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ochosibrainwash: on second thought, the theme is behaving correctly (apart from -darker), either thunar should specify 16px as icon size or we have to supply a sharp symbolic 24px version of the go-* icons07:11
brainwashochosi: that sounds like it should be fixed in thunar, so that it looks best with any theme07:57
brainwashbut the thunar maintainer is pro bigger icons07:59
ochosiin that case i'll try to add 24px icons in elementary-xfce08:08
ochosiit doesnt look too bad in adwaita btw08:08
ochosiand in elementary upstream it also looks okay08:08
ochosii have a patch for that half-ready08:09
ochosiguess i can finish it up tomorrow08:09
Spasshello, we should mark 16.04 as EOL soon - https://xubuntu.org/release/16-04/09:36
Spassthat was a good release :)09:36
Spassoh, it's marked already09:37
Spassis it automatic or someone had to do it manually?09:38
knomeSpass, automatic11:05
Spassah cool, thanks11:06
knomeeach release has an EOL date set11:06
knomeso we only need to work on them when inserting11:07
knome(and point releases)11:07
knomefor the torrent links11:07
ochosibrainwash: this is how the fix looks: https://imgur.com/nBcA07X.png21:19
brainwashochosi: looks good21:21
brainwashicon theme fix or thunar code change?21:21
ochosiicon theme fi21:21

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