alkisgHi all, is the "linux-generic-hwe-18.04-edge" package supposed to give bionic users the 5.0 kernel in the near future? Or that will happen with 18.04.3 in the summer?13:00
naccalkisg: it already does in bionic-propopsed15:19
naccalkisg: i think the intention (based upon the wiki page text) is that it will be available in -edge before it's in the normal -hwe channel, but not until it passes autopkgtests (I'm guessing that's why it's stuck, tbh)15:20
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alkisgnacc: thank you, hmm, I'll try to install it from proposed then, I think it's better that way, than to use the mainline ppa16:10
naccalkisg: depends on what you want to do :)16:17
alkisgnacc, I want to test some dkms realtek wifi drivers to see if they work in the latest ubuntu kernels that were distributed widely to users16:36
alkisg(or that will be distributed soonly)16:36
naccalkisg: ah ok 16:42
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