jibelgood morning03:41
sarnoldFri 19 03:41:3303:45
sarnoldvery early morning indeed03:45
pieq_jibel, what are you doing here so early!?04:19
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jibelpieq, hi, some stuff to finish before leaving for taipei tomorrow04:20
pieqjibel, for a minute I actually thought you were already in UTC+8 timezone, cause it's 12:20PM here :D04:20
pieqjibel, good luck and bon voyage !04:20
jibelit's 6:30 it's fine, I've been up for more than one hour, spring, birds, dawn, everything is quiet :)04:21
jibelthank you04:22
didrocksgood morning05:36
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andyrockmorning all!10:47
didrockshey andyrock11:03
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