xubuntu67iwhat is this?01:22
xubuntu67iip a01:22
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rebabMy computer doesn't respond when I logged in. Only my mouse works (right click doesn't work only moving). I temporary "fixed" the problem by switching GUI to Terminal and Terminal to GUI (ctrl+alt+f1 and ctrl+alt+f7). Interestingly it fixes the problem but I don't want to do this every time I turn on my PC. Is there a way to fix this problem?02:08
well_laid_lawnrebab:  have you checked the X log?02:12
well_laid_lawnor ~/.session-errors ?02:12
rebabwell_laid_lawn: What does X log mean?02:15
well_laid_lawnrebab:  the log for the X session in /var/log02:17
well_laid_lawn /var/log/Xorg.0.log02:18
well_laid_lawnX is the graphical enironment02:19
rebabwell_laid_lawn: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/8q7YbrwqxV/02:24
well_laid_lawnrebab:  hae you run nidia-config ?02:38
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gofioI'm into a xubuntu 18.04 live session from a pendrive, and want to install it into an external drive, is that possible?18:06
Axzerciongofio, yes19:00
gofiohey Axzercion thanks! actually I found two other 16g toshiba pendrives I had somewhere so will use one of these better than the 2T external disk I was asking for19:28
gofiobut I'm having a hard time to make the bootable usb being persistent from the begining. Did it with the startup creator first (as advised) but it did not have that option. Now trying to install the usblive program19:29
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xubuntu03wHello, I am trying to install guest additions but it won't work. Any advice?22:28
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