lordievaderGood morning06:02
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rbasakHas anyone successfully done a merge with git-ubuntu following the rename of deconstruct to split?11:02
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ahasenackI haven't yet12:10
ahasenackjust started on a branch yesterday, but not a merge12:10
AvidWolf433morning, can anyone help me? I am trying to install landscape server on azure and when i do hostname -f it gives me [hostname].internalazurednsname.cloudapp.net12:13
AvidWolf433this causes an issue because when landscape is installed I believe it generates a cert based on hostname -f and then subsequent pages after initial user creation redirect internally causing connection refused12:14
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fcserrWhen should someone start thinking about upgrading a Ubuntu 14.04.6 LTS server?14:00
tomreynfcserr: you're joking, right?14:00
OerHeksfcserr, between today and 30th april14:00
fcserrsounds good14:01
tomreynsurely before april 25th, i'd say14:01
OerHeksso, if you have not investigated the changes, systemd and so on, start now14:01
fcserrthank you14:01
huehnerHello, moving question from #ubuntu here: Why do Canonical created hvm/ssd 18.04 AWS ami's still use MBR/legacy style partition table and not GPT14:05
huehnercontext: avoid ugly extra work with user wants to grow disk-volume beyond 2TB limit14:06
Odd_Blokefcserr: If you don't get upgraded in time, you may want to know about https://www.ubuntu.com/esm14:14
tomreynhuehner: i don't know the answer to your question, but you could just add more storages, isn't it?14:24
masonfcserr: Model your services on the new platform before doing an in-place upgrade.14:43
rbasakhuehner: can those instance types boot GPT?14:53
rbasakI was under the impression AWS still needed grub-legacy-ec2 to boot.14:53
rbasakhuehner: but if you like, you could file a bug at https://bugs.launchpad.net/cloud-images/+filebug14:54
rbasakYou might get a Won't Fix answer, but hopefully that'd answer your original question.14:54
huehnerrbasak: aws style hvm boots like a pc (boot sector normal grub etc), those hvm type as default/recommended since a long time15:12
huehnerrbasak: but possible the your ami's should still keep working with their legacy paravirt type machines (then we might run into your problem (grub-legcy etc...)15:12
fcserrthank you Odd_Bloke and mason15:16
huehnerrbasak: for info: https://bugs.launchpad.net/cloud-images/+bug/182600715:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1826007 in cloud-images "Change partition type from MBR to GPT for AWS AMI ?" [Undecided,New]15:36
rbasakhuehner: thank you for filing that. I'm interested to see the response.15:36
huehnerrbasak: see note inside as i think grub-legacy-ec2 should not be needed at all anymore, but it is still present at least in bionic amis15:37
keithzg[m]Hmm, is there some way to tell what shell a user will use other than the shell portion of the passwd entry?23:55
sarnoldthey may put the shell they actually want to use in a ~/.bashrc or similar23:57

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