ryanpcmcquenDoes 19.04 install without swap?02:04
ryanpcmcquenThat's a welcome change.02:21
ryanpcmcquenWas that in the release notes?02:21
ryanpcmcquenAre any other *buntus doing that?02:21
kc2bezIt wasn't in the release notes but we didn't have swap in 18.10 either.02:31
kc2bezI think all the other flavors have swap.02:33
ryanpcmcquenThank you kc2bez.03:13
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Joz41Lubuntu 19.04 is running on my laptop ASUS T101HA11:47
lubot<The_LoudSpeaker> Thanks for downloading. Please report any bugs you find. Joz4112:03
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lubot<SivaMachina> Why...would you remove swap?18:23
Jonopolyhi everyone21:06
Jonopolyim using an old laptop (old old)21:06
Jonopolyso moving from xubuntu to lubuntu21:06
ubuntuwhast up21:16
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MX3301someone loves lbuntu ?21:16
MX3301i love the new look21:17
MX3301feels neat, nice performance21:17
MX3301going to add backbox repo to it and use it as daily pentest distro :P21:17
fishcookeri've modified the ~/.config/openbox/lxqt-rc.xml.... how to reload the lxqt to the latest config i made?21:53
kc2bezIf you log out and log back in it should use the new config.21:54
fishcookerthanks kc2bez http://vpaste.net/GK5an ... i've just realized that $ openbox-lubuntu --restart21:59
fishcookerwithout logout needed21:59
fishcookeryes it works21:59
kc2bezfishcooker: glad you got it working. Thanks for letting me know.22:01
fishcookerno worries22:01
fishcookerwhich lubuntu version do you use kc2bez?22:01
kc2bezI use 19.04 mostly.22:02
fishcookeri will... still im on old lxqt 0.x22:17

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