sergiusenszyga: consider that we both run the same snap and did "snap run --shell", if it had been staged, it should be failing for me too01:24
zygasergiusens: I must have misunderstood then; I will check later05:52
brlinFound it mildly interesting https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/TZuveJwP/05:57
brlinI need someone to proofread https://forum.snapcraft.io/t/system-options/87#heading--refresh-hold06:33
zygahey brlin06:45
zygahow are you doing?06:45
zygabrlin: so does refresh hold set the time or a boolean flag?06:48
zygabrlin: I think having an example would be useful06:48
brlinzyga: It set the time in a certain RFC format AFAICT, I'll craft a example.06:54
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zygabrlin: thank you07:40
* zyga is very sleepy today07:40
zygapedronis: the seed is indeed broken11:45
zygapedronis: I poked will cooke with the details11:46
zygapedronis: since it is snapd seeding itself that is affected sending a fixed snapd to the core snap won't help as snapd keeps panicking11:46
zygapedronis: we would need to update snapd via the debian package to address this11:46
zygapedronis: with regards to seed damage: I would suggest that we do ignore nil values and carry on as I implemented11:47
zygathis has higher chance of actually working than snapd perpetually erroring on the seed process11:47
zygaalternatively desktop should fix the seed file post-install11:48
zyganot great 19.04 release though, I hope it's just from alpha images11:48
luciomHello, I am trying to create a snap for gtk-gnutella. This is the script: https://github.com/luciomarinelli/gtk-gnutella/blob/master/snap/snapcraft.yaml the compile runs well, however what I get is an empty snap package. It looks like the "make install" step is not performed. What am I missing?15:03
brlinluciom: The part is using custom build script, the autotools plugins specify null prefix and set the DESTDIR to point to SNAPCRAFT_PART_INSTALL by default but that customization won't apply to custom build script.  Replace the build script with equivalent commands (aside from those autotools plugin run for you, which can be triggered by running `snapcraftctl build`) in the override-build scriptlet or reimplement the entire build16:46
brlinstep entirely16:46
brlins/step entirely/step completely/16:47
brlinYou may check out what command the autotools plugin are running at the source: https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/blob/master/snapcraft/plugins/autotools.py16:47
luciombrlin, hello if I remove the override-build part i get the error: "Failed to run 'autoreconf -i' for 'gtk-gnutella': Exited with code 1. Verify that the part is using the correct parameters and try again."17:05
cmatsuokaluciom: hi, I didn't see you were here and answered in the forum post17:06
cmatsuokaluciom: it seems that gtk-gnutella doesn't like DESTDIR and uses INSTALL_PREFIX instead17:07
cmatsuokaluciom: I added a suggestion there17:07
luciomcmatsuoka, thanks I just read your forum post, I am going to try it out17:08
luciomcmatsuoka, if I add the override-build string you suggest it gives me error "Issues while validating snapcraft.yaml: mapping values are not allowed in this context on line 14, column 21" which refers to the | symbol17:11
cmatsuokaluciom: I just tried with this yaml file: https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/jVyPBQWckG/17:12
cmatsuokait builds the package, but it still has many runtime libraries missing17:12
cmatsuokaluciom: added one more note about SDL to the forum post17:17
cmatsuokaI don't think gtk-gnutella needs SDL17:17
luciomcmatsuoka, I used your script in pastebin and the process went forward, the snap is no longer empty!17:24
luciomcmatsuoka, it built without errors on my virtual machine, however on spancraft.io still errors: https://build.snapcraft.io/user/luciomarinelli/gtk-gnutella/53453817:55
cmatsuokaluciom: I can't see the log, could you paste the error message somewhere?18:06
cmatsuokagotta go, will be back later18:09

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