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lordievaderGood morning06:16
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cpaelzerjamespage: coreycb: can you do me a favor and check a few openstacks we have deployed and check if openstack ends up constructing the cpu out of features09:25
cpaelzermeaning a CPU name and a long list of feature enable/disable in libvirt09:25
cpaelzerI think we talked about that in the past and it was that way (trying to create the common denominator for migration)09:26
cpaelzerand if so could you please check if the openstacks we have defined the feature "osxsave" or "ospke" ?09:26
cpaelzer(this is a re-ping from yesterday)09:26
cpaelzerjamespage: coreycb: the above is most likely if you every used cpu type host-model on x8609:45
axinocpaelzer: https://pastebin.canonical.com/p/vyfG2mfgR8/ random instance I'm wokring on10:39
axinocpaelzer: https://pastebin.canonical.com/p/5K5GDfTpWR/10:40
cpaelzerthanks axino10:41
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cpaelzeraxino: that matches what I found on other systems - thanks!11:20
geodb27People : hi ! I wanted to try out nova-lxd on a brand new vm with ubuntu-18.04 LTS server, so I followed what I found over here : https://javacruft.wordpress.com/2019/04/17/openstack-stein-for-ubuntu-18-04-lts/ (installed the repository and did a apt update). However, "apt-get install -y nova-lxd" fails with : "E: Unable to locate package nova-lxd" . What am I doing wrong ?11:40
cpaelzergeodb27: I think it is called nova-compute-lxd11:44
geodb27Thanks for your answer cpaelzer. I'll give it a try. However, I thought I had understood that nova-lxd was a meta package to ensure that, as stated on the page I linked to : "The 'nova-lxd' package ensures that the nova-compute daemon is started with the correct hypervisor driver for LXD;"11:46
cpaelzergeodb27: src:nova-lxd builds binary nova-compute-lxd (and others)11:48
cpaelzermaybe there was a rename at some point - I don't know details11:48
geodb27oh, great ! Then I'll see how it works when it is all installed !11:48
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neilduganI am having trouble with a remote login using Remmina ... I can log into various account on the server but one gives me trouble... when I give the correct username & password. After a while I get the a "Connection Log" dialog with the message "login successful for display 10" "starting connecting" "connection problem, giving up" ... anyone know what is wrong with this account17:25
tomreynneildugan: which protocol are you using for the remote connection?17:30
tomreynremmina supports several, so this can make quite the difference17:30
neildugantomreyn, RDP17:32
tomreynneildugan: so the remote system runs which OS?17:40
neildugantomreyn, Ubuntu 18.0417:40
tomreynneildugan: and the client runs ubuntu, too?17:41
neildugantomreyn, yes17:41
tomreynand you use RDP rather than VNC there because?17:41
tomreynmaybe Windows / OS X clients also access this remote system?17:42
neildugantomreyn, it works (at least for the other accounts)17:42
tomreynhave you tried to connect from a command line rdp client such as freerdp?17:43
tomreyni think this is what remmina actually uses, too17:43
neildugantomreyn, I am using Ubuntu exclusively17:43
tomreynpersonally i'd prefer VNC then, but surely the protocol choice is up to you.17:44
tomreynso using freerdp may provide better info on what is failing, and surely you should also inspect the server side RDP server logs.17:45
neildugantomreyn, any ideas on why only one account doesn't allow login... all the others do, there are 5 or 6 of them17:45
tomreynneildugan: sorry, my crystal ball is currently in repair.17:47
tomreynneildugan: check the rdp server and system logs (the latter about authentication), try logging in from the remote system to itself.17:49
neildugantomreyn, ha ha ... ok ... do you know where the rdp server logs are17:50
maeudfor Windows neildugan ?17:51
sarnoldlsof on the server may show the log file locations17:51
sarnoldmaybe they go through journalctl?17:51
tomreynneildugan: there is no rdp serve rinstalled by default, so one of your admins must have installed it. maybe start with    dpkg -l | grep rdp18:01
tomreynrdp is tcp 5390 isn't it?18:02
tomreynah no 338918:02
tomreynso     lsof -i:3389    will also tell you the process accepting those connections18:02
tomreynand once you have the process you find its installation path using "which processname". and once you got this, you can "dpkg -S installationpath" to get the package providing this command.18:03
greyboopjust noticed live-installer/net-image as an option for preseeding. I tried it out using the hwe-netboot kernel/initrd to pxe boot it but its not downloading the squashfs file. Any ideas what I need to do to get the live-installer running?20:44
null_r3fDoes server 18.10 come with fail2ban or a firewall on by default? Scanning this server with nmap is leading to a lot of no responses on live services.21:05
RoyKnull_r3f: apt install fail2ban ufw21:27
RoyKufw allow ssh ; ufw enable21:27
RoyKtake it from there21:27
RoyKthen configure fail2ban21:27
RoyKnull_r3f: very few distros come with these things enabled by default, for good reasons - they make it harder for newbies to setup things and make them work21:28
RoyKand it can be enabled in seconds21:28
null_r3fRoyK, just trying to do some troubleshooting. Wanted to make sure these features weren't enabled out of the box21:28

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