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knomeugh, gutenberg07:21
knomepleia2, where's the docs?07:26
knomedo we really even have changed since 1810, eg. could we just symlikn?07:29
knomesymlink too07:29
knome^ doing that07:30
knomethe website is in an "ok" state now ;)07:30
knomebug #1825475, bug #182547807:44
ubottubug 1825475 in Xubuntu Website "Torrent link for 32-bit image needs to be hideable" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/182547507:44
ubottubug 1825478 in Xubuntu Website "Migrate assets to Gutenberg or get Classic Editor plugin installed" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/182547807:44
SpassAdwaita GTK changed in disco, and it seems like Xubuntu disco has new GTK3 styling, but old GTK2 styling for Adwaita, look here - https://ibb.co/BsZ9TMc11:46
Spassnew Adwaita has more brownish color scheme, old is more blueish11:46
Spassbut I need to confirm that on a fresh install also, maybe it's specific to my configuration11:47
brainwashSpass: isn't xfwm4-settings still a gtk2 app?11:52
brainwashxfwm is still on 4.12, and not 4.1311:52
Spasslooks like it, that's why the styling is not right, Adwaita GTK2 uses old colors, while new Adwaita (GTK3) is different now, so GTK3 and GTK2 apps look different11:53
Spassso this looks deprecated - "/usr/share/themes/Adwaita-dark/gtk-2.0"11:56
Spass"This is the GTK+ 2 version of Adwaita. It's whole purpose is to look as the GTK+ 3 version as much as possible until GTK+ 2 dies completely."11:56
bluesabreSpass: Yeah, I'm pretty sure the gtk2 theme is no longer maintained. It's been getting further away from the gtk3 theme over the years, and the color change was probably the final break :)12:09
Spassyeah, good buy Adwaita then :) good that I have trillion other great themes to choose12:10
pleia2twitter and fb updated17:16
Spassrip google+17:17
pleia2heh :)17:18
Spassoh wow, I just saw what I wrote before, goodbye* ;)17:18
ali1234Spass can you recommend a theme that has light panels?20:43
Spassali1234, sure, I don't usually use themes with light panels and there aren't too many of them (good ones), but try Plata-Lumine-Compact - https://gitlab.com/tista500/plata-theme20:47
Spassand there's also Mojave Light - https://github.com/vinceliuice/Mojave-gtk-theme20:49
ali1234okay testing20:50
ali1234plata takes a ridiculously long time to compile20:50
ali1234plata doesn't install properly20:54
Spasshmm, well you could download it from here and extract the .deb (or just install of course) - https://launchpad.net/~tista/+archive/ubuntu/plata-theme/+build/1664982320:56
ali1234ochosi: i just found something regarding the "empty space in panel" thing21:01
ali1234i have an empty space on one virtual desktop, and on another i have a random button that fits in the empty space. and it draws *over* the other buttons on that panel21:02
ali1234and it happened when changing the gtk theme - changing it again made the problem go away21:03
ali1234with mojave the menus are all messed up https://i.imgur.com/MSfNKUS.png21:06
ali1234and i havent seen vertical alignment this bad since the last time i installed kde https://i.imgur.com/2kjocWw.png21:06
ali1234it does however have a light panel so that is something21:06
ali1234plata has dark panels and apparently no gtk2 variant and just generally looks broken https://i.imgur.com/xzy1yc1.png21:11
ali1234got any more for me to try?21:12
ali1234plata looks like it would be good if it worked21:12
SpassPlata looks fine on my Xubuntu, do you have pixbuf and murrine engines installed?21:13
Spassspeaking about KDE. you can try Breeze light GTK theme, it should be in the repos21:13
Spassoh, and Breeze has its own Xfwm theme, it's in a separate package, I think21:15
ali1234yes i have pixbuf and murrine engines installed21:15
ali1234breeze isn't bad. you can definitely tell it is a KDE theme though - everything is misaligned21:21
ali1234it is at least usable if adwaita stops working though21:22
Spasssomething is wrong with your Plata theme for sure, you should see 6 variants of that theme on the list, how did you install it?21:25
ali1234i installed sassc, ran autogen.sh, then make, then DESTDIR=~/.local/share/themes make install, then mv ~/.local/share/themes/usr/share/themes/Plata ~/.local/share/themes21:27
ali1234and no i only see one, Plata21:28
ali1234ah i see the problem21:32
ali1234i only copied one of the themes it installed21:32
Spassyeah, there are 6 folders there21:32
Spass6 variants21:32
ali1234so "Plata-Lumine" actually has light panels and does not randomly draw the menus black21:33
SpassPlata-Light-Compact is what you looking for probably, but copy all nonetheless, because some files may be symlinked to main Plata21:33
Spass(not Light, Lumine)21:33
ali1234i can't understand why anyone would want their menus to randomly be black, but this seems to be the only difference in -Lumine21:33
ali1234no, it says Lumine on mine21:34
Spassyes, I've made a mistake calling it Light21:34
ali1234also every single one of these themes makes the panel have bold text in random places?21:35
ali1234adwaita doesn't do that?21:35
ali1234and still the plata gtk2 theme doesn't work21:36
ochosiali1234: that finding about "empty panel space" sounds weird. not sure what to make of it tbh...21:41
ochosiif you have a meaningful conclusion / hint for me, lemme know :)21:42
Spassali1234, yeah it uses bold text in too many places, it's really hard to find a really refined theme with light panels, that works good on Xfce unfortunately21:43
ali1234it seems definitely related to workspaces, perhaps they are not recalculated properly in some cases21:43
ali1234i think what happened is that firefox moved workspace due to raising itself because i clicked on the imgur link in the screenshot tool21:44
ali1234and the panel saw that and moved the button but did not recalculate the positioning21:45
ali1234then when i changed theme it recalculated everything21:45
ali1234Spass mojave seems like the best one i tried so far... everything works except the weird menu spacing which looks like a drop shadow problem to me21:47
Spassdisco dingo really doesn't like Plank :/ it keeps crashing when I want to move an item, probably related to that 0x0 Xorg bug and "GDK_CORE_DEVICE_EVENTS=1"23:15

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