbolic link08:27
qwebirc28720but I can't directly go to the folder08:27
qwebirc28720from fs root08:27
roryThere might be a proper way to add the directory to the file open dialogue. Maybe some Ubuntu expert will know.08:27
qwebirc28720I spent like 3 hours looking into it, the official answer is "you can't."08:27
roryyou would be able to type in the full path into the filename dialogue on that box and it woould browse to there08:27
rorysymlink is just a kind of hack08:28
roryjust remember it's there, and don't rm -rf your home directory or it might traverse the mount and delete everything on the samba share.08:28
qwebirc28720If I deleted the symlink, would it delete the folder it links to?08:29
qwebirc28720Ok yeah the symlink doesn't work actually08:31
qwebirc28720just tried opening the repo there, gitkraken just gets booted08:31
qwebirc28720the official answer from what I've seen is "You can't"08:31
qwebirc28720aka apps can't access network drives08:31
rorysure they can08:33
rorysurely the app doesn't know if a particular file is "really" a network drive08:33
roryThat is all abstracted away by the filesystem. This is my assumption though. Maybe Samba is different from e.g. mounting using a FUSE filesystem08:33
qwebirc28720@rory I'm just tryna mount my NAS (Hard drive plugged into my router via USB). It has all of my repos on it. I'm then trying to connect to the repo with my gitkraken client.08:35
qwebirc28720Problem is, the open file dialog doesn't like network paths08:35
qwebirc28720if I ctrl L and manually type in the smb://Server/Folder, the file dialog just closes08:35
qwebirc28720The reason I have to use gitkraken in linux is due to the windows issue of long filenames08:36
zprdhi all08:38
roryah yeah I doubt you'd be able to pass in smb:// URL as that's not a standard file path. nautilus happens to understand it, and knows where to take you08:39
rorybut in the generic case you would need to access that path you mentioned, /run/whatever08:39
zprdon bionic, run the update, openjfx is installed but /usr/share/java/openjfx/jre/lib/ext/jfxrt.jar is no more?08:40
zprdbionic 18.04.208:40
zprdany hint?08:40
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qwebirc28720What's the easiest way to mount my NAS and give apps access to it08:41
qwebirc28720I've been at this problem for like 5 hours lol08:41
zprdqwebirc28720: you can mount using cifs08:41
zprdthen  set permissions and mount point08:42
roryqwebirc28720: check here https://askubuntu.com/a/33565/6296908:42
qwebirc28720Yeah I've been trying cifs, but the same issue occurs - Cannot access network drive from open file08:42
roryqwebirc28720: you will never be able to enter smb://whatever into file-open dialogue and have it work08:42
qwebirc28720It's not even smb://, it's that the mount does not show up on the open file window08:42
roryqwebirc28720: but you CAN use cifs to mount your Samba share to a custom, easily accessible location08:42
qwebirc28720And I can't nabigate the filesystem root because the app isn't running with elevated privelages08:43
roryOh hmm, but it DOES show in the output of "mount -a" command?08:43
roryensure it's mounted with ,rw,user,noauto options as per that askubuntu response.08:43
qwebirc28720lemme try mounting in media08:44
=== El_Jochos72 is now known as El_Jochos
qwebirc28720... so I made the folder in media08:46
qwebirc28720but mount states that the folder doesn't exist08:46
qwebirc28720sudo mkdir /media/NetworkStorage08:46
qwebirc28720sudo mount -t cifs -o user=binarybyte,password=notsaying // /media/NetworkStorage08:47
qwebirc28720According to mount, /media/NetworkStorage is non existant08:47
qwebirc28720Yet it physically exists...08:47
qwebirc28720At this point I think I'm going to just go back to windows and deal with windows puking with git08:52
qwebirc28720Thank you all for the help though ;D08:53
ubottuno, not yet out. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DiscoDingo/ReleaseSchedule08:56
the_actorsorry guys my gf’s cat08:58
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=== Leion1 is now known as Leion
drJekyll_UPSTART: r there news when canonical is going to replace upstart by systemd?09:28
drJekyll_its been a while....2014....starting to sort out upstart with ubuntu14.10 (https://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1316)09:36
blackflowdrJekyll_: Ubuntu is systemd since 15.04. If you're still on 14.04, consider upgrade as it's going ESM (paid support only) this month.09:42
drJekyll_blackflow: , thx. i read it in the ubuntuWiki: https://pastebin.com/mRwp47Vv ....that it is not is finally removed from ubuntu.09:51
BluesKaj'Morning folks09:55
blackflowdrJekyll_: 15.04 is no longer supported for years. There's no more upstart, but some services might still have sysvinit scripts that are wrapped around by systemd via generator, but this is coming from Debian which still considers itself supporting sysv.10:00
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zetherooWe have SMB shares being accessed by Ubuntu users who are getting this kind of error from time to time: rsync: read errors mapping "/run/user/1902118137/gvfs/smb-share:server=tank,share=datadump/20180401/wrfout_d03_2018-04-02_010000": Invalid argument (22). The same data will be readable after restarting the script which is reading this data. But then some hours later the same failure error will occur.10:14
drJekyll_blackflow: got it. thx a lot. :)10:15
blackflowzetheroo: from what I read for "rsync invalid argument 22" on google, it appears rsync is trying an operation that's unsupported by the remote fs, like chown or something like that.10:19
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k_sze[work]Odd, I can change my sound output device10:21
k_sze[work]I pick "Digital Output (S/PDIF) - FiiO USB Audio Class 2.0 DAC" in settings, close the window, and reopen it.10:21
k_sze[work]And it returns to "Speaker - Built-in Audio"10:21
blackflow!enter | k_sze[work]10:22
ubottuk_sze[work]: Please try and keep as much of your info as possible on ONE line - easier to follow for everyone.10:22
zetherooblackflow: hmm .. ok10:26
gtgtgtI need a command to use all cores of my computer. Xubuntu 18.0410:31
koalaaaHi all10:36
roryhi gtgtgt - you are looking for "stress testing" software - the usual recommendation is "stress" or "stress-ng". Be careful with these because you can damage your hardware.10:37
koalaaaI downloaded a Ubuntu system from the Ubuntu website, on another computer.   But I have to manipulate the startup procedure, as it has a windows system, so I can boot into the linux system.  I'm not familiar with that process.  Is there an easier way of selecting which system you wanna boot into, at startup?10:38
gtgtgtrory: beginner here. Whats the point of having multiple cores, if I can only use one safely?10:39
rorygtgtgt: Linux automatically handles multiple cores for you10:39
rorygtgtgt: What is your overall question, that led you to ask about using all cores of the computer?10:39
JonopolyOh hello10:40
JonopolyHas anyone used peppermint?10:40
Jonopolyusing it for an old laptop10:40
gtgtgtrory: I am now editing a large pdf file into smaller chunks with pdfmod. With htop I see only one core is being used, the other 3 not. It is very loud (fan). I thought it would be a good idea to use all 4 cores to speed it up (each pdf page includes large graphics, it is slow)10:41
rorygtgtgt: If the application (pdfmod) is inherently single threaded, it will only consume one core10:41
rorygtgtgt: You could run 4 different pdfmod processes, so you could process 4 diffeent files in parallel10:41
gtgtgtrory: well, thats a workaround :D10:42
rorygtgtgt: but unless pdfmod program ittself, is written to make use of multiple cores, it won't automatically spread the load10:42
gtgtgtrory: and there is nothing I can do to use more cores, because that is dependant on each application10:43
deadman87That's correct.10:43
gtgtgtall right then... thanks a lot rory and deadman8710:43
roryyou're welcome :)10:43
deadman87If you have multiple PDF files, you could start 4 processes. 1 for each file. Linux will automatically allocate each process to a core.10:44
roryalso, arguably, using 25% load across 4 cores, will produce more heat than 100% load on 1 core. But I am not an electronic engineer.10:44
deadman87but you cant split 1 process to 4 cores if it isnt designed for it.10:44
koalaaano help for my issue?10:45
BluesKajkoalaaa, run sudo update grub, then your OSs should  be listed10:47
koalaaasudo update grub?  Is that to be downloaded from someplace?10:48
rorykoalaaa: have you already installed ubuntu on the other computer?10:49
BluesKajno it's the bootloader for ubuntu which will also find windows and list it10:49
koalaaarory no, I installed it onto a thumb drive, and have it plugged into the windows system computer10:49
BluesKajoh, sorry  koalaaa , thought you were talking about an existing installation10:50
BluesKajon a permanent drive10:51
koalaaano, the install is not in the computer itself, it's on that external thumb drive10:51
BluesKajmake sure you have usb boot enabled in the bios10:52
koalaaaBluesKaj see, I don't know how to do that stuff10:52
roryWhen you turn on the PC there will be an option to enter the BIOS/setup. It may say "press F2 to enter setup" or "press Enter" or anything10:53
roryThere may also be an option like "Press F10 for boot menu"10:53
roryAnyway, the PC is currently booting from its main hard drive. So you need to instruct it to boot from the USb flash drive instead. Either permanently re-order the boot options in the BIOS, or use a temporary boot menu to choose the USB flash drive one time.10:54
roryI'm not being deliberately vague, it's just that it's so hardware dependent.10:54
roryalso I have to leave now but you're in capable hands.10:54
koalaaathanks rory10:54
BluesKajand many bios uses different terms for the same meanings10:55
BluesKajkoalaaa, look for something like boot sequence10:55
koalaaaso the system on the usb won't show up, initially?10:56
BluesKajkoalaaa, not usually the pc usually is set to boot from the hard drive/ssd10:57
koalaaaBluesKaj hmm ok, so how do I get to the USB?10:57
BluesKajyou need to doa s rory said above entering the BIOS  setup, then change the boot to usb enabled first or some such10:59
koalaaaBluesKaj that sounds a bit complicated.  Would I have been better to put the linux system onto the hard disk, and not the USB?  And is it possible to transfer it across now?11:00
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EriC^^koalaaa: it's actually not complicated, which pc model is it?11:04
koalaaaIt's an older Dell windows 711:04
BluesKajkoalaaa, you always need live media to install another OS, so it's essential  to boot into the live mediabe it cds/dvd or usb, so you'll have to setup in the bios, unless you have a dvd drive that will usually boot first then you you'll have to burn the image to a dvd11:04
koalaaawhich is not the one I'm on now11:05
qwebirc92328hello, how can I have the latest 18.10 Ubuntu in 32bits? is it possible?11:07
koalaaamaybe it would be better just to download another ubuntu onto the older dell, and leave it installed there11:08
tomreynqwebirc92328: ubuntu !flavours other than the main one still support i38611:09
guivercqwebirc92328, only Lubuntu & Xubuntu provided desktop ISO's for x86 in 18.1011:10
tomreynqwebirc92328: oh wait, 18.10, i'm not certain there.11:10
tomreynthanks guiverc11:10
EriC^^koalaaa: try starting the PC, press F12, when it gives you the boot menu, select the usb11:11
EriC^^it's that simple11:11
koalaaaEriC^^ ok I'll give it a go, thanks11:11
qwebirc92328ok thanx all i will watch those flavors11:11
guivercqwebirc92328, you could do-release-upgrade other flavors (& Ubuntu) to 18.10 though; they stopped producing ISO's as few clean-install x86.  Also Lubuntu & Xubuntu stopped producing ISOs in dec-2018, so there won't be a 19.04 ISO in Lubuntu/Xubuntu (but you can still do-release-upgrade(11:12
BluesKajEriC^^, good call,  I should have asked about his computer :-)11:12
guivercstopped producing ISOs in x86 only; Lubuntu & Xubuntu still have x86_6411:13
guiverc(sorry I'm tired)11:13
qwebirc92328thanx guiverc11:13
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gersgrerghtop question: I now see evince is consumming a lot of resources. On the command column I see the command being executed and the path, but the path is so long I cannot see it all.11:16
gersgrerghtop is maximized, can I somehow read the whole path?11:16
Tankburntesting nick11:16
gersgrerglike an enter function, when the path is too long for my screen11:17
tomreyngersgrerg: pgreg evince | xargs ps ef | cat11:20
guiverctomreyn, typo?  pgrep11:21
gersgrergtomreyn: cant it be done for htop, so I dont have to execute your command for each application?11:23
gersgrerganother question: Whats the fastest pdf viewer you know? I have been using evince, but now I am with okular and it seems to be way faster for large image pdfs11:24
tomreynguiverc: no typo11:25
guivercgersgrerg, you can right-arrow to scroll screen to right...11:25
tomreyn(a rare exception)11:25
guivercsorry tomreyn  a command I don't know, so thanks !11:26
gersgrergguiverc: odd, it doesnt seem to work. im on xubuntu 18.0411:26
guivercgersgrerg, maybe it's because i'm a later Ubuntu (htop 2.2.0)11:26
gersgrergguiverc: im also 2.2.011:27
tomreynguiverc: :) i learn 'new' ones regularly, too.11:28
guivercgersgrerg, i don't know; right arrow is working for me to read my very long chromium-browser lines..11:28
tomreyngersgrerg: i don't know how to have htop not cut off the command line options passed to a command, but it may well be possible. have a look at its man page.11:29
gersgrergguiverc: with right arrow, do you mean right clicking my mouse?11:29
guivercnah - i use keyboard & mean right-arrow11:29
gersgrergjesus christ im an idiot, thanks guiverc11:30
pragmaticenigmanewber: Are you still around?11:54
newberpragmaticenigma, yes, still here.12:02
pragmaticenigmanewber: I found a package called "mousetweaks" ... I couldn't get it running on my machine (running KDE desktop) but I think it might have the options that you were looking for. Did you have any luck finding a way to get customized controls for your mouse?12:03
newberpragmaticenigma, I did not make any progress, just read through the links you sent but that will require some further reading and re-reading as I don't have any experience with such xorg configuration.12:05
newberpragmaticenigma, thank you for the additional information. I'll check out "mousetweaks" too12:06
pragmaticenigmanewber: Take a look at the "mousetweaks" package... The screen shot doesn't show the first tab, however it looks very much like the tool that you had submitted earlier12:07
newberHmm..seems it's already installed in my system according to synaptic..12:10
newberpragmaticenigma, I'm going to try installing xfce4-settings and see what happens12:13
pragmaticenigmanewber: That may work... you could also look through its dependencies and see if it pulls any independent packages that might target the mouse module directly12:13
newberpragmaticenigma, btw, since "mousetweaks" is apparently already installed on my system, you think it's part of the gnome system settings? I don't see it show up as a separate entity.12:16
pragmaticenigmanewber: I'm not certain, I couldn't get it up and running on my machine, not sure if there is a compatibility issue with KDE or not12:17
pragmaticenigmanewber: You could try manually launching it from within terminal and see what comes up12:17
newberpragmaticenigma, I was just curious if I could run it somehow. I tried from the terminal but nothing seems to open even though the terminal behaves like it opened the program.12:19
=== nat_ is now known as Natkeeran
newberpragmaticenigma, btw, this is everything that was installed by xfce4-settings:12:22
newberelementary-xfce-icon-theme (0.13.1-1), greybird-gtk-theme (3.22.9-0ubuntu1), libexo-2-0 (0.12.2-1), libexo-common (0.12.2-1), libexo-helpers (0.12.2-1), libgarcon-1-0 (0.6.1-2), libgarcon-common (0.6.1-2), libxfce4ui-1-0 (4.13.4-1ubuntu2), libxfce4ui-2-0 (4.13.4-1ubuntu2), libxfce4ui-common (4.13.4-1ubuntu2), libxfce4util-bin (4.13.2-1), libxfce4util-common (4.13.2-1), libxfce4util7 (4.13.2-1), libxfconf-0-3 (4.13.5-1),12:22
newberxfce4-settings (4.13.4-1ubuntu1), xfconf (4.13.5-1). I don't think there's anything mouse specific stuff.12:22
pragmaticenigmanewber: Hmm, yeah, doesn't appear to get pulled in as a discreet application. The question then is, does the tool work in gnome?12:24
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MassDebatesHi guys, I just started a new ec2 instance, fresh and brand-spankin' new with Ubuntu on AWS12:27
MassDebatesI've got some experience with ec2 on aws, but I've never touched ubuntu12:28
lotuspsychjeone for you JimBuntu ^12:28
JimBuntulotuspsychje, possibly.12:28
pragmaticenigmaMassDebates: Is there an issue that we can help you with MassDebates ?12:28
MassDebatesI've gotten myself to the official community guide/documentation knowledgebase, and I see that there are multiple documented avenues to LAMP-stack awesomeness12:28
JimBuntuMassDebates, Do you have a specific question?12:28
MassDebatesHere's what I see so far for installing LAMP:12:29
MassDebateshttps://help.ubuntu.com/14.04/serverguide/lamp-overview.html vs https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP12:29
MassDebatesI wanted to give some contextual info to best ask my question so sorry about the preliminary details12:29
MassDebatesWhich one do I follow, and are there any good 'first steps' to go about before I start slapping LAMPstuffs in there?12:29
JimBuntuMassDebates, I suggest https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-install-linux-apache-mysql-php-lamp-stack-ubuntu-18-04 ( even though it's from digitalocean )12:30
pragmaticenigmaMassDebates: What I would recommend before doing anything with your EC2 instance, is to spin up a local virtual machine and install Ubuntu there. Then try both sets of instructions to determine which best suits your needs.12:30
MassDebatesThanks guys12:31
pragmaticenigmaMassDebates: Different tutorials will yield different results. The volunteers here won't know your ideal environment, so it's not really possible to recommend one tutorial over another. It really depends on your use cases.12:31
MassDebatesI'm going to be running a simple wp site12:31
newberpragmaticenigma, none of the xfce stuff shows up as normal applications in gnome so I had to open them from the terminal as xfce4-mouse-settings and xfce4-settings-manager. They are indeed the settings I miss from XFCE but they don't seem to retain any of the settings I change. So, they have no effect.12:32
lotuspsychjeMassDebates: perhaps also inform yourself about wp security, as it hits the exploit news a lot..12:32
MassDebatesI think this guide from DO will be good for me. I'm not entirely sure if I'd get the insights I need by running a comparative pair of VMs becuase I wouldn't know if it is a true-to-face test12:32
pragmaticenigmaMassDebates: I suspect that signing up for an account on wordpress.com would be a lot cheaper in the long run than running your own instance, and it will always remain up-to-date with the latest security patches.12:32
JimBuntu+1 to pragmaticenigma 's suggestion MassDebates12:34
iggywig123Hey. I’m trying to install ubuntu via PXEBoot on a HP DL360 Gen10. It boots the kernel but then drops to a black screen where I would expect the ubuntu installer to show up.. I’ve tried 18.04 and 16.06 and even 19.04 and all of them show the same symptoms..12:35
pragmaticenigmaMassDebates: I would recommend sticking to learning about LAMP stacks on your own personal machine. Until you're comfortable in understanding how to harden a web server, database and other components, keeping it up-to-date regularly, and applying patches to wordpress as they're released regularly and commonly break features.12:35
iggywig123I tried adding nospash and nomodeset to the APPEND part of the PXE config but that’s not doing anything. I installed a vmware VM using the same PXE setup and that worked fine..12:37
MassDebatesthanks for the advice. This isn't a production webserver. this is for experimentation, learning, and demonstrations.12:37
pragmaticenigmanewber: I suspect that the settings are saved to an XFCE specific config file. It's getting a little too far out of scope for here, but it's a great opportunity to learn. See if you can find those settings files, and see if you can copy/apply them to the gnome configuration files. Always make sure to back up your config files before making changes, so you can restore them when something breaks.12:37
MassDebatesI wouldn't be able to run the same experimentations with a wordpress.com account.12:38
MassDebatesAgain, I appreciate the advice, especially since you guys answered my question first before giving that advice.12:39
pragmaticenigmaMassDebates: Understood, that's when I highly encourage you to learn about setting up a local virtual machine and experimenting locally. It's far easier than trying to learn a platform while also learning remote administration at the same time12:39
MassDebatesThis isn't the first ec2 instance I've remotely administrated12:39
MassDebatesIt's just my first time experimenting with ubuntu12:39
MassDebatesI'm not entirely sure how much the different flavors vary. My first experience with remote administrtion was rhel I think12:40
MassDebatesabout 10 years ago12:40
MassDebatesThings are a bit different now, but I think I'll be okay.12:40
tomreynMassDebates: by the way, you could actually start with just: sudo apt install lamp-server^12:40
pragmaticenigmaMassDebates: The "flavors" really only apply to the local desktop. They all contain the same core components, the difference beyond that are merely appearances12:40
MassDebatestomreyn, I was thinking that, but I wasn't sure if the information I was reading was a bit outdated or not. I like community projects, but sometimes that factor comes at a double edged sword!12:42
MassDebatesSometimes you have 8 different sources of information, and you're not sure which one to go with!12:42
NTQWhen I start libreoffice writer through X forwarding the menu does not appear. All other things work as expected. But I can not use the menu, it's just gray. any ideas?12:43
pragmaticenigmaMassDebates: For documentation, if it doesn't have a date, cross reference it with something that does. If it has a date, anything more than a year or two starts to get out-of-date pretty quick12:43
pragmaticenigmaMassDebates: Or make sure it references the version of OS that you are currently running, and/or the version of the software you are configuring12:44
MassDebatesThanks. That sounds like a good rule of thumb.12:44
pragmaticenigmaNTQ: Some applications do not work well with X-forwarding. LibreOffice makes use of shared resources (similar to Firefox) which cause rendering issues when forwarded to a remote machine. For the best support, you might want to reach out in the libre office channel and ask if they're aware of any issues or fixes.12:45
NTQpragmaticenigma: Okay, thank you.12:45
MassDebatesCanonical Livepatch Sounds cool.12:49
MassDebatesI was really scared of ubuntu but its' just linux12:49
MassDebatesFrom what I can tell, you're right; they're all the same for the most part. I see some differences with how they work with the webserver though12:50
newberpragmaticenigma, thanks for all the help. You provided a ton of great information.12:53
tomreynMassDebates: you are right, too many cooks and too many tutorials and alternatives spoil it. i agree with pragmaticenigma that the digital ocean tutorial looks fine.12:54
lotuspsychje!cookie | pragmaticenigma12:54
ubottupragmaticenigma: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!12:54
sruliis there a way to install firefox without any gui packages on a server? i want to use the firefox over ssh -X, when i try to install firefox on the server it wants to install 103 new packages which look to be like a desktop env13:00
devnullicous_hey yall-just wanting to know if ubuntu 18.10 uses firejail and/or apparmor out of the box13:01
calcul0n_sruli, i doubt it's possible, you look for a curses based browser like links or lynks13:02
calcul0n_*you should13:02
ayekatsruli: ssh -X makes it such that programs running on the remote side (server) can connect to the locally (laptop/workstation) running X server13:03
ayekatsruli: but fundamentally, the program still runs on the remote machine, so it still needs all the libraries it would otherwise need as well (e.g. GTK et al)13:04
BluesKajdevnullicous_, you can install firejail, apparmor is installed by default13:04
wonderworldsruli: what do you wanto to achieve?13:05
sruliayekat: is there a min installation i can do for it so i can run it but not have the server actually run the desktop env?13:05
ayekatsruli: it doesn't really run a desktop environment13:05
sruliwonderworld: i want to use firefox over ssh -X and leave the server as a low resource vm (dont want to bloat it with a desktop env)13:06
ayekatsruli: why do you want firefox on the remote machine, and not directly on your local machine?13:06
sruliayekat: i dont understand, what doesnt run it? if i install firefox with all those packages its not going to run a destop env?13:07
ayekatsruli: no - the packages are dependencies13:07
ayekatand I'm pretty sure none of the dependencies is an entire desktop environment13:07
NTQpragmaticenigma: I found a bug report with that issue with a workaround (last post) telling me to try to install gnome-shell. But this would install a whole bunch of unnecessary dependencies. Do you have an idea what package could make the difference?13:07
sruliayekat: thanks13:07
ubottubugs.documentfoundation.org bug 120649 in UI "Menu bar is missing with gtk3 over ssh" [Normal,New]13:07
ayekatsruli: but there may be a bunch of packages like gtk3 and stuff (because firefox relies on that) - maybe you mistook that for a "desktop environment"?13:08
wonderworldsruli: it really depends on what you want to achive. why do you want to run ff on the server and not localy?13:08
ayekatsruli: but more fundamentally, *why* are you doing that?13:08
pragmaticenigmaNTQ: Unfortunately I don't. It could be an icon set, or windowing theme. It's hard to know.13:08
sruliayekat: i need to visit a site that only allows me to login from my home town and i travel alot, i used a proxy but they managed to figure out that i am not in my home town. dont know how13:09
NTQpragmaticenigma: I also was thinking it could be something like this. Maybe I could trace ptrace it to see which libraries or files it tries to open.13:09
wonderworldsruli you want to proxy HTTP thru ssh -> https://www.linuxjournal.com/content/use-ssh-create-http-proxy13:10
ayekat+1 for SSH SOCKS proxy13:10
pragmaticenigmasruli: From a previous conversation today. Firefox does not work well through X-forwarding. It is built with the intention of using shared processes that cause significant performance issues when run via x-forward. Firefox documentation states that x-forwarding is not supported due to the application archetecture.13:10
srulithey do have a no-remote option that is exactly for this13:11
MassDebatesI am loving ubuntu so far13:11
tomreynsruli: yes you can install firefox without a need for a graphical desktop13:12
wonderworldsruli: did you try with ssh? it should be impossible for the other end to detect the proxy13:12
pragmaticenigmasruli: The feature has been broken for some time now. There is a bug ticket for it that has not been addressed13:13
srulii tried with a proxy, must be something else from the browser sent info that identified my location13:14
ayekatwhat proxy?13:15
wonderworldif it's just a single website, a ssh tunnel would work as well:   ssh -L 8080:www.hometownonlywebsite.com:443 root@myhomeserver.com . after that access in your local browser13:15
=== BenderRo- is now known as BenderRodriguez
sruli i want to test it to see how it goes, should i install it with no-install-recommends ? apt install --no-install-recommends firefox --dry-run https://termbin.com/iwv3 vs apt install firefox --dry-run https://termbin.com/pi4m13:15
pragmaticenigma!root | wonderworld13:15
ubottuwonderworld: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo13:15
pragmaticenigmawonderworld: Please do not recommend using root as a login.13:15
wonderworldsorry, forgot this is ubuntu. replace root with your ssh user13:15
pragmaticenigmasruli: It can't hurt to try, it's hard to know with any certainty if that will work or not13:19
ayekatalso, if they were able to find your browser's location, it's because your proxy setup wasn't right - they can only see where an HTTP connection comes from, not more13:20
bmullanSorry if this has been asked already but does anyone know if  there has there been a bug filed against the LibreOffice version in the Ubuntu 18.04 repository (v6.0.7) to get the Ubuntu repository up to LibreOffice v6.2.2.2 so as to get rid of all the startup crashes with the existing LibreOffice 6.0.7?13:20
wonderworldi am always amazed about the problem solving capabilities of ssh13:20
lordcirth__bmullan, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libreoffice13:21
ayekatbmullan: I believe if anything, a bugfix will be backported to 6.0.7, but there won't ever be a for 18.0413:22
srulicommon sense prevailing ... will use ssh tunnel = proxy13:23
bmullan@lordcirth__  thanks, I'd already looked there.   Even the SNAP version of Libreoffice in Ubuntu 18.04 is LibreOffice v6.2.2.213:23
bmullanand it works13:23
bmullanbut the snap version loads sooo slow13:23
ayekatsnap packages are completely orthogonal to distribution packages13:24
lordcirth__It does? That's interesting. Perhaps *that* should be a bug report.13:24
lordcirth__Perhaps because it needs to load the libraries from the core snap into RAM as well.13:24
cfhowlettdammit ... I'm an English teacher and I **STILL*** had to break out the dictionary for "orthogonal" ...13:25
ayekatthey are not maintained by the same people, and they don't use the same resources as distribution packages - and they are independent of an ubuntu release (so rather "rolling release")13:25
ayekatcfhowlett: actually, I'm not sure my use of that word was correct ^^ (I should probably have used "independent" - I'm no native english speaker)13:26
bmullan@lordcirth__ yes, the SNAP LibreOffice works fine but it takes forever to load.   I gave a presentation to a large Linux User Group last Thursday nite of remote desktops in LXD and right off the bat several people mentioned LibreOffice was crashing.   I had to explain it had nothing to do with LXD or the remote desktop but was a bug with LibreOffice v6.0.7.   I installed the SNAP version and LibreOffice worked but it just loads ri13:26
bmullandiculously slowly.13:26
MassDebatesThis guide is telling me to disable auth_socket plugin13:28
MassDebatesBut my intuition tells me this is bad news.13:28
bmullanI just don't understand why the 18.04 repository still has LibreOffice v6.07 which crashes constantly but 18.04's SNAP LibreOffice works fine but is v6.2.2.213:28
MassDebatesIs this really recommended? It seems like it'd make things far more insecure13:28
ayekatbmullan: there's two potential bug reports then: (1) libreoffice 6.0.7 crashes, and the according bugfix should be backported; and (2) the snap version of LO loads too slowly13:28
bmullan@ayekat ... thanks13:29
ayekatbmullan: but on 18.04 will not happen, because that would go against the idea of distribution releases13:29
ayekat(webbrowsers being an exception there, because the web sucks)13:29
bmullan@ayekat - if they can backport something to make LibreOffice v6.07 work w/out crashing ... great.   But if they can't for some reason then its going to continue being a pain in the Butt for users.13:30
ayekatwell, I'd argue that it's one of the main jobs of package maintainers to fix that sort of thing by backporting the bugfixes :-)13:31
pragmaticenigmaMassDebates: I believe that feature has to do with WebSockets functionality... not server side authentication13:33
MassDebatesI found that out, thanks!13:35
MassDebatesAnyone have a handy list of recommended php modules and libs that come from "apt serach php- | less" ?13:36
MassDebatesI see a few that I think I'd want, like php-fpm13:36
leftyfbMassDebates: that's not a support question. Feel free to chat in #ubuntu-offtopic. Not to mention, you don't go installing php modules because "I think I want"13:38
MassDebatesokay, thanks for the helpful channel recommendation. I didn't mean to break any rules13:38
leftyfbayekat: https://launchpad.net/~libreoffice/+archive/ubuntu/ppa13:39
wonderworldMassDebates: ##php could be of help as well13:39
thefatmaHey guys im doing do-release-upgrade on Ubuntu 16.04.5 And after a while it return an error of download failed , Oracle JDK8 is NOT installed , dpgk : error processing package oracle-java8-installer and then it gives me an option to send a report or something13:40
thefatmaanyone has an idea?13:40
cfhowlettsend the report13:41
leftyfbthefatma: oracle jdk8 is not an official package. You need to remove all PPA's and packages from said PPA's before upgrading13:42
thefatmaIs there an option to send it to a certain place or it just sends it to the developers?13:42
leftyfbthefatma: sending the report doesn't really do much to be honest. There's nothing to fix other than you removing the package and the PPA13:42
thefatmaI see, what is PPA?13:43
benharripersonal package archive13:43
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leftyfbthefatma: the repo you added in order for you to be able to install oracle-java8-installer13:43
=== cryptodan_d is now known as cryptodan
leftyfbthefatma: sudo apt install ppa-purge && sudo ppa-purge ppa:webupd8team/java13:44
leftyfbthefatma: you'll probably need to open the "Software & Updates" util and look under "Other software" for the list of PPA's you'll need to purge13:46
espen__Hi. Can anyone please explain to me how I can arrange the following setup:13:46
thefatmaYe there's actually like 5X of them13:46
thefatmaI think the better option might be installing from scratch13:46
leftyfbthefatma: I agree13:47
espen__I'm looking to implement a virtual switch, that my wireless access point connects to and my KVM VMs can communicate over.13:47
espen__How can i do this, while still allowing the host machine to be available over the network? Should a static IP be set on the wireless network card, or on the bridge?13:48
leftyfbespen__: I think you might be going about this the wrong way. Without mentioning virtual-anything, explain in detail your current setup, it's limitations and your end goal13:49
espen__Im trying to make a router, with the ability to host VMs and act as a wireless access point13:49
espen__got 1x ethernet card, and 1x wireless card13:50
espen__ethernet card is receiving WAN end of connection, and there will be NATing to both VMs and Wireless clients13:50
leftyfb!enter | espen__13:50
ubottuespen__: Please try and keep as much of your info as possible on ONE line - easier to follow for everyone.13:50
espen__Right, sorry. Been quite a while since i've been on the IRC channel :-)13:51
leftyfbespen__: what version of ubuntu?13:53
espen__18.10 server release13:53
leftyfbespen__: ok, so all you really need is to setup a wireless hotspot and something like dnsmasq. And just set your bridged interface for your kvm's to use the same bridge interface for your dnsmasq setup13:54
leftyfbespen__: you don't need any sort of "virtual switch"13:54
espen__alright so a br0 device, that both my wireless and kvm's hook up to?13:55
leftyfbespen__: setting up dnsmasq should include a bridge interface13:57
espen__hmm interesting, that makes matters a whole lot easier13:58
leftyfbespen__: https://wiki.debian.org/HowTo/dnsmasq   you might still need a simple iptables rule to do NAT. Something like https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/xBf3MQkyYZ/13:59
leftyfbespen__: I can't guarantee it'll all work out of the box, but this should get you started13:59
leftyfbespen__: for the AP, I found a snap called "wifi-ap" ... that might work for your needs14:00
ZeZuI'm getting a permission denied error,  writing to /proc/sys/fs/binfmt_misc/register with sudo,  attrs says it's owner(root) writable...  am I missing something ?14:00
leftyfbespen__: the trick is going to be tying it all together14:00
espen__I'm already settled on the AP part, hostapd and a custom driver i've extracted from ASUS AC-88u router... :p14:00
ZeZu`with (sudo) echo`14:00
leftyfbZeZu: what version of ubuntu? How exactly are you getting this error?14:01
leftyfbespen__: wifi-ap uses hostapd14:01
ZeZudisco,  and via sudo echo 'string' > /proc/sys/fs/binfmt_misc/register14:01
espen__cheers for the info, now i'm all good for a couple of days!14:01
leftyfbZeZu: you cannot echo as sudo. Use: echo 'string' |sudo tee /proc/sys/fs/binfmt_misc/register14:02
leftyfb!ubuntu+1 | ZeZu14:02
ubottuZeZu: Disco Dingo is the codename for Ubuntu 19.04 - Support only in #ubuntu+114:02
ZeZuhmm i didn't know that14:02
leftyfbZeZu: Ubuntu 19.04 is not released or supported yet.14:02
ZeZuyes i'm familiar with with the +1 chan i'm in there14:02
leftyfbZeZu: ok. Untill it's released, you'll have to rely on support from there.14:03
ZeZuthis is a very general question though,  i was sure was unrelated14:03
leftyfbZeZu: anything could be related. We don't assume it's not.14:03
ZeZutrue,  i have 18.10 installed as well,  just taking a look14:04
OolHi, how to use krb5 with remmina ? I can see my kerberos ticket with klist, I can browse the SMB/CIFS share with nautilus without giving again my password, but remmina ask me my ID14:08
OolUbuntu 18.0414:08
thefatmaleftyfb : where do you look up the software and updates util14:11
leftyfbthefatma: in your Unity list of applications14:12
thefatmaleftyfb : and everything there is under a "unspported category" which will need to be removed all of them in order for the upgrade to work properly?14:13
thefatmaOr some of them can be left?14:13
leftyfbthefatma: all of them need to be removed. But you need to track down which packages you installed from them and remove those packages as well. I would use ppa-purge which does both for you14:14
thefatmaleftyfb : thanks alot for the help my friend, deeply appreciated14:14
thefatmai tried to install apt install ppa-purge, does the command need to come with the && and the after it to work properly?14:16
thefatmaBecuase is returned Oracel JDK8 is NOT installed14:16
thefatmaoh nvm my bad14:17
tomreynthefatma: if you want a way to get more specific instructions, run this, it will output a web address you can post here:   sudo /bin/true && cat &>/tmp/aptlog < <(sudo apt-get -qqy update 2>&1; apt-cache policy 2>&1; sudo apt-get -syV full-upgrade 2>&1;); nc termbin.com 9999 </tmp/aptlog; rm /tmp/aptlog14:19
thefatmathis is companie's server im not sure i can do that :3, what would that do actually i don't understand14:19
thefatmaThis will show you what im seeing basically? :tomreyn14:20
tomreynthefatma: as you can't tell from the commands what it does and you can't just trust me, you should not run it on your employers' server.14:21
leftyfbthefatma: that command will show us which PPA's you need to remove14:23
thefatmatomreyn : i have to, its my task and part of the job14:24
thefatmait's just this annoying employee that insists on upgrading instead of reinstalling for no reason but we have to do it because we wanna satisfy him14:24
thefatmaalthought i told him most chances will have to reintsall anyway even if the upgrade will succed because im deleting so many installation and PPAs so for something will get fucked up14:25
thefatmaAnyways bottom line14:25
thefatmaWhat i need to do is : ppa-purge ppa:webupd8team/java on every packacge under other software . correct?14:26
JoshShellHow long to patch and build kernel?14:26
thefatmaI mean ppa-purge:webupd8team/*packacge name?*14:26
i386errorOnx64pchow do i fix grub rescue saying file /boot/grub/i386-pc/normal mod not found, i only have x86_64/normal.mod14:26
tomreynJoshShell: 4214:27
JoshShellOn 500 Mhz14:27
i386errorOnx64pcthe i386 folder isnt precent14:27
JoshShellIf it's 42 minutes for you, then a few hours for  me.14:27
tomreynJoshShell: i just gave you the universal answer since no actual answer was possible since the question was way too imprecise.14:27
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JoshShellI want to add the nosymfollow patch.14:27
tomreynJoshShell: but really, you're on your own with building your own kernels.14:28
pragmaticenigmaJoshShell: what are you trying to do exactly. This forum encourages you to use the provided kernels in the software update channels whenever possible. This channel assumes that when building your own kernel, you have enough knowledge and experience to know what you are doing and know the correct resources to find assistance.14:29
leftyfbthefatma: no14:29
leftyfbthefatma: sudo ppa-purge ppa:webupd8team/java14:29
JoshShellI was disappointed to read that Linux 5 doesn't include it.14:29
leftyfbthefatma: you need to replace ppa:webupd8team/java with each of the ppa's you have installed14:29
thefatmaleftyfb : yes , sorry for the syntax error thats what i meant14:30
leftyfbJoshShell: no released version of Ubuntu uses version 5.x of the linux kernel anyway.14:30
pragmaticenigmaJoshShell: For commentary and discussion, please join us in #ubuntu-offtopic. We ask that you stick to Ubuntu support related questions here please.14:30
leftyfbthefatma: you do not include package names in the command. Only the ppa names14:30
JoshShellDid pragmatic decide that just by reading my text? Smart AI14:31
leftyfbJoshShell: pragmaticenigma is not a bot. And your question is not Ubuntu related. Good luck14:31
pragmaticenigmaJoshShell: Please, head the advice.14:31
thefatmaleftyfb : Plesae can i private message and try to work it a bit14:32
leftyfbthefatma: no. ask here14:32
thefatmaleftyfb: wait so if i understand i need to delete both the packages and the PPA's meaning the syntax for the PPA is what you gave me here with the java example, and for the packages just a apt-remove bla bla right?14:34
leftyfbthefatma: sudo ppa-purge ppa:webupd8team/java   # This will remove the PPA and all the packages you installed from it. Do the same for all of the PPA's you added14:34
thefatmaleftyfb : i see, i tried to test it now on the java for example and went to do a test to see if the upgrade will get stuck on java again or move on to the nexy [problematic PPA but it still stucks on the java why's that? and also when i now do the comannd it says he can't find the package list for PPA: Java14:36
thefatmaDoes it need a reboot after purging to register properly?14:36
leftyfbthefatma: try: sudo apt remove --purge oracle-java*14:37
thefatmaleftyfb : unable to locate package oracle-ljava14:38
leftyfbthefatma: sudo /bin/true && cat &>/tmp/aptlog < <(sudo apt-get -qqy update 2>&1; apt-cache policy 2>&1; sudo apt-get -syV full-upgrade 2>&1;); nc termbin.com 9999 </tmp/aptlog; rm /tmp/aptlog14:39
leftyfbwe need to see what's going on14:39
thefatmaleftyfb : how :private" is what your'e going to see?14:39
thefatmaim also doing it on console mode is it a problem?14:39
thefatmaterminal monde*14:39
ayekatleftyfb: ah, didn't think of PPAs ^^14:40
leftyfbthefatma: it only shows the output from trying to update and upgrade packages and what repo's they are from14:40
thefatmaleftyfb : sorry for the ignorance question im a begginer at the work.. but are repo's private?14:41
thefatmaleftyfb: or standard for everyone / most people?14:42
leftyfbthefatma: Only you can answer that. We have no way of knowing if your company is using some internal repo that would share company secrets just by showing it's URL.14:42
thefatmaleftyfb : well with logical thinkin im almost sure there's no way its going to reveal secrets but sharing a URL, or am i wrong and with repo's it might be actually?14:44
thefatmawith sharing aurl*14:44
leftyfbthefatma: you'd be wrong in that assumption.14:44
thefatmaleftyfb : wrong huh..14:44
thefatmaleftyfb : how can i see a most of the repo's or a repo list to check for my self ?14:44
pragmaticenigmaRemove the part of that command that sends the information to termbin14:45
leftyfbthefatma: Unfortunately, we cannot proceed with troubleshooting unless we see those outputs. Feel free to grab the output yourself without the use of termbin and obscure URL's you think might be internal14:45
thefatmawhat does the termbin do? shows it "live"?14:46
SimonNLsomething like that thefatma14:47
thefatmaGot you ,14:49
thefatmaDoes something in here (sudo /bin/true && cat &>/tmp/aptlog < <(sudo apt-get -qqy update 2>&1; apt-cache policy 2>&1; sudo apt-get -syV full-upgrade 2>&1;); nc termbin.com 9999 </tmp/aptlog; rm /tmp/aptlog) sends you output before i can check it? or i mean i get the url i can look at it and see that there's nothing wrong and then send?14:53
MrElendigdrop the nc termbin and read the file before you upload it14:54
MrElendigthat whole thing is pretty nasty thoygh14:54
thefatmawdu mean nasty14:54
MrElendigalso useless use of sudo14:54
thefatmaCan you show me how its properly done assuming im root, (just remove sudos?)14:55
leftyfbthefatma: /bin/true && cat &>/tmp/aptlog < <(sudo apt-get -qqy update 2>&1; apt-cache policy 2>&1; sudo apt-get -syV full-upgrade 2>&1;); nc termbin.com 9999 </tmp/aptlog; rm /tmp/aptlog14:58
leftyfbthere was only 1 useless use of sudo14:58
leftyfbthefatma: sudo apt-get -qqy update ; apt-cache policy ; sudo apt-get -syV full-upgrade14:59
leftyfbthefatma: that is how you check the command without posting to termbin14:59
thefatmaOk i ran the command where is that file sitting with the info?15:01
MrElendigit prints to the screen instead of to a file15:02
thefatmaDidn't print anything :315:05
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SimonNLwhich command line15:22
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maeudHi, how can I get a disk to be recognised as SDA rather than SDB, sda doesn't exist in the system. Only one drive is connected (no usb, etc)16:03
maeudI've set in BIOS to AHCI, set the boot order to the hard drive first16:04
rypervenchemaeud: Is there a reason you're not using UUIDs? For what reason do you need/want a specific drive name?16:05
maeudI'm running through a preseed with partman disk set to /dev/sda16:05
MrElendigmaeud: don't, use persistent naming instead16:05
maeudRaid was originally on, then I set it to AHCI, dd'd the disk16:05
maeudI can't use persistent naming, it's for the OS install16:05
MrElendighow does that prevent you from using persistent naming?16:06
maeud#d-i partman-auto/disk string /dev/sda16:06
maeudbecause I'm not at that stage yet16:06
maeudI'm running through the install using a preseed file16:07
maeudit works fine in Hyper-V16:07
maeudbut on a physical machine that originally had the disk presented as RAID using Intel RST rather than AHCI, it's being recognised as SDB instead of SDA16:07
maeudI've now set it to AHCI, removed the partitions, dd'd the disk, set the BIOS boot order to hard drive first, made sure nothing else is connected, etc16:08
MrElendigcan still use by-* instead of sd*16:08
maeud"d-i partman-auto/disk string"16:08
maeuddoes not support by uuid etc16:08
maeudthe only issue I need help with MrElendig is getting the Ubuntu installer to pick the drive up as SDA instead of SDB16:09
MrElendigyou can rename using udev rules, but simply using /dev/disk/by-* should work fine16:10
cryptodanmaeud: did you try changing it to sata port 016:10
MrElendigdisabeling async probing *might* randomly make it sda too, or it might not16:11
maeudMrElendig: please read what I've wrote, I'm PXE booting, it can't be persistent like that16:11
maeudI've rotated the drive around SATA ports cryptodan, it's in port 0 and still shows as sdb16:11
OerHeksodd, the 1st disk *is* SDA16:11
maeudit's a weird one16:11
OerHeksmaeud, if you changed it, did you go into the bios/exit to make the bios remember it?16:12
OerHeksjust plug in and boot, some bios do not accept that16:12
maeudI've set the boot order in the BIOS, made sure the disk shows as in port 0, that's persistent16:12
maeudis that what you mean?16:12
OerHeksmaeud, jups, that should do16:13
maeudI've dd'd the disk also, weird16:13
ubottuno, not yet out. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DiscoDingo/ReleaseSchedule16:13
OerHeksmaeud,  can you make a printscreen of gmparted, or fdisk -l ?16:13
OerHeksfirst and only drive, seen as sdb, really odd16:15
cryptodanmaeud: what motherboard16:15
MrElendigmaeud: since 2015 or so the kernel have defaulted to async probing, so sd* is just not going to be persistent no matter how you swap the drives around16:15
maeudsure OerHeks, give me 2 min16:16
maeudthere is 1 drive MrElendig16:16
maeudOerHeks: getting there16:23
maeudOerHeks: https://imgur.com/a/NrBtjEn16:28
OerHeksmaeud, oke, are you sure you have sda as harddisk/ssd, and see sdb that is actually your USB iso?16:30
maeudsorry cryptodan, never saw your message. It's a generic DELL, what should I do regarding async probing?16:30
OerHeksnot seeing a hdd can be lots of thing then16:30
maeudnothing else is connected OerHeks, I'm PXE booting16:30
maeudIt can see it OerHeks, as SDB rather than SDA16:30
maeudno usb, no other hard drives, nothing16:31
maeudwhat I'm not sure about, is it's loading in mdadm, is that normal or does it think it's part of an array16:32
OerHeksyes, that is logical, but if you wiped a drive, it should be fine16:32
maeudI wrote over it with zeroes using DD, before that I cleared the lv's then deleted the partition in gparted16:33
OerHeksmake a fresh partition table on that drive, and reboot to see what happens?16:36
EriC^^maeud: there's some grub kernel line iirc that forces the use of a name iirc16:36
maeudOerHeks, looking at the drive in gparted, it's unallocated for partition/filesystem16:37
qwebirc44926at what hour time zone will Ubuntu 19.04 final will be available fort download16:37
maeudand it shows as /dev/sda...16:37
maeudEriC^^ I'd rather not mess about with GRUB, this should work out the box16:38
OerHeksqwebirc44926, no time specified :-D16:38
lotuspsychje!party | qwebirc4492616:39
ubottuqwebirc44926: Please remember that #ubuntu, #kubuntu, #xubuntu, #edubuntu, and #lubuntu are support channels. To countdown to !disco release and then party once it happens, join #ubuntu-release-party - For in-person parties, see http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/global/3339/16:39
leftyfbqwebirc44926: there is never an hour of any timezone for the next version to be released. It will be released when it is ready. No sooner or later. That is the only answer you will ever get.16:44
maeuddmesg https://i.imgur.com/g2fehS8.jpg16:47
maeudpicked up as sdb16:47
pragmaticenigma!ohmy | maeud16:47
ubottumaeud: Please avoid any language that may be considered offensive, including acronyms and obfuscation of such - also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines || The main channels are English only, for other languages, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList16:47
maeud*what the heck....16:49
maeudhad a mess about in the BIOS and it's now working16:58
maeudno idea16:58
pragmaticenigmawhat did you change in your BIOS maeud ?16:58
maeuddisabled some devices, limited sata ports to 1 and 2, couple other things16:59
maeudnot sure exactly what fixed it lol16:59
maeudhopefully never have this issue again, first time17:00
OerHeksgood to hear you fixed it, have fun!17:00
maeudnow have to run through bionic bios/uefi install then xenial bios/uefi install and finally apply my playbook to both :)17:01
maeudthanks OerHeks17:01
scheesemanHey, my problem is a little weird. I have a 2200G /w a Vega IGP and an AMD 7750 discreet card and I want to run both at the same time. Is that even possible?17:29
GerowenWhat would be better for copying a large amount of data, including symbolic links, from one drive to another without breaking the symlinks?  Would cp work, or would rsync be better?17:29
scheesemanI have the 7750 running on the AMDGPU driver and it's working fine and the Vega GPU is detected but I'm not getting any output. lshw says that the display connected to it is unclaimed17:29
lotuspsychjescheeseman: unclaimed means no driver17:30
leftyfbGerowen: rsync would be better17:30
scheesemanIs the 7750 in conflict with it or something?17:31
OerHeksyou might be able to use both cards, if you set primairy GPU to VGA? not sure Tyzen is able to17:31
OerHeksto VEGA *17:31
Gerowenleftyfb: That's what I was thinking.  I've never really fooled with rsync so I wasn't sure how it worked and if it would preserve my symbolic links.17:31
lotuspsychjescheeseman: can we see a pastebin of: uname -a && lsb_release -a && sudo lshw -C video plz17:31
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lotuspsychjescheeseman: did you try boot cosmic kernel 4.18..?17:35
lotuspsychjescheeseman: if you like, please also share your dmesg maybe we can find a clue there17:36
scheesemanI'll give it a shot, I jumped straight into a newer/custom kernel since I figured having both GPUs running using the AMDGPU seemed to make sense, otherwise the 7750 would be using the older radeon driver.17:37
lotuspsychjescheeseman: are you usings stock amd gpu or from amd?17:37
scheesemanI'm using the kernel from here: https://github.com/M-Bab/linux-kernel-amdgpu-binaries17:41
lotuspsychjescheeseman: for the kernel part, we can only support !mainline here17:42
lotuspsychjescheeseman: so for troubleshooting ubuntu issues we reccomend to use/bug on the supported kernels17:42
OerHeksyou might be able to use both cards, if you set in your bios: primairy GPU to VEGA?17:42
OerHeksany plugin card overrides that bios setting17:43
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aetherHello, I am wondering if anyone was familiar with how to compile CRDA and wireless-regdb in ubuntu 18.04.  I have tried several guides online but they don't seem to work.  It seems like the guides are outdated and in some instances the location of CRDA is wrong ( /lib/crda vs /usr/lib/crda ).17:45
aetherAny help would be much appreciated!17:46
leftyfbaether: sudo apt install crda wireless-regdb17:46
Elec_AHi, I'm getting a new machine in my office for simulations. do I need to pay attention to anything specific when I'm installing ubuntu on a i9 machne with 2080 RTX graphics card? Can I just proceed with regular ubuntu installation.17:47
leftyfbElec_A: try it17:48
lotuspsychjeElec_A: for latest nvidia cards check also the ubuntu graphics ppa17:48
lotuspsychje!nvidia | Elec_A17:48
ubottuElec_A: For nvidia and matrox graphics cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto . For AMD/ATI graphics cards, see « /msg ubottu ati » and « /msg ubottu fglrxmissing » For the latest Nvidia drivers see https://launchpad.net/~graphics-drivers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa17:48
aetherRight, well I am trying to customize the db.txt in wireless-regdb and then compile myself so that I can unlock my txpower on my new alpha card.  It comes locked to region "GB" out of the box and so I am trying to edit the "GB" block to support the tx power I'm looking for.17:48
Elec_Aleftyfb: lotuspsychje : I'm trying to get the most available resources from this machine. Do you recommend going with ubuntu server and build the system with required applications or ubuntu desktop is just fine?17:49
lotuspsychjeElec_A: tell us more about 'simulations' ?17:50
leftyfbElec_A: do you need a graphical Desktop for anything?17:50
Elec_Alotuspsychje: it's raytracing mainly. We need to do a lot of ray tracing and also, I will need CUDA a lot.17:50
Elec_Aleftyfb: actually you brought up a good point. I think I'll use Blender. so I do, but I'll check to see if Blender can use any remote machine for rendering.17:51
Elec_AI have a laptop which is also Ubuntu. can I install applications on a remote machine and use my laptop to open programs?17:54
Elec_AI suspect I can.17:54
NorthwestVeganyes elec17:54
NorthwestVeganuse vnc4server, or ssh -X17:54
Elec_ANorthwestVegan: I have used NX with x2go before. but I know a DE like gnome should be installed on remote machine.17:55
NorthwestVegani like to use openbox for super minimal de17:56
NorthwestVeganwhen im vnc-ing17:56
Elec_ANorthwestVegan: do I need a de for vnc?17:56
Elec_Aah Isee.17:56
NorthwestVeganopenbox is soo light it makes it fast17:56
Elec_AOkay. I'll go with openbox. I know I know, my adviser also tells me I'm too perfectionist! :(17:57
NorthwestVegani like vinagre as my vnc client17:57
lordcirth__Elec_A, if you just want individual programs, not a remote desktop, consider ssh X-forwarding.17:57
lotuspsychjeElec_A: just be carefull with remote software, understand the risks of opening ports17:57
Elec_AGot it. Thank you.17:57
Elec_AAlso, CPU and GPU are highend. It only has 8GB of RAM. for now at least, so that we can get more funding to support buying more ram.17:58
leftyfbElec_A: running blender on the remote machine over VNC does not utilize the GPU on your local machine at all. To be honest, I'm not even sure doing it over ssh -X does either.17:58
NorthwestVeganssh -X works, but i find it too slow mostly17:58
lordcirth__NorthwestVegan, I find VNC also too slow17:58
xamithanThere is compression options you can use with ssh -X17:59
NorthwestVeganlol :)17:59
xamithanit speeds it up a bit,  but still slow compared to something like NX17:59
NorthwestVeganill have to check out NX i never used it17:59
NorthwestVeganif your talking about blender, theres a remote render option17:59
xamithanNX,  nomachine18:00
Elec_Axamithan: I use x2go, which is fine I think.18:00
Elec_ANorthwestVegan: awesome. I'll look into it.18:00
xamithanwell x2go is NX18:00
Elec_Abut is free unlike nomachine.18:01
NorthwestVeganyeah, yu can also set up multiple boxes with gpus to do a render farm with blender18:01
lotuspsychjelets continue this in #ubuntu-discuss please18:01
Elec_AAlright everyone. I totally got my answer :)18:02
Elec_AThank you!18:02
GerowenWhen creating a raid 1 pool and creating the partition on a drive I'm going to use, should I leave a gigabyte or so unpartitioned, in the event of slight capacity variances if I have to replace a drive?  I think somebody mentioned that to me last night and I just want to make sure before committing.18:03
lordcirth__Gerowen, on a large HDD? Yeah, it is a good idea.18:04
GerowenTwo 12TB drives.18:04
lordcirth__Yeah, having to rebuild a 12TB array because of 1GB would be very annoying.18:04
GerowenTook some finagling to get cfdisk to let me leave only 1GB un-partitioned, had to dig out the calculator and figure out how much 1GB is in sectors because it wouldn't take 10.899 as a valid size, :p18:11
lordcirth__I think you could also have made a 1GB at the end, then deleted it after :P18:12
ubottuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx18:13
Xardi've been hit with this issue with the latest 18.04 patches: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/console-setup/+bug/52054618:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 520546 in console-setup (Ubuntu) "Alt+KEY incorrectly behaves like Ctrl+Alt+KEY" [High,Confirmed]18:17
Xard"sudo kbd_mode -s" from terminal hotfixes it18:18
OerHeksXard, an very old bugreport, 2010 .. so alt + f2 gives you a TTY?18:22
jcb2016im trying to install wireless boardcom via the STA - No Internet access i don't have build essentails installed since i have no wifi. any ideas?18:23
MikeRLAgh. GUI froze when doing a sudo do-release-upgrade -d.18:24
=== BurekzFinezt is now known as Burek
MikeRLWound up accidentally exiting the terminal during an upgrade. What do I do?18:24
lotuspsychjejcb2016: did you install from your installation medium on /pool?18:24
MikeRLI wonder if the upgrade will complete in the background, or if I need to do anything...18:25
lotuspsychjeMikeRL: going early on 19.04 from 18.10?18:25
jcb2016lotuspsychje, im trying the sudo dpkg -i dkms* from /pool and i get the error about build-essential18:25
MikeRLlotuspsychje, yes.18:25
lotuspsychjeMikeRL: i would wait till tomorrow until final18:26
MrElendigMikeRL: generally a good idea to not have X running when doing release upgrade18:26
MikeRLDidn't know that. X sure is buggy.18:27
MikeRLHope wayland replaces it soon enough.18:27
OerHeksxard  if your system meets "console-setup 1.178ubuntu2.7 and keyboard-configuration 1.178ubuntu2.7" update please, there is a new version out18:27
lotuspsychjejcb2016: try browsing to your /pool location and try to install the deb driver18:28
jcb2016lotuspsychje, what i do about the build essential error?18:29
lotuspsychjejcb2016: you are trying to install from terminal now?18:30
jcb2016lotuspsychje, give me a sec i have to go i will brb18:30
lotuspsychjejcb2016: yeah, try the GUI way18:30
lotuspsychjejcb2016: once you got wifi, we can do alot more18:30
pragmaticenigmaShould be noted that no one, unless you want to be on the development (alpha/beta test) channel for updates, should run "do-release-upgrade -d" The "-d" is for "Development Release" not stable18:34
OerHeksand just "do-release-upgrade -d" is not enough, iirc18:37
lotuspsychjepragmaticenigma: omgubuntu posted a -d early method, seems like we going have work again18:37
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XardOerHeks: yeah, the alt+fx key or super+left / right switched virtual terminals18:44
Xardand I just updated keyboard configuration packages got hit by this18:45
scohalhelp /key19:01
JonopolyAnyone have a nice 'fun' option for a lightweight distro?19:13
Jonopolyrunning on an old laptop?19:13
lotuspsychje!flavors | Jonopoly19:14
ubottuJonopoly: Recognized Ubuntu flavors build on Ubuntu and provide a different user experience out of the box. They are supported both in #ubuntu and in their flavor channel. For a list, see https://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu-flavours19:14
ioriaJonopoly, can you reveal how old is it ?19:15
Jonopolylotuspsychje: Thanks19:15
Jonopolyloria: 7+ Celeron 4gb ram19:15
JonopolyI just install an 120gb ssd in it now19:15
JonopolyI just install an 120gb ssd in it nowtl19:16
Jonopolyoops sorry19:16
lotuspsychjeJonopoly: that could take a lot of flavors, just not kubuntu19:16
JonopolyToshiba Satellite - C60019:16
ioriaJonopoly, ram and disk is good, can you be more specific about the cpu ?19:16
Jonopolyloria: does this help? Celeron(R) Dual-Core CPU       T3500  @ 2.10GHz19:17
lordcirth__I am a fan of Xubuntu on both 2GB RAM and 32GB RAM systems :)19:18
JonopolyIs xubuntu just XFCE on ubuntu?19:19
ioriaJonopoly, yes, i'd go with xubuntu or budgie19:19
JonopolyHmm okay more than Ubuntu Mate ?19:20
ioriaJonopoly,  mate is good too19:20
JonopolyHmm, I've used xfce in past19:21
Jonopolyits kinda ugly.. but can make it 'okay' surely19:21
Jonopolyi think xfce is more customisable (out of the box) than mate19:21
ioriaJonopoly,  then try budgie19:21
R13oseWhen I do alt+ left or right key, the desktop goes to command line.  What should I do to stop that?19:22
Jonopolyloria: Thanks will give them both a look19:24
lordcirth__R13ose, search for 'shortcut' in your menu, and disable that shortcut19:24
lordcirth__R13ose, actually, do you mean it switches to a tty, or opens a terminal emulator?19:25
R13oseI don't see any tty shortcut in the settings19:29
user01is there a program in ubuntu to take a larger XML file and dump out a list of all the unique elements and attributes?19:35
ioriauser01, have you tired xmllint ?19:38
MrElendiglxml and a tiny bit of coding19:39
analogicalwhat's the best Ubuntu flavor for a slow laptop?19:46
MrElendighow slow19:47
MrElendigand the "flavour" doesn't really matter, what you install matters more19:47
MrElendigtip: do a netinstall and just install what you need19:47
ubottuRecognized Ubuntu flavors build on Ubuntu and provide a different user experience out of the box. They are supported both in #ubuntu and in their flavor channel. For a list, see https://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu-flavours19:48
leftyfbanalogical: try #ubuntu-offtopic19:48
analogicalleftyfb, how was my question off topic?19:48
user01ioria, will give it a shot thanks19:48
user01MrElendig, ok thanks19:49
douglas-quaidgreetings all - i'm running 19.04 and would like to hide the desktop icons, is there a way?19:50
veegeeHey guys, what's the current recommendation on apt-get vs aptitude?19:50
douglas-quaid@veegee, i thought they were pretty much the same thing19:50
veegeeI know it was recommended to use aptitude some time ago19:51
MrElendigveegee: apt :)19:51
douglas-quaidapt should suffice19:51
veegeeok thanks19:51
MrElendigas in apt not apt-get19:51
veegeeYeah I know19:51
veegeeI'm just updating my old server to 18.4.2. Another server that has a fresh 18.4.2 installation is using netplan, but the upgraded one is still using /etc/interfaces19:51
ioriadouglas-quaid, don't you have an option in gnome-tweaks ? also gsettings should tell19:51
douglas-quaidnot in 19.04 no - there's no option19:52
douglas-quaidalso I thought gnome removed the icons by default so im guessing the ubuntu devs put them back in?19:52
OerHekssystemsettings gives an auto hide of those icons-panel19:52
douglas-quaid@OerHeks, isn't systemsettings a KDE program?19:53
leftyfb!ubuntu+1 | douglas-quaid19:54
ubottudouglas-quaid: Disco Dingo is the codename for Ubuntu 19.04 - Support only in #ubuntu+119:54
veegeeWhat's the point of netplan? What functionality does it bring that ifupdown didn't?19:54
ioriadouglas-quaid, gsettings get org.gnome.desktop.background show-desktop-icons      what tells ?19:54
douglas-quaid@ubottu, leftyfb duly noted, thank you both19:55
ioriadouglas-quaid, set it to 'false'19:55
douglas-quaid@ioria, gsettings returns: No such key show-desktop-icon19:56
ioriaho, really ?19:56
douglas-quaidoops i realise the typo, 1 sec19:56
douglas-quaidmissing the s19:56
douglas-quaidOK i set it to false - im guessing i need to login again as the icons currently remain19:57
douglas-quaidthanks - spared me the hassle19:57
Joelin 18.04, in the file browser, the buttons are in the title bar, is there a preference I can set somewhere to stop this behaviour?19:57
douglas-quaidgsettings get org.gnome.desktop.background show-desktop-icons, now returns false19:57
douglas-quaid@Joel, not to my knowledgeno19:58
ioriadouglas-quaid, odd19:59
douglas-quaidi'll try a logoff for good measure19:59
douglas-quaidohh so close - the icons didn;t show and I thought we had it, but then they popped back in20:00
JoelThat's a shame, there's just not enough contrast for me to see them20:01
douglas-quaid@Joel, perhaps a different theme might serve you better20:01
rapidwaveThe Default PDF VIewer (Okular I think) shows menus and their items in a way I can barely even see them. How do I fix that?20:03
Joellooks like it's doable, thankfully20:04
douglas-quaid@Joel, interesting although potentially buggy/hacky - let us know how you get on :)20:05
leftyfbrapidwave: the default pdf viewer in vanilla Ubuntu is evince. It looks fine to me20:05
rapidwaveI think I'm using Xubuntu20:05
douglas-quaid@rapidwave, i think you may need to switch rooms if running xubuntu20:06
leftyfbrapidwave: what version of ubuntu are you running? Do you have your scale beyond 100% in your display settings? Do other apps have the same issue?20:06
rapidwaveThe application menu icon is a bare-foot20:06
NorthwestVegani have atril on xubuntu20:07
NorthwestVeganfor pdf20:07
rapidwaveHow do I make Ubuntu use FoxitReader for all PDFs?20:07
leftyfbrapidwave: you might be better served in #xubuntu20:08
douglas-quaid@rapidwave, also isn't foxit a windows application? if you really want to use that you could try wine, but ymmv20:09
NorthwestVeganif you right click, open with, then check the use as defualt checkbox20:09
OerHeksrapidwave, choose open with other applicatio > choose foxitreader , and it should remember20:11
dchi my caps lock key is locked on. its not the keyboard. i plugged in a new one and its still on20:15
leftyfbOerHeks: they're gone. And foxitread is not an ubuntu application20:16
dconly tweak i have made related to this was remapping caps lock to esc at some point20:16
dci am having to type this message holding down shift :(20:16
dcoh wow, that's weird. hitting esc is toggling caps lock lol20:17
xut_Sorry to say this, but that's a pretty funny problem20:17
douglas-quaidhaha i was going to say the same20:17
OerHeksbest problems fixes themselves20:17
dcthis is life and death!20:17
dcmy little pinkie finger is going to be so strong though holding down shift20:18
dcokay i see the problem here, the tweak in gnome-tweaks swaps them20:18
dci would in fact want them both to function as esc :)20:18
dcsuggestions welcome20:19
OerHeksdc, hilarious.. why do you think that is a real option?20:19
dcOerHeks: why do i think what is a real option?20:19
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xut_dc: why don't you release your finger and start typing here.20:23
dcxut_: pressing esc has released me from this pain20:24
dcalas, i would like to fix that behaviour now20:24
xut_oh wow20:24
douglas-quaid@dc it just sounds like you've remapped the ESC key and need to map it back to CAPS20:25
douglas-quaidso just...undo what you did? lol20:26
douglas-quaidahh soz you want them to both function as the ESC key?20:26
dcdouglas-quaid: i have used gnome tweaks to swap them20:27
dci had misread the option20:27
dci want them both to be esc20:27
douglas-quaidyes - sorry i re-read what you said20:27
dcI haven't had a single situation of over 25 years of computer usage where I would want to caps lock ;)20:27
douglas-quaidhaha you know what, i can totally relate to that20:27
dcMy muscle memory is mapped to the caps lock key as esc now, havign used a macbook pro touchbar for a while now20:28
dcBut still, i would hope my esc key could behave :)20:28
dcah, there is another option there i missed :)20:29
douglas-quaidsince purchasing a mechanicANICAL KEYBOARD, IM FOREVER HITTING IT BY MISTAKE20:29
dcPhysically remove the key?20:29
dcAlthough it does make an excellent esc key, i promise!20:30
douglas-quaidnot a bad option - these do pop off20:30
douglas-quaid@Dc i might just try that20:30
douglas-quaidand thus we come full circle20:30
douglas-quaidhow does one do that20:30
dcgnome tweaks > keyboard * mouse > additional layout options > caps lock behaviour20:31
dcbe sure to read it properly, unlike what i did20:31
dcotherwise who knows what you end up swapping it with20:31
douglas-quaidi have a colleague who toggles the caps lock when typing in passwords...20:32
analogicalhow I change dns server from the terminal?20:32
douglas-quaidi have explained the shift key but aparently its "easier"20:33
douglas-quaid@analogical, edit resolv.conf20:33
OerHeksanalogical, from networkmanager or netplan?20:33
douglas-quaidfrom a terminal /etc/resolv.conf contains the dns settings20:33
douglas-quaidbut beware if running a gui as it may get overwritten by networkmanager and friends20:34
davr0swhat are the chances of getting a global menu back with gnome-shell etc20:34
OerHeksthat file says: do not edit20:34
douglas-quaid@davr0s, i think there is a gnome extension for that20:35
dcyou can change your dns using settings > network and clicking settings next to the active connection too20:35
dcon the ipv4 and ipv6 tabs20:35
douglas-quaid@dc have you been using linux long?20:36
dcon and off for some time, switched my media machine properly last week which is the one im playing with now20:36
douglas-quaidmacos is not too different really20:37
dcsure :)20:37
analogicalin the text editor "nano" how do I save the open file and close the app?20:38
OerHeksdavr0s, install gnome-tweak-tool,  gnome-shell-extentions, enable hotcorners, and enable in tweak the 'application menu'20:38
dcalthough the majority of things i have tweaked on here are gui-powered on osx20:38
douglas-quaid@OerHeks, Ctrl+O (as in for write OUT)20:38
douglas-quaid@Dc yes indeed - need to get your hands dirty with linux20:39
analogicalin the text editor "nano" how do I save the open file and close the app??20:39
ledeni_analogical, 'ctrl+x' will lead you how20:40
dcI prefer a world where I don't need to get my hands dirty20:40
dcIt's nice understanding how things actually work, and I have learned a lot the last week. But I still get triggered by people saying ubuntu is ready for the desktop, which I still think it's not.20:40
leftyfbanalogical: there's literally instructions on how to use nano at the bottom of the terminal when you have it open20:41
=== ledeni_ is now known as ledeni
douglas-quaid@dc i agree - linux is not for everybody20:41
douglas-quaidpersonally i hope it remains that way20:41
analogicalleftyfb, I don't understand those instruction that's why I'm asking!!20:41
dcI hope it is one day :)20:41
douglas-quaidprovided we still have the diversity and choice, im all for it20:42
leftyfbanalogical: "Write out" and "exit"?20:42
douglas-quaidi like to tinker20:42
Eickmeyerdouglas-quaid, dc: Please remember this is a support room only. If you want to just chat, feel free to join #ubuntu-offtopic. :)20:42
analogicalHow on earth can Write out mean save??20:42
leftyfbalso the ^G for "Get Help"20:42
douglas-quaid@Eickmeyer, haha oops sorry20:42
dcdouglas-quaid: having to learn all the options for nfs shares and sudo vim /etc/exports is a bit too far for my taste :)20:42
analogicalwhat does the ^ before the O mean?20:43
leftyfbdouglas-quaid: dc: please stay on topic here. Feel free to chat in #ubuntu-offtopic20:43
leftyfbanalogical: CTRL20:43
dcyep. sorry20:43
hggdhanalogical: the key Ctrl on the keyboard20:44
leftyfbanalogical: https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Nano/Basics_Guide  # first result on google for "how to use nano"20:44
mlozahello, i have ubuntu xenial VM that couldn't resolve DNS records. I have a nameserver in in /etc/resolv.conf. I can resolve when I do dig @ google.ca but with ping/apt i get unkown host20:44
leftyfbmloza: Do you have any other entries in your resolv.conf ?20:45
mlozaleftyfb:  I only have one nameserver20:45
dont-panichow would I go about making a login option after bootup to skip display manager launching and go straight to cli?  I'm using i3 but sometimes I just want to use cli instead and decide which later20:45
lordcirth__mloza, what about 'dig google.ca' without specifying the server?20:45
leftyfbmloza: is it a server or desktop?20:45
mlozaleftyfb: I get answer with that command20:46
lordcirth__dont-panic, you could just always boot to cli, then run 'startx' ?20:46
mlozaleftyfb: desktop20:46
mlozaleftyfb: sorry i mean server20:46
mlozalordcirth__: I get an answer20:46
leftyfbmloza: Is there any desktop GUI on this machine?20:46
MrElendigdont-panic: boot with systemd.unit=multi-user.target20:46
ph88is it better to reinstall or dist upgrade ?20:46
mlozaleftyfb: its a server20:46
leftyfbmloza: Is there any desktop GUI on this machine?20:46
dont-paniclordcirth__: yeah, but I was hoping to find a way to just add it to the list like i320:46
MrElendigph88: ymmv20:46
mlozano GUI20:46
mlozaleftyfb: no GUI20:47
MrElendigdont-panic: you can add an grub entry for it20:47
dont-panicMrElendig: that's a great idea actually20:47
leftyfbmloza: do you get any response running: nmcli device show |grep -i dns20:47
dont-panicMrElendig: thanks!  I never thought of that one20:47
mlozaleftyfb: nmcli is not installed20:48
leftyfbdont-panic: what's wrong with just opening a terminal emulator or hitting CTRL+ALT+F1 ?20:48
dont-panicleftyfb: Trying to conserve battery power when I know I'm about be away from my charger for a while20:48
dont-panicI have a feeling I'll have more control from grub20:49
dont-panicnow I kind of feel like adding an arch partition for that... Oh the possibilities20:51
leftyfbmloza: that doesn't make much sense to me. You're running a stock version of ubuntu 16.04, dig works for resolving with a single entry in resolv.conf but pinging the same domain and apt fails to resolve? Something is missing here.20:52
dont-panicmloza: did you break your sources.list?20:53
leftyfbdont-panic: that doesn't matter for ping20:53
mlozadont-panic: no20:53
mlozalet me paste some logs here20:54
mlozajust a sec20:54
jeremy31Didn't 16.04 have nameserver unless it is something in /etc/network/interfaces20:54
leftyfbjeremy31: not for server20:55
mlozaleftyfb: https://pastebin.com/raw/LR5vTCEW20:55
leftyfbmloza: try a different DNS server. Try And only put 1 entry. Not 2.20:56
douglas-quaid@mloza, you do have a connection to the internet right? you can ping too?20:56
mlozaleftyfb: set it to but still getting unkown host20:57
leftyfbdouglas-quaid: dig would fail otherwise20:57
mlozadouglas-quaid: I can ping
rfmmioza, leftyb: if dig works but ping doesn't I would suspect nss switch.  mioza, could you pastebin /etc/nsswitch.conf?20:57
leftyfbmloza: try: host google.ca
leftyfbrfm: sure, though why would that get modified?20:57
mlozaleftyfb: it resolves20:58
leftyfbmloza: ok, so dig and host work20:58
mlozajust a sec20:58
leftyfbmloza: try: host google.ca20:58
rfmleftyfb, don't know but "hosts: files" is surely the problem!20:59
leftyfbmloza: how has this VM been modified?20:59
mlozahost google.ca -- it resolves20:59
R4d0nwhen is Ubuntu 19 being released, official date? And will there be a native Bitcoin Wallet?20:59
leftyfbmloza: you're supposed to have "hosts: files,dns in your /etc/nsswitch.conf. How did that get modified?21:00
naccR4d0n: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DiscoDingo/ReleaseSchedule21:00
naccR4d0n: although it comes out when it comes out21:00
leftyfbR4d0n: April 18th. No time specified.21:00
leftyfb!party | R4d0n21:00
ubottuR4d0n: Please remember that #ubuntu, #kubuntu, #xubuntu, #edubuntu, and #lubuntu are support channels. To countdown to !disco release and then party once it happens, join #ubuntu-release-party - For in-person parties, see http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/global/3339/21:00
rfmmioza, leftyb: "hosts: files dns"  -- no comma21:00
leftyfboh damn, yup21:01
R4d0nthanks guys21:01
leftyfbmloza: this is an unmodified nsswitch.conf https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/49sSqyGy8p/21:01
mlozaleftyfb: no idea. This is a openstack cloud image. I got the image from https://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/xenial/current/xenial-server-cloudimg-amd64-disk1.img21:01
mlozaleftyfb: I'm running it in my openstack env21:02
mlozaleftyfb: It works now. Thanks!21:03
leftyfbrfm: good call21:03
douglas-quaidwhat is the purpose of /etc/nsswitch.conf? i dont appear to have that on my system21:06
leftyfbdouglas-quaid: then you're not running ubuntu21:07
douglas-quaidim using the 19.04 beta - maybe thats why?21:07
leftyfbdouglas-quaid: I'm not sure. It's unreleased and unsupported and not an LTS so I won't be running it.21:08
douglas-quaidno worries - it's pretty good tho btw21:08
rfmnsswitch.conf is pretty wired in to glibc so its hard to get rid of .   it's the Name Service switch, and tells gethostbyname which places to look for host names...21:09
douglas-quaid@rfm, makes sense, thanks21:10
rfmcertainly a nsswitch.conf in my disco beta (server), just checked  (but we now are offcially OT here..)21:10
kadirohello, I have trouble with the systemd thinky, the modprobe line seems to be not loaded or ignored, this is my service file: paste.ubuntu.com/p/qdncMt68q5/21:12
tomreynrun it with -v and optionally redirect output to a file21:15
tomreynyou might actually want to stuff those commands in a script instead.21:15
tomreyn(and do some error handling there)21:16
douglas-quaidoops - my mistake, i do have nsswitch.conf... i just can't type21:16
douglas-quaid@tomreyn, i was thinking the same, get the bash script working first, then use it in systemd21:17
tomreyndouglas-quaid: it's great to know i'm not alone there.21:20
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linuxuser12hEY GUYS21:37
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jcb2016anyone help me setup wifi dkms i think with no internet access i was told i can install it through /pool using the gui21:40
linuxuser12I am not sure if that is possible, did you check Google?21:40
jcb2016linuxuser12, is that for me?21:40
jeremy31jcb2016: What wifi?21:40
jcb2016broadcom jeremy3121:40
jeremy31jcb2016: did you just install Ubuntu?21:41
linuxuser12Why are some channels not working and telling me "Cannot send to nick/channel"?21:41
jcb2016jeremy31, im running it off the live/usb21:41
jcb2016jeremy31, i want to test usubntu out first but i need wifi drivers to get internet21:41
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jonopolyTried both Budgie and now im on xubuntu21:42
jeremy31jcb2016: post URL from terminal for> lspci -nnk | grep -iA3 net | nc termbin.com 999921:42
jonopolyxubuntu seems fastest out of both of them21:42
jcb2016jeremy31, how can i run the nc command with no internet?21:42
jcb2016jeremy31, will it still working?21:42
tomreyn!register | linuxuser1221:43
ubottulinuxuser12: For information on registering your IRC nick, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - For any further help, ask in #freenode.21:43
jeremy31jcb2016: ok you are on a different device, go to Driver Manager in Software and updates and try the Broadcom Proprietary module21:44
tomreynthis probably needs to be downloaded and installed, too21:45
jcb2016jeremy31, it won't update without internet access. can you walk me thorugh what im suppose to do?21:46
tomreynjcb2016: you should try to get the computer online by other means first of all. plug in a wire, or use tethering.21:46
jcb2016tomreyn, i have an iphone can i enable terthering plug it in and it should work?21:47
jeremy31jcb2016: go into the program menu, search for software and updates, go into driver manager tab and it should have an option to install broadcom proprietary21:47
tomreynjcb2016: i'm not familiar with iphones (and tethering there).21:47
veegeeAnyone know of a tool similar to scp to transfer a large file over the network with parallel connections?21:47
tomreynveegee: bittorrent.21:48
veegeeI just need a way to have multiple parallel connections. Doesn't need SSH or encryption.21:48
veegeeI'd rather not go the torrent route21:48
veegeeOne way is to spawn multiple netcat processes and feed data using dd but it's a nuisance and I'd have to write a script to automate that21:49
tomreyna webserver which supports the Range header21:50
veegeersync and scp aren't making the best use of my 10gbe interface and no amount of tuning seems to be able to fix it. My disk and memory are definitely not the bottleneck because spawning parallel processes fully loads the 10gbe NIC21:51
jcb2016tomreyn, i tethered to my iphone and internet is working21:52
xamithanThere is a parallel command you can use veegee21:52
veegeeyeah gnu parallel won't solve the problem21:52
jeremy31jcb2016: connect to chat in Ubuntu21:53
veegeethe point is to split the file into multiple segments and serve each segment over a separate TCP connection21:53
jcb2016jeremy31, ok let me get it intsalled21:53
veegeeI'll just write a program to do it21:53
aroonihow do i get the package i need to run ssh-ping21:54
linuxuser12Help me please21:54
tomreynarooni: what does it do? doesn't seem to be in ubuntu21:54
tomreyn!ask | linuxuser1221:55
ubottulinuxuser12: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience21:55
linuxuser12izman help please21:55
tomreyntatertots: is it comment time again?21:55
linuxuser12I am stull getting error21:55
tomreynarooni: which ubuntu release do you have there?21:57
aroonitomreyn: though i cant seem to find the package ssh-tools in 18.0421:57
aroonii'm running 18.0421:57
tomreynright, that's where i checked21:57
jeremy31jcb2016: just go to https://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=ubuntu21:57
tomreynarooni: you can probably achieve the same by running   ssh hostname /bin/true && echo 'Connection successful' ||  echo 'Connection failed'21:59
tomreynarooni: you could also look for a !PPA providing the ssh-tools package22:00
aroonitomreyn: what i'm really interested in is how to measure latency of ssh connections;  sometimes when connecting to a VPS (also running buuntu) the text input is really jerky in vim say22:00
tomreyni'd usually use mtr for that22:01
tomreynit's icmp, though22:01
tomreyntcptraceroute -p 22     does tcp22:02
tomreynarooni: those won't immediately cover delay local to the remote server, though, such as I/O or CPU bottlenecks22:03
aroonitomreyn: fair point.  but in this case remote server system load < 122:04
arooniso i was thinking the jerkiness was due to latency22:04
tomreynarooni: it surely is, you just need to find out which kind of latency it is, or what introduces it. ;-)22:05
tomreynmonitor the remote system, and also the network connection. netdata is a possible option for the former, smokeping for the latter.22:06
jcb2016_hi jeremy31 chatting from ubuntu22:08
jeremy31jcb2016_: post URL for> lspci -nnk | grep -iA3 net | nc termbin.com 999922:09
aroonitomreyn: thanks i'm a bit of a networking noob22:09
aroonitomreyn: i'm not sure when you'd use mtr versus tcptraceroute versus netdata and smokeping;  guess i can always crack open the man pages ;P22:10
jcb2016_jeremy31: https://termbin.com/icu922:10
jeremy31jcb2016_: in terminal> sudo apt update && sudo apt install bcmwl-kernel-source22:11
jeremy31jcb2016_: Wifi should work after that22:12
jcb2016_jeremy31: can't ran an upgrade already and its taking forever since im tethered to a iphone that is slow in this house. got to let it finish or can i just stop it and run what you said?22:12
jcb2016_ill stop what im doing jeremy3122:12
tomreynarooni: mtr is for ad hoc testing of your route to a remote server and the network latencies there, it is just a slightly better traceroute command (similar to pathping, which is also fine). it sends icmp packets, not tcp packets (ssh is a tcp protocols), but unless you expect that your tcp traffic is handled different than other traffic (e.g. quality of service, national censorship), it should be good enough for this task.22:13
jeremy31jcb2016_: You should be able to disconnect the phone, go into Software and Updates, Additional Drivers and use the Broadcom Proprietary module22:14
aroonitomreyn: thanks for the explain it like i'm 5 explanation.  definitely appreciated ! :)22:14
tomreynarooni: tcptraceroute tries to achieve the same on the tcp protocol, but this protocol is not as well suited for measuring network latencies as icmp is.22:14
Isaakit worked thanks jeremy3122:15
jeremy31jcb2016_: Use the install third party software option when you install22:16
tomreynarooni: netdata is a modern (primarily targetting single hosts) service / OS monitoring system, see it's website to get an idea of what it looks like. it's ok if you just need a single system monitored (it doe snot monitor the network link, just what is going on on this system).22:16
aroonitomreyn: cool; like a light weight nagios22:17
tomreynyes, you could say so.22:17
aroonidefinitely bookmarking these for future reference.  until i have the pleasure of multiple hosts, i have to build my traffic :P22:18
tomreynarooni: and finally smokeping is another web based tool to measure network qulity between different locations. it's maybe a big large for a single use, you'd only want to set it up to constantly monitor performance over a longer time.22:18
nooodlesnodeshow come my external seagate backup drive is read only from a live cd? isnt ntfs-3g installed and functional from a livecd?22:25
xamithanAre you sure it is ntfs-3g and not the regular ntfs that is read-only.  Did you try to remount with rw ?22:28
tomreynnooodlesnodes: i think ntfs-3g is installed and functional on a livecd. your storage may not have been unmounted properly, so that it needs to undergo a file system check now.22:28
Oolwhen you mount a ntfs partition, did you have all permition (RWX) ?22:35
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aroonithanks for breaking all those down :)22:40
pragmaticenigmaanyone recall a command to reinitialize keyboard shortcuts? Alt + F2 started sending me to TTY2 instead of opening the run dialog22:45
rapidwaveWas Nautilus removed as Ubuntu's default file browser/manager?22:46
kk4ewtrapidwave;  nautilus is still the default for gnome22:47
kk4ewtthough the call it something else22:47
Oolpragmaticenigma: do you use KDE ? I heard about the same problem some hours ago… and it simply disapeared22:48
OerHeks!info nautilus22:48
ubottunautilus (source: nautilus): file manager and graphical shell for GNOME. In component main, is optional. Version 1:3.26.4-0~ubuntu18.04.4 (bionic), package size 876 kB, installed size 4180 kB22:48
OerHeksoptional, wrong22:48
pragmaticenigmaOol: yes, I'm currently on KDE and just ran updates... It's been appearing throughout the day22:48
pragmaticenigmafor others in this channel22:48
pragmaticenigmaI figured it out from the channel logs... running "sudo kbd_mode -s" got back to normal22:49
OerHekspragmaticenigma, also a bug in KDE??22:50
pragmaticenigmaIt was happening a lot when I first got this machine up and running... haven't had it happen (at least not notice) for quite a while22:50
OerHeks "console-setup 1.178ubuntu2.7 and keyboard-configuration 1.178ubuntu2.7" got updated22:51
OerHekshmm interesting22:51
pragmaticenigmayeah, often the problem resolves itself with a reboot, but I'm in the middle of something and don't want to right this moment22:52
NeepuHi. Can anyone please help me out, debugging why i cant raise a br0 interface?22:53
Ool bridge_ports none ?22:55
Neepuhostapd has a bridge parameter that sets it up automaticly22:56
NeepuThe firmware in the bottom of the journalctl logs, is the firmware for wlp4s0 being loaded (that is started via post-up)22:56
Oolok it's for wireless, I never try22:57
NeepuFor some reason it works out if i delay br0 with up sleep 30, but it sleeps my entire system.23:00
jeremy31Neepu: That firmware file doesn't exist, not sure why the module looks for it23:02
j0sephWhen installing Ubuntu with seperate encrypted LUKS partitions, is it best to have them under one /dev/mapper? Or is it acceptable to have them as such?: https://i.imgur.com/IK05AR9.png I cannot seem to have them under a single mapper as some have shown.23:10
newberpragmaticenigma, just wanted to let you know I fixed the mouse problem using xinput. I followed the instructions written by zerobandwidth here: https://askubuntu.com/questions/492744/how-do-i-automatically-remap-buttons-on-my-mouse-at-startup. I simply swapped buttons 1 and 3 around in the script. Thanks again for all the help.23:18
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TheSilentLinkAnyone w23:32
TheSilentLinkAnyone know roughly what time 1904 releases?23:32
OerHeksTheSilentLink, no time specified :-D23:33
TheSilentLinkSo any time on the 18th?23:33
OerHeksjust hang in there, #ubuntu-release-party23:34
TheSilentLinkAh thanks didn’t know about that channel23:34
TheSilentLinkGuess it’s time to spam F523:35

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