EickmeyerOvenWerks: What do you think about keeping the 18.04 backports open until July 2020? That gives people 3 months to upgrade from 18.04 to 20.04 rather than hard-cutting it off.00:49
OvenWerksI think backports are different than cycle support and it is ok to keep backports going as long as it makes sense00:51
OvenWerksThe cycle support is for the ISO, but backports are part of the installer which applies to vanilla which has a longer support cycle.00:52
EickmeyerRight, cycle support ended January, technically.00:53
EickmeyerBecause we released as non-LTS.00:53
OvenWerksYeah, but vanilla is LTS and installer supports vanilla00:54
EickmeyerBasically, the public doesn't understand. Ubuntu Studio 18.04 is non-LTS, so that screams "avoid" to the LTS-only people.00:54
OvenWerksSo backports should do the same support.00:54
EickmeyerRight, but flavor support is typically 3 years. Should we just go to 2021 on that then?00:55
OvenWerksThat would be fine I guess.00:55
EickmeyerOkay. I guess I should make some sort of announcement to that effect. Probably stipulating "Only with the backports PPA."00:56
OvenWerksCertainly I would prefer to see people using 18.04 till 20.04 than 16.0400:56
EickmeyerRight. 16.04 is EOL on Thursday, and I already have a post scheduled for the website on that.00:57
OvenWerksBy 18.04, systemd is reasonably fully in use and stable.01:01
OvenWerks14.04 is all upstart, 16.04 has some of each...01:01
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