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Greenfrogi lost my show desktop widget in the panel on kubuntu any ideas how i can get it back?02:06
DragnslcrRight-click the panel and go to Add Widgets02:11
Greenfrogi did02:11
DragnslcrIt will be in there02:11
Greenfrogits not that i can see02:11
Greenfrogwhat would be the name of the widget?02:12
DragnslcrIf I search for "show", it's listed 3 lines down02:12
Greenfrogok let me try that02:12
DragnslcrIt's called "Show Desktop"02:12
Greenfrogonly thing under "s" is search and system tray02:15
Greenfrognope search doesn't show it either02:19
Greenfrogso i guess thats it? cant get it back?02:24
Greenfrogi guess my add widgets and search is broken02:29
Greenfrogno show desktop02:30
DragnslcrWhat version of Kubuntu are you using?02:44
Dragnslcr!info plasma-widgets-addons bionic02:45
ubottuplasma-widgets-addons (source: kdeplasma-addons): additional widgets for Plasma 5. In component universe, is optional. Version 4:5.12.7-0ubuntu0.1 (bionic), package size 364 kB, installed size 2189 kB02:45
Greenfrogi got it, had to use discover to install the widget, dont know why but there it was02:46
DragnslcrYeah, I would think it's installed by default02:46
Greenfrogit was on the desktop originally but then disappeared02:46
DragnslcrIn 18.10, it's in the plasma-widgets-addons package02:46
DragnslcrSo I was going to suggest installing that package if it wasn't already02:47
Greenfrogodd that it would be in the panel then gone02:47
DragnslcrUnless it got uninstalled somehow02:47
DragnslcrI don't know how that would happen, though02:47
Greenfrogya i woldnt know how but i hear ya02:47
Greenfrogi did look for it before in discover but didnt see it02:48
Greenfrogmore than once02:48
Greenfrogits just odd02:49
Greenfrogseems to be working fine :)02:49
DragnslcrGlad you got it working02:50
Greenfrogthanks me too, it was annoying not to find it02:50
DragnslcrStill wish we could figure out what caused it. Mysteries like that annoy me.02:51
Greenfrogyes me too02:51
Greenfrogsome quirky things have been happening with this version02:51
Greenfrogfirst i thought it was me02:52
Greenfrogthen i knew it wasnt when i paid close attention02:52
DragnslcrYeah, there's always minor annoyances02:52
Greenfrogi played one of the addon games today when i quit the game my desktop icons were spread over the screen02:53
Greenfrogyes i hear you02:53
Greenfrogthe hard part is trying to find fixes. the internet does provide answers but most of them are for either another os version or desktop that doesnt match mine02:55
fructoseIs there a way to show a permanent status notification? e.g. like notify but one that won't go away? Alternatively, is there a way to programmatically change (and revert) the color of the taskbar?03:19
ExmixSo can aony help me figure out my eth0 doesn't start upon boot? I have to 'sudo ifconfig eth0 up' everytime I start up.04:51
valoriethat's really odd05:05
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ExmixIt shows up when running 'ifconfig -a' so it's there, but it just doesn't start on boot. I've hadded it to my '/etc/netowkr/interfaces/ and that doesn't work either. Even after a reboot, 'sudo ifcondif eth0 up' doesn't work. So I need to remove it from the the '/etc/network/interfaces'05:09
valorieif you are in any hurry for an answer, I would ask in #ubuntu05:10
valorieI know little to nothing about networking outside of using nmcli a bit05:11
valorie!info nmcli05:12
ubottuPackage nmcli does not exist in bionic05:12
valoriein any case, I never used sudo with that05:12
lordievaderGood morning06:15
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BluesKajHowdy all10:45
Alexfrenchhello it is today for 19.04 version too ?11:26
acheronukAlexfrench: yes11:27
BluesKajAlexfrench, 19.04 is being released  sometime toady ...you can monitor in #ubuntu-release-party11:28
BluesKajThere is no set time for the release, it'll be out when it's ready.11:28
Alexfrenchis it preferable to do an upgrade or a nex install ?11:30
IrcsomeBot<jorgetech_spacebiker> I want to remind to anyone wanting to upgrade to 19.04 the next thing: If you have Plasma 5.15 or later (available in Kubuntu Backports) Discover has the ability to notify of distro release upgrades, technically this removes the need of having to enter the do-release-upgrade command in krunner or the terminal. I'll try this today.11:39
BluesKajif you have your data backed up a new install is always best , but I haven't had many problems after upgrading directly from one release to thenext11:40
Alexfrenchok thanks11:41
IrcsomeBot<jorgetech_spacebiker> @BluesKaj, It is more of a problem if you use Debian, Ubuntu upgrade are a bit safer I think11:41
IrcsomeBot<acheronuk> @jorgetech_spacebiker, No, Discover can't do that any more. KDE ripped the code that does it out. :(11:58
Greenfroghi i'm using deja dup backup in kubuntu 18.04. it just finished a backup but left this error message. backup finished but could not access these files /home/greenfrog/local/share/kcookiejar/cookies whats wrong?12:11
Greenfrogi have looked i have no /kcookiejar/cookies that i can find12:18
BluesKajGreenfrog, most likely that file in  /home/user/.local which is under /home/user hidden files in  Dolphin "View"12:20
Greenfrogok, but why does backup say it can access it?12:21
Greenfrogdo i need to change some permission?12:21
Greenfrogok so just let the error stand?12:21
BluesKajcheck to se if that cookiejar file even exists\12:22
Greenfrogchange vies to see hidden files?12:22
Greenfrogok i'll try that12:23
BluesKajin /home12:23
Greenfroggot it thanks12:23
Greenfrogok now i see it, so backup doesn't need access to that file?12:25
BluesKajis there anything in the file?12:32
Greenfrogthe file is there but how do i open it?12:32
Greenfrogit says access denied12:33
Greenfrogproperties/general/permissions says only the owner can read and write12:35
BluesKajcheck properties and then permissions on that file to see the owner12:35
Greenfrogi'm there now12:36
Greenfrogowner/groups/others is greyed out12:36
Greenfrogunder ownership it says user root and group root but no place for change or imput12:37
BluesKajin the terminal run, sudo chown -R $USER ~/.local12:42
Greenfrogok that opened it thanks12:44
BluesKajthat file should be the owned n by the usewr by default , dunno why it was owned by root12:45
Greenfrogme either12:45
Greenfrogi can now see the file12:45
Greenfrograther now i can read the file12:46
BluesKaj+all dot files are supposed to be $USER files afaik12:47
Greenfrogbeen a few quirks using kubuntu 18.0412:48
Greenfrogthings disappearing, i first thot it was me not paying enuf attention but i started looking and remembering more of what i did and its not me12:49
BluesKajothers using the pc?12:50
Greenfrogi live alone12:50
BluesKajyeah, same here12:51
Greenfrogone reboot my panel turned white with my app menu plus the k logo changed all this just rebooting12:51
Greenfrogya so i have no need to lock screen or anyting to prevent others12:51
BluesKajthat indicates you changed theme settings in system settings12:52
Greenfrogok i may have done that seems i remember changing themes but it did nothin right away must have needed reboot to change12:53
Greenfrogso by the time i rebooted i had forgotten any change12:53
BluesKajyes, not always12:54
BluesKajno need to reboot that is12:54
Greenfrogok then that couldnt be it12:54
Greenfrogi had the panel disappear twice12:54
Greenfrogthe app menu disconnected a half a doz times12:55
BluesKajwhich gpu and driver?12:55
Greenfrogintel 8600? nvidia 349.10712:57
Greenfrogthe nvidia driver is working better now its installed but i still get the occasional menu disconnected12:58
BluesKajwhich nvidia gpu is it?12:59
Greenfrogso i run killall plasmashell then plasmashell &12:59
Greenfrogit reconnects the menu to the panel12:59
Greenfrogok lemme look12:59
Greenfroggforce 9600m gt13:00
BluesKajahh, optimus?13:01
Greenfrogum sony vaio13:01
Greenfroghaha, did i answer that correctly?13:01
Greenfrogsomeone suggested that the panel disconnecting may be a but i can live with the temporary fix13:02
Greenfrogbug but13:03
BluesKajsome laptops use the uptimus hybrid gpu system, runs fine on windows , but it's tricky on linux.. the intel graphics driver handle low loads and when  higher  gtraphics load appears the nvidia gpu takes over13:04
BluesKajerr *graphics13:05
BluesKajaka Optimus13:05
ubottuUbuntu uses nvidia-prime to support optimus videocards.13:05
Greenfrogok, this laptop is about 12 yrs old but still works well. i have only used it 2 yrs before moving here and didnt use if for a long time cause it had vista installed13:06
Greenfrog18.4" screen 2gigs memory blueray player and 64 bit13:07
Greenfrogi just didnt have the 3oo dollars ms wanted to upgrade13:07
Greenfrogi know there can be some issues with older machines but so far i've been lucky13:08
BluesKajdunno if that's what you have tho...did the laptop come with nvidia gtaphics or did you add the gpu yourself?13:08
Greenfrogrypervenchie installed the drivers for me13:09
Greenfrogthey came from a repository i believe13:09
Greenfrogeither that or donloaded from nvidia to work with linux13:10
BluesKajI'm talking about the graphics hardware/card , not the drivers13:10
Greenfrogthe gpu is the original13:10
BluesKajGreenfrog, ok , run this, then pastebin the output, sudo lshw -C video13:12
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.13:13
Greenfrogyes i see13:13
Greenfrogi have already used both for other things13:14
Greenfrogand i'm running kubuntu 18.04 LTS13:15
BluesKaj2GB ram is little low for running kde/plasma full bore, but if you don't have too many apps open simltaneously then you should be fine13:18
Alexfrenchyou can add the ram ?13:21
Alexfrenchi had 4 gb on my hp and it ran well13:22
Greenfrogi dunno 2gigs may be the limit i havent found a definite answer13:22
BluesKajhave you run the command  Greenfrog?13:22
Greenfrogno, i cant remember the command13:23
BluesKajit's listed above , just copy and paste it13:23
BluesKajsudo lshw -C video13:24
Greenfrogyes i did run that, but you also asked to paste thats the command i cant remember13:25
Greenfrogok got ubuntu pastebin13:26
BluesKajcopy and paste the output  in  https://paste.ubuntu.com  then copy the resulting url and paste it here13:26
BluesKajok the default HW  gpu is nvidia ...not a hybrid13:30
BluesKajGreenfrog  you just need a some more RAM and your lartop will run very nicely on kde/polasma IMO13:31
Greenfrogthat would be great13:32
Greenfroghow do i find out what is the max ram?13:32
Greenfrogi know my model13:33
BluesKajyour laptop specs sheet should tell how much memeory it can accommodate13:33
BluesKajor google your model13:34
Greenfrogya well, i cant find the docs that came with it, its here some where but since the move i cant find it13:34
Greenfrogi have but i'll try again13:34
GreenfrogHA crucial has this info13:36
BluesKajprobly 8GB13:37
GreenfrogSony VAIO VGN-AW190  but adds CTO13:37
Greenfrogyes it says 813:37
GreenfrogSlots: 2 (2 banks of 1)13:38
GreenfrogMaximum Memory: 8GB13:38
Greenfrog*Not to exceed manufacturer supported memory.13:38
GreenfrogStandard Memory: 2GB removable13:38
BluesKaj8GB would be plenty13:38
BluesKajbreath new life into your laptop13:39
Greenfrogthat would be wonderful, i was just scared that the 'cto' at the end of the model would not be my laptop13:39
Greenfrogwhat do they mean cto? do you know?13:40
BluesKajnot to worry check this,  https://www.mrmemory.co.uk/memory-ram-upgrades/sony/vaio-laptop/vgn-aw190-cto13:41
Greenfrogok thanks13:43
Greenfroguh, cough, 8 gb from crucial is almost 100 bucks13:48
Greenfrogit won't be this month13:49
Greenfrogwow what a price change: hynix from newegg 6.99 / Lot for samsung from ebay 4.69 any idea why these are so cheap?13:53
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Greenfrognevermind they are 2gb chips13:57
Greenfrogok i bookmarked it i'll put it on my christmas list. thanks for the help14:01
IrcsomeBot<bauchhaus> 19.04 ist out14:05
BluesKajno kubuntu images yet14:11
OerHeksBluesKaj, i see it here, and torrents >> https://kubuntu.org/getkubuntu/14:16
BluesKajOerHeks, ok good, thanks :-)14:17
est31I can't upgrade yet either14:24
acheronuk"Note: Upgrades may not become available until several days after the official release. "14:27
Greenfrog19.04 isnt LTS right?14:29
IrcsomeBot<Anarchotaoist> @acheronuk, ah, thanks for the clarification. I'll have to bottle my excitement and wait patiently! Well done to you and all who worked to put out this release! Thank you!14:32
est31acheronuk: I'm patient14:32
IrcsomeBot<EEElton> Thanks a lot. Really appreciate your efforts.14:32
est31acheronuk: not sure that I'm waiting on some upgrade in the new 19.04 release anyway14:33
est31I do wait for some upgrades but iirc they didnt make it into 19.0414:33
est31hostapd update and networkmanager update14:33
IrcsomeBot<EEElton> @est31, Ah, what do those updates bring?14:34
est31WPA3 !14:34
est31hostapd needs to be pointing to an unreleased version in git14:34
est31as for networkmanager, not sure what the minimum release is14:34
est31hmmm network manager 16.0 would already do14:37
est31which already ships with ubuntu 19.0414:37
est31so that's good14:37
est31so only hostapd remains14:37
est31debian already has the updated hostapd14:37
est31so 19.10 it is then :)14:38
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epaneWhy does do-release-upgrade on Kubuntu 18.10 yield "No new release found." at the moment although 19.04 is out now?15:12
Eickmeyerepane: You might have to do an "apt update/upgrade" first to refresh your cache.15:13
epaneI did, even apt dist-upgrade15:14
Eickmeyerepane: Then it might just need time to propogate to your mirror. Have patience, it will happen.15:15
epaneok, I will try again tomorrow, thanks!15:16
acheronuk"Note: Upgrades may not become available until several days after the official release. "15:16
Eickmeyeracheronuk: Yeah, I feel like a noob now. :/15:18
* Eickmeyer totally knew that15:18
acheronukEickmeyer: np. FYI, release team don't switch on upgrades for a bit until they are reasonable sure there are not big upgrade bugs hidign anywhere15:19
* acheronuk cringes at that mistyped sentence15:20
daxEickmeyer: fun additional fact! the update tool pulls the list of available releases from the meta-* files on http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/ , it doesn't go through APT15:21
daxso if you go to that URL you can see what's enabled for LTS and non-LTS, with and without -d15:21
Eickmeyeracheronuk, dax: Yeah, I totally knew that too.15:22
EickmeyerI was just on autopilot.15:22
BluesKajanyway the new Kubuntu release image is available here for those who want to do a clean install https://kubuntu.org/getkubuntu/15:42
BluesKajas OerHeks pointed out earlier15:43
OerHeks"Note: Upgrades may not become available until several days after the official release. "15:44
niggolas-M<OerHeks ""Note: Upgrades may not become a"> Stupid question. When upgrading with the -d flag (which I am doing right now) will I receive the final version or some RC? And in case the latter is true, is it sufficient to do a apt-get dist-upgraee later?16:39
acheronukniggolas-M: you will get the newest package in the disco archive, so what is released. if they have an unnoticed upgrade bug, you will get that too.16:46
acheronukwhich is why they don't immediately turn on upgrades without the -d!16:46
niggolas-MThank you. This is my production machine which I use for work, but I have taken a full backup, so I am confident that that will be good enough for me.16:50
niggolas-M<niggolas-M "Thank you. This is my production"> acheronuk: Thank you. This is my production machine which I use for work, but I have taken a full backup, so I am confident that that will be good enough for me.16:51
brumbelberryhi i have a question abou qaptworker317:49
brumbelberrythat i just standard in kubuntu right?17:49
brumbelberrybecause whenever i start up the computer i get a popup with it asking for permission to intall or remove packages17:50
brumbelberryqapt-batch --install language-pack-gnome-en17:51
brumbelberryand specifically qapt-batch --install language-pack-gnome-en17:51
brumbelberryqapt-batch --install language-pack-gnome-en17:51
brumbelberryand then it is asking speciffically for language pack genome en17:51
brumbelberrydidnt mean to spam that three times17:51
brumbelberrycan i jst trust this?17:51
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