carbonzeroso when does testing for the next release start for 19.10 and is there a mailing list for testing where updates are sent out for when the first daily lives are uploaded to the cdimage server?00:23
Eickmeyercarbonzero: There's usually a week or two before the next archive opens and the dailies start spinning again.00:25
carbonzerotwo...whole...weeks...jeez.....lol..I guess I'm itching to dive back in. lol00:29
pieqI was happy to see Ubuntu Studio 19.04 has been released :)04:24
pieqI'm a Ubuntu user, and a friend of mine would like to switch to Linux. He's a musician, so he needs to record audio and master it to prepare demo tapes (nothing too complicated, he says when he needs something more complicated he goes to a studio to have them do the complicated job for him :))04:25
pieqI saw that Ubuntu Studio 19.04 has a new feature:04:25
pieqSince I'll have to provide technical support and guidance when my friend discovers Ubuntu (and Linux in general), I would like him to use a distro I'm familiar with, so I was more enclined on installing Ubuntu 19.04 for him.04:27
pieqWith the Ubuntu Studio Installer, it looks like I can actually do that: Install Ubuntu 19.04, then install Ubuntu Studio Installer to benefit from the packages and pre-set audio configuration.04:27
pieqWould that be OK, or should I install Ubuntu Studio 19.04?04:28
OvenWerksIt should work fine.04:29
OvenWerksMy question would be what is this person used to in the OS they use now?04:29
pieqOvenWerks, sorry I missed your messages. He's currently using Windows.06:22
pieqWe went through the available alternatives for what he would like to do and he said Audacity might actually be enough, otherwise Ardour looks like a very good alternative. He's currently using Reaper on Windows, and I told him there was a Linux version in beta (albeit this is proprietary software)06:23
superdriedHello! I'm testing ubuntu studio controls with the ppa, it seems to work great but I'm not sure how to use this with Claudia / ladish. If I start a studio it kills pulseaudio bridge and doesn't seem to use the settings from Studio Controls. How can I use both? Basically I need all audio to go through a plugin in carla08:21
superdriedI was using cadence and claudia to do this previously but I really need the hotplugging usb devices feature from USC08:22
superdriedperhaps non-session-manager can do the same thing as claudia was? I can't see how to restrict self connections though, pulseaudio keeps automatically connecting straight to the output08:33
studio-user318hello, does anyone now the default live system username? i've tried all variations ubuntu, ubuntustudio, root, etc...09:12
M_aDstudio-user318: why? To log in in the live session?09:22
studio-user318yes, i am unable to with the 19.04 release09:23
M_aDi believe there is none, just hit enter09:23
studio-user318i tried that as well, still unable to. I get an incorrect password, please try again message09:26
M_aDweird.... live sessions when running from a usb or dvd don't have a password09:27
M_aDgoing to check it from usb stick myself, will be back in 1009:28
studio-user318i know, i've never had an issue before09:28
M_aDstudio-user318: it's ubuntu-studio09:32
M_aDno password09:32
studio-user318thanks, just needed the dash!09:34
M_aDyep :)09:34
M_aDand you're welcome09:35
cfhowlett#ubuntu is more active but musicians are rare10:20
RonaldsMazitisI have AKAI MPD21810:20
RonaldsMazitisI have problem assigning pads to different samples10:20
RonaldsMazitison empty channel every drum pad is assigned to different not10:22
RonaldsMazitisnote *10:22
RonaldsMazitisI'm using LMMS10:23
RonaldsMazitisI have no idea how I could write notes on every sample in same time10:25
RonaldsMazitisand use only one drum pad per sample10:26
M_aDRonaldsMazitis: i don't have any experience with that but since you're using LMMS maybe it's better to ask in their channel and/or forum?10:31
cfhowlettI'm actually not using LMMS but I believe there's a dedicated channel?  plus posting to a forum is never wrong10:33
cfhowlettnote that I was referring to the LMMS forum10:34
M_aDyes there is, that's why i mentioned to look there10:34
cfhowlettor there is #lmms10:34
cfhowlett:)   great minds ...10:34
M_aDlol.... yep :)10:35
RonaldsMazitisI can't join LMMS10:41
RonaldsMazitisfor some reason it does not connects10:41
RonaldsMazitisso any idea10:43
RonaldsMazitishow to use drum pad on Linux?10:43
RonaldsMazitisI tried to download akai mpd218 official software but all pages where 40410:44
RonaldsMazitisI installed hydrogen11:08
RonaldsMazitisand jackctl11:08
RonaldsMazitisno sound thought11:08
M_aDwhat are you actually using as operating system, it doesn't sound to me like you're using ubuntu studio...11:16
* M_aD is having no trouble joining the lmms channel11:17
M_aDalso the akai mpd218 official software is Windows and Mac only11:29
M_aDanyway, i'm not able to help you any further. Try to google it, there are some out there who got the akai mpd218 working on linux. so there should be an answer somewhere.11:31
RonaldsMazitisI tried to google a lot11:35
RonaldsMazitisI can probably wine air ignite11:36
RonaldsMazitisI just can't join #lmms11:38
RonaldsMazitisI am not even banned or anything11:38
RonaldsMazitisokay so ignite does not work with wine12:12
RonaldsMazitisas licensing does not work with linux12:12
RonaldsMazitisif the LMMS knows every pad and assings note for every pad12:26
RonaldsMazitisit should be able to put single note as a pad12:26
Paavi2_0then you need to assign the individual samples to different notes within an instrument maybe?12:27
Paavi2_0i know how to do it in renoise, but no idea about lmms12:27
RonaldsMazitishave no idea how it will wrote multiple instruments in same time12:29
Paavi2_0i mean normally on a music tracker software you could have one "instrument" where different notes use different samples, does that make sense to you?12:30
Paavi2_0!offtopic | RonaldsMazitis12:30
ubottuRonaldsMazitis: #ubuntustudio is the Ubuntu Studio support channel, #ubuntustudio-devel for discussion regarding development of Ubuntu Studio, and #ubuntustudio-offtopic is for random chatter. Thanks!12:30
RonaldsMazitisI am using Ubuntu12:30
Paavi2_0^this is random chatter imho12:30
RonaldsMazitishow does it not studio12:31
RonaldsMazitisI am aswell using studio12:31
RonaldsMazitisLMMS is part of ubuntu studio12:31
RonaldsMazitisnot a random chatter12:31
Paavi2_0it is not related to the distribution per se12:31
RonaldsMazitisI can't join LMMS12:31
RonaldsMazitiswhere should I go12:31
RonaldsMazitisirc is not working12:31
Paavi2_0yes, and complaining about it here helps a lot. :) i understand your frustration however.12:32
Paavi2_0it seems that lmms channel ops have misconfigured their channel redirection12:34
Paavi2_0meanwhile you could read the manual12:34
Paavi2_0RonaldsMazitis: it looks a bit like they have abandoned the irc and prefer discord for chat :/ which is a pity https://lmms.io/12:36
Paavi2_0you'll find the link to that on the website12:36
M_aDirc is working, i joined the #lmms without any issue..... and i also suggested to hop over to the LMMS forums12:37
Paavi2_0ah, i could not join but i think i might not be identified at the moment12:37
M_aDthen that might be causing the issue indeed12:38
M_aDRonaldsMazitis: ^^12:38
Paavi2_0but their website also points you to discord for the chat12:38
Paavi2_0not to irc anymore12:38
M_aDPaavi2_0: where is that statement? Can't find it12:40
M_aDall i found was this: https://i.postimg.cc/0N9GLf2d/lmms-irc.png12:42
M_aDso they still point at irc on freenode and use discord too12:43
studiobotJairlebentz was added by: Jairlebentz13:01
Paavi2_0M_aD: just they did not point to the irc channel on their website. no explicit statement but you can read between the lines.13:22
studiobot<Jairlebentz> hi there! I wanted to use ubuntu studio. Now I am trying to install it in a Virtualbox running on Linux mint but after a couple of minutes it freezes. … I tryed several times and allways tget he same result. … At the end I decided to install Ubuntu Gnome and everything goes well. … is there a known problem with Ubuntu studio 19.0413:52
studiobot running on a virtual machine? … Thanks13:52
studiobot<Eickmeyer> @Jairlebentz [hi there! I wanted to use ubuntu studio. Now I am trying to install it in a Virt …], Hi! Ubuntu Studio is not designed to run in a virtual machine, nor do we support running it in virtual machines.14:04
studiobot<Jairlebentz> Ok thanks. I understand 👍👍👍14:46
studiobotJairlebentz was removed by: Jairlebentz17:01
coolgamesanyone else dislike the 19.04 default.plymouth animation. I liked the "creative Humans". I tried it with the splash tester and it crashes20:46
Eickmeyercoolgames: It didn't scale well and was highly outdated. We needed something, so I created the current splash. It's based on the Lubuntu one with different colors. Your feedback is noted.20:47
Eickmeyercoolgames: Also, the "creative humans" part needed to be done away with since the "Linux for Human Beings" tagline is no longer part of the Ubuntu branding.20:48
EickmeyerThis was all an effort to bring Ubuntu Studio on with current Ubuntu branding guidelines.20:48
EickmeyerCanonical owns the trademark, and we have to abide by their rulles.20:48
coolgamesThis was my first IRC message so glad it proved useful and informative. I am retired so Studio has become my hobby.20:50
Eickmeyercoolgames: Well, welcome! Offtopic (non-support) is in #ubuntustudio-offtopic.20:50
coolgamesUsing it with JACK which also disappeared so now seeing Clair for MIDI 1.0 until 2.0 and Scratch 3.020:51
Eickmeyercoolgames: That's not true. Ubuntu Studio Controls does Jack.20:51
ubottuUbuntu Studio Controls is the application through which audio is configured in Ubuntu Studio. It configures Jack, sets the CPU governor, and ensures the user has realtime audio permissions. For more info, see !jack and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/UbuntuStudioControls20:51
coolgamesExcelant. I have an external Midi clock and it is hard to know how to get it working.20:52
ubottuThe JACK Audio Connection Kit is a sound server meant for professional applications, allowing different audio protocols and applications to interconnect in nearly unlimited ways. This is the core of Ubuntu Studio's audio workflow. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/What%20is%20JACK for more information on JACK in general.20:52
Eickmeyercoolgames: Did you read the release notes?20:53
coolgamesThat's all I have done as Upgrade just finished and saw the boot was changed. Then I decided to contribute as tester though I have no current or formal programming expiertice.20:54
Eickmeyercoolgames: Well, thanks for that. For discussing testing, you're welcome to join #ubuntustudio-devel.20:54
EickmeyerThough, once released, there's nothing to easily fix. Testing happens prior to release.20:55
coolgamesOK, and how well will Pi 3+ do with my external Midi clock for example ?20:55
Eickmeyercoolgames: I have no experience with that.20:55
coolgamesI also do Beagle Bone Black so I may compare after I install Disco Dingo ! Good name ! So see if it can dance... ;-)20:57
coolgamesI joined devel so over and out...20:57
EickmeyerAlright, cool. Thanks!20:58
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