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* mamarley upgraded to Eoan. xD18:08
valoriemamarley: i imagine that upgrade isn't very big yet20:35
valorieI guess this cycle we should seriously consider whether or not to change from ubiquity to cala20:38
valorietsimonq2, wxl -- how well is calamares working for you?20:38
valoriewould you advise us to make the change?20:39
wxlpretty darn fantastic over all20:39
valoriehow many issues did you have getting it working?20:39
valoriedoes it do OEM well now?20:39
wxlone thing we're lacking is a good minimal install option or oem install.. and there's probably some really bizarre partition schemes it doesn't yet support (zfs)20:40
valoriein my install testing, 100% of the bugs I filed were against ubiquity20:40
wxli think we'll tackle the minimal/oem bits relatively early this cycle20:40
wxlmost importantly i would say that it's really easy to understand calamares20:40
valorieso if you were us, would you advise making the switch?20:40
wxli didn't have to pick through the code and try to figure it out.. it just made sense20:40
wxli jumped right in and was tweaking things to our needs without having to beg people for help20:40
wxlupstream is easy to get a hold of and rather attentive20:41
valorieade is a completely cool guy20:41
wxlthere are some characters upstream (aren't there always?) but the head of the project is a gem20:41
wxl^^ that's ade20:41
wxlhe's super duper helpful20:41
valoriehe is20:41
wxlthey're extremely reponsive, i find, to bugs20:41
wxland that's my biggest gripe about ubiquity: it was near impossible to get help unless it affected the whole entire world and even then it wasn't necessarily easy. that and the code is a freaking nightmare20:42
valorieI hear the neon team talk about OEM and that that was high on the cala job list20:42
wxlit is. and i think tsimonq2 has some ideas to resolve that himself20:42
valoriehe's probably in school now20:43
wxli think he's got telegram nanodrones in his bloodstream thta are bridged to irc20:43
valorienevertheless paying attention in class is something I recommend20:46
valorieoh, laundry20:46
wxlvalorie: how's the wayland session?20:54
valoriehmmm, I've not tried it20:59
valorieand I could, on the travel lappy20:59
valoriewill do so at LFNW!20:59
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valorieI got a good question in #kubuntu -- why is the default in Konversation to use a different browser than KDE-set browser?22:50
valorieand do we set that22:50
wxlnot knowing the answer, i bet you it keeps its own default22:50
wxllike thunderbird does22:50
wxlyou can set default browsers every which way known to man, and thunderbird can still make up its own mind22:50
wxlis this a new setting?22:51
valorieI don't think so22:52
mamarleyvalorie: Indeed, not huge.22:52
valoriebut that doesn't mean we didn't change it in our packaging long time ago22:52
wxlugh i don't know how i managed to do this but the kubuntu iso i have is.... a lubuntu one. gimme a sec to zsync and i'll look22:54
valoriegood file naming!22:55
wxlhey, they're both "cute" :)22:55
wxlwell to be fair whta i have in there is a daily and all the dailies are named the same22:55
wxlin other news, chrom* sucks22:59
wxlit can't make itself default browser if you're in an environment where the $BROWSER variable is set22:59
* wxl rolls his eyes so far in the back of his head they end up on the other side of the globe22:59
valoriethat's a nice look for ya23:05
wxlvalorie: at least in dingo under configure » behavior » general behavior there's a "use custom web browser" option though at least in live it defaults to unchecked23:14
valorieI upgraded and haven't use FF for over a year I think23:15
wxlif you check it, it defaults to using firefox23:16
valorieright, but that's the default Kubuntu browser and the only one on the ISO23:16
valoriehowever, it seems setting another browser to be the default doesn't change Konversation's setting23:17
wxlhm let me play23:17
valoriewhich seems counterintuitive23:18
wxlcan't make falkon default within it eh?23:32
valoriewe discussed doing so but the concensus seemed to be "not yet"23:35
valoriewe can talk about that again23:35
valorieand naturally this is the time to do it23:35
valoriefalkon will have (hopefully) a or some GSoC students so it is an active project23:36
valoriegetting plugins is important23:36
wxlhm don't even see anything in bugzilla about it23:37
wxlwell i don't want to use chrom* cuz its weird23:39
wxli'll grab opera23:39
wxlafaik those are the only ones that have in-browser ways to change the default23:39
wxlnot even midori23:39
wxlok well can't confirm23:42
wxli installed opera, set it as default, opened konversation, typed out a link, clicked on it, it opened in opera23:43
wxlxdg settings are all appropriately pointing at opera23:43
wxlBROWSER isn't set23:43
wxli'm trying to force falkon as default browser and it's getting me mad :)23:48
wxlit seems that you HAvE to use "default applications" (and not just `xdg-settings set default-web-browser`) to get things to work. it appears to change ~/{.kde/share/.config,.config}/kdeglobals as well as ~/.config/mimeapps.list, which is to be expected23:57
wxlhaving changed that, clicking on a link in konversation opens it in falkon23:58
valoriein systemsettings, I don't even see a way to set a default browser23:58
valorieI know that FF is always trying to make me choose it23:58
wxli just searched for "default applications"23:58
valorieand does chrome in a less nasty way23:59
valoriechromium doesn't bug me23:59
* wxl turns up his nose23:59
valorieI think I set falkon as default in falkon itself23:59
wxli couldn't find a way23:59

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