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zygaGood morning (perhaps)05:10
zygamborzecki: hey05:21
zygaHow was Easter?05:22
mborzeckizyga: too short :)05:22
zygaToday will be full of stuff :/05:23
zygaIn the bad sense I suspect05:23
mborzeckizyga: hmm https://forum.snapcraft.io/t/disabling-seccomp-sandbox-where-a-buggy-golang-seccomp-is-used/1105405:24
zygaYeah, that is one05:24
mborzeckizyga: do you know if the version in 29 is ok?05:25
zygaI didn’t check yet05:26
zygaI will be in the office at around 805:27
mborzeckibrb, got to reboot, new kernel05:29
mborzeckizyga: has the mystery of broken seed.yaml been explained?05:35
mborzeckizyga: seed.yaml from that alpha image has a slightly weird format like so https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/vM2MZjZN2t/ but the test i added to check that in the code seems to work fine, no nils05:45
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zygaNo, we don’t know anything more yet06:07
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mborzeckizyga: i did a clean install with the alpha iso, no issues06:11
zygaWe need to talk to foundations to ask who can help with the installer06:12
zygaWe don’t know how the seed is made06:12
mborzeckizyga: definitely the format is slightly awkward, so for instance this variant causes a nil https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/9N7CXZRtwv/06:15
zygaThis is regular yaml06:17
zygaNothing special06:17
mborzeckizyga: fwiw, we could have used SeedSnap instead of a pointer06:17
zygaNot sure why we did06:18
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mborzeckii'll check f29 golang seccomp next, according to bodhi it was updated recent'y, but i'm not sure whether that's 0.9 tag exactly or some other commit06:21
mborzeckididn't know you could embed lua in rpm macros06:23
zygaI will look at a content bug06:24
mborzeckizyga: something new?06:24
zygaReported in response to a theme bug06:30
zygamborzecki: ok, in the office now06:35
zygaobviously kids didn't want to go with the dog so I had to06:35
zygamborzecki: nothing in recent memory has made them more lazy than the teacher's strike06:36
zygamborzecki: is mvo working today?06:39
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mborzeckizyga: idk06:42
mborzeckizyga: fedora's updated libseccomp-gois exactly 0.9 release, so the commit with the fix is not included06:43
mborzeckizyga: filed a bug in fedora https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=170216906:58
mborzeckion centos we used vendored packages06:58
mborzeckizyga: so i'm thinking, fedora & debian are the only 2 distros that do not bundle golang deps, once they are fixed, we may not need to disable seccomp dynamically at all07:03
zygamborzecki: jdstrand will join our standup today07:04
zygamborzecki: perhaps discuss with him then07:04
mborzeckizyga: and a silly thought, since we already do the snap-seccomp version-info magic, maybe we could extend this to cover bpf output geenrated by the lib too?07:04
zygamborzecki: eh :)07:04
zygathat's one rabbit hole IMOI07:04
mborzeckizyga: i mean the problem is that even if they update snap-seccomp bindings, we may not renerate the profiles, because lib version and supported syscalls could stay the same07:06
zygayes, I was thinking about this earlier, all the effort we did07:06
zygait is really insufficient07:06
mborzeckizyga: or we could get a pass from fesco or other body and just bundle that dep? :)07:07
zygamborzecki: good luck to get that approved in the next 60 days ;)07:07
mborzeckianyways, golang deps are still arguably silly and don't fit the disto world (or iow the distro world did not catch up with golang/rust/node/python package handling yet)07:08
zygamborzecki: it cannot catch up07:08
zygamborzecki: but that's a separate conversation07:08
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om26erHi! I opened that one https://forum.snapcraft.io/t/auto-connection-request-for-gpio-interface/11013 -- is that under the current store rules possible ?07:10
mborzeckizyga: better had with a glass of beer :P (we should make a list of beer-topics fwiw)07:11
mborzeckipstolowski: hey07:11
zygamborzecki: haha, a trello lane :)07:11
zygapstolowski: good morning, how are you doing?07:11
zygapstolowski: had enough mazurki over weekend? :-)07:11
zygaom26er: yes07:12
pstolowskizyga: i'm fine, and satiated :)07:12
pstolowskihow are you guys?07:13
zygapstolowski: depressed a little07:13
zygapstolowski: floodgates of bugs07:13
zygapstolowski: I want holidays that last 4 days :)07:13
pstolowskioh... i need to catch up07:14
pstolowskimborzecki: can you take a look at https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/6728? that could land07:15
mborzeckipstolowski: sure07:19
zygabugs, bugs everywhere07:22
zygathere is something wrong with slot attrs07:22
* zyga wants snap plugs and snap slots07:29
zygait's infuriating to debug07:29
mborzeckizyga: shouldn't mei rule be /dev/mei[0-9]* ?07:35
zygamborzecki: why?07:35
mborzeckizyga: because i don't see + in the manpage :)07:35
zygamborzecki: ?07:35
zygamborzecki: in apparmor re?07:35
mborzeckizyga: yeah, the manpage is not too useful, but i don't see anything that uses +07:36
zygamborzecki: grep for + in interfaces07:36
zygaperhaps it's a common bug07:36
zygaapparmor RE sucks a little for being custom07:36
zygazyga@fyke:~/Documents/go/src/github.com/snapcore/snapd/cmd/snapd$ sudo ./snapd07:37
zygaAppArmor status: apparmor is enabled and all features are available07:37
zygacannot run daemon: cannot obtain snap-seccomp version information: error: unsupported argument "version-info"07:37
zygamborzecki: how do I run snapd now?07:37
mborzeckizyga: build snap-seccomp and put it in the same dir07:37
zygaa bit meh07:37
zyganot a great day07:40
zygapstolowski: we have a serious bug in interfaces07:40
pstolowskizyga: uh, what is it?07:41
zygapstolowski: hold on, let me prepare everything first07:41
mborzeckizyga: heh, looks like a bug in patterns, we have /dev/sr[0-9]* /dev/rtc[0-9]* /dev/input/event[0-9]* but only /dev/mei[0-9]+07:41
zygamborzecki: I disagree07:41
zygamborzecki: zyga@fyke:~/Documents/go/src/github.com/snapcore/snapd/interfaces/builtin$ git grep ']+'07:41
zygafor me it shows much more than one item07:42
zygaah, sorry07:42
zyga we use go REs as well07:42
mborzeckithose are from go07:42
zygamborzecki: sanity check, apparmor, use of + is a bug?07:42
mborzeckizyga: for all we know the parser does not complain :)07:43
zygamborzecki: the parser sucks07:43
mborzeckizyga: fwiw, all other patterns use *07:43
mborzeckii'll open a PR07:43
zygamborzecki: thanks, assign the bug to yourself too07:43
mborzeckizyga: ^^07:52
mborzeckiback to pstolowski's review07:52
zygapstolowski: can you HO?07:52
zygapstolowski: need your eyes on something07:52
zygaI'm in standup07:53
zygamborzecki: wanna see?07:53
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cjwatsondiddledan: in case you didn't notice, https://github.com/diddlesnaps/gog-galaxy-wine/blob/master/snap/snapcraft.yaml has conflict markers in it and is thus failing to parse as YAML07:59
Chipacamborzecki: I don't know AARE; does * there mean "0 or more"? (the manpage is not clear to me -- it says "any number" which might include 0 or not)08:28
zygaChipaca: -108:29
zygaChipaca: hey08:29
mborzeckiChipaca: i think it's more like glob for file paths, so dev /dev/mei[0-9] matches mei0-mei9 followed by whatever that's not /08:32
zygaChipaca: fun day continues https://bugs.launchpad.net/snapd/+bug/1825883/comments/408:33
mborzeckiChipaca: unforunately apparmor.d manpage is most useless explaining AARE :/08:33
diddledanthanks cjwatson08:34
zygaChipaca, mborzecki: my personal experience is that the documentation is only partial there08:34
zygathe only way to learn more is to look at what the kernel reads08:34
zygawhich is non-trivial08:34
mborzeckiChipaca: for reference, we allow `/dev/tty[0-9]* rw,` for x11 and other rules also follow [0-9]* patterns08:34
Chipacamborzecki: /dev/tty is a thing tho08:35
zygaI failed mid way on that because of the representation of AARE is only documented in the C implementation as imperative code, there's no comment as to what the representation is08:35
* zyga wrote a partial apparmor decompiler at one point in the past08:35
mborzeckiChipaca: fair enough, /dev/ttyUSB is not :) /dev/tty{USB,ACM}[0-9]*08:36
zygawindy dat08:36
* zyga wants a set of debug commands that just display the data from the state 08:38
mborzeckizyga: hm maybe we'll have libseccomp-golang updated in fedora sooner than expected -> https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=170216908:38
mborzeckiwhich would be great imo :)08:39
zygamborzecki: report a debian bug too please08:41
zygapstolowski: so08:44
zygapstolowski: the problem is that snap connect is storing information that is never updated after the fact08:44
mborzeckisore & forget08:45
mborzeckistore & forget08:45
pstolowskizyga: right. we never call doConnect again, and with the new logic of storing static attrs in the state we don't refresh them, in the old implementation setup-profiles would pick the new attributes right?08:49
pstolowskithat's bad08:49
zygayes :)08:49
zygalooking at what may be the best way forward now08:49
zygabut first I want to add a system08:49
zygathat records a trace of revision in the repo08:49
zygaso repo will know what the revision of each snap is08:50
zygaand will panic if those disagree08:50
pstolowskizyga: we need to think, perhaps we should re-run all the interface hooks, that means disconnecting first and then re-connecting08:52
zygapstolowski: I think we need to take a step back and write some invariants08:53
zygapstolowski: hooks are both niche and complex08:53
zygapstolowski: I'd like to support them but going through the hook door first might just confuse us more08:53
pstolowskizyga: maybe we should take step back and reconsider storing static attrs in state, and only use that for hotplug slots08:57
zygapstolowski: maybe, I will add consistency checks to the repo and see what we get08:58
pstolowskizyga: i think setupProfilesForSnap needs fixing. it already does repo.Remove(snap) and Re-add(snap), and then reloadConnection which picks outdated attrs from state.09:11
pstolowskizyga: if _, err := m.repo.Connect(connRef, conn.StaticPlugAttrs, conn.DynamicPlugAttrs, conn.StaticSlotAttrs, conn.DynamicSlotAttrs, nil); err != nil { ... in reloadConnections09:13
zygapstolowski: I agree this is where the error is triggered09:14
zygapstolowski: I'm not yet sure what is the best way to fix it09:14
popeyThis was reported to me by multiple people over the weekend09:14
popeyFeels somewhat critical (if it's not already known09:14
zygapopey: this is a duplicate of another bug09:14
popeyit's biting a lot of people because 19.04 just came out and lots of people are installing systems with no snaps pre-installed09:14
zygamarked as such now09:15
zygapopey: I agree09:15
zygapopey: just ETOOMANYBUGS09:15
diddledanbugs.reduce((status) => status.ignore());09:16
diddledanthat should be a map really09:17
diddledanI suck at jokes09:17
popeynerd jokes are best jokes09:18
popey(for nerds)09:18
zygapstolowski: hmm10:05
zyganever mind10:06
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zygapstolowski: question, open interface manager's handlers.go and go to doConnect10:15
zygapstolowski: inside that function look at the call to repo.Connect10:16
zygapstolowski: it takes plugDynamicAttrs and slotDynamicAttrs, not taking static attrs (not sure why)10:16
pstolowskizyga: looking10:17
zygapstolowski: now the questsion is, a few lines below that, we create connState and store plug and slot static and dynamic attrs using conn.{Plug,Slot}.{Dynamic,Static}Attrs() instead of what we passed to Connect10:17
zygawhy is that?10:17
* zyga is dumb10:18
zygasorry, this is correct10:18
zygawe save what the connection gave us10:18
zygapstolowski: sorry for wasting your time10:18
pstolowskizyga: no worries. NewConnectedPlug and NewConnectedSlot are special-cased for nils and take static attrs from plug/slot info10:18
pstolowskizyga: i'm thinking a fix i suggested above for setupprofiles/reload connections is a potential solution, i'm happy to work on this, just let me know10:22
zygapstolowski: I'm still working on this, I'm not convinced that is enough (it would fix it but I want to be sure we've fixed all cases of this issue)10:23
pstolowskizyga: if you're making repo rev-aware, then i think it would be great to keep it separate from actual bugfix (if possible), i think it's a bit orthogonal problem10:25
zygapstolowski: no worries :)10:25
zygapstolowski: the repo is not the problem10:25
zygapstolowski: I made that but id doesn't pick up the problem (obviously)10:26
zygapstolowski: I'm making connState rev aware10:26
zygapstolowski: we run the refresh hooks right?10:46
zygapstolowski: but on snap refresh we don't run interface hooks, do we?10:46
pstolowskizyga: correct, except for autoconnects, those can run hooks10:48
zygahow do you mean?10:48
zygapstolowski: so, I think we have two bugs now10:50
pstolowskizyga: as part of install/refresh we run "autoconnect" to connect new interfaces (if applicable); it will run hooks10:50
zygaI see10:50
zygathe first bug is that the static attributes are stale, that's plain and obvious10:50
zygathe dynamic attributes are equally out of date, if you setup a content connection hook you will most likely be able to see the revision in the path you observe10:51
zygaif you refresh stuff those will be stale equally (so snaps will not see the accurate paths if they use hooks to update them)10:51
zygapstolowski: I will break now, take a walk and think about this10:51
zygapstolowski: my gut feeling is that we need to rethink refresh and interfaces10:52
zygapstolowski: we can "hack" to fix this issue10:52
zygapstolowski: but the core issue is more complex and I think what we do today is simply inconsistent with itself10:52
zygapstolowski: we need to find something that is correct and consistent10:52
zygapstolowski: and also not annoying or difficult to use for users10:52
zygapstolowski: (e.g. do you see a disconnect hook and a connect hook when your peer refreshes?)10:53
zygapstolowski: it's extra tricky for content because the snap will synchronously see the old and the new state and nothing in beteween10:53
zygapstolowski: so the hook is really "hey buddy, it changed" without a way to see the prior state10:53
zygapstolowski: I changed stuff enough in my branch to detect when the connection state is inconsistent with the repository10:54
pstolowskizyga: for autoconnect we do plugStatic, slotStatic, err := initialConnectAttributes(st, plugSnapInfo, plugSnap, plugName, slotSnapInfo, slotSnap, slotName), that's what the hooks see, and that is from CurrentInfo() after link-snap10:56
pstolowskizyga: that's in ifacestate.connect(..) that creates interface hook tasks10:56
zygapstolowski: forget autoconnect10:57
zygapstolowski: when you refresh a snap with an existing connection, the peers of that snap *never know about the refresh*10:57
zygapstolowski: and attributes encode the revision10:57
zygapstolowski: so if you use hooks to update internal snap config you are SOL10:57
zygapstolowski: I pushed some patches to https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/compare/master...zyga:fix/lp-1825883?expand=111:00
pstolowskizyga: i'll show you something11:00
pstolowskizyga: https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/5200/11:00
pstolowskizyga: almost one year ago ;)11:00
pstolowskizyga: see // on refresh re-connect existing connections and run their interface hooks (if applicable)11:00
pstolowskizyga: there is even a spread test11:01
zygapstolowski: that's good in itself11:01
zygapstolowski: does this update connection state as well?11:01
zygapstolowski: https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/commit/fe3498a40ac38857142525f781ea808447b19c5e this errors whenever we would take a decision based on old data11:02
zygapstolowski: I'm happy to chat over TG but I need a walk now11:02
pstolowskizyga: yes that old branch updates connstate because it disconnectes and then reconnects, so it runs disconnect hooks and then connect hooks11:04
pstolowskizyga: it was parked back then :(11:04
zygapstolowski: I’ll run my branch on all current tests to see if something is already affected11:06
zygapstolowski: https://twitter.com/ismonkeyuser/status/112056869916813312011:20
zygamborzecki: can you edit https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/6762 to reference the bug report please11:49
mborzeckizyga: was there one?11:50
zygamborzecki: I think so, no? was that just on the forum>11:50
zygamborzecki: then at least a Forum: ... entry next to signed-off-by11:51
mborzeckizyga: i've only seen the forum post11:51
mborzeckizyga: so you mean the commit message?11:51
zygamborzecki: yeah, or the PR merge message11:54
zygapstolowski: I patched my branch to only report an error when the static attributes actually differ11:57
zygapstolowski: we still have tests failing :/11:57
zygapstolowski: so we currently may depend on incorrect behivior11:58
pstolowskii'm afraid the only correct way of dealing with this is to really re-run (reconnect) everything (like in my old PR, modulo comments from pedronis - namely the comment re hooks not knowning if it's initial connect vs reconnect). we need to discuss when he is back12:04
* pstolowski is kicking himself for not realizing significance of landing or not landing that old PR12:06
jdstrandmborzecki: fyi, apparmor.d *does* have AARE: "AARE = ?*[]{}^"\nSee below for meanings"12:08
mborzeckijdstrand: right, but the 'see below for meanings' is so informative12:09
jdstrandmborzecki: the bit under Globbing?12:11
mborzeckijdstrand: right, that one12:12
jdstrandhuh. I find that clear...12:12
jdstrandhow would you like to see it changed? I can fix it upstream12:12
Chipacajdstrand: in particular, it says «*   can substitute for any number of characters, excepting '/'», but doesn't say whether "any number" includes 012:13
Chipacajdstrand: i.e. does /dev/foo[0-9]* match /dev/foo12:13
jdstrandit's a glob12:13
jdstrandso, 'no'12:14
jdstrandbut 'yes', I see what you mean12:14
mborzeckijdstrand: also it says globbing, vs me expecting something mentioning AARE (because that's how it's named above)12:15
jdstrandI mean it does say 'File resources may be specified with a globbing syntax similar to that used by popular shells, such as csh(1), bash(1), zsh(1)." but it isn't as clear as it be12:15
jdstrandmborzecki: yes. up above it says See below without referencing Globbing, and down below it talks about globbing but not AARE12:15
jdstrandmborzecki: you probably saw that I approved and merged the pr12:17
jdstrandmborzecki: thanks. I don't know how I missed that :\12:17
mborzeckijdstrand: mhm, thanks!12:17
zygajdstrand: hey12:21
zygajdstrand: fun day12:21
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Chipacajdstrand: eoan pronuciation guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iQXMdR0XDT813:16
jdstrandChipaca: hahaha13:18
Son_Gokumborzecki, how close are we to 2.39 release?13:45
mborzeckiSon_Goku: idk, i'd say not far, zyga do you know?13:45
zygaSon_Goku: hard to say13:45
zygaSon_Goku: I'd say we will postpone because of bugs13:45
zygabut mvo is out so I cannot say with certainty13:46
zygaSon_Goku: it's  been a week of bugs13:46
zygaroadmr: lol :)13:50
* zyga runs an errand, see you later13:50
* cachio afk14:03
om26erHi! Regarding requests for auto-connection of snap interfaces, how long does it generally take and also what number of +1's does it take for a request to go live ?15:26
om26ercase in point https://forum.snapcraft.io/t/please-allow-auto-connect-of-display-control-interface-for-deskconn/1083115:27
Chipacaom26er: https://forum.snapcraft.io/t/process-for-aliases-auto-connections-and-tracks/45515:31
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om26erthanks Chipaca15:33
Chipacaom26er: i've pinged @reviwers on that one as it's high time they looked at it15:33
Chipacaom26er: but that topic explains # of votes, timeline, etc15:33
om26erChipaca cool, there is already a new +1 on that one ;-)15:38
ChipacaI wonder if today's xkcd is about libseccomp15:55
* zyga looks at xkcd16:34
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zygaI guess  I should EOD17:26
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