waltmanI upgraded from 18.10 to 19.04 today. Smoothest one yet. No problems at all!00:15
waltman(so far...)00:15
tomreynwaltman: oh, oh, just don't reboot now! (just kidding)00:17
tomreynwaltman: have a look at this, just to check your status:  ubuntu-support-status --show-unsupported00:18
tomreyn"unsupported" there are also those with community support.00:19
tomreynso it's quite strict. but you'll want to get rid of the "no longer downloadable" ones, or at least be aware of them.00:19
waltmantomreyn: that's a lot of packages!00:22
waltmanWhat does "unsupported" mean here?00:22
xamithanYou didn't order the thing: https://buy.ubuntu.com/00:23
waltmanI don't care about anything that's not downloadable00:24
waltmanActually I just found a problem. The NetSpeed applet isn't loading.00:36
tomreynwaltman: unsupported means neither from the ubuntu main nor restricted sections00:37
tomreynwaltman: it's unrelated to whether or not you have a support contract00:37
tomreynit's software that doesn't *neccessarily* get timely security patches00:38
tomreyn(or not by the ubuntu security tema)00:38
qwebirc80171oh myy00:39
qwebirc80171tomreyn: You're still here00:39
tomreynqwebirc80171: so?00:39
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tomreyni see :)00:39
Catzzyewell, soo just to update you00:40
CatzzyeI still have no idea what's going on hahahaha00:40
Catzzyeafter all was said and done, I thought I got the wrong M.2 and it died00:40
Catzzyebut nope, I just booted Windows 10 flash drive to install it and I can see the drive, and it's populated with files00:40
Catzzyenow I am confused as to how the Ubuntu didn't pick it up, probably Windows had some bullshit on that prevented it from detecting00:41
waltmanAh, NetSpeed doesn't work in gnome 3.32: https://extensions.gnome.org/extension/104/netspeed/00:42
tomreynbitlocker would prevent ubuntu from seeing the files00:42
tomreynCatzzye: so you upgraded the ssd and mainboard firmware?00:43
seanhEr.. Anyone else upgraded to 19.04 and still have Gnome 3.30 not 3.32?00:44
tomreynusually not.00:45
tomreynbut if you have too many 3rd party packages which mess up your package dependencies... such might happen00:46
Catzzyenope, I still can't boot into actual Windows10 located on my SSD, I saw this when I started to install Windows10 from my flash drive tomreyn00:46
Catzzyesoo yeah, I have no idea what should I do now00:46
Catzzyethought it was broken for sure, but now I am just out of ideas and not sure where to ask anymore haha00:47
seanhI don't have any 3rd party packages00:47
tomreynCatzzye: smae as before, i'd say: upgrade firmwares, enjoy ubuntu00:47
tomreynseanh: and ubuntu-support-status --show-unsupported    shows nothing that could have gotten in the way?00:48
tomreynseanh: and    lsb_release -sd   says you'Re on 19.04 ?00:49
tomreynand apt agrees?00:49
Catzzyetomreyn: you mean firmware of the motherboard? with the one tool you said?  that tool is Windows only though :/00:52
tomreynCatzzye: from what i understand you saying during the past couple minutes, your existing windows installation boots fine. if thats so, you can use it to upgrade the nvme firmware using the software i pointed you to. and you can also upgrade the mainboard firmware using the other software i pointed you to.00:53
tomreynand this may solve any issues you had.00:54
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Catzzyewait I can install that from the Windows installation??00:55
tomreynyou both can and have to00:55
Catzzyethat's crazy?? I didn't know that was a thing00:55
tomreynas in you can't it in a different way, at least none supported00:55
CatzzyeI install .exe files, using the flash drive installation of Windows00:55
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CatzzyeI am a bit confused haha sorry if I am bothering you tomreyn00:57
tomreynflahs drive installation? like a windows installer? then it wont work. has to be a 'proper' windows installation.00:57
Guest39436Regarding release 19.04, does the new fractional scaling option support scaling independently on differnt displays?00:57
Guest39436like 125% on one display and 150% on another?00:57
tomreynCatzzye: not bothering, just we'Re out of scope for this channel00:57
Catzzyeyeah, totally,  I should probably move to #Windows00:58
mike802i saw a video once where the templeos guy spins up distros on the fly00:58
tomreynCatzzye: double ##00:58
evdubsany thinkorswim users here having issues running thinkorswim in ubuntu 19.04?01:12
Guest39436Regarding release 19.04, does the new fractional scaling option support scaling independently on differnt displays?01:15
Guest39436like 125% on one display and 150% on another?01:15
bieb_I need to set a cron job to reboot every 4 hours.. this is to get me through the weekend, until I can work on this server Monday.  I ran crontab -e as a sudo user, entered the line 0 */4 * * * shutdown -r now, but it doesnt seem to be rebooting. Is there something I am missing in my cron?01:41
jcottondo you maybe have to start cron with systemctl?01:42
bieb_cron status is running01:45
scabadying light crashes ubuntu after i launch it it goes back to the log in screen01:47
scababut it works in openbox i guess thats ok01:48
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Bashing-ombieb_: The systemd way is ' systemctl reboot ' .01:54
dtxI'm on 18.04 right now, should i get on 19.04 or stick to LTS?01:56
bieb_Bashing-om: its ubuntu 14.04.. I am in the process of building a new server... so it's not systemd yet..01:57
Bashing-ombieb_: K .. then perhaps give to cron the full path to shutdown ?01:58
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bieb_is it "/sbin/shutdown"02:00
bieb_is sudo required in the cron command? or is sudo assumed since crontab was run as sudoed user?02:01
mie Hello all, I'm trying to duelboot a Asus Chromebook C213SA. I am having trouble disabling write protetction on this model. Any help02:10
bieb_Bashing-om: is sudo required in the cron command? or is sudo assumed since crontab was run as sudoed user?02:11
Bashing-ombieb_: Hummm ,,, 'cron -e' starts under sudo - no ? such that then sudo is not required . Others can better advise.02:12
bieb_Bashing-om: thanks!02:13
kadiromie, may be this will help you: https://blog.ubuntu.com/2018/01/30/tutorial-install-ubuntu-on-a-chromebook02:18
angelcomhow can i install apache to ubuntu?02:19
angelcomhelp me plz02:19
miekadiro, thanks m8, checking it out02:19
kadiroNo problem02:19
kadiroangelcom, you can install apache server by doing this: sudo apt install apache202:21
angelcomkadiro, thanks but there is no apache3?02:21
kadiroangelcom, let me check02:22
angelcomthanks :)02:22
kadiroangelcom, I don't see it from the packages may be try from ppa02:23
angelcomthanks :)02:23
angelcomkadiro, how can i start apache, i installed apache02:24
kadiroangelcom, no idea, i never used it02:24
kadiroangelcom, I found this for you https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-install-the-apache-web-server-on-ubuntu-18-04-quickstart02:25
angelcomkadiro, thanks02:26
kinghatvirtualbox-6.0/now 6.0.4-128413~Ubuntu~bionic amd64 [installed,local] does "local" mean its installed via deb and not a repo?02:38
kinghatif i added the VB repo, would it start pulling updates from that? or how does that work when its been installed locally previously?02:55
krytarikYes, that would work.03:02
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azuurcan't delete the files from my USB that I used as a startup disk03:13
kadiroazuur, which file03:14
azuurwell I want to use it to boot Manjaro03:15
azuurbut it still has another OS on it that isn't delete able03:16
kadiroazuur, format it if there is only one os on the full area03:16
qwebirc86724hi everyone.  I just installed 19.04 and it looks great.  I'm having issues with my WiFi driver for my card, an intel 9560.  They provide drivers here: https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/support/articles/000005511/network-and-i-o/wireless-networking.html03:18
qwebirc86724The card worked on 18.10 fine, but doesn't seem to be working on 19.04, presumably since it's Linux Kernel 5.  According to the linked Intel page "We support use of the drivers only in the kernel version the driver was a part of."03:18
qwebirc86724Any idea how to use a driver for Linux Kernel 4 with Linux Kernel 5?03:19
kadiroqwebirc86724, I think it will not work like that, may be your only option is to compile it from source03:20
qwebirc86724That's a good point.  I've been meaning to test out all the cores on this new machine :P03:21
qc170422Why i can't install steam in 19.04? I'm sure that there is an option 'multiverse' in sources.list.03:21
scabai have steam installed in 19.0403:23
scabajust sudo apt install steam03:23
scabaonly problem is my game crashes with the ubuntu desktop environment03:23
kadiroqc170422, define the word 'I can't'03:23
UserUSscaba, what kind of graphics card?03:24
qc170422Reading package lists... Done03:24
qc170422Building dependency tree03:24
qc170422Reading state information... Done03:24
qc170422Package steam is not available, but is referred to by another package.03:24
scabanvidia 1050 ti03:24
qc170422This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or03:24
qc170422is only available from another source03:24
kadirouse pastebinit qc17042203:24
leonardusPlease use a paste site to avoid flooding.03:24
scabado sudo apt update qc17042203:25
qc170422scaba, i did it.03:26
scabanow try sudo apt install steam03:26
qc170422scaba, E: Package 'steam' has no installation candidate03:27
scabahmm weird idk then03:27
kadiroNo it is not weird he must add some sources03:28
scabaqc170422, did you change your sources or add ppa or anything?03:31
kadiroqc170422, I was wrong, scaba was right, there is also this link if no solution yet http://www.theubuntumaniac.com/2018/11/how-to-install-latest-steam-on-ubuntu.html03:32
scabayou werent wrong he could have changed his sources or something03:33
qc170422yes, i changed mirror site which i use it in 18.04 and it works nicely.03:33
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qc170422kadiro, resolved with sudo dpkg --add-architecture i38603:44
qc170422thank you guys03:44
kadiroNo problem qc17042203:45
UserUSopinions on Ubuntu 19?03:46
kinghatif i have a spare ssd in my system and i format it with a new system and encrypt it with luks can it be decrypted on login?03:50
kinghator how does that all work?03:50
Guest39436Regarding release 19.04, does the new fractional scaling option support scaling independently on differnt displays?04:03
Guest39436like 125% on one display and 150% on another?04:03
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angelcomhello how can i move folder including subfolder?04:58
angelcomusing terminal?04:58
angelcomno one is here?05:01
Kon-angelcom: mv folderName targetPath05:02
Bashing-omangelcom: Move is mv -- to move all and subfolders is ' mv -R <parent_directory> ' . Might want to consider cp (copy) instead for safty sake.05:02
angelcomthere is a subfolder too Kon-05:02
Kon-I just tested this and the standard "mv" moved all subfolders and files for me05:03
Kon-but yeah for safety, -R works05:04
angelcomah yeah thanks Kon- and Bashing-om05:04
dax(there is no -R argument to GNU coreutils' mv command, and if supplied it is ignored)05:04
Bashing-omdax: angelcom ^6 I stand corrected and ' man mv ' confirms :)05:06
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angelcomanyway how can i install php on ubuntu?05:14
angelcomno one is here?05:16
xamithanapt install php ?05:16
Bashing-om!info php7,2 | angelcom05:16
ubottuangelcom: Package php72 does not exist in bionic05:16
Bashing-om!info php7.2 | angelcom05:16
ubottuangelcom: php7.2 (source: php7.2): server-side, HTML-embedded scripting language (metapackage). In component main, is optional. Version 7.2.15-0ubuntu0.18.04.2 (bionic), package size 9 kB, installed size 82 kB05:16
ryahi_skaprinavangelcom: If you like working with xampp - http://devopspy.com/linux/install-xampp-ubuntu-16-04-using-terminal/05:20
cim209PHP is now at 7.3.405:20
angelcomi can't terminate tmux because it is for loop05:34
angelcomhow can i terminate it :(05:34
angelcomubuntu people don't help beginner?05:36
angelcomhello how can i install ssh on ubuntu help me plz05:39
angelcomi want to die now :(05:39
angelcomno one help me05:43
Flannelangelcom: you want to install ssh server or client?05:47
angelcomserver Flannel05:48
Flannelangelcom: the package is openssh-server, but you may want to do some configuration stuff following your install.  A guide can be found here: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/openssh-server.html.en05:50
lotuspsychjedont-panic: ask your sox issue to Eickmeyer maybe he knows05:55
Eickmeyer[m]lotulotuspsychje, dont-panic: Sorry, I am not familiar with sox.06:01
lotuspsychjeEickmeyer[m]: ok tnx anyway, thought music, might know :p06:02
Harishello all06:15
lotuspsychjewelcome Haris06:15
HarisI'm having trouble with mod_ruid2 mod for apache on 14.0406:15
Haristhe user group I set in vhost configs, apache is not writing new files with its ownership06:15
lotuspsychjeHaris: 14.04 will be eond of life soon, i think we already said this to you before no?06:16
Harisyes, agreed06:16
HarisI have to run existing boxes till the upgrade06:16
Harisis this issue resolved in 16.x, 18.x?06:17
lotuspsychjeHaris: are you on ubuntu-server?06:17
HarisVERSION="14.04.5 LTS, Trusty Tahr"06:17
Hariscan't say06:17
Haristhis is an amazon aws instance06:17
Harisshould be server06:17
HarisDISTRIB_DESCRIPTION="Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS"06:18
lotuspsychjeHaris: ask again in #ubuntu-server please, volunteers might know there06:18
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gridwestDoes anyone know how to set and use local repositories. I get release not found error when I change path in list file07:03
bodinuxHi, 19.04 crashes on me right after clean install : jambled screen (full of multicolor dots, nothing recognizable), mouse moves, upon password entry (although nothing is to be seen), screens move a little then freeze. How can I contribute ?07:11
io__Hi everyone07:18
deadmarshalhow can i install open jdk 8 on ubuntu 19.04? i use "sudo apt install openjdk-8-jdk" but it won't work.07:18
io__I'm trying to install some snaps and I jus got error: "too early for operation, device not yet seeded or device model not acknowledged"07:19
io__ubuntu 19.04 btw07:20
reith_hi, i got OOM while starting up ubuntu in qemu when memory hotplug is active07:35
reith_it does not happen if i start with initial RAM of 128MiB in 4GiB vm but happens for 4GiB vm07:35
reith_sorry, happens for 8GiB vm07:36
isabdisabHi guys, Im using xubuntu and I need to schedule a task to run every 10 seconds, that wont be affected by reboots, the computer doesn't have any network access so I can't download any external package07:40
evdubsisabdisab, cron?07:44
ubottucron is a way to schedule execution of software/scripts. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto07:47
jmichelcron is per minute07:47
evdubscan have cron call a script that has a few "sleep 10" lines07:47
jmichelcron is a great way, but not possible for per 10 seconds07:48
OerHeks to resolve your issue you need 60 seconds / 10 seconds = 6 cron jobs, each with a sleep. >> https://stackoverflow.com/questions/30295868/how-to-setup-cron-job-to-run-every-10-seconds-in-linux07:49
jmichel@evdubs: If you want to write a script with "sleep 10", better way is to start it with systemd instead of cron.07:50
evdubsbetter, maybe, but cron and sleep are dead simple07:51
a_p3rson|DTrying out 19.04, and I'm having issues with getting an encrypted root and boot partition setup. Even though I have cryptopts set in /etc/default/grub, it appears that grub-mkconfig isn't outputting the necessary lines to /boot/grub/grub.cfg. This config works fine on an (older?) Debian-based distro, and is based on https://www.pavelkogan.com/2015/01/25/linux-mint-encryption/. Any ideas?07:54
a_p3rson|DShould be noted that the device is UEFI-enabled, so EFI boot is needed here.07:54
a_p3rson|D(if anyone has any ideas, I'd be grateful - been pulling my hair out for a few hours now)07:55
sorin-mihaia_p3rson|D, by cryptopts you mean GRUB_ENABLE_CRYPTODISK=y ?07:56
EoNI'm using Ubuntu 18.04 WSL and when i run 'sudo apt-get install keychain' it says 'Package keychain is not available, but is referred to by another package. This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or is only available from another source. E: Package 'keychain' has no installation candidate'.  is there a way i can install it?07:57
a_p3rson|DI have the following relevant contents in /etc/default/grub:07:58
a_p3rson|DGRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="cryptopts=target=lvm,source=/dev/disk/by-uuid/<blkid of LUKS partition>,luks,key=/crypto_keyfile.bin,keyscript=/bin/cat"07:58
OerHeksEoN, we do not support WSL her, but i think you need to run update first07:58
OerHeks!info keychain07:58
ubottukeychain (source: keychain): key manager for OpenSSH. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.8.2-0.1 (bionic), package size 27 kB, installed size 73 kB07:58
OerHeksand enable universe07:58
OerHekssudo add-apt-repository universe07:59
EoNOerHeks: do you know if there's a channel for WSL suppport?07:59
ubottuWindows 10 has a feature called Windows Subsystem for Linux, which allows it to run Ubuntu (and other Linux distro) userspace programs without porting/recompliation. For discussion and support, see #ubuntu-on-windows or ##windows. For installation instructions, see https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/commandline/wsl/install_guide07:59
EoNthank you07:59
a_p3rson|Dsorin-mihai: even if I change that value to N or something else, I don't get the error that I'm trying to use cryptodisks without that setting, though.07:59
EoNhmm, ubuntu-on-windows is a surprisingly small and terrible channel it seems.08:00
OerHeks( i think it is silent now, more luck during officehours UK )08:00
a_p3rson|DMy issue manifests when I attempt to boot grub, I'm getting a quick flash of a grub: no such device <uuid> error, then get dropped to a grub shell.08:00
a_p3rson|DI'm not sure if it's helpful, but it's not even loading the grub menu, nor asking for my LUKS password - I'm also noticing that my /boot/grub/grub.cfg file is missing all the relevant crypto modules, and isn't attempting to open the crypto disk prior to searching for the root partition. Is there something I could be missing somewhere?08:09
thagabeIn a btrfs raid0 (yes i know its btrfs, yeas i get that raid0 is dangerous) would you go with compression lzo or zlib?08:20
thagabei mean zstd08:22
OerHeksthagabe, do your own benchmarks, ZLIB is slower, but high compression, ZSTD gives different ratio levels, i would use LZO for speed08:33
OerHeksthe whole story https://btrfs.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/Compression08:34
thagabeGood stuff! Thank08:35
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MrElendigymmv depending on the actual data you are working with too09:23
OerHeksMrElendig, true09:23
trafaret1hi there09:46
trafaret1need help how can I temporary rebind arrow keys to vim like wiht space button to switch in vil-like mode09:47
deancI just did mv /path/to/something /path/to/somewhere (note the missing trailing slash)10:03
deancit has replaced the whole damn directory with all the contents that was in /path/to/somewhere/ :(10:04
deancoh never mind i was in the wrong path10:05
Th3MafiaHow does one successfully install brave on 19.04. I have problems wih the key during every new version of Ubuntu and this time I can't get it to work at all10:16
=== Guest36151 is now known as mia
miaHello channel10:29
guivercTh3Mafia, you could try the snap (https://snapcraft.io/brave)10:30
qwebirc30574anyone wanna talk with me?10:33
Th3Mafiaguiverc: I will, thanks10:33
qwebirc30574I don't have any problem just feeling lonely10:33
guivercmia, if you have a Ubuntu Suport question, please just ask it (try to keep to a single line & be patient waiting for a response, someone will respond when & if they can)10:33
guivercqwebirc30574, this is a Ubuntu Support room, not a chat site.  You could always try #ubuntu-offtopic, but not this room10:34
qwebirc30574oh nice, I will join there, thanks10:34
qwebirc30574it says I cannot join this room :(10:35
guivercit may require registration  (as I'm registered I tend to forget sorry).  I don't know what other channels exist for chat,  list channels on your client I suppose10:37
sveinseHas 14.04 been removed yet?10:38
guivercsveinse, no, it's supported till end-of-month (30-April-2019), and LTS releases are commonly moved to old-release a little slower than normal releases (but no date after EOL is actually specified so you cannot rely on what I'm saying for move-date)10:39
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sveinseguiverc: ok, great, thanks. Gives me time to do a last sync now.10:41
pabedhi guys I use ubuntu 18.04  server where this path "/etc/network/if-pre-up.d/iptables"?10:41
lotuspsychjepabed: join #ubuntu-server please10:44
sveinseI'm wondering if the 14.04 docker images also goes away10:44
lotuspsychjesveinse: unless one pays ESM, think everything based on 14.04 should end of life10:46
sveinsejep, that why I'm stocking up own mirrors10:47
sveinseI have a dependency on 14.04 a few months longer10:47
lotuspsychjesveinse: now would be a good diea to plan your upgrade actually :p10:49
sveinsewe have, and we need more time. The biggest problem is that the target chipset is old and does not support the newer kernels required for running systemd10:51
jeremy31sveinse: What is target chipset?10:52
sveinsejeremy31: TI omap310:52
sveinselong since abandoned by TI10:53
sveinse(Slightly OT, but it interesting to observe that the SoC vendors offer 10-15+ years of delivery plans, but seldom offer SW support past 3-5 years.)10:55
miaMy grub2 resolution is very low and setting the GRUB_GFXMODE does not seem to help10:58
miaGRUB_GFXPAYLOAD_LINUX=keep also does not help10:58
miaI'm on 18.04, I did videoinfo and the available resolutions that are getting listed are very limited, and my nvidia card isn't displayed there10:59
miainstead I see "efi gop driver"10:59
miaSo, any guidance about this is much appreciated10:59
guivercsveinse, FYI: according to https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-announce/2019-March/000241.html  EOL date is 25-April-2019 not 30-April-2019 as I stated; sorry (why lotuspsychje said what he said, ie. you've less time than I stated..)11:01
sveinseguiverc: thanks. it seems the apt-mirror operation went well, so I got what I need.11:03
Pyro_KillerI got a problem, on all my local instances, if I create an ssh/sftp connection, and it times out, the client gets a message and closes the collection, but on ALL of my VPS instances, that doesn't happen. The client just stops responding instead of disconnecting. Anyone know how to fix that?11:07
sveinseIn general, all the old expired releases will be moved to archive.ubuntu.com, and they can be apt-ed from there, right?11:08
guivercsveinse, archive.ubuntu.com is where i'd expect supported releases (eg. open http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/) but post-EOL they'll get moved to old-releases.ubuntu.com  -- date of move is unspecified; 17.04 was moved next day; if you look you'll note 17.10 still hasn't moved...11:20
lotuspsychjePyro_Killer: ubuntu-server?11:20
lotuspsychjePyro_Killer: you might interest: #ubuntu-server & #openssh11:21
lotuspsychjelikeminded volunteers can help you there Pyro_Killer11:21
Pyro_KillerI'll stick around if anyone has 2 cents anyway :)11:23
Pyro_KillerThe only difference in my mind between server and client, is the options you choose while installing11:27
OkeyDoeKeyhello all-i have a general linux problem concerning firejail and app armor profiles, am on a debian based system,can anyone suggest a general linux help channel on irc please11:36
kadiroOkeyDoeKey, ##linux11:37
OkeyDoeKeykadiro, thanks man =)11:37
kadiroOkeyDoeKey, no problem11:37
binary01hey, im trying to upgrade redshift from source. from 1.11 to 1.12. I got it installed to /usr/local/bin but when i try launching from comamnd line it gives me an error no such file or directory. it is trying to look in /usr/bin.. does anyone know how i can point it to the correct location?11:43
lotuspsychjebinary01: we strongly reccomend to use packages from the official repos11:44
lotuspsychje!info redshift | binary0111:44
ubottubinary01: redshift (source: redshift): Adjusts the color temperature of your screen. In component universe, is extra. Version 1.11-1ubuntu1 (bionic), package size 77 kB, installed size 419 kB11:44
binary01i cant get 1.12 from official repo11:44
Pyro_KillerI think I figured it out, answer number 3: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/25084288/keep-ssh-session-alive11:45
lotuspsychje!latest | binary0111:45
ubottubinary01: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.11:45
ioria!info redshift disco11:46
ubotturedshift (source: redshift): Adjusts the color temperature of your screen. In component universe, is extra. Version 1.12-2 (disco), package size 103 kB, installed size 589 kB11:46
Pyro_Killerbinary: Have you tried logging off and on again?11:46
binary01Pyro_Killer, no, will that update the path? ill try it11:46
Pyro_Killerit does if you do make a bin folder in your home direcotry11:46
ioriabash has a cache11:46
Pyro_Killerif the folder didn't previously exist, it's not gonna look for anything in there11:48
binary01ioria, how can i get that version from the repo?11:48
ioriabinary01, it's for 19.04 (the new release)11:48
ioriabinary01, try   hash -r11:48
ioriabinary01, probably it's still looking for the previously installed pkg11:49
binary01ioria, i think that did it11:50
ioriano problem11:51
binary01is there a way to check if its using the redshift.conf at which location?11:52
lotuspsychjebinary01: you also know, gnome has now built-in night lights, so redshift isnt really needed anymore11:53
ioriabinary01, you can put it in `~/.config/'11:54
binary01lotuspsychje, yes but i want to manually set dawn and dusk times. i dont think you can do that with gnome version11:59
lotuspsychjebinary01: sure you can set time manual12:04
=== Wryhder is now known as Lucas_Gray
binary01lotuspsychje, how can i do that?12:17
BluesKajHi folks12:18
lotuspsychjebinary01: systemsettings/devices/monitor/nightlight/set manual12:18
qrdhello,i cant install ubuntu.always getting no root file system detected.then after partitioning manually(250mbroot,15gb boot,rest /home)it says formating ext4 file system failed.Whats happening?12:24
qrdi should say 250mb boot and 15gb root12:26
lotuspsychje!partitioning | qrd12:27
ubottuqrd: For help with partitioning a new install see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowtoPartition | For partitioning programs, see !GParted (recommended) or !PartitionManager. Other partitioning topics include !fstab, !home, and !swap12:27
qrdi did all that,adding the fact that for some time i hadnt any diffic installing ubuntu at all12:28
isabdisabI asked here a question earlier12:31
qrdwill have a look at the link12:32
isabdisabwhich was about to schedule a task every 10 seconds on xubuntu without net access so no external apps can be installed12:33
OerHeksisabdisab, you can repeat, too long ago12:33
qrdstill not understanding why the set up is buggy for ubuntu has good maintainance12:33
OerHeksisabdisab, oh, read back, that is answered12:33
isabdisabSome suggested to use cron12:33
OerHeksthere is no cron for seconds, only minutes12:33
isabdisabbut Cron needs super user permissions12:33
isabdisaband I don't have on the machine12:34
OerHeksthen i answered with an URL with sleep as solution12:34
isabdisabOerHeks: Ya, I saw12:34
OerHeksoh, no sudo? ask for the administrator then12:34
isabdisabOerHeks: Thanks btw :)12:34
isabdisabOerHeks: No one knows the password for the super user, we just bought the machine from a company that doesn't provides us12:35
OerHeksisabdisab, if you use i prof, i would do a fresh install, this looks like a security risc, don't you?12:35
isabdisabAnother solution that I thought about, is writing a python script that does what I would do with cron, but I need to run the script every reboot12:38
isabdisabafter every reboot12:38
isabdisabBecause there is python on the machine12:39
leftyfbisabdisab: resetting the root password or adding your user to the system is really easy with recovery mode or booting into a live cd/usb12:45
leftyfbisabdisab: Also, cron does not need "super user permissions". Each user can have their own cron12:45
isabdisableftyfb: Can't reset the password12:48
isabdisableftyfb: not allowed to12:48
leftyfbisabdisab: Not allowed to change the password on a server you purchased? Also, why did you purchase a server running an OS that will be unsupported in 10 days?12:50
analogicalwhere can I download the version of Ubuntu that companies like DigitalOcean and Linode use for droplets?12:56
leftyfbanalogical: contact DO and Linode. If you want cloud images, they're found here: https://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/12:57
isabdisableftyfb: The computer is not mine, it's one of our clients. the computer is served as part of a highly expensive system/machine, and sort of one of a kind that a company abroad serving. Im just an employee.12:57
analogicalleftyfb, can I use a cloud image on my home server?12:58
leftyfbanalogical: try it12:58
BluesKajlsyoyom, you'll have to contact the client for the pw so you can upgrade the server12:59
BluesKajoops wrong nick12:59
BluesKajisabdisab, ^13:00
leftyfbBluesKaj: heh, lsyoyom has been here for 2 years and has never said a word13:00
BluesKajleftyfb, hehe, think there a whole lot of lurkers here13:01
isabdisabBluesKaj: You mean the provider? anyway, I can't do so because my bosses don't allow me13:02
BluesKajisabdisab, so what do you expect from us ?13:02
isabdisablol, I just asked if there is a way to do so13:03
isabdisabIf there isn't13:03
isabdisabso there isn't13:03
isabdisabBut I want to check whether there is an option or not13:03
BluesKajthen tell the provider that the OS needs upgrading within 10 days or it's unsupported13:05
cfhowlettatheodo, greetings13:06
atheodoi hit a major snug with ubuntu on a lattidue e745013:06
cfhowlettatheodo, details?13:06
atheodowhen th installer loads it gives a hardware error13:06
atheodobut win 10 instlals without any issue13:06
cfhowlettatheodo, same error, same place everytime?13:07
atheodoi then get an error mid way that the cd rom is dirty, but installing from a usb not a cd rom13:07
atheodoi even swamped disks out, tried a different ssd with the same results13:07
cfhowlettatheodo, same error, same place everytime?????13:07
RyviusHello, how do I find out what requires a new package to be installed when running apt upgrade?13:07
atheodoalmost to the end of copying things to the hard drive13:07
atheodoi built 3 ubuntu boxes last night13:08
atheodowent smooth like a song13:08
atheodoone was a built from scratch13:08
atheodoamd ryzen13:08
atheodomy new baby :-)13:08
cfhowlettatheodo, with the same USB each time?13:08
atheodoamd 7 64gb ram and an amd gpu with nvme hard drives13:08
atheodothis think smokes from the speed :-)13:08
atheodothat i did not try13:09
atheodoonly have one lying around13:09
atheodowill go to walmart to grab a couple more13:09
atheodoand maybe use etcher to burn the bootable image you think?13:09
atheodoinstaling open suse on it right now13:09
atheodofrom a passport ssd13:09
atheodoi want to see what the result of that is13:09
cfhowlettatheodo,  stop hitting<enter>!13:09
atheodohowever, the same usb was used to install win 10 without any trouble on the same laptop13:10
lotuspsychje!uptodate | Ryvius13:10
ubottuRyvius: To ensure you have all the latest known patches and security updates for your ubuntu installation, please update with the following command: `sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade`. See also !upgrades and !security; you may also need to run `apt full-upgrade`.13:10
cfhowlettRyvius, you can also apt full-upgrade -s          which will simulate but not execute the command13:10
RyviusAnyways my real issue is that updating wants to install GNUstep, which can't be intentional, but it's KDE Neon so not for this channel I guess13:11
RyviusAnd it seems like it's ark that depends on unar that depends on GNUstep13:11
leftyfbRyvius: its not. Seek support from KDE Neon. We only support Ubuntu here.13:12
atheododo you guys know if there is an opensuse channel?13:12
alexandre9099hey, is the installer suposed to still be installed on the installed version? (i installed ubuntu to my disk, but the installer is still there on the favorites)13:12
leftyfb!alis | atheodo13:12
ubottuatheodo: Alis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see "/msg Alis help list" or ask in #freenode. Example usage: "/msg Alis list http"13:12
cfhowlettalexandre9099, did you reboot into the installed version?13:12
alexandre9099cfhowlett, sure, i doesn't really bother me, i just removed it from the favs, but it is a little bit strange13:13
alexandre9099also, grub failed to set dualboot between antergos and ubuntu, but i did the partitions manually, so that might be the reason13:13
atheodoguess what open suse installed without a problem13:15
atheodoand it recognizes all the hardware13:16
atheodoI don't know what to make out of this is ubuntu and open suse sharing the same unix kernel underneath? at least I was able to install the gnome desktop13:16
alexandre9099well, that's nice, i guess :D13:16
alexandre9099both use linux yes (not unix)13:17
atheodoso is linux = unix, or is unix different?13:18
alexandre9099unix is a kernel, linux is another. Linux is "inspired" on unix13:19
atheodohave you guys tried kde plasma on ubuntu? do you like it?13:22
lotuspsychje!discuss | atheodo13:23
ubottuatheodo: Want to talk about Ubuntu, but don't have a support question? /join #ubuntu-discuss for non-support Ubuntu discussion, or try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks!13:23
atheodocan i run 2 monitors with ubuntu?13:27
raidghostof course you can.13:27
raidghostNada Problem13:28
atheodoso i shut down, hook up the second monitor and then it will recognize ? do we have display properties like on the mac to arrnage monitors, etc.?13:28
raidghostatheodo: If you got a graphical card with support for 2 monitors. Its just plug and play.13:29
raidghostshutdown and reboot and tada. 2 monitors on13:30
atheodook, thank you i do have an amd rx9 something, just built this computer yesterday, but was not sure if i can have a second monitor with it13:30
raidghostMy little brother has 4 monitors on his computer with ubuntu, works like a charm. Hope you have a lovely easter :)13:31
wabbitshello #ubuntu trying to install 16.04.1 on a powermac g4 and live cd seems to run a welcome app that hangs the system.13:43
wabbitsso I added a grub parameter to go to a mulit-user shell13:44
wabbitswhat is the root password or how do I get past the login?13:44
vltwabbits: I think there is no root passwd.13:47
lotuspsychjewabbits: there are more recent xenial iso's out there then .113:47
lotuspsychjewabbits: also perhaps try a 18.04 on your mac? i had good results with it on macs13:47
wabbitslotuspsychje its a 32 bit powerpc13:48
wabbitsIts actually ubuntu mate13:48
wabbitsvlt testing your hypothesis13:49
* vlt wonders how one tests the non-existence of something13:51
lotuspsychjewabbits: could try a lubuntu 18.04 32bit13:51
wabbitsits a powerpc not x8613:51
wabbitsperhaps you could share a link to an iso13:52
Paavi2_0both are 32 bit but 32bit in context of distros more than often refer to x86_32bit13:52
wabbitsvlt tried user=root with password="" and result is fail13:53
vltwabbits: The password is not ""13:54
vltwabbits: There is none.13:54
wabbitssaid another way, I hit enter at the password prompt and it failed to login13:54
vltwabbits: Because there is no password to login afaik.13:55
wabbitsok so how would I get past the getty?13:55
dsc_hi, how to give a binary I have in /usr/local/bin precedence over /usr/bin?13:56
dsc_is there an alt install cmd I can do ?13:56
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qwebirc53833Hi, need help with setting up ubuntu container in docker... am I in the right group?13:58
ph88is it better to reinstall or dist-upgrade ?14:01
compdocif dist-upgrade doesnt work, then reinstall  :)14:02
ph88so dist-upgrade is prefered ?14:03
compdocits easier, and if it works fine then worth a try14:03
compdocsome people will always reinstall, I think14:04
cmihai`apt reinstall ttf-mscorefonts-installer` fails with `Failed to fetch http://downloads.sourceforge.net/corefonts/andale32.exe  Could not connect to downloads.sourceforge.net:80 ( - connect (113: No route to host)` on 19.04. Ides?14:05
wabbitsis there a ncurses install wizard?14:12
* wabbits puts powerbook g4 back in closet in case its ever 2005 again14:16
tomreynwabbits: there are three text mode installers: ubuntu server(-live), based on subiquity, alternative server and mini.iso (both based on debian-installer)14:16
wabbitstomreyn can you point me to one for 32bit powerpc please?14:17
tomreyncmihai: this looks like an issue on your end. I can connect to port 80 on the single IP address downloads.sourceforge.net resolves to just fine from here.14:19
tomreynwabbits: which ubuntu version?14:20
wabbitsI think I found something14:20
tomreyn/join #ubuntu-powerpc14:20
wabbitsthanks I will14:21
elteseHello! I'm currently on the LiveCD and I am going to install Ubuntu.14:23
elteseNow I have recentyl been using Arch but I removed both those partitions in the Ubuntu installer. Now , my hdd setup is 1 ssd (sdb) and 1 big HDD (sda). I would like to encrypt both and unlock with just 1 password. Is that easily done?14:24
cfhowlettpretty sure ecryptfs can handle that no issues but read up first14:25
DaekdroomHello, I've updated Ubuntu to 19.04, and now QT5 applications no longer pick up GTK theme colors. Is there any way to fix that?14:26
tomreyneltese: there's not automation or GUI for setting this up, no.14:28
eltesetomreyn: I figured14:29
qwebirc53833i get a parse error for set-acl command in the following script14:30
qwebirc53833param([string] $Root) $acl = Get-Acl -Path $Root $vmGroupRule = new-object System.Security.AccessControl.FileSystemAccessRule("NT VIRTUAL MACHINE\Virtual Machines", "FullControl","ContainerInherit,ObjectInherit", "None", "Allow") $acl.SetAccessRule($vmGroupRule) Set-Acl -AclObject $acl -Path $Root14:30
eltesetomreyn: Then I have another question. Say I choose the SSD now for the installation and encryption etc. Can I then later in the installed system format the HDD and add it to the environment? Or am I setting myself up for a headache if I do it like that14:30
qwebirc53833pardon me, i am new to powershell scripting14:30
tomreyneltese: your best approach is to install ubuntu first on one of those disk with FDE (except /boot, since no installer supports incl. /boot - other than debootstrap), then add the other disk laster, and set up automation to unlock the second disk when the first one is unlocked.14:30
tomreyneltese: another approach would be md014:30
tomreynerr RAID-014:31
tomreynqwebirc53833: this is the ubuntu support channel, you'll be better served seeking support on a support channel for the scripting language you'Re using.14:32
eltesetomreyn: Yes, that does sound like the best approach. Thanks so much for your time ! :)14:32
tomreyneltese: you're welcome. i have some notes here on how to do a FDE incl /boot here if you want.14:33
eltesetomreyn: Yes, that would be great :)14:36
lainhello! :)14:41
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plongshotDoes anyone know if this feature is supported in ubuntu? I am looking at new laptops and some have some amazing new tech.  https://www.tweaktown.com/articles/8119/intel-optane-memory-matters/index.html14:43
plongshotIntel Optane Memory ^14:43
rapidwaveBasically, I want to create a complete system image backup except that it won't be an installable type image, but restorable.14:44
cfhowlettplongshot, cutting edge tech is always questionable as it takes awhile for linux to catch up.  Unless that tech is specifically linux ready at release I'd pass.14:44
rapidwaveAny backup app that will automatically scan and store all user installed applications, documents, /opt/ contents, and home directory?14:44
cfhowlettrapidwave, if you configure to so, yes.14:45
rapidwaveWhich app would that be?14:45
cfhowlett!backup | rapidwave14:45
ubotturapidwave: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning14:45
hyena_hello everyone! just testing14:55
plongshotcfhowlett: Thx for the tip14:55
cfhowletthappy2help1 plongshot14:55
plongshotI gotta run14:55
ubottuTo replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can use the !software package "apt-clone" - See also !automate15:02
cfhowlettI've done it, rapidwave.  it works15:02
cfhowlettor ... https://askubuntu.com/questions/9135/how-to-backup-settings-and-list-of-installed-packages15:03
rapidwaveIt seems to want a specified destination to clone to...I guess just specify a directory that I can then burn to DVDs?15:07
rapidwaveHmm. Doesn't appear to give progress15:08
rapidwaveWhat measurement is used for displaying file size using ls -l ?15:11
rapidwaveIt just created a clone file in like a minute, I don't see how that is possible.15:11
cfhowlettwhat are you using rapidwave15:11
Guest694Regarding release 19.04, does the new fractional scaling option support scaling independently on differnt displays?15:11
Guest694like 125% on one display and 150% on another?15:11
xamithanThey are bytes15:12
xamithan-h flag is more readable15:12
rapidwaveThe file is only 88K,  I know I have at least a gigabyte or two of stuff15:12
rapidwaveOh..I should have mentioned, I intend to burn the backup to at least a few DVDs, I need the software to support splitting the backup into multiple files15:13
cfhowlettbest to check the man file there rapidwave.  I15:14
rapidwaveOh..it's not actually storing all the software, it's storing references to things.15:14
ioriaGuest694, on wayoand it should work15:17
vagnerdevThanks lotuspsychje15:21
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Deihmoswhat is a good file system that both windows and ubuntu can use? exfat?15:29
cfhowlettDeihmos, bad idea.  BAD idea15:30
Deihmosi have ext4 for a usb drive but i want to change it to something that windows can also use15:31
xamithanUse a network file system if you want that15:31
xamithanOh for usb,  exfat is fine15:31
Deihmossometimes i want to connect it to a win pc15:31
Deihmosok exfat15:31
Deihmosntfs has some overhead on linux15:31
cfhowlettI deleted a program in ubuntu 18.04.  the icon remains on the desktop.  how do I kill this thing?15:42
ovnicrafthi, i recently installed ubuntu 18 so i have a warning about linux firmware: Possible missing firmware /lib/firmware/nvidia/gv100/* for nouveau15:42
ovnicraftso i list linux-firmware package15:43
ovnicraftso repo https://github.com/wkennington/linux-firmware/tree/master/nvidia/gv10015:43
ovnicraftgot it15:43
ovnicraft iwant to know why ubuntu dont package this firmware ?15:44
elteseHi! Does anyone know if you can update a single package? I just downloaded and installed teamspeak 3 and need to update it (it wont let me connect to a specific server otherwise) and everytime I click on update it says not able to update16:14
cfhowlettwhat is the reason it won't update16:16
eltesecfhowlett: I have no idea. It just says "unable to update" and exits16:17
JayDoubleudoes any1 have any hints on how to make pidgin tray icon to look normal size on 19.03 gnome ? It is really tiny now16:18
laiceJust to clarify - is this the teamspeak application itself or through a package manager like apt / software centre?16:18
eltesecfhowlett: I might have been installing it the wrong way though, so I just removed it and gonna try another way16:18
JayDoubleuThis is how it looks like comparing to other tray icons. Is it because it is an gtk2 application ? https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/lkVewJfc/image.png16:18
elteselaice: I did it via apt, I just followed a guide I found via google16:18
eltesehttps://forum.teamspeak.com/threads/131452-How-to-install-TeamSpeak-Client-on-Ubuntu-16-x <- gonna try that one instead, since that seems to give me the latest version right off the bat16:19
laiceeltese: Normally when I install I grab the .run file, chmod +x it and run it through terminal.  Not a clean install though that way as it doesn't install application shortcuts to menus etc.  Guaranteed latest version though.16:20
Guest54872oi pessoal do irczão16:20
cfhowlett!br | Guest5487216:21
ubottuGuest54872: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br " sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.16:21
elteselaice: Yes, that is what the link I provided seems to do as well. Since it is a member of the TS team who typed it out I will jsut try that though =) Thanks for the help!16:21
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wondows_So it looks like my keyboard and mouse issues were due to 2.4GHz interference with the wifi antennas on the back of my PC. Moved the Logi unified receiver to the front and it seems to be stable now.16:24
* wondows_ needs to get a dual-band PCI wifi card..16:25
mint_Yeah dual band16:25
mint_Seems cool16:25
OerHekswondows_, good find!16:25
elteseJust a quick update, following the guide worked16:25
laiceeltese: no problem :)  Best of luck!16:26
wondows_Is there a way to restore all previously open apps on start up?16:26
xamithanuse hibernate instead of shutdown ?16:27
laice....well he's not wrong.16:27
Ralloi dont know if anyone can help me. so ive moved to Pop_OS but i went to install refind and deleted systemd-boot now i cant boot back into my linux, what can i do?16:30
xamithanI think you're in the wrong channel,  this is Ubuntu16:31
cfhowlettRallo, ask the pop_os support team.16:32
wondows_xamithan: how to hibernate?16:32
OerHekswondows_, not standard > https://askubuntu.com/questions/1084389/automatically-remember-current-running-applications but the solution *DOES NOT WORK*  for gnome 3.3x so wait for an update16:32
cfhowlettI deleted a program in ubuntu 18.04.  the icon remains on the desktop.  how do I kill this thing?16:33
OerHekscfhowlett, logout/login i guess16:33
xamithanYou need a big swap file,  then you just select hibernate when you'd normally select shutdown16:33
wondows_So I was just browsing the web and my system crashed and I got this screen https://i.imgur.com/lYm0yus.jpg16:34
cfhowlettnormal wondows_ it's cleaning up after the crash.  be patient16:34
OerHeksit is clean now16:34
wondows_I didn't wait, I restarted16:35
OerHeksnice resolution, btw16:35
wondows_4K display16:35
Oderushi all. each time I boot up I get a filesystem: clean message that pops on the screen as well as a USB error before SDDM. Is there a way to silence these messages so that my boot is seamless?16:37
OerHekswondows_, so after your restart, did those messages come back of that autorepair?16:37
wondows_OerHeks: not sure but it seems there's always some messages like that which appear briefly during startup16:38
eltesehmm lets try another problem. Does anyone know how to get battery percentage to show for a wireless usb headset and wireless mouse?16:39
FelistrixI have php7 on ubuntu 18.04 and want to install the php extension xdebug. But with sudo apt-get install there is no package für xdebug. What can I do?16:39
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OerHekswondows, i guess if those errors remain, there is a bad sector perhaps on that disk, try a fsck run : fsck.ext4 -p /dev/sdaX  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilesystemTroubleshooting16:41
OerHekseltese, Upower can do most devices https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/465084/is-there-a-way-to-see-the-remaining-battery-life-of-your-keyboard-mouse-on-ubunt16:42
Sonishould I install 14.04?16:42
cfhowlettSoni, why do you ask?16:42
OerHeksSoni ... no, it will be end of life in a few days16:42
Sonibecause it's 5 days from EOL16:42
cfhowlettso do you really need us to answer this question for you?16:43
Sonifair enough16:43
=== wondows_ is now known as wondows
elteseOerHeks: will check it out, thakns16:44
unix_mtf_Soni: You should install, Lubuntu 18.1016:44
OerHeksi would stick to LTS, 18.0416:45
Felistrixhow can i install php-xdebug?16:45
unix_mtf_I went for the 18.1016:46
OerHeks!info php-xdebug bionic16:46
ubottuphp-xdebug (source: xdebug): Xdebug Module for PHP. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.6.0-0ubuntu1 (bionic), package size 347 kB, installed size 1356 kB16:46
OerHeksuniverse, make sure you have universe enabled16:46
OerHekssudo add-apt-repository universe16:47
elteseOerHeks: I have no idea if you are able to answer this at all, but I followed your link (thanks btw :)) and tried the "upower --dump" cmd. However my printout was severly shorter, with no Logitech names at all (both the headset and mouse are from Logitech)16:48
OerHekseltese, oke, then your devices are *too new*  i guess..16:48
Felistrixmy computer get a bluescreen, so i don't know, who write the answer to me, but thank you for the help with my x-debug problem.17:07
noobdevelanybody from indonesia ?17:38
ikanoboriPeople probably live in Indonesia but this channel is the Ubuntu support channel :)17:39
penguin359Is there a script or tool for detecting installing packages and matching them to the correct APT repository?17:45
penguin359Or finding ones not from a repository?17:45
lotuspsychjepenguin359: we reccomend to install packages only from the ubuntu official repos17:50
lotuspsychjepenguin359: to find whats not from the official repos: !ppapurge17:50
[itchyjunk]Hi, I am running 18.04. I was wondering if the default app that opens pdf's is "evince" ? the software says "Document viewer " and "The evince authors"17:50
noalternativeitchyjunk Yes it is evince17:51
noalternativedocument viewer is just a generic listing17:52
[itchyjunk]Does this program remember what page number a pdf is at? I was asking in ##linux and was told "evince" doesn't remember. So could ubuntu be doing something to remember what page i'm at?17:52
noalternativeI am using 18.04 as well and I just bought a bluetooth keyboard.  The problem is I can't get it to work until I sign in requiring the use of the old wired one.17:54
noalternativeIs there a way to get it to remember settings and allow the keyboard on the sign in page.17:55
CookieMyes, it remembers the page last visited in given document17:55
lotuspsychjenoalternative: try blueman, maybe the service will detect at17:55
noalternativeI have blueman17:55
lotuspsychjenoalternative: did you reboot after blueman install?17:56
lotuspsychjenoalternative: allright, maybe you need to autologin at boot in your case?17:56
noalternativeseveral times17:56
noalternativehow do I do and autologin at boot17:56
lotuspsychjenoalternative: systemsettings/details/users17:57
lotuspsychjejb0nd38372: can we help you?17:57
ckopnhow to get information, where did I get a package? Was it installed from repo? which?18:00
EriC^^ckopn: apt-cache policy <package>18:01
noobdevelckopn: whatzapp guys18:02
noalternativethanks #ubuntu community.  That helped.18:03
ckopnnoodevel have you updated for disco?18:03
dyc3On my laptop, xrandr isn't detecting the HDMI port. It was working yesterday. Any ideas?18:04
ckopnI have one terminal window with two tabs. How to switch between them with keys? ALT+TAB doesnt' work!18:07
dyc3ckopn: I'm assuming you're using gnome-terminal?18:09
ckopnwhich runs by ctrl+alt+t18:09
lotuspsychjedyc3: wich ubuntu release are you on?18:10
dyc3lotuspsychje: Ubuntu 16.1018:10
lotuspsychjedyc3: is end of life18:10
dyc3ckopn: see here https://help.gnome.org/users/gnome-terminal/stable/adv-keyboard-shortcuts.html.en18:10
dyc3lotuspsychje: ok, so should I just update and see if it starts working again?18:11
lotuspsychjedyc3: in your case, i would advice reinstall a supported version fresh18:11
lotuspsychjedyc3: alot of security flaws came out since, would you still trust your system?18:12
ioriadyc3, yes, you need to upgrade but (may sound silly) : poweroff, disconnect hdmi, reboot, poweroff again, reconnect hdmi and start again18:12
lotuspsychjedyc3: even if you wanted to upgrade, next version 17.04 is also EOL18:13
dyc3ioria: I've already run apt upgrade and rebooted18:13
ioriackopn, it's not alt-tab , but alt+1 (or 2, etc.etc)18:13
dyc3lotuspsychje: can't I just upgrade to 18.0418:14
ioriadyc3, nope, i meant upgrade the release 18.10 > 19.0418:14
ckopnthanks ioria18:14
ioriadyc3, oh, 16.10 ?18:15
dyc3ioria: yeah18:15
ioriadyc3, yes, you can upgrade to 18.04 , but usually weadvice for a fresh install18:15
lotuspsychjedyc3: no, upgrading from one eol to another eol isnt going to work18:15
dyc3lotuspsychje: ok, ill go reinstall18:16
lotuspsychjewell it might work with !eolupgrade, but really not reccomended on your case18:16
dyc3lotuspsychje, ioria thanks for the tips18:16
ioriadyc3, ok, but try  what  i said above (just to confirm an issue )18:17
aidenwere are you from?18:31
lotuspsychjeaiden: only ubuntu questions here please18:31
noalternativelotuspsychje the autologin doesn't work because 1)  I have to signin to keyring anyway, and 2) I still have to setup my bluetooth keyboard everytime..  Any other ideas?18:32
lotuspsychjenoalternative: normally you can say to bluemand to 'trust' your device, this way you wont need to setup every time18:32
noalternativeI  have set blueman to trust the device.18:33
lotuspsychjenoalternative: some devices might need a click, to blueman to recognize your device18:33
lotuspsychjenoalternative: so once on your desktop, try to click some keys on keyboard, maybe blueman icon will get blue18:34
noalternativeI can't do that without a wired device either, since I have logitech bluetooth touchpad combol18:34
lotuspsychjenoalternative: this method wored for me recently on a BT apple mouse18:34
jeremy31noalternative: try editing /etc/bluetooth/main.conf and change the last line to AutoEnable=true18:35
noalternativejeremy31 ok18:35
belsthi, is there a way to install libssl1.0 on 19.04? I can only find 1.1 in the repos18:44
lotuspsychje!info libssl1.1 dingo18:46
ubottu'dingo' is not a valid distribution: bionic, bionic-backports, bionic-proposed, cosmic, cosmic-backports, cosmic-proposed, disco, disco-backports, disco-proposed, kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, partner, precise, precise-backports, precise-proposed, stable, testing, trusty, trusty-backports, trusty-proposed, unstable, xenial, xenial-backports, xenial-proposed18:46
lotuspsychjebelst: did you try apt-cache search libssl ?18:47
belstonly libssl1.118:47
jcottonthe bot speaks lies18:47
belst!info libssl1.1 disco18:48
ubottulibssl1.1 (source: openssl): Secure Sockets Layer toolkit - shared libraries. In component main, is important. Version 1.1.1b-1ubuntu2 (disco), package size 1267 kB, installed size 3854 kB18:48
lotuspsychjebelst: then thats whats available for your ubuntu release18:48
belstI need libssl1.0 though18:48
lotuspsychjebelst: what are you trying to make work?18:48
belst.net core18:48
jcottonthis page is still up to only 18.10 https://dotnet.microsoft.com/download/linux-package-manager/ubuntu18-10/sdk-current18:49
lotuspsychjebelst: on 18.04 i see: libssl1.0.018:49
jcottonand someone's already made an issue belst https://github.com/dotnet/core/issues/261518:50
belstwhy is there no libssl on 19.04 though :( on archlinux you have openssl and openssl-1.0 packages. very conveniente :D18:50
jcottonI mean there is tho18:50
jcottonjust 1.118:51
lotuspsychjemaybe thats worth a bug, if there exist none yet18:51
jcottonnot 1.018:51
ioriabelst, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/disco/arm64/libssl1.0.018:52
lotuspsychjebelst: we also have a dotnet snap if you like18:53
jcottonis that from MS?18:53
jcottonor a 3rd-party?18:53
lotuspsychje!who | jcotton18:53
ubottujcotton: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)18:53
belstioria: wrong architecture18:53
ioriabelst, it's the same18:53
ioriabelst, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/disco/amd64/libssl1.0.018:54
belstarm64 and x86 are not the same18:54
ioriathe same infosi mean18:54
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GODsGodlaptop get slow when battrey reach 10% .... i would like to change it to 5% .... how to do that ?18:58
lotuspsychje!info laptop-mode-tools | GODsGod try this18:58
ubottuGODsGod try this: laptop-mode-tools (source: laptop-mode-tools): Tools for Power Savings based on battery/AC status. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.71-2ubuntu1 (bionic), package size 83 kB, installed size 378 kB18:58
GODsGodis there a file where i can just change the 10% value to 519:01
ioriaGODsGod, maybe in gsettings19:03
kinghati am having a hell of a time getting grub to gui and not grub command line19:04
ioriaGODsGod,  what  'gsettings get org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.power percentage-critical'    returns ?19:04
GODsGodthnx lotuspsychje and ioria ... for respond .... but i would like a direct way to solve it19:04
TimeTrapkinghat: are you trying to change the grub2 settings?19:05
kinghative tried boot-repair and grub customizer and still get the grub command line.19:05
lotuspsychjeGODsGod: there's no magic red button in ubuntu to solve issues19:05
lotuspsychjeGODsGod: sometimes it needs a bit tweaking19:05
lotuspsychjeGODsGod: try what ioria suggesting, or dconf-editor, or laptop-mode-tools tweak19:06
GODsGodlotuspsychje ,,,, i mean i just want to know the 10% value located to just simply change it19:07
firelegendHi all. /dev/mem has limitations placed on it for a while now. How may I read arbitrary data from there nowadays?19:07
kinghatTimeTrap: long story but i had os 1 and an ssd, then added os2 on another ssd, never used os 1 so i wiped that ssd which removed grub? so i did a boot-repair which got me the grub command line. ive tried to purge and replace as well.19:08
Jon_Evening everyone19:09
Jon_is it okay to talk about support in here?19:09
=== Jon_ is now known as Guest2066
lotuspsychjeGuest2066: if its related to ubuntu19:09
=== Guest2066 is now known as Jonopoly
TimeTrapkinghat: so you get command-line instead of menu?19:10
=== s3nd1v0g1us is now known as w4ld0
kinghati even tried using grub customizer and just saving the default settings but that didnt work either.19:11
AnjorI just experienced a weird bug, and I came to let people know about it.  I just upgraded to the new release. XFCE4.  Upon closing a WINE application, the panel's window button disappeared as expected, but the space between applications also remained after the app was closed.  Ther was a gap between apps in the panel bar, a gap where the WINE app was.  When I alt-tabbed through windows, the gap remained, but19:11
Anjorno window was there to have it's display name or a button in the panel.19:11
AnjorI tried to take a screenshot, but that opened a new window, and that action closed the gap.  Thus, no proof or evidence.19:12
firelegendkinghat: I also experienced what you do.19:12
JonopolyWhich is lighter ubuntu mate19:12
firelegendYesterday I had cloned my HDD to an SSD but grub failed to work19:12
Jonopolyor Xubuntu ?19:12
AnjorHas anyone expericed anything similar? Closing a window, but the panel leaves a gap where that window was.19:12
AnjorXFCE4 is lighter than MATE19:12
AnjorBoth are very similar though.19:12
JonopolyI think xfce is more easier for beginners19:13
Jonopolywith customisation19:13
AnjorYou wont notice much of a difference between the two DEs unless you are really hurting for resources19:13
firelegendkinghat: You could try to boot manually19:13
firelegendbut....that may fail19:13
firelegendwhat needs to happen is19:13
firelegendyou need a live cd19:13
JonopolyWell i've only got 4GB ram, 32bit Celeron 2.4mhz Processor19:14
kinghatif i try to boot manually i get to grub command line.19:14
Jonopolyso i think xubuntu is easiest19:14
firelegendor really anything with a linux terminal on it, mount SSD219:14
firelegendand well, you need to do some advanced actions19:14
kinghatim in the desktop i want to currently, via grub command line.19:14
kinghat"advanced actions"?19:14
firelegendkinghat: Oh so you booted?19:14
kinghati booted by manually loading the kernel and such via the grub command line.19:15
firelegendAnd it works?19:15
kinghati want regular gui grub.19:15
firelegendOk, so does sudo update-grub not help?19:15
firelegendWhat does it do?19:15
firelegendCan you please paste /etc/default/grub?19:17
firelegendAlso do a sudo blkid and post the result19:18
kinghatwhat do you mean paste /etc/default/grub?19:19
firelegendobviously not here19:19
firelegendon some paste site19:19
kinghati dont know what that means19:19
=== andyhuzhill_ is now known as andyhuzhill
firelegendIt means to open the file called grub located in /etc/default folder19:19
firelegendNow please open file grub.cfg in /boot/grub and paste that as well19:22
firelegendthats essentially the "GUI" grub19:22
kinghati dont have a grub.cfg there19:23
firelegendare you sure?19:23
EriC^^it's inside /boot/grub19:24
firelegendyou have to open the grub folder19:24
firelegendI had some grub headaches as well19:24
firelegendfrom cloning hdd os to ssd19:24
firelegendupdate-grub also failed to fix everything up19:25
GODsGodnevermind found it in /etc/UPower/UPower.conf19:25
firelegendBut I was determined and managed to fix it by manually hacking it19:25
kinghatah sorry: https://hasteb.in/tahoporo.bash19:26
kinghatthis is what grub customizer shows: https://i.imgur.com/ypmnbfd.png19:27
kinghatboot-repair said it finished successfully the last time i ran it.19:28
firelegendthere is one more file to open19:28
firelegendbut you need to do ls /boot/efi so I can see the name of the os there19:29
kinghatits only "EFI" in /boot/efi19:29
firelegendls /boot/efi/EFI19:29
GODsGodis there a risk to not be able to recharge the battrey when changing the PercentageAction value in UPower.conf to 0 ,,,, after completly drain it ?19:30
firelegendok so paste me the file contents of /boot/efi/EFI/neon/grub.cfg19:31
firelegendEverything seems to be in order there19:33
firelegendall the UUIDs match19:33
firelegendand I am guessing hd1,gpt2 is how you booted from grub shell?19:34
=== Phallacious is now known as FN_Sentinal
firelegendwhat about the contents of file /boot/efi/EFI/BOOT/grub.cfg?19:35
kinghatthis is what i ran in the grub shell: https://hasteb.in/ozobovev.sql19:35
kinghatfirelegend: i dont have a grub.cfg there19:36
firelegendWhat files are there?19:37
kinghatbkpbootx64.efi  bootx64.efi  fbx64.efi19:37
firelegendOk, what about the output of lsblk?19:41
Term1nalSo... I have some weird "held back" packages after upgrading to 19.04, trying to fix them.. it wants to uninstall seemingly every package in my system. What do? https://ghostbin.com/paste/tfxg419:41
firelegendAnother thing I can think of19:41
firelegendis that there is an efi entry that might be wrong19:42
firelegendWhat about the output of sudo efibootmgr -v?19:43
firelegendCause at this point it has to be a bad efi entry19:44
firelegendAll UUIDs are normal, /boot/efi is on the one and only EFI system partition, with correct grub.cfg19:44
[itchyjunk]Hi, Ubuntu 18.04 under Ubuntu Software, I see 2 instances of VLC19:45
firelegendkinghat: When you are rebooting your computer19:45
[itchyjunk]The discriptions are slightly different and one has 5 stars under it and the other doesn't.19:45
firelegendCould it be19:45
firelegendthat your BIOS is loading the bad efi entry?19:46
firelegendIf you reboot your computer try to select a different boot device19:46
firelegendthe one that says ubuntu for instance19:46
kinghatevery time i rebot i make sure to manually test all the entries from that drive, the all go to grub command line.19:47
firelegendAll of them?19:47
kinghatthis is what it looks like. i try to boot all P1s: https://i.imgur.com/jIhUR43.png19:48
kinghatand the top UEFI OS19:48
kinghatmy bios is set to boot both legacy and efi.19:48
firelegendWhat if you disable legacy mode?19:49
firelegendIf that doesn't work, try adding a manual efi entry19:49
firelegendBut really at this point it should be working.19:49
kinghatok one sec19:49
kinghatfirelegend: now I only get these options and all go to grub command line:  https://irc.kinghat.info/uploads/bf75c1ba455f971f/1555790108949252548796919619968.jpg19:55
firelegendOk, so boot into your OS again via grub shell19:56
firelegendand try adding an efi entry manually19:56
kinghatleaving the setting I just changed in bios?19:57
dtxDoes ubuntu 1904 work with secure boot?19:58
dtxit should work fine right?19:59
jcottondtx: note if you're using nonfree gpy drivers you may need to reinstall them20:00
jcottonto trigger the signing process20:00
firelegendkinghat: At this point it does no harm20:00
firelegendI would also remove UEFI OS entry20:01
firelegendjust to see if it's the reason for booting to grub shell20:01
kinghatso something interesting happened. i had set a custom background with grub customizer and and after i hit enter on the last command in grub shell that background flashed for a second before booting to desktop.20:02
kinghatfirelegend: which one? https://hasteb.in/yisexiho.yaml20:03
firelegendI'd remove both20:04
firelegendCause I see that BootCurrent shows the entry to be UEFI OS20:04
firelegendso perhaps...somehow you are booting that entry even if you select another.20:04
firelegendI do think it's harmless to delete it20:05
firelegendbut should you not be able to get to grub shell20:05
firelegendyou will need a live cd20:05
kinghatso leave 0001?20:05
firelegendAnd reboot and test20:05
CrazySami keep getting "xrdp login failed for display 0" when i try to sign in from a windows pc. what gives?20:06
CrazySamis it not the same as standard user?20:07
CrazySamroot as user is not working either20:07
xamithanIt is not the same, no20:08
kinghatfirelegend: ok now i just have the one entry. reboot?20:08
firelegendBefore that20:08
firelegendlets try adding another efi entry20:08
kinghati dont need to do the unmerge?20:08
kinghatin that article you linked20:09
kinghatvery bottom under removal20:09
CrazySamhow should i know what credential to sign in with?20:09
xamithanThere should be an xrdp.ini you set it up yourself CrazySam20:09
surak_how do I start the auto dhcp config in ubuntu server?20:09
xamithanProbably under /etc/xrdp20:10
firelegendI just saw a user20:11
firelegendmention secure boot20:11
firelegendCould it be affecting ubuntu?20:11
kinghatsecure boot is disabled in my bios20:11
HMastI am trying to install the 32bit vulkan binaries for lutris on disco dingo but the ppas do not yet support dingo, is there any way to install the vulkan 32 bit binaries on dingo? i have an intel gpu20:12
s3nd1v0g1ushow can i alter/reroute my DNS on Ubuntu? (that is, i want to use a different server.)20:12
s3nd1v0g1usfor instance, google open DNS20:12
kinghatfirelegend: dont worry about that removal thing and just add an efi?20:13
kinghatthats what it looks like currently20:13
firelegendAdd another entry just in case20:13
firelegendjust in case some guid did not get updated there20:13
firelegendIn your case it would be something like20:14
Term1nalSo... I have some weird "held back" packages after upgrading to 19.04, trying to fix them.. it wants to uninstall seemingly every package in my system. What do? https://ghostbin.com/paste/tfxg420:15
firelegendefibootmgr -c -d /dev/sdb -p 2 -L "Neon" -l '\EFI\neon\shimx64.efi'20:16
=== mnemonic is now known as Guest2046
firelegendLet me check one thing20:16
kinghatis that correct for -p?20:17
firelegendWell partition 220:19
firelegendyou have 2 partitions in your sdb disk20:19
firelegendAlso try adding efibootmgr -c -d /dev/sdb -p 2 -L "Neon GRUB" -l '\EFI\neon\grubx64.efi'20:20
firelegendHmm wait20:20
kinghatya i just dont understand if its the / 2 or /efi 1 partition to use.20:20
firelegendYeah sorry I err'ed a bit there20:21
firelegend-p 120:21
kinghati havent added anything yet20:21
firelegendpartition 1 for the EFI Fsystem20:21
firelegend--part or -p followed by the partition number on which the EFI System Partition is hosted;20:22
firelegendSo yes, -p 1 for the EFI partition20:22
kinghat"sudo efibootmgr -c -d /dev/sdb -p 1 -L "Neon" -l '\EFI\neon\shimx64.efi'"20:22
firelegendWhich would mean efibootmgr -c -d /dev/sdb -p 1 -L "Neon" -l '\EFI\neon\shimx64.efi' and efibootmgr -c -d /dev/sdb -p 1 -L "Neon GRUB" -l '\EFI\neon\grubx64.efi'20:22
firelegendYes, then check the entries with efibootmgr -v20:22
surak_how do I Re-run the auto DHCP configuration?20:23
firelegendLooks ok20:24
firelegendand then when you reboot20:24
firelegendSelect Neon Grub to test if it works20:24
firelegendIf it doesn't I see both entries of ubuntu and Neon are identical20:24
firelegendIf those dont work either I would be out of ideas20:24
firelegendThe only culprit left would be the BOOT folder in /boot/efi/EFI20:25
firelegendmine contains grub files in there as well20:25
firelegendyours doesnt20:25
kinghatnone of them work20:25
Jonopolyalmost tempted to swap to another distro20:26
Jonopolyfeel like i've changed so much >_>20:26
tatertotss3nd1v0g1us: do you have a network icon in the task bar near the time on the lower right hand side of your screen?20:28
tatertotss3nd1v0g1us: "edit connections"20:29
s3nd1v0g1usyes. tatertots20:29
tatertotss3nd1v0g1us: then it's self explanatory from there20:29
tatertotss3nd1v0g1us: no worries20:30
Jonopolywho is using what DE atm?20:30
kinghatfirelegend: i mean i tried a purge and reinstall but that didnt work before. shouldnt that always work?20:30
kinghatdid it reinstall based on a previous config?20:30
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yov00Good evening, is somebody familiar with this issue:Xlib:  extension "NV-GLX" missing on display ":0".20:41
yov00From "vulkaninfo"20:42
=== glguy_ is now known as glguy
HMasthi yall20:42
firelegendkinghat: I imagine it did not work?20:45
Jonopolyis there a main difference between, Lubuntu, LXDE and LXLE ?20:45
kinghatno it didnt20:45
firelegendneither options?20:46
firelegendI can only then suggest copying several files to /boot/efi/EFI/BOOT20:46
kinghatnone of them20:46
kinghatjust tried a repair again: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/3qNmY3QgHV/20:46
mra90what can I use to diff two repositories?20:47
firelegendAnd grub customizer?20:47
kinghatso after a reboot after the boot-repair i dont get grub at all. all options just boot directly to the os.20:52
kinghatwhat the options look like now: https://hasteb.in/dizoyoya.yaml20:53
kinghatthat boot folder still doesnt have anything other than the .efi files20:55
df00zAnyone know how to disable pulseaudio from starting?  Trying autospawn=no in /etc/pulse/client.conf, i swear that used to work20:59
df00zi dont want to uninstall it, just disable20:59
arooniis there a particular reason why genymotion android emulator seems to work so much better on my 2012 mac mini (intel 3210-m i5 / 16gb of ram) versus my laptop running ubuntu 18.04 (intel 2520m w/ 12gb of ram)?20:59
kinghatfirelegend: which files?21:05
firelegendkinghat: Well there are a few21:07
kinghatis there a way to just wipe it all and start fresh? it should give the correct files shouldnt it?21:15
firelegendfull format21:16
firelegendof the drive21:16
firelegendIncluding the partitions21:16
kinghatto reinstall grub?21:17
firelegendTo reinstall ubuntu21:17
firelegendor whichever os you have21:17
firelegenddid you try grub customizer?21:17
firelegendon sdb1?21:17
kinghatya. like i said, for a flash of a second i get the custom background image i gave it.21:18
CrazySami'm trying to establish rdp connection to a server, i have xrdp installed and ubuntu desktop, and startwm.sh is edited21:24
CrazySami get to login to xrdp21:24
kinghatfirelegend: im done messing with it for now. tyvm for your help and time.21:25
CrazySamwhat "module" should i pick here? sesman-Xvnc? rdp-any? freerdp-any? console?21:25
xamithanWhatever module fits your needs, I like sesman21:25
CrazySamreally? even if it says "vnc-any"?21:26
CrazySameven i know vnc is not rdp21:26
CrazySamhow do you figure?21:27
Term1nalSo... I have some weird "held back" packages after upgrading to 19.04, trying to fix them.. it wants to uninstall seemingly every package in my system. What do? https://ghostbin.com/paste/tfxg421:27
CrazySam"sesman" option asks for "ip"21:28
CrazySamthat's "sesman-any"21:28
tatertotsarooni: yes multiple reasons, most of them beyond the scope of the OS software21:28
CrazySamwaht ip do i type in here?21:29
xamithan127.0.0.1 probably21:29
aroonitatertots: so vms running android dont work that well on ubuntu?21:29
xamithanIts localhost right ?21:29
tatertotsarooni: "beyond" the scope of the OS software21:29
arooniwell from what i can see the cpus of these two machines are very equivalent;  as is the ram21:30
aroonithe laptop supports intel's virtualization technology21:30
firelegendkinghat: Np21:31
CrazySamit doesn't want to play with me :(21:31
firelegendWish I could have solved this for you21:31
firelegendbecause next time it could be me with the same problem21:31
tatertotsarooni: keep in mind, that's just what "you" can see, i say this because it's important to distinguish that a untrained eye is more susceptible to seeing certain things and a trained eye would see yet some other things21:32
CrazySamxrdp_mm_process_login_response:login successful for displa...21:32
CrazySamconnecting to 5910 error - problem connecting21:32
aroonitatertots: i completely agree.  that's why i asked here21:32
tatertotsarooni: i used the term "beyond" and even put it in quotes because you can't download transistors and or silicone just yet in the year 201921:34
tatertotsarooni: you're not going to do anything in software to make up for the difference of the two non identical hardwares21:34
tatertotsarooni: you can try if you elect to...21:35
aroonitatertots: well i just thought that the cpu's being almost the same speed & architecture would make them equivalent performance21:35
tatertotsarooni: first realize the power diff on those and also TURBO21:35
arooniprobably ram speed is different too21:36
tatertotsarooni: and nothing you can do in any software is going to have you TURBO21:36
tatertotsgive you21:36
arooniwell the processor int he laptop claims to be able to go turbo too21:36
tatertotsarooni: sorry to burst your bubble of you thought you would do something in software21:36
aroonino just trying to make debugging bearable on my laptop21:37
Term1nalMight anyone be able to assist me with a wierd package issue? Would appreciate it muchly.21:37
aroonimaybe its time for new hardware :\21:37
tatertotsarooni: also a laymen comparing FCLGA1155 platform to PPGA988 platform isn't a chat conversation I will participate in21:38
tatertotsaimed at different market demographics, and not only that a 3-5 year time span21:39
arooniwell at least i learned cpu architecture matters more than i thought.  i thought # of cores, clock speed, and cache size was all that mattered21:39
tatertotsarooni: that's just all that marketing stuff they put on the box to lure joe six pack guys21:40
=== mike_ is now known as Guest74117
tatertotsarooni: of course joe six pack thinks 2.5Ghz MUST ALWAYS be better than 2.0Ghz.....21:41
* tatertots whispers ....that's not always true21:41
aroonitatertots:  interesting .  what should  i be looking for in the cpu of my next laptop?  i am pretty set on a thinkpad of some sort.  likely will only be running linux.21:41
aroonitatertots: well 4 cores at 2Ghz is better than 4 at 2.5 i'd think21:41
tatertotsarooni: and since i also said "beyond" the scope of the OS software (ubuntu ) one of these OPS/MOD guys is gonna get all puffy if you get deep into a non ubuntu related "hardware" conversation21:42
tatertotsso i'm out21:42
aroonitatertots: well i would think that asking what is a good cpu for running ubuntu on is a valid conversation.  but w/e21:42
CrazySamdoes ubuntu 16.04 use x11?21:52
bpromptCrazySam:    hmmm what do you mean?21:54
CrazySambprompt: as in "sesman-X11rdp"21:55
bpromptCrazySam:    hmmm I see an /etc/X11 folder if that helps =)21:56
xamithanAre you using gnome?  Why can't you just use gnome-session21:57
xamithanThen select xorg at the xrdp login screen21:57
CrazySambecause i'm a noob and don't knwo what the hell i'm talking about :)21:58
CrazySamit's a ubuntu server 16.04 if that helps21:58
xamithanDoes it have a DE installed ?21:59
CrazySami installed ubuntu-desktop21:59
ckopnwhat does mean "lock screen after blank for"?21:59
xamithanSo Unity then21:59
bpromptCrazySam:    yes, it uses X11, so.. what are you trying to do?  are you at the shell prompt only?22:00
CrazySamtrying to remote to a full fledged ubuntu desktop environment from a windows machine22:01
ckopni need to download big file to my laptop, i afraid it will go to sleep in a minutes22:01
CrazySambprompt: i can connect via ssh22:01
CrazySamif that's what you mean22:02
CrazySamso terminal session22:02
CrazySamxrdp is installed22:02
CrazySamsudo apt-get -y install xrdp22:03
CrazySamsudo ufw allow 3389/tcp22:03
xamithanI think with unity you need a vnc server installed22:03
xamithanThat's 18.04,  you are on 16.0422:04
CrazySamah so it is... oh well... i think ufw command helped anyway22:04
CrazySami now get as far as "connected"22:04
CrazySamso all green and ok, but then it leave me with an OK button and then throws me out22:05
CrazySami used "sesman-X11rdp" option at login22:05
CrazySamso install another desktop environment?22:06
xamithanYou'll have to use something like tigervnc if you want to xrdp to unity.  I think most of the guides use mate like this one: http://c-nergy.be/blog/?p=895222:07
CrazySambut why would you go from rdp to rdp to vnc?22:11
CrazySamthere are vnc clients for windows you know22:11
xamithanI do not know why unity can not be used straight with xrdp without vnc.  Only that it isn't possible22:12
dark365hackerxamathan hi22:12
haledwhen will Trusty stop receiving updates (what day)?22:12
xamithanMost of the alternate desktops can be done without vnc+xrdp though22:12
xamithanApril 30th22:13
haledxamithan: thanks22:13
xamithan10 days away22:14
xamithansomeone earlier said the last updates will roll out in like four or five days though22:14
tomreyn 2019-04-2522:17
fuelehanyone can help me get my desktop icons back? the settings are gone in gnome-tweak-tool even thou i have latest version..22:18
tomreynhaled: that's according to https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-announce/2019-March/000241.html22:19
tomreynalso https://blog.ubuntu.com/2018/09/19/extended-security-maintenance-ubuntu-14-04-trusty-tahr22:20
haledtomreyn: thanks22:24
fuelehwallet713: error while loading shared libraries: libssl.so.1.0.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory22:28
fuelehi cannot install libssl.so.1.0.022:29
MrElendigwhat are you trying to run that spits out that error?22:30
fuelehwallet713 :D a grincoin wallet22:30
MrElendigand how did you install that?22:31
MrElendiglooks like it should support openssl 1.1 now, so if you built it yourself then update/rebuild it22:33
fuelehhmm aha22:33
MrElendigthis is why you should make debs instead of sudo make install btw :)22:34
MrElendigor worse curl | sh ....22:34
fuelehi try to build it! but its up to them to update to support new ssl?22:37
MrElendigit is up to you to update/rebuild anything you installed without using the ubuntu package system22:37
fuelehok thx :)22:38
MrElendigany any software worth using have been updated to use openssl 1.1.x due to the important security improvements and new/better api etc22:38
MrElendigand 1.0 is eol "soon"22:38
mattgphotoHello everyone! I have a weird thing I'm running into, and I feel like I've had this happen before, but on Ubuntu Server 18.02LTS I'm running into this: https://m.flixhaven.net/2GzWpFC22:38
mattgphotoWhen I put those settings in, the wizard just starts over.22:38
mattgphotoSorry 18.04.222:39
MrElendig1.0.2 will only be supported out this year, 1.0.1 which sadly many people still use is already eol22:40
mattgphotoIs there some other formatting I should be using for the subnet? or a different IP in my range?22:42
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cuddylierWhat is the best way to tell if a process I see in 'top' is running inside a container or natively on the host system?22:55
texlaHad to reinstall Ubuntu 18.04.2 due to deleting the parition..Now it is slow booting it seems to linger at the logo with the red dots longer than normal any suggestions22:56
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LinuxNewbieI have a question. :)22:57
tomreyn!ask | LinuxNewbie22:57
ubottuLinuxNewbie: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience22:57
LinuxNewbieCan I install a Linux version on a USB Hard Drive then install to my pc ?22:58
fuelehcuddlier install htop then u see the path to what is running23:00
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ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or https://ubuntuforums.org or https://askubuntu.com/23:01
fuelehthe install on usb are not the same as installed on pc23:02
fuelehbut yes try a linux usb live install then u run it from usb, but i dont think its the same u install on the pc later23:02
tomreyncuddylier: lxc-utils provides "lxc-top", docker provides "docker container top CONTAINER"23:03
cuddyliertomreyn: Thanks but I'm using another container technology called 'singularity' which doesn't seem to provide such a function hence me asking about a more general way.23:03
tomreynLinuxNewbie: you can install an ubuntu livecd/installer on a usb stick, and boot into that to install ubuntu somewhere.23:03
fuelehinstall htop i think it should be the path to singularity who runs the proccess?23:04
cuddylierfueleh: Singularity is like Docker in that it shows 'root' as the process owner.23:06
fuelehyeah but in htop you see the path to what is running it23:06
fuelehmuch better then top23:06
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LinuxNewbieto clarify my question, I meant to install an installer on a usb drive, and from the usb drive install to pc.  Also what's the difference between usb stick and drive?23:07
cuddylierfueleh: Is it the 'Command' field you're referring to in htop?23:09
cuddylierIf I run e.g. 'nano' inside the container then this just shows 'nano' as if it was running on the host.23:09
tomreyntexla: press escape, view the logs. if there are non, boot without "quiet" and "splash" but with "nosplash" and "verbose" kernel options23:09
fastfreshI have found a bug: Virtualbox VM icon on the panel is missing when you start a VM, but it appears after locking and unlocking screen.23:13
fastfreshWhere should I report it: Virtualbox, Gnome or Ubuntu bugtracker? And if Ubuntu, where exatcly do I submit it?23:13
fuelehok damn thought it would say that it was running inside singularity there23:14
tomreynfastfresh: whose packages are you using?23:15
mattgphotonevermind, looks like this is an issue with the live image.23:16
angelcomhello i use Integrated Intel HD Graphics 620. but how can i see Integrated Intel HD Graphics 620 on linux?23:17
ApachezDesktop Icons GNOME Shell Extension23:17
angelcomApachez: me?23:17
tomreynangelcom: what do you mean by "see"?23:17
Apachezangelcom: how do you mean?23:17
ApachezSuperTuxKart, the open-source racing game inspired by Mario Kart and themed around Linux/Tux, has reached its 1.0 version after being in development the past 12+ years.  :D23:17
angelcommy computer have Integrated Intel HD Graphics 620. how can i know that my computer have Integrated Intel HD Graphics 620 on linux?23:18
tomreynangelcom: lspci -knn | grep -A3 VGA | nc termbin.com 999923:19
Apachezlspci should tell you23:19
angelcomthanks tomreyn and Apachez :)23:19
Apachezalong with      dmesg | grep -i intel23:19
fastfreshtomreyn: I'm using oracle package.23:19
Apachezbut also    glxinfo | grep -i intel23:19
tomreynfastfresh: then whom do you think you should report the bug with?23:20
angelcomah thanks :)23:20
tomreynfastfresh: oracle, i'd say. but you're right about asking, it could also be a side effect of an issue in ubuntu, and i can't actually rule this out.23:21
fastfreshtomreyn: The fact that bug goes away after screen lock makes me think it's related to ubuntu23:22
tomreynfastfresh: so you start a vm, and the vm shows a bad icon, then you lock the screen, unlock the screen, and the vm icon is fine again?23:23
fastfreshtomreyn: exactly this23:23
Emcyanyone reported instability in nautilus/files, or maybe gnome itself23:23
fastfreshsee screenshot23:23
tomreynfastfresh: interesting, i got the same23:24
tomreynfastfresh: i'd say start with    ubuntu-bug gnome-shell23:24
liban1is ubuntu the most productivity based distro?23:25
tomreynfastfresh: maybe ask in #vbox before you do so, socrates may immediately know what's wrong23:25
tomreynliban1: that's not a support question, and thus not suited for this channel. there are others.23:26
liban1my bad23:26
tomreynfastfresh: on a side note, restarting the gnome shell (meta-f2 + "r" + enter) has the same effect as locking the screen there.23:30
MarkB2A recent update/upgrade cycle caused the load of OpenJDK-11 into my copy of Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.  That broke a pile of my Java code.23:38
MarkB2I'm trying to revert back to Java 8 .. uninstalled OpenJDK-11 but am now running into a problem with apt-get .23:39
MarkB2sudo apt-get install oracle-java8-installer  reports oracle-java-8-installer is already the newest version (8u201-1-webupd8-1 .23:40
MarkB2There is no java anything in the system... so I tried a reinstall and was rewarded with Reinstallation of oracle-java8-installer is not possible, it cannot be downloaded.23:41
MarkB2So first its not here but apt-get thinks it is.  Then --reinstall says it can't be downloaded.23:42
MarkB2Uh... help?23:42
MarkB2Aha.  Thank you.  Zulu has the Right Stuff.23:50
ledeniMarkB2, run 'sudo update-alternatives --config java' and select java 823:51
MarkB2I did try that.  It errored out saying there was no java 8 in the system.23:51
MarkB2using the Zulu ppa and selecting Java 8 for the install got me to OpenJDK-8.23:52
MarkB2And my software runs.  <whew>23:52
PharaohHi all! Just updated to 19.04 from 18.10 and Chrome/flash got messed up23:54
Pharaohfirefox works just fine but chrome blocks flash even it is allowed for the site23:54
GerowenDo .desktop shortcuts no longer function in 19.04, I'm guessing since nautilus no longer handles the desktop?23:56

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