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M_aDThere was another iso that has been tested?11:15
EickmeyerM_aD: Yes, and it wasn't much different from the last one, so there was no announcement.13:02
EickmeyerIt's tested and ready to go. Once the release team drops the release announcement, I'll be dropping a release announcement as well.13:02
M_aDEickmeyer: hey :) 13:04
M_aDroger that13:04
EickmeyerOh and...13:08
ubottuPlease remember that #ubuntu, #kubuntu, #xubuntu, #edubuntu, and #lubuntu are support channels. To countdown to !disco release and then party once it happens, join #ubuntu-release-party - For in-person parties, see http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/global/3339/13:08
EickmeyerThat was a bit more pedantic than I was expecting, but feel free to join. :)13:08
M_aDcool, thanks :)13:09
M_aDEickmeyer: do you have experience with upgrading to a new release? I want to keep 19.04 install and go from there without performing a clean install when 19.10 comes out. I know upgrading was a piece of cake on Fedora when i used it. 13:10
EickmeyerYeah! I did it back in January. "sudo do-release-upgrade -d" works pretty well.13:11
EickmeyerYou can leave out the -d if it's an actual release you're upgrading to.13:11
EickmeyerAny external repos you have will be disabled, but it's just a matter of going in and reenabling them.13:11
M_aDthanks, i'm not using any external repos nor do i plan to :)13:13
EickmeyerIt's out now.13:16
M_aDso i noticed :)13:18
M_aDhmmm... noticed the connection isn't secure when going to the release announcement on the ubuntu studio website14:23
EickmeyerM_aD: It's just the images. They default to the old http://.14:26
EickmeyerSadly, I can't fix that.14:26
M_aDok, no problem :)14:32
M_aDthanks for adding me to the FB group by the way14:32
EickmeyerM_aD: Of course! Thanks for answering the questions. Too many people attempt to join without answering those questions. I wait it out to see if they ever answer, and most of them never do, so I have to decline their membership. :/14:38
EickmeyerOr, they answer "yes" to that last question, which smells like a potential bot.14:39
OvenWerksI am guessing there are no longer any people running pre xfce versions of Studio so upgrading should just work.15:36
EickmeyerIt worked for me...15:39
EickmeyerDisables PPAs, but that's easy enough to reenable.15:39
OvenWerksdisabling PPAs just makes sense... though I do wonder what the uprgade does with packages that came from a PPA15:51
studiobot<Eickmeyer> I belive it dist-upgrades them.16:07
* Eickmeyer can't spell believe16:10
OvenWerksI guess I was wondering if thge package doesn't exist in the repo and can only come from a PPA then what? does it leave it? or remove it?16:13
EickmeyerIt doesn't change, iirc.16:14
OvenWerksIf it leaves it then it may not work due to lib changes. Reconnecting to the PPA does the PPA auto change the package even if it is the same release but different cycle?16:15
EickmeyerYes, but it might have to be updated from {old codename} to {new codename} in software & updates or sources-list.d16:16
EickmeyerOr not.16:16
OvenWerks Hmm, we add with: add-apt-repository -y ppa:ubuntustudio-ppa/backports16:18
OvenWerksThat doesn't show cycle so it must get it from what is installed16:18
EickmeyerThat's correct. You don't have to specify it with add-apt-repository.16:19
OvenWerksSo the upgrade removes the PPA and when readded it should be the right one. So that sounds pretty painless16:20
EickmeyerIt doesn't remove it, it disables it.16:21
EickmeyerBut, yes, you're correct.16:21

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