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IrcsomeBot<Olivia Lane> Hello everyone, how are you? If you want to chat with me more openly, then go and register on the link in my profile! (if something does not work, write to private messages)01:54
IrcsomeBot<Olivia Lane> Hello everyone, how are you? If you want to chat with me more openly, then go and register on the link in my profile! (if something does not work, write to private messages)01:57
valorie@Olivia Lane that's not how this works02:05
valorieyou have entered a help channel and anything else is off-topic02:05
baltazar... I have being ahving issues with a Kubuntu install on an AMD system having exesively slow startup times... an abandone bug...02:48
baltazartimes vary, from 1 minute 16 seconds to 8 minutes...02:55
tomreynbaltazar: press escape, see where it hangs03:10
tomreynbaltazar: also run (and read man pages of): systemd-analyze critical chain; systemd-analyze blame03:10
chealerhi. is there an issue with KOrganizer reminders in 19.04? fresh install. I have been using KOrganizer for over a decade and I think they've always been unreliable, but I've never seen 5 fail straight. it looks like all reminders are failing to trigger. all set to display a dialog box (the default).03:20
baltazarI have... even tried to get some of the fixes that were mention regarding haveged ... I just gave up on it and tried to install in an slightly different manner... which is a bit counter intuitive. I just disabled AHCI and reinstalled... but times suck considering I have an SSD... 1.06 minutes... or more.03:25
valoriehmmm, I guess I would ask in #kontact about korganizer03:36
valoriebaltazar: that startup does sound really slow03:36
tomreynalso disabling AHCI sounds just wrong03:38
tomreynand the issue which some tried to work around using haveged should long be fixed03:38
tomreynbut then we don't know what / which version you're actually trying to install03:39
baltazarI have Kubuntu 18.04.2 ... fresh install... and yes, this issue has not been actually fixed. The one thing about that bug is that it seems to affect AMD hardware since my Intel machine with the same version of Kubuntu starts fast.04:10
baltazarAlso... the bug report is not clear as to an actual fix.04:15
lordievaderGood morning06:02
Snthey. does anybody know where exactly can i send a bugreport about 19.04?06:24
krytarik!bugs | Snt06:24
ubottuSnt: If you find a bug in Kubuntu, please follow the instructions at https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Bugs/Reporting to report the issue to the developers.06:24
Snttoo complicated. is there any simple way?06:29
krytarikSnt: It would seem you missed the advice I had the bot put for you above?06:33
Snti have seen it, thank you. it is too complicated way. i am a casual linux user06:35
krytarikAh ok, because you linked a totally different guide, and that also isn't linked on the page that the bot referred you to.06:37
Snti have read your page first06:38
Sntafter that googled and find another page https://community.kde.org/Get_Involved/Bug_Reporting06:39
Sntso tried them both06:39
krytarikAlso, I'm not particularly sure what'd be so complicated about 1.) creating a Launchpad account and 2.) running "ubuntu-bug <package>"06:39
Sntwell. anyway. if someone from the developers' team reads this IRC log,06:42
Sntnon-technical person. not much experiense with linux.06:42
Sntvmware15, win10+1050Ti outside, clean kubuntu-19.04-desktop-amd64.iso install.06:42
Sntcan't change resolution in system settings - display and monitor:06:42
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BluesKaj'Morning folks09:44
IrcsomeBot<Linuxophil> @BluesKaj, Morning!09:48
IrcsomeBot<Linuxophil> @Snt, Mught it be that you have not installed the VirtualBox guest editions (kind of the drivers for the virtual machine)?09:49
BluesKajHi Linuxophil, yes i think guest additions is an option (dunno why) in the VB/VM. It should be default.09:53
BluesKajerr editions09:53
IrcsomeBot<Linuxophil> @BluesKaj, I agree completely. They should be included on every major distros isos. I think the distros do themselves a disservice by not including them by default. Most new users don't know what's missing and just think that the distro they try is not performing well. Have even seen youtubers coming to that conclusion.09:55
BluesKajit is additions, not editions09:55
IrcsomeBot<Linuxophil> @BluesKaj, Lol! Yes, you are so very correct sir! (/me going into the corner and lower my head in shame)09:57
BluesKajno need to be shamed, lots of us make that mistake09:58
BluesKajI've only used VB a couple of times and found it lacking, so i don't bother with VMs anymore . Also tried kvm/qemu with the same result10:00
BluesKaji just bought another hdd and used that in a dual boot system for a while, but ai eventually dumped windows altogether and stuck with linux OSs on both drives10:02
IrcsomeBot<Linuxophil> @BluesKaj, Well, but for just having a go with a new iteration of a known system, it is very convenient.10:04
BluesKajWe all find methods and uses that suit our needs and wants.i was merely telling about mine :-)10:06
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chealer(re-asking) Is there an issue with KOrganizer reminders in 19.04? I use a fresh install. I have been using KOrganizer for over a decade and I think they've always been unreliable, but I've never seen 5 fail straight. it looks like all reminders are failing to trigger. They are all set to display a dialog box (the default).10:55
Snt<IrcsomeBot> <Linuxophil> @Snt, Mught it be that you have not installed the VirtualBox guest editions (kind of the drivers for the virtual machine)?11:11
Snt<BluesKaj> Hi Linuxophil, yes i think guest additions is an option (dunno why) in the VB/VM. It should be default.11:11
Sntnegative on that11:11
Sntmy case is about vmware. not virtualbox11:11
Sntsecond. all modern *buntu come with open-vmware tools inside11:12
Sntthird. i tried to work with two different vmware tools versions - tools from ubuntu, and tools from vmware itself, and then without tools at all11:13
Sntdid not help11:13
BluesKajSnt, ok, wasn't aware vmware was open source on linux11:13
Snti have installed ubuntu-mate, kubuntu, lubuntu and xubuntu. the problem is in kubuntu only11:14
SntBluesKaj> Snt, ok, wasn't aware vmware was open source on linux  --  tools only. vmware is still costs money11:14
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IrcsomeBot<jorgetech_spacebiker> @EEElton Disabling Baloo was enough?12:21
IrcsomeBot<EEElton> @jorgetech_spacebiker, I'm not sure.12:21
IrcsomeBot<EEElton> It still a little slow when doing basic tasks.12:22
IrcsomeBot<EEElton> The desktop effects sometimes takes some time to respond and so on.12:22
IrcsomeBot<jorgetech_spacebiker> If your computer is fast enough maybe it's a semi-faulty drive or filesystem problem12:23
IrcsomeBot<EEElton> @EEElton, It should be fast enough.12:24
IrcsomeBot<EEElton> And the SMART status of the drive, shows that's it's okay.12:24
IrcsomeBot<EEElton> When I was transferring files to the hard drive, it was pretty slow12:26
IrcsomeBot<jorgetech_spacebiker> As a last resort you could try a file system check in case it has inconsistencies. If not I don't have a clue, it could be a bad drive (bad in the sense of low performance)12:26
lordievaderEEElton, could you pastebin the SMART values?12:28
IrcsomeBot<jorgetech_spacebiker> An i7 with a recent enogh AMD should smoke Kubuntu. As a comparison I have a Xeon E5450 with 4 GB DDR3 RAM and Radeon R5 230, it is very smooth12:29
lordievaderI.e. output of `sudo smartctl -a /dev/<drive-name>`?12:29
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user|6391Hello! I need help! :)14:01
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viewer|78Hi guys, I need help installing an Epson TM-T20II printer on Kununtu 18.04. I downloaded the drivers from this page (https://www.epson-biz.com/modules/pos/index.php?page=single_soft&cid=3731) but after I installed the printer does not print...14:26
BluesKajviewer|78,  afaik, epson printers on linux are notvery well supported14:58
IrcsomeBot<EEElton> @lordievader, I'm gonna try sharing the SMART VALUES14:58
IrcsomeBot<EEElton> (Photo, 1137x978) https://irc-attachments.kde.org/4X4HFtFt/file_14927.jpg That's the SMART data for the hard disk. i'll send a screenshot of the system monitor. What this tells me mostly is that there shouldn't be anything major wrong with the hard drive. Yet when i was transferring files to it, the entire system was very slow. Even after transferring files, desktop effects would get slow and the like.15:13
IrcsomeBot<EEElton> (Photo, 898x897) https://irc-attachments.kde.org/F0bhBr5N/file_14928.jpg The system menu, I'm barely using the system resources, and yet desktop effects can be quite slow. Some apps fail to open either, or close. VLC for instance.15:13
viewer|78I think I'm doing something wrong when I'm installing it...15:37
arranHello Regarding Kaffeine15:38
viewer|78Kubuntu show it twice a discovered network printers, but I'm not entirely sure what I need to write in address/queue...15:38
BluesKajviewer|78, use the compters IP address on the network15:39
BluesKajthat the printer is connected to15:40
viewer|78I config the printer to use, but what I put on queue? and how do I write the address? ldp://
arran I have successfully installed Kaffeine on my Kubuntu 18.04 and after the usual procedere to fetch the channels I have to say a lot are missing. Not a single mention of Swiss TV, not of several German stations.15:40
arranWhen I change back to the 14.04 version I have no problems at all the get these channels. It looks to me, the Station list is still stone old.15:41
viewer|78Cool, I installed using socket:// but it only send blank pages :@16:11
tomreynEEElton: 16 bad sectors suggests the disk may die sooner than you'd normally expect. it doesn't have to, but that's not ideal after 1.5y of operation. but you're fine with recent, complete and proven restorable backups. you should review your system journal next (journalctl -b)16:11
jackcygood afternoon - is this the right place to ask about 19.04 issues?16:20
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AlphetaCSI'm running into a crash but I'm not sure how to start to troubleshoot16:48
AlphetaCSIf I close a window the fall apart animation runs. If I then immediately switch desktops (which invokes the cube animation) I get a crash16:50
AlphetaCSI would report it since the Developer Information tab indicates the crash information is useful, but the Report Bug button is disabled16:52
AlphetaCSI'm not finding much on the web except intel graphics driver bugs from 201516:55
AlphetaCSWhat's the best course of action for me to take?16:55
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BluesKajAlphetaCS, system settings>hardware>display&monitor>compositor>set OpenGL to 3.119:15
IrcsomeBot<bauchhaus> Where is the right place to get help with dual boot problems specifically that the kubuntu installer doesn't see windows and just offers to use the whole disk or manual, even when there is empty space for an installation alongside win.19:16
AlphetaCSThanks BluesKaj, I made this adjustment and I'll see how it goes19:16
BluesKajAlphetaCS,  assuming your computer is less tha 2 yrs old and can handle the graphical settings above19:18
AlphetaCSBluesKaj, i7 4th gen, 32gb ram, ssd drive - it should be fine19:18
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BluesKajbauchhaus, use manual partitioning and set the mountpoint for / (root) on the space/partition beside windows as ext4 then proceed with the installation19:22
BluesKajbauchhaus, make sure the space beside windows is a partition. You may have to gparted in your USB or disc to create that partition first before doing the above19:26
BluesKaj*use gparted19:27
IrcsomeBot<bauchhaus> BluesKaj: that's what I did, now I can't boot into windows any more.19:28
IrcsomeBot<bauchhaus> uptade-grub doesn't see the windows partition19:28
BluesKajbauchhaus, think you need to install grub to the /boot/efi partition created by windows19:31
BluesKajit should be about 512 mb19:32
BluesKajyou may need to unmount it first19:35
IrcsomeBot<bauchhaus> i have a fat32 partiton with boot/efi, i tried to install grub to the whole disk or that partition both same issue, no  more windows.19:37
BluesKajbauchhaus, suggest you ask in ##linux chat, there are grub and efi experts there19:38
IrcsomeBot<bauchhaus> BluesKay: it's the first partition on the nvme01 drive19:39
IrcsomeBot<bauchhaus> I think I should post it in a forum and then point to this, as it's a complex issue and i already tried so many things19:39
BluesKajyes bauchhaus,  I suggest you ask in the ##linux chat19:39
IrcsomeBot<bauchhaus> ok19:40
BluesKajI think I'm missing something in my method, they'll help you restore grub with windows listed19:41
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IrcsomeBot<bauchhaus> BluesKaj: i posted it here: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1136515/ubuntu-installer-and-grub-dont-see-windows-installation21:00
IrcsomeBot<jorgetech_spacebiker> @EEElton, Apps failing to open could indicate a more serious issue related to the hard drive or file system21:27
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Guest97960ребята всем привет, пользуюсь убунтой много впремени, однако столкнулся с непонятной до селе проблемой, с установкой oracle java23:20
Guest97960os : Linux FBook 5.0.0-13-generic #14-Ubuntu SMP Mon Apr 15 14:59:14 UTC 2019 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux23:20
Guest97960добавил репо : sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/java\23:21
Guest97960обновил пакеты , sudo apt-get install oracle-java8-installer - выдает кандедт на установку не найден23:21
Guest97960ктонибуть подскажите куда копать ?23:22
ca_cabohey all, i've recently had an issue on kubuntu 19.04 where the system text is tiny. Adjust resolution or scaling doesn't change anything - it's only the text on like window titles, or all the text in the terminal, if i open a web browser though all text is normal size except for the window title and menu options23:25
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FelixErnst-MIs the font in System Settings/Fonts/Window Title Font set to something tiny?23:31
ca_caboFelixErnst-M, I tried adjusting those just now - it doesn't fix it, I'm rebooting now to see if that helps23:45
ca_caboFelixErnst-M, no that didn't change it23:47
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ca_caboFelixErnst-M, oh nevermind! it did work, thanks!23:51

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