RhondaSo … the next codename is eoan, do I get that right?10:02
LaneyRhonda: yup10:03
RhondaNothing more yet?10:03
LaneyI didn't hear of an animal yet10:04
Laney(but I could be out of the loop)10:05
Laneymust be a crowded field ;-)10:05
Unit193Launchpad and distro-info-data say EANIMAL. ;)10:05
RhondaI looked in the wiki and it's not there neither.  Gladly I don't need it for the update to the package site, but …10:11
* Rhonda . o O ( curiosity kills the elephant )10:11
RhondaHmm.  I guess I can remove trusty already.10:12
RhondaOh wait.  No, what's this EOL 2022 …10:13
RhondaAh, the ESM.  I don't think I want/need/should cover that on the packages site.10:14
Unit193Nah, that's just Canonical stuff, no community support at all.10:15

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