tomreynand it should be automated00:00
HackerpcsOn a VPS with a small 5GB I have ~1.3GB free after the upgrade and installing some things I need like ffmpeg and its dependencies, I don't think leftovers take up space00:00
Hackerpcsit's like that after 4 or 5 upgrades00:00
tomreynusually you just have some old configuration files or empty directories00:01
OerHeksmonitor your logs growing huge :-)00:01
HackerpcsI've noticed dist.upgrade files on sshd config files00:01
Hackerpcsdidn't mess with my config so no harm done00:02
tomreynor old log files which are no longer written to00:02
Hackerpcsthe total disk space is 5GB so if anything takes too much and goes below the normal 1-1.3GB free I would have noticed00:02
tomreynso it looks like you're a happy person00:03
tomreynyou could run    ubuntu-support-status --show-unsupported   and see what the system state is00:03
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tomreynalso github.com/tomreyn/scripts -> foreign_packages to see if you have higher version packages from a PPA still installed which you didn't downgrade to ubuntu versions.00:04
tomreynbut that's not very likely in this situation00:04
Hackerpcsaria2, fail2ban, checkinstall list as unsupported?00:05
Hackerpcstakling about 18.10 not 19.0400:07
tomreyncdommunity support, not official security team support, which is just main and restricted00:07
Hackerpcsoh I see00:11
atheodohi, if I want to install a second desktop e.g., cinnamon00:25
atheodowill i be able to switch between desktops during login00:25
atheodoor i have to pick up a default load by editing a config file?00:26
tomreynatheodo: you should be able to switch at login00:27
tomreynbe sure to install the meta packages for those desktops. ubuntu-desktop, kubuntu-desktop etc.00:27
atheodowill apt-install take care of the meta packages00:28
atheodois it apt-get install ubuntu-desktop00:28
atheodoor there are additional lines I need to write ?00:29
tomreynatheodo: it should be just   sudo apt update && sudo apt install cinnamon-desktop-environment00:30
tomreynbut then i'm guessing a little, i don't even know which ubuntu version you have there00:30
atheodowon't touch my production machine, cannot afford that :-), i will play with a test machine I have first00:30
tomreynyou have test and prodcution environments for your desktop? not bad.00:32
atheodoyes, i build my prod machine and just has ubuntu lts00:33
atheodobut have a second machine i can play with00:33
jcottonis it advisable to reboot after systemd updates?00:45
gofiojust could run boot-repair and got a log of it, could I paste it here?00:45
Bashing-omgofio: Post the resulted URL - and a brief of the issue for the channel.00:48
gofioI'm sending myself an email with the link Bashing-om so I can keep it given I'm runing on a only-read mode or however it's said, that is from a pendrive still without installing xubuntu 18.04. Thanks! will post the link in a moment00:49
gofiohere it is Bashing-om http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/fz9j9h4DYY/00:53
dfkqn_after some update, my system thinks my hw clock are in utc - how to fix that?00:53
gofiothe issue is a dual boot extensevely discussed already in the channel but to a point where neither is a windows issue nor an ubuntu one, so flying solo here now00:54
tomreynjcotton: i'd say if it's a security or bug fix which may be relevant to your system, you should00:56
jcottonI more meant it as does the update go into effect without a reboot?00:56
jcottoni'm guessing now00:57
tonytdoes ubuntu have an iso to download that will run on a arm device?00:57
tomreynjcotton: i assume it will doe the equivalend of a "systemctl daemon-reexec", but do not actually know this for sure.00:58
jcottonNorthwestVegan: no desktop images?00:58
NorthwestVeganim not sure, i cant remember seeing desktop images00:58
OerHeksjcotton, use the netboot version, that gives all flavors00:59
tomreynjcotton: "lsof -p1 | grep deleted" may help yu determine whether a restart is needed. see also the package needs-restart00:59
tomreyn* needrestart00:59
OerHekserr tonyt ^^01:00
gofiodoes sudo reboot work from a live session? I mean, I want the computer to reboot not to shut down, but it asks me to remove the installation medium and then press enter01:01
tonytk thanks oerheks01:02
gofioi'm afraid not01:04
OerHeksgofio, you are trolling01:05
gofiothat's ur opinion OerHeks, can't help with that01:06
RandomGuyOnIrcHow do I update my bios from ubuntu? The upgrader comes as a windows executable01:07
jcottonsometimes you can still pass that exe to an update accessible from the BIOS01:08
jcottonDells do that01:08
OerHeksRandomGuyOnIrc, maybe with a freedos iso, check out https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BIOSUpdate01:09
RandomGuyOnIrcSo how do II pass the exe to the correct thing?01:09
gofioI'm trying to fix an issue OerHeks, if that's trollin for u then I should better leave and keep searching somewhere else I guess01:09
jcottonRandomGuyOnIrc: what model is the madhine?01:11
RandomGuyOnIrcjcotton: lattitude e644001:11
jcottondell right? throw the updater onto a fat32 usb drive, and hammer f12 before you see the dell logo on bootup01:12
jcottonthen select the bios update option01:12
RandomGuyOnIrcthat sounds easy, thanks01:13
RandomGuyOnIrcyour explanation is better than the Internet's also, thanks01:13
Krennictilix is the best terminal in ubuntu :P01:24
dfkqn_how can I fix my timezone so the local time was used?01:25
RandomGuyOnIrci will try tilix01:25
jcottonis there a section in software center for terminals?01:29
LACampbellhas the software-center been replaced by something else?01:35
LACampbellit's not on my system, and there's no such package in the repos01:35
tomreynjcotton: i'm not sure whether apt repository subsections are displayed in software center (probably rather in synaptic, if anywhere on the GUI), but there is the "x11" subsection which also (amongst much else) contains terminal emulators (but i'm not sure that's what you meant by "terminals").01:36
tomreynLACampbell: i thionk it was renamed to ubuntu-software or gnome-software01:36
jcottonthings like tilix and gnome-terminal01:36
jcottonand yeah its ubuntu-sofware01:36
tomreynjcotton: those are temrinal emulators, yes01:37
LACampbellthanks tomreyn. realise I've I'm still in 18.04 so doing an upgrade01:38
tomreynLACampbell: it's the latest LTS, so maybe you're good01:38
jcottontempted to do-release-upgrade but in middle of school project01:39
s_connhi guys! what is the name of that dance song from 90's like "o sinho he o sinho he . dame dame"01:45
RandomGuyOnIrcI upgraded my bios, checked that all the settings were the same as my other Dell E6440, and I still can't use my nic. In syslog, I get this line, "device eno1 state changed: unmanaged->unavailable (reason 'managed', sys-iface-state: 'external')01:45
RandomGuyOnIrcany ideas on how to fix this?01:45
fosslinuxs_conn: this is for ubuntu linux support, not song names01:45
s_connseems kind a linux issue ... main theme01:46
s_connany idea ?01:46
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fosslinuxq/go 4101:46
jcottonRandomGuyOnIrc: from that same f12 menu you can start hardware diagnostics01:46
jcottonworth a shot01:47
RandomGuyOnIrcjcotton: good idea01:47
fosslinuxq/go 4101:47
jcottonRandomGuyOnIrc: fair warning: it beeps loudly at least once01:47
RandomGuyOnIrcjcotton: thanks01:48
tomreynRandomGuyOnIrc: you may have soft or hard blocked it:   rfkill list | nc termbin.com01:54
RandomGuyOnIrctomreyn: thanks01:55
LACampbellI may as well skip 18.10 and go to 19.04. I barely have any software installed so stuff can't be too broken (famous last words)01:58
tomreynLACampbell: check   ubuntu-support-status --show-unsupported01:59
LACampbellyou can't do 18.04 -> 19.04 anyway (: oh well, two upgrades it is01:59
tomreynprobably around summer next year, you could go directly to 20.04.1, though02:01
LACampbellI think 6 months strikes the right balance for me between stability and bleeding edge02:01
tomreynalso famous last words ;-)02:02
LACampbellha! you stick with LTS?02:02
tomreynyes, but i'm mostly joking, you should be fine02:02
LACampbellJeez I just realize I've been using ubuntu for 12 years now. time flies02:03
jcottonthis channel is purely for ubuntu support right? not apps that can run on it?02:03
tomreyniff those apps are in ubuntu, it's on topic02:05
tomreynthere's also #ubuntu-offtopic02:05
jcottonin meaning bundled?02:05
jcottonlike Firefox/gnome-terminal/etc?02:05
tomreynin the official repsoitories or canonical snaps02:06
kinghatya im not sure why my ssh keys with correct permissions wont allow me to connect to github when i put them on a vm02:06
rebabMy computer doesn't respond when I logged in. Only my mouse works (right click doesn't work only moving). I temporary "fixed" the problem by switching GUI to Terminal and Terminal to GUI (ctrl+alt+f1 and ctrl+alt+f7). Interestingly it fixes the problem but I don't want to do this every time I turn on my PC. Is there a way to fix this problem?02:07
tomreyndyc3: oh you made it back! i was a little worried there. which kernel now?02:08
dyc3tomreyn: hi! yeah im back. went to go eat dinner while i was updating. I've rebooted and DNS still broke :(02:09
tomreynrebab: so effectively you're saying your keyboard stoped working right after you logged in - by typing your password, i assume? and you got the keyboard working again by switching between TTYs.02:10
RandomGuyOnIrcstill no luck02:10
dyc3tomreyn: btw i checked my kernel version and its at 4.18 now02:11
RandomGuyOnIrcin syslog, I get this line, "device eno1 state changed: unmanaged->unavailable (reason 'managed', sys-iface-state: 'external')02:11
RandomGuyOnIrcspent all day on this02:11
tomreyndyc3: care to post another kernel log?02:12
RandomGuyOnIrci suspect my nic is damaged02:12
tomreynRandomGuyOnIrc: so what about rfkill?02:12
RandomGuyOnIrctomreyn: nothing is blocked02:12
tomreynwhat are you running there, installed how?02:13
RandomGuyOnIrcwell I have tried 2 different linux os's so far, debian and now ubuntu mate02:13
RandomGuyOnIrcthe latest version02:13
dyc3tomreyn: output of journalctl -b -> https://termbin.com/ht1q02:13
rebabtomreyn: Not keyboard. GUI doesn't show up. I only see the wallpaper. After switching TTYs (GUI -> Terminal -> GUI) everything back to normal. Is there a fix this? Don't want to delete Ubuntu.02:13
tomreynRandomGuyOnIrc: 9.8.0 of what?02:14
RandomGuyOnIrcsorry, that was debian02:14
tomreynrebab: what are you running there, installed how?02:15
tomreynRandomGuyOnIrc: with the default kernel version?02:16
tomreynand was the NIC ever working?02:16
RandomGuyOnIrcI never saw it work, no02:16
tomreyndyc3: looking02:16
RandomGuyOnIrcit is a new machine02:16
RandomGuyOnIrcI guess I need to return it02:16
rebabtomreyn: I've been using Xubuntu for 5 months. It happened 3 days ago. I don't know why...02:17
tomreynrebab: does this say, amongst other, "root root"?  ls -l ~/.Xauthority02:18
tomreynRandomGuyOnIrc: unless it's disabled in bios or you lack the firmware or something, might be.02:19
RandomGuyOnIrctomreyn: i have checked and rechecked the bios02:19
tomreynRandomGuyOnIrc: post    nmcli devices | nc termbin.com 999902:19
dyc3tomreyn: also, after I upgraded all my packages, I still have 20 packages that are being held back for some reason, like `build-essential`, `cpp`, `g++`02:19
RandomGuyOnIrcI have the exact same make and model, one year newer, the bios is the same, and it works02:20
jcottonRandomGuyOnIrc: you could rule out hw issues by checking from a Windows install USB02:20
jcotton(assuming its ethernet not wifi)02:20
gofio4:20 again :-D02:21
rebabtomreyn: -rw------- 1 rebab rebab 50 Apr 22 02:59 .Xauthority02:21
RandomGuyOnIrcjcotton: I don't have a windows install usb. How do I get one?02:21
kinghatso it looks like if you deviate away from the default names of ssh keys that you need to setup a config file for them.02:23
RandomGuyOnIrctomreyn: that is nmcli output02:24
RandomGuyOnIrcweird how it gets the mac correct, but eno1 is unavailable02:25
dyc3tomreyn: oh! dig no longer times out, but the DNS resolutions are empty. It's contacting a server at
RandomGuyOnIrcwell I have to sleep02:27
RandomGuyOnIrcthanks guys02:27
jcottondoes X have a log of some sorts?02:29
jcottonit flips out when I exit out of fullscreen in Minecraft02:29
AbdullahX = xorg jcotton ?02:29
tomreyndyc3: okay, this llog really looks a lot better already. can you post       ubuntu-support-status --show-unsupported | nc termbin.com 999902:30
jcottonor whatever the default display system is in 18.10 with Gnome02:30
tomreynrebab: hmm okay so it's a different issue. i suggest you review the log files, especially the bottom:    journalctl -b02:31
dfkqn_how can I fix my timezone so the local time was used?02:31
AbdullahHow are you starting X ? if you're using some Windows managers, just do it like, `exec dwm 2>/tmp/dwm.log`02:31
jcottonAbdullah: gdm is starting it02:31
dfkqn_right now, it calculates the time as if the clock were utc02:31
dyc3tomreyn: https://termbin.com/ay9z02:31
tomreynRandomGuyOnIrc: woeusb is a utility which can write a windows iso to a usb storage in a way that windows will boot. it's not in ubuntu, though. maybe also ask in ##windows02:32
jcottonshould also note I'm using propietary nvidia drivers02:32
Abdullahno idea about gdm. maybe its /etc/gdm* configuration has something for log02:32
tomreyndyc3: ls -l /etc/resolv.conf02:32
dyc3tomreyn: https://termbin.com/sn5y02:33
jcottonhow do I sign Nouveua for using in secure boot?02:35
jcottonI just switched back to it to troubleshoot something02:35
jcottonbut now i'm on low res02:35
tomreynRandomGuyOnIrc: it could be just a driver issue, maybe missing firmware02:36
tomreyndyc3: you didn't run with --show-unsupported02:37
tomreyndyc3: but the summary is already quite telling:  You have 189 packages (5.1%) that can not/no-longer be downloaded02:38
dyc3tomreyn: oops, here https://termbin.com/ggp502:38
tomreynthese are packages for which no apt source is known02:38
tomreynremoving those (except maybe a few you really want to keep in this state, if you have to - printer drivers in my case) may enable you to overcome the current dependency issues.02:39
dyc3tomreyn: gotcha.02:41
tomreyndyc3: you can try having a static /etc/resolve.conf file again (rm the symlink) if it helps02:41
jcottonI see I need to use kmodsign somehow?02:42
jcottonbut can't figure out how02:42
tomreynjcotton: nouvau is open source, should already be signed, i think02:42
jcottonit's not loading02:42
jcottononly getting 1024x768 when I boot with it selectefd02:43
tomreynjcotton: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UEFI/SecureBoot/DKMS https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UEFI/SecureBoot/Signing https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UEFI/SecureBoot02:43
jcottontrying to see if its the propietary drivers that's making Minecraft freak out02:43
chanhI removed MySql packages,folder and in my server and I did reinstall my-sqlsever. Now I can not using "php -a" , Can anyone help you,please ?02:44
tomreynIIRC nouveau requires modesetting. if you have "nomodeset" then it would fall back to VESA02:44
jcottonoh hm02:44
jcotton⋊> ~ sudo modprobe nouveau                                                   22:44:1002:44
jcottonmodprobe: ERROR: ../libkmod/libkmod-module.c:832 kmod_module_insert_module() could not find module by name='off'02:44
jcottonmodprobe: ERROR: could not insert 'off': Unknown symbol in module, or unknown parameter (see dmesg)02:44
tomreynso you looked at dmesg and?02:46
jcottonnothing mentioning nouveau02:46
jcottonchecked with grep too02:46
chanh I missing some files like /etc/php/7.2/mods-available/mysqli.ini and /etc/php/7.2/mods-available/mysqlnd.ini, how can I install them again ?02:46
dyc3tomreyn: ok, I replaced the resolv.conf, is there anything I have to restart to get it to work02:46
jcottonsame for "off"02:46
tomreynjcotton: it's trying to load a module named "off", which suggests a syntax error in a configuration file, i'd say.02:46
jcottonwhat config files would be relevant here?02:47
tomreyndyc3: yes, systemctl restart systemd-resolved02:47
tomreynjcotton: /etc/mod*02:48
jcottonnoting :(02:48
jcottongrep of nouveau in /etc doesn't turn up anything02:49
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dyc3tomreyn: ok, DNS resolution is now working02:49
tomreynjcotton: and you did a web search for thie error message?02:49
=== help is now known as Guest43244
tomreyndyc3: nice. so next to sort out those leftover packages which are getting in the way02:50
tomreyndyc3: these are likely packages from an earlier ubuntu release, or from PPAs which were disabled by the upgrade. you could also re-enable those PPAs where you want to keep them02:51
jcottonfound a launchpad https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-graphics-drivers-390/+bug/177435902:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1774359 in nvidia-graphics-drivers-390 (Ubuntu) "could not find module by name='off'" [Undecided,Confirmed]02:51
jcottondifferent moudle, but same error02:51
tomreyndyc3: in the end, you should have only few, better no packages listed in "no longer downloadable".02:52
tomreynjcotton: does it mention a workaround then? maybe it's a generic error?02:52
jcottonseems to come from "alias nouveau off" but I don't have anything like that in etc02:53
jcottonthis isn't by chance "compiled" into the initramfs is it?02:53
tomreynjcotton: not compiled, but packaged, well possible02:53
tomreynyou can always build a new one.02:53
tomreynsudo update-initramfs -k $(uname -r) -c02:54
jcottonoh wait02:54
jcottonthere's /lib/modprobe.d too02:54
tomreyndoes it for the currently running kernel only02:54
jcotton(who puts config files in lib???002:54
jcotton⋊> /l/m/4/k/d/g/d/nouveau cat /lib/modprobe.d/nvidia-graphics-drivers.conf   22:54:1902:55
jcottonblacklist nouveau02:55
jcottonthat'll do it02:55
tomreynif i was to guess: the venndor of your graphivs card, whoe unsupported driver you had installed02:55
jcottonthere's the alias line in there too02:55
chanhI removed MySql packages,folder and in my server and I did reinstall my-sqlsever. Now I can not using "php -a" , Can anyone help you,please ?02:56
jcottonoh i see what happened02:57
jcottonremoving the driver in the gui didn't remove the module package02:57
jcottonand its config02:57
* jcotton reboots after apt autoremove02:57
tomreynchanh: post commands you run, all output incl. error messages they return, on paste.ubuntu.com. provide context. explain what you expected to happen, what actually happened.02:58
jcottonyep that fixed it02:58
jcottonhad to do sudo apt autoremove02:59
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tomreynand the package which got removed there is?03:00
jcottondependencies of the nvidia driver03:00
chanhtomreyn: I did like this in this page : https://help.cloud66.com/maestro/how-to-guides/databases/shells/uninstall-mysql.html03:00
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hohum19.04 is missing auth-client-config.   How would I get ldap client authentication running in 19.04?03:02
tomreynchanh: if you also want to remove the data, everything: https://pastebin.com/raw/8nsWT5XG03:02
chanhtomreyn: I cannot conntect to Mysql, When I type php -a, it shows me PHP Warning:  PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library 'pdo_mysql.so' (tried: /usr/lib/php/20170718/pdo_mysql.so (/usr/lib/php/20170718/pdo_mysql.so: undefined symbol: mysqlnd_allocator), /usr/lib/php/20170718/pdo_mysql.so.so (/usr/lib/php/20170718/pdo_mysql.so.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory)) in Unknown on03:03
chanhline 003:03
chanhInteractive mode enabled03:03
tomreynhohum: sssd is a way, i think, but i'm not sure it's the best way. checking manuals may help.03:04
chanhtomreyn: Can you help me, please ?03:04
ubuntu_can u help me ??03:04
tomreyn!patience | chanh + ubuntu_03:04
ubottuchanh + ubuntu_: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or https://ubuntuforums.org or https://askubuntu.com/03:04
tomreynchanh: you just removed the mysql server, how would you connect to it from php now?03:05
ubuntu_help to install ubuntu03:05
tomreyn!details | ubuntu_03:05
ubottuubuntu_: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.03:05
ubuntu_help me to install ubuntu03:06
tomreynubuntu_: https://tutorials.ubuntu.com/tutorial/tutorial-install-ubuntu-desktop03:06
ubuntu_when i click on it is coming no root file is found03:07
chanhtomreyn: I reinstall mysql server but I am missing some files03:07
chanh I missing some files like /etc/php/7.2/mods-available/mysqli.ini and /etc/php/7.2/mods-available/mysqlnd.ini03:08
ubuntu_what should i do now03:08
tomreynchanh: those belong to php, not to mysql-server.03:08
fosslinuxq/go 4103:09
tomreynubuntu_: you click on what?03:09
ubuntu_what should i do install03:09
tomreynubuntu_: i sent you a tutorial link a minute ago, did you see it?03:09
ubuntu_can u access my pc03:09
fosslinuxq/go 4103:09
tomreynubuntu_: follow this tutorial03:09
chanhtomreyn: Yes, I think so but I dont know how can I fix it, Can you give me some ideas to fix it ?03:10
tomreynfosslinux: what's up with your irc window switching failures?03:10
ubuntu_i dont knw'03:10
fosslinuxsomethings up with my keyboard03:10
tomreynubuntu_: we don't do remote support.03:10
fosslinuxlooking into it03:10
tomreynthanks fosslinux03:10
ubuntu_it is coming no root03:11
fosslinux*should* be fixed now, let me know if something happens again03:11
ubuntu_files found03:11
tomreynubuntu_: what is your native language?03:11
tomreyn!in | ubottu03:12
ubottutomreyn: #ubuntu-in is the channel for Ubuntu in India03:12
tomreyn!in | ubuntu_03:12
ubottuubuntu_: #ubuntu-in is the channel for Ubuntu in India03:12
ubuntu_access my pc03:12
tomreyn/join #ubuntu-in03:13
chanhtomreyn: Can you give me some ideas to fix ?03:13
ubuntu_ what ideas03:14
tomreynchanh: you could start by discussing your environment, what you're planning to do. start with your ubuntu version.03:14
ubuntu_i want to intall03:14
tomreynchanh: this command will tell:   nc termbin.com 9999 < <(lsb_release -ds;cat /proc/{version,cmdline};)03:15
fosslinuxubuntu_: you should join the channel #ubuntu-in03:15
fosslinuxyou can talk in telugu there03:15
fosslinuxrun /join #ubuntu-in03:15
ubuntu_continue in english03:15
tomreynfosslinux: nice try.03:16
fosslinuxubuntu_: we're having a lot of problems trying to understand you03:16
chanhtomreyn: My version : 18.10,03:17
tomreynchanh: can you post the output of this command i posted?03:17
tomreynid adds some more info03:17
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ubuntu_is there any remote session03:18
tomreyn<tomreyn> ubuntu_: we don't do remote support.03:18
tomreynask someone local sho already knows, they can show you.03:19
tomreynask someone local who already knows, they can show you.03:19
chanhtomreyn: this is the link : https://termbin.com/b4lt03:20
dyc3tomreyn: ok, I think I've fixed all my dependency issues. no packages are being held back03:20
tomreynchanh: thanks. you are probably missing https://packages.ubuntu.com/cosmic/php-mysql03:21
tomreyndyc3: then reboot again, see whether it fixes remaining issues03:22
tomreyngo over you system journal again on your own, see if there are issues. you can use        journalctl -p 4 -b    to only list warnings and worse.03:22
=== sipior_ is now known as sipior
chanhtomreyn: Do I need to install all files in the link you sent me ?03:23
tomreynchanh: no, you need to    sudo apt install php-mysql    to use mysql from php03:24
dyc3tomreyn: ok, brb03:24
chanhtomreyn: I already have this03:26
chanhtomreyn: php -a03:27
chanhPHP Warning:  PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library 'pdo_mysql.so' (tried: /usr/lib/php/20170718/pdo_mysql.so (/usr/lib/php/20170718/pdo_mysql.so: undefined symbol: mysqlnd_allocator), /usr/lib/php/20170718/pdo_mysql.so.so (/usr/lib/php/20170718/pdo_mysql.so.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory)) in Unknown on line 003:27
chanhInteractive mode enabled03:27
tomreynchanh: you have configured somewhere in /etc/php* that the PDO_MYSQL module is to be loaded, but this module is nowhere to be found03:29
carson_tomreyn: I replaced my /etc/resolv.conf with the symbolic link and DNS appears to be working again!03:30
tomreynthis file is part of the php7.2-mysql package03:30
carson_tomreyn: wait, I think I spoke too soon03:30
chanhtomreyn: What should I do now ?03:30
Ben64probably install that package03:31
=== carson_ is now known as dyc3
dyc3whoops forgot to switch my nick03:31
tomreynchanh: sudo apt install -o 'APT::Install-Recommends 1' php-mysql03:32
tomreynchanh: sudo apt install -o 'APT::Install-Recommends=1' php-mysql03:33
tomreyntypo fixed03:33
tomreyndyc3: oh thats you.03:33
dyc3tomreyn: yeah, so DNS with the symlinked resolv.conf is still broken03:34
chanhtomreyn: 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 22 not upgraded. I think I already have03:34
tomreyndyc3: restart systemd-networkd again, also networking03:34
dyc3tomreyn: done, dig times out03:36
tomreynchanh: apt list --installed php*03:36
dyc3tomreyn: /etc/resolv.conf says "No DNS servers known" :/03:37
tomreynchanh: should include both php-mysql and php7.2-mysql03:37
tomreynchanh: if it does,m then you removed the file /usr/lib/php/20170718/pdo_mysql.so manually, and need to reinstall the package to recover03:37
tomreyndyc3: do you have them configured in network.manager?=03:38
tomreynactually shouldn't be needed, yuo get them via dhcp03:38
dyc3tomreyn: network manager picked up the DNS servers from dhcp03:38
tomreyndyc3: maybe reboot once more, or logout / login, since i'm not sure what exactly needs to be restarted03:38
dyc3tomreyn: ok brb03:39
chanhtomreyn: yes, I removed the file manually. I tried installing both php-mysql and php7.2-mysql using apt with --reinstall option, but I still don't get the missing files back03:39
dyc3tomreyn: I'm back, DNS still not working03:41
tomreynchanh:    dpkg -S /usr/lib/php/20170718/pdo_mysql.so    should tell you that this file is provided by the php7.2-mysql package. and if      apt list --installed php7.2-mysql    states that this package is installed, then this means that the installation of this package was corrupted, possibly as a result of manual intervention. and that can be recovered by    sudo apt --reinstall install php7.2-mysql    - this is all i know.03:43
tomreyndyc3: hmm, sorry to hear this. you previously hd this line logged, do you still have it?03:44
tomreynApr 21 22:03:41 gazelle snapd[1130]: stateengine.go:102: state ensure error: Get https://api.snapcraft.io/api/v1/snaps/sections: dial tcp: lookup api.snapcraft.io on server misbehaving03:44
tomreynif so, there's still an issue with systemd-resolved or dnsmasq, not sure which of the two.03:45
chanhtomreyn: thank you so much, I will try to do it03:45
dyc3tomreyn: that line does not appear in my logs03:45
kinghatis there a way to get back to the latest kernel that ubuntu 18 should be on?03:48
kinghatsomehow im on 4.15.0-47-generic and i think it should be up in the 4.18ish area.03:48
kinghati think trying to fix grub i messed with the kernel i on.03:49
tomreyndyc3: okay, maybe there are other errors still, take a look. at least you have a workaround (rm the resolver symlink, create a static resolv.conf file) for now. and i need to catch some sleep.03:49
kinghat4.18.0-17-generic maybe?03:49
dyc3tomreyn: ok, thank you sooo much for your help!03:49
Bashing-om!info linux-image-generic bionic | kinghat03:49
ubottukinghat: linux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (bionic), package size 2 kB, installed size 15 kB03:49
tomreyndyc3: don't forget about your static records in /etc/hosts -and ask your questions again here, summing things up again.03:50
tomreyndyc3:can be now or later, up to you03:50
dyc3right, I'll try again tomorrow. its late for me too03:50
kinghatBashing-om: so its not out of date?03:52
Bashing-omkinghat: Nope , ^^ is current.03:53
Bashing-om!info linux-image-generic-lts-bionic03:56
ubottuPackage linux-image-generic-lts-bionic does not exist in bionic03:56
Bashing-om!info linux-generic-lts-bionic03:57
ubottuPackage linux-generic-lts-bionic does not exist in bionic03:57
ChetManlyhow to get dc3dd03:58
Ben64sudo apt install dc3dd03:59
Bashing-omBen64: Just forgot the correct syntax for checking hwe :(03:59
Ben64oh, for what release03:59
Bashing-omBen64: Poster be on bionic .03:59
Ben64!info linux-image-generic-hwe-18.04-edge04:01
ubottulinux-image-generic-hwe-18.04-edge (source: linux-meta-hwe-edge): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (bionic), package size 2 kB, installed size 11 kB (Only available for i386; amd64; armhf; arm64; ppc64el; s390x)04:01
Bashing-omBen64: :) .. will so note.04:02
jcb2016anyone use xfce and use the battery applet? if so how did you get it?04:03
kinghatso new installs are using that, Bashing-om?04:04
Bashing-omkinghat: 18.04.2 will be HWE enabled and yes will use the cosmic kernel - ,04:06
Bashing-om!HWE | kinghat04:06
ubottukinghat: The Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack04:06
sebseabassSomeone say something please. :)04:10
kinghatBashing-om: is there a way to convert to that?04:10
Bashing-omkinghat: If you are on 18,04.1 then yes , The directions I expect are in the link.04:12
atheodomy computer totally froze all of a sudden and had to restart via the power button04:12
atheodocan i see where the crash report is04:12
atheodoor ubuntu does not have crash reports?04:13
lotuspsychjeatheodo: /var/crash04:15
Bashing-omatheodo: Is this a crash or a system freeze ? crash reports in the /var/crash/ directory, Many times when the system freezes there is no way to write to the logs.04:16
lotuspsychjeatheodo: its also very handy when asking a question you give the volunteers as much details as you can, ubuntu version, kernel,what happens when,..04:16
atheodoi see what you are saying04:17
atheodoi thought linux did not crush :-)04:17
atheodohexchat kept givng errors that it was misbahaving, so I removed it and installed xchat04:17
lotuspsychje!xchat | atheodo04:20
ubottuatheodo: xchat and xchat-gnome have not had stable releases in years. xchat was removed from Ubuntu for 16.04. Consider using hexchat instead, which is actively developed and available in 14.04 onwards.04:20
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atheodosorry I  am running 18.04 lts04:22
atheodoi was just using hexchat04:23
atheodoevolution and firefox04:23
kinghatthanks Bashing-om04:23
atheodoall of a sudden the computer just froze no mouse or keyboard04:23
Bashing-omkinghat: :) small thing. You are welcome.04:24
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ChetManlyhow to get dc3dd04:36
lotuspsychjeChetManly: Ben64 already told you how04:36
ChetManlylotuspsychje: sorry i missed it04:37
ChetManlyi scrolled up and didnt see04:37
ChetManlyoh its in the repos?04:37
lotuspsychjeChetManly: rule number one for installing ubuntu software, always search the official repos first :p04:38
ChetManlyi must have mistyped it the first time.... failure04:39
lotuspsychjeChetManly: to search software, available for your system: apt-cache search keyword04:40
daxlotuspsychje: xchat is indeed back from the dead. It's still not a great idea. I've updated !xchat accordingly.04:45
ChetManlyI see what I did, I have a livecd session going and hadnt updated apt but now that I did I cannot find it still it04:45
ChetManlybut it show up on another system04:45
lotuspsychjedax: thank you04:46
ChetManlyI dont want to have to upgrade the whole livedisk to install one app04:47
ChetManlyshouldnt update be enough?04:47
lotuspsychjeChetManly: are you currently on a liveusb session?04:48
Ben64depends what you're running04:48
ChetManlywell on a laptop beside me04:48
lotuspsychjeChetManly: a liveusb is actualy for testing purposes, when you like it we reccomend to physical install ubuntu04:48
ChetManlywell Im going to use dc3dd to image the drive before install04:49
ChetManlypackage manager doesnt see it either04:51
lotuspsychjeChetManly: you mean making a backup before install?04:51
ChetManlyclone disk of winblows04:51
ChetManlyjust learnt about the variations of dd and wanted to try but doesnt seem to want to lol04:53
ChetManlymust add repos after install04:55
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marcoagpintoI have installed 19.04 twice and it doesn't accept my password06:01
marcoagpinto"Sorry that didn't work. Please try again"06:01
marcoagpintowhat is wrong?06:02
dfkqn_your layout is wrong?06:03
marcoagpintoit is exactly the same as 18.04 and 18.1006:03
marcoagpintoI didn't change anything06:03
marcoagpintoI got disconnected06:16
marcoagpintomy password doesn't work in 19.0406:16
MrElendigkeyboard layout?06:17
marcoagpintoimpossible, since while installed I retyped it and it matched06:18
marcoagpintoonly in the login screen it complains about it06:18
marcoagpintowhile installing*06:18
MrElendigthat it matched during install doesn't mean that it does now06:18
MrElendigtype the letters in as the username and see if they are correct06:18
MrElendigalso, you might simply have typoed it06:19
MrElendigI asume you are actually getting a wrong password error, and not a different one?06:19
marcoagpintoit is a wrong password error06:19
marcoagpintosince I typed random letters to test06:20
marcoagpintoand the error is the same06:20
marcoagpintoanyway, I will reboot my laptop and reinstall the VM from zero06:21
MrElendigno need to reinstall06:21
MrElendigjust reset the password if you really believe the layout is correct06:21
MrElendigdid you try logging in on tty instead of the dm btw?06:21
EriC^marcoagpinto: if the layout is wrong, it would also give a password error, try using a tty and type the password in your login to see if it's being typed correct06:22
marcoagpintowhat is tty?06:23
marcoagpintothe layout is "Portuguese"06:23
EriC^which vm are you using virtualbox?06:23
marcoagpintohow did you guess?06:23
EriC^press right ctrl+f206:23
MrElendigor host key, click icon, send key to guest06:24
marcoagpintothe laptop is still booting06:25
marcoagpintoI will try in a minute06:25
marcoagpintothanks for the help06:25
MrElendigto change the password you could simply mount the guest on the host and generate a new hash and put in the shadow file06:27
marcoagpintowell, it says the login is incorrect06:28
marcoagpintobut I typed the pass also in the username and I saw that the letters that appear on screen match06:29
marcoagpintoso, I can't understand what is wrong06:29
MrElendigprobably typoed the password, that would be my guess06:29
marcoagpintobut I installed 19.04 twice06:29
thefatmaHello guys how can i check on Ubutnu16.04.2 what is the total size of my home folder ?06:30
marcoagpintohow can I typoed twice?06:30
MrElendigor the username06:30
MrElendigthefatma: man du06:30
marcoagpintolet me install again06:30
MrElendigno need06:30
MrElendigyou can rename the user or just make a new one06:30
thefatmaMrElending : du doesn't work properly for some reaosn, is there some other option ?06:30
MrElendigthefatma: or ncdu if you want a overview of the subdirs06:30
MrElendigthefatma: or one of the multiple gui diskspace analyzers06:31
thefatmaOk, guys i have upped my disk space on the VM throught vcenter, but now i want to configure it throught the LVM on the machine aswell, please guide me :306:35
MrElendiggrow the pv, vg, lv and fs in that order+06:37
marcoagpintowell, now it is the third time I install 19.04 and it still says the password is wrong06:56
marcoagpintomaybe it is an issue with the computer name?06:57
marcoagpintosince it add "Virtual box blah blah" after the username?06:57
dfkqn_username cannot contain spaces, so it is unlikely it was added to07:00
dfkqn_marcoagpinto: try to use the install media to boot into a rescue session and change the password from there07:01
ducasseBruno: stop that please07:01
ducasse!support | Bruno07:02
ubottuBruno: The official ubuntu support channel is #ubuntu. Also see http://ubuntu.com/support and http://ubuntuforums.org and http://askubuntu.com07:02
dfkqn_marcoagpinto: also, are num/capslocks off?07:02
marcoagpintoyes, I know what I am doing07:04
marcoagpintoI am not a complete newbie07:04
marcoagpintoI have been creating VMs since Ubuntu 1207:04
ducasse!ops | Bruno07:09
ubottuBruno: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, phunyguy, bazhang, chu, dax07:09
ducasseBruno: do you have an ubuntu question, or are you just here to spam?07:15
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doug16kcan someone try something for me? when you press alt+left or alt+right (arrow keys), is it changing to another virtual terminal for you?07:36
guivercdoug16k, nope, but didn't expect it to (it's ctrl+alt+arrow) ; you didn't specify release either (which may differ)07:37
doug16ksuddenly my setup is doing that and it is a serious issue. I can't do word left right when remote controlling one client, and locally, when I try "go back" in my favourite IDE now it switches to another terminal :(07:38
doug16kequally strangely, alt+f2 acts as if I press ctrl+alt+f207:38
MrElendigdoug16k: does for me, as expected, when on an actual tty07:39
MrElendigdoug16k: that is normal07:39
MrElendigif you are on an actual tty07:39
doug16kI'm in the GUI though. shouldn't there right?07:39
MrElendiggenerally yes07:39
MrElendigare you in a vm?07:40
doug16kusing ubuntu on this for years, suddenly started07:40
doug16kis there some way to see every key bind other than that settings/devces/keyboard thing?07:41
doug16kI did reset all in there. no effect07:41
Crorandoug16k: did you try unplugging your keyboard and reconnecting it?07:43
doug16kyes. tried another keyboard too. same07:43
Crorandoug16k: you rebooted?07:43
doug16kthink so but I will now to be 100% sure07:43
doug16kyay! it stopped07:47
Crorannice. another tip you might try is 'showkey -a'. it should show ctrl caret prefix on any keys you type if there's a 'stuck key' issue.07:48
doug16kwhen you less /var/log/syslog how long do you have to hold page up to get past all the ureadahead "ignored relative path" messages07:50
doug16kor is that just me :)07:51
Crorandoug16k: appears to be just you. what is generating the messages?07:52
doug16k`grep 'Ignored relative path' < /var/log/syslog | wc -l` prints "136899"07:53
doug16khere's a screenful https://gist.github.com/doug65536/58cec28f305ca7925c98f20f50b37e8107:54
doug16kdoes that answer your question?07:54
doug16khow do I reset ureadahead to relearn07:55
doug16kis there a straightforward thing?07:55
doug16kahhh. just ran into this: https://askubuntu.com/questions/749224/92-of-syslog-is-filled-with-message-regarding-ureadahead-ignoring-relative-pa#84056707:56
Crorandoug16k: apparently there's a fix in bionic's -proposed repo07:56
Crorandoug16k: if you're on bionic, you can enable proposed in 'dev options' tab of software & updates panel.07:57
dfkqn_when will ubunu move to gcc8?07:57
doug16kis LTS bionic?07:57
Crorandoug16k: yes07:57
Crorandoug16k: well... current LTS is.07:57
doug16kthat is what I'm on07:57
doug16kCroran, thanks07:57
Crorandoug16k: sure. here's detail if you want. i think if you are successful the devs would like to hear their work fixed it. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ureadahead/+bug/157958007:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1579580 in ureadahead (Ubuntu Xenial) "ureadahead reports relative path errors in journalctl output" [Low,In progress]07:58
doug16kbug reporter has a measly 30244 messages. I destroy his count with 136899 :D07:59
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doug16ktried to provoke a logrotate and got a bunch more surprises. should this work: sudo logrotate -d /etc/logrotate.d/rsyslog08:12
doug16k-d means dry run btw  (doesnt actually do log rotate)08:12
Crorandoug16k: not sure sorry. never done one manually.08:13
doug16kI get several "error: skipping "<various log names>" because parent directory has insecure permissions (It's world writable or writable by group which is not "root") Set "su" directive in config file to tell logrotate which user/group should be used for rotation."08:13
doug16kits group is syslog08:13
doug16kanyway, how do I provoke a log rotate then so I can tell if ureadahead proposed update worked cleanly08:14
doug16kgo by dates in log I guess?08:14
doug16kis /var/log/syslog supposed to be 17.5 million bytes?08:15
MrElendigtighten up the permissions08:16
MrElendigand the size depends on what you are logging, and how much is wrong with your system08:17
MrElendigand how often if at all you are rotating :)08:17
Crorandoug16k: if i were you i'd probably just sudo su and then manually run /etc/cron.daily/logrotate08:17
Crorandoug16k: definitely no guarantees tho :)08:18
doug16kgood idea. seemed successful, syslog still huge08:18
MrElendigs/sudo su/sudo -i/08:19
doug16kI did sudo -Hi08:19
Crorandoug16k: ah. maybe it only works if an actual day has passed.08:19
Ben6417.5M isn't that big08:19
Croranmrelendig: is sudo su wrong?08:20
doug16ksudo su would work too but sudo can do it without su's help, just sudo -i, or as I do set the home dir too, sudo -Hi08:20
MrElendigCroran: yes08:21
MrElendigsudo su == become root to become root....08:21
Ben64it can mess up permissions in areas08:21
Croranmrelendig: so it starts two shells, one in the other?08:21
MrElendigor rather, become root to run su to become root08:21
Croranah ok08:21
Ben64it's not just redundant, it can be bad08:22
MrElendigits a legacy from 1993 UNIX systems which didn't have -i and -s08:22
MrElendigthat sadly is repeated all over the internet in cruddy guides08:22
MrElendigjust like all the cat abuse etc08:23
Ben64'sudo su -' would be fine, but 'sudo -i' is easier anyway08:23
Ben64yes, fine08:23
doug16kI could just truncate --size 0 /var/log/syslog eh?08:23
MrElendigdoug16k: might want to compress and store somewhere else08:24
MrElendigand inspect to see what is writing so much to the logs and why08:24
tatertots.....6+1=7 ...5+2=7 ..4+3=7...all those roads lead to rome so..08:24
the2048I kind of want to set shortcuts to automatically change my monitor brightness through DDC but I can't do that without root08:26
the2048How do I set it so that a keyboard shortcut works as root without entering my password?08:27
Crorandoug16k: sounds right08:28
MrElendighow exactly are you changing the brighness?08:29
MrElendigseveral of the backlight/brigness tools does not require root08:29
the2048I have DDC/CI enabled on my monitor08:29
the2048Any good program in that case?08:30
Croranthe2048: https://www.ddcutil.com/config/#grant-readwrite-permission-for-the-devi2c-n-devices-representing-monitors08:30
EriC^the2048: xbacklight08:30
Croranthe2048: you're welcome08:30
MrElendigthat is pretty nasty08:32
MrElendigacls are nicer than 66608:32
MrElendigI would limit access to just the i2c device needed instead of all of them too08:33
Crorancould set it to 777 and then use selinux to enforce. lol :)08:33
Crorancouldn't you just add yourself to a group and then assign to that group and set 660? similar to serial devices with the 'dialout' group?08:35
doug16kthat might allow a lot08:36
the2048I'll just set the exact i2c device I need as read write to my account08:37
doug16kya if it is a separate one for monitor it's not a big deal. the wrong i2c could be nasty to unblock08:38
doug16kpower management things can be there08:38
the2048Oh I found the right i2c device but I added myself to the i2c group. Should probably reboot and make note of the device08:39
* MrElendig is a big fan of acl for devices08:41
Croranmrelendig: what is that?08:42
the2048So apparently it's i2c-2 but that's kind of useless right now because I'm about to reboot and it might change. Either way at least I know that my monitor acknowledges DDC08:42
MrElendiguaccess is the magic way to allow users with a local session access now08:42
the2048Kind of expected it to but hey sometimes things don't work08:43
=== lotterbube is now known as clever1
Croranmrelendig: huh. does the 'acl' part allow you to allow and deny more granular hardware permissions? block certain commands?08:43
MrElendigCroran: man 5 acl08:44
MrElendigallows you to set permissions per user08:44
MrElendigand TAG+="uaccess" will automaticly give access to users who are logged in locally08:45
Croranmrelendig: oh it's still just rwx.08:45
MrElendigCroran: correct, but per user08:46
MrElendigalso does defaults, inheritance etc08:46
MrElendigsidenote: rules using uaccess have to be before the *-seat-late.rule08:47
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hdjwhat's this09:03
the2048What in tarnation is going on now09:06
the2048I've like 5 second audio desyncs when playing 1080p video09:07
{xmb}!package daemontools-run09:08
the2048Only happens with mplayer though09:14
the2048Could be my underpowered hardware to be honest though09:14
the2048Maybe MP4 decoding is a little rough on it09:15
the2048MKV it is09:15
marcoagpintoguys?! Socratis from VirtualBox told me to install 19.04 with host=guest keyboard09:24
marcoagpintoit worked, but when I got to the desktop, I added Portuguese and removed English09:24
marcoagpintoand, after a reboot it no longer accepts the pass09:24
marcoagpintoI will reinstall in the afternoon09:24
{xmb}maybe cause keymapping changed09:24
{xmb}think whats different on the porto keymap and try to type it right again09:24
MrElendigno need to reinstall09:25
{xmb}otherwise try control-alt f1 or f2 and try login there09:25
MrElendigyou can simply change the layout back09:25
CroranIt appears that selinux's 'allowxperms' could be used to only allow specific commands to be transmitted to i2c devices. For those who really care about security.09:25
MrElendigthis isn't windows, you don't have to reinstall just to change the keyboard layout09:25
marcoagpintomrelcee: how? in the login screen there is no keyboard layout09:25
MrElendigthere is09:25
{xmb}try without X on console via f209:25
MrElendigthere is even a icon to click to change it if you are using gdm09:26
marcoagpintowhat is that?09:26
{xmb}the login manager for x for gnome i guess09:27
MrElendigcan also change it trough  Region & Language -> Input Sources -> Login screen if using gnome09:27
zatest indonesian09:27
zaindonesian here09:28
zais there chanel ubuntu for indonesia09:28
MrElendig(may not show if the system only has a single user)09:28
zaor malaysian09:28
zais there09:28
marcoagpintoMrElendig: I can't login to the desktop09:28
marcoagpintoremoving the GB keyboard says my password is wrong09:29
dfkqn_marcoagpinto: have you checked the password in the username box?09:29
marcoagpintoyes, of course09:29
marcoagpintoit works if I install with a GB keyboard, but after the login I added the Portuguese keyboard and removed the GB09:30
marcoagpintonow the login screen doesn't accept the password09:30
dfkqn_you type the same characters but it doesn't accept them?09:31
zajust 209:31
{xmb}marcoagpinto try console login: control-alt-f309:31
marcoagpintolet me try09:32
marcoagpintoit shows some balls like when Ubuntu is booting09:35
marcoagpintowell, I give up, in a few hours I will reinstall for the 4th time09:36
marcoagpinto[10:20] <socratis> Do NOT delete the English keyboard!!!09:36
marcoagpinto[10:21] <socratis> *ALWAYS* keep the English keyboard no matter what! Real or virtual.09:37
dfkqn_what is your host os?09:37
marcoagpintoWindows 1009:37
dfkqn_login screen uses its own keyboard, which is set by the chosen locale, you should not be able to "remove" anything from there09:39
marcoagpintodfkqn_: I removed from the settings after I logged in09:40
marcoagpintoand the locale I chose was GB09:40
dfkqn_and your physical layout is?09:40
dfkqn_of portugal?09:41
dfkqn_what does localectl say?10:03
marcoagpintodfkqn_: I have started reinstalled10:06
marcoagpintodfkqn_: I have started reinstalling10:06
marcoagpintoI created a new .vdi10:06
marcoagpintoI can't wait for the afternoon10:06
marcoagpintotoo much stress10:06
MrElendigmuch less stress if you would stop reinstalling every 5 second10:07
marcoagpintoI know :((((10:07
marcoagpintomaybe I should drink some more cola10:08
BluesKaj'Morning folks10:08
dfkqn_earlier redhat oses had a funny bug when only one layout were installed, even if it had no latin letters10:09
marcoagpintothere must be a bug with keyboard layouts in 19.0410:35
marcoagpintoI opened the terminal with the "pt" on the top10:35
marcoagpintoand it doesn't accept my password10:35
marcoagpintowhen I clicked there and change to "en" it works10:35
MrElendigsounds like you typed it in using the "wrong" keymap when you made it really10:39
marcoagpintobut it has been working since Ubuntu 1210:40
marcoagpintoonly in 19.04 it doesn't10:40
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=== conjo is now known as justaddcoffee
dfkqn_can you verify that that "pt" layout in the terminal corresponds to your keyboard?10:45
dfkqn_also, what is localectl output on your system?10:46
marcoagpintodfkqn_: I will check in two minutes10:52
marcoagpintoI rebooted Windows 1010:52
marcoagpintoand yes, the "pt" layout corresponds to PT10:53
marcoagpintoI tried à and á10:53
marcoagpintoin the terminal10:53
marcoagpintodfkqn_: how do I check that?10:57
marcoagpintoI am in 19.04's desktop10:57
dfkqn_type localectl in a terminal10:57
marcoagpintolet me do it10:57
marcoagpintodfkqn_: https://i.imgur.com/k7ktjHH.png11:00
marcoagpintosorry it look long, I had to copy the .png to dropbox from the 14'' laptop and open it here in the 15,6'' one11:01
dfkqn_so you should have an english layout on the login screen. is that so?11:07
marcoagpintobut in "pt" it doesn't accept the pass11:08
dfkqn_what keys do you press to switch gb<->pt on the login screen?11:12
marcoagpintoI believe I clicked in the "en" at the top right of the screen11:13
dfkqn_does your password contain characters outside a-z?11:17
marcoagpintodfkqn_: https://i.imgur.com/eAmYnoL.png11:18
OerHekshi labdoo, english only plese11:18
dfkqn_so you press the shift+/? key to type _, and it doesn't come out?11:21
marcoagpintodfkqn_: let me do a test here11:23
marcoagpintostarting my VM11:24
marcoagpintodfkqn_: private11:26
PharaohHello! My desktop shortcuts post upgrade to 19.04 are all broken. Any idea?11:32
OerHeksPharaoh, collaborate please, what shortcuts?11:33
PharaohOerHeks: desktop shortcuts to executables.. e.g. steam.desktop11:34
OerHekscheck if steam is still installed?11:34
PharaohOerHeks. All I see is an editable file with commands ..11:34
OerHeksi guess not, steam might not survive upgrade11:35
PharaohOerHeks: Yes. That is not the only one broken. This is consistent for all programs11:35
OerHeks'yes" as in "yes, i checked and steam is still installed"?11:35
leftyfbPharaoh: pick a link on your desktop that points to a program that is installed11:36
PharaohOerHeks: Yes. Here are more posts on the same https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=241719611:37
Pharaohleftyfb: ok11:37
leftyfbPharaoh: ok, which program has an icon on your desktop that isn't working?11:37
OerHeksoh, starters/icons *on* your desktop?11:37
OerHeksgnome 3.22 is picky about this11:38
leftyfbPharaoh: the link you posted is a completely different issue than what you are describing11:38
dfkqn_Pharaoh: you can no longer place .desktop files on the desktop in the newer nautilus11:39
Pharaohdfkqn_ : Ahh, thank you!11:39
marcoagpintodfkqn_: thank you and everyone for the help11:40
marcoagpintodfkqn_ told me what to do in private and it is now working11:40
Pharaohleftyfb: sorry, just saw the title.. :(11:40
leftyfbtermuxMuda: we only speak English here11:40
BluesKajmarcoagpinto, it's too bad you guys didn't share the fix with the chat11:41
leftyfbmarcoagpinto: dfkqn_: that isn't very helpful to anyone else experiencing the same issue11:41
termuxMudahallo guys11:41
leftyfbdfkqn_: please keep support discussion/troubleshooting here where everyone else can see and contribute11:41
leftyfbtermuxMuda: hello. This is a support channel. What can we help you with11:42
marcoagpintoleftyfb: I couldn't give public details about my password in public11:42
leftyfbmarcoagpinto: that private information is easily redacted11:43
leftyfbmarcoagpinto: you can remove private information from logs and configs before you post them11:43
termuxMudaI want to study here, right?11:44
leftyfbtermuxMuda: no. This is a support channel. Feel free to join #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics11:44
=== LaydGirL is now known as www-isbuu-com
OerHekstermuxMuda, you can read and learn from others.11:46
termuxMudaoh yeah, what can you talk about here?11:46
termuxMudaOerHeks, Okay, thanks11:47
=== Apachez- is now known as Apachez
marcoagpintoleftyfb: basically, for what I understood, the login screen uses the locale keyboard and some chrs are different in PT->EN12:00
marcoagpintoso I installed with the GB locale12:01
marcoagpintoand in PT some chrs were different12:01
marcoagpintoso, switching between "en" and "pt" in the upper right would produce different symbols12:01
yoyo_just testing out this IRC chat server for ubuntu developers12:03
yoyo_I assume no one is on right now?12:03
wonderworldi am here12:04
yoyo_what is this chat channel for?12:04
CookieMsupport for ubuntu, read the topic12:05
yoyo_Ah, no problem.12:05
yoyo_Just checking12:05
goddardanyway to do whole disk backups on a running system?12:17
silabusHi everyone. Am I connected?12:18
goddardsilabus: no12:18
silabusGood. Just as I planned.12:19
SrPxWhen doing `ssh ubuntu nvcc` I get "nvcc: command not found", but if I do `ssh ubuntu` and then `nvcc`, it works fine. Why?12:20
goddardSrPx: how did you install?12:23
SrPxI followed the official tutorial. Just got it to work by using the full path on the ssh command12:25
ChunkzZwhy does Ubuntu 19 say I have "disk OK, 39 bad blocks" but when I check Windows 10, no errors?12:25
goddardChunkzZ: because they aren't the same program with the same standards12:27
ChunkzZgoddard, so which to believe?12:27
goddardChunkzZ: linux12:27
goddardChunkzZ: get a new drive and back that sucker up12:28
goddardSrPx: which tutorial can you link it?12:29
SrPxgoddard: I don't remember12:29
ChunkzZit IS a new drive goddard :/12:30
SrPxit has been a while since I did it12:30
goddardChunkzZ: maybe you got a bad drive12:30
goddardChunkzZ: which program are you using to do this check?12:30
SeveasSrPx: I'm guessing nvcc is not on the normal $PATH, and only added to the path by something in your .bashrc, which is only read for interactive shells12:37
SeveasSrPx: to confirm, `ssh ubuntu` and `which nvcc`12:37
SrPxSeveas: probably was that, I solved it by adding the full path. It is at /usr/local/cuda/bin/nvcc12:38
SeveasSrPx: yup, that was it :)12:39
gofiohi there, got a question on xubuntu, should I ask here or in the linux channel :?12:43
none_Does anyone know how to share my printer with the network? The GUI seems to have changed a lot since 14.04...12:44
BluesKajgofio, depends on the question , is it ubuntu related?12:45
gofioI just suspended the session since it's a live session and still didn't find the way to make it as persistent as possible, so I suspended it, and now when I start the computer again it asks me for user and pass but as far as I know I did not choose any BluesKaj12:47
s3nd1v0g1us is 19.04 (dingo) the only update since 18.10 (budgie)?12:48
ubottuIt's out! Announcement at https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-announce/2019-April/000243.html - Release Notes: https://ubottu.com/y/Dingo12:48
BluesKajfor live session I think it's ubuntu and ubuntu, gofio12:48
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gofiok ty BluesKaj, I suspected something like that but did not know. And btw, it seems I got double login in the channel :-/12:50
=== LabMonkey is now known as Mechanismus
gofio"incorrect password, please try again" BluesKaj :-(12:51
BluesKajgoddard, maybe the user is admin12:51
BluesKajoops, too late12:51
gofio_gee dunno which is which12:52
BluesKajgoddard, maybe the user is admin12:52
gofio_gonna look it up see what I find12:52
gofio_tried user admin and pass ubuntu, but nope12:53
pragmaticenigmagofio_: There is no password, it is blank12:54
BluesKajtry user pass empty12:54
gofio_what about the user pragmaticenigma? tried both blank as well but nothing12:55
pragmaticenigmagofio_: Username: ubuntu12:55
gofio_I'm checking at askubuntu but as far as I could get now did not find the answer yet12:55
pragmaticenigmagofio_: https://askubuntu.com/a/20193112:55
gofio_user: ubuntu, pass: "blank", nothing12:56
alkisgHi all, is the "linux-generic-hwe-18.04-edge" package supposed to give bionic users the 5.0 kernel in the near future? Or that will happen with 18.04.3 in the summer?12:56
gofio_k there u go pragmaticenigma thanks! xubuntu as user and blank as pass12:57
gofio_now for the persistent live session should I ask here or at the linux channel better?12:57
pragmaticenigma!persistent | gofio_12:58
ubottugofio_: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent12:58
gofio_yeap read already those links pragmaticenigma but I'm having a hard time about it12:59
ubottuThe Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack12:59
alkisgpragmaticenigma: this page unfortunately doesn't mention the -edge package12:59
* alkisg tries in #ubuntu-kernel...13:00
pragmaticenigmaalkisg: Do not cross post13:00
alkisgpragmaticenigma: no worries, i can stop this channel and move to the next one13:01
* alkisg is constantly amazed at how strict some people are in irc...13:01
pragmaticenigmaalkisg: That is not what I said... you asked here... wait for an answer. Please have patience as we are volunteers13:01
gofio_most of the persistent methods I've read/seen about are before burning the iso into the pendrive but mine its already burned, and dunno if now can make the partition with gparted and that would work the same pragmaticenigma13:01
alkisgpragmaticenigma: thank you,I'm an ubuntu developer, online in IRC 12 hours per day man13:01
alkisgWhen one realizes that some other channel may be more appropriate, it's not that big a deal to move there13:02
BluesKajalkisg, then you know the rules :-)13:02
=== dincer is now known as osmanlicilegi
alkisgSure :)13:02
gofio_u could move to #dualboot alkisg :-) there's lot of room :-D13:03
alkisghttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-hwe-edge says it's in proposed btw, so I guess it'll arrive sooner than 18.04.3...13:05
pragmaticenigmagofio_: If the instructions on the persitant USB page are not working for you, then either the drive is faulty or you missed a step. There are multiple approaches laid out on that page. The main thing is the drive has to be made persistent at the time you make the drive.13:05
__Myst__How can I make a systemd user service run as root?13:08
__Myst__Or do I just want a non-user service?13:08
pragmaticenigma__Myst__: You'll need to provide more information on what you're trying to do and what your end goal is.13:09
__Myst__I'm trying to create a systemd service to run a shell script as root13:10
__Myst__that's really all there is to it13:10
__Myst__i need root access to access the usb drivers13:11
pragmaticenigma__Myst__: none of what you are saying is making any sense...13:11
=== nat_ is now known as Natkeeran
__Myst__pragmaticenigma: how is it not making sense?13:11
__Myst__i need to access /dev/bus/usb in my shell script13:12
__Myst__only root has this power13:12
__Myst__so, i need to run the systemd service as root13:12
alkisg__Myst__: and why can't that be a normal systemd system unit, instead of a user one? Do you need access to the session?13:12
__Myst__alkisg: i'm a total newb to systemd, i thought user units where just user-created units13:13
pragmaticenigma__Myst__: that's not accessing a driver, that's accessing a device. There is a big difference there. That's why you need to explain in better detail what you're trying to accomplish13:13
alkisg__Myst__: system units = root = things for system. user units = user = things for the session. What is your unit targetting, system things or session things?13:13
pragmaticenigmaI think knowing __Myst__ end goal is rather important, because if it what I suspect it is, there is an easier way13:14
gofiothere it goes my daily wifi disconnection13:15
__Myst__pragmaticenigma: the script isn't acutally mine13:15
__Myst__it's just a script that sends a payload over usb13:15
__Myst__this is for nintendo switch hacking13:15
__Myst__alkisg: i guess it's a system thing13:16
__Myst__not really a session thing13:16
pragmaticenigma!enter | __Myst__13:16
ubottu__Myst__: Please try and keep as much of your info as possible on ONE line - easier to follow for everyone.13:16
__Myst__pragmaticenigma: sorry13:16
frnabhanyone recalls name of a terminal prompt which improves linux terminal to show info such as git etc? it starts with L13:16
frnabhright! Thanks.13:16
frnabhwas searching all day.13:16
__Myst__hmm, i got it to run as a service but for whatever reason it's not using regular python?13:17
alkisgIt's using the system path, so if you have a local installation in /home/username, it won't use that one13:18
__Myst__well it's using /usr/bin/python3 (as systemctl status tells me); but it's not finding a module that is installed13:19
__Myst__/usr/bin/python3 -c 'import usb'  # totally fine13:19
alkisgTry sudo -i, and then python3 -c 'import usb'13:20
__Myst__oh that doesn't work13:21
alkisgMaybe you installed "usb" under /home/username13:21
__Myst__oh of course i installed it as --user13:21
gofioI understand wine program is not an ubuntu question pragmaticenigma, is it?13:22
BluesKaj!wine | gofio13:23
ubottugofio: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu13:23
pragmaticenigmagofio: It is best to ask the question, if it's not on topic for this channel, someone can direct you to a better resource13:23
__Myst__is there any way to get a systemd service to run when a particular usb device is inserted?13:25
__Myst__i know vendor and product id13:25
pragmaticenigma__Myst__: The proper way is to attach an event to Udev when a drive is inserted13:27
gofiooOK pragmaticenigma thanks! then I have an ubuntu question, only ubuntu, about the installation process. I'm at the installation type point here: https://i.imgur.com/XY1wegN.jpg and here https://i.imgur.com/6ZUl2kW.jpg , and my question is I don't want to erase everything in the hard disk, and the other system installed is windows 7 even though it does not recognize it. What would be my next step? in order to install xubuntu 18.0413:28
pragmaticenigmagofio: I'm not very familiar with dual booting machines. If the installer is not finding windows, it is possibly because Windows is using Bitlocker; you're attempting to install on a machine with EFI enabled, but not using EFI for the installer; or something else. I'd recommend at this moment to stop. And back up your harddrive using something like clonezilla... in case you accidentally wipe out your harddrive. you can then13:31
pragmaticenigmarecover it13:31
ph88^after dist-upgrade all my 3rd party repositories were enabled. Is there a script that will check if they can be upgraded to the new release and also tell me which repositories don't have support for the new release ?13:32
pragmaticenigmaph88^: PPA support has to come from the maintainer of the PPA. There is no generic script to verify.13:33
gofioxactly that's the thing pragmaticenigma , that I'm stuck at this point and since it is neither an ubuntu nor windows issue, or so they say both, I'm in the middle of nowhere13:34
__Myst__pragmaticenigma: how do you do that?13:34
leftyfbph88^: in order to upgrade to a newer release of ubuntu, you should be disabling all PPA's and removing their packages before upgrading13:35
pragmaticenigmagofio: First start with backing up the harddrive... that's where my focus would be right now. And verify the backup! nothing worse than making that backup to find out your data is gone13:35
gofioyeap you'r right pragmaticenigma about the back up even though at this point that's not really my priority, but ok let say I back all the stuff, then what. Reinstall again windows and later ubuntu? I need windows to be installed, at least till I find I can open everything fine with wine, which I haven't done yet since I've been using ubuntu 17.10 so far and I couldn't13:41
pragmaticenigmagofio: Well... there's the first problem.. Ubuntu 17.10 is EOL, and not supported. 19.04 is the most recent regular release and 18.04 is the latest LTS (long term) release.13:42
gofioI'm installing wine on xubuntu 18.04 to see how it goes but is on a live session that still didn't find the way to make it as persistant as possible13:43
gofioyeap that's why now going for xubuntu 18.0413:43
pragmaticenigmagofio: The first step is still... backing things up... I'm not personally going to offer anything more until you have done that. Getting a head of yourself is how mistakes happen, and how you lose important data and files13:43
gofiok pragmaticenigma, say I backed it up everything now. What's next?13:50
pragmaticenigmagofio: I know you didn't because you're not paying attention13:51
gofioplease don't tell what I'm doing or not, please13:51
unimatrix9i have got this strange plymouthd crash everytime at boot ( 18.04.2 LTS )13:53
Icefoz_I have a somewhat silly question...  how does /etc/network/interfaces actually get read on 18.04?  What program loads it and sets the network settings from it?13:53
leftyfbIcefoz_: a fresh install of 18.04 does not use /etc/network/interfaces by default13:53
Icefoz_Hmmmm, something is loading it though.  I'm working with a system and someone added an /etc/network/interfaces and it appears to be getting loaded.13:54
pragmaticenigmagofio: I said something earlier that you clearly didn't pay attention to... so best of luck13:54
leftyfbIcefoz_: then someone installed ifupdown on said machine13:55
gofiobasically to make a back up. What did I miss13:55
Icefoz_Hmmmm, all right, I'll check that out.13:55
Icefoz_I'm trying to migrate everything to systemd-networkd, netplan, or whatever else makes life simplest.13:55
unimatrix9let me try something,  i will be back ;)13:56
unimatrix9sudo chown -R : /sbin/plymouthd13:56
pragmaticenigmafrom about 30 minutes ago: gofio: I'm not very familiar with dual booting machines.13:56
gofioI did read that13:56
BluesKajthere's predicting what will happen with backup, you haver to do it and check afterwards to make sure the backup is succesful. then come back for more instructions, gofio13:56
Icefoz_Ah, and ifupdown has scripts to hook into systemd and udev.  Thank you leftyfb!13:57
BluesKajno predicting13:57
gofioand I'm saying, the back has been succesful. What's next. Whose back up it is, mine, or somebody else's ¿?13:57
BluesKajyoure saying , but it doesn't sound to me like t=your doing13:59
pragmaticenigmagofio: This isn't our first rodeo, and the last thing we want to see here is you in a panic or rage about having lost all your data. You're being helped by people with many years of experience. Myself over 20 years. I've learned these lessons the hard way. We don't want to see you learn that way too.14:00
gofiothat's fine BluesKaj, but why u care, u know what I mean, at the end of the day it's my data, isn't it. If this was an organization or something I'd not say anything, but as far as I'm concerned it is not, so, if anything goes wrong I'm gonna pay the consecuences, and promise I would not come back, so, free risk at ur end14:01
gofionow who is anticipating events pragmaticenigma ;-)14:01
BluesKajthen we have toget you out of another jam because you don't follow suggestions14:01
gofioU don't know how much I do appreciate ur concern pragmaticenigma, but proll I do have more scars than u. And again, I really apreciate ur concerns14:02
BluesKajso you didn't learn from your scars obviously14:02
gofioI do follow suggstions otherwise I would not be here, with a fresh install of xubuntu 18.04 BluesKaj, thing is, the map is not the territory, if u know what that means14:03
pragmaticenigmagofio: If you want our help, then you need to follow along. As for your WINE issue, if your applications aren't listed here, you have a 50/50 chance of them working. https://appdb.winehq.org/14:03
pragmaticenigmagofio: To test applications compatibility... perhaps you should install Xubuntu into a virtual machine and try there first.14:03
gofiothanks pragmaticenigma will check that out, appreciated14:04
pragmaticenigmagofio: A virtual machine won't replace running the system on the hardware directly, but it's a much safer route to take for testing things out that you are unsure of. Virtual Box is free and an excellent environment for testing in.14:04
gofionot all scars have to give a lesson u learn from BluesKaj, as u must know sometimes sh1t happens, as the saying goes14:06
JimBuntu!language gofio14:06
gofionow I gotta find the way to make my live session more persistent than just suspend it as I'm doing now cuz everything u're telling me pragmaticenigma I'm doing it from there, not from the computer I'm typing at the moment. I do have a live session with xubuntu 18.04, and this installed ubuntu 17.10 I'm writing from, on a partition and windows dual boot, that will upgrade to 18.04 as soon as I can, which right now seems a long shot14:08
=== MrElendig is now known as truck-kun
gofiobtw a live session I would not have, nor have could loged into it again, if did not follow BluesKaj ;-)14:09
empedokles78Anybody using pgadmin4 on ubuntu (not yet in the official repo)?14:11
gofioabout the wine issue pragmaticenigma I had it with ubuntu 17.10 8and for I searched it wasn't only me) but now I'm installing it in the xubuntu 18.04 and everything so far seems to go fine. With ubuntu 17.10 it was a hard time even for the install14:12
BluesKajempedokles78, pgadmin4 is not avaialble in the repos, only pgadmin314:13
empedokles78BluesKaj, yeah, but this is legacy according to folks on postgresql.14:14
pragmaticenigma!latest | empedokles7814:15
ubottuempedokles78: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.14:15
pragmaticenigmaempedokles78: The version provided in the package repositories is tested and verified to work with the version of postgre that is also provided in the package repository14:15
tomreynit's in universe, so community supported.14:15
empedokles78tomreyn, pgadmin3?14:16
pragmaticenigmatomreyn: They were asking about pgadmin414:17
tomreynwell that's not. :)14:17
empedokles78Is it a major risk to add the apt repo from postgresql? ;)14:17
tomreynprobably not, but you will need to decide.14:18
pragmaticenigmaempedokles78: The focus of this channel is for the official package repositories included for official flavors of Ubuntu. Adding PPAs is at your own risk, and you are encouraged to seek help from the maintainer of that PPA when you encounter issues14:19
gofioall this time now pragmaticenigma it's taking for wine to install in the xubuntu 18.04 live session (currently at 24%) so it takes time, thing is, as long as I can't make the session persistant, which I know to a point it can be done, but yesteday or better said a few hours ago, OerHeks was saying, or I should check the logs, nothing could be saved, which even though it can be true, does not mean I canmake the session as persistent as possible, to the point14:21
gofiosuggesting if I was trolling. So, u know. Not all sugestions are the same. Most persistant stuff I find is for before the iso installation, which I did not. Followed a sugestion as well. And worked out as all I needed at that moment more than anything was trying if I could gt the machine back running, as it wasn't at that moment. So, u see, I follow what I'm told, but I'm not a sheep, even though sometimes maybe it'd be better I was. Could sell my wool14:21
OerHeksgofio, if you create a persistent part, does not mean wine will stay installed, just the downloads are saved.14:22
gofiothat's enough for me OerHeks14:22
gofioit takes a while for me just to do that14:23
OerHeksand you will need to instll / run it again after *each* boot14:23
gofiothat's better than doing all that, plus the download14:23
OerHeksgofio, oke, just saying to prevent disappointments14:23
gofioif everything went well I'd only need to do it once14:23
seanhAnyone know how to install Python 3.6 on Ubuntu 18.10? It seems it's not available in apt -- only Python 3.7 and 3.8 are there14:24
CarlFKI need a command that sends data to stdout to test some logging stuff.  any suggestions?14:25
gofioand I appreciate that OerHeks and understand it, but again, my dissapointment level is way way far away, it's all gratitude what I have here. Too many wrecks, already dead, no worries14:25
pragmaticenigmaseanh: Ubuntu 18.10 is rapidly approaching EOL, you might want to consider upgrading to Ubuntu 19.04 with has Python 3.7 available14:26
pragmaticenigmaseanh: OOps... I see you're trying to downgrade14:26
seanhSorry, I meant 19.1014:26
seanhThe problem is I need Python 3.6 not 3.7 or 3.814:26
pragmaticenigmaseanh: What is in 3.6 that is not available in 3.7 and above?14:27
truck-kunseanh: pyenv14:27
truck-kunseanh: or make a deb using altinstall14:27
gofioso now I have installed wine 4.0 in the xubuntu 18.04 live session, see what I can do with windows files since I have access to them, try to make the recovery disk from there. If I had the product key, wich is oem or however splt, and can't talk to my vendor as we're in the middle of eastern, eveything would bemuch easier. but is not. Giv or take, that's life, no worries14:27
truck-kunor deadsnakes14:27
truck-kunseanh: but really, pyenv is usually the best choice14:27
seanhHmm, I'll check out pyenv thanks14:28
pragmaticenigmaseanh: while truck-kun means well... none of those solutions address your need of a specific version of python14:30
truck-kunpragmaticenigma: wrong14:30
truck-kunpragmaticenigma: that is exactly what pyenv was made for14:30
CarlFKderp stderr.  I need a test stderr.14:30
truck-kunpragmaticenigma: also if you roll your own deb you can build whatever version you want14:30
pragmaticenigmatruck-kun: That isn't what they were asking for. And to use those tools would require the version of python to be available in the system already, which they don't have. You're answers are incomplete14:31
seanhMy use-case is that as a developer I need to run certain projects I'm developing for with 3.6 as the projects require 3.6. Others require 2.7. Others require 3.7. So I need to be able to install different versions of Python14:31
truck-kunuhm, neither of those requires that14:31
truck-kunpragmaticenigma: pyenv is not pyvenv14:32
truck-kunhttps://github.com/pyenv/pyenv  it builds from source, in $HOME (or wherever you tell it to)14:32
gofioif I make a partition with gparted in the pendrive I'm using for the live session in xubuntu 18.04, will that alter anything for next session? hope that's an ubuntu question14:32
lordcirth_gofio, isn't the Live USB just an ISO9660 fs? You wouldn't be able to add a partition?14:33
truck-kunand of course if you make your own deb...14:34
lotuspsychjetruck-kun: can we keep discussions for #ubuntu-discuss please14:34
gofiothat's why asking lotuspsychje. Actually just opened gparted and I'd say itdoes not recognize the pendrive?14:35
pragmaticenigmatruck-kun: Also, building from source is not supported in this channel. Focus is on the available packages from the official Ubuntu repositories for official Ubuntu flavors. pyenv is not a supported package found there.14:35
OerHekstrun*if* you need python 3.6.x, roll back to Bionic 18.04 LTS14:36
lotuspsychjegofio: i wasnt talking with you?14:36
gofiobut it does recognize the partition I made from windows in the hard drive to install there ubuntu 18.04. Why can't I just install xubuntu there lotuspsychje ?14:36
pragmaticenigmaOerHeks: that wasn't the original help requestor14:36
gofiooops sorry lotuspsychje I meant lordcirth_14:37
lordcirth_gofio, why do you want to add a partition?14:37
gofioin the pendirve lordcirth_ ?14:38
lordcirth_gofio, yes14:38
gofioso I can save stuff in there14:38
gofioit's a 60g drive14:38
lordcirth_gofio, Ok. What you may want to do is install Ubuntu normally to that drive, rather than just the installer.14:39
gofiotried yesterday and made two partitions each with one iso but it did not work, once installed the live session it took it all14:39
gofiocan I do that in a pendrive lordcirth_ ?14:39
lordcirth_gofio, all block devices are just block devices :) Doesn't matter what kind of drive it is.14:40
lordcirth_But, you will need to boot the installer from one drive and install it to the other, so you may need another USB drive.14:40
gofiobut from the same pendrive I'm running the live session from? k, we were writing the same at the same time14:40
lordcirth_Yeah, you can't really re-write in place14:41
gofioyeap that's the thing can't find another usb I had14:41
lordcirth_(Ok it's technically possible, but there's no way I'm running you through that_)14:41
gofiobeen there done that and now I makee the t-shirts, literally. Just kidding14:41
gofiounderstand lordcirth_14:42
lordcirth_gofio, do you have an Ubuntu machine available?14:42
gofiowhat about installing xubuntu in the partition gparted is showin me in the computer hard disk?14:42
lordcirth_gofio, what about it?14:42
gofioyes if u mean available one with a xubuntu 18.04 live session and the one I'm writing from with ubuntu 17.10 already installed14:43
lordcirth_From a running Ubuntu machine, you can also use debootstrap to install Ubuntu to another drive. It's a bit more work though14:43
gofioright now I have time work would not matter14:43
gofioI'd go to the install in the pendrive right away if I could14:44
gofiothat way I'd resolve the persistance thing14:44
OerHeks17.10 ie EOL, dead, no use of keeping that14:45
gofiogonna take a pic of what gparted is showing me of the hard disk of the computer I'm running the live session on14:45
lordcirth_gofio, might be easier to pastebin 'fdisk -l'14:45
=== de-facto_ is now known as de-facto
gofioI know OerHeks I know, reason why I keep it is because I already have it installed and working, and will upgrade when I have xubuntu 18.04 installed in the other computer14:46
gofiok, let me do that lordcirth_ , thanks14:46
lordcirth_gofio, after it's working, you'll want to set snappiness to 0 or disable swap entirely to avoid wearing out the drive.14:47
gofiooh boy now the keyboard got the wrong configuration and - is giving me / gee...14:48
Eickmeyerlordcirth_: s/snappiness/swappiness14:48
lordcirth_lol, yes14:48
gofiocan't find keeyboard on screen, swear I saw it yesterday14:51
Eickmeyergofio: In xubuntu? Search the menu for "onboard".14:53
benishorhi there. quick question: I recently upgraded to 19.04 and all is nice except for the fact that I get the files from ~/Desktop shown on desktop. I installed the system fresh from an usb stick but I kept my /home on a different drive14:54
benishorhow can I hide the icons shown on the desktop?14:54
gofioonboard settings Eickmeyer ?14:54
lotuspsychjebenishor: gnome-tweak-tool14:54
gofioyes, xubuntu14:54
pragmaticenigmabenishor: Or move the files to a folder other than ~/Desktop14:54
Eickmeyerbenishor: Install gnome-tweaks (if not alreayd installed) and check the extensions for Ubuntu Desktop Icons.14:55
lordcirth_gofio, no, just 'onboard'14:55
gofiok, got it Eickmeyer thanks!14:55
Eickmeyergofio: np14:55
benishorlotuspsychje: , Eickmeyer tried both14:55
benishorno cigar14:55
lotuspsychjebenishor: second tab/desktop/enable-disable icons14:56
gofiopermission denied lordcirth_ for the fdisk -l14:56
Eickmeyerlotuspsychje: That doesn't work under 19.04 since it's an extension now.14:56
Eickmeyerbenishor: Did you check the extensions tab?14:56
lordcirth_gofio, reading disks requires root. Run it with sudo.14:56
benishorEickmeyer: yes, I disabled the "Desktop icons" extension14:56
Eickmeyerbenishor: Might require a log-out and log-in.14:56
gofiok, got it, thanks lordcirth_ ! what I do now with the result?14:57
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.14:57
gofioyeap pretty much says the same as gparted shows14:57
lordcirth_gofio, fdisk -l <drive> | nc termbin.com 999914:57
benishorok, so I relogged but nothing changed14:59
gofiosorry lordcirth_ I'm way slow atm, I did something like that yesterday but now I'm a bit lost, what should I put in that <drive> space?14:59
benishoranyone has a clue about what the mechanism is?14:59
lordcirth_gofio, whatever drive you wanted to look at. Like /dev/sda14:59
benishorfirst of all, what piece of software is running on the desktop when showing icons?14:59
gofioon the terminal lordcirth_ isn't it15:00
Eickmeyerbenishor: Prior to 19.04, it was nautilus. 19.04 onwards it's the extension, which means gnome-shell is doing it.15:00
lordcirth_gofio, well yes.15:00
gofiowith the sudo, isn't it15:00
benishorEickmeyer: funny thing is that I manage to change the desktop icons size from gnome-tweaks15:00
benishorbut I can't seem to disable the "show the personal folder in the desktop"15:01
benishorwhere are those settings kept exactly?15:01
Eickmeyerbenishor: Try "killall -9 nautilus" and see what happens.15:01
Eickmeyerbenishor: In dconf, but I wouldn't know which one exactly.15:01
OerHeksbenishor, those options are gone with gnome 3.22 AFAIK15:02
benishor➜  ~ killall -9 nautilus15:02
benishornautilus: no process found15:02
gofiodunno where to find that | symbol lordcirth_ :_(15:02
lordcirth_gofio, you literally just typed it here?15:02
gofioin the other computer I mean15:02
lordcirth_gofio, why, is it a different keyboard layout?15:03
gofioI have two computers side by side right now15:03
gofioyeap, here I just copied pasted urs lordcirth_15:03
benishor➜  ~ dconf dump /org/gnome/shell/extensions/desktop-icons/15:03
benishorcan you guys please let me know what key I'm missing?15:04
lordcirth_gofio, oh, well the pipe is above the backslash, above enter15:04
gofioI'm onboard right now in the one I have to type that comand in the terminal. That's why the screen shot15:04
benishorthe one that tells whether to show desktop icons or not15:04
Eickmeyer!paste | benishor15:04
ubottubenishor: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.15:04
seanhtruck-kun: pyenv was what I needed, thanks15:04
benishorEickmeyer: thank you and sorry for the paste15:04
Eickmeyerbenishor: Stand by, it might be a separate setting if you're in the Ubuntu session (I'm not currently).15:05
gofiocould not find it yet in the onboard keyboard lordcirth_  but I'm trying15:06
lordcirth_gofio, shift + \15:07
gofiok, found it15:07
gofioI have it in this one in my keyboard Çç}15:08
Eickmeyerbenishor: I see, as I just tried to do the same thing. You might have to install vanilla-gnome-desktop as a workaround. It appears to be hard-coded in the Ubuntu session.15:09
Eickmeyerbenishor: You'd install that, log out, then log back in. From there you'd have full control over the extensions.15:09
Eickmeyerbenishor: Also, please file a bug report against the "ubuntu-session" package.15:10
Eickmeyer!bug | benishor15:10
ubottubenishor: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its official !flavors, please report it using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.15:10
EickmeyerPaste the bug report number here and I'll confirm it.15:11
benishor10x Eickmeyer15:12
gofiobash: syntax rror near unexpected token lordcirth_15:12
gofiodid it without the symbol and tells me /dev/sda: permission denied lordcirth_15:13
Eickmeyerbenishor: I forgot, make sure you choose the "Gnome on Xorg" session at login.15:13
gofiogonna take a screenshot anyways15:13
ioriabenishor, or just remove nautilus and use nemo (you need anyways to make some tweaks in gsettings)15:14
Eickmeyerioria: The point is he doesn't want icons on the desktop.15:18
Eickmeyerioria: Also, they have 19.04, and the icons aren't handled by nautilus anymore.15:18
benishorI used the following workaround: moved everything from ~/Desktop in another folder and disabled the extension15:19
benishorthat seems to work for now15:19
ioriaEickmeyer, not sure what you mean, i installed nemo and i have no icons on my Desktop (19.04)ù15:19
Eickmeyerbenishor: Okay, if that works, then cool.15:19
benishorthing is the behaviour of showing everything from ~Desktop is somewhere hardcoded15:20
gofiothis is what I see from gparted lordcirth_  https://i.imgur.com/GL97Hin.jpg hope it helps15:20
Eickmeyerbenishor: Agreed, hence the bug report needed.15:20
Exterminador2hello guys. my HDD partitions seems a bit odd. :X is there a way i can merge all unallocated space into one partition via command line? the current partition tree is as in here http://i.imgur.com/jFZ9EOi.png15:20
gofiothe label "discolinux"is the partition I had made from windows to install ubuntu there lordcirth_15:21
tomreynExterminador2: just ignore the unallocated 1 MB parts, and optionally grow sdb515:23
tomreynExterminador2: and when you have a spare storage, create a gpt partition table (instead of this msdos) there,  a single partition for linux, lvm on top, and then logical volumes for what is currently onthe linux partitions.15:25
Exterminador2tomreyn: is there a way to order all the partitions? I didn't wan to have all that "unallocated" space between them15:25
gofioshould I format to nfts or fat or linux-swap to install ubuntu?15:25
tomreynnot without copying stuff to other storages at least temporarily15:26
tomreynthe msdos partition table is too inflexible, gpt is better, and gpt with lvm grants the most flexibility15:27
Exterminador2I'm just concerned with /dev/sdb1,2,315:27
compdocI think you should use GPT on large drives too15:28
lordcirth_gofio, ok, and what was it you wanted to do, again?15:29
Exterminador2well, /dev/sdb1,2 are the Windows partitions as it can be seen and /dev/sdb3 is my Xubuntu one. I'm using live USB right now tho15:29
gofioI want to install ubuntu in that partition of the hard disk that's labeled "discolinux" lordcirth_15:30
lordcirth_gofio, ok, and what problem are you having when trying to do so?15:30
gofiowhich I'm about to try format since it's empty from gparted see what happens15:31
benishorEickmeyer: one more question, please. is there a way to revert the application switcher behaviour to the previous one which did grouping?15:31
gofiothe problem is when going thru the install process at the installation type point, It doesn't show as it shows gparted in the screenshot I posted so I'm confused onto where to install at that point. I do have a screenshot of that as well, one second15:32
gofiothis is lordcirth_  https://i.imgur.com/6ZUl2kW.jpg15:33
gofiothat's what I see from the installation type15:33
lordcirth_gofio, I see a /dev/sda3 on both.15:33
lordcirth_And they look like the same size.15:34
OerHeksgofio, ofcourse ubuntu installer does not see that disco partition, remove it, and xubuntu will see the free space, have fun!15:34
Exterminadordang.. my router is having some issues..15:34
gofiothe one that says "unknown", right? lordcirth_15:34
lordcirth_gofio, yes, you can select it, Change, select 'use as /' and go.15:35
gofiooh I see...but...hmmmm, that's the whole hard disk...and it's labeled as the partition I did....so, wtf happened15:35
lordcirth_gofio, what do you mean it's the whole disk?15:36
Exterminadortomreyn: so, how would I make all those weirdly done partitions to be in order and without any unallocated space ?15:36
gofioyeap the entire hard disk of the computer which has like 500g15:36
gofiothing is already went thru this with ubuntu 14.04 but aborted before finishing and since then all it's fkd15:37
lordcirth_gofio, well, it looks like you had a Windows install which you overwrote. If you don't need all that anymore, you can probably overwrite all of it.15:37
gofiothat's the thing lordcirth_  that I'd need it :-(15:37
ExterminadorI don't really care if Windows is blown up tho. my major and truly concern is /dev/sdb3 where my "work" Xubuntu is living15:37
gofiowhat about the recovery part lordcirth_ will that be the recovery from windows?15:38
lordcirth_gofio, well, you already overwrote your main Windows partition with this 'discolinux' partition.15:38
OerHekssda4 ext4 .. seems no longer being windows recovery...15:39
gofiooverwrote it while trying to install ubuntu, wasn't it? I mean, I made the partition while in windows, which was kinda a pain, and when finally was done I checked it and everything was fine, it was recognized in every case15:39
gofiothat's the thing OerHeks  that where it says "recovery" by th size of it, it should be more the "discolinux" partition I made15:40
gofiothat is, where it says "discolinux" it should be windows, and where it says "recovery" it should be "discolinux", just by the size of them15:41
lordcirth_gofio, it seems you overwrote it ages ago, and you should probably reinstall Windows, making a smaller partition from the beginning, then dual-boot.15:41
gofioit was a few weeks ago yes15:41
OerHeksso you made a mess of the hdd .. time to reinstall windows 7 and try to install fresh xubuntu alongside15:42
gofiowhere u suggst I should make the partition from lordcirth_ ?15:42
OerHeksthis is not worth the energy15:42
gofioa total mess OerHeks15:42
lordcirth_gofio, the windows installer, probably.15:42
gofiocuz when going for the install I did not see clearly which partition was each. Should have let ubuntu done it as I did when installing ubuntu 17.10 in this computer but I read was better doing the partition first from windows15:43
OerHeksgofio, next time, just leave the freespace unpartitioned15:45
gofiothing is now I can access every windows file i had from the live session15:45
gofiothat's what I should have done OerHeks no doubt15:45
gofioI once bought the windows 8 upgrade on cd format and neveer used it, gonna try find it see what happens15:47
OerHeksgofio, interesting, but offtopic for this channel15:47
tomreynExterminador: if you are really concerned aybout those 1 MB pieces of unallocated storage (which may just be a result of partition alignment), make sure you have current backups, then grow sdb3 in both directions.15:48
tomreynExterminador: when you do, it may get a new uuid, check /etc/fstab against blkid, and update-initramfs -k $(uname -r) -u15:49
tomreynExterminador: you could probably also move the data from sdb5 to sdb3 (both are ext4 file systems) by just using mv15:50
Exterminadortomreyn: GParted doesn't allow me to grow the sdb3 partition in any direction tho15:51
tomreynthen you could delete sdb5 and the extended area (sdb4)15:51
lella90I installed Lubuntu 18.04 LTS and was sad to see there is no guest session. Is there a way to put it back? DEVELOPERS PLEASE KEEP GUEST SESSION (it's very useful!!)15:51
tomreynExterminador: probably for good reasons then ;-)15:51
tomreynmaybe you have it mounted?15:51
ExterminadorI'm using the live USB, so I think it's unmounted?15:52
tomreyn"mount | grep sdb" may tell15:52
tomreynbut it's likely some other reson then, such as alignment15:53
tomreyni wont spend more time on 2 MB15:53
lordcirth_lella90, https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/guest-sessions-in-18-04-lts-are-they-needed/1714 this may be relevant15:53
OerHekslella90, install lightdm, "sudo apt install lightdm ; # be sure to choose lightdm as the default"  and you can enable guest session https://askubuntu.com/a/111235615:53
lella90THanks :)15:54
gofiowhere can I see the CD drive in xubuntu 18.04 :?15:54
Exterminadortomreyn: okay. the problem right now is that I want to shrink the windows partition (currently with 288Gb) to 150Gb with Windows Disk Management. but then I'd like to know if there's a way to move/merge that unallocated space with /dev/sdb515:55
tomreynExterminador: consider sdb4 a compartment, you can't move whole partitions into or out of it.15:57
tomreynone of the main reasons why msdos partition tables are annoying15:58
OerHeksgofio, in your filemanager, thunar iirc15:58
Exterminadorunfortunately I can't do nothing about that now :/15:58
gofiocan't find it OerHeks :-(15:59
leftyfbgofio: do you have a CD in your drive?15:59
=== mmarconm is now known as H3ruS
gofioI'd like to explore it16:00
gofioso it seems I overwrote the windows os with linux tomreyn (from yesterday's issues...)16:01
gofioas now fdisk tells me it's linux16:02
OerHeksif one inserts a dvd in the drive, it should be visible in the left colomn16:03
OerHeksand yes, we found out you messed those partitions up, badly16:04
NoImNotNineVoltso, if i install chrony, how do i get it to actually update my system clock to match the ntp clock?16:04
NoImNotNineVolt$ chronyc tracking | grep System16:05
NoImNotNineVoltSystem time     : 228.977798462 seconds fast of NTP time16:05
gofiogonna check out testdisk see what I find16:05
NoImNotNineVoltah, nm, it's slowly approaching 0.16:05
gofioand bootsectorfix16:06
konradosHello. I had some issues with my usb camera, thought it might be because of suspending it, so without much thought I did what I found in the internets: `echo 2 | sudo tee /sys/bus/usb/devices/*/power/autosuspend >/dev/null` - now... I'm not really sure what I did, because I did not think about making a backup of those files.16:08
konradosI do a regular daily backup of everything, except... /sys directory. And I just don't know what was the previous state :(16:08
konradosI have a feeling that my usb drive should stop spinning when not in use, but it doesn't want to stop, and now I'm not even sure if this is what is used to be in the past :)16:09
gofiohow do I know what my partition table type is? that is, intel or efi gpt :?16:10
konradosI *did* do `cat /sys/bus/usb/devices/*/power/autosuspend` and I *think* it was full of zeros, but that was before getting a coffee and not sure of that too, I was pretty sure I have backups....16:10
gofiok, from gparted16:13
leftyfbkonrados: /sys is a dynamic sysfs. Reboot and any changes you made to it will be gone16:15
konradosleftyfb, thank you!!! That's so cool. BTW, this also means that making a backup of it doesn't really make sense, does it? :)16:16
gofiois the same a dos partition table type than efi gpt?16:16
leftyfbkonrados: correct16:16
konradosleftyfb, - thank you again! Be right back :)16:16
leftyfb!who | gofio16:16
ubottugofio: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)16:16
rootkeaHello! Is it possible to exclude sub-directory(ies) while searching with catfish? I can't seem to find/see any such option.16:17
gofioit was an open queestion leftyfb16:17
leftyfbgofio: open questions should have context (on the same line). Please don't provide your commentary and stream of thought in the channel and expect everyone to follow along16:18
gofiojust trying to find out if dos and efi gpt are the same as partition table types leftyfb16:19
leftyfbgofio: what is it exactly you're trying to accomplish?16:19
gofioget back a windows partition I overwrote with ubuntu leftyfb16:20
leftyfbgofio: you should just restore the backup you said you made16:20
gofioI'm running testdisk from xubuntu 18.04 terminal and don't want to make more mistakes leftyfb16:20
leftyfbgofio: beyond that, try #windows for help restoring your Windows partition16:21
gofionag leftyfb at windows channel they don't wanna hear about this, already there. Not even put the nickname ;-)16:22
gofiowell the program itself says as "hint" it has detected "intel" as partition table type, so, I'll go with that. Whatever16:23
leftyfbgofio: I don't know what you just said, but I reiterate, help with restoring your Windows partition should be done in #windows and not here. Regardless if you trying to use Ubuntu to restore it. They might have better tools for doing so.16:23
gofiothey don't leftyfb, honestly, I can give u the logs. Nothing to do there. Don't wanna hear about linux. Literally16:24
leftyfbgofio: or you can just restore the backup image you insisted to others here that you said you made16:24
pragmaticenigmaSo gofio ... you didn't heed the previous advice did you? If you had a backup, you could have restored that and tried again in all this time of researching how to restore the partition.16:24
gofiowe're talking about two different back ups it seems pragmaticenigma  and leftyfb16:25
OerHeksgofio, you already got the best advise, as your recovery and windows are gone;" so you made a mess of the hdd .. time to reinstall windows 7 and try to install fresh xubuntu alongside"16:25
leftyfb"2019 Apr 22 10:01:01 <gofio>that's fine BluesKaj, but why u care, u know what I mean, at the end of the day it's my data, isn't it. If this was an organization or something I'd not say anything, but as far as I'm concerned it is not, so, if anything goes wrong I'm gonna pay the consecuences, and promise I would not come back, so, free risk at ur end"16:25
gofioI don't have the product key for the reinstall OerHeks16:26
gofiothe one I have came with the machine and windows don't accept it for the recovery pendrive16:26
leftyfbgofio: contact Microsoft support16:27
leftyfbgofio: or your pc manufacturer16:27
leftyfbgofio: your support here in recovering your Windows partition has ended. Good luck.16:28
gofioI'm not here to recover my windows partition leftyfb I'm hre to install xubuntu 18.0416:31
pragmaticenigmagofio: Then pull the trigger, and start from the beginning and install with the option to wipe the drive16:31
leftyfbgofio: ok, then stuck the USB drive in, boot up and install xubuntu 18.04. Let us know when you come across any issues and we'll be happy to help16:31
gofioI'm in the middle of that install process leftyfb but when it comes to installation type I don't know what to choose16:32
leftyfbgofio: pick the one that says wipe the entire drive16:33
gofiothat's what I'm here for16:33
gofiok, thanks leftyfb16:33
sharikwhen play video screen goes green16:33
brooksnooki'm new to irc16:34
compdocme too16:34
sharikcan anyone help me16:34
brooksnookmy distro came with an irc client so i thought "yeah why not"16:34
pragmaticenigmabrooksnook: Welcome to the Ubuntu support channel, this channel specifically focuses on support question for Ubuntu. If you'd like to chat or have general discussion, please /join #ubuntu-offtopic. Thanks16:35
lordcirth_sharik, what Ubuntu version and flavor? What are you using to play the video? What graphics card and driver?16:35
sharikubuntu 19.0416:35
OerHekssharik, maybe you have the same issue: gstreamer1.0-vaapi >> https://askubuntu.com/questions/1135097/green-lines-on-playing-videos-in-ubuntu-19-0416:37
OerHekssharik, or when it is just with VLC, see this old issue, maybe still valid for 19.04 https://askubuntu.com/questions/851135/using-vlc-to-play-dvds-get-green-screen16:39
sharikthanks sir, now its working fine after remove16:40
OerHekssharik, nice, if you have the time, confirm that fiorst post to be a solution, to help others, thanks!16:41
TheWildHow to *force unmount* (and later unplug) a file system? No "find out what process is using it and kill it", no fuser, no lsof. I'm asking how to force unmount the file system.16:50
gartralcompdoc: lies, he's been here for years16:50
lordcirth_TheWild, depends, what filesystem, and why won't it umount?16:50
pragmaticenigmagartral: Please stay on topic. Do you have an Ubuntu support question?16:51
OerHeksTheWild, i just read ##linux, is that filesystem in use by your linux?16:52
gartralI do, actually, I have a Lenovo T440 here that I just jumped from 18.04 though to 19.04 and now to fn+F1-12 keyboard shirtcuts no longer work, of particular need is my mute shortcut16:52
TheWildhmmm... it's not /, it's not /home, it's just an USB stick. I've been reading a html page from it in browser. I closed the webpage but browser seems to still keep a reference to some files.16:53
TheWildI don't want to kill the browser, I want to just cut the references.16:53
nullbyte_19.04 40x16:54
OerHeksTheWild, close the tab?16:54
gartralTheWild: run sync in a terminal and then yank it out?16:54
TheWildthe tab is closed. But even it was open, that shouldn't be a problem because what I want to do is to force unmount it.16:56
ninekeysTheWild: I would run sync then I would do umount -l to lazy umount it, if you really want to force it then you can do a umount --force. However things can get sticky if you're talking about NFS16:56
Exterminadorstupid question: what's the major issue that can occur when moving a partition?16:57
pragmaticenigmaExterminador: loss of data16:57
TheWildno NFS. Neither -f nor -l really work. "-f" seeminly worked, but USB stick still can't be safely powered off (udisksctl power-off -b /dev/sdb), this means to me that something still uses it16:58
OerHeksnot enough space, power-drop, overwriting, earthquake16:58
pragmaticenigmaExterminador: make a back up image of the drive first. nothing bad happens when you have a back up. aside from data loss, depending on the drive's references the UUID could change as well as mount point references. Meaning you might have to manually fix GRUB to boot16:58
Exterminadorouch.. let's hope not, since I'm moving my Xubuntu install to left of an unallocated space. and well, the backup is something that I've forgot although I don't have that much data16:59
lordcirth_Exterminador, "moving" a partition really means deleting the partition, moving the data to the new location, then re-creating the partition in the correct place.17:01
ninekeysTheWild: try logging out then logging back in? Could be something holding on the FUSE mount, if that doesn't work either yanking it out or a reboot :/17:02
lordcirth_As you can imagine, if that stops part way through ... you're sunk.17:02
TheWildno, no, no and no. No relog, no reboot. Why the hell Windows can do it and Linux can't?17:02
lordcirth_TheWild, because Linux doesn't want to eat your data?17:02
Exterminadorlordcirth_: yeah. but well, most of the data are just files that I've downloaded from my GDrive account17:03
ninekeysTheWild: if you don't want to use the tools to figure out why it's being locked then it's hard to know17:03
TheWildnever mind. I'll plug it off, replug and fsck.17:06
TheWildI can't get why it was "recovering journal" despite no writes being performed. Background writes?17:07
lordcirth_TheWild, an unclean mount always says recovering, even if there's 0 things to recover, I believe.17:07
winterfellstart download GOT S217:08
lordcirth_winterfell, wrong channel17:09
winterfelli know17:09
Exterminadorjust a refresher pls: to write a bootable USB stick is "sudo dd if=/path/to/iso of=/dev/sdX status=progress && sync", right?17:12
geniiExterminador: Yep17:13
tewardfor the Ubuntu ISOs, yes.17:13
lordcirth_Exterminador, yes, but add bs=1M to make it faster17:13
teward(can't guarantee for *all* ISOs)17:13
pragmaticenigmaExterminador: Yes, personally I've started using etcher.io though. Cross platform, no install, portable17:13
lordcirth_With modern versions of cp you can actually use cp to do it. But older versions would just unlink /dev/sda, lol17:14
geniiExterminador: As teward indictaes, this works for *buntu hybrid ISO images. If it's a different ISO which is only made to burn a CD/DVD from this will not work to make a bootable USB from17:14
Ben_XDoes anyone know if newer versions of Ubuntu have dropped the "whois" command?17:16
blackflowBen_X: I don't recall last time it was installed by default17:16
Exterminadorgenii: it's for *buntu, yes. :)17:16
lordcirth_Ben_X, on my Xubuntu 18.04 machine, it's in the "whois" package, but not installed by default.17:17
gartralok... so ubuntu 19.04 on the T440 doesn't let me log in on the VTs, and doesn't wake the display properly once the lid has been closed and opened.17:17
lordcirth_gartral, what do you mean by "won't let me"17:17
gartrallordcirth_: I mean it refuses my password when I know my password is valid.17:17
lordcirth_gartral, boot to recovery17:18
Exterminadorerr... grub-install: error: failed to get canonical path of `/cow`.17:19
gartrallordcirth_: I can log in fine from the lightdm, just not on the VTs17:19
lordcirth_gartral, sure you got the right username?17:19
Exterminadorany ideas about this ?17:19
lordcirth_Note that Lightdm shows the user's FullName, not username, and that usernames are case-sensitive17:19
lordcirth_Exterminador, /cow?17:20
CarlFKI need to log spi driver traffic.  like this, only less DYI and more 'solid'  http://codelectron.com/how-to-setup-virtual-spi-in-linux17:20
gartralI know the difference between a Unix user name and what's displayed.17:20
Exterminadorlordcirth_: yep17:20
Exterminadorexactly as described17:20
lordcirth_Exterminador, and this is printed when?17:21
OerHeksgrub-install error while doing a dd .. odd17:21
gartralI just tested again, still not accepting my credentials.17:21
ExterminadorOerHeks: the dd thing will be in a bit17:22
Exterminadorlordcirth_: I think I was doing things wrong. the sda right now is the USB.  the HDD seems to be sdb17:23
lordcirth_Exterminador, so, did you bork your hard drive?17:23
Exterminadorsame error tho.. I'm doing "sudo grub-install /dev/sdb" and I get that error17:24
* pragmaticenigma hopes there's a backup image17:24
tomreyngartral: when dod this start happening then? does it only happen when you previously suspended to ram, or also on a freshly booted system? any other factors which may be relevant?17:24
lordcirth_Exterminador, I thought you were trying to make an installer USB?17:25
lordcirth_gartral, I guess boot recovery and look in /var/log/auth.log17:25
Exterminadorlordcirth_: not yet.. I'll do it in a bit. I was just partitioning the disk to install Kubuntu17:25
gartraltomreyn: well I just upgraded from 18.04 -> 18.10 -> 19.04 today.. i just noticed this behavior after the system locked (I don't have suspend to ram enabled on this laptop) and the system refused to come out of lock..17:26
lordcirth_Exterminador, so why are you manually running grub-install?17:26
Exterminadorlordcirth_: because I've moved /dev/sdb3 to left of an unallocated space so I could merge two unallocated spaces to make an extended partition of 128Gb17:27
tomreyngartral: so, that sounds like you *maybe* didn't ppa-purge before you started those upgrades, and now have some some dependencies which aren't resolvable.17:27
tomreyn(and earlier or newer versions of some packages than you should have)17:28
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub217:28
gartraltomreyn: how would I tell?17:28
tomreyngartral: first:   nc termbin.com 9999 < <(lsb_release -ds;cat /proc/{version,cmdline};)17:28
tomreyngartral: second:   sudo /bin/true && cat &>/tmp/aptlog < <(sudo apt-get -qqy update 2>&1; apt-cache policy 2>&1; sudo apt-get -syV full-upgrade 2>&1;); nc termbin.com 9999 </tmp/aptlog; rm /tmp/aptlog17:29
gartraltomreyn: oh, PPAs, no, I wouldn't have had to as this machine never had PPAs applied on it17:29
tomreyngartral: third:   ubuntu-support-status --show-unsupported 2>&1 | nc termbin.com 999917:29
tomreyngartral: other third party repositories?17:29
tomreynor .deb's downloaded from somewhere and installed directly?17:30
gartralonly .deb i would have had is Discord17:30
mra90when I call make does it call GNU make or sth else?17:30
OerHeksdiscord is available as snap17:31
pewdohaxorhey guys, i need help to test command 'write' in terminal..17:31
tomreyngartral: maybe you have different keyboard layouts on tty vs graphical login?17:31
goddardanyone know is gnome shell's online accounts has support for one drive?17:31
gartralOerHeks: snaps need to die.17:31
lordcirth_mra90,  make --version17:31
pewdohaxorso who help me?17:31
gartralmra90: what does make --version say?17:31
tomreyn!details | pewdohaxor17:32
ubottupewdohaxor: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.17:32
mra90lordcirth_: GNU make ok17:32
mra90gartral: ^^17:32
mra90So I am supprised how it understand kbuild17:32
lordcirth_pewdohaxor, 'write' to myself works for me17:32
gartralpewdohaxor: man write would be a great place to start17:33
lordcirth_!pm | ben_X17:33
ubottuben_X: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice.17:33
Ben_XI installed the whois command, I thought it was there by default.17:33
OerHeksgoddard, yes, onedrive is available in the repos17:33
OerHeks!info onedrive17:34
ubottuonedrive (source: onedrive): folder synchronization with OneDrive. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.1.20170919-2ubuntu2 (bionic), package size 716 kB, installed size 2965 kB17:34
Ben_XI'm reading the nmap guide & I was stuck @ the "whois" command because I was not aware that it was not installed by default.17:34
lordcirth_!apt-file | Ben_X17:35
ubottuBen_X: apt-file is a program that can tell you which package(s) contain(s) a given filename. To install it and generate the database it needs, run "sudo apt-get install apt-file && sudo apt-file update"17:35
neyderhi, in bionic, which is the lightweight web browser out there, i got to boot 18.04 on OLPC XO 1.5 512MBRAM and firefox is struggling17:35
mra90the mapage of "grep" says -f to specify files, however grep takes files even without this falg - how is it done?17:35
OerHeksneyder, 512 mb is below specs of ubuntu, maybe too low for lubuntu even..17:36
mra90" If        no files are specified, or if the file “-” is        given,  grep  searches  standard  input." What is a standard input in this case?17:36
tomreynneyder: that's below minimum requirements for ubuntu 18.04, i'm afraid. you can try browsh (not in ubuntu)17:36
lordcirth_neyder, try dillo17:36
neyderyeah i'm running on lxde, but taking about browsers17:36
Exterminadordoes this Boot Repair report seems okay: http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/wNvtVFPzxr/ ?17:37
maxinuxso is there a way to get logs from do-release-upgrade? what exactly does it not like about my python3 symlink17:37
neyderlordcirth_: i may use links but htats not the point, if can run html5 apps will be nice17:37
lordcirth_neyder, I believe dillo supports some of HTML5. Not sure how much. Try it, I guess?17:38
neydertomreyn: brosh <317:38
maxinuxfound the log  in /var/log/dist-upgrade, can probably fix from here17:38
goddardOerHeks: thanks17:38
tomreynneyder: i'm not sure this comes at a low memory footprint really, but you'll see17:38
neydertomreyn: browsh looks great for me, but the user base for this is primary students, so need to run html5 apps like scratch 317:39
maxinuxsuccesful, it complains about python3, but really is a problem with python 2.7 lol17:40
pragmaticenigma!pm | Ben_X17:40
ubottuBen_X: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice.17:40
lordcirth_neyder, I very much doubt you're going to get Lubuntu + a browser + Scratch 3 running well in 512MiB.17:41
tomreynneyder: i don't know this app, but i would think it does html5 fine. anyways, this is all better suited for #ubuntu-offtopic17:41
gartraltomreyn: https://termbin.com/xuf7 https://termbin.com/g3gs https://termbin.com/0os517:43
neydertomreyn lordcirth_ many thanks for   replying , i would love to have more than 512MB, but there are 1M of this OLPC XO in perú, and over the world. have anice day!17:43
gartralthat took forever to type XD17:44
lordcirth_neyder, have you considered thin clients?17:45
iorianeyder, 16.04 still has midori (it loves to crash , btw)17:45
D-melanogasterhey everyone, I have a problem with networking.service booting how can I fix this? Maybe someone had a same trouble? https://codeshare.io/aJNO6d17:45
tomreyngartral: why did you need to type it?17:46
gartraltomreyn: not on irc on the problem machine17:46
tomreyngartral: maybe just change this, much easier going forward ;)17:46
gartrali'm installing irssi now, yea17:47
lordcirth_D-melanogaster, DHCP? Wifi or Ethernet?17:47
lordcirth_D-melanogaster, also, what Ubuntu version?17:47
gartralok there we go17:47
D-melanogasterlordcirth_, Wifi mostly17:48
tomreyngartral: so it looks as if you had ubuntu studio installed there once?17:48
gartraltomreyn: still do17:48
gartralholy banspam17:49
Exterminadorwell, time to try the bootable USB stick :Da17:51
tomreyni see. so if you look at the latest paste https://termbin.com/0os5 you have a lot of unsupported (that's in the strict cannoical sense, where just 'the main' and 'restricted' sections are guaranteed to receive timely security updates + bug fixes) - but this may be normal on ubuntu studio, since it'Äs a community effort, using a lot of community maintained packages, and the  studio PPA. however,17:51
tomreyngartral: ^17:51
tomreyngartral: you also have just a few packages which are 'no longer downloadable', those are really not getting support and secury / bug fixes by anyone, it's not even clear to apt (anymore) how they ended upo there.17:52
N00bietteHi, I have a pb with my usb3 thumbs, dd write speed tells me 1,5 M/s, lsusb -t, is showing 5OOOM. Any hint s?17:53
jcottonwhat's your full dd command?17:53
jcottonprobably small block size17:53
jcottonalso wait, 5000M?17:53
jcottonas in 5,000 MB/s?17:53
jcottonthere's no way, that's faster than NVMe17:54
tomreyngartral: however, none of this really seem to explain the original issue, so about that, you'll need to keep searching elsewhere. see /var/log/auth.log17:54
N00bietteBus 04.Port 1: Dev 1, Class=root_hub, Driver=xhci_hcd/6p, 5000M17:54
N00biettesync; dd if=/dev/zero of=tempfile bs=1M count=1024; sync ^C^X681+0 enregistrements lus 681+0 enregistrements écrits 714080256 bytes (714 MB, 681 MiB) copied, 472,036 s, 1,5 MB/s17:54
lordcirth_N00biette, lsusb -t just means that the USB 3.0 protocol can do 5000Mib/s. It doesn't mean the flash can write that fast.17:56
lordcirth_Most USB3 sticks can't go anywhere near the theoretical protocol speed.17:57
tomreyngartral: also keep this running in tty4 while you test logging in elsewhere (create a new user an password if you need to to be able to login to tty):   journalctl --follow17:57
jcottonhell my SSD isn't that fast17:57
lordcirth_jcotton, it's megabits17:57
lordcirth_And it's only the theoretical line speed, which nothing hits17:57
N00bietteI did test this thumbs on windows17:58
N00bietteaverage 80 MB/s17:58
lordcirth_N00biette, using dd?17:58
gartraltomreyn: tomreyn can't I just pump journalctl --follow to a file?17:58
N00bietteusing hd dtune, I have a big problem of "slowliness" with htis thumbs17:59
lordcirth_N00biette, make / get a large file, sync; time cp file /media/usb/; time sync17:59
tomreyngartral: you don't need to, you can just run  "journalctl -b" and press (upper case) G to go to the bottom at any time.17:59
N00bietteN00biette because I'm a newbie-ette18:00
tomreyngartral: it prints all the previous records since last boot every time.18:00
N00biettelordcirth : what should I do ?18:01
gartraltomreyn: so guess what..18:01
lordcirth_N00biette, like I said, try using 'cp'18:01
gartraltomreyn: now it's making a bloody liar out of me. I was able to log in on a vt18:02
N00bietteso which command "sync; time cp file /media/usb/; time sync" ?18:02
lordcirth_N00biette, yes18:02
tomreyngartral: "sorry" to hear this.18:03
lordcirth_You'll need a suitably large file, like an ubuntu ISO18:03
N00biettestill running forever18:04
N00biettestill waiting ?18:06
gartraltomreyn: lol... I did notice something, the fingerprint reader lit up this time and wasn't before.. so...18:06
tomreyngartral: maybe you just installed some updates which had been pending for a while?18:07
AppXprtanyone using ubuntu 18.04 Desktop on default WM GDM3?18:07
N00biettecp: impossible d'évaluer 'file': Aucun fichier ou dossier de ce type  real    0m10,963s user    0m0,001s sys     0m0,000s18:09
blackflowAppXprt: a lot of people.18:09
N00biettereal    1m22,269s user    0m0,001s sys     0m0,000s18:10
lordcirth_N00biette, you have to have such a file first.18:12
masterCześć.Jest ktoś z Polin?18:13
lordcirth_!pl | master18:14
ubottumaster: Na tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.18:14
masterprzecież takiego kanału nie ma18:15
N00biettecould I use DD to create this file ?18:16
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tomreyn!ask | AppXprt18:16
ubottuAppXprt: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience18:16
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masterA jest tu SSL * Łączenie z chat.freenode.net ( ? Tak miałem ustawione w hexchat18:17
lotuspsychjeenglish master18:18
masterI Polish Man :)18:18
lotuspsychjemaster: lordcirth_ linked you the polish channel18:18
OerHeksmaster, see the !pl factoid for polish channel18:18
lordcirth_N00biette, yes, you could.18:19
tomreynmaster: quit hexchat, then open terminal and:   export LANG=C; hexchat18:20
tomreynmaster: general irc support is avialble in #freenode18:20
N00bietteOh I shlud mentionned that this thumbs is my ssystem drive18:21
masterEarth is flat?18:21
leftyfbmaster: trolling is offtopic here. try #ubuntu-ops18:21
leftyfbgofio: don't18:21
tomreynN00biette: i concur.18:21
masternot trolling..18:22
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=== Snov is now known as snov
N00bietteSo I launched sync; time cp tempfile ; time sync18:22
leftyfbmaster: geography, earth-science is offtopic here. Try #ubuntu-offtopic18:23
N00biettebecause I have a large tempgile18:23
N00biettetempfile *18:23
tomreynN00biette: cheap and simple flash storage as found on usb sticks isn't made to endure many write cycles. you will probably not be able to run ubuntu from it for a very long time before it breaks. also, it'll be slow.18:23
the2048You can use it to install ubuntu but not really run it18:24
lordcirth_Expensive USB3.0 drives can work for a while18:24
lordcirth_If you turn swap off, etc18:24
tomreynyes, but then most people have better alternatives available for everyday use.18:25
tomreyna modern hdd is cheap and usually faster, surely more durable.18:25
the2048That's 100% accurate18:25
N00biettesorry I dont understand what should I use for a command18:25
the2048N00biette, what are you trying to do? Test device speed?18:25
tomreynuse comand go_to_shop_buy_hdd18:25
masterLuck https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FHkrbKfnkNY18:26
the2048If so then you could use GNOME Disks18:27
the2048But if you're currently using it you can't do write tests18:27
tomreyn!ot | master18:27
ubottumaster: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!18:27
N00bietteI'm trying ti understand why my system is so slow whith a datatraveller18:30
OerHeksusb *is* slow, just get used to it18:31
OerHeksso there is nothing wrong with the usb, nor with your pc, nor with ubuntu18:31
lordcirth_OerHeks, he did say that he got 80MB/s raw on Windows, however.18:32
lordcirth_But I am doubting that was accurate, given how many caches modern systems have.18:33
OerHeksthose numbers are an indication, start of copy goes fast, until the buffers are full18:33
N00bietteNo serisously it's very slow, dd ind18:35
N00bietteindicates 1.5 MB/S18:35
N00biettea real pain :'(18:36
OerHeksinteresting, just be patient :-)18:36
lordcirth_N00biette, either use a decent root device, or deal with the slowness18:37
lordcirth_And make sure swap is off18:37
pragmaticenigmaN00biette: There are a lot of contributing factors to the write speed of a USB drive. If you're not using a native linux file system, there is overhead for translating to the non-native format. The difference in OS's ability to cache data being written to the drive will affect perceived performance. Motherboard support for what you are doing will be a factor.18:38
pragmaticenigmaN00biette: If you have booted from the USB drive, there is possibilty that the motherboards BIOS/Firmware drops the speed of the USB channel.18:39
lordcirth_Really? That's annoying18:40
N00bietteI'm gonna swap off ok.18:40
N00bietteand check the bios and uefi18:40
pragmaticenigmaN00biette: If you're attempting to test the same drive that you booted from, you're going to have a huge bottle neck as well... you can't test the same media that you are running the application or operating system from18:41
the2048You can test read if you're booting from it but not write18:44
the2048However it won't do as good as you expect it to18:45
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deancI'm using xserver-xorg-video-dummy to create a fake screen on my ubuntu installation that has no monitor plugged in. Unfortunately even though I have changed the resolution of my conf file, when i reboot it doesn't pick up the higher res. https://pastebin.com/nnSiCGcx18:48
tomreynN00biette: when comparing with your windows performance test, make sure that the OS runs from a different storage,a nd that the test methods are the same or very similar. what you primarily should compare are both writes (i.e. write larger files to the storage, ideally not to a file system but the raw device, and sync).18:49
tomreynN00biette: if, with this setup, writes seem to be much faster with windows than with linux, come back, present your findings, and your system journal, and we can look more closely.18:50
=== semeion_ is now known as mnemonic
the2048I'll leave this here for drive stuff: https://imgur.com/a/WU1eseT18:55
gofioubi-console-setup crashed, what does it mean18:58
OerHeksgofio, it means the keyboard setup in the installer crashed, did you verify the download?19:01
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows19:01
the2048To be fair if you're on an unstable connection like mine you should always check MD5 hashes19:01
gofioI'm actually running it I believe since I'm trying to install from a live session19:01
SlowJimm`how do you make a bash script start right into the beginning of booting?19:03
OerHeksSlowJimm`, on what ubuntu version?19:04
OerHekssuch info is needed19:04
ioriaSlowJimm`, define 'beginning'19:04
OerHekswhy on boot, why not after login?19:04
SlowJimm`OerHeks: ty, ioria: right after boot19:04
XeI'm trying to change the DNS on an ubuntu server. How do I make systemd stop using the old DNS server?19:05
SlowJimm`OerHeks: or such19:05
ioriaSlowJimm`, and what you need exactly ? a gui env to run it or not ?  and what that script does ?19:05
SlowJimm`ioria I want to know if there is a folder i can move my script so it will be executed aftter log in or after boot or whatever19:06
SlowJimm`ioria: my script is putting iptables firewall rules19:07
XeI have edited /etc/systemd/networkd/50-default.network so it no longer references the old DNS server, but running `dig` makes it use the old dns server19:07
OerHeksSlowJimm`, you could use a crontrab with '@reboot /path/to/script' https://www.kompulsa.com/run-a-program-on-startup-console-on-ubuntu-18-04/19:08
SlowJimm`OerHeks: sweet! This'll do nicely19:09
ioriaSlowJimm`,  i'd say a systemd unit with  Before=network.target19:11
SlowJimm`ioria: even nicer!19:11
dorkanyone know how to run a do-release-upgrade and not have it auto delete packages? i'm trying to do a release upgrade but it's uninstalling a package installed via dpkg -i *.deb19:11
SlowJimm`ioria: I mean even better! this'll do me nicely!19:11
OerHeksioria, great answer, better than crontab19:12
ioriatry it19:12
SlowJimm`OerHeks: espacially it's right before any connection19:12
OerHeksdork,  not, those packages are not compatible, so they are removed.19:12
leftyfbdork: you can probably reinstall them after the upgrade. But that is how the upgrade works.19:13
dorkok thanks19:14
gofiooops leftyfb, surprise https://i.imgur.com/MAyCqTr.jpg19:27
leftyfbgofio: ?19:27
gofioa backup image leftyfb, oops19:30
ZabotAre there any known issues with Enterprise wifi on ubuntu 14.04? I can't connect to an enterprise AP, I'm repeatedly asked for the password, but never connect. dmesg shows wlan1 authenticated and then immediately deauthenticates. I don't know if its the wifi or if my keyring is fubared and it can't save the authentication.19:30
leftyfbgofio: ok? Did you need our help with it in some way?19:31
leftyfbZabot: Just FYI, Ubuntu 14.04 will be unsupported in 8 days from today.19:31
gofiothanks leftyfb but I'm afraid I'll be better of without it19:31
Zabotleftyfb: I'd love to upgrade, but its running on a robot with a bunch of undocumented os mods by the developer, so I don't have an option :/19:34
OerHeksZabot, wait for the developer to support your upgrade target19:35
leftyfbZabot: just know, you will not be able receive support in here in 8 days. Your organization does have the option of purchasing an addition 5 years support through Canonical's ESM product. https://blog.ubuntu.com/2018/09/19/extended-security-maintenance-ubuntu-14-04-trusty-tahr19:35
qwebirc32239Hello, I would like to report an issue in 19.04 which was there in 18.04 too. Since Gnome calculator is now installed via snap it is not a search provider and hence I cant say search 1+2 in the activities search panel. I use that feature a lot and probably other users too, so till snap packages provide a way for search integration with GNOME, shouldn't GNOME calculator be packaged via normal deb package19:35
qwebirc32239Where do I report this? ^19:36
=== lenny is now known as lenny_lemon
leftyfbqwebirc32239: you could remove the snap and install from apt19:36
qwebirc32239leftyfb: Yeah did that, though I just think that by default, it should be installed normally and not via snap19:37
lenny_lemonhi, having again issue with my touchpad on laptop running ubuntu 16.0419:37
lenny_lemoncannot disable it19:37
lenny_lemonit's glitching19:37
gepatinohello guys!19:37
pragmaticenigma!bugs | qwebirc32239, try your luck19:37
ubottuqwebirc32239, try your luck: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please report it using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.19:37
lenny_lemonusing xinput to disable it but for some time it enable itself19:38
pragmaticenigma!enter | lenny_lemon19:38
ubottulenny_lemon: Please try and keep as much of your info as possible on ONE line - easier to follow for everyone.19:38
ioriaqwebirc32239, which gnome-calculator19:38
qwebirc32239ioria: the default one in 19.04 .19:39
gepatinoI'm creating some deb package for an internal project. The .deb contains some configuration files that will be installed under /etc/something/. I can't find how can I delete these configuration files in the hosts where the package is installed if I create a new version without one of those files.19:39
ioriaqwebirc32239, run 'which gnome-calculator'19:39
qwebirc32239ubottu: Thanks! will report there.19:39
ubottuqwebirc32239: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)19:39
gepatinofor example `package-v1.deb` includes /etc/something/a.conf and /etc/something/b.conf19:39
gepatinoand `package-v2.deb` includes only /etc/something/a.conf, how can I make it delete /etc/something/b.conf when the package is updated?19:40
pragmaticenigmagepatino: For help with building applications, please check out the Ubuntu application developer channel. #ubuntu-app-devel19:40
gepatinothanks pragmaticenigma19:41
ikoniagepatino: creating packages which overwrite / fight for control with ubuntu packages is a bad idea19:41
pragmaticenigmagepatino: also, an installer should never delete files on an end user machine. It should show a conflict resolution (diff)19:41
gepatinoit's intended to be used in a private application that is only istalled in a set of remote machines19:42
ikoniayeah, but it fights with control for ubuntu packages19:42
ikoniaso that's just a bad idea19:42
ikoniacreate a seperate package that puts the config files in a different location to protect your users19:42
pragmaticenigmagepatino: But you are using a platform that involves a community that doesn't support that edge case, which would mean that there won't be an ability in the tool set to do that behavior.19:44
gepatinoikonia: I could do that, but it doesn't solve the issue: how can I delete a file the app doesn't need anymore when updating a deb package?19:44
ikoniagepatino: just put an rm in the post section19:45
gepatinothink of an image file in /usr/images instead of a config file19:45
ikoniait's a bad idea as I say, but it's up to you19:45
ikoniagepatino: same thing - it's a bad idea19:45
ikoniabut totally your call19:45
gepatinoikonia: I'd like to know before I screw something... why is it such a bad idea on a private package? it's going to be installed only in a set of controlled machines, not released to end users19:46
ikoniagepatino: as I say, fighting with anything that is in conflict with an ubuntu package will not end well,19:47
ikoniayou need to build an alternative pakage, with alternative name that puts the files you want in a different location19:48
gepatinothanks ikonia I'll take a closer look at that alternative19:49
=== qwebirc4324 is now known as minhngoc25a
minhngoc25aCould you help with Grub4Dos screen?19:59
leftyfbminhngoc25a: grub4dos isn't supported here. We only support ubuntu.20:01
minhngoc25abut grub4dos is the reason I cannot boot to ubunto20:02
alien64You again20:02
OerHeksgrub4dos is for iso's, not to boot an installed linux, AFAIK20:02
leftyfbminhngoc25a: install ubuntu properly and it will install grub properly and you'll be able to boot ubuntu and windows20:02
ikoniawhy would you have grub4dos on an ubuntu install20:04
minhngoc25adual boot windows 10 and ubuntu, I want to prioritize windows 10 to boot first20:05
ikoniaagain how does grub4dos come into that20:05
minhngoc25abut when I edit the boot, i might have corrupted it20:06
ikoniahow does grub4dos come into this20:06
OerHeksuse grub2 that comes with ubuntu, and the manual to set your priorities20:07
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub220:07
ikoniawhy have you used easybcd20:07
leftyfbminhngoc25a: install ubuntu after Windows and it's grub install will find and add Windows to the boot. Then you can edit grub to boot Windows first. Anything beyond that (easybcd, grub4dos) are unsupported here.20:07
ikoniaI'm trying to understand why you didn't just install ubuntu and either tell grub to boot windows by default, or put grub on a seperate boot sector20:08
minhngoc25awhen I select to boot to ubuntu, it only appear grub4dos window20:08
minhngoc25aubuntu is already installed20:08
ikoniayeah, because you've used a bootloader not configured by ubuntu20:08
ikoniaso why did you mess around with putting another boot loader on it ?20:08
ikoniaright, and it installed grub20:08
minhngoc25aI normally use Windows 10, so I want the metro bootloader to load first, not GRUB220:09
JohnGavrhello guys20:10
vimarHello JohnGavr20:11
minhngoc25aI cannot even use "ls" to locate disks20:11
ikoniaminhngoc25a: why20:11
JohnGavrminhngoc25a, ls locate files on filesystem20:11
JohnGavrlsblk locate disks20:11
ikoniaminhngoc25a: what benifit do you have from metro loading20:11
ikoniarather than grub loading and booting metro straight away20:11
minhngoc25anow I'm stuck on the grub4dos20:12
leftyfbminhngoc25a: you use grub to boot Windows. That's it. There's no reason you can't deal with grub booting Windows.20:12
ikoniaminhngoc25a: just follow the grub recovery steps and put a standard grub install on20:12
ikoniadon't mess around outside of it20:12
ikonia!grub2 | minhngoc25a20:12
ubottuminhngoc25a: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub220:12
leftyfbminhngoc25a: you'll need to boot an ubuntu live cd/usb, chroot into the ubuntu install and run grub-install on your drive20:13
minhngoc25aThanks for your support. I will read those and attempt.20:13
JohnGavrchroot saves your life20:14
=== jrich is now known as catbadger
alien64leftyfb: thought you said it wasn't supported? But here you are giving support. Make up your mind.20:15
leftyfbalien64: nowhere did I give support for grub4dos. I told them how to recover grub for Ubuntu.20:15
leftyfbalien64: do you need help with something?20:16
OerHeksalien64, nice try, we do help get grub back20:16
alien64Yeah whatever20:16
AppXprtok sorry, I'm back...20:16
AppXprtanyone using ubuntu 18.04 Desktop on default WM GDM3?20:17
JohnGavrAppXprt, what happens?20:17
OerHeksAppXprt,  everybody with 18.0420:17
AppXprtTry this stupid BS... sudo service gdm restart20:17
leftyfbalien64: this isn't the first time you've offered your critical and unfounded advice here. Please stay ontopic and either ask for help if you need it or don't.20:17
AppXprtNo that's not true, I'm on mate20:17
JohnGavrAppXprt, systemctl restart gdm.service20:18
AppXprtis that not the same as service gdm restart and if not so, why?20:18
alien64leftyfb: and who are you? The irc god20:18
leftyfbalien64: trolling is offtopic here. Feel free to rant in #ubuntu-ops20:19
AppXprtand why does sudo service gdm restart wig X11 out so much that you can't even get to any TTY's and GDM service tries to reboot a thousand times?20:19
AppXprtI think it finally stops trying around attempt 1000020:20
AppXprtSomeone rode the short bus as a child...20:20
leftyfbAppXprt: please keep the offensive comments to yourself. This is a support channel20:20
leftyfbAppXprt: "service" is deprecated in favor of systemd's systemctl tools20:21
AppXprtOkAy..... Wacko Linux God's who decide horrible future's for Linux20:21
AppXprtSo.... Replace Service with an alias to systemd?20:22
AppXprtso you don't do dumb stuff like keeping a broken service utility around?20:22
leftyfbAppXprt: what exactly do you need help with?20:22
AppXprtWhats the command to restart services now?20:22
daxsystemctl restart whatever.service20:23
lordcirth_AppXprt, systemctl restart foo20:23
lordcirth_.service is optional20:23
AppXprtlike centos and RH?20:23
leftyfbAppXprt: like most modern distros20:24
alien64leftyfb: been running Unix and Linux since before you were born. I just come here to watch helpers make fools of themselves. BTW I'm 63. And yeah my generation started the internet that you collage fools screw up.20:26
daxalien64: You're welcome to watch helpers make fools of themselves. You are not welcome to make comments about it, as we stick to support discussion here. Thanks.20:27
leftyfbalien64: Linux didn't exist before I was born. Try again20:27
alien64Yeah right20:28
thagabelinux is actually older than me #feelsbadman20:29
OerHeksplease get back to support, thanks.20:30
daxprobably best to move on :)20:30
thagabealien64 *collage* noice20:31
alien64The Linux kernel is publicly announced on 25 August by the 21-year-old Finnish student Linus Benedict Torvalds. 199220:33
lordcirth_!ot | alien6420:34
ubottualien64: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!20:34
AppXprtWhy in the world are you all so strict about IRC20:34
AppXprtIts.... IRC...20:34
OerHeksAppXprt, take that to #ubuntu-discuss20:35
alien64Cuz they are little boys20:35
AppXprt^ ^ Point Proven20:35
daxAppXprt: yes20:36
daxNow, as said about 10 minutes ago, let's stick to support topics in here, thanks.20:37
AppXprtAhhhh Mannnn20:38
=== JohnGavr is now known as Guest66870
creammeHi all, I have a problem loading Nvidia drivers, I install the suggested ones and I get a ASCII screen that ends with started GNOME display manager21:03
lordcirth_creamme, what Ubuntu version, nvidia card, and driver version?21:04
lordcirth_And suggested by who, and installed how?21:04
creammeDistro is the one that just came out, I'll have to get the computer to boot before I can tell you wich version it recommended, the card is GTX 105021:06
baakohi guys, please help here21:07
tomreyn!ask | hi baako21:08
ubottuhi baako: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience21:08
baakorunning ubuntu 18.10 and have no sound. I have install pulseaudio following https://docs.ubuntu.com/core/en/stacks/audio/pulseaudio/docs/install-pulseaudio to try and solve the issue21:08
baakoand still no sound21:08
tomreynbaako: do you run ubuntu core then?21:08
leftyfbbaako: those instructions aren't meant for a normal install of ubuntu. They're meant for Ubuntu core (snapy)21:09
creammeubuntu-drivers autoinstall21:09
tomreyn!who | creamme21:09
ubottucreamme: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)21:09
baakosorry guys am running 18.0421:09
AppXprtis there an official route to get PHP 7.1 on ubuntu 18.04 server?21:10
tomreynbaako: please run this in a terminal and report the output   nc termbin.com 9999 < <(lsb_release -ds;cat /proc/{version,cmdline};)21:10
tomreynAppXprt: no21:10
tomreyn!info php7 bionic21:11
ubottuPackage php7 does not exist in bionic21:11
tomreyn!info php-7 bionic21:11
ubottuPackage php-7 does not exist in bionic21:11
tomreyn!info php bionic21:11
ubottuphp (source: php-defaults (60ubuntu1)): server-side, HTML-embedded scripting language (default). In component main, is optional. Version 1:7.2+60ubuntu1 (bionic), package size 3 kB, installed size 12 kB21:11
AppXprtso is ppa:ondrej/php trusted?21:11
tomreyn18.04 comes with php 7.221:11
leftyfbAppXprt: use php 7.221:11
AppXprtright so what if you need 7.1...21:11
AppXprtyes, I agree, but it actually breaks some frameworks...21:12
leftyfbAppXprt: then fix whatever it is that requires 7.1 or use something else21:12
lordcirth_AppXprt, fix the app? Why would a minor version break it?21:12
tomreynAppXprt: PPAs are generally not supported here. the ppa you pointed to is probably ok if you read and follow its manual-21:12
AppXprtNot my app?21:12
baakohttps://kopy.io/6WigB tomreyn21:12
leftyfbAppXprt: https://medium.com/@visualmodo/why-you-should-be-using-php-7-2-b89ceaaf1f5d21:12
AppXprtPHP 7.2 actually breaks Oxwall21:13
leftyfbAppXprt: run something else? Or, go the lazy way and run your php application in a 16.04 container21:13
AppXprtis 16.04 as secure as 18.04 by default?21:13
AppXprterr after updates/upgrades21:13
leftyfbAppXprt: https://developers.oxwall.com/forum/topic/41415?page=2  from over a year ago21:13
lordcirth_AppXprt, it's still supported, so assuming you update, yes.21:13
tomreynbaako: so you run Ubuntu Desktop or Server, not Ubuntu Core, ok. the manual you followed is for Ubuntu Core only. I recommend you remove the pulseaudio snap, make sure the pulseaudio apt/deb packages remain installed and reboot21:14
AppXprtyea I'm actually involved in that conversation...21:14
AppXprtand some of it is incorrect...21:14
baakotomreyn: yeah am running desktop and have apache2 running for local dev21:15
tomreynbaako: i see21:15
AppXprt7.2 breaks Oxwall and they won't allow commits to their github for whatever reason21:16
AppXprtso 16.04 is the official route to run 7.121:16
leftyfbAppXprt: sorry, we can't help with that. Maybe find another product that supports modern web technologies21:16
ubottuUbuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus) was the 24th release of Ubuntu. Download at http://releases.ubuntu.com/16.04/ - Release Info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/XenialXerus/ReleaseNotes21:17
AppXprtBut that will have 7.1 in the repo's?21:17
leftyfbAppXprt: to be fair, 16.04 looks like it runs 7.0 by default21:17
baakotomreyn: running sudo snap remove pulseaudio will that remove all pulseaudio21:17
tomreynbaako: it will remove all of the pulseaudio snap you installed21:18
lordcirth_!pm | creamme21:19
ubottucreamme: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice.21:19
baakotomreyn: lol i uninstall pulseaudio and sound is back lol21:19
baakojust youtube sound not working21:19
baakospotify snap is playing music21:19
tomreynbaako: so this spotify snap apparently uses the standard pulseaudio daemon which comes with ubuntu desktop. as it should.21:20
AppXprtbaako did you close chrome all the way out between switching audio device?21:21
tomreynbaako: i suspect that by "youtube sound", you refer to  a web browser (which?) playing back videos on youtube.com?21:21
AppXprtpkill chrome21:21
baakotomreyn: nope21:21
AppXprtactually have to execute that twice21:21
baakoeven weechat is giving me sound now when you tag my name21:22
tomreynAppXprt: how do you know which web browser baako is using?21:22
baakoand i didnt need to close that21:22
AppXprtyea man you can't switch audio device and expect a browser to catch the change, it has already started and set to whatever device / drivers were set at execution time21:22
creammelordcirth_, mk.  Nvidia drivers 418 are not working, the display only shows ASCII, I have SSH access; any ideas to trouble shoot21:22
baakotomreyn: works now21:22
baakoclosed firefox and opened it again. Thanks for your help21:23
AppXprtit doesn't matter which browser he is using, but most people use chrome and he's already a google user being on youtube so pretty safe assumption21:23
lordcirth_creamme, the usual; look at logs. syslog, gdm, Xorg.0.log21:23
tomreynbaako: so by undoing the steps you did when you followed a manual not written for your operating system, you (re-)fixed sound.21:23
OerHekscreamme, ssh is text only, unless you fix this with screen forwarding.21:23
baakotomreyn: lol21:23
AppXprtso restarting firefox brought sound to it too?21:24
AppXprtit was bound to other device/driver...21:24
=== lotterbube is now known as clever1
tomreynbaako: the documentation you followed is official, is from Canonoical (the company behind Ubuntu), but is not for Ubuntu Desktop but for Ubuntu Core, a minimal OS for a very specific use case (IoT), not for Desktops.21:25
creammelordcirth_, thanks That will get me started21:25
qwebirc62741I need help, trying to install apache2 and now i have an error21:35
kadiroqwebirc62741, which error21:35
xamithanWhat port is it trying to run on qwebirc6274121:39
qwebirc6274180 and 44321:40
blackflowqwebirc62741: "The Apache error log may have more information"21:40
OerHekshint: /var/log/apache/21:40
xamithanYeah that's not very descriptive error21:41
blackflowsystemd only knows the service failed but doesn't know why because apache is not (sys)logging or using sd notify. consult the apache logs for details on why it failed.21:42
qwebirc62741this is what i got in error.log in apache2 folder21:44
qwebirc62741or is it better way to completely remove apache from my system (and if yes what is the best way for it) thanks in advance i am still learning this21:45
OerHekshttps://www.cvedetails.com/vulnerability-list/vendor_id-45/product_id-66/version_id-241078/Apache-Http-Server-2.4.29.html drop that version21:46
blackflowqwebirc62741: btw, it appears your first paste is truncated. can you please add --no-pager to that same journalctl command you did? line 1 seems to suggest the reason for failure21:47
qwebirc62741https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/QmkRNynX6H/ here you go the no pager one21:51
OerHeksqwebirc62741, how did you install that old apache2?21:52
qwebirc62741followed the tutorial but installed it as a root user21:53
qwebirc62741then i completely removed it ( watched another tut) and installed as admin with sudo power21:53
OerHeksqwebirc62741, and what ubuntu version is this?21:53
jcb2016how well does powertop work in ubuntu?22:08
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jcottondid freenode split?22:12
daxjcotton: yes22:12
=== SysGh_st is now known as SysGhost
Tr1nkim Starmax and i run Slackware :P22:14
Tr1nkSlackware64 14.222:14
OerHeksTr1nk, nice, format your hdd and install ubuntu22:14
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!22:15
Tr1nkOerHeks: it doesnt work like debian of whatever..onlhy slackware run this pc22:15
OerHeksoke, bye!22:15
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=== Triffid_Hunter_ is now known as Triffid_Hunter
Tr1nknetsplit ??22:16
daxTr1nk: yes22:17
Tr1nkIt think ill not stay22:17
ubottuA netsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit22:17
Tr1nkim a netsplit22:17
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Tr1nkvery kwel22:17
=== glguy_ is now known as glguy
DeihmosHow much memory is this app using? It is 207MB? https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/wC8SMlkJ/Annotation%202019-04-22%20182933.png22:33
hggdhDeihmos: yes22:34
OerHeks+ 42 mb bla bla like they tell you in #debian22:34
* kadiro wondering from where those trollers come from22:41
=== narinder` is now known as narindergupta
jeffrey_fI have a laptop with ssd and a HDD.  I want to move my home folder to the empty HDD, need steps to do this (18.10, will be moving to 19.04) Alternatively, is there a way I can do this during the install process (more than happy to reinstall).22:45
qwebirc99334I am having some issues around ssh, and trawling google for answers has not been that successful.22:51
qwebirc99334In short, I have a server with a static IP on my network, which I can ssh to from windows machines, but not my linux laptop.22:51
qwebirc99334However, I can ssh from the server to my linux laptop. The linux laptop can ssh to my router, so ssh in itself is working.22:51
qwebirc99334All machines are sitting on the same network, and they are wired (I have the problem still if I go wireless).22:51
hohumauth-client-config is missing from 19.04.   Any hints on how to get LDAP authentication going without it?22:51
qwebirc99334If I nmap from the server to its own address, I get two ports open, 22 and 5432, which is expected.22:52
qwebirc99334If I nmap from the laptop to the server, I only get port 22.22:52
qwebirc99334I can telnet to both ports on the server from windows, but not from the linux laptop.22:52
qwebirc99334When I try to ssh from the laptop to the server, I get this "Apr 22 22:12:32 optimus sshd[18105]: Connection from port 39708 on port 22" "Apr 22 22:12:32 optimus sshd[18105]: Connection closed by port 39708 [preauth]". If I telnet on 22, I can clearly see that it is up and running.22:52
qwebirc99334When I run scp on the server to copy files from the laptop, the connection often closes prematurely without any warning whatsoever.22:53
qwebirc99334When the laptop starts up, tcpdump shows loads of packets coming in from the linux laptop. None if telnet on 5432.22:53
qwebirc99334Any ideas?22:53
hohumwhat version of openssh is running on the laptop and what version of openssh is running on the server?   You may be running into issues with deprecated key and encryption methods22:54
hohumif the laptop is < 7.0 it's time for an upgrade22:54
qwebirc99334ok, let me check. the server should be alright, it was installed a week ago or so.22:56
qwebirc99334the client on both machines is OpenSSH_7.6p1 Ubuntu-4ubuntu0.3, OpenSSL 1.0.2n  7 Dec 201722:56
qwebirc99334Let me check the version of sshd on the server22:57
donofrio_help what am I missing - http://paste.opensuse.org/90145537 (it's ubuntu 16.04.6 LTS running on PowerBookG4 A1010 - I know it works and I have it on ethernet but as of this netinstall it's not happy about networking)22:57
qwebirc99334OpenSSH_7.6p1 Ubuntu-4ubuntu0.3, OpenSSL 1.0.2n  7 Dec 2017 on the server as well.22:59
tomreyndonofrio_: there's #ubuntu-powerpc for this port.23:01
donofrio_yah my bad23:02
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shredshi! let's say I installed ubuntu budgie but I stopped using budgie for another DE. can I safely remove the meta packages for ubuntu-budgie without messing my system up? will it uninstall network-related stuff? I would like keep only my i3wm setup and get rid of the rest. But I fear it would mess up the entire system. Any suggestions? Thanks!23:15
tomreynshreds: if you have the other DE's meta package installed and watch out that it doesn't get uninstalled as you remove the old DE's packages, you should be fine.23:17
tomreynoh, i'm not sure how you installed i3wm, oyu'd need to make sure you don't uninstall any of its dependencies.23:18
shredsthanks for the answer! my current DE has no meta package so would you suggest getting rid of ubuntu-budgie meta package and replacing it with another like xubuntu's or ubuntu's normal meta package?23:19
shredsFYI I'm on 18.04.2 LTS23:19
shredstomreyn: I see ok; I compiled it23:19
tomreynyou can just keep ubuntu-minimal installed and make sure you keep the other packages your current DE depends on installed as you tear down budgie23:20
tomreynwhen you're done, pretend to install ubuntu-desktop (but dont do it, use -s) to see what you're maybe missing out on23:21
shreds@tomreyn I wonder if it will uninstall my "login manager" (the UI thing that ask for user/pass)23:21
shreds@tomreyn good tip, thanks a lot for the help23:22
tomreynpossible, you should keep some  login manager installed23:22
shredsI guess this can't go too wrong in the end hehe23:22
shredsI'll take it one step at a time and see how it goes23:23
tomreynapt logs are in /var/log/apt/ in case something goes wrong23:23
shredsgood to know :P23:23
jcottonwhat is var even for?23:23
jcottonseems to be a misc folder23:23
atheodohi i am looking for something like webex to work on ubuntu23:28
atheodoare you aware of a collaboration swite that will work?23:29
atheodotried webex but it will not work23:29
tomreyn!fhs | jcotton23:29
ubottujcotton: An explanation of how files and directories are organized on Ubuntu, and how they can be manipulated, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LinuxFilesystemTreeOverview  see also: man hier23:29
atheodowhy would you want to manipulate the file strcuture?23:29
glickhi does anyone know why the darktable icon is black instead of the typical colored wheel when i installed it just now?23:30
gofioI have installed xubuntu into a 16g usb from another usb with a live session. Now I understand I have to remove the usb with the live session and it will boot from the installed usb, isn't it23:31
tomreynatheodo: vnc is the common utility for remote graphical login and desktop sharing. there is also x2go.23:31
OerHeksgofio, like you did tons of times before23:32
gofiou seem to know better about me than myself OerHeks but dunno what u're talking about, sorry23:32
OerHeksgofio, come on, you ask something you already did before... really23:33
gofiosure OerHeks, whatever u say23:33
atheodoscratch that, webex works just fine23:34
atheodoon 64 bit23:34
atheodonot sure why there are reports that only works on 32 bit23:34
glickhey does anyone know why the darktable application uses the dark icon instead of the colorful one?23:46
glicki just installed it form the store23:46
Eickmeyer!patience | glick23:46
ubottuglick: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or https://ubuntuforums.org or https://askubuntu.com/23:46
KareemI have a weird question! I installed a software on ubuntu, however, the software refused to run due to an error reading the license! ... when i tried to run the same software on a virtual machine or live disk of the same ubuntu it worked.... i tried to reinstall ubuntu too many times but it never works. Any suggestions?23:48
glickwhat software Kareem?23:49
RandomGuyOnIrcI have e1000e.ko in two places. The new version is: /lib/modules/4.18.0-15-generic/updates/drivers/net/ethernet/intel/e1000e/e1000e.ko. How do I pass that path to depmod, to tell depmod to find this when I do a modprobe e1000e ?23:50
KareemThe error is exactly as follows.... flexnet license error -77 Bad version number - must be floating point number, with no letters23:50
KareemThe software is Design Compiler by synopsys23:51
KareemThe thing that's getting me crazy is that it works with the same license when installed in a virtual machine or live disk ...23:52
RandomGuyOnIrcln -s /lib/modules/4.18.0-15-generic/updates/drivers/net/ethernet/intel/e1000e/e1000e.ko /lib/modules/`uname -r`   I think23:54
KareemIt works on the live disk, when i install it from the same live disk it shows the error23:55
KareemI thought it might be something with my bios settings but all seemed ok23:55
KareemI tried to change the network adapter settings and set its name to eth0 but still the problem wasnt solved23:55
RandomGuyOnIrcyep that worked23:56
p0aHello how do I install the R programming language ?23:57
p0aI've tried apt-get install r-base but I don't know what command to run next23:57
KareemMay be just type r-base in a terminal? Or check ur software list23:58
p0ar-base doesn't do it23:58
p0ait's `R' ladies and gentlemen23:59
p0acapital R. lol23:59
KareemWas about to say23:59
KareemU can also find it in the menu under the name RStudio23:59
glickhey does apt-get install use snaps? or does only the store use snaps?23:59

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