neyderhi, how to compile kernel with config modifications i run  " fakeroot debian/rules editconfigs" and says: dh: Unknown sequence editconfigs01:35
plongshotMy:  https://www.skullcandy.com/shop/headphones/bluetooth-headphones/hesh-2   suddenly quit working after4 I updated my computer. I am running ubuntu 18.04. Here is a screenshoit of the settings. The headphone is not showing up in teh settings as it has been up till now.  Screenshot -    https://imgur.com/a/VrRS4bv02:50
plongshotPlease someone help I can not use my headphonees any loneger02:51
plongshotIt stopped02:51
plongshotIt says "piring" audiibly over the headphponbes but it does not show listed in settings and does not connect or work02:52
sarnoldplongshot: do you have any error messages that look related in your dmesg output? or journalctl?02:54
plongshotsarnold: I don't know how to do it to diagnose02:54
plongshotIt just happenbed02:54
plongshotIf you tell me where to look ( eg:: /var/log  ?? ) whatev02:55
sarnoldplongshot: run "dmesg" and look near the end ..02:55
plongshotsarnold: I'm on it...02:56
sarnoldplongshot: okay.. you could install the pastebinit package, then run "dmesg | pastebinit", and copy-paste the link in here02:56
plongshotsarnold: Idk what that all means - it looks like gibberish to me but here is a link: http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/RdSzwFrHGN/02:58
sarnoldplongshot: alright... there's an answer here that looks worth trying: https://askubuntu.com/a/1128904/3381203:03
sarnoldplongshot: try running those three commands given in the box.03:03
sarnoldplongshot: if it's unrelated then it shouldn't make things worse; and if it is related, then we'll have a good idea what to do next03:04
plongshotsarnold: yes03:04
plongshotAnd I have time to stick it out03:04
plongshotsarnold: Idk what this means but the op's opening styatement is " I had the same problem after upgrading the system. I found following error in /var/log/dpkg.log  "  so I ran "ls -al /var/log/dpkg.log | grep status"   and got a new command line (ie: no result).03:08
plongshotI guess I donb't have thet output into my log?03:08
sarnoldplongshot: start with sudo apt-get install --reinstall pulseaudio-module-bluetooth03:08
plongshotsorry I missed that03:09
sarnold(the ls -al just does a directory listing, it doesn't actually open the log file)03:09
plongshotsarnold: I'm a bit newb. I didn't relaize it  :)03:11
plongshotThere was no change after issuing the command sudo apt-get install --reinstall pulseaudio-module-bluetooth03:11
plongshotShould I need to restart?03:11
plongshotI have also been rebooting the headphone (so to say)03:12
sarnoldplongshot: alright, now run the next line, pulseaudio -k03:12
sarnoldplongshot: and then the last one: sudo alsa force-reload03:12
sarnoldplongshot: yeah?03:15
sarnoldany luck?03:15
plongshotsarnold: sorry - have run all 3 commands and no change (can porvide additional screnshot if needed). When I shut off the hedphone with it's power button and then turn back on I hear it audibly say "pairing" but the indicator light on the power button flasheds rad/ blue (indicating a problem).. The device shows up as "connected" in settings but when I click the item and then click "sound settings" the device does not show up03:16
plongshotlisted. Only the internal speakers show up now but no longer the headphones.03:16
plongshotthe headphones were working fine until I ran sudo apt updat && sudo apt upgrade (aprox an hour ago now?)03:18
plongshotI have an IBM Thinkpad T420 is about 5 yrs old I guess03:18
plongshotUbuntu 18.04 via a command line "upgrade" from 16.04 about a month ago03:19
sarnoldplongshot: okay... what's the output of journalctl -S today | wc -l03:22
plongshotsarnold:   will get03:23
plongshot$ journalctl -S today | wc -l03:24
plongshotI know I know, but I appreciate you... :)03:25
sarnoldwell, I checked on my server first sine that was the easiest shell I had, there were only 1400 lines...03:25
sarnoldbut turns out my desktop has 54000 lines, so maybe 21000 isn't too bad :)03:25
plongshotWell I guess I go without for now. It's ok becuse between the two I choose ubuntu. But I gonna have to get a new set of headphones if this doesn't work and I bought these onlly one day og now03:27
plongshotBarnd new hesh 2 wirless (bad a$$ headphones!)03:27
sarnoldplongshot: how about journalctl -S today | grep blue ?03:27
plongshotyes - one mmt03:27
plongshotsarnold: with the word "blue" in them?03:28
plongshotthe command03:28
sarnolda lot of the bluetooth tools are known as 'bluez', and hopefully error messages from anything else would have "bluetooth" somewhere in them..03:29
plongshotsarnold: Should be here:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/Md5p3mBs2n/03:29
plongshotI'm trying to look03:30
plongshotsarnold: I can see the problem output there at the end. It saying the headphone tries to connect but is deneid access or somethign like that.03:32
sarnoldplongshot: how about the output of systemctl status bluetooth.service   ?03:36
plongshotsarnold: I am back - I had a family issue arise03:40
plongshotwill run and return03:40
plongshotI hope it all copied...03:41
plongshot$ systemctl status bluetooth.service03:41
plongshot● bluetooth.service - Bluetooth service03:41
plongshot   Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/bluetooth.service; enabled; vendor preset: enabled)03:41
plongshot   Active: active (running) since Thu 2019-04-18 19:38:59 PDT; 1h 2min ago03:41
plongshot     Docs: man:bluetoothd(8)03:41
plongshot Main PID: 971 (bluetoothd)03:41
plongshot   Status: "Running"03:41
plongshot    Tasks: 1 (limit: 4915)03:41
plongshot   CGroup: /system.slice/bluetooth.service03:41
plongshot           └─971 /usr/lib/bluetooth/bluetoothd03:41
plongshotApr 18 20:12:53 countingdaisies bluetoothd[971]: Endpoint registered: sender=:1.129 path=/MediaEndpoi03:41
plongshotApr 18 20:13:46 countingdaisies bluetoothd[971]: Authentication attempt without agent03:41
plongshotApr 18 20:13:46 countingdaisies bluetoothd[971]: Headset Voice gateway rejected D0:8A:22:AC:D5:8A: or03:42
plongshotApr 18 20:13:46 countingdaisies bluetoothd[971]: Authentication attempt without agent03:42
plongshotApr 18 20:13:46 countingdaisies bluetoothd[971]: Access denied: org.bluez.Error.Rejected03:42
plongshotApr 18 20:39:35 countingdaisies bluetoothd[971]: Endpoint unregistered: sender=:1.129 path=/MediaEndp03:42
plongshotApr 18 20:39:35 countingdaisies bluetoothd[971]: Endpoint unregistered: sender=:1.129 path=/MediaEndp03:42
plongshotApr 18 20:39:35 countingdaisies bluetoothd[971]: LEAdvertisingManager skipped, LE unavailable03:42
plongshotApr 18 20:39:35 countingdaisies bluetoothd[971]: Endpoint registered: sender=:1.129 path=/MediaEndpoi03:42
plongshotApr 18 20:39:35 countingdaisies bluetoothd[971]: Endpoint registered: sender=:1.129 path=/MediaEndpoi03:42
plongshotlines 1-20/20 (END)03:42
sarnoldhehe, a pastebin would have been better :)03:42
plongshotBut also the headphones themselves time out and shut down03:42
plongshotIdk if that effects anything03:42
plongshotTo look and make sure if they on or off ??03:43
sarnoldplongshot: I'm out of ideas.03:43
sarnoldplongshot: if it doesn't work on the other side of a reboot, please run "ubuntu-bug bluez" and fill out a bug report03:44
plongshotsarnold: They were working before the update03:44
sarnoldplongshot: .. hmm. no. run that *before* doing the reboot.03:44
plongshotsarnold: run ubuntu bug blues where?03:44
plongshotIn my browser? On the command line?03:45
sarnoldplongshot: command line03:45
sarnoldplongshot: it'll do some stuff then open a browser window to launchpad..03:45
plongshotthanks for you help03:45
sarnoldI just wish we'd figured this one out first03:45
sarnoldI don't like not solving problems03:46
sarnoldbut it's time for me to take off03:46
plongshotsarnold: I will tell you the truth. I am not that technical. I run what you tell me to run and I report the rusults. idk how much help I can be.03:46
plongshotsarnold: I am a hobby programmer. I love programming bc it challenges me like that.  :>03:47
sarnoldplongshot: well, a bug report is already pretty good. the tools collect some data for the bug report, mostly just a  statement like "this worked until I ran apt update && apt upgrade"03:47
sarnoldplongshot: excellent :)03:47
plongshotI do it03:47
plongshotI hope I can use my headphonese soon03:47
plongshotsarnold: I am going to reboot my computer an return. I think (intuitively) that is smart. It will log me off her but I''ll come back03:48
plongshotsarnold: Thank you so much for you help. The headphones are working perfefctly after a rebboot03:55
plongshotGod bless you sir03:55
sarnoldplongshot: I'm glad they're working, but it's so frustrating to not know why :)03:55
sarnoldplongshot: thanksf or reporting back :)03:55
sarnoldplongshot: have a good day or night :)03:55
plongshotI have my family calling I have to go but I really appreciate you help isr ty'03:55
tsimonq2Unit193 (cc rbasak, who filed the bug): SRU bug for pastebinit is in bug 1812232.23:12
ubottubug 1812232 in pastebinit (Ubuntu Eoan) "Deprecation warnings" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/181223223:12
tsimonq2I think it's annoying enough to SRU.23:13

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