Wild_ManBashing-om, those updates were just for the last week right?00:38
Bashing-omWild_Man: Yes ,,, all for last week - verified twice - as I could not believe that many changes.00:40
Wild_ManBashing-om, okay, just checking00:43
Wild_ManThanks everyone00:43
Wild_ManI do not think that will happen often00:43
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Wild_ManHello pleia2 you around?15:42
Wild_Manhggdh, you have a minute for a question?15:51
hggdhWild_Man: go for it :-)15:52
Wild_ManThe forum use to get fridge notifications like this https://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=12215:52
Wild_ManDo you know if ubuntu forum can be added back to the fridge as a category? I believe I can do it myself if there is no objections or other requirements that I do not know of15:53
hggdhWild_Man: that's a question for me?15:54
hggdhTHE question, I mean15:54
Wild_ManNot sure, I know that you have fridge editor rights so I thought you might know what happened that stopped it before from being posting to the forum15:55
Wild_ManI suspect it is because of the hack in 2016, do you know who I should ask?15:55
hggdhI did not even know (or remember) I had fridge editor rights, most of the action I wanted on fridge was performed by pleia2, as far as I can remember15:56
hggdhso... pleia2 ^^15:56
Wild_ManOkay thanks15:56
hggdhWild_Man: yw, Sorry I could not really help16:00
Wild_Manhggdh, that is okay, I appreciate the reply16:00
hggdhOTOH, this brings up one possible issue: we should re-visit who takes care of what, and try to make sure there are no MIA reponsible people for all areas16:02
Wild_ManThat is true and a very good idea16:03
Wild_ManIt is very possible the forum security upgrade prevents the fridge from posting and that is why it was removed from the fridge category16:04
Wild_Manhggdh, do you mean just for the fridge? if so where do we bring this up at, it looks to me the like the mailing list for the fridge has not been used since 200816:16
hggdhWild_Man: actually, for all areas16:38
Wild_ManSo send an email out to the news team mailing list asking for people in responsible positions through out the news team to report in?16:44
Wild_ManI have been on the forum for years but I am still getting use to how to do things in the wider community16:45
hggdhWild_Man: I think it would be a start -- is the wiki up-to-date? are there any MIA folks, etc.(the same applies, for example, for the triagers;I have been thinking of going back there and starting updating thigs as well)16:50
Wild_ManThanks hggdh16:53
pleia2I don't know anything about forum integration, it was never automatic posting for me16:54
pleia2there's a text file that has the forum code that I just pasted into a new post each week16:55
Wild_Manpleia2, the one we use for the fridge I can just post into the fridge forum manually?17:01
Wild_ManDo you know if it can be added to the categories on the fridge so it will be automatic? I saw where new categories can be added so it looks that simple17:02
Wild_ManI think the fridge was automatic17:04
Wild_ManThe letter use to get posted here as well pleia2 https://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=12217:04
pleia2oh I see, yeah I suspect that's a security thing17:05
pleia2I never knew about it though!17:06
Wild_ManOkay, Thanks!17:07
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