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set_What are some reasons why my website would only show on my network and not be live on the WWW?03:04
tomreynfirewall, port forwarding, routing, public domain name, authoritative DNS records, public ip addresses.03:08
set_I used port forwarding.03:12
set_I have a cname and an A record.03:13
set_Is port forwarding incorrect for a server or should I have used dynamic DHCP?03:15
set_I am using apache2, Ubuntu Server, and a couple files for security (https).03:16
tomreynset_: it's a bit difficult to tell without further information on your network architecture and on how users are supposed to access.03:26
tomreynis this an organozation environment, a home user setup, do you have a static ip address (or multiple)?03:27
set_I am using this server as a home server for website traffic.03:35
set_I have one IP Address for my machine (for now). I do not think it is a static ip address yet.03:35
tomreynset_: then you probably have a home router, which you need to configure to do port forwarding for tcp port 80 and 443. and you'll need to use "dyndns" (offered by multiple companies, some offers are free, such as https://afraid.org)  to make your website constantly reachable from the internet.03:47
tomreynthis is more complicated than i have time to explain now. you will need to look this up more, something like "how to host ubuntu webserver from home"03:47
set_Thank you for your support.03:51
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AvidWolf43hey everyone20:02
AvidWolf43I am having a hell of a time trying to get landscape to work with azure using landscape quickstart. Can anyone assist?20:02
tomreynAvidWolf43: this is not a "no", but note that IRC is usually just volunteer support, and today is a national holiday in many christianity influenced countries20:21
AvidWolf43thanks tomreyn I'm aware its volunteer support, I chime in and help when I can. I am also aware yesterday was easter in my part of the world, and that some businesses are closed today observing the holy holiday, just wanted to see if anyone who is not religiously observant and has any exp dealing with landscape is available to chime in20:24
tewardwell are you trying to get landscape server working or landscape client?20:25
tewardserver is hard, client is easy :p20:25
AvidWolf43server :(20:25
AvidWolf43i can access it locally with links browser20:25
AvidWolf43I think its more an azure dns redirect issue20:26
tewardsounds about right, or their default firewalls20:26
tewardif you can't access it from the outside it's either DNS or firewall usually20:26
AvidWolf43i can access via ip addr externally if I append /account/standalone/standalone-settings20:26
AvidWolf43actually scratch that20:27
AvidWolf43i can access via ip addr externally if I /append new-standalone-user20:27
AvidWolf43if I try to navigate to standalone-settings, thats when I get a redirect to a long azure internal dns20:27
AvidWolf43and i created a new network resource group for this allowing 80, 443 so it should be ok20:28
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