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portvenhello i need to update my xubuntu 18.04 to 19.04 ......can you help me06:02
portveni need some help06:10
krytarikWell, 1.) the support channel is #xubuntu, but 2.) you'd need to set the upgrade preferences to check for any release rather than just LTS ones.06:12
portvenyes 06:15
portveni need to update ......but my pc is 32 bit pc .......06:16
krytarikWell yeah, this won't work anymore.06:16
portvenand i heard xubuntu wont release 32 bit anymore is it true06:16
portvenok 06:18
Spassupgrading 32-bit 18.04 doesn't work? I didn't know that07:19
ochosibrainwash: could you test the icon theme fixes from yesterday with Thunar please?07:24
brainwashochosi: https://i.imgur.com/64OfjbM.png09:15
ochosikewl, thats as expected09:26
flocculant!team - bye guys :)12:22
ubottuflocculant: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)12:22
ubottuakxwi-dave, bluesabre, flocculant, jjfrv8, knome, krytarik, ochosi, pleia2, slickymaster and Unit19312:22
flocculantbye peeps - though I'll be about for a while off and on12:23
flocculantI'm gone from the Council now - before I went from Team, so when bluesabre or Unit193 remove me from there - it'll look like I'm still in it12:24
flocculantI'm not ;)12:24
flocculantbeen great working with you all - but life moves on 12:24
flocculantknome: can you remove me from the team factoid :D12:24
bluesabreflocculant: it's been great, take care!12:29
flocculantI shall - you too :)12:30
SpassI can confirm this issue - https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/xubuntu-users/2019-April/010975.html14:01
brainwashSpass: https://bugzilla.xfce.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1510014:25
ubottubugzilla.xfce.org bug 15100 in General "Finding a file by typing stops working randomly" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]14:25
brainwashso, fixed in the next exo release14:26
Spassgreat, thanks14:29
sorinellobest wishes flocculant 14:55
Eickmeyerflocculant: You'll be missed.15:23
knomeflocculant, done16:14
flocculantknome: thanks :)18:19
Unit193flocculant: Just so you know, that song has been running through my head for the last 10 minutes now.  I appreciate the email's subject though!21:31
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