pleia2happy birthday!01:50
nhainespleia2: thank you!  :)01:59
nhainesOkay, looks like it's that time again!02:00
nhainesWelcome to the Ubuntu California meeting for April 21st!02:00
nhainesTonight's agenda is available here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/19April2102:00
nhaines#topic Announcements02:01
nhainesLet's mix things up a bit and start with the announcements.  :)02:01
nhainesUbuntu 19.10 is out!  Yay!02:01
nhainesSince I set up a new writing computer about two months ago, I've been running 10.10 with the minimal install and a few snaps.  It's been really solid.02:02
nhainesb-yeezi: yup!  Not sure where .10 came from.02:02
nhainesUbuntu 19.04 is out.  And it is quite nice.  Linux 5.0 kernel, better GNOME Shell improvements.  Latest LibreOffice.02:02
b-yeezipython3.7 is good (at least for me(02:04
nhainesThe next release cycle, "eaon," will begin to set the groundwork for the LTS release after that.  So to have 19.04 be so solid is a pretty start!02:04
nhaines#topic Upcoming events02:05
nhainesAre there any events happening in the near future we should know about?02:05
nhainesThis is a great time to thinking about release parties, which can be as simple as meeting up at a local restaurant for dinner.02:05
b-yeeziI am a member of the San Diego Python user group. I'm going to suggest having an install party02:07
b-yeeziWhich I would lead, but if anyone else is in SD area, I'd be happy to share the load02:07
nhainesIt can be a good excuse for a get together!  Ubuntu 19.04 ships with Python
nhainesIf you do decide to have a release party, be sure to list it at https://gettogether.community/ and announce it on the mailing list.  If you have any questions or need any help, please be sure to let us know!02:08
b-yeeziIs a release party separate from an install party?02:09
nhainesA release party is when people get together to say "yay, this thing exists!"  An install party is when people get together specifically to try and get a thing running on hardware.02:10
nhainesThey don't have to be separate, but release parties are much easier to organize.  :)02:10
nhaines#topic Agenda02:10
nhainesThe agenda for this meeting is empty.02:11
nhaines#topic Other business02:11
nhainesAnything else going on we should know about?02:11
nhainesOkay, we'll keep this meeting short due to the holiday.02:14
nhainesFeel free to discuss more on our mailing list, which you can subscribe to at https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/Ubuntu-us-ca02:15
nhainesOur next meeting is scheduled for May 19th, and I'll see everyone there!02:15
nhainesTake care, everyone.  :)02:15
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nhainesYay, post-meeting tasks complete.02:21

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