p0astore i think00:00
KareemApt get uses snaps too00:00
jcottonthought you needed snap install for that00:00
KareemWhen i install spotify using apt get its installed as snaps00:00
glickso basically, snap is the new package for ubuntu?00:00
glickcan you configure them so they dont auto update?00:01
tomreynKareem: i disagree. apt-get does not handle snaps.00:08
tomreynnor apt00:08
Eickmeyerglick, Kareem: No, apt does NOT use snaps. It uses debs from the Ubuntu repositories. snap uses snaps and has a similar syntax to apt.00:09
Gerowenglick: snaps are self contained software distribution packages, like flatpaks.  They contain most if not all dependencies necessary to run the software and are more "segregated" I guess you could say, from the rest of the system.  They're not necessarily a replacement for deb in all scenarios, but they make deploying applications easier because you don't have to worry about whether or not a gazillion different distros or flavors will have all the00:16
Gerowendependencies for your application to run, like you might if you used debs.  You install a snap and it brings with it everything it needs to run as part of the package, and when you remove it, it takes all of that with it without bothering other applications on the system.  There's a lot of technical info you can read up on how they work, I'm kind of a noob, but they're pretty neat based on the few I've used on my desktop and home server applications, :-)00:16
glicki see00:16
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tomreyn!ot | Noisette00:36
ubottuNoisette: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:36
gofiou know what format would be best for a pendrive to install ubuntu in tomreyn ? I mean, it seems I had W95FAT32(LBA) and couldn't get the installed pendrive to boot, and I'm starting the whole process again so would like to know in what format would be better to do it00:43
texlaUbuntu 18.04 when trying to update using update manager I get the following error..failed to download repository information ..check your internet connection..When I try to update with ..Sudo apt-get update I get the following info..https://pastebin.com/Tfm7fVby00:46
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tomreyntexla: you system clock is probably incorrect.00:53
tomreynrun "date", compare to wall clock00:53
texlatomreyn, My clock using date and time shows Mon Apr 22 7.52 central time00:55
texlatomreyn, That is USA00:56
tomreynah, i was just going to ask if it's central to the world, or central to the world from a U.S: perspective.00:57
tomreynand does that seem right?00:57
tomreynCDT timezone, right? so i guess it matches.00:59
texlatomreyn, Yes it does it's set to chicago illinois usa that was my first guess when I saw the pastebin00:59
pnwiseDoes anyone know how to purge fancontrol? I purged it with apt but my fans won't spin and wont used the settings in the bios01:00
tomreyntexla: hmm the date and time on the release file are surely in the past, though: http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/bionic-updates/InRelease01:00
tomreynoh there are multiple mirrors01:01
texlatomreyn, After oking a couple of time it then shows no upgrades01:01
texlatomreyn, I have tried the two different archives01:02
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bilb_onohow would I give permission for www-data to run a python thats in a virtualenv ? Something like sudo chmod +x www-data /src/virtualenv/bin/python    ?01:05
tomreyntexla: i tried all three servers, all report the same timestamp within the file.01:05
tomreynpnwise: i never used fanontrol, but assume that it will not reset values when it is uninstalled. rather, you should reboot. then, linux will no longer try to control the fans (unless it has a separate driver for it for this specific hardware series, i guess)01:09
pnwiseyeah I tried that few times01:09
tomreynpnwise: yuo can use lmsensors / sensord to kepe an eye on the temperatures.01:09
pnwiseIt does not work like that, it seems it modified some files and set the fans to manual control01:09
pnwiseBut I can't find where is that01:10
tomreyneven after rebooting? maybe /etc/sysctl.* or /etc/mod*01:11
tomreynyou may also need to regenerate initramfs01:11
texlatomreyn, I have tried select the best out of Canada and the initial shows Computer up to date when update manager opens when I had 16.04 it used Canada as the server01:13
tomreynpnwise: oh also /etc/sysfs*01:13
tomreyntexla: the server you use should not matter, they should all have those files list UTC timestamps01:14
pnwiseThere is no such thing01:14
tomreynpnwise: i'm on 18.04 LTS, not sure what you run01:15
R13oseHow do I update Flash player for opera in terminal?01:15
tomreynR13ose: opera is not in ubuntu, not supported here, you can ask in #uubntu-offtopic, though01:16
pnwiseR13ose, check if it is installed using snapd01:17
pnwiseIf so it wont run flash01:17
texlatomreyn, I reran sudo apt-get update and it does not show any time differences01:17
tomreyni had a typo, it's:  #ubuntu-offtopic01:17
tomreyntexla: so it must have been some temporary issue, i guess.01:17
pnwiseThere is no /etc/sysfs* in ubunutu 18.0401:18
texlatomreyn, thanks for the help will try for a couple of days and see what happens01:18
R13osepnwise: snapd is installed01:19
pnwiseIf you have opera installed with snapd it wont work01:19
pnwiseI am not sure if you can install opera another way01:19
pnwiseI don't use it, but found out the other day when I was sending laptop for my aunt01:20
R13oseFlash was working before01:20
tomreynpnwise: you're right, /etc/sysfs* doe snot exist by default on 18.0401:20
pnwiseNo browser installed with snap will get permissions to work with flash, no matter you click that allow button multiple timmes01:20
pnwiseI personally remove snapd from the computers I use, but forgot for this one01:21
tomreynpnwise: /etc/sysfs* is provided by sysfsutils, not installed yb default01:21
pnwiseLike I do not know much details, just noticed that01:21
pnwiseI am just going to install kernel 5.0 and hope that will override the mess01:22
R13oseMoving to offtopic channel01:22
pnwiseSeems installing 5.0 overwrote whatever mess fancontrol made01:25
axisysI setup 00proxy like this Acquire::http::Proxy "http://login:pwd@"; how do I have multiple proxy IPs ?01:36
axisysI need to add there as well with same username:pwd01:37
axisysI suppose I could stack multiple of those lines one per IP ?01:39
tomreynaxisys: DNS would help01:39
tomreynwhy would you need multiple though?01:40
pinkosHi I’m installing Ubuntu and it asks me for a secure boot password.   Do I have to use this password every time i start my computer?01:41
pinkosI’m confused about the point of this.  Is this a password I have to remember long term?01:42
axisystomreyn: in case first one not responding01:42
tomreynpinkos: you have "secure boot" enabled in your mainboard firmware configuration. this is a hardware and firmware assisted security functionality which is meant to prevent bad software from running on your computer. not everyone agrees you want it enabled, but you can choose to do so.01:43
tomreynaxisys: use DNS01:44
tomreynpinkos: if you will use it, you will now need to set a passphrase, and remember this long term, yes. you should actually note it down and store it somewhere safe.01:45
tomreynpinkos: you will not be prompted for it every time you boot, but when you later decide to disable it, or to reset your computer.01:45
tomreynalso for installing another operating system it may be needed01:46
jcottonisn't that pass just for enrolling MOKs?01:47
tomreynpinkos: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UEFI/SecureBoot01:47
tomreynjcotton: for initializing secureboot, and for enrolling MOKs, and for disabling secureboot.01:47
jcottonin the firmware or in Ubuntu?01:48
Kendos-K_Hi :)01:48
tomreynjcotton: whereever you can do it.01:48
jcottonb/c I wasn't aware that UEFI had provisions for the OS imposing firmware passwords01:48
Kendos-K_I have a hardware question. I currently use a Gigabyte Z380 AUROS motherboard (https://www.gigabyte.com/Motherboard/Z390-AORUS-MASTER-rev-10#kf), but from what i could read, it does not support fan controlling.01:49
Kendos-K_So I was wondering if anyone could recommend me a similar motherboard that supports fan controlling? I am thinking about this one but not really sure about the linux support https://www.asus.com/Motherboards/WS-X299-SAGE/01:50
tomreyn!ot | Hi Kendos-K_01:50
ubottuHi Kendos-K_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:50
tomreynthere's also ##hardware01:50
Kendos-K_Sorry if it is not the right channel, I was not really sure about where to ask. The OS I use is indeed Ubuntu, and it's from ubuntu I want to control the fan. That's why I came back (hoping someone would know a way to control the fans on gigabyte MB).01:52
Kendos-K_Thank you tho, I'll go and ask on offtopic then :)01:52
creammehaving problems with GUI not starting after adding GPU drivers https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/pDt7Mp6Wd9/01:54
ga_sk8eri havent ran linux in a few years. can  someone elp  me out?02:12
ga_sk8erim  trying to  create a shortcut on the desktop like you can  do in windows02:12
Bashing-om!ask | ga_sk8er02:13
ubottuga_sk8er: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience02:13
ga_sk8eri cant even  resize the window size for this xcat02:29
doug16kSuper+right Super+left will quickly dock a window right or left02:30
ga_sk8erbut im  wanting to  make the icons appear in the middle of the desktop.  like you can  do in windows. all  i can  do after installing is add to  the favorite bar02:32
doug16kga_sk8er, https://linuxconfig.org/how-to-create-desktop-shortcut-launcher-on-ubuntu-18-04-bionic-beaver-linux02:34
doug16kga_sk8er, or just snag the official ones programs install from  /usr/share/applications02:38
doug16kcopy them to the desktop02:38
ga_sk8er@doug16k i tried to go  to  the usr/share applications folder & drag themout to  the desktop  but it doesnt do  anything02:44
doug16kga_sk8er, in Files, on the bottom left click Other Locations, then double-click Computer in the main file list, then usr, share, applications. hold ctrl and drag icons to desktop02:44
doug16kthen it won't look quite right. double click it and say you trust it and it will look right then02:44
doug16kare any icons there on the desktop?02:46
ga_sk8eri tried te ctrl  button & it still  doesnt move icons02:46
ibrumfieldanyone know if there is a steam play channel?02:46
cfhowlett!steam | ibrumfield02:47
ubottuibrumfield: Valve have officially announced that they are developing Steam and are working with !ubuntu during their development, see http://blogs.valvesoftware.com/linux/steamd-penguins/ for further details, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Valve for install instructions, you can also join #ubuntu-steam for discussion.02:47
ga_sk8erwhen  a window is open, i  also cant move it around the screen02:47
ibrumfieldthanks guys02:48
doug16kga_sk8er, is there a maximize button? does that work?02:48
doug16kthe button beside the magnifying glass toggles between list display types02:48
ga_sk8eryeah the max & min work02:48
ga_sk8eri just cant move windows around the screen, choose window size like you do in windows wen  you click & drag the window to  te size you want, & i  cant make apps sow on desktop02:50
glickhi how can i add a folder in the app list so i can group certain apps together?02:51
ga_sk8erdo i  ave to  go  sudo just to do  simple application stuff like that?02:51
doug16kga_sk8er, no. I just did it with no sudo02:51
doug16kga_sk8er, I think what you are doing is working and somehow all desktop icons are off02:52
cfhowlettlogout/login ga_sk8er02:52
ga_sk8eri just installed ubunto tonight on esternal hd. is there some setting i  have to  do or undo?02:52
doug16kga_sk8er, can you show the output of this in a paste: ls ~/Desktop02:53
doug16kit will show everyone the filenames on the desktop,02:53
doug16kact accordingly :D02:53
doug16kctrl-alt-t should open a terminal02:54
doug16kit's case sensitive02:55
ga_sk8erno such file or directory02:55
doug16k~ as in tilde as in shift ` on us keyboard02:55
doug16kbeside 102:56
ga_sk8eri typed it wrong the 1st time02:56
glickany way to organize applications in my applications list?02:56
doug16kga bunch of something...desktop files?02:56
ga_sk8eredward@edward-external:~$ ls ~/Desktop02:57
ga_sk8erit just lists blank  lines cause only ting there is the trash02:57
ga_sk8eri did a clean install a few hrs ago02:57
ga_sk8eri havent ran linux in  a few yrs but i  remember some of the stuff. i  dont remember this part being so  hard02:59
doug16kga_sk8er, try this: cp -n /usr/share/applications/gnome-terminal.desktop ~/Desktop && chmod +x ~/Desktop/gnome-terminal.desktop02:59
doug16kshould see gnome-terminal.desktop on the desktop. double click that and it should ask for trusting it. trust it, now you have gnome terminal icon03:00
doug16kctrl-dragging with nautilus (files) will do the same thing03:00
glickhelp me!03:00
glicknot sure what to do!03:00
glicki have an external drive ive been using with windows 10 just fine03:01
glicki deleted windows and installed linux03:01
glicknow i cant access my external drive anymore03:01
glicki get error message unable to access 1.0TV Encrypted03:01
glickUnable to access 1,0 Encrypted no .Filesystem or .Encrypted on D-Bus03:01
cfhowlettand there it is.  if you have an encrypted file, you must decrypt it to read it03:02
glickhow do i decrypt it it was just my plug in window disk03:02
cfhowlettbut you encrypted it via windows, right?03:02
doug16kglick, you know the key or password or something?03:02
glicki guess it automatically did03:03
glickis the key my windows password?03:03
cfhowlettI'd would guess so.03:03
doug16kglick, that or derived from it03:03
glickok i know that. how would i decrypt it03:03
ga_sk8eri tink i figured it out03:04
ga_sk8erthe buttons on my external mouse arent doing rigt. im  able to  use the built-in laptop mouse buttons & do  it03:04
doug16kyou'd never guess it was the mouse buttons :P03:05
ga_sk8erosi  model...usually layer 1 lol03:05
glickomg are my files lost on my disk?03:05
glickcan i recover them?03:05
doug16kglick, wild guess is it is locking the drive with a boot password03:06
doug16khdparm has --security-unlock PWD and some other things that might work (at your own risk)03:11
cfhowlettglick, or reinstall windows in a virtual machine, mount the external drive there and decrypt it.03:12
jcottonis it maybe BitLocker?03:13
jcottonyeah he said in ##window it is03:13
doug16kglick, did you have to have a usb flash drive pluggged into the computer to unlock it?03:14
doug16kusually bitlocker wants a second factor of authentication03:14
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doug16kunless had domain and TPM or something03:15
ga_sk8erif you havent reformatted a drive,  you should be able to still  view your files if you run ubuntu from  live cd or usb install....just choose to  view without doing an install03:15
jcottonfor external drives a password suffices03:15
jcottonit's for internal that Windows demands a TPM unless you set some GPOs03:15
doug16kah ok. been a while03:15
jcottons/internal/the OS drive/03:16
jcottonglick: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4026181/windows-10-find-my-bitlocker-recovery-key03:16
EickmeyerThis is borderline off-topic, everyone.03:17
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ga_sk8ernow i  have the spotify app  loaded & added to  my favs but i dont see the spotify program in usr/share/applications03:24
tomreynga_sk8er: spotify is a snap03:25
ga_sk8ercan a snap  be added to the front?03:26
tomreynwhat do you mean, "added to the front"?03:26
ga_sk8eron the desktop03:27
tomreynyouwant to bring the application widow to the front?03:27
ga_sk8eri  can  place it on te "favorites" bar but can i  add it up on the desktop03:27
tomreynyou want a spotify starter icon on the desktop?03:27
tomreynwhich ubuntu version?03:28
tomreynif you don't know, run this in a terminal window and post the http address here:   nc termbin.com 9999 < <(lsb_release -ds;cat /proc/{version,cmdline};)03:28
ga_sk8eri figured it out...same as other just went throug var/lib/apps03:30
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ChetManlyI;m in the installer. If I check install third-party graphics and wifi and additonal media formats, I have to configure a password for secure boot, why is this?03:40
tomreynChetManly: this is not related to one another.03:41
tomreynthe passphrase yuo are prompted to set there is about https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UEFI/SecureBoot03:42
cfhowlettChetManly, you can easily do all of that post-install03:42
tomreynyou're seeing this passphrase prompt because you have "secure boot" enabled in your mainboard firmware configuration. this is a hardware and firmware assisted security functionality which is meant to prevent bad software from running on your computer. not everyone agrees you want it enabled, but you can choose to do so. if you will use it, you will now need to set a passphrase, and remember this long term, yes. you should actually note it down03:44
tomreynand store it somewhere safe. you will not be prompted for it every time you boot, but when you later decide to disable it, or to change some settings, you will be prompted again.03:44
tomreynChetManly: ^03:45
tomreyncfhowlett: secureboot enrollment post install if secure boot is enabled?03:45
cfhowlettno, I meant third party graphics and additional media formats03:46
tomreynoh ok03:46
ausjkeneed a tool to extract and display comments on the left while code on the right, there were a few but i forgot the name03:47
tomreynChetManly: sorry, i was actually wrong about the relation between 3rd party drivers and the password prompt03:48
tomreynChetManly: it IS related. i just hadn't seenthis screen lately.03:48
tomreynthe reason is that some of these third party drivers require you to disable secure boot. but to disable secureboot, you need to set a secureboot administration password, since only when that is set it can actually be disabled. quite counter intuitive.03:50
tomreyn(but that's not ubuntus fault)03:51
ChetManlyi see03:51
ChetManlyyeah I had never run across that before ...03:52
tomreynthere should be a "Learn more..." link on this screen which hopefully discusses this mbetter than i just did03:52
ramidesHi all, I'm coming back to ubuntu after a year on Manjaro. Any reason my idle temps would be 10c higher than with Manjaro? I've got tlp + powerTOP + thermald all installed03:54
cfhowlett!cookie | tomreyn that was a pretty decent explanation03:55
ubottutomreyn that was a pretty decent explanation: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!03:55
ramidesi DO have nvidia drivers installed, but prime-select shows i'm on intel. previously I was using bumblebee03:55
tomreynhehe, thanks chaz03:55
ramidespossible the dGPU is still powered? :(03:56
gofiohow long would it take, average, a full install of ubuntu into a hard disk?03:58
cfhowlettgofio, depending on complexity.  average for a plain vanilla, automagic install is about 15 minutes03:59
guivercgofio, 18.04 was installed in 18mins (average) according to stats for those that allowed stats to be returned03:59
gofiowow, thanks03:59
guivercgofio, https://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/statistics04:00
gofioit's about three hours, at least, what is taking to install into a usb04:00
gofionice stats thanks guiverc04:01
guivercgofio, though I didn't see time taken in that; it was one one page, be it 15-18; it's not long (average included many old x86 hardware that is slow!)04:02
gofioyeap haven't sen the time yet either but thre are nice stats nontheless. Some of them I can tell for what I've seen here are spot on04:03
gofiolike this one: 54% Erase device andinstall04:04
explodesWhat's the name of the action bar on the left-hand side of the scren04:15
explodesscreen.* The panel with all the programs04:15
tomreyn!ops Guest43 doxxing04:16
ubottutomreyn: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:16
tomreyn!ops | Guest43 doxxing04:16
ubottuGuest43 doxxing: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, phunyguy, bazhang, chu, dax04:16
tomreynexplodes: depends on which ubuntu you installed04:17
explodesThe one that removed Screenshot's right-click to screen grab a  selected area04:17
explodesrabble rabble04:17
tomreynexplodes: if you run this in a terminal window (ctrl-alt-t) and post the http address here, maybe i can tell:   nc termbin.com 9999 < <(lsb_release -ds;cat /proc/{version,cmdline};echo $XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP ($XDG_SESSION_TYPE);)04:18
tomreynactually this, had a typo:  nc termbin.com 9999 < <(lsb_release -ds;cat /proc/{version,cmdline};echo "$XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP ($XDG_SESSION_TYPE)";)04:20
tomreyngnome dash04:21
tomreynsee the "GNOME Shell Overview mode" here, too https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GNOME_Shell04:22
explodesAlright. So is there a way to activate a Force Quit option in the "dash" like one could in OSX by for example holding the CMD key04:23
tomreynexplodes: you mean to kill a running application by its window?04:26
tomreynhmm you could use xkill for this, but would need to create your own launcher04:26
tomreynexplodes: https://extensions.gnome.org/extension/770/force-quit/04:27
kadiroor may be use xdotool to focus and kill that window04:27
explodestomreyn: ok thank you04:29
tomreynexplodes: you're welcome. note this won't work with xwayland. but you're currently using xorg, so that's ok.04:30
gofiotomreyn: do you think an ubuntu install in a pendrive could not boot cuz it was in format w95fat32 instead of ext4 :?04:34
explodesgofio: sometimes shitty thumbdrives won't work, too SANDISK04:35
Kendos-KenlenIs there anyway to get NVidia proprietary drivers installed with ubuntu or do I necessarily have to install them manually?04:36
gofiothing is it took three hours at least to install and it did not work but it was format in w95fat32 so I asked and was told it should better be ext4 so that's what i did and now after another three hours is near finish so I'm hoping this time will work04:36
Kendos-KenlenI need them to work with CUDA, and Nouveau driver does not seem to support well the 2080ti04:37
gofioor else it takes more than 20 minutes to boot for the first time cuz that's as long as I waited04:37
Darkany help with this  https://pastebin.com/jN6C29wv04:38
Kendos-KenlenDark a file is missing when you try to compile your software.04:39
Darkwhich file?04:39
Kendos-KenlenDark `Makefile.am: error: required file './ChangeLog' not found`, line 2004:41
Bashing-omKendos-Kenlen: If your are NOT running Wayland then ' sudo apt update ; sudo apt upgrade ; sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall ' to install the proprietary driver.04:41
Dark./configure: 5786: Syntax error: word unexpected (expecting ")")04:41
Kendos-KenlenBashing-om I run the default Ubuntu desktop edition, isn't it supposed to use Wayland? Gonna try it tho04:42
OneM_IndustriesAlright, I've got an odd issue.04:43
OneM_IndustriesI have a 2tb dive hooked up to my computer, with a 500Gb partition and a 1.5tb partition.04:44
Bashing-omKendos-Kenlen: Wayland is an option - default is GDM.04:45
OneM_IndustriesThe 1.5tb partition only has a couple items in it, totaling about 200GB.04:45
OneM_IndustriesHowever, when I right-click and check the disk usage, it states that that partition is almost full.04:45
Kendos-KenlenBashing-om mmh, isn't Wayland a replacement for Xorg rather than GDM? GDM is supposed to be the display manager, wayland is a set of protocol for DE to work04:46
explodesOneM_Industries: sudo baobab?04:46
OneM_IndustriesYep, reads that it has 1.2Tb of stuff in it.04:47
Bashing-omKendos-Kenlen: You are correct .. default is the Gnome DE .04:47
explodesOneM_Industries: Where is the 1.2Tb located?04:48
explodesWhere you'd expect?04:48
OneM_Industries...this is very odd.04:48
OneM_IndustriesI click on the partition, and it says that it only has 153Gb of stuff in it. I look at it in the main menu of Baobab, and it says that 1.2/1.4 Tb is being used.04:49
OneM_IndustriesLet me get a couple of screenshots, I don't think I explained that well.04:50
explodesthat is whack. can you reformat it? maybe the file table is broken04:50
Kendos-KenlenBashing-om isn't GDE working on Wayland now?04:50
explodesSorry, I can't debug this, I have to go to bed04:51
explodesgood luck m804:51
OneM_IndustriesEeeh, the 153 GB that remains is kinda important, and I don't think I have enough space to move it. Any way to fix it in place?04:51
OneM_IndustriesOk, goodnight! Thank you!04:51
explodesmaybe make a new partition on that disk04:51
Kendos-KenlenAnyway, by default, ubuntu-drivers does not detect the 2080ti. That's why I use to install the driver manually. However I would like to qutomate driver (and some other setups) install.04:51
explodesmove the files04:51
explodeswait, no that won't work ..04:51
explodeswell maybe04:51
explodesshuffle it around lol04:52
OneM_IndustriesMight have to. Thank you!04:52
Kendos-Kenlenbut it seems that without the graphic-drivers PPA, it's not possible to get it...04:52
fosslinuxOneM_Industries: what's du say?04:52
Kendos-KenlenIs it possible to make a package automatically add a PPA/the corresponding keys?04:52
fosslinuxKendos-Kenlen: I think? so, using hooks04:53
fosslinuxI think04:53
fosslinuxdon't quote me on that04:53
fosslinuxand I don't know how to do it04:53
Kendos-KenlenI thought about it too, but not sure if it's the recommended way to do things...04:54
OneM_Industriesfosslinux: Didn't seem to show some of the files, but: https://pastebin.com/85MEP71Q04:55
Kendos-KenlenBasically, my idea was to make my own PPA and distribute a package named after my company name, that would install all the PPA, drivers and software we need, so in case of re-install, it's straightforward for users.04:55
Bashing-omKendos-Kenlen: 2080ti ? That bleeding edge card ? -- what shows - lspci -k|grep -iEA5 'vga|3d' - ?04:55
OneM_IndustriesUnless I'm reading that wrong, that isn't 1.2 TB of stuff.04:55
fosslinuxcan you do all of your different checking methods with sudo04:58
fosslinuxso as root04:58
fosslinuxsudo du04:58
OneM_Industries^ Second run, with human-readable output, all files shown, and run as sudo.04:58
Kendos-KenlenBashing-om http://dpaste.com/1G25M1C05:00
fosslinuxOneM_Industries: can you back it up somewhere05:00
Kendos-KenlenAnd yes, the bleeding edge card05:00
OneM_IndustriesHang on, let me see if I have a drive somewhere with enough space..05:01
OneM_IndustriesAlright, that's gonna be half an hour.05:02
OneM_IndustriesWhat should I do after that is done?05:02
fosslinuxis it backing up?05:02
fosslinuxhow exactly is it backing up?05:02
fosslinuxand how big was the "large" reading of the partition?05:03
fosslinuxand what was the du commands?05:03
OneM_IndustriesJust copying the important stuff over to another drive I had sitting around. Did you want me to do a disk image of it?05:03
fosslinuxthat backup05:03
fosslinuxOnce it's done, find how big the folder is05:04
fosslinuxwhere you copied it too05:04
OneM_IndustriesIt's only copying over 153GB.05:04
fosslinuxwhich program was displaying the large reading?05:04
OneM_IndustriesBoth df and nautilus.05:04
OneM_Industries /dev/sdb2      1406667108 1126381700  208807752  85% /media/william/WDBlack05:05
fosslinuxthere isn't anything in lost+found is there05:05
OneM_IndustriesNope. *05:06
fosslinuxhow old is this drive?05:06
OneM_IndustriesLess than 2 years.05:06
fosslinuxat this point, either your drive has errors, or the partition is messed up05:07
fosslinuxdo you know smartctl?05:07
OneM_IndustriesProbably the latter.05:07
OneM_IndustriesOne sec..05:07
Bashing-omKendos-Kenlen: Humm - "Device 1e04" let's see if we can fet a better identification, run ' sudo update-pciids ' then see if the card is identified ' inxi -GCS ' .05:08
OneM_IndustriesNo errors.05:08
OneM_IndustriesBorked partition it seems.05:09
doug16kdo I really have to go "press alt down, tab, left, down, right, release alt" to switch from one terminal window to another?05:12
Kendos-KenlenBashing-om here it is : http://dpaste.com/1ZQQ7AM05:12
doug16kthat grouping is just a huge hindrance05:12
glickomg! I was able to recover all of my data on my encryped drive. Had i listened to the dell support guy i would have lost it all!05:13
glickholy smokes!05:13
doug16koh cool! found "switch windows of an application" in keybinds. now I can super+tab to switch within an application05:15
doug16kthat makes the grouping good. phew05:15
Bashing-omKendos-Kenlen: nvidia says you want the 418 version driver : https://www.nvidia.com/Download/driverResults.aspx/145182/en-us . What release do you have ?05:16
Kendos-KenlenBashing-om right now, no driver is installed. This PPA provide the right version (and allow ubuntu-drivers to detect the hardware correct) https://launchpad.net/~graphics-drivers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa05:18
Kendos-KenlenBut I'd like to know if there is anyway to get the drivers by default in Ubuntu at install?05:18
Bashing-omKendos-Kenlen: Right - and 'autoinstall' should pick it up when that PPA is enabled. no ?05:19
glickwhast best to use... snaps or .deb repo sources?05:22
Kendos-Kenlenyes it does05:22
Bashing-omKendos-Kenlen: Then if you have it installed a reboot should pick up the driver for use.05:24
glickcan ubuntu uncompress compress files created with windows?05:25
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Kendos-KenlenBashing-om I mean, is it possible to have an ubuntu image that bundle all the drivers by default, or do I need to build one?05:26
OneM_Industriesfosslinux: Errr.05:28
Bashing-omKendos-Kenlen: Well, if you are certian of what you want - one can build a script.05:28
OneM_IndustriesSo, tried running fsck on the partition.05:28
Kendos-KenlenBashing-om Thank you for your help anyway, I learned few software thanks to you ! :)05:28
OneM_IndustriesIt said it was in use, so I unmounted it.05:28
OneM_IndustriesIt still said it was in use....not sure what the heck is going on.05:29
Kendos-KenlenI think I'll go for this (either a script, either a package so my users can reinstall the computer by themselves easily). Thank you05:29
Bashing-omKendos-Kenlen: Learning for me is a never ending process :)05:29
glickcan ubuntu uncompress compress files created with windows?05:30
lotuspsychje!info rar | glick05:31
ubottuglick: rar (source: rar): Archiver for .rar files. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 2:5.5.0-1 (bionic), package size 296 kB, installed size 810 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)05:31
Guest95051glick: Usual formats of compressed files are supported in Ubuntu even in Nautilus (the default file browser).05:37
PharaohHi All! Earlier, dfkqn_ told us that one can no longer place .desktop files on the desktop in the newer nautilus. What are the alternatives to this? I have a stand-alone java prog with a desktop shortcut.05:39
TJ-Pharaoh: there is a mix of terms there. A freedesktop.org "standard" .desktop file is a text file with a particular format, and is found in /usr/share/applications/ or /usr/local/share/applications/, or $HOME/.local/share/applications/ - this is separate from the file-manager's 'Desktop' directory representation05:46
PharaohTJ - ok.05:46
PharaohAlso, any ideas on chrome blocking flash?05:47
TJ-Pharaoh: putting a "myapp.desktop" file in one of those directories should make it appear in the DE's menus and be launchable05:47
PharaohTJ:Thank you!05:47
TJ-Pharaoh: Yes; sounds like a great idea, blocking Flash!05:47
doug16kya block it plz05:48
doug16knormally at least05:48
doug16kweb browsers got 400x bigger and use 25x more ram so we dont need flash for that anymore :D05:49
TJ-Pharaoh: you'd usually put the .desktop file in $HOME/.local/share/applications/ if its a per-user launcher, in /usr/local/share/applications/ if it is a 'local' install (not from apt/package manager). Regular archive packages will always use /usr/share/applications/05:49
TJ-doug16k: w3m has resisted that trend :)05:50
PharaohFirefox is cool with it, chrome/chromium started blocking flash post upgrade to 19.04.05:50
TJ-Pharaoh: I'm surprised there is still demand for Flash given its awful security history05:55
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BustinHello, on a fresh install of Ubuntu 19.04, and am experiencing A LOT of screen tearing using an Nvidia card (GTX 1050). If I log out, switch session to Wayland, (using the onboard intel card), there is next to no tearing, and performance is great. I want to use the Nvidia card always, and I want it on max performance. Any help is appreciated.06:45
fosslinuxOneM_Industries: can you reboot your system?06:51
thefatmaHey guys, can some one please explain to me what is globbing feature and what does it mean the expansion before the command is ran in simpler words or examples?07:14
TJ-thefatma: see "man 7 glob"07:17
thefatmaTJ- : couldn't understand it "globbing is the operation that expands a wild card pattern"? and then some rules below it with ? , [ .  *07:21
thefatmaI need more simple word / example explanation if possible :3, does it mean that if you lets say use "find with an *" it gives you all the options with an *?07:22
thefatmaAnd what is the "expanding before running command actually means"07:22
TJ-thefatma: "wildcard" means a symbol that can represent zero/one or more other symbols07:22
TJ-thefatma: so 'the*a' woiuld match 'thefatma' and 'there was no viola'07:23
thefatmaso in this case the so called "wildcards" is a refference to the symbols ( * ,  [ ,  ? )07:24
TJ-thefatma: but 'the?a' would not match your nickname; since '?' matches only one symbol07:24
thefatmaMeaning the 'the*a' searches the letter a in whatever scope we give it to search in, and then prints out what it found, the 'the?a' i didn't fully understand what do you mean by matches only one symbol07:26
thefatmaWhat does it actually look for ?07:26
thefatmaand like what is "logic" behind the commands07:26
suhang12332how are you07:27
BustinHello, on a fresh install of Ubuntu 19.04, and am experiencing A LOT of screen tearing using an Nvidia card (GTX 1050). If I log out, switch session to Wayland, (using the onboard intel card), there is next to no tearing, and performance is great. I want to use the Nvidia card always, and I want it on max performance. Any help is appreciated.07:40
lotuspsychjeBustin: wich nvidia driver are you using?07:40
lotuspsychjeBustin: for GTX cards we reccomend using the ubuntu graphics ppa for best performance of your card07:42
lotuspsychje!nvidia | Bustin07:42
ubottuBustin: For nvidia and matrox graphics cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto . For AMD/ATI graphics cards, see « /msg ubottu ati » and « /msg ubottu fglrxmissing » For the latest Nvidia drivers see https://launchpad.net/~graphics-drivers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa07:42
Bustinlotuspsychje: the latest nvidia drivers, which were installed with Ubuntu 418, proprietary.07:42
ubottuUbuntu bug 418 in gnome-panel (Ubuntu) "Inefficient sizing in window list applet" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/41807:42
lotuspsychjeBustin: try adding the ppa and test out some driver versions from there07:44
Bustinlotuspsychje: to confirm, "ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa "?07:45
lotuspsychjeBustin: there's a 418.56 for 19.04 there07:45
lotuspsychjeBustin: yes07:45
lotuspsychjeBustin: if after reboot 418 doesnt perform well, i would try 396 and 390 too07:46
Bustinlotuspsychje: I'm using 418 currently. Tearing is horrible.07:47
BustinI'll try some other versions.07:47
Bustinit is a "hybrid" card (laptop) has an onboard nvidia, and also a gtx 1050.07:47
lotuspsychjeBustin: stock 418 driver is a different version then 418.56 from the ppa, so its worth a shot07:47
BustinI would like to utilize the 1050 constantly.07:47
BustinThanks, I'll try it too.07:48
Dragonkeeperjust checking if virtualbox is working on ubuntu 19.04 or if there is any bugs i should be aware of08:03
guivercDragonkeeper, I've used virtualbox for 2-3 months on 19.04 without issues; but we all use it differently08:12
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linuxuserHey any budgie user here?08:30
JohnGavrlinuxuser, tell me08:30
linuxuserI want to know how to get fprint to work in budgie08:31
JohnGavrlinuxuser, fingerprint??08:32
linuxuserYea, sorry, it's a fingerprint software. Ubuntu has fingerprint in the user settings. But not in budgie. I want to implement it.08:33
JohnGavrsee that post08:33
JohnGavrlinuxuser, when settings not have something, try on terminal. Terminal power08:36
linuxuserOkay , thanks08:36
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erle-I had the following workflow that does not work any longer, any ideas?08:58
erle-I. xhost local:08:58
erle-II. su - different_user08:58
erle-III. graphical_app (Qt)08:59
pantsuerror being?08:59
erle-pantsu, "Could not connect to any X display."09:01
erle-pantsu, it worked with 18.10 (and a decade before) and does no longer work with 19.0409:01
erle-I have Xorg btw, no Wayland09:01
pantsuyou didn't set DISPLAY?09:01
erle-pantsu, never09:01
erle-the first user has an Xorg session, and then I su in gnome-terminal09:02
pantsuDISPLAY=:0 yourapp09:02
erle-pantsu, thanks09:02
pantsusu - will give you a clean env, which normally doesn't include the DISPLAY set for the previous user09:03
pantsuwell, cleanish env09:03
erle-pantsu, I know but it worked before :)09:03
LuckieDuckiehello world ;)09:03
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thefatmaHey Guys, im trying to run script on a server but it can't find python with the following error /usr/bin/python: not found , but when i try to install python-minimal for example is says its already installed, Now i assume it's looking in the wrong directory maybe? what to do in such case? the ubuntu version is 18.04.2 desktop09:05
erle-pantsu, thank you very much, working fine and feeling cleaner :)09:07
EriC^thefatma: sounds more like path isnt set right09:07
EriC^thefatma: try in a terminal "ls -l /usr/bin/python"09:08
erle-what does "which python" say?09:08
erle-also maybe there is only python2 and python309:08
erle-but no python09:08
thefatmano such file or directory EriC^:09:09
pantsuthefatma: should always use an explicit 2 vs 3 version in the shebang09:09
EriC^thefatma: try ls -l /usr/bin/python2.709:09
thefatmaerle-: "which python" command doesn't anything09:09
thefatmaEriC^ : no such file or directory again09:10
EriC^thefatma: /usr/bin/python for me is a symlink to /usr/bin/python2.7 provided by python-minimal09:10
EriC^thefatma: try sudo apt-get install --reinstall python-minimal09:10
thefatmaDone EriC^:09:11
thefatmaOk i can see it's pointing to pytohn 2.7 now09:11
thefatmaCan you assume what was the problem im wondering :#09:12
EriC^thefatma: what base did you start with?09:12
EriC^what iso did you use to install ubuntu?09:12
thefatmaEriC^ : used the iso from the official website 18.04.2 desktop version09:15
EriC^thefatma: it should come with python-minimal http://releases.ubuntu.com/bionic/ubuntu-18.04.2-desktop-amd64.manifest09:19
thefatmaEriC^ : i see , well it work now so all is good, thanks alot :)09:26
BluesKaj'Morning folks09:44
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the2048Why in the world is this not working?10:25
the2048I was installing youtube-dlg through pip and it wanted wx so I went and installed everything related to wx10:26
the2048And now it's trying and failing to execute "python setup.py egg_info"10:26
the2048And now it wants to work once checking why it was failing10:27
the2048Kids read the command output10:27
wildermindHi, when running `sudo apt update` i get the following output https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/ypfgj3yC3z/11:11
wildermindis this an error? (the thing about gnome-terminator ppa)11:11
wildermindif so, how can I fix this?11:11
lotuspsychjewildermind: we dont support external ppa's11:14
lotuspsychjewildermind: try to bring your sources back to the official ubuntu ones with !ppapurge11:14
lotuspsychjewildermind: terminator is also on the ubuntu repos, so you dont really need a ppa anyway11:15
wildermindi see, thanks11:15
wildermindso what should i do? just remove this ppa?11:16
lotuspsychjewildermind: yes, remove your external ppa's with ppapurge11:16
lotuspsychje!ppapurge | wildermind11:16
ubottuwildermind: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html11:16
lotuspsychjewildermind: after that, sudo apt update again11:16
wildermindlotuspsychje: thanks !11:17
lotuspsychjewelcome wildermind11:17
blackflowwildermind: of course if you remove the PPA you will no longer have updates for the software installed from that PPA11:21
blackflowjust something to keep in mind. if that's not what you want, then you should contact the PPA maintainer(s) and see what's wrong11:21
wildermindblackflow: that's a good point11:22
wildermindI already have `terminator` installed. if I want to use the original ubuntu ppa's i need to reinstall it, right?11:22
wildermindBTW, how come ubuntu only supports non-external ppas?11:22
blackflowwildermind: you mean "official Ubuntu repositories"? Yeah.11:23
blackflow!info terminator11:23
ubottuterminator (source: terminator): multiple GNOME terminals in one window. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.91-1 (bionic), package size 336 kB, installed size 2235 kB11:23
blackflowwildermind: PPAs are all "external". There are no "original ubuntu PPAs", you probably meant "official repositories". PPAs are "Personal PAckage Archives", aka "third party repositories"11:24
wildermindblackflow: thanks, yes11:24
blackflowthey're not supported because we have no idea who's doing waht in them. the possbilities are infinite. though to be precise, what isnt' supported is software installed from them and problems with using them.11:25
nbusrone1What is CFLAGS ?11:25
nbusrone1TIFF not able to install https://pastebin.com/ZFJJJbR311:25
nbusrone1when I wanted to make file11:26
blackflownbusrone1: an environment variable used by gcc (and maybe other compilers) to add compiler flags11:26
wildermindblackflow: tyvm!11:26
legreffiernbusrone1: what are you trying to do ?11:27
blackflownbusrone1: you're building software manually, and thus should follow that software's instructions on what's needed, and install all the prerequisites yourself. I'm guessing you're missing libtiff-dev11:27
blackflow!info libtiff-dev11:27
ubottulibtiff-dev (source: tiff): Tag Image File Format library (TIFF), development files, current version. In component main, is optional. Version 4.0.9-5ubuntu0.2 (bionic), package size 2 kB, installed size 22 kB11:27
nbusrone1blackflow : I will try again11:28
nbusrone1blackflow : Having problem with Nothing to be done for `install-data-am 'and install-exec-am https://pastebin.com/u24UDw8B11:49
nbusrone1blackflow : Plan to install a plugin for gimp http://panotools.sourceforge.net/ , sudo make install but came out with the error.11:51
kadiroI have a weird problem with my keyboard, I tried reconfiguring it with no success, some keys are not responding ( tab, A, Q, W ) until i reconfigure it again or i push the Verr Num twice (May be you called it the num lock )11:52
zambai want to set up a linux host as a terminal server.. meaning that several users can connect to it at the same time and get their own desktop11:53
thefatmaHey Guys for some reason i can't get a server in my company to connect to the network12:01
thefatmaWhen i type ifup ens3p0 it says it can't read interfaces file12:02
thefatmaany idea what might be causing it ?12:02
ElliriaIs this any help, thefatma? https://askubuntu.com/questions/911864/issues-with-up-ifdown-ifup-couldnt-read-interfaces-file-etc-network-interf12:04
thefatmaChecking, Thanks12:04
ElliriaThis one might also help: https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=80493012:05
ElliriaAll the pages I'm finding are pointing to a syntax error in the interfaces file, so you'll want to check every line of that to see if you can find it.12:08
blackflownbusrone1: just a side note, problems with such manually built software are not supported here in #ubuntu, you'll have to seek whatever support channels the software you're building, is offering.12:12
nbusrone1blackflow : ok thanks12:14
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gartralhey all, got an interesting request from my father... he's coming from a mac to ubuntu, I set him up with XFCE because it's light and simple and he's used it before, but he misses being able to pinch-zoom on the touchpad, anyone know how to get this working? I know alt-scroll works, but, let's be honest here.. aging parent isn't going to remember that..12:30
ElliriaIs this of any use, gartral? https://forum.xfce.org/viewtopic.php?id=987512:32
EriC^gartral: ctrl + pinch zooming works?12:41
EriC^gartral: seems like there's a lot of info here https://forum.xfce.org/viewtopic.php?id=987512:42
nesciushello, I am conncerned about my external disk which is switching off after a while of not being used, I would like to disable that to have the disk allways accessible, but dont know how12:43
pragmaticenigmanescius: You'll need to provide more details about the drive. Usually, most drives have internal firmware that controls power saving. In my experience, there are tools from the manufacturer to control those settings, but they are only available with tools built for windows (not compatible with Wine either)12:44
nesciuspragmaticenigma: I have two of those, one is connected to my armbian box which does not have this 'issue'12:46
pragmaticenigmanescius: Again, you'll have to provide details about the drive. It's hard to provide help when the device is unknown.12:47
nesciuspragmaticenigma: are you sure its the device issue?12:47
DrManhattancan't hdparm control that?12:48
pragmaticenigmanescius: Whether it's the device or the OS... I won't know until you provide details about the device12:48
DrManhattanyeah hdparm -S controls that, I think12:49
pragmaticenigmaDrManhattan: That all depends on if the software in question supports the device. Since they haven't told us the device, it's not a good idea to just take a shot in the dark that a program may or may not work.12:50
DrManhattanok, maybe it's some sort of magical external HDD that doesn't use the cheapest spinning platter drive money can buy12:51
matchpointhello dev12:51
DrManhattanI've yet to find a drive that isn't supported by hdparm though12:51
gartralEriC^: I did, but the issue is that I'm looking to replicate the simple pinch-zoom that his macbook had, not ctrl-pinch or alt-scroll, just pinch=zoom12:51
pragmaticenigmaDrManhattan: That's well and good, but even the documentation for hdparm mentions it is not compatible with all devices. My Westurn Digital is not supported.12:52
DrManhattanweird - what kind of WD drive is that?12:52
pragmaticenigmaDrManhattan: I'm not seeking support and this is moving into offtopic territory12:53
DrManhattanpragmaticenigma, oh, sorry, you're just being a d-bag. my apologies.12:53
DrManhattanhappy trolling12:53
pragmaticenigmaDrManhattan: Please be mindful of the code of conduct and community guidelines. You are way out of line there12:53
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines12:54
DrManhattanno wonder he quit12:54
glickhi, i just installed ubuntu13:00
glicki was wondering, how can I move the desktop home folder ?13:00
glickget rid of it?13:00
JimBuntuglick, usually 'desktop' and 'home' are two different folders... you can relocate the ~/Desktop folder, but why would you want to 'get rif od it' ?13:01
EriC^gartral: yeah gotcha, i was thinking if ctrl+pinch works then it has the capability os-wise maybe some config adjustment would help13:01
JimBuntuglick, By the way... we generally call them 'directories' not 'folders'13:01
EriC^gartral: check the thread, they were trying to find said config and adjust it as far as i read13:02
glickJimBuntu, i meant my home folder from the desktop in unity13:02
glickJimBuntu i know, its a metaphore13:02
glickfolder, directory, same thing13:02
JimBuntuglick, if you have a 'home' directory showing up on the desktop... that's likely a directory you created and you can move it13:02
glickJimBuntu no i just installed an its there13:03
glickalong with a trash icon13:03
pragmaticenigmaglick: Can you give the path of the folder you wish to remove? If you are talking /home/{username} of your current user, no... you shouldn't remove that. If you are talking about the folder of another user no longer using the machine, you can delete that13:03
JimBuntuglick, which version of Ubuntu is this?13:03
glickJimBuntu the latest 19.something, i downloaded and installed the desktop version yesterday13:03
JimBuntugroup... do we support 19.x in this channel? Either way, I will not be able to help, sorry glick . someone else should be able to help though13:04
glickdisco dingo13:05
glickits the latest one13:05
glicklol if this is your first week on a GNU distro, dont try to 'help' people on things your not sure about13:06
JimBuntuglick, if it's 19.04, then it should be supported here, but I have not used it, so I can't personally help13:06
glickok JimBuntu thanks anyway13:06
pragmaticenigmaglick: Please remember the community guidelines. We're all here to help. Being rude to others won't help you get the help you're requesting.13:06
JimBuntuglick, also, it's not even close to my first week on a GNU distro, you may want to drop that kind of attitude.13:06
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c-sanchezHi, register here and earn 1000 QPC ($10~)13:14
glickgod when will gnome get its shit together? why do i need to muck with settings in three different places? settings, gnome tweaks, and gsettings!!13:16
blackflowglick: in bionic, you install gnome-tweaks, start it, and then disable the desktop icons13:16
gartral!swearing glick13:16
blackflowI believe it's the same thing in 19.04. Ubuntu adds that extension to gnome (which doesn't have it any more by default)13:16
pantsugnome-tweaks just wraps dconf, same with gnome-settings13:26
pantsuso techically you can set it all in just one place13:26
pantsu(for most settings that is=13:26
glickwhen i open 'show applications' in unity, I notice that some applications have like little "sub folders". Is there any way I can create these myself to organize the application icons?13:29
thefatmaHey guys, i have a wierd problem when i try to su - username the machine just get's stuck, any idea why?13:34
Oderushey all. just tried to upgrade to 19.04 and i got a lot of errors near the end, kind of afraid to reboot.. what should i do? here's the entire log. https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/9QSxqYTdHD/13:36
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leftyfbOderus: looks like you have an issue with your python3 package(s)13:43
Oderusleftyfb: any idea how I could resolve this?13:43
blackflowthefatma: "stuck"?13:44
leftyfbOderus: start with: sudo apt install -f13:44
leftyfbOderus: did you have any PPA's or 3rd party repos added before you did the install and if so, did you remove/purge them before doing the install?13:46
nCrazedleftyfb: shouldn't that be last(ish) resort?13:46
nCrazedassuming that -f is --force13:46
leftyfbnCrazed: please read the man page for apt13:46
legreffieryou can try with just "sudo apt install"13:46
leftyfbnCrazed: -f is not --force13:46
leftyfblegreffier: that is an invalid command13:46
Oderusleftyfb: Okay, I just tried that, and essentially the same thing happened. Yes I have a couple PPA's added, I did purge backports but not the others.13:47
legreffierbut -f won't break stuff in this case13:47
legreffieris it ?13:47
nCrazedleftyfb: full disclosure, I do not have apt on my system (joined this channel because a friend recently transition to linux, and chose ubuntu)13:47
leftyfbOderus: you need to remove all your ppa's13:47
leftyfblegreffier: "sudo apt install" by itself is an invalid command, yes13:47
Oderusleftyfb: purge each one?13:47
leftyfbOderus: yes13:47
leftyfbnCrazed: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/cosmic/man8/apt-get.8.html13:49
leftyfbto be clear, the man page for "apt" is pretty scarce for some reason. But the same switches for apt-get work13:50
leftyfbOderus: also, did you have python3 as part of any of your PPA's? Thats my guess as to what is wrong13:51
Oderusleftyfb: I don't think so, but i will start purging them now13:51
leftyfbOderus: apt-cache policy python313:51
leftyfbOderus: that will tell us13:52
Oderusleftyfb: it is saying it is from disco main13:53
leftyfbOderus: also, remove fs-uae-launcher13:54
Oderusleftyfb: okay thanks I will now13:56
Oderusleftyfb: After purging the PPA that fs-uae came from, it appears to be setting up a lot of packages. With any luck, that did it13:59
leftyfbOderus: nice14:00
leftyfbOderus: when/if it all finishes successfully, run this again just to be sure: sudo apt update ; sudo apt full-upgrade14:00
Oderusleftyfb: Thank you, i will do that14:01
narutoLeafNinjahow to create virtual interface14:01
leftyfbnarutoLeafNinja: you're going to have to give us more details than that. What version of ubuntu? What do you need the "virtual interface" for? What have you tried? What errors did you get?14:02
huehnerHello. Does anyone know the reason why ubuntu official AWS cloud AMI's (18.04/hvm) are using MBR/legacy style partition table still instead of GPT?14:02
leftyfbhuehner: contact Amazon14:02
huehnerleftyfb: afaik those are created by canonical last i talked with people?14:03
legreffierhuehner: how is that a problem ?14:03
leftyfbhuehner: ah, you might be right. In that case, maybe try #ubuntu-server14:03
OerHekshuehner, if amazon builds it system on mbr, and not gpt, how are we involved?14:04
huehnerOerHeks: amayon docs say linux on ec2 can boot from both -> so up to the image creator (canonical here)14:04
huehnerleftyfb: thx will try over there14:04
OerHeksnarutoLeafNinja, use netplan, https://netplan.io/examples14:04
ubottuNetplan is a network configuration abstraction renderer which uses YAML descriptions of a network to work with either a NetworkManager or Systemd-networkd "renderer". More information at https://netplan.io/14:05
narutoLeafNinjai want host openvpn-as to virtual is possiable14:05
huehnerlegreffier: convenience when hitting 2tb limit and need to grow -> then requires a bit ugly in place replacement or part-table or copying all data, having gpt by default avoids that14:06
leftyfbnarutoLeafNinja: and which tutorial are you following? They should all tell you how to set that up properly including setting up a virtual interface14:06
narutoLeafNinjathere is not tutorial i following my thought14:08
narutoLeafNinjais possiable or not14:08
gAb1hi, i've been tasked with fixing a ubuntu install and the first thing i noticed is there's no apt/apt-get binary, i've looked in /usr/bin but there's nothing in there, just apt-add-repository and others...14:09
gAb1this install has no build tools installed, what can i do?14:09
leftyfbgAb1: what version of ubuntu? How in the world did apt/apt-get get removed?14:10
lordcirth_narutoLeafNinja, what is your native language? There are language-specific channels.14:10
lordcirth_gAb1, What Ubuntu version?14:10
narutoLeafNinjahow to find native language channel14:10
lordcirth_gAb1, the answer will probably be "back up and reinstall".14:10
lordcirth_narutoLeafNinja, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList14:11
Oderusleftyfb: here is the output, does it look okay? https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/WHBTZcXSCg/14:11
huehnergAb1: apart of fixable or not maybe /var/log/apt/history.log* could help you see what happened in the past (maybe)14:11
gAb1lordcirth_: the version is 16.04.5 LTS14:12
leftyfbOderus: sudo apt autoremove14:12
leftyfbgAb1: I would reinstall and restore from backup. It's not worth the time.14:12
gAb1huehner: ok i'm gonna take a look, try and see what happened14:12
Oderusleftyfb: okay that command is running. what about the 1 held back package?14:13
glickhi again14:13
leftyfbOderus: it's an "Ada compiler". I'm not familiar with it but it's not installed by default so you can probably remove it.14:14
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Oderusleftyfb: Thank you very much for your assistance14:14
Oderusleftyfb: I should be okay to reboot after autoremove is finished?14:15
leftyfbglick: can we help you with something?14:15
leftyfbOderus: looks like it to me14:15
glickhi leftyfb , yes, im wondering how i can organize my applications in the dash. I'd like to put them in sub dashes like some are in by default14:16
leftyfbglick: I don't think you can. The dash is a search util, not really a menu structure14:16
glicksome are in sub dashes14:17
Oderusleftyfb: thanks again!14:17
glicklike utilities14:17
glickid like to be able to add my own to clean things up in there a bit14:17
legreffierhuehner: wouldn't it be better to have this huge space on a separate volume ?14:17
leftyfbglick: you can try looking here: https://extensions.gnome.org/14:18
legreffier(EBS i mean)14:18
OerHeksglick, https://askubuntu.com/questions/1091972/how-do-i-create-app-folders-in-the-gnome-application-menu14:18
OerHekswith the extention 'appfolders management extention'14:18
glickcool thanks14:19
glickOerHeks, thanks14:19
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tomreyn!pm | pax_rhos: I ignore private messages from people I don't know (other than receiving a message that they messaged me, also14:29
ubottupax_rhos: I ignore private messages from people I don't know (other than receiving a message that they messaged me, also: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice.14:29
leftyfbpax_rhos: do not PM people. Take your issue up in #ubuntu-ops14:29
glickhow can the designers of an OS be so bad and overllok such basic things?14:32
glickthast the main problem with GNU/Linux distros14:32
glickwhy is it so hard to group applications in the dash? didn't they envision that someone might want to do that?14:32
lotuspsychjeglick: this isnt the complain channel14:33
lotuspsychjeglick: stick to real ubuntu issues please14:33
leftyfbglick: also, your issue is with #gnome, not Ubuntu14:33
glicklotuspsychje, bad UI design IS an ubuntu issue14:33
leftyfbglick: Ubuntu uses Gnome shell. Take it up with the Gnome project.14:34
pax_rhoshear me roar!14:35
leftyfbpax_rhos: This is a support channel. What do you need help with?14:36
pax_rhosmay I ask here a quite general question about using fuse mounts?14:39
pax_rhosI need some details on how they work and how to use them14:39
pax_rhossay I've mounted something using fuse mount (rclone mount to a remote swift openstack object storage in particular), then I copy a file to the mount, how do I know if the file got uploaded or not?14:40
pax_rhosI know that mounts should generally be ~persistent and that there are other ways to just upload a file, I'm curious about how this happens with a mount14:41
glickare gnome developers 1 million monkeys infront of one million computers hitting random keys until something by chance compiles?14:41
glickis that how gnome is developed?14:41
leftyfbglick: you are welcome to /part now.14:41
pax_rhosglick: are you trying to get muted/kicked/banned from this channel?14:41
glicksometimes, it seems taht way14:42
BluesKajglick, now there's an old joke :-)14:45
BluesKajif you're gonna be offtopic , atleast be original14:46
marcogmonteirohi there14:51
marcogmonteiro I have a weird problem14:51
marcogmonteiroI have a xlsx file that I'm trying to upload in on of our apps... but server is not eating that at all14:51
marcogmonteiroI already added all the mime types to the /etc/mimes14:51
marcogmonteirothis is a file that we export from a portuguese public service... and the weird part is that some work some don't I just get a timeout, not even some errors on the logs or anything14:51
tomreynmarcogmonteiro: where's the ubuntu issue in this?14:56
tomreynyou're welcome to ask in #ubuntu-offtopic14:57
donofrio_what is the diffrence package wise installing xubuntu-desktop vs xfce-* and xfce*?14:58
pax_rhosdonofrio_: probably xubuntu-desktop is a meta package that consists of a bunch of xfce* packages, some of which you might not need.14:59
donofrio_kewl just wondered14:59
marcogmonteirotomreyn well its a ubuntu server since I've been on a apache channel and the problem its not from there I asked here.. but ok14:59
OerHeksdonofrio_, try installing with the -s function, -simulate15:00
tomreyndonofrio_: compare "apt depends" outputs for both15:00
pragmaticenigmadonofrio_: xubuntu-desktop is a meta package that includes everything needed to get XFCE installed on your computer. It will ensure that everything needed is installed, but there may be additional packages included which could be removed after the fact if you choose.15:00
pragmaticenigmadonofrio_: It will also configure itself to the login screen as well as other system level adjustments to integrate more smoothly with the computer15:01
tomreynmarcogmonteiro: find out which software you have installed on the ubuntu server which interprets these uploaded files and seek support with them. it's likely libreoffice / python uno related15:03
marcogmonteirok, thanks15:04
tomreynyou're welcome15:04
pax_rhosis there a way to make a readonly mount onto /dir/ and yet allow local writes to /dir/ so that the writes wouldn't reach the mount source?15:12
pax_rhoslike docker layers15:12
lordcirth_pax_rhos, overlayfs15:12
lordcirth_pax_rhos, https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Overlay_filesystem15:13
lordcirth_If you want writes to be kept temporarily but not written to disk, you can just use a tmpfs as the upper.15:14
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pax_rhoslordcirth_: I'm trying to solve a problem where I need to make files from production be available on stage, but I don't want to physically copy, yet stage needs to write/delete own files to the same dir over production's data, but the changes on stage must not get back to production.15:24
pax_rhosso it looks like I need some monster of fusefs, autofs and layerfs15:24
tomreynpax_rhos: rsync or nfs to make the files available on staging + overlayfs to prevent source data modification but still allow writes.15:28
pax_rhostomreyn: rsync as a mount?15:28
tomreynno need for autofs, have fstab mounts (with nfs), and don't use sshfs for anything serious.15:28
tomreynpax_rhos: rsync for a copy.15:28
amcsihelp, I can't see desktop files in Ubuntu 19.04 after upgrading from 18.1015:29
tomreynpax_rhos: you said you don't want to copy but i didn't get why, it seems like the least intrusive way to production IMO. although nfs should also be ok, i guess.15:30
amcsiand right clicking on the desktop doesn't show me any options related to files in the context menu15:30
tomreynpax_rhos: drbd would also work, if nfs is too slow.15:31
pax_rhostomreyn: because those files are uploaded files, they are fat and I don't want to copy them over15:31
meloni I am using 2gb ,and intel dual core .now I was thinking to run dual boot with my win10 and any linux distro ,what will nice ?15:31
meloniwow 1576 user15:32
ubottuRecognized Ubuntu flavors build on Ubuntu and provide a different user experience out of the box. They are supported both in #ubuntu and in their flavor channel. For a list, see https://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu-flavours15:32
OerHekspick your choice, meloni15:32
meloniwhich one ?15:32
meloniOerHeks ^15:33
OerHeksall of them?15:33
meloniaby suggestion15:33
melonihow ?15:33
pragmaticenigma!enter | meloni15:33
ubottumeloni: Please try and keep as much of your info as possible on ONE line - easier to follow for everyone.15:33
meloniI've most of live dvds15:33
tomreynamcsi: did the upgrade run without errors then?15:34
OerHekslive iso's give not a real experience, try an install15:34
meloniubottu is your window size minimum then low15:34
ubottumeloni: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:34
meloniubottu bot ?15:34
ubottumeloni: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:34
pragmaticenigmameloni: This channel focuses mostly on support. This isn't the best place to be asking about recommendations. You're welcome to join #ubuntu-offtopic where many people would be happy to discuss the various flavors of Ubuntu they use and why they enjoy using them.15:34
pax_rhostomreyn: why do I not need autofs? afaiu - I need it for remounts of nfs/fusefs upon disconnect15:34
melonithat's a bot15:34
melonipragmaticenigma glad to know that15:35
tomreynpax_rhos: hmm actually yes if they disconnect you might want that15:35
pax_rhostomreyn: but will overlayfs feel fine if underlaying fs gets unmounted due to a disconnect?15:36
lordcirth_tomreyn, pax_rhos I recommend systemd automounting rather than autofs, if you are using 18.04+15:37
tomreynpax_rhos: you shouldnt have the disconnect happen in the first placee. i guess all layers will break and you'll run into timeouts on the top if that hasppens15:37
pax_rhoslordcirth_: afaiu automount is for 'startup' mounting, not for remounting upon disconnection15:38
pax_rhostomreyn: yeah, and errors and bugs should not exist.15:39
lordcirth_pax_rhos, automount will attempt to mount every time the mountpoint is accessed.15:39
pax_rhoslordcirth_: oh, good to know15:39
pax_rhoswell, then it is essentially the same as autofs15:39
lordcirth_Yes, except not an extra package, and it's one extra option in /etc/fstab instead of its own configs15:40
tomreynpax_rhos: so if the network is not stable enough for nfs (which can be configured to be very forgiving) to sustain connectivity you will need to copy. see above.15:40
lordcirth_You might want to use something to sync the two sides on a best-effort basis15:41
pax_rhosIMO copying sucks, syncing sucks less and net mount is the best choice15:42
lordcirth_mount is best - if you can get it to work on your network.15:44
OneM_Industriesfosslinux: I finally figured it out.15:44
leftyfbOneM_Industries: you haven't posted here in a week. You might want to provide some context.15:46
OneM_Industriesleftyfb: Convo from last night.15:46
OneM_IndustriesTL;DR: Drive with ~150Gb of stuff on it showing 1.2TB used.15:47
OneM_IndustriesTurns out, it had had a 1tb disk image on it, which had been mounted, then deleted while still mounted.15:47
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leftyfbOneM_Industries: ncdu is good for that. Or could be inodes or some application not finishing it's delete process15:47
leftyfbor that15:47
OneM_IndustriesAfter unmounting the image and running fsck, it's back down to a reasonable size.15:48
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huehnerlegreffier: yes and we have data volumes apart for bigger data, so parttype=mbr for boot no problem today... raising that question just for future/better defaults15:59
Ducky^I'm using ubuntu 18.04 with gnome shell - if i install something with snap, I can't search for that application in the overview15:59
Ducky^if I install something with apt it appears fine15:59
huehnerlegreffier: raised here now https://bugs.launchpad.net/cloud-images/+bug/1826007 after advice from #ubuntu-server16:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1826007 in cloud-images "Change partition type from MBR to GPT for AWS AMI ?" [Undecided,New]16:00
OerHeksDucky^, correct, you can view snaps in terminal: snap list16:01
tomreyninstalled snaps should be listed in "ubuntu software" also16:01
Ducky^actually I just found out it's a wayland bug16:01
Ducky^if I log in with xorg I can search for them16:02
Ducky^strange bug16:02
tomreynDucky^: can you file it (after checking someone else didn't already)?16:02
tomreyn!bug | Ducky^16:03
ubottuDucky^: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its official !flavors, please report it using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.16:03
tomreynthe best package i cna think of would be gnome-shell16:04
Ducky^seems like it's related to zsh too, but the bug has been reported - https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/snapd/+bug/164051416:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1640514 in snapd (Ubuntu Xenial) "/snap/bin is not added to the PATH when using zsh" [Undecided,Confirmed]16:07
ioriaDucky^, you probably need a 'bash emulation'16:09
Ducky^ioria: this seems to have worked for me - https://forum.snapcraft.io/t/desktop-snaps-do-not-appear-in-the-dash-menu-on-gnome-in-17-10-final-beta/2340/1416:12
ioriaDucky^, yes16:13
ioriaDucky^, just saying, that zsh is compatible with bash (emulate sh -c etc. etc)16:15
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HenryCHhi, i was trying out a shortcut and by mistake managed to print the available options of a command that i was halfway through, can't seem to bring that up again, anyone know what that shortcut is?16:21
glickahhhh my computer makes sense again....thank the lord16:23
donofrio_where is the xorg.conf anymore....and yes I checked /etc/X11 first16:25
calcul0n_donofrio_, there's no xorg.conf anymore unless for particular needs because everything is autodetected at startup16:26
calcul0n_if you need one it still goes in /etc/X1116:27
donofrio_how do I 'invoke' one from scratch (dynamically created by what kernel detected?)16:27
calcul0n_xorg -configure should generate one, see man xorg16:29
leftyfbdonofrio_: if it's nvidia, then nvidia-xconfig16:29
donofrio_it is16:30
donofrio_leftyfb, 'command not found'16:31
donofrio_hardware granted is NVIDIA NV1716:32
gvvg_Hi - I'm trying to unban using fail2ban and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong16:34
gvvg_fail2ban-client set dovecot unban
gvvg_ERROR  NOK: ('Invalid command (no set action or not yet implemented)',)16:34
gvvg_Invalid command (no set action or not yet implemented)16:34
gvvg_I did a fail2ban-client status and it shows dovecot as the jail16:35
gvvg_any ideas would be appreciated16:35
calcul0n_donofrio_, you have to install it first, iirc it's just the nvidia-xconfig package16:35
leftyfbdonofrio_: it's part of the nvidia-340 and nvidia-utils-39 packages on 18.0416:35
leftyfbgvvg_: try #fail2ban16:35
donofrio_pixi @ http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/TGsnQ37K8h/16:37
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dexterfoois there an environment variable or something else i can set so that core dump file will be created in current directory if my process crashes?16:44
=== ca_cabot is now known as Guest25388
arooniis there a good tool to block unproductive sites on a schedule for ubuntu?16:54
leftyfbarooni: https://alternativeto.net/software/net-nanny/?platform=linux16:55
kiwi_41Can somebody please help me? I have 1 ubuntu instance running apache2 with cloudflare ssl, all working properly. I wanted to add another domain to the instance. I made a new apache config file setup ServerName: mydomain.com ServerAlias: www.mydomain.com - For whatever reason www.mydomain.com works as expected but mydomain.com goes to my 1st website17:01
kiwi_41 domain instead, only when I put www it works properly...any help?17:01
leftyfbkiwi_41: <VirtualHost *:80>17:03
leftyfbkiwi_41: for both vhosts/domains17:03
leftyfbkiwi_41: your first domain should also be a vhost17:04
kiwi_41I have <VirtualHost *:80> and <IfModule mod_ssl.c>17:04
kiwi_41on the 2nd domain, I set #   SSL Engine Switch:17:05
leftyfbkiwi_41: for both vhosts? Do you have separate files for each one in /etc/apache2/sites-available/<domain>.conf ?17:05
kiwi_41separate files yes, and the original vhost that works properly has SSLEngine on17:06
seanrdevI am attempting to set up a Ubuntu server install with LVM partitions. I have 2 HD. One 500GB SSD and One 1TB HDD. I normally setup the partitions in ubuntu 16.04 as such (/boot 500MB ext4 on ssd, / get remaining space on ssd with ext4, /var gets 64G on HDD with xfs, SWAP gets 32G, /tmp gets 32G ext4, and /home get remaining on hdd with xfs). However, this setup cannot work on ubuntu server 18 for some reason. First when creating17:06
seanrdevLVMs the /boot partition is never able to be selected. Second if I do not create a boot partition the done option is never able to be selected. Am I missing something?17:06
leftyfbkiwi_41: the SSL part is irrelevant. Do you have <VirtualHost *:80> for both?17:06
kiwi_41I do17:06
lordcirth_seanrdev, BIOS or EFI?17:07
seanrdevlordcirth_: I believe I disabled the BIOS because I couldn't boot the LiveUSB when it was enabled.17:08
kiwi_41leftyfb I do state my ServerName and Alias in my new config for the new domain. The old vhost is on port 80 however I do not state ServerName there, maybe that's the issue?17:08
kiwi_41the thing is, the old vhost works fine whether I use www or http://17:08
seanrdevlordcirth_: Judging by your question makes me feel I need to investigate this more in depth in the bios settings.17:08
lordcirth_seanrdev, so EFI only? ok. So, try this: /dev/sda1 = 500MB fat32, /boot/efi ESP. /dev/sda2 = LVM PV.17:08
lordcirth_EFI requires a fat32 /boot/efi17:09
kiwi_41opps sorry, back17:09
unimatrix9hi everyone17:10
AnthaasIs there an Ubuntu equivalent of MacOS's text replace?17:10
lordcirth_Anthaas, could you give an example of what you want to do? I am not familiar with MacOS.17:10
lordcirth_unimatrix9, hi17:10
unimatrix9on ubuntu 18.04 with firefox , i never get firefox to go fullscreen, it always show the 'tabs' , is there a way around this ?17:10
AnthaasFor example, type :foo: and have it automatically replace with some arbitrary text.17:11
lordcirth_unimatrix9, press F1117:11
lordcirth_Anthaas, in what program? Anywhere?17:11
leftyfbunimatrix9: no, that is how Firefox works. There might be an addon for that.17:11
lordcirth_Anthaas, A preset bit of text, or typed in at the time?17:11
AnthaasWell, ideally I'd map keys to values.17:12
xmetaljust pressed F11 here and it went full screen17:12
unimatrix9but with tab ? i presume17:12
AnthaasSo :foo: might replace with "Bar", but :example: might expand to something else.17:12
leftyfbunimatrix9: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/fullscreen_plus/   found on google by searching "firefox fullscreen without tabs"17:12
lordcirth_Anthaas, oh, so like any time you type this macro, it gets replaced?17:12
pragmaticenigmaAnthaas: most of the time the text editor is what supports those features, sublime text is an example. I don't know if there is a Linux text editor that does that.17:13
groupersHas anyone used SSS for AD auth? I'm looking for a way to allow AD users to change their default shell.17:13
AnthaasVim can do it.17:13
AnthaasBut I want it anywhere.17:13
lordcirth_Anthaas, yeah, I don't think that's easily doable. However, what you *could* do is make a script that you trigger with a key combo, type your macro name, <enter> and it pastes that thing.17:13
seanrdevlordcirth_: https://pasteboard.co/IbuIBLY.jpg17:18
seanrdevlordcirth_: No fat32 option available in Ubuntu Server install17:18
lordcirth_seanrdev, what about it?17:18
lordcirth_Well, firstly, you can't make the ESP on a LV17:19
seanrdevlordcirth_: Ah. So I must make the partition directly on the disk. Does that mean the remaining disk cannot be used as a LV17:20
lordcirth_seanrdev, like I said, /dev/sda1 as ESP, /dev/sda2 as LVM PV17:20
kiwi_41Anybody know why my new apache2 config works when I use www and goes to my original server domain when I don't use www? I have vhost setup on port 80 with ServerName and ServerAlias setup for www and non www. Am I missing anything else? Like override settings?17:20
tewardkiwi_41: browser caching?17:21
lordcirth_kiwi_41, do you have any site that *isn't* a vhost?17:21
lordcirth_Oh, yeah check for cached 301's17:22
kiwi_41teward you genuis.17:22
kiwi_41I'm a dummy17:22
kiwi_41lordcirth_ thanks for trying to help as well bud17:22
lordcirth_np. I've been caught with 301's before too17:23
begonia@search Ken Forkish17:23
tewardkiwi_41: ALWAYS clear your browser cacne :P17:23
kiwi_41noob mistake, spent 4 hours  on a 10 second fix, HAHA17:26
tewardkiwi_41: heh, happens to all of us no worries.17:28
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cheeseandspamHi. So I have Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS and it runs fine except if I leave Chromium open (Version 73.0.3683.86 (Official Build) Built on Ubuntu , running on Ubuntu 18.04 (64-bit)). It can then occasionally freeze the system to where the system is unusable (the mouse moves, but I can't open anything, inc the Terminal to kill)17:43
cheeseandspamI don't understand how Chromium can do this. Is it taking advantage of some hardware acceleration that is then misbehaving?17:44
cheeseandspamIs there a key combination that I can drop to the terminal with? (CTRL+ALT+F1 doesn't work for instance)17:45
pragmaticenigmacheeseandspam: It is not recommended to leave browser windows open indefinately... The behavior you are experiencing is likely due to one of the pages you browsed and having a memory leak in the JavaScript it is programmed to use17:45
john_doe_jrHow would I break up a text file by sentence?17:46
cheeseandspampragmaticenigma, yeah, sounds likely, but I don't understand how it can bring a linux system to it's knees.. Not that I'm knowledgable, but aren't there failsafes to stop this sort of thing17:46
cheeseandspamjohn_doe_jr, you'll want regex, google around "regex sentence" you should find things like https://stackoverflow.com/questions/20320719/constructing-regex-pattern-to-match-sentence17:47
pragmaticenigmacheeseandspam: There are no failsafes. It is completely up to the application developers to attempt to include that sort of feature. Chromium has such features built in, but that doesn't mean a malicious party hasn't found a new attack vector or method around it17:47
tomreynjohn_doe_jr: also consider to ask on the channel of your favourite scripting or programming language, such as #bash17:47
pragmaticenigmajohn_doe_jr: There aren't many tools for natural language editing like that. If you mean to break up the file by line, that can be easily done17:47
cheeseandspamthe malicious party seems to be Facebook. :D I need to access it and so use Chromium to sandbox it, as Firefox is my faily driver :)17:48
=== ca_cabotage is now known as Guest14077
cheeseandspamAnd yes, when I don't leave the Chromium window open, it'll work forever. But sometimes, y;know, you forget17:50
pragmaticenigmacheeseandspam: Appears counter intuitive if you're goal is to isolate facebook, to leave it running in the background.17:50
cheeseandspamI'll have to try another browser..17:50
cheeseandspampragmaticenigma, in as far as cookies and other local storage. And I'm not leaving it open intentionally. I don't want to use it that much, but there is one group I'd like to interact with17:51
cheeseandspamI'm just a bit shocked than a browser, with some unintentionally bad javascript can bring an Ubuntu machine (based on Debian, which in my limited experience is a rock solid OS) to its knees...17:53
daxcheeseandspam: mozilla wrote a firefox addon to isolate facebook. might be worth a look: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/facebook-container/17:53
dax(i know this is tangential to your actual question)17:53
cheeseandspamdax, it is, but some good info, thank you17:53
cheeseandspamand might be a solution, as I can then uninstall Chromium17:54
cheeseandspampragmaticenigma, dax - thank you for your input17:54
=== SimonNL_Afk is now known as SimonNL
cheeseandspampragmaticenigma, "failsafes" is the wrong expression. I guess I'm wondering about process prioritisation, and assumed that Chromium wouldn't be running as some kind of realtime process that can just "take over", leaving nothing left for the OS to actually perform its job (and leaving me to have to hard shutdown). I'll have to have a dig around how this all works as I'm still fairly new to this on the desktop.18:00
lordcirth_cheeseandspam, if programs request memory, they get it, even if the OS needs to swap out your desktop. You could possibly use cgroups to have the browser killed when it exceeds a memory cap.18:01
lordcirth_I do that for go-ipfs, as it still has high memory usage sometimes. If it uses more than 5GB, systemd kills and restarts it.18:01
rebabIs it possible to update an unupdated program? I use Ubuntu 18.04 and Gaupol is a subtitle editor. In apt-get there is gaupol 1.3.1 but the last version is 1.5. Here is the list: https://repology.org/project/gaupol/versions How do I update the Gaupol to 1.5?18:02
pragmaticenigma!latest | rebab18:02
ubotturebab: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.18:02
pragmaticenigmarebab: if the application is too far out-of-date you can try submitting a bug ticket to launchpad to see if it can get some attention. Feature enhancements rarely are enough to warrant an upgrade to the existing package.18:03
lordcirth_rebab, you could install their provided flatpak.18:04
OerHeksrebab, uninstall gaupol, and install the deb from their site? that makes you responsible for the next update & testing18:04
roboirchow do we give feedback on future versions (features) of ubuntu online?18:06
cheeseandspamlordcirth_, I see. Got you. I'll read about this and cgroups - sounds useful. Thanks!18:06
organman91has anyone run into an issue with iptables directives occasionally not working on 18.04? I'm doing a lot of netinstall installations, automated with a preseed file, and a small minority (10 to 20%) will choke on not understanding a certain iptables directive. installing again from scratch fixes the issue18:07
OerHeksroboirc, hi, do you mean notify the teams for a newer version?18:07
Xalysroboirc: used to just be ubuntu forums18:07
lordcirth_organman91, could you provide an example directive?18:07
lordcirth_And the resulting error, of course18:07
roboircOerHeks yes like suggestions18:08
pragmaticenigma!volunteer | roboirc18:08
ubotturoboirc: To contribute and help out with Ubuntu, see http://community.ubuntu.com and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ContributeToUbuntu18:08
organman91I used this as a template https://gist.github.com/jirutka/3742890#file-rules-ipv4-iptables18:08
roboircsomething I would like to see in future versions18:08
OerHeksroboirc, you could file a !SRU18:08
ubottuStable Release Update information is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates18:08
roboircdo I need a login in ubuntu site to give feedbacks?18:08
organman91when using iptables-restore it chokes on the COMMIT line18:08
pragmaticenigmaroboirc: Yes, how else would someone be able to contact you for clarification of your idea?18:09
pragmaticenigma!who | Xalys18:09
ubottuXalys: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)18:09
roboircpragmaticenigma: OK18:09
organman91running iptables manually it seems that it doesn't understand —ctstate18:09
OerHeksroboirc, basicly, security updates and  "low potential for regressing existing installations but a high potential for improving the user experience"18:09
Xalyspragmaticenigma: :)18:10
roboircOerHeks, yes suggestions to change UI also18:10
OerHeksroboirc, yes, you need a launchpad account18:10
OerHekssuggestions, there used to be a wishlist.. i think you need to contact the team on the launchpad for such18:11
=== ca_cabot is now known as Guest77469
organman91The thing that comes to mind based on guessing would be a corrupt kernel package on one of the servers that provides archive.ubuntu.com but that's pure speculation18:11
organman91lordcirth_: is there a better room for this question than this one?18:12
pragmaticenigma!patience | organman9118:13
ubottuorganman91: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or https://ubuntuforums.org or https://askubuntu.com/18:13
roboircok my login works18:13
roboircnow which website do I start giving suggestions on ?18:13
pragmaticenigma!who | also organman9118:13
ubottualso organman91: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)18:13
roboircOerHeks: i have a launchpad account, what next?18:14
hohumman 19.04 is pretty broken in a lot of ways18:25
pragmaticenigmahohum: Welcome to Ubuntu Support... is there a specific issue that the volunteers here can help you out with?18:26
hohumis there a way to get multiple X sessions going?18:26
hohumevery time I log into one it logs me out of the other18:26
pragmaticenigmahohum: How are you establishing a second x-session?18:27
hohumI've even tried logging in as a different user and it still boots me out of my session on a different display18:30
=== veegee_ is now known as veegee
pragmaticenigmahohum: I'm unfortunately not familiar with XDMCP for setting up extra desktops. You shouldn't get logged out of another session when establishing a new session, unless you are trying to reuse the same desktop. That's the only explanation that I can find that starts to coincide with your issue18:32
hohumthis worked fine on 18.04, I'm probably going to roll my system back :(18:36
leftyfbhohum: there is no "rolling back". Reinstall 18.04 from scratch and restore from backup18:39
dont-panicanyone good with connecting ps4 controller's via bluetooth in 18.04?  I may have tried to install random bluetooth packages and I can't get it to connect18:42
dont-panicwhen I try to connect via ui, it says it added the device but failed to connect, via command line I get a bluez.error.failed message or something18:44
RonaldsMazitisI have real panic18:45
RonaldsMazitisI can't kill kdenlive process18:45
RonaldsMazitisroot or not root18:45
dont-panicRonaldsMazitis: what's that?18:45
RonaldsMazitisvideo editor18:45
dont-panicnot even with kill -9?18:46
dont-panicxkill doesn't work?  or is it a console thing?18:46
RonaldsMazitisit's somewhere in background18:47
RonaldsMazitistaking 15% mem18:47
RonaldsMazitisI logged out18:47
leftyfbRonaldsMazitis: reboot18:47
dont-panicleftyfb: that's a terrible recommendation18:47
RonaldsMazitisI thought things like this aren't possible18:47
leftyfbdont-panic: no, it's not.18:47
dont-panicthe point of linux is to not reboot18:48
pantsuis it D?18:48
leftyfbdont-panic: that's not "the point of linux". It happens to be a good feature most of the time. But technology happens and things go wrong.18:48
dont-panicI'm assuming this isn't a server, but if it is, sometimes reboot isn't an option18:49
leftyfbRonaldsMazitis: anything is possible. But the amount of time it would take to reboot is exponentially quicker than tracking down what is wrong and resolving the issue18:49
leftyfbdont-panic: it's a video editor they're having an issue with. Most likely it's a desktop and not any sort of HA server.18:50
dont-panicleftyfb: my prefference is to learn something when that happens, but eh, they've already rebooted it seems18:51
dont-panicstill trying to figure out the bluetooth issue I'm having :/18:51
dont-panicI wonder if they tried killall18:51
leftyfbdont-panic: kill -9 is a bigger hammer than killall18:52
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quakenetHi all good server your all invited * IRC quakenet ORG  *18:53
leftyfbquakenet: please /part and stop spamming here18:53
dont-panicleftyfb: is reboot the only stronger hammer?18:54
leftyfbdont-panic: for a zombie process, it's the quickest and easiest AFAIK18:54
dont-panicweird... I ran btmon and suddenly it connects... wtf18:55
dont-panicfor some reason my secondary click on my touchpad doesn't work... very confused about that18:58
ZeZushopt is a builtin to the shell isn't it?18:59
leftyfbZeZu: for bash it is19:00
leftyfbadministrateur: can we help you with something?19:00
ZeZuthat is a good point19:00
ZeZulms if it's using dash or smth :|19:00
ZeZuit is19:01
administrateurqui parle francais19:03
lotuspsychje!fr | administrateur19:03
ubottuadministrateur: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.19:03
leftyfb!fr | administrateur19:03
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vic002Hello anyone familiar with the workings of /etc/e2fsck.conf on Ubuntu19:30
rypervenchevic002: Do you have a question about it?19:37
vic002Yes I created the file because it did not exist on my file-system but they did not get applied on boot when fsck runs and I was wondering why is that?19:39
therealtbehelp!  bash: cannot create temp file for here-document: Read-only file system19:45
therealtbeDISTRIB_DESCRIPTION="Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS"19:45
kadiro_therealtbe, reboot19:45
lotuspsychje!uptodate | therealtbe also19:46
ubottutherealtbe also: To ensure you have all the latest known patches and security updates for your ubuntu installation, please update with the following command: `sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade`. See also !upgrades and !security; you may also need to run `apt full-upgrade`.19:46
therealtbekadiro_    I rebooted already19:46
therealtbelotuspsychje    tried, but I cannot run any apt commands until this read only thing is resolved19:46
lotuspsychjetherealtbe: pastebin the output of apt errors please19:46
linuxser1 Hey guys, can timeshift go back to an older version of Ubuntu?19:48
therealtbelotuspsychje  every repo it says Failed to fetch .....  Could not open file /var/lib/apt....  open (30: Read-only file system)19:48
lotuspsychjetherealtbe: pastebin please19:48
kadiro_therealtbe, try this: sudo mount -o remount,rw /19:49
therealtbelotuspsychje  okay here are 900 lines of that error   https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/P2y4JFMRXT/19:51
therealtbekadiro_  thanks I am aware of that but command, but it is a one time fix, why is it in read only mode and how do I prevent it from going into read only mode on next reboot?19:52
kadiro_therealtbe, check fstab may be it is on ro mode19:52
therealtbeis there not a boot log that should say something like error booting up in rescue mode read only filesystem ?19:52
therealtbeLABEL=cloudimg-rootfs   /        ext4   defaults        0 019:52
OerHekslast 2 lines read only filesystem19:53
OerHeksfix that perhaps?19:53
kadiro_it must be 0 119:53
therealtbeok so then how did fstab change to read-only?   this server has been fine for months and just today this problem19:54
therealtbeOerHeks I concur the filesystem is in read only mode19:54
therealtbewhere is the boot log ?19:54
lotuspsychjetherealtbe: we dont support external ppa's, you really need to clean your system19:55
kadiro_ah ppa then19:55
therealtbehmm that must be from the hosting company19:55
lotuspsychje!sources | therealtbe19:56
ubottutherealtbe: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories.19:56
OerHeksyour hosting seems up2date http://nova.clouds.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/19:56
OerHekscan you check the admin page?19:57
OerHeksah, line 419:57
therealtbelooks like some fsck issue on boot   [    4.898348] EXT4-fs warning (device sda1): ext4_clear_journal_err:4603: Marking fs in need of filesystem check.19:58
therealtbeOerHeks   also earlier in dmesg,   [    5.366664] EXT4-fs (sda1): Couldn't remount RDWR because of unprocessed orphan inode list.  Please umount/remount instead20:00
lotuspsychjetherealtbe: whats your kernel look like, im curious? uname -a20:02
OerHeksghosting inodes, maybe you had visitors.20:02
therealtbewhy, so you can tell me you don't support that kernel20:02
leftyfbtherealtbe: are you running an unsupported kernel?20:03
therealtbe4.4.0-142-generic #168-Ubuntu SMP Wed Jan 16 21:00:45 UTC 2019 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux20:04
leftyfbtherealtbe: Ubuntu 16.04 is up to 145. Maybe try updating it20:05
therealtbeok thanks as soon as I can run apt commands i'll do that20:05
leftyfbOerHeks: I was about to say that, I'm a bit behind on updates on my xenial server :)20:06
ubunoobHey...need some ubuntu help please. I ran command scp -r ubuntu@mydomain.com:C:\Users\Anthony\Desktop\canvas\canvashtml-55\Package-HTML\HTML /var/www/mydomain.com/html - nothing seems to be happening ... When I try to upload via SFTP it says permission denied. I'm sure it has something to do with chown .... root owns the directories not ubuntu20:06
leftyfbubunoob: C:\ is not a valid path in linux20:06
OerHekstherealtbe, do you have livepatch enabled?20:06
ubunoobI got error: ssh: connect to host mydomain.com port 22: Network is unreachable20:07
leftyfbubunoob: mydomain.com doesn't have port 22 open20:07
ubunoobshould I be using my domain name or my EC2 public url from amazon?20:08
therealtbeubunoob  are you using windows locally and trying to upload your file to a remote linux place?20:08
lordcirth_ubunoob, do they resolve to different IPs?20:08
leftyfbubunoob: whichever points to your EC2 instance that has port 22 open20:08
metbsdubuntu got stuck at the "try or install" menu20:08
leftyfbmetbsd: you're going to need to provide more context20:08
ubunoobI gotta go into amazon dashboard and open port 22 I guess, yes they point to the same ip20:09
therealtbeubunoob you should get the program winscp   it is graphical20:09
metbsdok. i use dufus to create a usb bootable.20:09
ubunoobI'm using that but when I upload with that I get permission denied, using winscp20:09
leftyfbmetbsd: don't. Use etcher.io20:09
metbsdi put in usb and boot up. it loads and loads20:09
metbsdand then it show "try or insall" menu20:09
metbsdi can move mouse around20:10
metbsdbut clicking is as if i did not click20:10
vic002If I make changes to /etc/e2fsck.conf do I need to run update-initramfs again so it can be used at boot?20:10
metbsdkeyboard input doesn't change anything20:10
therealtbeOerHeks  livepatch is installed, not sure if it is enabled20:10
leftyfbvic002: yes20:11
metbsdand i had to push power off button20:11
metbsdit's lenovo legion y530 laptop20:11
therealtbeubunoob  when you connect to ec2 with winscp, does it connect and show you the remote files ?20:11
vic002i will try thank you20:11
leftyfbmetbsd: redo your usb drive using etcher.io20:11
OerHeks sudo canonical-livepatch status --verbose20:12
ubunoobtherealtbe it does, only when I try to upload it says "Error code: 320:12
therealtbeubunoob  https://forums.aws.amazon.com/thread.jspa?messageID=36165920:13
ubunoobthought it had something to do with chown20:13
ubunooblet me try20:13
lordcirth_ubunoob, you are logging in as a user that can't write to /var/www20:13
ubunoobit's just the only user I know how to login with is ubuntu, but when check my folders are either root or www-data20:14
therealtbeubunoob  you should edit  /etc/group and put your username in the www-data:  group20:14
ubunoobthat's what I needed to do! ^^^20:15
ubunoobthanks for that advice20:15
ubunoobbtw upload works perfect now20:15
metbsdleftyfb: can i use win32 disk imager20:16
Joelso, getting tired of gnome as a window manager, is kde a thing anymore? available on 18.04? other recommended alternatives? a good article to read?20:16
therealtbeOerHeks  e2fsck /dev/sda1  fixed the inodes and a reboot now it's not r/o20:17
OerHekshave fun!20:17
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=== froggle is now known as Duckle
vic002so I had this microphone issue the other day on my laptop that I dual boot windows and ubuntu. If I was on windows and just restarted to ubuntu the mic would be all static but when I did a full shutdown on windows the mic worked properly a driver issue?20:18
OerHeksbios/hardware/windows 'issue'or feature20:18
OerHeksi agree issue :-D20:19
leftyfbJoel: feel free to ask for opinions in #ubuntu-offtopic20:20
OerHeksyes, sound wifi bt and external monitors could require a proper boot.20:20
leftyfb!flavors | Joel20:20
ubottuJoel: Recognized Ubuntu flavors build on Ubuntu and provide a different user experience out of the box. They are supported both in #ubuntu and in their flavor channel. For a list, see https://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu-flavours20:20
vic002I spent hours and days trying to figure out if it was a pulseaudio issue or an alsa issue and it was just a simple complete shutdown and avoiding restarts.20:20
OerHeks* no fast boot in windows enabled20:20
metbsdif defus doesn't work. it shouldn't be in handbook20:20
daxJoel: KDE is still a thing, though they did some rebranding and you'd be looking for "KDE Plasma" now. There are official flavors for KDE Plasma (Kubuntu), Xfce (Xubuntu), and a few others; the ubottu link has a list.20:20
daxJoel: personally, I use KDE, but it's quite subjective (hence the #ubuntu-offtopic recommendation)20:21
vic002turned off fast boot :)20:21
metbsdleftyfb: tutorial should remove rufus if it doesn't work20:22
peylightWho wants Linux System Adminstrator / Devops (Remote Job)?20:30
tomreyn!ot | peylight20:30
ubottupeylight: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!20:30
leftyfbpeylight: while offtopic, might I suggest one of the hundreds of job websites or recruiting agencies and not IRC to recruit talent20:32
peylight@leftyfb Ok, sorry and i understand my mistake.20:36
MassDebatesi lost my mysql password20:40
MassDebatesI was just about to write it down right when I set it and I blanked when I had my pen in my hand20:40
MassDebatesoh god20:40
MassDebatesI feel like a lost man in the dark and his flashlight just burned out20:41
leftyfbMassDebates: do you need support?20:41
MassDebatesDo I go to mysql channel or here20:41
MassDebatesleftyfb, I believe I do20:42
leftyfbMassDebates: you have yet to ask for assistance with anything20:42
=== Platonid1s is now known as Platonides
leftyfbMassDebates: what version of ubuntu is this one?20:42
MassDebatesI think I'd like to start over with the mysql stuff20:42
MassDebatesor possibly verify the user information and then change the password20:43
leftyfbMassDebates: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-reset-your-mysql-or-mariadb-root-password-on-ubuntu-18-0420:43
MassDebatesI'm back in bidness. Thanks leftyfb20:44
=== julien is now known as Guest32267
Guest32267hi my ubuntu hommie's =)20:44
JimBuntuGuest32267, no 'hommies' here, maybe 'homies' =)  If you have a support question, please feel free to ask20:47
MassDebatesleftyfb, I followed the instructions20:48
MassDebatesI was assuming this would bring me back to a good spot, but it seems that now it's looking for a plugin for authentication, but its'not loaded.20:49
MassDebatesIf you have any advice, it'd be much appreciated, but I found this:20:49
leftyfbMassDebates: nc termbin.com 9999 < <(lsb_release -ds;cat /proc/{version,cmdline};)20:52
MassDebatesWhat do I do with this?20:52
leftyfbMassDebates: run it and paste the termbin.com link it gives you here20:53
leftyfbMassDebates: this will give us a little more info about your environment20:53
MassDebatesThis is cool20:53
MassDebatesWhat a handy service20:54
leftyfbMassDebates: did you use mysql_native_password like the instructions told you?20:54
leftyfbMassDebates: also in the link you just posted20:54
MassDebatesYes, I was thinking that I could follow these steps. It seems to make sense, even though his version is slightly different20:54
MassDebatesI didn't want to do it without checking, first.20:55
MassDebatesyes those were the steps i had in mind20:55
MassDebatesokay thank you20:55
MassDebatesI will follow tehse steps verbatim20:55
RaydeNcan someone tell me what i need to do to log in to y server after i install ssh ? i still cant connect ty20:55
Guest32267Iam electrician, there is some app for schema diagrams making ?20:55
Guest32267on nux20:56
leftyfbGuest32267: please try #ubuntu-offtopic for suggestions20:56
kadiro_ssh something@ip_address20:56
leftyfbRaydeN: what version of ubuntu? What command are you trying? What error did you get?20:56
Guest32267Any electricians?20:59
leftyfbGuest32267: please try #ubuntu-offtopic for suggestions20:59
qwebirc83847Hi i have problem with installation of Ubuntu Server 18.04 on Dell R410 with BCM5716 ive got message "Network configuration timed out;..." problem is system didn't see firmware so device cant work properly, where to put this firmware (full path)21:01
leftyfbqwebirc83847: Is ubuntu installed?21:02
MassDebatesRebooting doesn't seem to get me past the issue.21:02
B1ack0pis Ubuntu GNU/Linux or just Linux ?21:03
leftyfb!ot | B1ack0p21:03
ubottuB1ack0p: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!21:03
B1ack0pwhen i check GNU official website i cant see Ubuntu or Debian or other popular distros listed21:03
B1ack0pleftyfb: isnt it ubuntu related?21:03
leftyfbB1ack0p: You do not have a support issue. Feel free to ask in #ubuntu-offtopic or ##linux21:04
daxB1ack0p: this is probably better suited to #fsf or similar, but: Ubuntu uses the Linux kernel and much of the GNU userland, so it is reasonably called GNU/Linux. It does not meet FSF's standards for a free distribution, so they do not advertise it.21:04
daxB1ack0p: for more details about their opinions, you'd want to talk to them21:05
MassDebatesI keep getting returned the error: ERROR 1524 (HY000): Plugin '{{{THE PASSWORD I PUT IN}}}' is not loaded21:06
MassDebatesI can't proceed through the steps given21:06
qwebirc83847@leftyb no its a installation process21:06
leftyfbqwebirc83847: Are you using the classic installer or the live installer?21:07
qwebirc83847live "server" version only21:07
leftyfbqwebirc83847: I would suggest the classic installer21:07
leftyfbMassDebates: please pastebin the exact commands you are running along with the error messages that output21:08
qwebirc83847but some time ago i dont have problems with firmware21:08
qwebirc83847so was removed from image21:08
A_DIs there a known issue regarding netplan and ipv6 gateways? I seem to have an issue where my config (for an OVH VPS) sets my v6 on the interface correctly, but does not add the route to the gateway. netplan config at https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/Zxb55NKYV6/21:09
MassDebatesmysql -uroot # connect to mysql21:09
MassDebatesThis is the command that results in the error I've given above.21:09
qwebirc83847leftyfb foud it: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/18.04.2/release/ubuntu-18.04.2-server-amd64.iso21:10
qwebirc83847it's a full image21:10
leftyfbMassDebates: maybe try #ubuntu-server or #mysql21:10
leftyfbqwebirc83847: try that image21:11
qwebirc83847so can contains all other firmwares used to install it21:11
RaydeNleftyfb : last version of ubuntu server21:12
leftyfbRaydeN: what version of ubuntu? What command are you trying? What error did you get? ("last version" is not a valid version number"21:13
A_Doh thats one I forgot too >.> my server is on 18.0421:13
RaydeNi try to open my server with puty and i get timed out21:13
RaydeNleftyfb : ubuntu-18.04.2-live-server-amd6421:14
leftyfbRaydeN: and this is why you don't say things like "the last version". Since that is not the last(latest) version.21:14
leftyfbRaydeN: have you confirmed ssh is running on your server?21:15
RaydeNleftyfb yes21:16
leftyfbRaydeN: how did you confirm it?21:16
RaydeNleftyfb : sudo service ssh service21:17
leftyfbRaydeN: that is not a valid command21:17
RaydeNleftyfb : sudo service ssh servic21:17
RaydeNleftyfb : sudo service ssh status21:17
leftyfbRaydeN: and what was the output? (use pastebin)21:18
leftyfbRaydeN: btw, you should be using systemctl for such things now (for you to research at a later time)21:18
RaydeNbecause its in virtualbox21:20
leftyfbRaydeN: useful information that you should have provided already21:22
therealtbenow he will say we don't support virtualbox :D21:23
RaydeNi just know its active because say its active :)21:24
leftyfbtherealtbe: cut it or leave21:24
maxzorHello, can you launch a program from command line, with an argument to disable the "application non responsive" warning? Makes it a pain to debug21:24
therealtbeRaydeN see if a process is running type    ps     or    ps -ef     or     ps -ef | grep ssh21:24
leftyfbRaydeN: which ip are you trying to connect to? Do you have the network setup with NAT or bridged?21:25
RaydeNi see somthink with ssh guard runing21:26
leftyfbRaydeN: sshguard isn't installed by default. Is this a default installation? Did you install sshguard yourself?21:27
RaydeNleftyfb : i try localhost21:28
leftyfbRaydeN: in what sense?21:28
RaydeNleftyfb : and ip adress from from whats my ip. co m21:28
leftyfbRaydeN: that will not work21:28
leftyfbRaydeN: you should be using the local ip address of your guest machine21:28
RaydeNhow i find local ip adress ?21:29
leftyfbRaydeN: ip addr21:29
qwebirc83847@leftyfb, system installed with firmware21:31
therealtbeRaydeN   netstat -tln       do you see port 22 State LISTEN21:33
leftyfbtherealtbe: we're already past that21:34
RaydeNi open now :P21:35
RaydeNtcp6 and tcp have listen therealtbe21:37
pedr0hi all21:50
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maxzoron default ubuntu 18.04 how can you disable the "application non responsive" blocking warning? Makes it a pain to debug programs22:14
TheteCan you guys either fix 4K scaling on X11 or go back to Wayland, this is really getting annoying22:22
tomreynThete: you can "go back to wayland" any time22:23
tomreynapt install xwayland22:23
Theteoh cool22:26
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ga_sk8eri installed ubuntu  last nigt on a brand new external HD & now today when i  boot,  i get a message saying "system program problem detected" how do i  make thaat message stop  when i  boot?22:33
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calcul0n_ga_sk8er, probably just some random bug, wait for updates22:36
ga_sk8erso i  sold go  do updates? ....sudo  yum update?22:38
guivercga_sk8er, `sudo apt update; sudo apt full-upgrade` (update updates your software.lists, upgrade does the upgrading of software)22:38
guivercga_sk8er, you can stop the message, but it'll stop all, and best that devs get told of the bug so they will work on it (the more reports of a bug, the higher priority it gets so reporting bugs helps get give devs more info but also helps fix it faster)22:41
ga_sk8erim  running te full upgrade rigt now. i  installed a fresh copy last nigt so i never did the upgrade22:42
Thetetomreyn: xwayland is already installed by default, changing WaylandEnable=true in /etc/gdm3/custom.conf doesn't do anything to enable it23:04
Theteand the google doesn't seem to show any information as to how to enable it anywhere at least where I can find23:05
Theteand there is no cogweel on the login screen to switch to it from there either23:05
tomreynThete: you're right, xwayland is installed by default, some other folks told me that since, i wasn't aware. to actually use it, you need to select a wayland desktop session when you login.23:06
tomreynhmm, are you sure you're running ubuntu there?23:06
ga_sk8eri forget wo  told me earlier but te update & upgrade worked23:07
Thetedisco dingo, clean install23:07
EickmeyerThete: To dovetail on what tomreyn says, when you select your user and are about to enter your password, click on the cog and select "Ubuntu on Wayland." that should do the trick.23:07
TheteEickmeyer: there is no cogwheel23:07
TheteI have a white cancel button, and a green sign in button, nothing else23:08
metbsdstill cannot install ubuntu23:09
tomreynThete: can you install "ubuntu-desktop"?23:09
Theteubuntu-desktop is already the newest version (1.431).23:10
tomreynmetbsd: you're going to need to provide more context23:10
Thetewhen I do apt install ubuntu-desktop23:10
tomreynThete: i'm a bit puzzled now since a standard ubuntu 19.04 amd64 desktop installation would show the cog there, left  of the green sign in button.23:11
metbsdi use usb write tool to write iso to usb. it boots with some error and cannot proceed to install23:11
TheteI've seen it before on previous versions.. I'll try and install kde and see if it shows up23:11
metbsdis there a minimum iso?23:12
tomreynThete: i suggest you reinstall, if that's still an option.23:12
triplenulltomreyn: I also do not have the cogwheel to change sessions on my desktop, but my laptop (with only intel integrated graphics) I can switch to Wayland. Could this be related to nvidia graphics drivers?23:12
tomreynmetbsd: which "some error"?23:12
metbsdtomreyn: i couldn't catch it it was too fast blinking. and went into gui23:13
Eickmeyertriplenull: We can investigate with Thete. Thete, do you have NVidia graphics?23:13
TheteI can try that as well23:13
tomreyntriplenull: hmm yes, could be, since nvidia and wayland don't play well together AFAIK.23:13
Theteno, just intel integrated atm23:13
metbsdwhat  is the right tool to write iso to a usb to make it bootable and installable23:14
tomreynThete: "atm" as in nothing else is installed in terms of hardware23:14
EickmeyerThete: Then I'm inclined to agree with tomreyn on this. Your installation has some issues. A clean, even minimal Ubuntu installation has that cogwheel.23:14
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tomreynmetbsd: is that hardware slow or short of resources, is this why you're asking for a "minimal install"? what should be minimal about it?23:15
Thetecorrect, at the moment, all it has is intel integrated video, I'm going to try and DL again and reinstall, maybe something got borked23:15
metbsdtomreyn: i just can't install it with usb bootable method23:15
metbsdi tried dufus, etch.io23:15
metbsdwin32image write23:15
tomreyn!md5sum | Thete23:15
ubottuThete: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM23:15
metbsdnow im tring rawrite32 from netbsd23:16
tomreyn!md5sum | metbsd23:16
ubottumetbsd: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM23:16
tomreynboth of you ;)23:16
metbsdis this right?23:16
metbsdubuntu-19.04-desktop-amd64.iso (1.95 GByte)23:16
tomreyna web search brings up results on releases.ubuntu.com, so i guess so23:17
metbsdi have this with rawrite23:17
metbsdso the iso is ok23:18
tomreynideally ou'd also verify the gpg signature on this file23:18
metbsdwhat is the right tool to write ubuntu iso to usb device?23:18
tomreynwhich OS are you on?23:19
tomreynhttps://etcher.io should work fine23:19
Thetesupposedly gnome 3.32 includes experimental HiDPI fractional scaling so I can just try enabling that23:20
Thetelooks like that is working23:21
TheteI now have 125% 150% 175%, ok, disregard what I was talking about, I'm good23:21
TheteFYI, if any of you are using a 4k display and want info, https://www.linuxuprising.com/2019/04/how-to-enable-hidpi-fractional-scaling.html23:22
maxzor is it straightforward to move from gnome-shell 3.28 to 3.32 in ubuntu 18.04?23:25
tomreyn!latest | maxzor23:25
ubottumaxzor: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.23:25
tomreyn!info gnome-shell bionic23:26
ubottugnome-shell (source: gnome-shell): graphical shell for the GNOME desktop. In component main, is optional. Version 3.28.3-0ubuntu0.18.04.4 (bionic), package size 670 kB, installed size 7400 kB23:26
tomreynso this was a complex "no".23:26
Thetemaxzor: it's there by default on 19.04, I just posted that info in case anyone was interested cause lot of people online I've noticed were annoyed with 4k displays23:27
AndroidKitKatHi there, I'm currently trying to install CUDA on a copy of 18.04 and when following NVIDIA's instructions, I managed to bork apt23:28
Thetebut I am extremely happy now, I can actually read my display again23:28
AndroidKitKatany help would be greatly appreciate23:29
AndroidKitKatI've tried googling, but I can't seem to find anything23:29
maxzorthank you tomreyn but there is a commit im looking for, which solves a long term blocking modal "non-responding" window on x11. Thete I tried dist upgrade, does not work from 18 to 19?23:30
AndroidKitKatthis is a somewhat important server and I don't want to have to re-install23:30
tomreyn!yy.mm | maxzor23:31
ubottumaxzor: Ubuntu version numbers are: YY.MM (YY=release year,MM=release month). Each year sees two releases, so just specifying YY is imprecise. See also https://www.ubuntu.com/about/release-cycle23:31
maxzor18.04 to 19.0423:32
tomreynmaxzor: if there's a commit you think could and really needs to be backported to the gnome-shell version available in 18.04 you can file an SRU bug against it and make your case.23:32
OerHeksAndroidKitKat, line 13# 0 upgraded, 1 newly installed, 0 to remove and 23 not upgraded. .. you started not up2date23:32
tomreynmaxzor: your other option is upgrading off this LTS release you are on now, to 18.10, then 19.04, none of which are LTS.23:33
AndroidKitKatI can't install anything at all23:33
maxzortomreyn, will consider they SRU, how would I do last option?23:33
tomreynmaxzor: GUI or CLI?23:34
sidhrthHi anyone here to help23:36
maxzoralso cannot just I download the 3.32 version package and reinstall gnome-shell?23:37
tomreynmaxzor: you cannot. read what ubottu told you earlier.    for the CLI upgrade approach:  sudo sed '/^Prompt=lts/Prompt=normal/' /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades && do-release-upgrade23:39
tomreynmaxzor: you cannot. read what ubottu told you earlier.    for the CLI upgrade approach:  sudo sed '/^Prompt=lts/Prompt=normal/' /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades && sudo do-release-upgrade23:39
tomreyn!ask | sidhrth23:40
ubottusidhrth: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience23:40
tomreynAndroidKitKat: /var/log/apt/history.log contains a list of the changes you have requested apt to carry out. i recommend you      dpkg --purge PACKAGE    all the packages you installed from this local apt repository you have there, then run     sudo apt update && sudo apt -f install23:42
tomreynAndroidKitKat: doing so may break your graphical output, so better do this on a TTY23:42
AndroidKitKatyeah I've been doing this all over SSH23:42
AndroidKitKatBut I think I managed to bork the whole server, so there will def be downtime23:43
tomreynsure, you wouldn't normally try such things with unsupported 3rd party components on a production system.23:44
AndroidKitKatof course not /s23:44
FOSS_FundraiserFreenode had fallen on hard times due to recent lawsuits from Windows and Apple.  We are dedicated to continuing to provide a platform for FOSS collaboration and fighting against the software oligarchy that seeks to shut us down.  We need to raise $10,000 USD in the next two weeks to pay for our annual hosting.  Mounting legal bills have made this a challenge.  Are you willing to lend us a hand23:46
maxzorim not mastering sed tomreyn but there seems to be an issue23:47
=== ca_cabot is now known as Guest89740
maxzortried 's/^Prompt=lts/Prompt=normal/' not that23:48
maxzordoesnt work either i mean23:48
maxzornvm set the promp manually, thanks!23:50
qwebirc44021I am currently on my phone because my laptop currently won't boot23:54
qwebirc44021Can anyone help?23:54
qwebirc44021I am on my phone because my laptop no longer boots to an OS23:55
qwebirc44021Can someone help?23:55
ga_sk8ercan  you even boot it from  te live cd?23:55
qwebirc44021Yes, I'm currently attempting a reinstall from a flash drive23:55
qwebirc44021Every time I get to the end it says "install successful" and then when I click the "restart" button the computer freezes23:56
metbsdi just don't understand why it is so difficult to install ubuntu from usb23:56
metbsdit just freeze at "try or install" menu23:56
tomreynmaxzor: sorry if there were typos on my part, i hadn't tested it.23:56
qwebirc44021Yeah, I have had a lot of trouble installing it from a USB lately23:57
metbsdis this iso uefi or legacy usb23:57
metbsdqwebirc44021: how did you do it23:57
qwebirc44021How would I know which it is?23:57
tomreynqwebirc44021: run this while booted of the live cd:  nc termbin.com 9999 < <(lsb_release -ds;cat /proc/{version,cmdline};echo "$XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP ($XDG_SESSION_TYPE)";)23:57
qwebirc44021My friend made me the USB using the live USB program in pop os23:59
qwebirc44021It's the 18.04 Ubuntu iso23:59
qwebirc44021My computer is currently running a reinstall, so I can't run any commands yet23:59

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