OvenWerksEickmeyer: It looks like -controls is not as clear as it should be. I am guessing that jack start/stop should also do an "apply"14:56
OvenWerksor that any change should just do an apply14:57
EickmeyerOvenWerks: That seems to be what I'm running into. People are expecting it to manage everything rather than simply configure.16:25
EickmeyerThe mentality is that it runs in the background like qjackctl or cadence.16:25
OvenWerksUI is not my strong part  :P16:57
EickmeyerIt's mostly the new people that don't understand. People who have been running it for years understand the process.16:58
OvenWerksIt appears that adding firewire is a good thing. While the alsa FW stuff seems to work... it seems that A) alsa does not include the routing controls or preamp levels B) does not seem to connect to the ffado mixer17:04
EickmeyerWell, that's good, but unfortunate for those that rely on ffado mixer.17:16
OvenWerksAdding FW will mean the ffado will allow mixer use. So  good reason to add it.17:18
EickmeyerCool. BTW, 19.10 daily images have started spinning, in case you were wondering.17:28
* Eickmeyer is surprised, it usually takes a week17:28
OvenWerksI have started a ubuntustudio-menu-add git repo on my machine... soon as it at least runs I will upload an alpha17:29
OvenWerksFrom comments on the LAU list, it appears the modules can be switched live and perhpas qjackctl does this. (from people's comments)17:31
EickmeyerThat wouldn't be a bad thing to implement.17:34
EickmeyerOvenWerks: What does ubuntustudio-menu-add do?17:34
OvenWerksa basic menu editor17:34
OvenWerksIt allows adding a new menu item such as script or maybe change where an application shows up17:35
EickmeyerOh, okay, so it basically edits the xdg file in ubuntustudio-menu?17:37
OvenWerksit is a *desktop editor17:37
EickmeyerOh, I see.17:37
OvenWerksSo it adds a desktop file to ~/.local/share/applications/17:38
OvenWerksif the name of the *desktop file is the same as one that exists then that effectively replaces the stock desktop file for that user17:39
OvenWerksChanging the catagory will change where it shows up except for those we hard code :)17:40
OvenWerksAt this time I am not interested in adding submenus or the like.17:41
OvenWerksPart of the problem with alcart menulibre is that they try to do too much.17:43
EickmeyerKitchen Sink apps, if you will.17:45
OvenWerksThe fun part will be to find any *desktop file with the same name...17:52
EickmeyerOvenWerks: I just enabled the autobuilds for eoan, in case you were wondering.19:31

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