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xubuntu87ianyone know how i can download ubuntu 19?04:23
Emerald2What decides the order of open programs on the panel? I keep expecting it to be the order I opened them, but they always seem to be in some arbitrary order.04:34
Emerald2Sorry, which part of the question didn't make sense?04:42
kadirothe panel part04:50
Emerald2Where all the programs you have open are and you click on them to switch between them?04:51
kadiroyou mean you opened programs one by one and they don't load respectively?04:53
Emerald2Not sure what you mean by respectively.04:54
Emerald2Their position isn't the order in which I opened them.04:55
Emerald2Last program I loaded is 2nd out of 4.04:55
Emerald2So I keep clicking the last one in the order expecting it to be that program and it isn't. It's annoying.04:55
kadiroyou click on prog1 and prog2 and prog3 and when they load you see for ex prog2 come first then the others?04:55
kadiroah ok04:56
Emerald2Something like that.04:57
Emerald2Is there a way to change that?04:57
kadiroI think thats a part of xfce4-session ( store/restore) but no clue on how to troubleshoot it04:59
kadiroEmerald2, I found this application may be it will help you https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Devilspie05:02
Emerald2Hmm interesting. Is that just for GNOME though?05:07
Unit193Emerald2: Ctrl+Right click → Properties → Sorting Order05:13
Unit193I prefer 'none+drag and drop', tends to order them how I open them, and allows me to move them. \o/05:14
Emerald2Wow thank you so much! I had been wondering why I couldn't just move them to where I wanted before.05:17
Emerald2Now they're ordered how I expect them. :)05:20
Unit193Sure thing!05:20
lineloly2511I used checkinstall to make a deb Python3.7.3 but is abort can you help me?10:04
xubuntu30whi all! i want to upgrade xubuntu from 18.10 to 19.04. is it possible? can anyone guide me? thanks in advance.12:41
Spasshello xubuntu30w, yes it is possible, but be sure to backup your important date before12:45
Spassdo you use any additional/custom repositories or PPAs? what is your graphics card and what driver do you use for it?12:46
xubuntu30whi Spass , dont know12:49
Spassok, you can open "Software & Updates" settings (software-properties-gtk) and check the second tab for any additional PPAs on the list and fifth tab for additional drivers12:52
SpassI'm asking for that because from my experience it's better to manually uncheck any PPAs and use Nouveau driver during the upgrade when on NVIDIA cards12:53
Spassthen you can easily upgrade using the GUI application or in the terminal12:53
xubuntu30wso... none of them was checked12:54
Spassyou should see something like "Software Updater" in your menu12:54
Spasswhen your system is up to date it should show you an information about the new release 19.04 being ready to download and install12:55
xubuntu30wi use to do <apt-get update>12:56
xubuntu30woh, i just get an info, my xubuntu is 18.04, i have to go to 18.10, right?12:57
xubuntu30won terminal , how can i do thi?12:57
Spassok, then you should be able to do "sudo apt update" and "sudo apt full-upgrade" and "sudo do-release-upgrade"12:58
xubuntu30wit's working on the 'do-release-upgrade'13:01
Spassprevious commands were to be sure that your system is up-to-date13:03
xubuntu30wSpass: <do-release-upgrade> is finished13:13
xubuntu30wSpass: hi, are you busy?13:21
xubuntu30wSpass: i'll be back in a minute, right?13:22
Spassxubuntu30w sorry was afk, yes, hopefully you'll be back13:38
xubuntu30wSpass: hi! i'm back14:57
xubuntu30whi Spass ! are you there?15:13
Spassxubuntu30w, I'm here now, upgrade went successful?16:04
JonopolyI keep getting this unusual error on boot "Report problem" etc..19:11
Jonopolyi did "ls -l /var/crash"19:11
Jonopolyand it declares this unusual error19:11
Jonopoly"-rw-r----- 1 root whoopsie 361490 Apr 20 20:07 _usr_lib_xorg_Xorg.0.crash"19:12
JonopolyAny advice?19:12
brainwashJonopoly: run "ubuntu-bug /var/crash/_usr_lib_xorg_Xorg.0.crash"19:14
brainwashor delete the file and hope that the crash won't happen again19:14
Jonopolybrainwash: I've tried deleting it, it comes back every boot19:15
Jonopolybrainwash: i ran your command, now is this a gui version of the crash?19:16
brainwashit shows some details about the crash19:16
brainwashyou can try to report it19:17
xubuntu96wI have used Xubuntu 18.04 as Live-USB before and was wondering if anyone could tell me what the default Image viewer is called?21:50
brainwashxubuntu96w: Ristretto21:52
xubuntu96wThank you! Have a nice day @brainwash21:53
djtravzHello, sorry if im interrupting anything. I am not able to shrink the partition of a new installation with LVM. It will only let me do 32mb. I am using GParted (maybe another program will work better?)21:54
brainwashdjtravz: you could try with gnome-disks21:55
djtravzHow would I go about that? I dont see any option21:56
brainwashdjtravz: not even when doing a right click?22:02
brainwashon the partition22:02
djtravzIts a brand new installation so it wouldn't be a big deal to reinstall22:03
brainwashbest to ask in #ubuntu then22:03
djtravzwill do22:03
djtravzthanks anyway22:03
brainwashit's a general (non xubuntu specific) question22:03

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