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xubuntu87wwhy install sound on without any wish of use the speakers ?01:06
xubuntu87wcould  we be saved from - with a pre-install-check-list ?01:07
xubuntu87wthe process keeps runnung cron to install.01:08
xubuntu87wrun UMG cron failed to pulseaudio01:09
xubuntu87wI talk about the installer scemes01:10
xubuntu87wthere could be more filters01:11
xubuntu87wto  get01:11
xubuntu87wfast installs01:11
xubuntu87wxubuntu has no joint01:14
xubuntu87whas int01:17
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xubuntu57wIn the file manager, within a folder, if I select a bunch of files there is no 'move to' option, how can I move a bunch of selected files to another folder within the file manager?02:16
krytarikxubuntu57w: Cut and paste.02:17
Eickmeyerxubuntu57w: Select the files, cut (or ctrl-x), then navigate to the new folder. Ctrl-v (or paste).02:17
cicdcyou can also open another window and drag and drop02:21
Unit193It didn't work. :(02:50
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KKcHI which xubuntu version i can use to install on my Samsung N210 netbook? Specs are 1gb Ram 250 hdd and intel atom 450 1.6gghz03:40
gnrpKKc: I would actually prefer something else than xubuntu, maybe lubuntu?06:51
gnrpOtherwise, take the most recent, of course06:52
friendlyGoathowdy, i have a question about my SD card. for some reason when i first boot into my OS my sd card needs to be unmounted then plugged back in for me to actually be able to do anything with it cause otherwise if i got a few folders in i'll just see ? instead of folder names. how would i go about fixing that?08:05
friendlyGoatalso if you respond please mention me so i can see cause im doin a few other things. im spring cleaning my stuff08:06
gnrpfriendlyGoat: a bit of background information: Do `mount` and `dmesg` and search for the corresponding lines (usually mmcblk) and paste them somewhere08:09
pmjdebruijnfriendlyGoat: other useful commands to pastebin are 'sudo blkid' and 'mount | grep media' and 'lsblk'08:22
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_thelion_Hi, I'm running Xubuntu 18.04.2 LTS, it's stable und fast. But - now - I'm not sure: should I upgrade to Xubuntu 19.04?10:09
brainwash_thelion_: 19.04 is not an LTS release10:36
_thelion_okay - so ... I can wait for the next LTS release. Thank you.10:41
ChunkzZwhen can we expect 19.04?14:23
SpassChunkzZ, official release should be soon (since main Ubuntu 19.04 is now released), but if you can't wait, you can go here - http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/releases/19.04/release/14:26
Spass(that is, if you want to download the ISO)14:28
Spassbut it's always safer to just wait for the official announcement, read the known issues etc., and then download14:30
ChunkzZSpass: what is stopping me from using the minimal iso and installing xubunt that way?????14:43
Spassnot me, that's for sure14:43
ChunkzZI mean is there a difference?14:44
ChunkzZTo that on the minimal and the iso they release?14:44
ChunkzZSerious question....14:45
Spassno, not really, packages are the same of course so you should have the same experience14:45
Spassso basically when Ubuntu main is out, all Xubuntu packages are out too :)14:45
SlaHappyim about to look little bit Kali and specially Metasploit14:51
SlaHappyI think it cant understand anything in it14:52
SlaHappyit will be interesting. Is here somebody like specialist with msfpayload and so on14:53
SlaHappysorry my bad English14:53
SlaHappyim from Finland actually14:53
SlaHappybut asking help for someone to link good tutorials etc...14:54
SlaHappyand jes, I googled about it and get punch of shit videos x100014:55
SlaHappyone of my irl friends is carding all time14:56
SlaHappynow FBI is interested now too14:57
SlaHappyshuoldnt say that out14:57
SlaHappyso time for some good old 16.2014:58
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SlapHappycant believe the name SlapHappy is registered. First time ever seen anotherr with same name15:00
SlapHappyit quiet out here15:00
mkbkI'm facing a problem with my usb keyboard on my kids laptop (xubuntu 18.04) ...15:17
mkbkthe key board is very fast !! pressing any key will repeat it several time ...15:20
mkbki did not face this with my ARTIX config on two laptops. I try setting the keyboard using GUI and xinput without good results!!!15:21
ChunkzZ19.04 is broken asf15:30
ChunkzZFailed to launch preferred application for category file manager15:30
brainwashChunkzZ: when doing what?15:34
ChunkzZAfter installing the minimal image and from the desktop opening the file manager15:38
ChunkzZNothing works lol15:38
ChunkzZKeeps giving that error15:39
ChunkzZSo much for testing it hahaha15:39
brainwashso, xubuntu-desktop is actually not installed15:39
ChunkzZYes, it is.15:39
ChunkzZAgain, after installing xubunt from the minimal image, that God damn error happens15:40
brainwashcan you launch "thunar" directly?15:42
ChunkzZThat error happens15:43
brainwashthat's why ask if you can do it directly15:43
ChunkzZCan't open terminal too15:43
ChunkzZYeah well the minimal is broken15:43
brainwashthat sounds like an incomplete installation15:44
ChunkzZLol what15:44
ChunkzZI do the same for every iso and they're fine15:44
* ChunkzZ goes back to manjaro15:45
brainwashyou can obtain a list of installed packages with "dpkg -l"15:47
brainwashand you can share it via a pastebin service15:48
ChunkzZHow when I can't open terminal? Lmao15:53
ChunkzZThe Isos are out btw15:53
ChunkzZThis is too funny15:55
ChunkzZGoing to try the full installation15:55
brainwashyou cannot open the app menu and type "thunar" or "xfce4-terminal"? or Alt+F2 to open the app finder and run any command15:56
brainwashminimal ISO installation is usually not tested by anyone15:57
brainwashand your issue was not reported against the xubuntu ISO15:57
ChunkzZNo brainwash15:59
xubuntu93wHi! Does anybody know if Xubuntu 19.04 is coming out today?16:03
ChunkzZIt's out already xubuntu93w16:08
xubuntu93wAh, okay... On the official download site it says 18.10 is the latest, so I was assuming maybe xubuntu will take a while longer fo16:10
xubuntu93wr the stable release.16:10
ChunkzZxubuntu93w: it's just the site hasn't been updated yey16:11
derdritteHi everyone, I am running cosmic and recently switched one on my monitors to rotation:right, now every time my desktop wakes up from suspend my non-rotated screen shows artifacts and my screen, according to xrander is 320x1080, any hints what I could investigate?16:46
ChunkzZall setup and running :) happy days. wish I could've used the minimal install though. :(17:13
lisbethsI have done something to my synclient settings and my touchpad doesn't register touches anymore19:31
lisbethsmouseclicking on the touchpad still works, however it does not detect touch19:32
lisbethsWhat I would really like to do is somehow reinstall synclient and get the default configuration without screwing over my software dependencies19:34
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gnrplisbeths: synclient doesn't survive a reboot20:41
gnrpotherwise, dpkg-reconfigure20:41
lisbethsIt says I don't have synclient installed21:13
lisbethsit must have some fancy package name21:14
lisbethsI have just tried xserver-xorg-input-synaptics21:18
lisbethsgoing to reboot now21:18

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