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faustyfossHi. Question: If I install first mini.iso and then install lubuntu desktop, will that mean lower RAM usage? Thank you.14:49
sergheiOOO EEE14:57
diogenes_faustyfoss, i don't think so.14:57
faustyfossIn the docs: "Lubuntu Trusty alternate 32-bit: 176 MB". Does that apply only to the Trusty edition? I'm not sure which edition has the lowest RAM requirement.15:02
tewardfaustyfoss: that applies only for the alternate ISO15:03
tewardand POSSIBLY the Trusty 32bit install15:03
tewardbut that sounds like *Bare minimum* requirements15:03
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sliptteesHi all17:18
sliptteesi try old computer lubuntu 18.04.2 fresh install... video 640x480 only... i try sisimedia and sis67117:18
sliptteesget this problem: http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/rbZNFVwt8h/17:19
y9pqbMy friend has Lubuntu 18.04 on his very underpowered computer. I'm wondering if I should upgrade to 19.04 for him. The main program he is going to use is Krita, which is Qt, so I figured LXQt might be better for him, but I'm afraid LXQt is going to be slower than LXDE.17:42
y9pqbWhat do you guys think? How has your experience been with the LXDE -> LXQt migration?17:43
wxlfantastic, y9pqb. also, lxde is in a bad state given it's not gtk3 compliant. this is going to be problematic in the near future. there's already some issues with gtk2 apps, notably pcmanfm https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pcmanfm/+bug/178298417:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1782984 in pcmanfm (Ubuntu) "PCManFM freezes with Assertion `!xcb_xlib_threads_sequence_lost' failed when clicking on a file or folder in 18.04" [Critical,Triaged]17:45
wxldevelopment of lxde has crawled to a halt, whereas lxqt is being committed to constantly and is always adding new features and fixes17:46
wxllxde is NOT a long term solution, at all17:46
y9pqbI weighting upgrading to LXQt now vs waiting for 20.0417:49
* wxl shrugs17:49
wxli'd just get it out of the way17:49
wxli see no benefit to lxde17:49
y9pqbI see17:50
y9pqbI'm concerned because I have a program that became much slower after porting to Qt517:50
y9pqbI understand LXDE is a dead-end though17:51
wxlyes, but it will be slower STILL in gtk317:52
wxlthis is the reason pcman is no longer contributing to pcmanfm and is only working on pcmanfm-qt17:52
wxlif you want to see how sad it is with lxde, look at the last few YEARS of commits on lxsession.. translations, typos fixes, some other little fixes.. over YEARS https://github.com/lxde/lxsession/commits/master17:55
y9pqbok, thanks. I'll offer to upgrade it for him17:57
wxland for that matter, we have not found lxqt to have a higher footprint overall. we've been meaning to do a blog post for a while but haven't done it17:57
wxla word of warning: the lxde to lxqt transition is not seamless. read the manual if youw ant to upgrade, or better yet, do a fresh install17:57
y9pqbcool, I'm interested in that post whenever you get around to it17:58
y9pqbwhat do you mean not seamless?17:58
sliptteeshelp fix this? http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/rbZNFVwt8h/17:59
wxly9pqb: https://manual.lubuntu.me/D/upgrading.html17:59
wxluh oh wait that's not it18:00
wxlslipttees: what's in /var/log/Xorg.0.log?18:00
sliptteeswxl: in paste18:01
wxly9pqb: read from this line to the end https://phab.lubuntu.me/source/manual/browse/18.10/source/D/upgrading.rst$7618:02
wxlslipttees: sorry mean /var/log/syslog18:02
sliptteeswxl: sorry bro kk18:02
wxlslipttees: i will say one line catches my eye though it's not an error.. [    28.495] (WW) sis671: module ABI major version (23) doesn't match the server's version (24).. did you get this driver from somewhere strange?18:04
sliptteeshave oficial driver?18:04
sliptteesi don't known18:04
y9pqbwxl: Thanks. He has enough disk space, so I think I'll install 19.04 on a separate partition and tell him to migrate to it at his own pace. I'm glad I didn't just blindly upgrade when I had the chance.18:06
sliptteeswxl: i try sis617 and sisimedia same problem18:06
wxlslipttees: so how about that log?18:20
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jcb2016looking for a light distro that isn't resource hungry and it needs to be able to work with bcm43142 wireless drivers i was refered to lubuntu. any ideas about the drivers?23:03
wxl!b43 | jcb201623:08
ubottujcb2016: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx23:08
jcb2016wxl, my card works in ubuntu im on it right now. do i install it in lubuntu the same way i would install it in ubuntu?23:09
wxljcb2016: it's the same packages, yes23:09
jcb2016wxl, i just need a fast distro that i can load. play videos/stream and not be choppy. ubuntu/xfe/gnome is very choppy i can't play videos i want in browswers23:11
wxljcb2016: if you're low powered, the modern web and modern video might be problematic no matter what, but lubuntu will be your best bet23:13
jcb2016wxl, its a very low qualirty laptop i found in the closet a while back its an AMD E1-6015 with radeon R2 Graphics uses bcm43142 drivers has a resolution of 1366x768 i think it has like 4 gigs ram im trying to make it work23:16
wxljcb2016: like i said, lubuntu will be your best bet23:16
jcb2016ok thanks23:17
jcb2016i just ran apt install bcmwl-kernelsource like i did in ubuntu i also ran modprobe wl as sudo and i can't get wifi working worked in ubuntu. any ideas?23:48
wxlit's the same system essentially, so not particularly23:49
wxlso i would double check your work against the manual (of course things might have changed since you last did it)23:50
lubot<HMollerCl> jcb2016 remember that there is no hw video acceleration in browser in Linux in the standard browsers23:52

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